My name is Vivian, is the third grade of the university. Today is the birthday of Ken, and I have never been class today, so I decided to go to play, celebrate him.

Ken is with me, but everyone’s subjects are different. We lived in the same dormitory, and we participated in Christmas party last year.

He is six feet and two, it is the captain of the tennis team, not only is handsome, and it is smart, talking, and he will never feel dull with him.

Perhaps because of this, I quickly accepted him and let him be my first boyfriend.

Because I read a woman’s middle school, there is not much chance to pay my boyfriend. Although there is a boy dating me, but I have never been moved until Ken has changed my loneliness.

Although I am not tennis, but also love sports, often practice the ball when I am running, of course, he will always make me.

Just like today, we decided to play the ball first, then watch the show, followed by a candlelight dinner. I put long hair, wearing a pink vest and white tennis skirt, which looks more than a higher effort. I am five feet ten inch, and my avatars are evenly fit, there is no one-point.

This new tennis dress is only used last week, and it is also wearing it today. The skirt is shorter than the previous short, which makes me expose a large half of the smooth thigh.

Ken looks a bit untenlessly, staring tightly, especially my legs.

When I gothed, he secretly saw the bottom of my skirt. Although we have intended for more than four months, he stared at me solely, and it was always a bit embarrassed.

After you finish the ball, I took a shower in the bathroom on the court, and there were a lot of comfort.

“Worse!” Suddenly I found out the clothes when I was out, I forgot to put it into the bag! The original wearing underwear is full of sweat, only …

Tennis court, Ken is already waiting outside. When he saw me, immediately saw my chest, soon discovered that I didn’t wear a bra.

“Vivian, you are particularly fascinating today.” He quietly said quietly in my ear, then embraced me tightly. In his embrace, my soft breasts closely attached his chest, and the heartbeat is constantly accelerating.

“You are really bad!” I have never been so close to a man, really makes me handsome, red to the ear.

His hand started to touch it behind me, itchy … At this time, there is a group of people walking towards the court, we immediately separate, a face. On the way, Ken dragged my hand, I still think about the scenes just now, the palms are constantly being destroyed, and the head does not dare to lift.

He seems to be aware of my mood, gently said: “Fool, mention!” Seeing that the familiar smile, my mood is relaxed.

Into the cinema, because it is on Sunday afternoon, there is a very small person. The field is dark, we are hard to go to the last seat. In order to attract young people, this cinema has two connected couples, placed in the last two rows in the field. We choose a couple seat, while the other spectators are scattered in front, so they are far away.

I took the head on the shoulder of Ken, and he hooked his shoulder. This is a horror film, telling a psychological murderer how to induce different women’s partners, there are a lot of love scenes, all of the tricks.

When the male corner and the female horn spoke, I got up in my heart, when I looked at these lenses, I don’t know why I feel full of heat …

At the same time, I think Ken’s cheek seems to have a hot amount of heat. I looked up at him and found that he looked firmly. He kissed me in his head, using two moist lips, tightly absorb me, tongue.

I closed my eyes and accepted this fierce kiss. When I feel the kind of drunkard kiss, I suddenly felt a cool in my belly. I don’t know when his hands secretly hit my vest and slowly stroked my back, and then gradually moved from both sides, and finally fell on my breast.

“No!” I suddenly shocked and shouted.

“Reassure, I will be very gentle.” He said softly, exhaled in my ear, making me a burst of soft.

He continued to get my breast, but also rubbed my pillar with the palm of the hand.

I have thought about pushing him, but the whole person seems to be completely weak, and the heart is getting hotter, the lower body is also warm, and it is like a bite.

After a while, he surely set off my vest, licking my nipple, like a milk baby. At this time, we are already in a half-supine state. One of him slowly moved down from my chest, put it on my thigh, and then touched it, making my heart more itchy. Following a smooth footpath, his hand continues to move up in my leg, finally coming to my private part.

Since I didn’t put on my panties after I was playing, he touched a wet forest marsh. He probably didn’t think about it, so when I came into contact with the soft hair, I couldn’t help but gasp, and the hand of the breast was suddenly stronger.

“No …” I made efforts to spit out this weak resistance through the final power. But when he kissed my ear, when I blow it, I didn’t say it, I may not want to say it all. His hand went to smoother my pussy, and smartly pulled my hamma. He slowly circled in my triangle, from outside, from top to bottom.

“Ah …” I can’t help but squat, the vaginal flows out more love liquid, and the heart wants more more.

He hugged me, the whole person sat on his leg, let me go for the screen, he hugged me from the back ring (like two superposition L-shaped). My hips just stayed in his generk, and I feel hard, so that my heart jumped faster. He opened his legs, so that I put it on my legs.

At this time, he fully attacked my yin, two hands and wovered my labiarian, then brought the rumor, I climbed, constantly dialing my protrusions, and then climb down until you have been wet. The hole, then slowly drilled in, a dexterous little snake, exploring the mystery inner, but is limited to the shallow position, there is no deep journal.

“Hey … …” Fortunately, there are not many people in the theater, and the separation is also very far, so my name is no one to hear, and the female role in the movie is much bigger than me. But at this time, I will not be a lot, because I am stunned, and I experience this wonderful feelings. His finger dials the sound of water in my yin, and what his legs is getting harder and harder.

He is full of full body, pushing me slightly, quickly unlocking the pants, fading underwear and outer pants to the knee.

“Vivian, I love you.” He said with my waist, slowly pulling me down, his hood just reached my pussy.

“I am afraid …” I seem to have imagined the next step.

“Don’t be afraid, endure.”

He controls the mask in my pussy to grind, the round glans moisturize my hole, and the other hand smashed my breast, so that I feel unprecedented stimulus. As his speed is getting faster, my lower yin has been wet into a group, and only the kind of void can be filled.

“Ah … I … I …” I gasped.

Ken seems to guess my mind: “Good sister, what’s it?”

“I … I …” He put the glans slightly into, but immediately pulled it out again, and I made me more difficult.

“I … I want …”

“What are you going?”

“I … I want you … plug …” If he didn’t finish it, he immediately came to the bottom, and he directly reached the bottom of the deep hole.

“Yeah!” I called.

He hugged me, asked with concern: “Is it hurting you?” It may be that the vaginal is quite wet, the initial pain, slowly replaced an unprecedented pleasure.

He feels that my love is eager, only slowly, and I will be able to increase my pain. I felt the impact of my heart, that kind of force, that kind of touch, made me almost fainted.

After that, Ken gradually added hard, more faster, breathless, and later helped my waist and down, and finally put me up, and the semen was sprayed from the glans such as a volcano.

Since then, Ken loves me more. We now love this indoor movement, more better than playing tennis.

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