Sugar is a lady I met in a CLUB in Taipei. I have forgotten a few years ago. I only know that the Mayor of Taipei at that time is Chen Shui-bian, remember that day is Saturday, I temporarily sent Taipei to Taipei. After the official duty is already 6 o’clock in the evening, so I decided to play a day in Taipei, and I went back to Kaohshan on the Sunday. As long as I went back to the public account, I was very familiar with me, and I didn’t have to use me.

I came to the first hotel near the customer company, it gave me a single room, I took a shower first. After washing, I called some friends in Taipei, about them came out to eat a meal. Gather, everyone ran to Lin Ji to eat spicy pots, all of them were all dissolved, returned to the hotel to see the time only 9 o’clock, I walked around around the hotel, I saw home online coffee shop, decided to go in After licking, the netfa in Taipei was very expensive. One hour was one hundred yuan, and the net coffee shop was only opened to 12 o’clock, so I have been playing for more than 2 hours, they have to go to the store, I I have to be idle everywhere on the street.

I have no better shopping nearby, I walked around a circle to return to the hotel to rest, suddenly found that the sign neon light next door next door has already lit up, and I wrote a club, and some younger brother is on the roadside, in the heart I am boring, I want to say that I have a good time to drink, I will go to the younger brother asked how they spend in their store. The younger brother said to me, the lady is 1,500 yuan, and the boxes are counted. The same is roughly the same as Kaohsiung’s consumption model, but Miss is more expensive, but it can be accepted with the economic capacity of time.

The younger brother took me into the store, and the young master took over and led me into a box. I didn’t arrived with the club. I didn’t have a different hotel. I didn’t have a different manager. I told her to find a more lively. When I played, she immediately went out to arrange. After a while, she took a lady came in, her head was not high, 156 cm, her body is rich but not fat, her face is not beautiful but cute, laughing is very sweet, the appearance is showing, the appearance Not big, wearing a sequined bra and a super short mini skirt with sequins.

I think she looks very pleasing, so I decided to be her. She came over to sit next to me, sitting in the sofa, and the pink underwear was revealed. At this time, the young master just took me. Several plates and one-hand beer sent, I took out five yuan to say: Take me once again, I have the service bell, you come in again, the young master took the money and said: the big brother is slow, then go out .

The sister helped me poured the wine, holding a wine glass left hand, holding my arm right hand starting to introduce yourself: Hello, I called sugar, how do this brother called?

Hey, I will take me the consumption. After I finish, she will do it, she also tested with me, two people chatted while drinking, she said that she is 19 years old, the Lin Lin, I also tell her that I am a Kaohiong, come Taipei is a business trip, the first hotel next door, I started singing, I got her while singing, and my left hand was separated from her chest, she took the initiative to take her bra. Lose next, the upper part is naked, snuggle is next to me, my left hand is not welcome to hold her left cream love.

Her chest is not big, it is not very small, just can hold it, the uli is still a bright red, and the nipples have been touched by my nipple. At the same time, while she cares for her chest, her slim jade hand Come to my crotch, stroke my meat stick, the meat stick has been stimulated gradually, when she feels that the meat stick has been hard, pull it out, pull out the meat stick with my hand, let it, she Further low, put the meat stick into your mouth, and launch the Kung Fu.

The hotel I have encountered such an active enthusiasm for the first time. So sister, her kung fu is really a good, and I can’t sing. I can’t sing, I put the head on the sofa, I touched her left hand. The breast, the right hand is placed on her head, and her service is closed. But it is too cool by her, less than 10 minutes, let me have a feeling of ejaculation, I told her that I am running, she The sucking is more powerful, did not let the mouth left the meat stick, since I would not be polite into her mouth, I saw her swallowing the semen into the belly, and then put the meat stick after cleaning. Lift the head on my shoulder, smashing the same: Brother, your meat stick is big, and the little hole is always comfortable.

I stared at her: You let it take a break, and you will give your small hole to taste the taste. She grabbed my right hand in her underwear, said: But the small hole of people is now itchy, you first use your hand to help your sister stop itching.

I put my hand into the underwear, the hole is so wet is not as good as the same, such a sensuality, I have encountered in the hotel, although I have encountered some sisters, but I have been so excited. The first time.

I took her underwear, she scraped the hairy, the whole small hole is white and smooth, and the crack is clear. She stepped on the right foot to my leg, 2 legs as soon as possible, waiting for my comfort, I directly put the index finger directly Inserting a small hole in the middle, two fingers have entered a little space, I will put the unnamed fingers and fill her small hole, her vaginal width is about 2 fingers, pretty, it can be except In addition to the physiology, there should be every day in other days, you can’t see the appearance of her appearance, so exciting. Ah .. ah … brother .. you can insert a good thing … 喔 … more ..

Her screams, abundance, sofa has been wet, the small hole is even more likely, my finger accelerates the small hole, the mouth contains the nipple sucking, she makes the experience are so rich, why is the nipple or pink and pink Do you have defined? I can’t understand.

喔 … 喔 … so cool .. Ah … ah …. The sister is comfortable .. ah … vent it .. Silver .. 喔 …

Sugar sugar sigh, hands holding my head, the waist keeps twisting, it seems to be a climax, I took the fingers from the small hole, a vision flowed out, I put my finger on the sugar sugar lip On, she took the three fingers to suck it, and her eyes looked at me. When I got my meat stick again, I stood to the sofa, and I took out my meat stick in front of her. She took her meat. In the mouth, it is sucking and licking, the meat stick is so hard to be iron, and the fire is also picked up by her.

I turned her and let her kneel on the sofa. I brought the meat stick to the vaginal mouth. I didn’t have to be too pity, I didn’t have to be too pity. I took it into the small hole, and her vagina is a bit. Pine, the meat stick is in the air, but she is not much better than her waves.

Ah .. ah .. Good .. Good news .. My brother’s meat stick is so comfortable …. Sweet sister .. 喔 .. 喔 …

Dry, I am cool, I am unhappy, the small hole is so loose, and I am going to die. I am bother, I am in my heart.

I drove her, and my right hand stretched into the clitoris and smashed her. She was more excited. She was more excited. The more the obscenity, the sound is getting more and more sensual.

It’s so cool .. 喔 … 喔 .. is cool … brother is so powerful … ah .. ah … Sister .. Sister is going to vent … ah …. Sugar sugar was dried around 10 minutes to reach a climax, but I but whit Without ejaculation, I will continue to slap her little hole, add the left hand to her ass, sugar sugar may not be used to being caught, reach out, right hand to pull out my left hand, but it is I can’t open, I put the left thumb into the anus and I got it. Hey .. 喔 … brother … No .. Don’t play people’s ass .. ah .. .. Too much stimulating .. Sister can’t stand it.

I ignored she continued to be with the anus and teased the clitoris from time to time.

Ah …. I can’t stand it … cool … cool…………………………………………………. It’s a day … 喔 .. 喔 …

Suddenly I felt that there was a lascivious water from the vagina deep, and the sugar sugar whispering breathed. After I took her half an hour, I still didn’t feel the feeling of ejaculation, I had to continue her.

Oh .. 喔 .. brother is so strong … Dried sisters can’t stand … Take … Take a break … Ah .. ah …. …… …… … ……

The sugar sugar is not reached again. At this moment, she is really unbearable and begging for mercy. I have been a bit tired for so long, I pulled the meat stick, and a vision has flowed out to the sofa.

Sugar and sugar lying on the sofa and gasping, I took her body, put the meat stick into her mouth, sugar, sugar mouth .. 唔 .., the lips are contraction in time. The meat stick, she is more refreshing than her little hole, inserted less than 5 minutes, I will shoot in her mouth, she is also like the previous, put the meat stick.

I sat on the sofa, she was lying on my thigh, 2 breasts were up and down because of breathing. I have seen it, 3 o’clock, I have already come in more than 2 hours, I told her that I have to go, she told me to take 5 o’clock, she will go together, I told her, I tired, In that time, she asked my hotel room number, saying that I will find me later, I understand her mean, someone wants to accompany me to sleep, let me play it is of course good, although the small hole is very loose, but there is asshole, I thought in my heart.

So I told her to the room number, I called the young master to pay a lesion, and the whole consumption included more than 10,000 spending. But quite fun, I think the flowers are still worth it, go back to the restaurant, I will go to the hotel first. After bath, the whole body is lying in bed.

In a confused, I was knocked on the door, I saw a watch, I got up at 5:30 in the morning, I got up and opened a door, sugar candied sugar stood outside, handed breakfast in his hand, I opened the door to open the door She came in, she saw my body naked, laughed with me, she wore a black, her short skirt, looked like a temperament, noble girl, can’t think of the heart, but a wairt. After I follow her, she put the breakfast on the table, turned to me, I looked at her, and the tongue stretched into her mouth and wrapped around her mouth. After moving back, pull down clothes After the skin, her dress slipped down to the feet, I took off her pink bra with the underwear, and she has naked.

I took my hand to her private place. I have already wet, it is really a waste, I kissed a few minutes, she pushed me, and said: Well .. Brother, people are hungry, first eat breakfast, The sister will let you play enough.

So I sat on the chair, she sat opposite my thighs, I took the sandwich first, let her eat a bite, I will eat one more, 2 people eat the mouth, after eating, she said that she wants to drink drinks, I take The milk tea has been drinking a sigh in his mouth, then feed her drink, she is full of mouth and absorb my tongue.

I drunk my mouth and added 2 ice cubes. The two kissed it. The ice cubes ran in the two people. The tongue was made cool, and it felt so exciting. After the smaller, I put it into the small hole, pressed the hand on the labipings and didn’t let it fall out, I jealous, sugar sugar shook it, the waist twisted, handshed with my hands.

Good ice 喔 … 喔 … brother is so bad ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. Hurrystream flowing out.

After playing, I took enough to clean her into the bathroom. I gave her to wash it, while playing with her breasts, while inserting two fingers into the vagina, smashing the small hole of sugar sugar It is not clear whether it is water or lascivious, and it is in the mouth.

Ah .. Brother .. I am so comfortable .. Well … my sister wants … Oh …

I talked to her in her ear while taking it: What do you want? Well .. ah .. Sister .. Sister .. 喔 … I want .. I want my brother’s meat stick to do it .. My little hole … ah … ..

Then you have to put the meat stick to a little brother to do it, I said to her.

The soul of sugar is smashing my meat stick, and the meat stick has made more hard by her superb blow, I am lying on the bathtub, I lift her legs, put the meat stick into the hole, do it. Get up, her little hole didn’t have a feeling, my goal is her ass, let her go to play again, I raise her legs forward, so that the meat stick can insert a deeper, this trick The dry sugar sugar is called, and the beauty is a burst.

I turned her back and then put it again, and put the left thumb into the anus to make it adapt to it, inserted for about five minutes, I took the meat stick to the small hole against the asshole, sugar sugar struggled, but waist I can’t get it, I can’t get it at all. I finally gave up struggle, turned to me: My brother is going to be soft, don’t hurt my sister.

I comforted her, asked her that her body was relaxed. I was nothing. In order to be afraid that the lubrication is not enough, I slowly insert her anus before I wiped soap on the meat stick.

Ah .. Pain .. Pain … 喔 … brother … stop .. Stop …

Sugar candy is embarrassing because of her pain, I ignore her, put the meat stick inch, the meat stick that is a feeling of the meat is so hard, it is hard to finally insert it in, sugar sugar, because of the pain, bite the lips, The face is a bit white, and I have a little cold sweat. I stopped, I took the clitoris, let her feel comfortable, almost five minutes, her face pain is slightly reduced, pleasant looks gradually.

I saw her clitoris, and the meat stick was slowly moved. The snoring of sugar is mixed with a little pain. After the anus is used to the evacuation of the meat stick, her lascivious sounds rang again, echoating around the bathroom The dried fart is much better than the hole, I gradually accelerate the speed, soap foam with more and more times, I have a feeling of ejaculation in less than five minutes. I am busy and put into the small hole, wait until arrogant I feel that I will turn my asshole, so the meat stick is in the hole and the anus. The dry sugar is cool, the more the sound is more and more, and the breath is getting more and more serious. .

I played a few hours in the bathroom. The glycacose was taken several times in the climax. I went to the last half of my body and weak, and the lower body was hugged by my hand. I also felt very tired. Just sprint on the anus, finally shot the semen into the asshole, fell behind her, I pulled her again, two people rushed to the bed, and I went to bed. I am awakened to be 12 o’clock noon, I was woken up by sugar, she said that she still had a class in the afternoon, she first left, her name, home phone, afternoon in Shilin Dafa On the phone, there is also a phone call, and there is a night of Club’s phone to leave me, told me to remember to find her in Taipei.

After I looked at her, I took it on my clothes. I took her hand to the door to the hotel, took 500 yuan to give her a taxi. She took me, she took a taxi. Go, I will go upstairs, and go to the airport to go back to the airport.

On Wednesday, I have been in Taipei for two days, I have been dedicated to Taipei, and I have been dealing with the official duties. I found a hotel in the restaurant, I’m going to take a shower. Telephone sugar, prepare to come to play at night, I specially with a large massage stick to deal with her.

I hit her home, her brother said she went to the high island home, I went to the high island house, sugar sugar received a little surprise, she told me 9 o’clock to pick her up, she said to the supervisor If you have something to get off early, I will take her back to the night market, then take her back to the restaurant. She said that because the Chen Shui-bian check special industry is checked, the CLUB staying in the evening is temporarily resting, she Also rest at home, only the high island house work.

That is to say she can always accompany me to the next day, so we can play slowly, I use the meat stick and the massage stick in the rod, I have a total of three times, I’m all over the morning. Eye, the whole body is tired to go to the customer company to contact the business.

Sugar is also unable to be unable to be unable to be in the whole body. All the night is three times. Every time I have been more than a few hours, the meat stick, the massage stick is running with the small hole with the asshole, sometimes two together, and the fucking DC, Wash the sheets a large piece, the sensuality is echoating in the room. After a few times, I have been taking the best in the past, and the number of high tips is unclear. When I went to the customer in the morning, she was still sleeping.

I took 10 o’clock in the customer company, after I got things, I went back to the hotel to prepare to organize the clothes back to Kaohsiung. I found a sugar sugar to lying on the bed, and I was using a massage stick. It is so strong, I see that when her boyfriend is definitely less than a month, she will be squeezed by her.

I took off my body clothes, took over her massage stick to quickly push up quickly, and then the dried dry, her waist twisted, her hands slammed the sheets, and smashed the waves in his mouth, and the prostitute was overflowing. The climax is a wave, the whole body is sweaty, I use a massage stick to take her a few hours, after the fucking, after the climax, the small hole changed a little pain.

I pulled out the massage stick. Her holes have been swollen, the sugar sugar is getting off, and the weak breathing is gas. At this time, I put the meat stick into the anus, starting to pick up the fart, she is lying in bed with her body I am placed, I have done 10 minutes, I will pull the meat stick from the anus, change her mouth, and finally ejaculate in her mouth.

I took her to rest until I called the check-out time until the counter was called. After we got up slightly, wear clothes left the room, sugar sugar was fucking too many times, and the legs were bilayed. Will shake slightly, I took her out of the hotel and sent the massage stick.

I gave her 500 yuan as a car, after sending her taxi, I also went to the machine to return to Kaohsiung, and I will lose the phone book for a short message, and I lost my contact with her …

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