I and a young woman’s story, I and this woman is similar in the chat room, and later what happened is more incredible. I was a little insomnia that night, so I opened the computer to enter the chat room and wanted to give some time on the Internet. In the chat room, my name gives yourself is “Color Doctor”.

After a while, I had a word left on my screen: “Hello, are you really a doctor?”

“Yes, I am indeed a doctor, is there anything?”

“Then, which department is you?”

“I am in anorectal, do you know this section?”

“Know, is it true to see the patient’s ass?”

“Yes, my job is this.”

“Is there a female patient to see you?”

“Although there are not many, but also. When the female doctor is not or going to work, then a female patient can only be seen by the male doctor.”

“That hard is true? They also have to take off their pants, let you check there?”

“Yes, the patients who came to us must give them a routine examination. In addition to the general refers, there are some patients to do anal mirror test.”

“Then they are checked by you, will it be very difficult?”

“It is very difficult, but there is no way.”

“Then do you have to take them cheap?”

“Haha, how do you say this, encounter young and beautiful women, I will do some things to do. It is more careful when checking.”

“No wonder is a color doctor.”

“Haha, it is a bit. Yes, haven’t asked your situation yet. Can you tell me how big?”

“29, how old are you?”

“One year older than you, are you getting married?”

“Yes, and you?”

“I have not yet, I still don’t want it.”

“Do you have it? I am saying that.”

“Of course, I have some partners, I can play with them when I think.”

“Do you have any patients with your patient?”

“There are two, not much.”

“Oh, two are too small?”

“Of course, I hope, the better, the better :)”

“For the doctor, ask you something.”

“You said, I listen.”

“Do you say anal sex is harmful to the body?”

“I think if you pay attention to hygiene, it is still ok, there will be no damage.”

“Oh, really? So you also give you some partners?”

“Haha, I guess you will ask this question. I did have done it to them, and my technology is very good, I also gave them a climax in the anus.”

“Deceptive, then the pain behind, how can there be a climax?”

“It’s true, there will be some pain when you start, you will have a climax waiting for a while, and it is more exciting than the previous.”

“In fact, my husband is also behind me, but I have painted me, I bleed me.”

“That is your husband is too worried, and you can’t colly, and the woman I have done is not very painful, I like it to do it later.”

“Is it true? How do you gave them?”

Anyway, I still don’t want to sleep, so I gave her a method and scenario when I was doing my women, so I heard her wet.

“You are really bad, I will wet me below, but I also want to do it later after you have finished saying. Who is it?”

“I am Beijing, where are you?”

“Heaven, I am also Beijing.”

“Oh, that’s so good, do you want to do it with me? You can come to the hospital to find me, just, I can help you check the wound.” I didn’t want to ask her.

“I really want to do with you, but I don’t want to be sorry for my husband.”

“Then I only do it behind you? Let you experience the back of the climax. Never do it in front of you.” “Really? I don’t believe it, you will become.”

“Please believe me? I am telling it.”

“Then I want to investigate you, I will see you in the next tomorrow. If you feel that you are still reliable.” She is very careful.

“Ok, my name is Longyu, tomorrow, 5:30 pm, I am waiting for you in my own clinic.”

“Ok, then you give me the mobile phone number. When I will give you a call first.”

“Yes, my mobile phone number is …” Later, we talked for a while, I went to bed in my next time, I think it is really exciting to see a woman tomorrow.

The next day is just Friday, the patient is not much. I took a shower in advance, and then looked at the newspaper on the day, waiting for her. Soon colleagues left, I was still waiting quietly in my clinic. The clock on the wall has pointed to 5:25, I began to worry that she is not coming.

“Hey! Is Long Yu Doctor? I am Wang Wei, who is chatting in the chat room yesterday, I am going downstairs in your hospital now, can I go?”

“Of course, I am waiting for you, I will see the sign on the third floor, you will see the sign, I am the third clinic.”

After a while, I heard the knock on the door. When I opened the door, I found a beautiful woman, wearing this pale yellow professional suit, smiling and standing outside the door. She is wearing a neat body, I know that it is a white-collar, her skin is white, tall, although it is better than me, it is obviously a 25-year-old person.

“Hello, I am Wang Wei, are you dragon doctors?” She greeted me very much in front of me.

“Hello, I am Longyu, please come in and sit down.” My heart is secretly happy, it seems that I can feel a beautiful body today.

She came in, looking at all around my clinic, looking like the first time to come like this. Suddenly she saw the checked bed, then suddenly turned to ask me: “Do you check the patient in this bed?”

“Yeah, the general inspection and treatment are in this bed, you have to try it later?” I deliberately teasing her.

“Hey, I won’t go there, let’s talk about chatting.” Her face is red, then sitting on the chair. I learned that she was a second time to get married. Now my husband loves her. She also loves the current husband, but this husband has an except for her, but I like to be her back, but I don’t know if it is. In the reason, I have tried it several times but I have been unsuccessful. Yesterday, my husband hurt her back to her back and brought her back. Today, I will meet me to know the true fun of anal sex. I am naturally very willing to pay hard, but I don’t know what she is behind, I can’t continue to do it, so I will check it first. Although she is very embarrassed, she did not refuse me, but went to the bed and took off her pants. I have been watching her action. When she found that I was staring at her under her lower body and thighs, she was more difficult, and the action was stopped.

“You don’t take off your underwear, how can I help you check the wound? All the people who have been married, aren’t so embarrassed?” I said in my color.

“Your man is the same color.” Wang Yu sent a feeling of this, and then started to take off his underwear. What I am delighted is that this time she takes off all his underwear from the legs, a cluster of black hairy covered her mysterious lower body, and I suddenly rushed over her legs and saw her desire.

“Ok, now please kneel on the bed, low waist, get it in your ass, let me check it out first.”

From her red face, I know that she must be very difficult now, but the more it will make me feel interesting. Soon she was in bed, a brown chrysanthemum hole was opened against me, and I can’t hate her immediately.

I first observed her anus, the color is not very deep, the surrounding pleats are even more even, just near the following places have a small tear wound. “Ok, now I will give you a little medicine first. After the drug is passed, it will be fine. But let’s tell me that there is no big stool today?”

She obviously felt very embarrassing for my question, came back and asked me: “Do you ask this necessary?”

“Of course, if you have, you will have a lot of bacteria in the wound, you need serious disinfection, I can be for you.” Wang Wei obviously heard the seriousness in my words, although it was ashamed to teeth, but Still need to be said. She didn’t dare to look at me again, then answered me with a very low voice: “Well, have passed.”

At this time, I have prepared disinfected medicines and cotton waves, and then said to her: “I will give you the wounds and then go to the medicine. There will be a little pain in the middle, I will gently you have to hold back. Ok? “

“Well, ok, I will.” She said with a low voice. It is probably because of fear of pain and some nervous, her anus starts a closed.

“Don’t be too nervous, come to relax.” I said while using a finger to gently press around her anus, this is my trick, any woman will become a captive of my finger, this time is no exception. I didn’t have a lot of time, and her snow-white butture began to react, and the anal sphincter has gradually relaxed. “Ok, keep this way, although there will be a little pain, but I have to bear to bear, I will be good for a while.” I said to gently push the cotton rod that the disinfectant is pressed on her wound.

“Hey!” She called, the body also suddenly shock.

“How? I hurt?” I asked at all.

“Nothing, you continue to take medicine.” Said that she opened the anus and said to me, “I am coming, I am not afraid.”

“If you hurt, you can call it, but don’t move, ok?” Said that I will continue to disinfect her medicine. Sometimes she will make one or two “” sounds, but I really didn’t move, let me go to her medicine very smoothly. When I finished these operations, I looked at her seductive anus, but I said to her: “Okay, I can get up.” At this time, she quickly wore underwear and outer trousers. The redness on the face has not yet rested.

Thank you Dragon doctor. “

“Your polite, we can now be friends, right?” She heard me, laughing. “But do you still do this today? Don’t do anal sex, wait for the next week, will we do it again?”

I heard me, she also reddish face, but still very temperament to me: “Of course, I will do it today, I will not be able to do it, will we do it next Friday?”

“No problem, I have time.” We walked out of the hospital while chatting, I asked her to have a meal in a hotel, and I have been going home for a while. We often call this week, when her husband is not there, we have done two times in the phone, as far as she said that they are wet.

In the eyes of Friday, I received her to my residence according to the agreement. Because I have already had dinner on the road, I can enjoy it in bed at home. The only somewhat unfortunately, she didn’t agree with my stay in my night. Although her husband was not at home today, she still disagree, it seems that I am not very worried about me. I got home, I started to urge her to take a shower. After all, the time is limited. At that time, I wanted to wash with her, but I was rejected by her, but I only waited outside.

Soon, I also took a shower. When I returned to the bedroom, I saw her body wrapped in a bath towel, and I was taking a yellow magazine. I slowly approached her, smelling her body, I couldn’t help but put my hand into her bath towel, start touching her back and waist. She didn’t reject me, which made me more bold. So the syndrome takes off her bath towel, and her beautiful body is presented in front of me. I will Burongfenshuo she wrestled to the bed and began kissing and touching her breasts, and soon let her nipples become stiff up. She also fondle my groaning under raving like, I then suck more vigorously, kneading, also use teeth nibble, her breath coming faster and faster, the body began to stop twisting. I reached out a hand Moxiang her mysterious place, there really Overrun.

She suddenly felt I touched her there, quickly hand over and said: “No …… do not get there ……”

I forced a move away her hand and said: “I promise you do not insert my cock, but it can still be finger always look like you are wet, I know you want it, right??”

Then I suddenly finger press in on her clitoris, “ah” she shouted excitement then gently removed his hand. Haha, it appears to be accepted, since it is so I’ll give you more comfortable now. So I thought to put forefinger and middle finger deeply into her vagina, “ah,” she uttered a cry of excitement.

“Call it, take out.” I said that two fingers on her vagina, the thumb also pressed her clitoris. At the same time, the vaginal and clitoris stimulates that there is almost no female can bear, she is naturally no exception. As my movement is getting faster and faster, her body is also getting more and more powerful, and a sound of the waves screams throughout the room. Soon after a long time, her whole body was soft, it seems that this climax is very strong. I took a finger from her front, which was covered with sticky liquid, slippery the exactly. I turned her body on one side, then use another hand to open her butt, once again saw the brown anus. At this time, she only snorted, but did not resist, I know that she is looking forward to my anus to her anus. I used the finger filled with her prostitution to pick it up on her anus, she also matched with the anus. At this time, I suddenly had an impulse that I wanted her to withstand more exciting. I thought that I suddenly broke her anus, two slippery fingers gave her inserted it.

“Ah, hurts.” She called, and the body contracted in front of us to escape my finger. But my finger tight with her ass, she could not escape. So she stretched his hand to the back. I wanted to pull out my fingers, but I was in charge, I can’t move. Now she can only ask me: “Ah … you spare me … I can’t stand it …”

“I am helping you to adapt to your husband’s rude way. If you adapt to your future, I am not afraid to do it behind.” I explained to her, while showing my fingers, hook, pick, shake, shake in her anus. Transfer a variety of actions. She heard that I said that I didn’t struggle and rebell it, and my finger brought her excitement and pleasure began to spread in her anus. She no longer shouts the pain, but the excitement of the excitement. The buttocks no longer escape my fingers, but the initiative is behind, it seems that I want to give her a deeper. I started to open your fingers in her, giving her the necessary anal movement.

“Ah … I have to crack … I can’t stand it … Ah …” She called some crazy, but she didn’t escape my fingers, I know she is too excited. So I am more force to expand her anal sphincter. Her brown ass is also under the expansion of my professionals, soon reached the state of insertion.

I suddenly pulled out my two fingers. She yelled that I was ambush, but my ass was still tall, and I told her fart eye to tell me the desire to me. “Ready, I have to use my big sausages through your asshole.” I stroked her white buttocks.

“Well … Come in, I want you …”

“Oh, what do you want me?”

“I want yours … I want you to insert my back.” She said that she said.

“Where is your back? Say clear me to plug.”

“Is it behind it later.” She is more embarrassed.

“Oh, is it here? But there is no hole here.” I deliberately pointed to her white butt.

“No, not there.” She is some kind of active use of butt on my penis.

“Then you refer to me, I can insert it, or I can’t plug it.” I continued to tease her.

“Please don’t torture me again, I want.” She turned her head to ask me.

“I can’t give me, I don’t point to me.” I continued to threaten her.

“Ah, it is too difficult to love, it is … is here … Please use your big sausage to put into this.” She said that this actually took his anus to make his anus. At that time, it was really awkward.

I excitedly applied a lubricant on her anus and my penis, and then officially started to put her anus. Along with her excitement, I feel that my penis is tightly hooped by her anus, and it feels very cool. When my penis completely entered her anus, I didn’t pick it immediately, but observed her reaction. Although she is shouting, I know that it is painful with excitement, it seems that she really adapts to my penis. So I started to have rhythmial thrust and accompanied my finger to her clitoris. She was shouted loudly, but the butt was also twisted with my moves, it seems that she is completely immersed in the joy of anal sex.

In this way, I brought her for the first climax in an anus, and when she arrived at the moment, she was going crazy. After the climax, she breathed in the bed. I stroked her body and asked her how her feelings did?

“I really don’t know how to stimulate this anal sex. This is my feelings in the first time. It seems that you are a master.” “How, this time I like anal sex?”

“Well, I don’t want to go tonight, do you give me another two times? No, do three times.”

“Okay, don’t want to be empty tonight, I will make you feel comfortable.” Said that I broke her anus again, with a plastic stick that was used as a special place deeply. Go in. So this room rang all night.

(2) My name and a girl’s story is called Su Yuqing. This year is only 18 years old. She is lively, gorgeous, is a sexy girl. It’s really true that you are really true, but she not only took the initiative to make it, and introduced to me to introduce her classmates Xia Chuning to let me know. Two 18-year-old beautiful girls played with me with “One Dragon Opera Shuangfeng”‘s sex game, even with some SM’s ingredients, two beautiful girls are in motivation and pain and me. A weekend that spent another stimulus and sex.

In fact, it is best to say that Su Yuqing is best to start from her classmates Xia Chuning Ning. They are the best friends from the beginning of the first one, and they have been admitted to the same school, divided into the same class, making their friendship more consolidated. Coincidentally, these two children need to be more and more intense than other girls. They have seen the yellow books and A tablets together. Of course, they will inevitably try to feel a try in the other person’s body. Although they are not gay, the flesh’s contact has also made them intimate, not talking.

The first summer of that year, Xia Chuning was seek a doctor because of the gynecological gynecological gynecology of a large hospital. But ingenious is that she is just a 40-year-old male doctor. He saw such a beautiful and beautiful Xiachun, Nington, which came. After the nurses around the success, he took advantage of the chance of checking him with his fingers, and he was inserted with his meat stick into the girl’s ass. Such stimulation makes a 18-year-old girl experience a climax and pleasure that has never been seen. This paragraph naturally can’t forget to tell yourself Su Yuqing. In her description of her painting, two girls are both excited to the extreme. They took off their clothes, touched each other, lick, the afternoon they also added a new content for the first time, stimulating the anus. Probably because there is no experience, the top two games make Su Yur’s hurt to tears, and Xia Chuning is also struggling in pain. So a lot of Su Yuqing came up with an idea of ​​gotting a doctor to the hospital, did not find a suitable one twice, this time I became her next goal.

That day was a very little afternoon, I left a class. In fact, I am very willing to value the afternoon, because I will be able to check it out when I have a female patient. Time to look at the time, Su Yuqing wears a bright yellow miniskirt to my clinic, my eyes are immediately attracted by her, that is a standard beautiful girl.

“Miss, where are you uncomfortable?” I let her sit down, then start to ask her condition.

“Doctor, I have been hurting and itching in the past few days. I want to ask you to see.” She didn’t seem to be very embarrassed when she said this, and the woman who is going to see a doctor is very Not the same, this also caused my attention.

“Oh, then, please ask to check the bed, I will check it out.” Relie, I really can’t wait to see her yin and anal.

She is very obedient to check the bed and starts to work with her clothes, and there is no shy girl in front of those young girls. And more surprisingly, she took off her underwear from the legs, then kneeling on the bed, put her skirt also picked up to the chest. I haven’t seen any girl like this boldly exposed yourself, which makes me very excited.

I walked carefully and carefully observed her anus. It is really a girl’s anus. The wrinkles are very uniform, the color is also very shallow, only a little more than the white buttocks around the snow. This is a clean sexy anus, and I know what disease is not. Since there is no illness, it is biased to me to let me check it. It seems that it is a little girl who is looking for exciting. I think so, my finger has been habitually separated from her small anus and saw her red tender meat inside. At that time, I really stretched the tongue, but I still didn’t act rashly. Since you seek excitement, then I will check it out. Think of this here I put the lubricating liquid on her anus, then put the whole finger into it.

“哟” girls send a low call, obviously she is a bit hurt by me, but she is not as good as other women, she obviously has never returned me. Looking at such a beautiful girl in front of him, I can’t bear to get her. My fingers turned it in her anus, and very experienced young women will be filmed by my hand, let alone a girl who has just 18 years old. She started excited, but the ass also begun to twisting with my fingers. “Miss, what do you feel?” I suddenly asked.

“Oh … here is so itchy … but you make me feel so comfortable …” She called a twisted butt with my fingers, and the white little butt appeared as sexy. So I am more selling, my finger skill, rotation, press 揉, jitter, this time my hand also patron her front, the ringless finger and the little finger fall into her small flesh, the fingertips is on her clitoris. Jitter . Girls can’t help but still. She started loud: “Ah … so comfortable … Doctor, you will get it …” I continued my finger action, and the girl didn’t have a climax in a while.

“Well, I believe that your illness is already good?” I took out my fingers and took her little butt while taking her little ass.

“But what about doctors? Do you haven’t feeling me?” The girl turned over and deliberately showed me her delicately.

“I …” I looked at her charming flesh, and heard the pain of the lower body. I didn’t know what to say.

“I know that the doctor also thinks? I am not a bad girl, but I like the feeling of exciting, so if I want me, I will promise you.”

“What is your name, how old this year?” I didn’t pay attention to her, and I started to fill in the case according to the regulations.

“My name is Su Yuqing, 18 years old this year.”

“That tells the doctor, how do you like this excitement?”

“Because …” Su Yueqing tells me about her classmates Xia Chunning’s experience, telling me that she is very excited about her back. Before coming to me, she has been to 3 hospitals, two of the male doctors are very dead, and I didn’t dare to be with her. Another hospital is a female doctor, and the hand is very heavy when checking, and she hurts her. In the end, she asked me, I would like to do it once again?

I looked at her face and found that I didn’t look like I was interested. So I said to her: “I am going to get off work, wait for a while to be a safe place to do it well?”

She wanted to laugh, and then said a little bit of the might of God: “Is it going to a place with only our two people? Then I want a doctor to give me the most exciting?”

After get off work, I will take her to eat outside, and I have listened to her a lot of things to talk to my class. I gradually discovered from it, she is really not a bad girl, but there is more expectations and desires for sex, so I decided to satisfy her. After eating, I took her directly to my home, because there were some secret weapons, some of the weapons that let the woman’s soul.

Su Yuqing is a very direct spicy girl. I heard that I have some sex toys, I have been very excited. Just a home, he urged me to take it out to give her, and that, it seems that I can’t wait. But I have to fall away her appetite, so she said: “Don’t worry, I haven’t take a shower, I will take a bath, I will make you see it.”

“Hey, you are really small, first let people look at it, there is no way to take a shower first.” Su Yuqing and half joked the mutter, walked to the bathroom.

“Wait until you take the clothes, you still have to close the clothes.” I suddenly called her.

She stunned, stopped in the original place, came back to watch me, and it was full of doubts. “Hey, do you want to peek at me? Is it excited about it? It’s really a color doctor.”

“Little beauty, don’t ask so much, you will know.” Now I can’t explain her, because there is a stimulating plan in my mind.

Sexy beauty is sexy beauty, she is so fascinating, and she can make men spurt. When she took her clothes, I found that when I was watching her, my face couldn’t help but show a shy. “I hate, did you have a girl taking off your clothes?” She said shy.

“See you, but I have never seen you like this beautiful girl.”

My words obviously made her very happy, She tossed her head, and made a face at me, snorted pride turned into the bathroom. Unscrew the pipe switches, shower in crystal droplets. I do not appreciate the beauty of the shower drain look like on the outside, really want to be naked but ran in, put her in there by a big. But I suddenly remembered my plan, then quickly ran to the house, to take as a very exciting props – enema. When I take off the clothes and body, he took the enema came to the bathroom door, Su Yuqing suddenly froze. She looked at my hands something tentatively asked: “? It is …… This is the enema it.”

“You can be really smart. I told you all an insight into the make, then this enema started.”

“I’ve heard enema is a very exciting feeling, but never tried it. You really can not think today would be an enema, that thing is that you inserted into my anus more embarrassed ah!” She said with a straight face is really red .

“It does not matter little sister just has not let me see little anus? You did pretty little anus, where you see all the men will not let go of my enema, but very professional, will your unforgettable. be turned away, hold hands at the edge of the bathtub, the little butt stick up. “Sue Yuqing turned shy, as I had asked two hand on the edge of the bathtub, waist slightly fall down, so charming little butt stick up. The middle of a small flesh-colored anus slightly open, waiting for me to bring her unprecedented stimulus.

Then I will enema hose gently spinning, inserted into her wet little anus. “Oh ……” she cried happy, little ass up there higher. I seize the opportunity of the hose inserted deep inside her rectum, then push the piston enema, cool liquid flows down the hose slowly into the Soviet Union Yuqing body.

“Oh …… weird feeling good …… ah …… oh …… up to flow out of it I can not help it …… not ……” Enema of the whole process of sexy Soviet Yuqing cry reverberates throughout the bathroom . I have been to other girls irrigation intestine, but her calls is definitely the most sexy one. When I pull out the hose, long bear to the Soviet Union Yuqing I can not wait to drain out.

“This quickly excreted, so can meet the requirements, but also again ah.” I said, filled with cold water in the enema.

“But I really could not help, you still give me a break.” Shy girl turned with infinite begging me to say.

“Then how can it? Be sure to get clean inside, it can be really anal sex yet. To put little ass and then stick up, stick up a little higher.” Said my hands in between her legs, forced upward mention her. On the way down into the fingers of her Roufeng in this kind of action Which woman can resist it?

In desperation Su Yuqing had pushed again from the bottom, waiting for my second enema. This time I will try to insert the hose deeper, then release the liquid inside. Su Yuqing called up again loudly, because the first experience on there, this time of her efforts to clamp the anus, endured a strange thrill of liquid brought her. When that moment I pull out the hose, I had prepared hard anal plug into her anus. Such stimulation almost let this young girl mad, she hands to his own nakedness, showing very uncomfortable expression. I hold her waist, one hand on her anus stuffed face and said: “is not going to help but now let you release it?.” Then I pulled out the hand that anal plugs. Instant jet of water spouting from her anus, called on arguably is a spectacle.

“Ah, do not look too embarrassing.” When the Soviet Union Yuqing found I was intently watching her anus, the girl next to her characteristic modesty blushed.

“Okay, let me check it out, I don’t have it.” After I finished, I took out the lubricant and started to apply on her small anus. On the side of the lubricant, I took out the mirror in her butt, so she could clearly see what my anus is like. When I put a series of pull-beads into her anus, she was excited softly, while watching her own anorel, how to play with me, ashamed, she dared dared to look at my eyes . At this time, I started to press her clitoris and labipings, there is already hot, slippery, it seems that it has been waiting for a long time. My two fingers were deeply inserted into her vagina, leaving the thumbs up outside, holding her clitoris, fast pressing. Another hand is pulled by the pull ring left outside her anus, scraping her sphincter with the thin rope behind the zipper. Such stimulation will let all women crazy, let alone a beautiful girl who has just been 18 years old. She still can’t take care of it, now she is completely occupied by the strong pleasure from the lower body, she loudly, but the ass twisted, and it turned into a happhous woman. . Suddenly I felt that she came from the interior of the vagina, heard she became a sick, I knew she would go to the climax. Just at the moment she arrived at the climax, I didn’t hesitate to take out the pull beads in her anus. Such a strong pleasure made her a little fainted, only on my shoulder, a long time. I took her back to the big bed and started with her pair of unclear breasts. She has no power, I can only rely on my tongue in her two charming nipples. Rotate. Take it. At the same time, my finger reached again to her furry place, I found that her vagina seeps the slippery lascivious water, and it has been flowing into the anus in the lower side of the vaginal. “You are really a small color woman, so you will be wet for a while.” I said with her hand and said.

“Dragon doctor thank you, just is it too comfortable, I have never been so comfortable. It seems that today I have to be killed by you.”

“That can’t, such a beautiful little girl can not be able to play her, I have to play her half-dead every time, so you can often play.”

“You are bad, it is really a big wolf doctor.” She said that he hiredned my meat stick. I was so excited by her sudden sneak attack, and the meat stick that was originally not entered into the best state changed in her hand. She watched my meat stick in my own hand, she couldn’t help but marvel. “Wow! You are big.”

“Yes, my bigger, you will more comfortable, do you like it?”

“Well, I like it, but I have never tried this rough, I am too small, it will hurt.” Su Yao watched my timidity.

“Is it? That let me see how little is your small hole?” Said that I leaned over her legs, separated her legs, and finally saw her native and tempting pussy.

Although it has been touched several times, the close observation is still the first time. Her holes are like her anus, the color is very shallow, only a little bit more than her snow. Just in the lip and clitoris, because I have justified it, I am angry. Two delicate big laces are slightly open because I have just stimulated, revealing the bright red small labia in the inside, and it is also shining under the moisturizing of the obscenity. It is the little peas-clitoris. Now this little bean is also swelling in a slightly due to congestion, and it seems more seductive.

I extended my tongue from her labie. Draw her labips, ride over her vaginal mouth, then point at her clitoris, press one, hook it again. In this way, her prostitution once again spread like a river. As my tongue moves, her call is getting bigger and bigger. When her pleasure is accelerating, I use my fingers to open her labipings and put the tip of the tongue into her vagina, like a brush, friction inside her vaginal mouth. Her prostitution flows more, taste is a faint savory. At this time, my fingers replaced the tongue to help her continue to press the small peas. This sensitive place has become more expanded in my finger’s jitter and pressing. Suddenly she had a long walking, a strong contraction in the vagina, the intly, the scripture is, just being swallowed by me.

The next is Su Yuqing to serve me. She kneeling in my legs, helping my penis in one hand, Zhang Kaikou will include me, while the one is set to rotate with my tongue around my glans, the action is still very proficiency, I am very comfortable.

After got a while, I sat up and put her down again and started real sex. In order to be afraid of her pain, I am very gentle inserted. Since the prostitutes just have not dried, this insert is still very smooth. Although there is still a little pain at the beginning, she is still trying to withstand until my penis is completely entered. After I gently pumped a few times, her prostitution continued to come out. I started slowly inserting, I reached my breast, and spread her nipple. In my up and down, her call is getting more and more generous. When we changed to her in the posture, she had completely adapted my big meat stick. She took my penis with my genitals, which was very sensuality, which look more cute. After the climax, I took her in her sexy anus and gently reached into the finger. I used my wonderful finger Kung Fu in her anus and turned it, and she made her evenly. “Do you want to do real anal sex?” I asked on her side.

“I want to think, but you are too big. When I played with Xia Chunning, she used the vibrating stick to me. At that time, I cried, I was too small.” Su Yuqing is very difficult .

“It doesn’t matter, I have an anorectal doctor, I have a way.”

“Is it? What method?”

“I will give you an anal movement.”

“Expanding an anal movement?”

“Come, squat in bed, put your butt.”

Su Yuqing doubts, according to what I said in bed, bending down the waist, the sexy small anus slightly opened. I took out the lubricant on her anus and then put the adult index in the anus in the anus. In her sexy, her charming chrysanthemums hit my finger. My finger is gently waved inside, let her gradually generate the feeling in the anus, and then open the finger. Maybe there is a little pain, maybe more excited, in short, her little butt keeps twisting, starting to have a point to escape my fingers, but how long she takes the initiative to pursue my finger. I was so patiently slowly to expand her anus. She called loudly, and her hands closed my bed. Soon I increased the fingers to 3, her butt was more powerful, but she didn’t cry without crying. I know that I have achieved. It took a while, I finally insert the fourth finger into the anus that the girl has been expanded. She can’t stand it, I want to escape my fingers, from the squatting posture, I wanted to squeeze my fingers from inside, but my finger is followed by her, not only not crowded. Out, but inserted more deep. She is desperately twisted, whispered, it seems to be very painful.

“You can’t stand it, I also have a lot of people, but no one is afraid of you, I can stand this finger, we can start real anal.” I Comfort her in one side.

At this time, she suddenly turned his head and smiled towards me: “I am just a little scared, I don’t hurt very much.” After I finished her, I will continue to have a good, although I still call it every time she moves, but It is no longer as exaggerated as just now.

I looked at her anus and said: “” Your little color is still able to put it, I can punish you now. “

“Ah, don’t, I will not dare to come next time.” She also put a fear look, deliberately use a bright face to cause my interest.

“I want to escape the punishment, I don’t have to spare you.” Said that my four fingers are on her anus. This time may be really painful, Su Yuqing, “哟”, a whole body, anal sphincter immediately shrinks, just as you want to squeeze my fingers. I also rushed out of your fingers, and stroked her back, I was so sorry to put her chrysanthemum. I am sorry: “Oh, I am sorry, I have just hurt it?” Come to me. “

She kneelted in bed and turned her face to blame: “You are really worried, people have suffered from you.” Said that I found that her eyes have tears.

I gave her more gentle, I said: “I am really sorry, I will use my big meat stick to compensate you, do you want to not want?”

“Will it still hurt?” Su Yuqing is really scared this time.

“May still have a little pain, but I promise to compensate you with the climax in the anus.” More than the fingers just used their fingers.

Just under my guidance, she kneelted in bed again, tall and talled, and opened a small ass to wait for my insert. I put more lubricant than usual on her little fart and my erect’s penis, then patted her little butt: “Let’s relax, after the anal movement, the anal movement is not hurt.” My finger once again acts as a moving task, I took a while in her fart, because she was basically in an exciting state, so she only took her sexual desire. I saw that the time was aligned with my big meat stick, and the waist was slightly used, the glans had entered her anus. “Oh … hurt …” She took her hands to take the bed, and closed his eyes to endure my insert.

“How? Is it still hurt? Do you want me to take it out?” I stopped the action concern.

“Oh, no, don’t take it out, now I am not hurt, I like this. Doctor brother, you all insert it, I want to feel like this.”

I stroked her little butt while slowly inserting the remaining part into her anus. Su Yuqing did not call, but it was completely leaded, step by step to the first anal climax. In this way, in her sexy scream, I kept pulling my penis. Under my superb skills, I didn’t have long so long, Su Yuqing reached her for the first time in her life. Anal climax. All nights we did before and after, until the two were exhausted. Due to the next day I took a break, she didn’t want to go to school, so we have a day to make love all day. I don’t know how many times in front of it, I only know that my sheets have been wet these two days. When I carefully observed her holes and anus at night, I have already made red swollen by me. However, she is satisfied: “You are too good, I have never been so comfortable, the next time I take my classmates to come to you together?”

Another weekend morning, I received a call from Su Yuqing, telling me that I will come to my house for a while, and I will say that I have to bring her the most beautiful female classmate, I am more happy. So hurry to pack the house and prepare all the fun tools, and then wait for two beautiful women. After about an hour, the doorbell suddenly rang, I almost ran over and opened the door, the Su Yuki, the door, was smiled and looked at me, and she stood behind her, and the same beautiful girl is also moving toward me. laugh.

“Hello, Dragon Doctor, welcome us?” Su Yuqing’s beautiful voice sounded so good.

“Of course, two little beauty came to my house, I am so honored.” When I gave them to the house, I took out the drinks in the refrigerator.

“This is my classmate Xia Chunning. This is the big wolf doctor Longyu.” Su Yuqing gives us two interpretation.

“Hello, Miss Xia, I am very happy to meet you.” I reached out to her.

“Hello, Dragon Doctor.” Xia Chunning is generous, I hold my hand.

Then we started to sit down and chat, because I have long listened to Su Yuqing to say something between them, so there is no more arrest between words. They also like to chat with me like this, and there is no longer concealment between the three people, making our conversation will become a naked conversation. I suggest that today’s passion game is still beginning to start from the bathroom because Xia Chuning has not experienced the irrigation of enema, and two girls immediately accepted my suggestion. So we came to the bathroom together, first wash your body, then Xia Chuning at the edge of the hand taken under Su Yuqing, bent down the waist and white little ass.

Her body and Suyu are sunny, the skin is the same, so people are more eager to see her small anus. When she picked up a small butt, revealing the seductive small anus, I was still going to look at it again. I even have two of them are an idea of ​​a pair of sisters. Because her little anus is also like Su Yunqing, only a light yellow, no wonder that the doctor will rape her anus. I saw a while, I started a thrilling enema after a while, until this time I found different than two people. Xia Chuning is a very reluctant girl. Although it is also the first enema, her scream is smaller than Su Yuqing, and after pulling out the hose, she actually patsted it immediately. It seems that she is likely to withstand more strong stimulation than Su Yuqing. So I gave her a second enema. This time, the capacity of the liquid was increased, and the anal plug was also tight, which made her more stimulating. At this time, I have already won’t wait a very uncomfortable Su Yuqing and I can’t help it. She puts the little butt to the old, begging me to give her enema. And ask me to give her the same dose. I follow her request to put 300 ml of cool water into her rectum, she started yet. I also gave her an anal plug and didn’t let her so quickly, this can be broken. I let them face their faces, and they can see each other’s anus, then I will pull out their anal plug. Two people who have never been can’t stand at the same time, the liquids are all sprayed on the other’s ass, it is unfortunately there is no camera, otherwise it must be a most exciting photo. When they have their own clean bodies, I took them to the big bed in my bedroom. I suddenly had a wonderful idea. So I said to them: “Do you have two usually do you usually make me see how you usually get it? There are still many tools. You can use it.”

The two girls were ashamed, and later Su Yuqing broke the silence. She looked at Xia Chunning in the low head, and then suddenly she was close to her, she said with her nipple: “Spring Ning, we will show the dragon big brother, it will be very stimulated in front of him.” “Then two girls really smoked each other in front of me, kissing, and pressing the body. Later, they simply used a 69 posture, Su Yuqing was under the summer Spring, and each other is constantly licking between the labians and the anus. After a while, Su Yuqing also put his fingers into the vagina and anus of Xia Chuning. Surprisingly excitedly excited, as a magic, it also reached into the vagina and anus of Su Yuqing. Suddenly full room is full of sensuality pictures and screams.

They have always got a climax, and they are full of excitement. At this time, I used the plastic sticks with two anus, and they gave them to them, and then they turned them, and they were filled with their vagina with vibrators. Such stimuli will let them reach the second climax. I looked at the breathing of them, I lied down my body, then said: “I have been tired for a long time, you also make me feel comfortable.”

Two girls smiled and then got together to my body. Xia Chuning contained my big meat stick with his mouth, while serious sucking, while smashing. And Su Yuqing is a serious licking in my anus, and the fingers have been taken into my anus and make me feel very useful. Under their excitement, I finally couldn’t help but I couldn’t help but a hot semen shot into the mouth of Xia Chuning, and she was swallowed by her.

I stroked their sexy belts, and I have a spirit in a while. I started to turn in the two people, and four small caves in front were inserted. More interesting is that Xia Chunning’s anal movement is done under my guidance by Su Yuqing. At that time, Xia Chunning and Su Yuqing had a first after the first after my guidance, the two fingers of Su Yuqing opened in the anus of Xia Chuning, I entered the back of Su Yuqing, and rhythm pumping Plug. Probably I was inserted behind, and Su Yu was clear, and one side opened her finger with the rhythm. Sometimes the distance to the distance is indeed quite big, and it is very strong in Xia Chuning, which is very strong, desperately enduring the feelings of the anus. However, after this anal, when you do it, you will be too much.

So three people played a whole day until they were satisfied until they were satisfied. Since then, these two girls have become a frequent visitor in my family, and every three people are playing exhausted. And I also recorded our passion of the camera, waiting until next time, play these exciting pictures, let us be more fun. From then on my bedroom, I often saw the three-person screen, heard the voice of our three passion.

(Iii) the story of me and my girlfriend my girlfriend is a girl called Liu Jing. Long shawl hair, handsome face, white skin, lanky body, where the sudden sudden, the income of local revenue, a real beauty. Her 23-year-old, although the origin is not Beijing, but large parents and relatives in Beijing, also in Beijing, it is actually a “old Beijing” a. After graduation she did not want to live with relatives, and on the other four girls sharing an apartment together. It was a summer afternoon, the time has come relatively late, and a few colleagues have left early, leaving me only one person on duty. Corridor is also very quiet, and I was packing things, ready to get off work, this time she appeared before my eyes.

“I’m sorry, Doctor, you can now see a doctor?” Her speaking voice is really beautiful.

To be honest, when I do not have 2-3 seconds to react, because she was really very beautiful, I do not know why at the time I just thought she was the most beautiful I’ve ever seen the girls. At that time in the early summer, the streets are not many girls wear skirts, but she was a pink dress looked so cute.

“Of course you can see a doctor, and now still at get off work, Miss go here.” I said, putting her into my office.

I sat at the table, she suddenly diagnosed looked very shy, said: “There is no female doctor that you do?”

“Oh, she has been off work, it does not matter, I will help you optimistic about the disease, do not have any concerns please?”

She looked at me and nodded after a few seconds, and then tell their own condition. Because she felt had hemorrhoids, so I wanted the hospital to check. I asked some of her situation, and then pointing to the side of the couch, said: “Good lady, now please take off your pants underwear, lying on the examining table, I’ll give you a check,” her face look son red, but still according to my instructions to check the bed. I continue to encourage She said: “? I’ll give you a serious diagnosis and treatment, please believe me, the lying on the examining table, playful body, buttocks where the higher” Her face more red, but still climbing on the couch, hands and lift up her skirt to the waist, then turn with a light-colored flowers of underwear has been pulled position of the knee. White sexy little white ass and equally long legs so before my eyes. I was almost to sigh out. Her playful upper body, little ass so tall tilted toward me, so I have the urge to touch immediately. I came behind her, saw it because he was nervous, but tightly closed attractive small anus.

“Do not be nervous, relax.” Stroking my gloved hand on her little ass.

Her body was shaking a bit, it seems that her body is very sensitive. Then I looked down and began to observe her anus, where the color is still relatively shallow, fold very uniform, looks very beautiful. “Come, take it easy, not pain.” Then I began gently stroking fingers around her anus. Her small anus slowly relaxed, although not see her face, but it can not even see her ears are red. “Very good, so slowly relax.” I said as he continued to press rubbing around her anus. Gradually, she began a slight swing his little ass, I seem to hear her slight hum, I know that this time you can check out the inside. “Miss Liu, my fingers would check out into your inside, I will gently, not hurt, okay?”

“Ah.” She bow my head, obviously knew her shyness.

I began to put lubricant on top of her anus, cool lubricant when exposed to her pretty little anus, her spasmodic contraction of the anus for a moment, and then slowly open. I use the left hand gently separate her anus, right index finger slowly into his hole inside that attractive.

“Oh.” She gave a groan softly, I could hear the sound of it it was very comfortable.

“How? Does it hurt?” My fingers side to the inside depth, I asked her.

“No, no pain.” Her voice was even more shy.

In fact, her acne is not serious, but I slowly explored a long time in her, so beautiful woman’s small anus who didn’t want to enjoy more? During my fingers in her inside, it was a rope, and he heard her comfortable snoring. I enjoyed the anus of the beautiful woman, one side and she told some gossip, which can disperse the patient’s attention, avoiding it too nervous later, I have a little in love, I have taken my fingers from her back, when the finger completely left her body, She sent a light call, the sound was the sexy and full of temptation. “Well, Miss, you can put on your clothes.” I heard me quickly raised his underwear, put down the skirt, stand back to the ground. The shame is more and more cute. “Miss, your acne is not very serious, I will give you some hemorrhoids, after I take a shower every night, I can put it into the anus. I will be fine.” Said, I mentioned The pen starts writing prescriptions. “Doctors, have no medicines, or need to be a needle.” She ashamed.

“How? Hemorrhoids are very safe, and why don’t you take a needle?” I didn’t understand.

“I live in a room, I … I don’t want them to see me to get to the medicine there.”

“Oh, this is the case.” Suddenly a thought is flashing in my mind. “Miss, I see it. I value in the evening this month. If you like, you can come to me every day, I can give you medicine.” Listening to me, she obviously surprised, she looked at me, It seems that some don’t believe me. “It’s okay, I am your doctor, I won’t hurt you.” I sincerely said.

Suddenly her face became popular again, ashamed: “This is too much trouble you.”

“Will n’t, let the patient restore health is my duty.” I smiled at her, she laughed. “Okay, you go to take the medicine, then come to me, I will give you medicine.”

“Good doctor, thank you.” Said she hurried out of the door. I looked at her back, I felt a dark stealing.

After about 10 minutes, she appeared in front of me. She gently put herbs on my table and then looking at me. At this time, I am also watching her, we all laugh. “Miss, you go there, I am going to give you medicine.” I finger the inscription over there, indicating her past. I took a good glove again, opened the packaging of the medicine box, put the drug inside, and then I wanted to see if she is ready. But I found that she has been standing on the bed, but always looking at me.

“How?” I asked.

“Nothing, just think … I feel a little hard.” Said she laughed again. Then I turned into the bed, gently picked up the skirt, took off my little panties, and the low body is like just the same. I looked at her action, I have forgotten what I have to do, until she told me: “Doctor, I am ready.”

I walked gently to touch her butt, “relax, just like the same relaxation”. I said while I broke my anus with my fingers, and then gently pushed the kit into the open small hole. Liu Jing’s anus contracted, and then relaxed, at this time My fingers are a little bit, and the medicine has entered the body of the girl. In this way, the first medicine was completed. Later, she came to me at this time every day, let me enjoy such beautiful and sexy little butt and tempting small anus every day. Gradually, we also know more about the other party, sometimes we still go to the street to have dinner, and the relationship has been very good.

In the past half a month passed, her medicine was used out, as I expected, her illness was already good. When I tell her this news, she is very happy, it seems to be much easier. This time she took the initiative to invite me, saying that I cured her illness. I have been giving her medicine in this half a month. She said that I would like to ask me to eat, thank you. I naturally agreed.

At noon on a Saturday, we met. She dressed very beautifully, and provokes many men’s color. After a meal, I proposed to go to the Beijing Amusement Park to play, she refreshingly accepted my invitation. We have been very happy, but the old days are not beautiful. When the sky is coming, the sky suddenly has a heavy rain. Because it is not far from my accommodation, I propose to go to my home to avoid rain, she is also happy. We played a car, and he opened to my house. We quickly ran into the corridor, although the rain was still just a lot, the clothes were not wet. I opened the door to ask her, so a passionate night is coming.

I gave her to the snow, listening to a relaxed music while drinking, talking about the happy time today. After a while, I asked her to take a shower. She smiled and said, “Okay.” I said half-joke: “Do you want me to wash with you?” “I hate, I don’t want it.” A person entered the bathroom. After a while, she once again appeared in front of me, looking at her look, I was going to rush. “You also have to wash it.” She said that she is angry with her life.

As soon as I jumped, I washed the whole body with the fastest speed, and I only came out around a towel. I came to the room, I was surprised, she was still waiting for me on the bed along the bath towel, and I went to read a magazine in my hands. She looked at me and red, threw away the magazine in his hand, escaped to the bed. That is like it is so cute.

I recruited on her side, reached out to stroke her beautiful belly shoulder, she didn’t avoid me, instead lying on my arm, reach out of the jade arm. A aroma of a girl body made my heart began to sway. I held her and kiss her, and the sleek tongue kept tangled in our mouth. My hand lightly solves the towel on her, and gently touch her pair of white peaks. She closed her eyes and breathing began to get rush, I feel that her nipple has begun to become hard. Her breasts are not very small, my palms can be held, this is my favorite size. I low-headed began kissing her nipple, her nipple was pink, it looked tender, very fascinating.

Under my tongue, she began to make a sweet snorkeling. She is still close to their eyes, but her hand has grown into my legs, and holds my penis gently. My penis expanded in her hands and became rough and hard. I surely pulled out the towel wrapped in my body, and the thick meat stick touched her lower abdomen. She was shocked to open his eyes and looked at my meat stick. I am only very afraid: “You are so big.” I asked her nipple: “Do you like it? He will enter you for a while. The body is. “Liu Jing put the head on my chest, whispered:” I haven’t been done for a long time, you are so big, will you give me a little better? “While she said, she said The hand is in my meat stick, which makes me feel very comfortable. At this time, I put her breasts in one hand and the other handed to her fragrant lower body.

There are many fur there, let her lower body become mysterious. I gently open the hair, a light brown piece is now in front of my eyes, it seems that I haven’t done it for a long time, the color is very shallow, but it is still closed, see Just like a virgin. I carefully use my fingers to separate the flesh, it is a bright red labia, it looks like that is so bright, as if I have to drop the water. Even if you see a woman, you will have a thoughtful thing you want to eat. I slowly opened her big labipings again, gently contained her pussy, a tongue was creep on her little labie.

“Oh, so comfortable.” Liu Jing did not help but screamed.

So I continued to expand my offensive, tongue hitting her vaginal and clitoris. This kind of stimulation is almost no woman can be indifferent, and Liu Jing in front of me is a sensitive girl. She called for a while, she was already in the waves of forgetting: “Oh … um … too comfortable … Oh … I am very comfortable … don’t stop … I don’t stop … I can’t stand it. … oh … I have to come out … I want … ah …………………… As her name, I feel that her body is strongly contracted and spasm, my mouth is already full. She has flowed out, she has reached a climax. Waiting for her a wave of waves, my tongue is deeply inserted, this time I use the tongue to enter and out, and my fingers are not idle, but in her clitoris. Put it. After a while, she came to the second climax, and this climax was strong than the last time, her yin was completely incident in my mouth.

She has had two climax, which is obviously tired. I used my fingers to make her genitals, waiting for her slowly recovering physical strength. At this time, Liu Jing slowly opened his eyes and satisfied me.

“Your skill is really good, I haven’t been so comfortable for a long time.”

“Is it? There is still more comfortable, do you believe it?”

“Well, I believe, I am you tonight, what do you want, how many times I promise you.” Liu Jing said. Her fiber jade hand holds my meat again again. “Now I will also make you feel comfortable.” Said she leaned over her body, and Zhang opened his mouth with my meat. A feel like it is to be melted from me, so I can’t help but snort it. I bowed down and saw her very seriously with his mouth. The tongue comes back in my horse’s eyes and coronate, almost let me shoot. I quickly moved her head and let her lie down again, and the finger has separately separate her labians. Liu Jing knows what will happen next, she closes her eyes, but because she is too nervous to grasp the sheets. I know that she is afraid that I am too hard and hurt, so I pulled her hand on me, said to her: “Don’t be nervous, you come to help me.” She opened his eyes and touched me. Smile, then reached out, holding my hard meat stick, slowly guiding the red lips.

Her inside is really tight, I will live my glazder, and a hot feeling makes me very comfortable. “Do you want to go in again?” I asked her whisper. After getting her illustrated, I tighten her slim waist, and I also moved my waist forward, and I saw that the meat rod is inherently inserted into Liu Jing deeper.

“Oh …” Liu Jing issued a long jump.

“Has pain?” I stopped the action and asked concerns.

Liu Jing opened his eyes and smiled and shook it. Her smile seems to be said: “All inserted in, I am so comfortable.”

So I inserted inside until my meat stick did not enter her body. Then start the delivery, because she is afraid of her pain, so it is only slowly moving. Even so Liu Jing’s face still reveals a painful expression, I will touch her breast again and give her gently. Time is not long, her body has a reaction, and the expression on his face is no longer pain, but is fascinated and intoxicated. Seeing that she is completely adapted to my meat stick, I started to try with confidence, and the speed gradually accelerated. No more Liu Jing, I couldn’t help but screamed: “Ah … ah … I am so comfortable … you are good … You are very comfortable … Plug me so comfortable … Insert me … … kill me … ah … “In her voice, her legs hook my waist, which made our body more tight. Not long, in her waves, I felt a wave of contractions from her body, and then the whole body was soft, I know that she reached a climax again. I didn’t pull out my meat stick, but I continued to take her breast. At this time, she has been very tired after three consecutive climax, but she still did not refuse my caress. Seeing such a lovely girl, I naturally also sell more. On the side of her breasts, let my meat sticks stand up in her body. This trick is really effective. As I stand up, she has a sound of a sound, which is obviously inxicated in the pleasure of sex.

“Come, you are squatting, I have to enter from your back.” I patted her little butt. Liu Jinghong face, he turned to bed, like it is like testing her in the hospital. I stroked her with her sake, and the thick meat stick was aligned with the fresh little hole and went straight again.

“Ah … good news … Oh … you are inserted, you have already entered the uterus … ah …” her sexy voice more motivated to move my hard work, a look at her body Sprint. Soon she finally called, she got her fourth climax today.

This time she was really tired, she was lying on the bed, her head is curved in my arm, and her chest has also been up. My mouth is softly kissed on her eyes, nose and handsome little face, and right hand touched her slender waist and little butt.

“Is it very sensuality?” Liu Jing asked me if Liu Jing was embarrassed.

“How can I, and I have a girl who loves to love, you are the cutest one.”

“Really?” Her face could not hide the joy to make her more beautiful and cute. I didn’t talk, but I answered her question with a deep kiss. I don’t know that my fingers slide into the middle of her two little butt, pressed the sexy small hole in the middle. “Well, don’t you, and get people there.” Liu Jing said in my arms.

“Because Xiao Jing is too good to look too good, so I really want to see every time.”

“Well, hate, you have seen so many times, it is still unknown, big wolf.” She continued to sprinkle with me.

“Haha, of course, unfair, Xiao Jing is too good, see how many times will not be greasy.” “Hey, I will know, I will see you for the first time I know you is a big wolf.”

“Oh, then you still let me see you?”

“Because I also see that you are a very good doctor, so I will be your patient.”

“Oh, really? Thank you very much, you can trust me like this.”

At this time, Liu Jing suddenly shy, and the red face said to me: “Do you know? That looks like you are the first. Even my previous boyfriend didn’t see it.”

“Oh, then I am so happy, now let me be happy again.” I said that I turned over, after Liu Jing’s body, reached out her little butt.

“Ah, hate, don’t.” Liu Jing shrinks his body and his ass clamps.

“You forgot, but a doctor, now the doctor wants to check it to her patient, I hope you can work with the doctor.” I installed a copy of the way.

She was amused again, and she opened her sexy small anus. I took out the lubricant with my fingers to smear on her anus. Through these for more than half months, her no longer touched her anus instant, and it was not compromised by autonomy. This time she drove some of them, my fingers were even slightly entered inside the anus. My finger is licking her, this time she starts to boldly accept my fingers, take the initiative to twist the little butt to cooperate with my fingers, and I also sent a weak snorker. I put my fingers into the fingers, and she screamed and clamped my finger. My flexible finger began to sway in her rectum. Since I used to be in the hospital, I didn’t dare to do too much fire. I have no scruples now, my fingers have boldly made all the actions it can do. Liu Jing started loudly under the fierce stimulus of my fingers, and the little ass also turned back.

“Do you have the original boyfriend not touched your here?” I asked while shaking your fingers.

“Oh … get it, but not this … oh …”

“Oh, what is it? Then you make it feel comfortable?”

“Not, he only touched with his fingers … Later, he wanted to be my back, but I didn’t insert it in half a day, and I got me.” Liu Jing hit.

“Then I will get you so comfortable?”

“Well, I am so comfortable, I don’t know why, I like you to get there.”

“Is it? When did you like it?” I really like a big wolf at this time.

“I hate it, I don’t tell you.” Her face was red.

“Is it? Really don’t say it?” I suddenly strengthened the point of the finger.

“Ah … spare me … I said … I said …” she could not stand my offensive, and didn’t even wore me a few times.

“Let’s talk about it.” My finger slowed down again.

“Yes you … is the time when you give me a check. When you give me in, I suddenly had a feeling that I have never had before.” At this time, Liu Jingyi is ashamed, and I believe that any man will see if it is not. This made me have an impulse that I want to be anal sex. Suddenly she turned her head to look at me: “You are not seeing a beautiful girl, you are so lie to you to check it?”

I stunned, hurriedly said: “This is wrong, I really rarely, but you make me feel very feeling, I want to know you when I meet.”

“Hey, I don’t believe it. To tell the truth, are you with a few patients like me?”

“Ah, no!” Said three words. Even I also heard that I am lying.

“I don’t believe it, if you don’t honestly tell me, I will not do it with you.” Said Liu Jing fled my finger.

I was forced to have no way, I had to comply all. “In fact, there are four you before you.”

“Really? Not less. Talk about them.” I see that she seems unhappy.

“They are 18 years old, a 27-year-old, the remaining two seems to be almost the same, all of the field, and these two only once, and then I have never contracted it.”

“Ah! You don’t even have lived in 18 years old? Is that two of them often do it?”

“Nor, it is just when it is bored, there is not much time to do.”

“How do you cheer them to your hand?” Liu Jingyi asked himself.

“Do we still say anything else?” I want to open this awkward topic.

However, Liu Jing still does not rely on, “No, I want to know.” I have no way, I have to tell her.

“The two of them are almost the same, they are uncomfortable when they are boyfriends or husbands, come to me.”

“What? You are lie again, do that, please ask others.” Liu Jing did not believe.

“It’s true.” I told her about the story of the two women. Although she was very scared but finally believed.

After listening, she suddenly asked me a shocked question that made me snack. “Do you prefer me or more like that two?”

I was close to her, touched her shoulder, said to her, “” They are just a general sex partner, and I want to be partners with you with you, can you? “I heard that she suddenly Stunned, a pair of beautiful eyes stared at me, especially wearing my eyes. I didn’t move my gaze, but I used my gaze to tell her that I was sincere.

After half-awaited, she suddenly smiled, she didn’t speak, but pulled my hand on her chest. Then hook my neck, put me, we attached very close, and you can feel the breath of each other. I took her with her enthusiastic kiss. Of course, my hand also touched her double shares again. She suddenly asked me: “Yu, you are … Is it very like anal sex?”

I got, hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter, I already like you, I will not bare you.”

Liu Jing shakes his head and said: “Yu, I also like you, so I want you to be happy, I want to give you back later. So a will be an anus for a while?”

“But it will hurt.”

“No, I am not afraid, as long as you like, I will never hold back, and since you can give them a climax of your anus, I think you can bring to the climax of the anus, right?” Jing is more cute. We have been together again.

After a while, she gently pushed me, and then like me in the hospital, shy kneeling in bed. “Come on, Yu, I believe you will let me feel comfortable.” I got her face on her face and gently came to her. Perhaps this time I have to make anal sex, her small anus has become very sensitive. I just touched my finger, contracted it, then slowly opened.

“Don’t be afraid of Xiao Jing, I will not make you hurt, I will give you an anus first, wait for you to adapt, I will add it again?”

“Actual anal?” Xiao Jing obviously did not heard.

“Just use two fingers to slowly expand you in your, so that you can adapt to my big meat stick.” I heard me said that Xiao Jing’s face was red. “But when you reach two fingers, you may have some pain.”

Xiao Jing said there: “It doesn’t matter, I will never hold back, I am waiting for you to insert me.”

I started to take a circle around her small anus, and she also twisted my little butt active cooperation with me. That is like very cute. I can’t help but separate her anus, lick her there with my tongue. She quickly escaped me like an frightened, and the flustered handed her back: “Don’t be like that, there is dirty.”

I laughed and laughed and took her hand: “Dear will not be dirty, have you been washed? I like you, let my tongue service for you?” Said that I don’t wait for her. Published opinions, picking her little butt, the tongue tongue into her small anus.

“Ah …” Xiao Jing loudly, but no longer evade my tongue. “Ah … great … It turned out to be so comfortable behind it … Oh …” She kept twisting the little butt, the sexy scream filled with the entire room.

At this time, I used lubricant to apply a lubricant around her anus, and I also put the lubricant on my finger, and then gently pressed the brown area around her anus. After a while, Xiao Jing had a feeling, but his ass started with my fingers. Just like just now, I first extended a finger. Under the teasing of my fingers, her little butt twisted is even more powerful, and the mouth also sent a happy voice. After getting out of this, I felt that the opportunity was mature, and the index finger of another hand was gently inserted into her small anus. Her small anus is indeed tight, inserting a finger, two fingers are somewhat difficult. Sure enough with my fingers, her scream became painful, but her little butt did not escape, but the opposite greet my fingers, so that my two fingers can insert her anus. The deepest place. “Has pain? Do you want me to pick it up?”

“No, I don’t hurt, I want you to continue to get me.”

I died on her little butt, as comforted her, and then started the development of her anus. My two fingers are in her inside her, while gently open her anus. Her snoring became very big, I know that she is now experiencing both painful and stimulating moments. In this way, Liu Jing’s aus is becoming more and more adapted under my careful development. Due to a strong excitement, her prostitution is also flowing out from the front vagina, flowing with the white thighs to the bed.

“Is it still painful? Is it better?” I said that I have opened some of my fingers.

“Oh … no … don’t hurt … I like you … Insert me …” Her little butt twisted, I know that she has already learned it later. “Yu … I want your meat stick to insert me, I want to …”

I know that she can accept me, so I slowly pulled out my fingers. That attractive small hole is slightly opened, like waiting for my big meat stick deep insertion. “Xiao Jing, I really want to plug it in?”

“Well, I am ready, I want you to bring my anus to the climax.”

“Okay, I will, I promise.” Said that I was paint in her anus and mine. Then I put up my own meat stick gently mood her anus. At this time, she had a low body and put the buttise, so it is so convenient for my insert. “Xiao Jing, I have to go in.” I said to put the big meat stick forward, and the entire glans have not entered the small anus of Liu Jing.

“Ah … pain …” Liu Jing called out.

“Xiao Jing, is it very painful? Do you want me to take it?”

“Ah … no … don’t take it out … I like …” said Liu Jing stretched my ass, even pulled my whole meat stick into my anus. “Ah …” She issued a long jump, but he can hear the joy in this snoring.

“Hey, Xiao Jing, I am all eaten by your small hole, do you like?”

Xiao Jing looked back at his ass, although she couldn’t see the combination of us, but she must imagine. “Oh … Yu, I like you in me, I am yours, how do you want to plug me?”

I stroked her body and gently pumped the meat stick in her anus. Liu Jing screamed because of such a strong excitement, and the wa is yes. Since the anal just now is effective, she doesn’t feel very painful. And this exciting pleasure is so strong, and this beautiful girl will gradually beat. She is loud, and her hands are not stopped, and the little butt is more likely to swing my pump. At that time, it was very cute. I don’t know how long it is, I’m tightly wrapped in her little anus, I can’t help but bring my stimuli. I feel that the whole body is shocked, and the hot semen have shot into her small anus, with At the same time, she also got the first climax in the anus.

We embracted in bed, at this moment, we hope that time will stay at this moment, so that we can stay like this. On this day, she naturally stayed in my house. After dinner, we recovered the spirit again, so I once held her bed again, this time I did three times, I have two times, until we are all The exhausted talented sleep. Later, she left the dormitory and moved to my home. We will make love every day, just like a couple. Now I think of the story and her experience is just like a legendary story. So I can’t help but write it out, now the story is finished, I have to accompany my little beauty, she has already taken a bath waiting for me in bed.

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