My name is Li Shiyi. My first sexual experience is when I am eight years old, maybe earlik.

You do not believe! Sorry, this is a fact. And my first man is my brother – Li Shun. How old is my brother? He is only two years older than I.

In fact, I didn’t understand at that time, so I was just playing with my brother. Because it is too small, it has been almost separated for many years, and the detailed process is not much. Just remember ……..

Is summer! Because Mom and Dad are working, I invited an OBS (Obusan) Chen Yu to take care of me and my brother. However, Chen Hao sometimes laszy, I will go, so I have to take a bath with my brother. However, I really like to let my brother help me wash, because my brother will touch me so comfortable! It is a place where you are urinary (later you know that is a small hole) will happen to pee it.

When I started, my brother would use his chicken (now my baby’s big meat stick) near my hole. Later, he began to trial to the small hole, for the first time, I feel pain, but after all, it is a chicken chicken, so it will come in. At that time, I feel so strange, there is a little pain, more comfortable.

The second time is that I took the time to play again, my brother is not lost, and I have been in power. At first, I just felt so painful? I don’t want to play, my brother called me, and he just insert it. Slowly, it seems not very hurt, I told my brother, it seems that I didn’t hurt. The brother began to push it, but it was only four or five, I felt a hot fluid rushed out. I thought that my brother was urinated, I also cried and said that I didn’t play, you have been urinary!

Maybe I am born is a prostitute! A few days later, I actually wanted my brother to insert his chicken into the hole, so I took the initiative to play again with my brother.

That day is Sunday, my parents are not at home, and Chen Yu also leaves. I told my brother, I can’t get urine! My brother put a video of a video to show me, that is the A film of Europe and the United States, real guns, no hair glass. Through the explanation of your brother, I learned that this is to make love. And this brother is buddy from Dad.

I don’t know if I read the relationship of the A film, the small hole is full of wet, it is itchy. The brother reached into my underwear, and the finger touched in the flesh.

“Well …. Itchy! Brother”

“World Yi, do you want to eat chicken chicken.”

“I can not do it!”

“It doesn’t matter, you will be good, is it good? Then I also lick your little hole!”


So we learned from the male and female protagonist in the A film. Honestly, the first time I am not good, the time is the place where you are urinary, the taste is strange. But I really like my brother to lick my feelings, itchy, very comfortable. Then, my brother slowly inserted the chicken into the small hole, but it was very tight but very cool, I ……..

“Brother …. I am hot! ….. um …. Well …. I feel good .. Good!”

“World Yi …. I am also …. So cool! Your small hole … It’s great!”

“I …. I like my brother.”

When my brother began to pick up, I actually felt that the whole hole was wet, and the whole body also began to tremble. Followed, my brother shot and I was also ventilated.

We hug together and feel good, really good! This is my true love with my brother.

However, after all, we are still small, there is another Chen Yu in the family, really don’t have a chance to do well. I have to steal the ground, sometimes only blowjob, it is rare to do it once. When I was sixth grade, I went to Hong Kong to play with my family. My father and mother stayed with a room, I lived in a room with my brother. That’s really ‘play’ to cool! This time, I will say it back to everyone!


First, this is adapted from the real story of my brother, the name of the protagonist is all fake names.

Second, the little girl is not only talented, if there is a written meaning, please have a letter.

The top set will be summarized: After describing the first sexual experience of my brother (World En) and I (World Yi), this time we have to talk about our “sex journey” in Hong Kong!

Just the Christmas in that year is Sunday, Monday to make a holiday, so Mom and Dad decided to take me and my brother to Hong Kong.

We invited false on Saturday, and the whole family took the plane to Hong Kong to pass the Christmas. When I arrived in Hong Kong, after I walked around, my Mom and Dad took me with my brother to enjoy the Christmas meal at the restaurant restaurant. After the meal, because of the big people, let my brother go back to the house first.

My parents will not be bullied by my brother before leaving my brother. I have to take care of my sister. Don’t open the door. I have a good brother, but I bullied “me, and the door of the room is just hanging [do not disturb], of course, no one will knock!

It’s hard to send my mom and dad and locked the door. I looked at my brother, my brother got on me: ‘Let’s take a bath first! I will help you take off your clothes. ‘

‘OK! I also help you take off. ‘When we got each other, we walked into the bathroom together. When my brother bent down and rinse the bathtub, I looked at my brother. At this time, my brother has already been in the country, and I have also begun to develop the throat, yin hair, and the height has been 170cm. My brother is like a father, I am so high, I am more like mother, body shape. However, the chest has also begun to develop, and the hairy is also growing.

Suddenly, my brother held a lotus head to my rush.

‘Hey! Brother, don’t! ‘

‘come! I will help you. ‘My brother said to help me rinse.

With my brother’s touches, I began to feel excited. The brother’s hand slides my neck, caught my nipple (people said that the woman who did love, but my life is still a faint pink), I can’t help but laugh. The hand started to touch my brother.

Then, the brother’s hand gradually moved, and finally came to the small hole. The brother’s finger came back in the vicinity, gently touched the yin, the slight touch could not help but make me feel a trembling.

My brother thought that I would be cold, I took me into the bathtub. I wiped each other with my brother, I found that my brother’s meat stick has “look up very chest”, I use my hands to gently stick my brother’s meat stick.

‘Want? Shiyi. ‘

‘Um! ‘

So I took the legs across my brother. My brother held a meat stick in one hand, and lifted my hips one hand and pushed the meat stick. I held the bathtub in one hand, and I lick my brother’s neck, swing my waist, and enjoy the thrill of meat stick to enter and out. Subcador, water flowers splash, the waves; but the bathtub is too slippery, so the brother’s meat stick is always out, and it is not possible to play.

After that, I and my brother moved the battlefield to bed. I am lying in the bed, cross my brother, my brother is sitting in bed, holding up my hips hands, exploring the meat stick deep into the small hole.

I only felt that my brother’s meat stick didn’t have a small gap. The kind of people who had not been loved were unable to experience this feeling. I really like this feeling, and when my brother started to twitch, it is different. Sensory stimulation. When my brother is asked, I like to look at it, what? I watched the meat stick and fell and out of the small hole. As the meat stick accelerated speed, I was also excited to the vertices. Then, when the climax came, I was tightly trembled with my brother, stop breathing, and enjoy the pleasure.

At this time, I also felt a hot semen jet came in, just blending with the yin that I have vent.

I know, I will enjoy the perfect sex again with my brother.

That night, I and my brother saw such a whole body asleep.

In the next day, I and my brother in the day, I went to the ocean park with my mom, and in the evening, I was completely liberated until the third day, the “sex journey” was ended.

The next foreparade: finally buddy broke up to me, I didn’t cry. My brother is lasting in love, we are crazy to do a non-stop, a period of the incest history of the 14th year …

The front collection: After the “sex journey” of my brother, I originally said that “the night of breaking up”, but I want to tell you the experience of “Little Ghost” ….. ………….

Everyone knows the story of “Little Ghost” movie version, there is no adult at home; the child is a king. I have also “as a family” with my brother!

That year, I just finished the high school entrance examination, my brother rose a special three, and Dad and my mother divorced a year ago.

Dad has already lived in the same life as the secretary, and my mother also built a new nest with Xinfa, so there is no adult at home. but

Because I was preparing for the joint entrance examination, my brother was busy with the community activities. We didn’t have time, and there is no chance to think about it. Until the end of the joint test, Chen Yu was hospitalized for a week because of her husband’s car accident. I and my brother can implement “as a home plan” in the situation of Tianxiao.

I remember the most crazy day, …………….

All day, I and my brother all day, I want to do it, I don’t have to be able to see all the curtains. In fact, we have slept with the bed, when I woke up, my brother still asleep, I looked at my brother’s heart suddenly, I love him! Significant body, messy hair, Junxiu’s face and incomparable God, such a man is lying by me. So I kissed my brother’s chest, navel, I saw the meat stick lasting last night, fighting “not” venting “, but now I am quietly lying on my brother, I can’t help but kiss” he “, This pro, “he” can play again again, and he is correct, angry! Brother also woke up.

‘What morning, the little meridians are so sensual? ‘Brigade presses me from behind, hold me one by hand, and go to my legs in my legs.

Note: Why is it called “small yin”? Because my brother’s “阳 具”, of course, I have to match my “labie sister”! So we mutually nickname each other as “Yang Ge” and “Little Yin Girl”. My brother squats my yinki, so that I feel that the holes began to become turning. At this time, I didn’t give it to the brother’s meat stick. I used the tongue from the glans, lick, licked, even the scrotum, I also licked. Sometimes I secretly bite the meat sticks of brother, and the brother who is always can’t help but “oh …. ‘is called. Then, my brother made me sit and face the mirror open legs, watching how he explored the secret. He used his hand to comb, and the exurred labiaries, and the slippery flesh. He used his teeth to bite the yinkin, and he licked his soy sauce in the meat. I excitedly licked my breast.

Then my brother stigrated, I looked down, I looked up his legs, and the fat, the mouth was exposed. My brother took him into a small hole. My brother knew that I like to enjoy the little hole. I won’t cover the feeling of meat stick. Always start the action of pumping after a few seconds. The small hole has secreted a lot of prostitution, making it wet in the whole hole, while the brother’s fierce is arrogant, and every moment is straight to the palace, let me call.

On the other hand, my brother did a pumping movement, while rubbing my breast with hands, the fierce delivery movement made my brother to sweat, sweat smoothly, and the two of us continued to breathe with the speed of delivery. We know that the climax is coming. Sure enough, a strong spring is crafted, just in the integration of the Yinjing in my body, the brother fell into me after the brother and said:

‘Little Yin Give, your hole is awesome, cool to die! ‘

‘The brother’s meat stick really makes the little meridians can’t eat! ‘

Brother did not immediately took the meat stick from the small hole, I also slowly twisted my hips, my brother kissed my eyes, nose, mouth, neck, Hu Genza, I gobagged. We hug together and felt, feel the heartbeat and breathing, brother constantly exhale, make my feelings. In fact, it is not important to play, and then it is more important! ‘I love you! elder brother. ‘I shouted in my heart, except my brother, I won’t fall in love with anyone, I think.

Unconsciously, we fell asleep again.

When I woke up again, I was already late. From time to night, I didn’t eat anything, I was already hungry. At this time, I floated from the kitchen, my brother was cooking his hand – seafood curry. I washed in the bathroom, I saw the kiss of the chest from the mirror, I wanted to temporarily wore a low-chest dress. After erase the body with a bath towel, we will take the whole body into the restaurant. Brother puts the curry rice on the table and says me to sit down, when I see my brother’s naked apron, the appearance can be lacked, I can’t help but laugh. My brother broke my head with a hand and said, ‘Quick! Still laugh, wait for you to eat! ‘

I spit my brother, I started to enjoy this rich dinner, although my stomach is very hungry, but I still have a choppy eating. My brother is full of three or two, and he stares on me with deep eyes. I know that he is waiting for me, since the previous now. Every time I want me, I always look at me deeply, ask me ‘Can you hold you? ‘, But my brother will never reluctant me, and when I changed my initiative, my brother never refused. I don’t wait for my brother to ask, please grab it first. ‘No! I have to wait until I first wash it. ‘Brother can’t wait to wait for me to finish, wash the bowl.

In fact, when I wash the dishes, my Shuangfeng had already excitedly, and the holes were already wet. So when I washed a bowl, my brother hugged me from behind, I have already impressed it in my brother. My brother hugs me on the table, ‘Is it here? ‘I asked shyly, my brother asked me if I didn’t try it, I nodded.

So my brother’s low down kissed the small hole, and my breasts also undulated because of breathing, it might be the first time in the bedroom and the bathroom, I was ashamed to stay in the face, although the curtains in the house Pull it up, I am still afraid that someone is stealing. In a short while, my brother’s tongue is stimulating whether I have a heart to persevering, I began to enter my realm.

I lie down on the table, my legs were hanging on the table, my brother lifted my left foot taller, leaning on his right shoulder, hard and big meat sticks were constantly in the small hole. After a while, I will go back and go back in a while. I will not be able to insert my body. I know that my brother is punishing me, so I will stick my brother while holding my brother. Meat stick to the small hole. The brother is in the past, and the whole meat stick has entered the hole, and the obscene water in the small hole is also in the end of the dwinder. Just as I forgot to enjoy the joy of the meat stick, my brother suddenly took the meat stick, I didn’t see my brother, my brother picked me again, this time we changed to the living room.

I am squatting on a single sofa, my brother lifted my hips taller, the meat stick was inserted into the small hole, and fiercely pumped, every time I made me crazy. The breast has also constantly jumped because of his brother violent impact. The brother hugged my breast behind me. I held my boy in my hands. I grabbed my brother’s hair. After a while, we will then receive the wonderful beauty. This is my crazy holiday with my brother, I want to do it, and I have no adults in my family. Of course, the little ghost is home!

Next notice: The last bid night, my brother is crazy and loved to Deniang all night. At this time, I really realized “Dawn, please don’t come.” This song is how fit the mood!

I can’t send the article on the article for a while, and it will be a new article when I come up. Please look forward to! ! ! ! ! !

The story: The story that is going to say is to happen in a winter night in more than two years. At that time, his brother went to work in Dad’s construction company, I was designed in a gift design company. Chen Hao has resigned, and we have not invited servants, and I have two people left in my home ……….

My brother didn’t have a good time because of Chen Yu’s departure, usually, my brother is still going back to their respective rooms, and when we need it, we will go to the master bedroom to sleep. Because we start social activities, there will be friends to come home, so I have a chance to come with my brother.

Until one night, the rain was in the rain, it’s hard to go out, my brother is deeply looking at me, so when I take a shower, I will go directly into the main bedroom of the room of my father and mother. Sure enough, my brother is lying in bed waiting for me. When I walked to the bed, my brother pulled me on the bed, turned over to me immediately, kissed me. I don’t know if my brother has not touched me, so I actually feel a little rude, so that I can’t adapt. Sudden brother is constantly speaking in my ear, ‘Sorry! sorry! Shiyi, I am sorry for you. ‘

I seem to be lying quietly in my heart, and I asked in a guilty place? ‘, My brother is still tightly hurting me, but he dares to look at me.

‘I have discussed with Dad, I decided to go to the United States next week to continue reading. I want …. We can’t like it again … I have been going on this, I will have it to you, there will be …. good results. Separate, you can also find an object to entrust your life …. I will not come back in the short term, maybe you will feel that I am selfish, but I really have no way, only this?

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