Wu Chunyan is a teacher when I am in Shenyang. She was about 25 years old, and the 167 height. It is very charming, maintained very well, looks like a young woman in the first marriage. Every lesson, I always like to look at her big butt twisted look, I really want to touch it. But she is my teacher, I have always controlled my own little.

Just May May that day, the weather was warm. Teacher Wu wears a short skirt and exposes two white tender and seductive legs. 25-year-old mature woman’s charming figure made me see a dry tongue. Whole class, my eyes are all put on her, stealing her sexy body. Her elegant temperament plus mature women’s charm, a plump chest gives me an attractive charm that cannot be resistant.

In those days, my face has been red and hot, I don’t know what happened.

One night, a family-rich classmate has a birthday, please ask the students to eat. Wu Chunyan is also there. We booked two tables in Shenyang Hotel. The warm air in the hotel is still open, I feel very hot, I saw that Mr. Wu took out the jacket, when she arrived, took the opportunity to take the opportunity to look down on Wu Chunyan, and smashed the milk department. Micro-tap of skin and seductive cleavage. Although there is not much peek, it is a slum of soul, so that I have been working hard.

Suddenly, my chopsticks fell to the ground, I bent down and went to pick up, I saw her double knee next to me, and two snow-white seductive legs were bare. I can see the skin of the thigh roots. This temptation is too exciting. My eyes are constantly sight down on the table. Teacher Wu Chunyan immediately clamped his legs immediately, and founded that it was already concurrently and did not lose their attorney. Look at the table, see yours, two kinds of flies are bare, delicate and tender, and it is dazzling. I hope I hope, I suddenly connected … I am afraid that she said, and I know that Wu Teacher is only smiling at me. The eyes did not blame the meaning, and there was no movement of low skirts, and the two white and beautiful legs of the laps are still half bare. I am excited. Next, my heart is not drinking wine. At the end of the time, Wudang Yan’s teacher will say to the students. I mean to send a teacher to go home.

I held a car in Wusheng Yan, I went straight to her home. I got on the building, the teacher opened the door. I thought she was really drunk, and she felt her body on me, very attractive. I sneak her sexy mature body, the desire is mad, the meat is very hard, but it is not darenter. Teacher Wu Chunyan took the door to the door, and she returned to the front of me. I died and soft and smelled. Her eyes have come to the fire, the powder is shy, and the squat said: “Help me?” I looked at her sex and smoked. At this time, I felt her little hand hooked my waist, but the other hand was in my lower body … I know what will happen to night. I can’t help but I can’t help it, and I hug Wu Chunyan’s piety, my face was placed on the sky.

Our neck is entangled, kissed warmly … I took the right hand to go down, rolled up her jacket hand slipped into the skirt, followed the hips of Wusheng, the hip of Wusheng, the teacher. Teacher Wu is concentrating on sucking my tongue, there is no psychological meeting. My finger picks the edge of the lace of the underwear, touching Wu Chunyan, the tacit buttocks, touch and tenderness. The finger is in the edge of the lace in the panties, and the palm is touched in front, and the palm has lived on the fat, the palm of the fat, the palm of the soft fluffy fluff, the middle pointed into the rock …

I feel that the mysterious seam is so wet. My middle finger is slightly plugging in the charming hole. She said she didn’t expect that I was so bold so quickly, I didn’t accept the holy private part. I didn’t accept the nourishes of the nourishes of the nourishes. The long-awaited lusts strongly. She can’t help but raise her head, panting, her eyebrows, smashing, ethos, and then delicate, soft, soft in me, let go.

My left hand is fell by Wusheng Yan’s waist buttocks, five fingers picked up the narrow skirt, and the palm of the palm of the trip is to explore the strap. From time to time, the fingers are spent around the chrysanthemum buds, and the two is rushing. The ass, and then try to go forward in her reflective clamping buttocks, to explore the sophisticated flesh, the right hand still holds Wusheng Yan’s fat, the smart five fingers, the lace, tender meat, obscene The source is poured, and the wet is wet. From time to time, it passed the wonderful and tender touch of the roots of the thigh, and the right hand slipped through the meat to explore the chrysanthemum bud. At this time, the hands have not faith, but their hands are pressed in the glory and chrysanthemum buds, and the food refers to the wet skull, such as the whole end of the body by the meat.

Wusheng, who is lonely, is so stimulated. Burning red face is buried in my chest, Zhangqi Ping, and the tongue micro. The lower body is trembled, the hole is convulsive, the whole body is hot, and the fire is full of power. I can’t believe that it is so easy to succeed, and the teacher is slightly tender, and it is very popular, and it is really moving. And the mysterious private parts were invaded by men, the reaction was sensitive, the defense line immediately collapsed, and the rapid spring heart was rippling. I think that Wu Chunyan is a good woman. It does not seem to be generally laminated; seeing her, the flying, jade, jade, jade, in the next day, is in the hands of his hands, twisted, spring love,? That I have a variety of illusory achievements feel.

I leaned back, looked up her tender and sliding tongue, and the beauty of my hands hookped my neck, and the hot face stretched out the tip of the tongue. Our tip of the tongue is in the air, and she took the initiative to put the incense tongue, and then swallow my tongue into the mouth, and lick my tip of my tongue. The lower lip. I will leave the tongue to Wu Chunyan, and I will concentrate on my hands in Wu Chunyan to wake up and enjoy it, and her underwear is also supported to the hips. We tacit together, one tube, a guild, until she can’t breathe, let go.

I looked at the sole whitening chest and breathed. The tempting of the unconsciousness of the unconsciousness was a lot of male compatriots in the school for a long time. I only smoke in the afternoon. It is now proud to be in front of it. I pinched myself, and I had a stunned penis. Behind the left hand reached into her tulle shirt, wanted to solve the lace bra, Wusheng Yan teacher is ashamed: “Front.” I took out my right hand, solve her shirt button, and put the finger in the middle of the bra. Unlock the lace bra, a pair of trembling white tender mulher. Wow, a charming pair of big tits! I have held her breasts in my hands, vigorously rub it, and the touch is soft and full of soft. Escaped nipples, kneading small and fine nipples, 揉 ** C Wu Chunyan looks at a man’s hands into the breasts, and it is a small school that is ten years old, the first red apricot The stimuli let her feel a long-awacing snoring … I bowed to explore the tip of the tongue. She licks her left milk, all the way to the breasts, the tip of the tip of the tongue, and then open the big The mouth will take the teacher in the white tender left, and the tongue is sucking again, and the nipples in his mouth are still in his mouth. The left hand still does not stop right milk. She can’t stand it anymore, her arms hold my head, tightly squeezing her breast. My lips are crowded, deeply buried into her chest, and is getting a slight force for the teeth of the nipple. Teacher Wu Chunyan pets out: “?? My lip is a little, the cheek is bullied by the clever ditch. Attacking the same rigorous right milk, and the free right hand once again detects her sedation. Only one of her wet yin, a buzzard of the teacher’s milk tip and the excitement of the hole, a wave, is already a soft knee, standing, I can’t stand, I am busy holding her into her. bedroom.

Wuguyan, who is lying in the bed, is slightly fascinated, the shirt is separated, the bra shoulder strap is still hanging in the arm, the cup falls on both sides of the breast; the short skirt pulls the waist, lace underwear slippery to the knee, two thighs The snow white is seductive, the thighs are soft and thick, and the wet is bright, the labia is delicate, and the holy flesh is wet.

I took off her coat, I looked at this, like a general spring palace: Mature Middle-aged beautiful clothes half naked, lying down to people 蹂 … … I don’t slow down, quickly take off the trousers in the trousers, I have a hot penis, squat Body, pull down the lace underwear of Wu Chunyan, then hold the penis, send the wet flesh. The glans first touched the delicate labipings and soft and soft. I have gripped the penis, with the glans to flip the tapered label plus up and fell, gave the teacher of Wu Chunyan to be high, the lower body burst, the left rogue, the eyebrow wrinkled, the small hole is like the antity Itch is uncomfortable, and the hands ten fingers are hard to scrape the blanket.

The clerbity of a good woman has long been forgotten, and only expecting his students’ penis to insert your head as soon as possible.

I saw her so hechy, the penis couldn’t help but force it, the glans held the lips, slowly tapping the wet and tight flesh. I only feel that Wusheng Yan’s vagina is not like a young girl, but it is still tightly tightly tight. The penis is completely exhausted, and the top of her tenderness is deep, and after the vaginal depths, the beginning of the vaginal is not inserted.

Teacher Wu Chunyan first let the husband put the man in the husband into his little meat, can’t help but half-closed, two rich snow-white powder actively climbed my waist, concentrate on the shape of fresh penis With the rhythm. I am a shot of the rain, see the side of the poetry, the noble and beautiful teacher is lying in her own, and is completely different from her own and the weekdays, the heart is extremely satisfied, I was stimulated by her charming, blood is more Zhang, the cock is more defensive, with a force forward, the whole big cock is inserted into her moistive meat hole, I can’t think of the small cherries of Wusheng, the small cherry is like the thin cherry. “Hey!” She is twisted, distinguished, two labipings tightly clamp his big dick, my big dick is completely inserted into her Xiao Sao points, so I feel comfortable, I am excited Say: “Teacher Wu ?? I finally got you ?? I love you?? Do you know ?? I have waited for this moment?”

“Ah ?? Damn? It is also called the teacher, ah? You, your dick is so rough??” She can’t help but scream, the big chicken Bakam The feeling of the small hole is really good, good, so full, she is close to close, the cherry is slightly inserted!

I pitifully plugged in, the two slices of the waves of the Wusheng, the two slices of the lips were like her pink face, and the sandwich with a big talent, sucking, sucking , I have a lot of heart, I can’t think of Wu Chunyan actually is a natural thing! “Wow ?? Really cool ?? Teacher ?? I really have you ?? I can’t think of your appearance, the small hole is even more wonderful ?? Like a greedy little mouth??” I tune Love.

“Good color ghost ?? You have harmed me? I have to laugh at me?” Her powder blush. “Color magic ?? Don’t say, fast ?? Hohole ?? The little hole is good, so uncomfortable ?? You are fast, fast,” So I accelerated, squatting, Munchun Yan is plugged趐 趐, her hands closed the bed, the white pink hips kept twisted up, very high-spirited, more highlighting my big chicken, she was so comfortable, her chest is full of white tender The peak is like the upper and lower jumping of the meat ball, she is breathable, sweating DC, is so late? Shouting: “Ah ?? , Again,? “

Teacher who is tireless on weekdays, is so hungry when launching in spring, so ill! Teacher’s lascivious crazy scream and the fascinating look, stimulating me out of the original wild, wants to be more prosperous, stealing her whitening calf, and then paying attention to gentle body stickers, no I am young, and the big turtle avatar is like hitting the heart. Whenever the big cock is in one, her bright red soft butcher is also flipped with the pump of the cock, and the slutty is straight, and the bed is wet, and I use it for strength. Take the insert, and rotate the hips to make the big glans in the small hole. It is frequently grinding the tender meat. Wu Chunyan’s small hole is turned on the talents. The top of the hit the 趐 趐 酸 酸 滋 滋 滋 滋,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The more happiness, the more fierce, the more it is more fierce, and she has a bit of a cow, and her eyes are like a silk, and the climax is in the atrium. The comfortable and smooth thrill makes her twitching, sputum, her hole is soft and tight Suck a sucking glans, let me feel unlimited!

I hugged her, the chest was pressed with the breasts of her bamboo shoots, but I felt hard, flexible, and the big cock was inserted and tight and tight. I want to flame. The blazing, the big fell, squatting, squatting, pulling her meat, one with a glamor, only seeing her comfortable and half closed, powder face blush, fragrant sweating, hands double feet The octal chapter is like tightly tighter my waist. She is desperately pressing my hips, but she has used hard, let the small hole make the big cock, a hint of gap does not stay …

She feels that my big chicken is rooted, and the kindness is that the kind of congestion is that she has never enjoyed her life, she is more than a hundred times more than her husband, she forgot her shame. Abandoned the horror of the waves … I used it to attack, the turtle head hit the heart, the root bottom, the next time, Wu Chunyan teacher is more tight, fat buttocks Tuts up with my pumping, comfortable, wants to die, soul, fragrant, fragrant, comfortable, comfortable.

“Hey ?? Merry, I am great ?? is great?? Good cock ?? Oh, I can’t open it ??” “She suddenly opened the cherry mouth, bite my bite The shoulder used to vent the joy and pleasure in her heart, and the small hole is spilled. I feel that the glans will have a lot of hot flow, and then the back ridge is born. I have to control the teeth. I have not diarrhea. Looking at her short, my hand is soft, my hand is soft, touching her glamorous carcass, from the breast, small belly, fat buttocks, yin, small points, legs, etc., then kiss her cherry lips, hands Stroke her hair, cheeks … After a meeting, Wusheng Yan came back to God, I like a lover, asked softly: “Teacher ?? You, are you comfortable?” “” “” Hmm ?? ?? “Teacher Wu Chun Yan said that she didn’t think of me so much. I thought that I had a long and big cock, I watched her like a fairyland. At this time, I opened my eyes and I crouched my naked naked. I remembered that I didn’t think about it. My coarse cock straight to her small cavity, and she collected her wonderful, could not help but hold the cock. I took Wu Chunyan into the arms, kissed her little mouth, Munchun Yan teacher took a few shy twists, then suddenly licking me again and kissed, and used a fertile sexy piety to close. I was kissed by her, but also enthusiastically kissed her cheeks, Xiangxiang lips, frequent hands in her smooth naked carcass, got her itchy.

I know that the teacher may have accepted me from the heart, so I boldly asked: “Teacher Wu, do you feel comfortable ?? My big chicken is satisfied ??” Wu Chunyan watched me whispered. : “Well ?? You are really powerful ?? Wushu is really going to be killed by you?” “Wusheng ?? Do you do my wife ?? I will give you a cool?” Wusheng Yan teacher It’s even more shameless: “Hey ?? Face thick?? Who is your wife ?? Don’t face ??” “Wushu ?? I will love you ?? Hey, you just don’t have fun Shout your husband ?? “

Wu Chunyan heard his words, and the face was shamefully closed. She is a beautiful twist: “I hate! You, you will really be 糗人 ?? People can’t stand it, you are trying to come.? You, you are necrosis?” She touched me again, once again Dedicated to her enthusiastic hot kiss.

Where is it like a teacher, distinguished a slut! My big chicken couldn’t help but I have to fuck, I stood on the ground, reach out of the big pillow pad in Wu Chunyan, the big fat hip, her black-black bright hair coverage Qiqiu seems to be high, I stand on the bedside, and after the big white legs, my hands put her calf on the shoulder, and the hand holds the hard cock with the big talent to her. For example, the trails of red and moist, teasing, the teacher who just diarrhea, returning to God, is more troublesome, it is very funny, and the two lips are like a squid mouth. I can’t find food: “Oh ?? I beg you, don’t tease me again ?? Good person ?? I am big, big dick ?? Please add it to you?”

I think it’s time, it’s more, the whole root is inserted, and the “old man cart” stunt is to be inserted. The big chicken is full of small points, and the slut is more beautiful. Teacher Wu Chunyan is suffocating, comfortable, “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” The sound of men and women hit the ear. After 20, she was drunk. She was so comfortable to raise a fat buttocks to catering my bravely thriving. She has fallen into a lustful passion is unlimited and unlimited.

“Hey ????, pro, teach ?? Good comfort ?? ?? Good, good, good, your military teacher is good, haven’t so cool for a long time ?? Just, how do you plug ?? I I don’t care. My people ?? My heart gives you ?? Hey? “She is fascinating, the soul is sigh, the powder is frequent, and the eyes are like a silk. Hair flying, fragrant sweat is ignited to ignite the flame, prompting her to show a charming charming, there is no shadow of my husband in my mind, now she is completely indulge in the happening of **, no matter the body and mind, I have been conquered by me. .

Her heart is ambitious, such as the drunk, urgent and screaming, the craft is mad? ! I have to add the dick to the dick.

“Hey, 喔? 喔 死 死 ?? Comfortable ?? is so comfortable ?? I have to lose, lost ??” She is twisted, delicate, extreme pleasure makes her soul flying, one The thick lascivious water is eager from the small hole. The small hole was leaked out of the prostitution, she still took the thick dick, so that I almost controlled the fine. In order to completely win her heart, I suppress the impulse of the ejaculation, I picked Wu Chunyan to pose up her body, she wants her to succeed in the bed, she reluctantly greenered with white porcelain Feng Yuli’s big fat buttocks, the hips are narrow and small, the meats are exposed, and the wet skeptical lascaps make the red lips and bright light, look back at a glamorous eyes, and condense me: “You, what do you want? ? “I really returned to a smile! After I kneel behind her, I used her hands with her fat hips: “Beautiful round hips!”

“Oh!” Quiet, Wu Chunyan Liu You wrinkled, hand grabbed the sheets, I originally put it on her fat hip, put the lower body, hard fell, insert Wu Chunyan teacher, inserted from the hip Small hole, she is in front of the lasciviously, and the body is catering, and the carcass keeps swing before and after, so that the two fruitful breasts are swayed and have been spectacular. I put the left hand in front of the big breasts that Wu Chunyan. The right hand stroked her with a white and delicate, soft and soft, and he stabmed forward, she tried to twisted! Mature glamorous teachers are excited to have the limbs, the spring is booming, the kinky is straight, and the big cock is on the back of the fat buttocks. She has a lot of screams, and she is bright, and her bright cherry is frequently sent to the world. The man is ecstasy, and “Bu Tu! Bu Tour!” Is more crisp!

“Hey ?? is so comfortable ?? I will die ?? I will play the pocket, the teacher ?? Parents husband ?? Teacher is inserted so comfortable ?? Hey ?? Hey, 喔 ??” She is joyful and urgent Pantry: “Ah, I can’t stand it. The good brave dick ?? The beauty died ?? The teacher will be lost?” She excitedly shouted, and did not care if her lascivious sound was passed. In addition, her smooth white carcass accelerates front and rear, and a dusty sweat. I have been able to tell her, and the dick is more intensive. The stimulus brought a wave to push her love to the climax spike, smashed, want to die, the blinks of the blinks The pumping of the cock is turned back, she is so comfortable, her small hole is a lot of prostitutes, and I am scalling my glans.

Teacher Wu Chunyan showed a slightly in the lips, I feel that her holes are shrinking and sucking with cock. I quickly puffed, I finally couldn’t hold it: “Teacher Wu ?? Hey ?? Your small hole ?? So I am so comfortable ?? I have to vent it?”

Teacher Wu Chunyan, who was exhausted, was desperately lifted with the fat buttocks to meet my last sprint. Then, I was one full, the whole door opened, the hot semen burst felt full of small pockets, she deeply A strong heat flow is affected by this.

“Hey, 喔 ????” Wu Chunyan, like the drunk and breathing; I poured on her beautiful back, the deep hole in the depths of the farm, the irrigation of the rain, I was tight After the teacher of Wusheng Yan, the male woman loves, the warmth is whispered, and we have reached the limits of passion. This continued for a while, I took the big cock from her little hole, then lie on her, hit each other with my teacher, the leg roots, honey, hug, hug Shake, quietly enjoy the most beautiful peak of this matter.

Teacher Wu covers her big quilt in my body. We don’t care if we don’t have anything to sleep.

I have been sleeping until nine o’clock in the morning of the next day. At that time, I woke up first. I saw Wu Chunyan, and I didn’t hang it around me, and my face seems to have a satisfied smile. The temperature seems to be high, I will move the quilt slightly, and the fascinating flesh of Wusheng Yan is in front of me, thinking that last night and her crazy, actually like a dream.

I remembered it today, I am in a hurry, I am busy waking Wu Chunyan, and Teacher Zhao will not let me go. She is my teacher, I am also happy, so I looked at the upper body, watching the teacher around him, maybe I am too powerful last night, she is lying there, a snow-white powder, and Two strong jade milk, round stagnant butt, fine waist, is really beautiful, sexy is extremely Why is not like a 35-year-old woman. I saw this beautiful body with the goddess, I couldn’t help but put her down her body. The right hand held her floral waist, my left hand stared in her, my lips were pressed in her wet and slightly unfolded two cherry. On, kissed, simultaneous rubbing her two strong powder milk with a chest, two legs constant telescopic, creeping. The chest is tightly pressed with her soft white and tender body, and uses two feet to rub her two exquisite little feet.

Teacher Wu Chun Yan gradually took the two hands to me, and put his incense into my mouth, her body twisted, two people hugged each other, I bite her Ears: “Teacher Wu, I want you, is it good?” Wu Chunyan teacher touched my big chicken “Good brother, last night, you have a good thing, wait a break, say it!” Say! “What happened, don’t you like people? Do you deliberately ask her,” No, the teacher likes you, just there are some pains that you have been in the family … “I listened to her pair of legs. When I arrived around, I found her legs, and Wusheng Yan called: “What are you doing!”

“I look at Mr. Mr. Your little hole.” Said that I will cover the thick-shaped grunge, the hypertrophy of the lips and the thin little lips are revealed, first with the right hand finger in the yukotin knead, From time to time, I still got a dark and thick hairy, two fingers, and inserted into the small hole, and the upper and lower rotation kept stuffed. The deceased prostitute is bonded to the double finger. Full of teasing seduce her sexual desire “No, don’t ?? ?? You, you are fast, quickly take it out ??” Wusheng Yan squatted, my skilled pocket method made her not help her, comfortable to lying It’s shaking, screaming in the small mouth “, don’t ?? Hey ?? Can you ??”

I bowed my head with a slippery tongue, I went to the wet hole, and I pulled it out of time. She was very upright, and my fingers were still exploring in her point. Out, I suddenly press, Wusheng Yan gradually difficult to endure so sensual caress, spring love, long wants flood, especially in the small hole, it is very popular, from time to time to twist naked pettessory, breathless: “Hey? ?? ???? I don’t even have it. I can’t stand it ?? A Tao, you spare me? “She is drizzle, dripping the body, the obscenity in the small hole Flow out …

I am greedily swallowing her prostitute into the abdomen, still keeping her small hole with the tongue, and I will go to the top of the nose, go to grind her yuoconuclear, take the lips to suck, bite the red labipings. One of my hands didn’t get free to touch my soft and round pearmies, and when I was light, the other handed back and forth in her thigh. My tip of the tongue is desperately licking in the small hole of Wusheng Yan, not biting her clitoris, suddenly her lower body shakes, a liquid diarrhea from her little hole, watching Wusheng Yan struggled from bed I got up, Yu hand dialing the hair of black black, squatting down, Jiao Yang, smashing me, full of obscene, my big cock, at this time in her bright red Next to the lips, she holds my big cock with a small hand, reaching out of the horses on the head, put the big cock a few times next to her cheese, a skeptic medicine sticks from the glans to her A long line is pulled with a cheek.

“Hey!”, A bitt asthma, open the Yinhong’s little mouth, “!”, Just contain my big talents into her mouth, I feel her little mouth in her mouth Got my big glans, a burst of comfort, making my dicks more roughly longer. Then she spit out the glans and holds the dick with hands, and puts my testicles on my tongue into the small mouth. I have a small incense tongue. I have finished one. I took a few times, and finally Zhang size mouth, simultaneously containing two testicles in my mouth, let them slide each other in her mouth, I can’t think of Wu Chunyan’s blowjob’s technology so good, I was this The fragrant blowjob stimulates the glans red and red, the chicken has skyrocketed, and the bright chicken batte is shaking in her little hand straight.

She breathed the testicular, the transfer position actually licking my ass assatrie, killing two buttons, reaching out of the small hole, got back and fell back in the eyes, and stimulating my body’s messenger, even the chicken skin is vertical . I have never had enough, she is the first woman who took the initiative to lichen my ass, and the teacher who came to Wu Chun Yan really accepted me. She used me as her love from the heart, I saw her throwing this Open all the shame to meet my charm, my heart is very touched, I can’t help but adjust the right hand, she rubbed her milk, she also licked my yin and ass.

I am half-lie and enjoying her beautiful service, and the big chickens are jumped. One of her Ling lips, sucked my glans, succumbing to sucking, I couldn’t help but look: “Yes! … fast … Said … Use …… … eat … eat me … … big dick … ah … so cool … 喔 … “For a while, her little mouth has entered my big cock, I really don’t know how deep it in her mouth ?! Teacher Wu Chunyan took advantage of it, not afraid that the top wearing the throat contained my cockload, glamorous body was twisted down in me, I only sucked me to hold her fat buttocks. The body shakes, the horse on the glans, a semen mad spray, shot into her eyes, every drop is swallowed in the belly, the little mouth continues to lick me straight The big cock of the essence, let me lose more comfortable. I gasped on the back of the bed. The little hand of Wu Chunyan’s little hand touched my big cock, I only feel so comfortable, Wusheng Yan Yang Yang is not easy to swallow my semen. Should be under the belly, but there are still a few semen white silk hanging on the mouth. Good look! Teacher Wu Chun Yan took a hand took a napkin and wiped my big dick. she.

When I was with Wu Chunyan, my dear Shuangqian, Mr. Wu Chunyan, who didn’t leave the house in the big bed of her family, I realized the taste of mature young women from the heart! It’s really enjoyable.

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