Most of the graduation trips in the university are to cheap and value-for-money Southeast Asia, we are not surprising.

Because many students have to Thailand, we are not included in considering, and later found the itinerary of Boracay, and a group of people decided to go to play.

Just this season is their hot season, the weather is very good, start the tour guide first with us to go to the hotel, then we have to put it in the hall, ready to fish.

We just have 3 men and 3 women, so the room is divided into two rooms in each of the men and women, and the other is a reputation and luggage.

The boys and swimming trunks are going out, and the girl is wearing three-point swimwear plus an outer.

Among them, the height of the name is high, and the long hair body is moderate. Wearing a pink bikini with a white slightly transparent shirt, shirts standing on a sexy waist, and with a small skirt swimming trunks.

Jiajia’s height is about 160, the body is not bad, the hair is about to be a shoulder, it is a cute girl, she is wearing a somewhat pattern in the white, set black tulle.

The third is called Xiaoyu. She is the most short of three people, but very flesh but very cute, she has a brown short hair.

Wearing the blue bikini, take a piece of men’s trousers outside, the front is the zipper just pull the chest position.

We took the ship to the outside sea fishing, then snorkeling, giving a restaurant at noon to eat seafood with ice dessert.

Because I just finished the dive, I will go to the restaurant. Everyone is wet, so the outer tie is not worn, everyone’s good figure is directly appreciated, after dinner, everyone take pictures around the restaurant, our boys are of course Will not give up the opportunity.

It is possible to shoulder the shoulders, the waist of the waist, and even the guides come to a princess to hold us. Because the tour guide always thinks that we are three pairs of couples, we must do a bunch of postures, we don’t violate God!

In the afternoon, the tour guide tied to the sandy beach and was free. It was free to move. It is really Bikini’s paradise. You can eat ice cream everywhere. We first went to a circle to buy something as dinner, then went to Super Business bought a bunch Back to the hotel after drinking.

We gathered to the luggage to play cards, then wanted to take a bath, you can take a bath, you can be happy because I am afraid that someone is not safe in the room, I have to be a person as a flower, I will send the strongest me! (It is actually lost in my card)

A person is really boring in the room, especially foreign TVs can see a few, although there are several mainland programs, I have to squint first.

After you have a shower, you will sit in bed and watch TV. Finally, I was scared by her because she opened a bottle of wine and called a bed.

After helping her, we started chatting, he said that she had to play again, because the hair dryer didn’t have a bath towel.

She is wearing a loose facial pajamas, so sometimes the move is a little bit, I can see her upper half chest. She is very similar to this, and the cotton is pulled to the chest.

I want to transfer a topic to resolve the embarrassing atmosphere, and propose whether she should not go to our room to blow the hair, she also agreed, but she didn’t want to wear pajamas to walk outside, so I have to change clothes.

She wears a black underwear, wearing a white shirt in the morning, then a hot pants go out, clear shirt is a translucent, not more conservative with the pajamas, I don’t think so like this.

When I got her in the room, I have been blowing my hair because I have been watching two white chests. The meat stick is always up early, I really want to go to the toilet to solve it.

She said that I forgot what to take the lotion, I want to go back to the room, so we ran back to the girl’s room, when I arrived in the room, I found Jia Jia already at the door.

She asked why we haven’t returned it for so long, she also wants to take a bath, after we explain the reason, she said that because she didn’t have a hair dryer, she wanted to go to the boys, I took the house card to her.

I can find a can of emulsion and say that the back is not too much to help. I certainly righteous, now I started to wipe the waist from her neck, she kneel on the bed to recognize me.

When she arrived at the waist, she said that she said she was very scared, I deliberately, I said that the legs also made me wipe again, and finally rubbed into the foot, she also itch because shech I have been hiding again, I will start with her.

I pulled her legs to me, and then started her belly, she didn’t want to see weak counterattack, because she only wore a lingerie, her chest has been hitting my head, there are several times Even the front face fluttered. Cool, and finally, I deliberately lying on the bed, let her ride on me, she didn’t pay attention to my meat sticks all grinded, and the chest swayed in front of me.

I directly grabbed her hand, then let it go to me, my mouth is like this, I wanted to avoid it at first, but I hugged her so she didn’t flash.

At this time, she had to turn the head, and I took her cheeks and my ears, and took her earrings and gently blowing her ear. The ear is her sensitive belt. After a while, she started to fight. , I will roll her into the bed and change it to her.

I started to issue a second wave of offensive, and I finally transferred to the chest along her cheeks. The left hand strokes the chest, and the right hand touched her backup. Slowly find the underwear buckle and unlocked, but the letter is “huh.” … … “Comfortable voice.

When the underwear is unflassed, a pair of white breasts always bounce, the left hand starts to play with her nipple, the mouth keeps sucking the other side, then she is even more soul.

Then I got up and took off my clothes. She did her own hot pants. She finally was conquered by me. I first use my fingers to try her paters, wait until a little wet, I use my mouth to suck, she grabbed the sheets, The face on the face is complicated and should be very enjoyable.

She took off my underwear, first helped me to play a pistol. Sure enough, some people have a lot of service and their own DIY, I want her to help me, I will contain it, and I will shoot it in the first time. But then she is not very good at sucking, and the teeth will sometimes rub my skin, but the overall is still very cool.

After the timing is almost, I put on the safety case, first testive in the vital okward, then slowly enter, when entering a third, you can start a sound: “喔 …”

I feel that the meat stick is more swollen and more in-depth.

She issued a bigger voice: “Ah … um …”

Then when it is completely entered, she has a bit crazy, and grasping my hand, starting to breathe.

Whenever I moved she, I sent a more soulful voice. My mouth didn’t stop her chest, and her nipple was completely hard.

I picked her, let her sit on the dressing table, the meat stick accelerates, the faster, she is more and more.

I don’t know if I have never heard it next door, but when I thought so much.

When I stopped, she hugged me breathe, I took the meat stick to the bed, and she became a puppy’s posture, starting from the back.

Her slender waist is swinging with my movement, and the chest is also shaking before and after, I grabbed her waist slowly and turned into the plug, and when I contacted my butt, I also sent a sound.

Already coming to the climax, she feels quick to get rid of, and the last ejaculation is shot.

We don’t know how long we have learned until Jia Jia is knocking on the door, she is tense, she covers her body with the quilt, I quickly put the trousers and open the door.

Jia Jia saw I asked why we didn’t respond so long, I said we didn’t hear it in chat.

Jia Jia came in and found that it was full of red and asked her what happened. I said that because the room is too hot, I have seen that I have a big sweating Jia Jia and have no doubt.

In the middle of the night, because I couldn’t sleep, I went to the beach, and we love each other next to the beach and help me.

After this day, we often do love when you are not there. On the third day of the afternoon, it is a free event. Everyone has to buy a gift outside. After we buy it, you will find a reuse from going back to the restaurant.

Because I am afraid that the sheets have been discovered, we use the baggage room, I didn’t expect Jia Jia to come back early, and I came to the luggage room to put things, I feel suspicious.

Can be shouted in the cotton, Jiajia once, knowing what we did again.

Let us unexpectedly, Jiajia actually didn’t, just smiled and said: “You have a good time! I will not like”

Then you still have a quilt? I have been cursing at night, I went to the famous nightclub, and the tour guides left, leaving us themselves.

The yourself here, the more yourself, the more you are, the more crazy.

We have been drunk after drinking, and the dance pool is dancing, drink and then jump, and I haven’t had a physical strength, I haven’t jumped. When I went back to the restaurant, everyone rushed to the toilet, because the key of the luggage room was kept, so I and I can ran to the luggage room, and the two of us took a bath together in the bathroom.

Then returning to the home, saying that it is necessary to renew, it has been 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, and we take the wine to the girl’s housing. At that time, Xiao Yan just took a shower and didn’t know that we were in the room, wearing a white underwear. .

Our wine has not woke up, there is a noisy side, suddenly one of the male students said that he should play the old jacket, and seeing his second year.

I propose the older king game, speeding up.

Play at 10:30, the biggest manifest, one person, one person, guess the fist, can order other people.

In the beginning, he took a strip. What did you touch? When I won, I directly commanded two boys to fight each other, and the girls came to give me a minute.

Everyone starts to cry, but I still have to obey, I know that I have to play, wait for it.

Sure enough, When I lost, I was directly naked for 30 seconds, while B men had all girls made him a minute.

Jia Jia also wins, so she doesn’t have to punish, she also issued the instruction, I want to give me and c.

Is this a penalty? It’s cool!

Come back to Xiaowei, she wants our boys to give Jixin and Jia Jia. I started to be a bit taboo, because I always feel that it is mine, suddenly I have to use people feel very bad.

But it is still made, and their girls think that the sperm is unlimited, and our ammunition library is cleared this evening.

Finally, it can be won. She wants our three men and Jiajia and Xiao Wei to make love. This should be a perfect finale. I have passed and Jia Jia kissed, and then look at the reactive reaction. As a result, it seems that Didn’t like it, anyway, she is orders, it is hard.

It is hard to be hard now, and it has been subjected to five times, it is tired. I first suck Jiajia’s chest, her chest is relatively firm, not as soft as it is, but there is still some flexible, B male finger in the genitals.

Jiajia sent a sensuality: “Um … 喔 喔 … um …”

I am actually hate sharing, although I have three naked beauty, but I want to communicate with the semen of the other two boys and feel a little disgusting.

No matter how much, I put the penis in front of Jiajia, and her hands arrested into the mouth and started sucking.

Her skill is very good, comfortable to make me bloate.

She was changed by B male to the dog climbed directly. She yelled: “A …”, continue to help me.

I saw Xiaoyong and C men to stroking in another bed, and C men began to insert Xiaoyu.

B is too fierce movement, and Jiajia has never concentrated on my meat stick, I will leave and go to find the heart.

Can Xinyi sitting next to drinking wine appreciation, seeing me to reach out and tell me to hold her, I picked her to sit on her foot hook my waist, I put the beer on the table Pour on her chest and start picking up.

Then the meat stick is inserted directly. Her waist begins to swing up and down, and this picture is alive and my meat is alive.

After a while, B male has been paid, lying in bed and sleeping, Jia Jia has a breathing in bed, and has been doing love, and Xiaoyu helped c.

I will be pleased to let her lying next to Jia Jia, starting fast thrush, touching the chest, touching Jia Jia one hand.

After a long time, I will shoot, after pulling out the meat stick, Jiajia helps me clean. I can look at me, I blew her, she smiled slightly.

C men have been shot once, Xiao Wei did not swallow up to the bathroom to spit, but she said that she is going to see what she is.

C male back to the room to take a shower, I want him to take B male back, so there is only me and Jiajia left.

Jiajia came to pro, I asked if I would like to come again, I am afraid that I have no energy, she started to help me.

After seeing this scene, I started to get angry again. I am strive to come over. She said she wants to help Xiaoyuan take a shower.

Suddenly, I also swept it, I couldn’t erect, Jiajia said that we went to take a shower with them, we rushed into the bathroom and scared them in it.

It is also strange that I have a small reaction, I have a small reaction. In the bathroom, we will wash your body soap in the bathroom. I naturally help everyone! When I helped the baby to wash the chest, I felt that she was the most full of most flexible in the three people, touched the sexual desire.

I want to try their three buttons, there are different feelings, so I pinched the soft and rich buttocks. Sure enough, it’s a relatively soft, but I’m not inferior, Jiajia is a tight Really, I can see that I feel a bit vinegar after I feel like this. I mean to give her a hot kiss.

In the bathroom, I started to insert three beautiful women. One of the kings was refurbished. Finally, it is the sperm to shoot it!

That night, I followed three naked beauty sleeping in the same room, or if it consumes too much physical strength, we should have a battle.

Every day everyone wakes too late, no one dares to tell the reason, the last night we slept every pair of men and women, could not enjoy Jia Jiahe Xiaoyan’s body is unfortunate, but I have my favorite Xin is satisfied.

After graduation, everyone is very young and then contact, and some will be lost, but such a good memory will always stay in everyone.

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