Chapter “… … Here is …”

White ceiling root sunlight, let the horizons slowly recover.

And white sheets, white bed, white curtain.

Turn all white.

It took a little time to find that this unknown space is a hospital.

(Why will I here …???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Desperate, but there is no memory of the hospital.

“Hey …”

The body is very painful, and the whole body is weak. Put up the upper body, the body does not listen to the call.

Consciousness, the body is still weak, can only stay at the ceiling – hear the sound of the metal door handle, a woman walks.

“Hey, wake up? Too good …”

This woman has an amazing beauty, and the length of tea long hair is reached to the bed.

Wear white, neck hang a stethoscope. Is a female doctor. So thinking, beautiful hands stretched into my cheek.

“I fainted in school, sent here. Remember …?”

Slim, the beautiful face is close to the face.

Fiber eyebrows plus double eyelids, with glorious eyeballs. The nose is high, giving people a practical temperament.

“咦? School …”

Not only like this, the red meat lips, with mature women’s charm, let me speed up.

“Yes. Here is the East Temple Comprehensive Hospital near the school. Have you heard?”

In order to calm me down, the doctor’s doctor just sexy smile and suddenly become a girl style. It is very attractive for more than 20 years old and which expression is very attractive.

“Ah, yes … have heard”

In the school, fainting, sent a hospital near the school, but I care more about this beautiful woman.

“Then, I am the attending doctor as a moon, I can call me a beautiful doctor.”

After the beauty of the fragrance, I saw it. The beautiful appearance is still, the body is tapped up with the big breasts of the Xindichen, so that my line of sight has floated.

Breasts that support high white clothes have a curve with a hint level. Give people sexy huge breasts, plus black stockings under the ultraphi skirt, so I don’t know where to see.

“Yes, it is……”

After answering, the female doctor has a serious expression.

“Then, immediately explain the reason why you are sei …”

The bristled tea passes out of aroma, the perfume is with the body’s smell, there is a magical power like a beautiful medicine.

“Ah, before this, first treatment …”

After this is so saying, the finger pulls the chest with the white shoulder and exposes the breasts wrapped in a black bra.

“Wow! What is going on …”

Want to turn the line of sight, but naturally nature naked the snow-white breast skin.

(Chest, chest!? Oversized …)

I am a big double eye, cheering in my heart.

“Come, you don’t have to be polite. Suck my chest …”

Like I enjoy my surprise reaction, the female doctor exposed the table noi, and his hand stretched into the bra stuff.

The breasts have no obstruction, let me nosebleed. The correction of the black bra is lost, but the bowl of breasts have not been deformed, straight forward. The pink front end of the vertex, posted my mouth.

“Hey … how, what is going on …?”

“Don’t say, listen to me …”

The beauty climbed to bed and pressed me. He took the initiative to put the big breasts. It was hard to put the nipple into my mouth. The muscular fiber is in the skin of the milk, the touch is great.

(what happened……?)

Pushing by mature beauty is a teenual deli bridge.

But even if you feel unbelievable, I still started the breast in front of it.

, -!

Dilibly expands, experience the feel of the nipple. With the behavior of breast, I can’t cool.

“Yes, suck it hard.”

Although it is still unclear, it is right to take a doctor’s breast. The hands touch the breasts of cherry blossoms, and the fingers are trapped. (So ​​cool! The chest is so soft …)

The finger abdomen feels elastic with body temperature, stimulating desire, more hard to absorb the nipple, and turn it with tip.

“Oh … boys look like a chest, very cute.”

I desperately smoked the breasts, and the beautiful fragrance is an enhanced expression, and I touched my head.

“Then, the most important illness is …”

I concentrate on breasts and go back. Drink the breast, think of the reason for the female doctor, the expression is stiff.

Let go of the breast that has just been sucking, swallow your saliva.

“Let’s talk directly, this is unable to treat modern medicine. Saying is a simple symptoms?”

“Hey? Confirmation …?”

It took a few seconds to understand what the beauty said.

“That, that … did not misdiagnose?”

Today, I suddenly fainted the hospital, there is no feeling in the morning.

“Unfortunately, there is no misdiagnosis. This is a condition that has not yet been symptom. If you want to name it, it is a congenital heart disease. If you put, you will be like today, the cardinal machine can stop fainting.”

“how come……”

The original expression is disgusting, looking at the face of the beautiful doctor’s chest, a stupid. Exceeding the state of reason, let the thinking again. Until this morning, life is normal, how can this kind of thing? I can’t say it.

“But you can be relieved. Because I am the authority of breast milk medicine, like a moon, beautiful! You’s condition, you can use the breastmed therapy for my research!”

“… 啥? Bremurt medicine? Breast-breast therapy …?”

I have never heard of therapy, let me look, but I understand what it means.

“Is the doctor’s chest …?”

Just knead the chest of the female doctor, breast milk wet my face.

“Yes. Breast milk, mother, what is called, drink breast milk must be good. Drink breast milk, stimulate male Hermond to reduce immune function. So, the condition will naturally heal. So start today, every day Everything is going to drink breast milk. “

“Even if this is said …”

Can you treat your breast milk? Does this doctor eat wrong medicine?

“And how do you have breast milk …?”

Every time I knead a heavy breast, white breast milk will flow out. How do you pull with breast milk medicine? Why is a breast breast in a beautiful chest?

The female doctor is indeed a big beauty, but it is not like pregnant.

“Oh … can’t look small breast milk medicine. Just let me massage the breast, which girl can have breast milk.”

Beautiful and proud of the beauty of breast milk medicine.

I don’t understand, but the beauty of the beauty is very serious, it should not be playing people.

“In short, I will listen to me. If you don’t drink some breast milk, the disease will not be cured.”


The beauty of the dress gradually picked up, riding directly to the bed.

Then, the breasts are hidden into the middle, and I sent my mouth on the front end of the breast milk.

“Well, …”

Grab the breasts and gently pinched a few times, there is sweet breast in your mouth. Drink the breast milk of a female doctor.

(Beined in the north, I have been moving out …)

This kind of less rooted therapy, but the female doctor said so, continue to smoke.

Moreover, you can get breast milk, let the tent begins with the tent.

“Ah, um … is awesome, just continue to drink …”

Beautifully shaking soft tea, long hair, followed by the breast, breathed. Stimulated to the mother, hugged my head, satisfying smile.

─ 叩 叩.

I forgot this about heart disease, only when enjoying the mature breasts, I suddenly came out knock on the door.

“Ha, um … can be 喔, come in …”

After listening to the doctor’s doctor, two nurses appeared. “True, call us … What, what happened!?”

First of all, the blonde waves of the ward are beautiful, and the hands cover their mouths.

“I am rude …” -! … big, big brother! “

Then the brunette girl came in, saw two men and women on the bed, screaming loudly.

“Depend on……”

I saw the pain of the same year, I will understand the breast of the female doctor.

“Two people are very fast. They will also help treatment, the name is lovelite,” “

The beauty is calm, but I can’t stand up.

“Don’t, don’t be a joke! Who wants to take care of this metamorphosis!”

“Doctor, what is this??”

It seems that the breast milk does not even know.

(How will it become …??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Suddenly hospitalized – no, sudden drinking milk life, was carried out by nurses as a metamorphosis, which was launched.

Chapter Chapter Chapter Amazing Bremurtia Medicine!

“My brother, I can’t sleep well!”

The brunette girl helped me cover the cotton quilty, and I was fainted in my face. I was sent to the East Temple synthetic hospital. After the attending female doctor declared the immigration, after a day.

I know that I have a disorder, and I am uneasy in bed. The hospital is liaison with the parents who have been out of overseas, but it is too sudden, and the parents have no way to come back to Japan.

And the treatment method is the breast milk of drinking women – although worried that the female’s head is burning? But the beautiful doctor is very serious. It is barely drip breast milk, let me knead, drink milk. I know that she is very serious, but only can continue to drink breast milk.

(If you can cure the disease, you don’t have to do your doctor …)

After the female doctor was checked this morning, she also took the breast milk.

“Brother! Have you heard, brother?”

“Ah … have heard …”

Thinking of these things, looking at the teenage girl standing on the bed.

“From the first time, the patient should remain quiet.”

Two nurses responsible for assisting at the attending doctors, one of them – the upper generation is worried about me. Timing the long black hair into a double horsetail, the eyes are big, and it is a child who is a child.

Wearing a very clean pure white apron nurse! Nurse hat with boots, stockings, all are white. And your face has been hanging, is a white angel that can make people.

Compared with the beautiful body, the white chest has a higher boiler than the same young girl. As long as you do something, the breast will be bombed, let me look at it.

Height than I have a short, the appearance is more young than the actual age, this gap is more charming of the D cup big breast.

(The chest is still the same …)

I live near my home, from the small name, I am “brother”, playing very often, feelings like a real brother. But because my parents are going abroad, let the House have a house.

It is hosted by the East Templeology, which is located in the East Temple General Hospital, and work hard every day.

This time is also used as an internship and come over after school.

“Thank you, I have to sleep.”

This kind of secondary symptoms who don’t drink breasts will die.

“Really, when I heard my brother, I am really worried … I have to listen to the doctor, let my body get better soon … I am very sad …”

After saying this, the frowning frowned frightened, and cute to excite people’s protection.

“Sorry, I am worried … Doctor also said that I can cure, okay.”

“Well, I know …”

I deliberately put a smile, and the brunette girl narrows the pupils of tears.

“So, I will come over again by Xi Timat … Goodbye.”

“Goodbye, by Xi. Thank you.”

“No. Because I like my brother, goodbye …” I saw that I was lying in bed and calm down, and the girl waved softly, swaying the double horsetail away from the ward.

Leave a sister’s body incense, it becomes silent.

“Call …”

Don’t want to think about heart disease. When you look at the girl, sleep, pull up the cotton.

“I went in!”

When knocking on the door, the door is also open.

“Rely … which is not long … come in …”

After leaving, I changed another nurse – East Temple love has recently ward.

(There is no knock on the door.)

The girl walked directly to my bed and put food on a small table.

“Dining time.”

If the gold wavy roll of the sun is emitted, the shake is swayed, and the expensive perfume smell. The white skin is relatively tender, the face is working, like a French doll, is a type of girl who has not been encountered so far.

Danfeng’s eyes plus high-spirited eyebrows, I feel very good, can this be a white angel?

Moreover, Ai Li is a granddaughter of the Dean of the East Baby Temple, and his father is also a doctor’s doctor. She is naturally a big lady. Why do you want to be a nurse? But this time she came to help the beautiful fragrance.


When a girl puts food, sitting on the sofa next to it. Then I looked back outside the window and kicked it.

Other nurses have been busy with other nurses outside the corridor.

“That, don’t need to go back …?”

“My job, only the nurse in this ward.”

I heard my question, I don’t look at me.

Yesterday, drinking milk and drunk, but I just saw the big lady as a metamorphosis.

“You don’t hurry to eat, you will be cold.” Miss Miss gave me the chopsticks directly.


I have been busy picking up chopsticks and see the nurse Miss.

Nurses tested with nurses, boots are pink, the skirt is very short. I feel that I have seen my trousers.

Beautifully wearing a white stockings, looks very sexy. There is a mature charm like a teenage girl.

(The chest is more than the doctor … What cup is?)

The most attractive place for girls is the chest. Since I said that I don’t drink breast milk, I will die, I am more concerned about the girl’s chest.

Moreover, taking pink nurse into deformed breasts, I can’t ignore. It should be more than the female doctor, this is a chest that will become more spectacular.

There is a burste of two small jade watermelons, and the telescopic of the chest fabric is extremely The photo actress also didn’t have such a eye.

It is not very good to see too much, but the line of sight is inseparable from the chest of the oppostable size.

“… you are very hard …”

She suddenly said.

I didn’t turn around in love, I am even more excused to enjoy the breast. “Yes……”

Fortunately, the girl still looked outside, did not yell at this metamorphosis.

“Say is breast milk medicine, but I don’t believe in beauty. You are best to believe it.”

“Is it? … but beautiful doctor …”

“Because, there is no breast milk medicine this subject.”

I can question the beauty doctor, and it is a big lady. It is a granddaughter of the dean. The attitude towards me is not like taking care of the patient, but in the face of the same class.

It is also a problem with the problem, but it is also relaxed like this.

“Thank you for worrying about me. But the doctor said that it can cure …”

It seems that I can’t trust the beautiful incense, just not too stimulating this big lady.

“What? Say, what is stupid? Why do I worry about it?”

The love is accidentally blushing, and I am glad.

“Feel sorry……”

“Don’t say something, don’t eat, hurry to eat.” The big lady who was tied up was stared, I immediately finished the rice.

After you packed up the dining plate, this time, it took a foot basin with hot water.

“Well, then wipe the body, take off the clothes.”

“and many more……”

I love my clothes in love. Directly said.

“What is it shy?”

Every time you move, the long wavy volume will be jumped, and the bursting milk is also shaking.

I came to the hospital that I haven’t had a shower. But I was stared and I felt.

“Wait, wait …”

“Don’t! I don’t have time, take off!”

“Feel sorry……”

I have to take off my clothes and bare.

“It will give people trouble …”

Miss smashing, but still wipes the towel and wipes my body for me.

I feel weird, I want to say that I wiped very much, and the results suddenly started.


Not too like a nurse’s technique, wipe the back, let me straighten your body.

“It’s really! Don’t mess!”

There is no way to wipe your body for me, and I am going to climb to bed.

“Wow! I saw it …”

The big lady climbed up, the skirt got up and saw a different fabric with the skin color with the thigh.

“It’s true! Don’t move!”

“No, not …”

Miss Miss is pressed with me. Post it on the bed, the big chest is directly pressed on my back.

“… so cool.”

However, there is no noticed in love, and the body is more tight.

“Don’t move, so there is no way to rub!”


Unique with cushions and cotton candies, there is a unique soft and elastic happiness, let me speed up.

The whole body is concentrated to the lower body.

(…… The chest is pressed to …)

They are all metamorphosis, how can the lower body are seen?

“I hate it, I can’t get it like this.???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Miss sighed and wiped you again again. The warmth behind it disappears, but it is a pity.

“Ok, end, then below …”

How long does it take?

After rubbing my upper body, I took a towel and touched the lower body.

“Hey? No need here …”

“What? There is no whole body clean, will it be very uncomfortable?”

Because just pressing the chest, I use my hands to cover the tent under the arm. But Miss University did not find it.

“No, really don’t have to be … Thank you for your kindness …”

“Ah, enough, I will happen! Let me listen to me …”

I opened my hands and opened my hands.

The eyebrows are raised, stare at my husband.

“咦? This is …”

“Feel sorry……”

Script stared at the sister, let my head fever.

“This, this, what is this!? Abnormal, big metamorphosis !!”

After knowing the reason I cover the lower body, the big lady jumped out of bed.


“Ah ah!”

At this time, the face was turned over, and the hot water wets the nursery suit.

“I hate … Why do I have to encounter this kind of thing …”

“No, okay? Use this to rub …”

I quickly took out the towel, but I was stunned.

The young girl is hot water, the lion, becomes transparent, and the thirt of the bra.

“咦 …?” Noted my line of sight, and I also looked at my chest.

“Yeah, ah!”

The big lady is shaking, and it is more and more angry. Even if this is reluctant, I will not listen to me.

“Oxer! Let’s get yourself!”

Miss Miss is very bad, and the hand covered the chest runs out of the ward.

“Ah, wait!”

There is only my voice, echoing in the ward.

“Brother, luck is very good …”

Today, I came to the white angel of the ward. After I heard that after the big sister nurse yesterday, I also sighed.

Just like the cousin, the luck is really bad.

(how so……)

The cause of unknown heart disease is metamorphosis by the nurse. In the future, there will be more troublesome hospitals.

“I hate, since I am sick, I have to work hard, my brother …”

I am trying to get angry for me.


“Hey, I have to get better soon …”

After I heard me, the girl was happy with blush.

I also relaxed at the shy smile.

“So, I will help it.”

It is also helping the vase for water.

It is very suitable for a nurses from the families who are familiar with cleaning. Honestly, it is much more suitable than Miss.

(The chest is also very big …)

In memory, you always follow your sister, now move forward towards your dreams.

“From Xi. It is already a nurse.”

After changing the sheets, it feels refreshing.

“There is no such thing … I have to continue working hard …”

It is very modest, hands holding cheeks, happy to twist.

“Yes! Brother.”

Take care of a paragraph, pulled the chair on the wall side of the wall, sitting on the bed.


“That, I have heard it …”

When the line of sight is pair, the girl is shy and low, talking to the PC. The finger turned to turn, and he was determined to open.

“Brother’s disease … Don’t drink breast milk, don’t you cure????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Suddenly heard the word “breast milk” from the mouth, let me panic.

“Okay, it seems to …”

The female doctor said this.

“Drink some breast milk, can you be cured earlier? Meiquan doctor said!”

“This is …”

I don’t know why, I am very interested in the breastfeit treatment, my eyes are shining.

“So … or drink …


If you hear the meaning, the nurse girl is very serious.

“In fact, the doctor also allows the doctor to massage the chest … There is breast milk.”

“Why? ……????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I am desperately pretending to calm.

The cousin has a big breast with the lovely appearance and petite body, and the head is thinking about the pattern of breast milk, and the heartbeat accelerates.

“Really 喔. By I want to help my brother …”

“But doctors …”

The cousin continued.

“Because, this is awkward … is very worried …”

Stared with the eye beads like a gemstone. Feeling the heart of your cousin for your efforts.

“By Xi …”

Can’t reject the heart of your cousin, you can only nod.

“From Xi, absolutely help my brother …”

After the nurse girl said, swaying the double horses and climbed the bed, riding in my arms.

The girl’s ass is attached to the bed, feel the body temperature. “wait wait wait……”

“I can’t wait! Brother will drink by Xi’s breast milk …”

The little palm grabs me, touching the big breasts hanging on the petite body.

Soft – “Wow! By Xi …”

The breast has a flexible elasticity and push the finger back. This can grasp the breast and confirm the soft touch.

“Ah … brother can touch it …”

The breast is like a pudney, and the finger is inserted in an instant, and Tong Yan girl gasped. Such a quality big chest, sensitivity is great.

The palm caught the breast, shivering by the hand and went out of the nasal.

(By Xi … super cute …)

The cousin has the cute appearance of the idol level. Looking at the chest of the beautiful girl, listening to the breath, how can it be excited?

“Well, … this side, this chest is also …”

So, the hand is conscious of the giant breasts of the cousin. Sound from the nurse, there is a solid and heavy pressure.

“The chest is soft … so cool …”

I am not enough to hold the breast hard, and I will hit the heavy flesh from below.

“Ha, ham, Zhi is also … you can make your brother like, so happy …”

The cheeks are like an apple, narrow your eyes, let me touch the chest. The smile is revealed on the face.

“Brother, continue to touch, then drink a lot of breast milk …”

“I see……”

Although it is said to himself, is it okay? Watch your cousin as a sexual desire, what is your conscience? The finger is consciously touched by the nurses’ clothes.

“Ah …”

White nurse clothes open, revealing a healthy skin, jumping out of the tall tall below the clavicle. There is a hemispherical breast, such as two large meat bags, draws out beautiful engraved curves.

“Oh ………….”

Bust is better than the bust of the same age, I can imagine the nurse, but this is different from the breasts across the chest, and I see it is different.

“I hate, can’t stare with this … very shy …”

I was staring at the ditch, the girl’s face was red and her cheeks.

“Feel sorry……”

The mouth apologized, but the finger touched the pure white bra with the nurse clothing.

“Yeah! Brother touches the color …”

“I can’t help it …”

The palm touchs the breasts and bra’s gaps, let the breasts of the d cup jump out.


The front end of the cherry blossom touched the air, called by the hiking. But did not cover the chest, let me care. It is true that the age is very in line with the cute nipple, like a flower bloom.

“Brother, don’t just look …”

When staring at the beautiful breasts of the curve, the cousin is anxious to sway the chest.


Looking at the eyes of the uneasy and expectation, the lips are close to the nipples of two small red beans. Tension to ooze the sweat, let the breasts out of a layer of pink, floating sweet and sight.

Choo Choo Choo……!

“Yeah! Ah, ah … good, chest is getting rid of …”

The tongue touched the nurture, the girl was trembling, and the black horn beat.

“… …”

Kneading the cousin by Xi’s breasts, lifting the nipple. Taboo feeling has not disappeared from the brain, but the instinct begins to be excited.

“Yes, right … breast milk to drink a lot …”

Before the cousin license, I used it to make it hard.

The tongue turns, the nipple begins to be hard, bitten with the lips, and the finger sinks into the full talt.

(The chest is so soft …)

I got the symptoms of confusion, in exchange for such a cool moment. Touched to the heartbeat acceleration, desperate sucking breasts.

And the breasts are smashed, know that the internal is getting tight. “Ah, ah … I always feel that the chest can be numb … Yeah …”

When sucking the dizziness, when you shake it, hit my head.

咻 咻, sand … 咻, 咻 噜, sand …

“Well, …”

Hard and sharp nipples spurt the breast milk, the mouth is sweet.

Each time you pinch, the breast milk in the other side is also sprayed.

“This, this is squeezed, the sheets will be wet …”

The cousin is not pregnant, but the breast can squeeze out breast milk. Although it is also squeezed the breast milk of the female doctor, I once again realized the terrible place to get breast milk medicine.

“Ha, ah … brother, um, ah, um …”

Listening to the sweet voice of the girl, the tongue is swallowed with the breasts that have flowed out. On the other side of the breast flows out of breast milk, it has been exchanged suction in both sides.

Then, put the nipples on both sides to the center, sucking at the same time, drinking a lot of breast milk.

“Ah, you can 喔, by the breast milk … brother, drink more …”

The ward has always sounded the girl’s wheezing and spurting the sound of breast milk.

“… um, … this way, brother’s disease, 呜 … you can, hurry to cure …?”

Expressive expression of breastfeeding therapy by Xiwei.

Seeing this face, there is no way to say some kind of death.


I nodded. But I still can’t era. In order to let this dedicated cousin can be safe and lazy.

“Hey, brother …”

When my mouth leaves the breast, I have something to say, the head is low. I followed down, I saw a tent under the knee, and the skirt of the cousin.

“Rely! This …”

I have been sucking the breasts of the cousin, the meat stick became bigger.

I quickly wanted to cover up, but because the cousin rodeed with a meat stick, there was no way to remove it.

“Feel sorry……”

From Giqi, I was worried about heart disease, but also let me drink breast milk, but I feel excited. There is no way to explain, can only bow.

“Hey? Why do you want to apologize?”

The cousin is weird, and the dark hair is also following the side.

“Why? … this …”

I don’t know how to explain it.

“Hey, brother. Like the chest of Zhi?”

Nurse girl feels my libido, but there is no angry or annoying look. I am even happy to look at my husband.


I nodded, and I was cheerful by Xinyi.

“If this is ……


Slowly move down from the hidden stock, cute face.

“I have seen the magazine saying that this time I want to use the mouth to make men vent …”

The girl is snoring, pulls down my underwear.

“and many more……”

“No problem. Taking care of the patient is the job of the nurse.”

“No, let’s …”

The cousin has no hesitation, the movement is very bold, the meat ribs run out.

“Depend on……”

I want to cover the meat stick with her hands, and my eyes are full of curiosity, but I don’t let me do this.

“Hey? Brother is not always looking at the chest?”


After that, there is no way to blame the meat stick. I have to give up the resistance and let the nurse meat the meat stick.

“Sure enough, it’s different from the previous shape … Hey, this shake is fun.”

The girl surdo is innocent and curious to look at the meat stick. The glans will come to the nurses’ face. Looking at the young girl, the meat rod is shaking.

(You can’t do it with your hair …) When you think about it, you caught the meat stick roots, and the tongue slipped through the glandular gland. From the urethral mouth, an electric stimulus was passed.

“By, by Xi …”

The meat sticks are infected with the girl’s mouth, and it feels that the air becomes moist. I feel the feeling of experience since childhood, let me hold the sheets.

“Good strange taste … However, this is the taste of my brother, I don’t have annoying.”

The girl shakes the double horsetail, the tongue is like a candy. This is difficult to call me, but I still try to give me a stimulation.

“, … brother, comfortable …?”

From the god god floating up, observe my reaction, the tongue moves from the urethral mouth. The meat stick of the blood vessel is found, and the whole water is applied, and the front end is connected to the prostate liquid.

“It’s so cool … but don’t force …”

“It’s not boring. Because I like my brother, I’m like my favorite …”

“real or fake……”

After the girl said that it was so good, swallow the front end of the sticky mouth. The meat stick is sucked by the water and disappears in a warm mouth.

“! By Xin, so cool …”

The first time I realized the thrill of blowjob, it’s hard to cool. Lake the breast, licked the nipple, sucking breast milk, the meat stick can be included in the cousin. Ejaculation urges.

“Well, … um, M, um …”

After the love lips spit out the meat stick, swallow it again.

The girl is shaking, the double horses followed, and the breathing is underwater.

,! Shum, …,!

Tong Yan girl licks her meat stick with a small mouth, and the tongue slipped through the inner side. I will consciously look up.

“It’s so cool, I can’t help …”

The ward was louderly mixed with the prostatic fluid, and the oral mucosa was rubbed with the meat stick. The girl’s breathing is getting hotter, this gesture makes me cool.

“, 不, don’t … Parody …”

The cousin served, let my waist shake, bit the lips and feel the throne.

But the girl made these patience and painless, absorb faster to the limits.

“Just, even if you say …”

The beautiful girl who does not lose idols licks her meat stick, who will be excited. And the other party is still a cousin.

Use a cousin to vent, there is a crime. But the body starts to enjoy.

“Hey … Hey, my brother’s meat stick is getting bigger and bigger …”

It is blushing from Xitao, happy with meat sticks. The face is buried under my, the small mouth is supported to the limit, and the traces of the cheeks have a smell of meat sticks, let me be more excited.

“From Xi, shoot …”

I swallowed my meat stick in my mouth, so I don’t know how to enjoy blowjob.

“You can …,,, … shot …”

After I said, the girl biting the meat stick.

“But, this kind …”

Desperately and endless, the waist is raised, and the back flows out of cold sweat.

“Well! 啾, 噗 … 啾, …”

I grabbed the meat stick and pushed me to the limit.


From the greement of the meat stick, it is stuck with the tongue. It is full of mouth with the mouth with breathing.

The thrill can not be controlled, to the limit.

“!, Can be …, 噜 !!”

From the Jie force, the hot and desire to rush to the urethra.

“Hey! From Xi, let go !!”

I shouted moment, the glans expanded.


The meat stick swells to the limit in the small cleaning, and the front end is jumped, and a large number of semen is shot.

“Well, 呜呜 呜 … …!”

The throat suddenly had a sperm of the adhesive, and the girl opened his eyes and made me ejaculate with his mouth.

“Sorry … too cool …”

The semen is attached, and the girl mouth is filled with the mouth, flowing out from the gap of the lips, flowing into the chin, throat. “Well, muse, 咕咕 … um, um, 咕咕 …”

The cousin frowned, but there was no disgusting expression. The throat is 咕咕, swallow the semen in your mouth.

“Ha, ah, ah …”

Until the ejaculation end, did not let go of the meat stick by Hitu. Turn out the remaining semen in the urethra, all drink.

“… … … 啪, 舔 …”

Take the mucus to the mucus, the whole root is straight until the glans is clean, and you will look up.

“… Hey, great, shoot a lot …”

I am happy to say that I am cool to bed. I didn’t expect the cousin to clean up after things, and dedicated to serve me.

There is also a sinful feeling of taking a gousse.

“Don’t drink it …”

I feel very complicated, the nurse laughs.

“Hey? Friends say that the semen is glued, boys will be very happy … Does my brother are not happy?”

“Of course I am very happy …”

I can only nod.

The cousin is happy to narrow, and the face is attached.

“Oh, great … Hey, is it again?”


Super-charm proposal, the meat rod has reacted. The recovery hardness is high.

“The brother’s meat stick is also very spiritual …”

The internship nurses once again tasted the meat stick.

The door of the ward suddenly opened.

Standing at the door is another nurse – love.

“Hey, what to do … !!”

Patients with meat sticks on the bed. Happy girl riding in bed with a girl with meat stick. Witnessing this scene, Miss Miss is red.

“Hey, this person … let the cousin do something! Big metamorphosis !!”


Different, the mouth is too over, the mouth is too over. It is also normal to be metamorphosis.

“Brother is not a metamorphosis!”

From the chest of the nurses, the bed is standing in the middle of my lady.

“Let the cousin do this … Who will say this!”

“This is the job of nurses! It is not boring!”

Nurses exploding sparks on their eyes.

This kind of power, let me only look back.

“No matter what! Just want !!”

The two were in front of each time, and the love was retired first. Throw the white bed on the hand, and the face is angry.

“Ok … I have to go.”

The cousin is like a child, the back of the big lady leaves the tongue.

“This is……?”

I took the sheets that fell to the ground.

“That is the bed sheet … Compared to this matter, I want to continue to lick my brother’s meat stick …”

“and many more……”

I still can’t find what the dean of the granddaughter is doing, and the cousin will climb the bed.

(Dong Bi Temple is to help me change the sheets …?)

But in love, I have left the ward and I can’t confirm.

“Wow … I am very spirit … Ham …”


When watching the entrance to the big sister, the lower body has a comfortable stimulation. Consciousness is mandatory to move down.

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