2014, the first warm spring chill. Continued haze days finally dissipate after a spring rain. Hong Kong people tube called haze haze, more poetic, clear blue sky can still make people feel good.

This day outing better and better.

At 10 am, the direction of Beijing Jingcheng fairly smooth, just to mention Cao mountain open 7 golf driving on the road destined for peasant families. Son in elementary school, handsome gas, especially beautiful big eyes like his father, was short short, like his mother.

“Dad, open the sunroof open, I want to open a window.” Clamor son, said to be the co-pilot to climb, he was grabbed mother.

“Cao Jiang, you Zainao parents do not take you out to play. You see aunts and uncles of my brothers, which like you clean out?” If it is not pretty wife have a son with me, no one thought she was 7 years old the child’s mother.

Jianguo also just for the car, since the new Mercedes-Benz S release, the founding misses on, just import it sold Magotan, for the S400L. The son of the founding nickname monkeys, naughty, too beautiful, big eyes and double eyelids, a bit like his mother, nothing like the founding. The founding of a small monkey, but a little spoiled, it is no wonder. The founding of the time to see his son two years old, the beginning of life is not good, the founding entrepreneurial start all over again desperately, just a few feet again.

“Hey, I say, when I say buy s500, you say too expensive, so I have to buy s400, Intuit feeling weak. You see Cao mountain with my kinda tight, if it s500, channeling long ago went to the front.” the founding of the hand with the same artwork double-spoke steering wheel, like to show off, like blame.

“Why so fast you drive a child in the car? How total more than ten years can not change this wrong? I have been your wife with the same old Cao Shan than this than that, you are too good and strong, the lack of people Cao Mountains adaptable character. More than 100,000 people buy a very good public open, you spend 100 million to buy a big Ben is not met. “her mother sat in the back seat of a small monkey in his hand cheek, beautiful eyes looking out the window, sexy lips angry beep, open the window a crack, blowing her hair supple. Over the years, she still flowing hair, has not changed.

With 7 high mountains behind Cao is a GL8, drove to the song Yan. Hyperion bad back, bought carts up and down easily.

“Hey, Qu Yan, you say you there Qingdao new site preparations going ah? Andy let me out of here in Beijing plan.” Hyperion half lying second row VIP seat, very comfortable.

“Wait and see, who is also second-tier cities real estate prices Mo Buzhun, line, old classmates get together to play out not talk about the thing work.” Qu Yan said while driving.

“Mom, how it off too ah?” Qu Yan Cui Bingsheng holding ipad son asked her mother. Qu Yan feel old-fashioned child’s name, can be played by my father, Hyperion feel very good.

“Asked his father, ah, mother to drive it.” Qu Yan said.

Cao Hill drove, the phone rang, the phone is strange to see the phone number, telephone think it is not advertising, but also not, then press the Bluetooth headset answer key.

“Hey.” Cao Shan asked.

“Cao Shan? I Xia Yao. I was in Beijing, convenient to see a face it?” Phone was a gentle intellectual woman’s voice.

“Hey, hey, oh ah Hello, summer teacher, hello, you’ll Beijing, ah?” Said Cao Shan raised his voice.

“Cao mountain, you can not talk? That to say it. I came back to Beijing from the United States work, stay two weeks.

Yukon visibility side of it? “Over the phone the woman hear the tone of abnormal Cao mountain.

“No problem, get together, no problem. I have to play host to our class there are quite a few students do, when to get together in Beijing, I arrange ah, summer teacher.” Cao mountain or false High.

“Ah, OK. Waiting for you to call me it convenient.” A little disappointed woman hung up the phone.

“Hey, have 10 years of no contact, right? I’m a teacher.” Cao Shan hung up the phone and sighed, looking at the rear-view mirror with his wife he said.

“Female teacher?” My wife very brief answer.

“Ah” Cao guilty of some mountain stunned.

Wife Puchi laughed and said, “Well is not that Yao Xia, also phony play this with me.”

Cao Shan some embarrassing hollow laugh or two, but can be mind drift back to the past.

In 2002, the summer.

Cao Mountain graduated for a year. In the past year, he has the most ups and downs of life, and he tastes the sour and bitterness of the society and has experienced sexual love than AV. When I was graduating last year, I had a country, sea wave, Qu Yan, and my classmates to fight for the future, and today, the one was called “home”, only Cao Mountain is left. people. Pensive is a woman who loves and hates in Cao Mountain. She let Cao Mountain have lost the rice bowl, let Cao Mountain and Wang Yimei tell Jeff, but she gaves her body to Cao Mountain, and she also came with 100,000 pieces of food and food for a while. money.

Cao Mountain is worry-free, but there is no matter, listening to the song through the song all day, in addition to the pocket of 100,000 yuan, there is no different year ago.

In this building, in addition to Cao Mountain is late, others are getting ready to get better early. They want to wake up this city with hardworking work. Some 2, 3 points to get on the meat, then go to the market, there are also 4, 5 beds, soy milk, fried fried fritters, so that you can feed the sleeping eyes after one or two hours, come to the city center to go to the city center. Workman. The sound of these people is the alarm of Cao Mountain.

Cao Mountain was woke up by noise, listening to it is a necklace. Qu Yan and the sea wave have been moved for a long time, and some people have lived.

Cao Mountain looked at the mobile phone, it has been 10 o’clock, getting a good clothes, I bought a little eating downstairs.

Two drawers small cages, some mixed dishes, half pancakes, two bottles of beer. Eat breakfast, if you don’t want to go out, there is also dinner.

A moving company is stopped and the lakes continue to move. Cao Mountain looked at the floor, took the building, put himself on the house, and opened the VCD while eating, put the inside the a Woodstock99 disc, the giant cow in RageAgainstthemachine, the giant cow of RageAgainstthemachine, seeing it several times and wanted to see.

BULLSONPARADE, guitarist Tommorello with guitar to pick up the DJ drum to make Cao Mountain look for dumbfounding, look at it.

At this time, someone knocked on the door.

Pull the door, standing at the door is a high-tech handsome boys, “Hello, do you have a hammer?”

Cao Youshan fits a lot of hair, look back and look at the room, say “It seems that you don’t seem to ask you downstairs.” It is going to close the door, but the boys are like finding what is likely.

“You, are you Cao Mountain?” His expression became very excited.

“Well, yeah.” The boys sudden excited makes Cao Mountain can’t work.

Next, the boy’s move will make him feel like a giant panda in the zoo, is onlookers, and being parked.

“Hey, come, really Cao Mountain, he lives here!” The boys greeted several other male students who are helping to move. These boys have put down the lives in their hands, and the door is blocked. It is like seeing the idol.

“You …” Cao Mountain did not know what happened.

“Students, really you! We are more than you than you, read you in the school, I like your song very much.” A boy said.

“Oh, this is this. Thank you, ha.” Cao Mountain is a bit of a pet, I don’t know what to say. “Is there anything to help?”

“No.” A boy said that inappropriate metaphor, seeing Cao Mountain is a bit like a seven fairy.

In the past, these school brothers only saw Cao Mountain on the stage, but this moment, this is a little decadent youth and the image in their imagination.

“Well, you have to graduate? In this rental? New neighbors, welcome you,” Wanten Cao Mountain is somewhat uncomfortable to be surrounded, scratching the fake.

“No, we haven’t graduated yet, moving is our teacher.” A boy said.

Cao Mountain heard that the teacher moved to this. Does the teacher do not have a worker’s dormitory? Is it new?

However, it doesn’t matter, who has moved, neighbors, it is far away, as long as it is not the rough migrant workers, drink your wife’s babies all day. Do not pay attention to the sanitation, throw garbage, like the goods downstairs, sweep the garbage dirty to the door, even if it is very good, OK.

Cao Mountain is bored, and the root smoke moves the stool to the corridor, leaning against the railing, seeing them, and the sun is in the way.

I will hear the sound of a woman below, it is very familiar and very far away, “I have worked hard, drink, so many people help the teacher moving. Come to buy some drinks.” Cao Mountain heard the voice of this woman The audio is made a burst of strong agents or the adrenaline dopamine what, the heartbeat is accelerated. He turned his head downstairs, and it was she – Historical Teacher Xia Yao. I remember that when he was enrolled, Xia Yao was less than 30. Now he is 30 out of the head, and it is more than 1 meter, and it is very skilled and temperament. It’s very comfortable, the eyebrow is not a big beautiful woman, but it is very elegant, the lips are slightly, I feel that this is a shortcoming of Xia teacher when I first go to school, but I’ve been very good. Xia Yao’s body is the same as her appearance, not outstanding, but very comfortable, 30-year-old female normal body, one white shirt, a pleated dress of the upper body, the lower body, the typical teacher, the purpose is to block women’s characteristics Do not let male students want to go not.

The skirt is bare, like a woman with a lot of 1 meters 7, Xia Yao’s body is not fat, the chest is very hip, the meat is just right in the position, just the calf. In the past, Cao Mountain had a little unsatisfactory to Xia Yao’s thick calf, but experienced Qiliang, Wang Yimei and so on, Xia Yao sleavefully slept, the little legs made him feel a few times. Xia Yao’s white feet wearing a pair of patterns that ordinary but the work is excellent, this is not worn during the class.

At the university, Xia Yao is so young, a female teacher with a charm is always the object of boys.

About her legends have a lot from the academic brothers, she likes to play badminton, sometimes and teachers, sometimes and students, boys always like to see her badminton, Xia Yao is always powerful to wear sweatshirts and shorts, boys look Her shorts have a well-known white leg, and the chest will have a continuous flooding of the milk, how everyone is not careless.

Because the boy playing, coupled with the age of Xia Yao, it is easy to make a piece with the students. There are many legends in the school. Some people say that she has painted her, and how to paint, how to be good in bed, slight waist, buttocks, The big white leg is long, and the Xia Yao ass is not like a woman who is married.

Some people also describe the private parts of Xia Yao, saying that it is a white tiger, and it is a few hairs, but also with her hair, some yellow, saying the special fertilizer, the lip is pink. Even analyzed, the woman who said thick lips is fat. Cao Mountain did not think that Xia Yao had any problems in the problem of style, and the character is cheerful, and the students are really fell.

Of course, these legends have turned their imagination when they are, and the description of the original catching shadow is getting more and more realistic in the mind. A male classmate who truly determined and the relationship between Xia Yao did not have, but it is estimated that the school’s boy is obscenity. In other words, in the obscenity field, Xia Yao has long been smashed by the school male classmates.

“Cao Mountain” Xia Yao got on the building, and he saw Cao Mountain in his eyes.

“Hey, Xia teacher, did not expect you to move over.” Cao Mountain returned to God, and quickly stood up, holding the hand of Xia Yao, holding it very soft. Summer Well wearing the slope is not very high, but the height of more than 1 meter is still higher than Cao Mountain.

“Summer teacher, you are sitting.” Cao Mountain moved the stool to let Xia Yao sat next to it, Xia Yao is naturally lifting the two legs. It was originally aware of the calf, and the white meat on the legs was bright. Woman with long legs is best seen. Cao Mountain couldn’t help but steal their eyes.

“Hey, my husband is not a doctor in the United States. Now it is stable, I am going to go abroad, just missing a fee, I will sell the house, first stay in this time. Look at my husband’s plan For example, it is a bit better. “Xia Yao said, Sunlight shines on her face, letting the white skin look more shustered, dark brown short hair is blown by the breeze, and the skirt Follow the wind together. Sitting in the high picking woman in the corridor, the background is the green tree sunshine. She naturally reached out and pick up the silk and gentle, it is like a beautiful picture.

Cao Mountain and Xia Yao have a lot of talks, the boys helped to move things. Two boys moved to her letters, some of them, Summer Yao’s past helped, three people lifted together, and the two men boy can’t stand it, put down, Xia Yao shouted the number, bent down the waist fork Legs, lifting the butt together, the fabric of the skirt is very divest, just bonded to the buttocks of Xia Yao, hook the tempting water peach outline, Cao Mountain is almost nosebleed behind her. .

When Xia Yao wears this, it is suitable for work, just when it is lifting, it may be sweaty, the foot is slippery, the shoes are born, only listen to “呦”, Xia Yao falls on the ground, not biased Looking against two repairs, there is one moment, the spring of Xia Yao’s skirt is seen in Cao Mountain. After that, he blinds this scene in his brain – the skirt flower is the same, the two slender white legs are big. The black underwear for the fork open and the legs is lace, which is sexy. The memory is a thong, because Cao Mountain has seen the pussy in Xia Yao’s legs, the white bodies like a long lip of the long lips in the middle, but may also be his imagination. Cao Shan’s blood hit, stunned, stared at Xia Yao to naked to the big legs of the thigh root. It is the boy to come over and join Xia Yao. Xia Yao quickly covers the legs, and the white face is already red. Cao Mountain has some remorse, how do you not help, look at the bottom of the teacher like a colored wolf, go up to help, not only don’t be embarrassed now, but also touch the teacher’s body, how good?

“Xia teacher, okay?” The boys helped the summer Yao sitting in the chair, very concerned. Then he fell down to help Xia Yao took his shoes and took her feet to help it.

“Oh, okay, don’t, you are busy with you.” Xia Yao is clearly made by boys’ move, boys helping girls, if men and girls are normal, but this is a teacher and student. Boys are also very interesting.

I was busy for an afternoon, I finally had a lot of almost. There is a student to the school to play the meal, and Xia Yao greeted Caoshan to eat together, Cao Mountain said that there is a meal at home. It may be stared at the summer Yao thigh to make the boy change to Cao Mountain, and there is no enthusiasm.

Cao Mountain returned to the room, lying in bed, listening to the next stop, I want to be a student, I really don’t know, I don’t know if I should be, unreasonable, and it is a big evil.

The boys have dinner, and they are talking about the sky, and Cao Mountain has not yet out. I don’t know, although I was on the small onlookers in the afternoon, I was a bit of the stars, but at this time, he is no longer a rock idol of the school, but a non-contributor, he faced them. Some inferiority, and there is no common language.

Very late, the summer night on the summer night is blowing to learn the breeze, but it is quite cool. Cao Mountain opened the door, put the sound at the door, put the music, and moved the stool and sat in the corridor. Xia Yao wears a big T-shirt, a small shorts, pull the slippers to hold a face, T-shirt is very large, almost cover the white thigh, the dark blue shorts are hidden, I don’t know what I didn’t worry. Woolen cloth.

“Xia teacher, you are, go out?” Cao Mountain asked.

“Ah, go to the school to take a shower.” Xia Yun said with a smile, and there is still some 瘸 瘸.

“You go this way, a person in the evening will come back, more dangerous. Let’s take a bath.” Cao Mountain looked at Xia Yao’s wearing.

“Oh? Can this still take a shower? How to use it?” Xia Yao asked.

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