I am 35 years old this year, I got a business manager at a Metal Treatment Company in Luzhu. This summer, in an unexpected encounter, I got a female colleague of office, let me have “affair” experience. Write out and share it with you.

After the New Year, the company has a 31-year-old female colleague, graduated from higher vocages, and personality looks inward, quiet, work hardworking, learning ability is also strong, but the woman who is talking is not too academic qualifications, and the temperament is extraordinary.

Her height is about 156 cm, wearing a special deep myopia glasses, the face is not beautiful, it looks more than five years older than her age. Ordinary, but the legs are very uniform, although it is not a slender, the calf is average. The only place that will let me think more about her, wearing a short dress or short skirt, I will always peek the pair of jade legs. Even if you want to touch it, I really can’t wait, my wife also has the pair of jade legs. I must use the tongue every day.

Just in the middle of August, there was a day in Okayama with a day, saying that his material galvanized, I was preparing some repair materials. Suddenly, my supervisor said that she should handed her to her, she wants her to understand the customer’s needs, and by the way, she should be repaired and some of the use of knowledge maintenance and tools.

About 9:30, we opened my car, all the way to the Okayama. On the way, we have a chat, I am also secretly, I really have an eye today. She is wearing a white thin sleeve shirt, with a white and knee narchy, a row of knocks in front of the skirt, and the last one is about 5 cm, it looks like a bit of a bit, good Charming, when sitting on my car, the skirt has revealed the snow-white jade leg, and her legs crossed the legs, and the legs were closer, because the road is far away, I will open my legs, the pair The jade legs are almost exposed, and I want to enter the fine seam of the right hand into the short skirt, and stroked the snow white jade leg.

When we arrived at the customer, we also worked more effort. Her hard work, the rain in the south, the weather is still very clear in the morning, in the past, in the past, the sky is dim, and there is heavy rain in the outside. The two people are busy, and they don’t know that there is a heavy rain outside. After about 2 pm, after the task is over, the rain is still very large, because there is about half a kilometer away from the parking lot, there is no rain, we will Discuss some problems and chat with customers. After about half an hour, the rain almost stopped, we bid farewell to the customer, went to the parking lot, about 50 meters long, suddenly raining in the rain, four sides are there without hiding the rain, we start Pull the legs and race to the car. At this time, the two have been rained like two poor fall soup.

The most exciting thing, we entered the car, and the rain suddenly stopped. The two took a handkerchief, wipe the rain, and you, I have a sentence, keep complaining about the old days. We have been wet from the head to the shoes, especially her shirts close to the body, becoming almost transparent, I can easily see her underwear, is a black lace doing. It is very unpreparent to the chest that is very strong and full. Through the wet shirt, it reveals the snow whitening of the upper body, the white short narrow skirt, also wets to see the black T word underwear inside. So I drove, I was obliquely, and I peeked about her whole body. After a while, my penis had slowed hard, and the pants were standing up, and the blood started into the whole body, the whole body hot up I don’t feel the cold of the car.

However, when the car leaves the customer company, there is not long, and the rain is started. The rain brushs to the biggest, but also can’t see the road. We have to slowly take the car to the roadside, wait for the rain, and then return to the road. As a result, this rain is full, I have been half an hour, I don’t see the rain, plus our whole body and wet, the cold air blows her body to shake, I have to turn off the air.

After the cold air is about a dozen, after a minute, she started shouting his head in the car because the car was suffering from the car. The two had hiding nearly an hour, and there was still a trend of the rain, and the road also started water. Two people seem like trapped in a boat in Wang Yang, began to be afraid.

I suddenly saw that there was a love trip in front of the front, and I proposed to hide there, and I can drink in the inside. I don’t know if our work is often going to be in the field. I have been used to the hotel. She is uncomfortable to find a place to rest, she immediately promised me.

After entering the hotel, this room is decorated. On the ground, the wall is white, the wall is white! Decoration, a bit of a romantic atmosphere, the bedside table is on both sides of the bed, each has a very classic gold-plated vertical light, the left cabinet also put a pen on the left cabinet Paper and a housing. The ceiling of the bed and the sky above the bed, it is filled with a square dark glass mirror with about 10 cm, the opposite side of the bed is a large mirror, with a short cabinet in front of the mirror, and a small cabinet put a 32-inch large TV set. There is also a big mirror with a big mirror on the left. The right side of the bed put an electric massage chair, then the bathroom door is a water dispenser, with two packs of Mocha coffee bag, and a bag of oolong tea bags and a fragrance package. When I entered the room, it was very cold. She broke into the bathroom hot water. I am sitting on the chair of the cosmetic table, I looked at the news reported, I think the body trembled, I went to the drinking water machine to make a cup of hot tea. When I got into the door of the bathroom, the hair glass window on the door was partially splashing and wet, and I cachemed the action and blurry body in the inside. It attracted my eyes to all the eyes to penetrate this glass. The action begins to slow down, and ask her: “Hui, do you want to drink coffee or tea?” “What coffee?” She stepped back to the water and asked me “Mocha Coffee” “Don’t, what tea?” “Oolong and incense?” “I want a fragrant film, thank you” she still continues to rush.

I also slowly look at her bath and bubbles. The flushing in the bathroom stopped, I hurriedly held two cups of tea back to the cosmetic table and sat on the table. She got out of the bathroom, I have grown my eyes, and she holds her clothes with her hands, only around the bath towel. The colleague is so long, she has never found that her bag is so fascinating, and the snow is so fascinating. The bath towel is brought from the chest to the hips. Two kinds of powder are almost all in front of me. I look at my eyes and mouth. Zhang Da, the whole body skin is white and tender, let me be coveted three feet, I really want to eat her. . She walked back to me: “Fast, fast, let you go to the hot bath, will not catch a cold.”

After drinking a few mouthfuls of hot tea, I looked at her body to the bathroom. At this time, she found me with this pair of color! The eyes were peeking with her body, suddenly the face immediately red, slightly symbolic Covering the body and smashes me: “What to see, I haven’t seen it, I have some wife, what is good, will not go home, I will see your wife.”

I went to the door of the bathroom and turned her humor responded! “My wife can’t be more than, I’m more good looking” “… … … anyway, don’t look at it, I don’t have to give money.” She is a bit angry: “Thick … . I immediately closed the bathroom door.

When I took a shower, my mind was thinking about every picture of her. I couldn’t help but rush, so I stood in the head of the lotus. The greens have protrude, and if they do not let it vent, I am afraid that I will explode. I thought I loved her, my right gloves took my big meat stick, and I had no way to convince my big meat. I am afraid I need a big meat hole to let it go, in order to cool.

I also learned that he wrapped his bath towel and screwed the clothes. I felt that my meat stick protruded in front of the top of the bathrobe, she lying on the electric massage chair, and kept playing the electric massage chair remote control in the hand, transform each Features, did not pay attention to my outstanding. She has taken out the hanger in the closet to hang her clothing, I also hung in the wall, can’t hang, and then open the air to the strongest, to suck the moisture of the clothes.

She took a pillow in bed, holding her massage chair, saying she wants to lying on the massage chair, told me to sleep in bed, raise the accommodation and take a break, I have a spirit to drive. When she pulled the glasses on her face, I found her beauty, usually covered her face by the glasses, I don’t know if there is a beautiful woman in the office. So beautiful, how do I sleep now, unless there is a meat hole to let me solve some. I slammed in her direction. She suddenly seriously asked me to have a woman with a woman. I also frankly said that there was a girlfriend before marriage. Later, she said that she was tangled. Recently, she recently found that her husband took a female colleague, and the female colleague was still unmarried. Her husband concealed her more than half a year.

When I said that I was excited, I grabbed the pillow hugged to me. I flew to the floor of the cosmetic table. The mouth is still big: “You are sorrowful men, let’s die!” It’s scared from the bed, sitting in the bed for a long time, I am giving down, packet the bath towel, pick up the pillow, take back to her. She is still lying on the massage chair, and the hands cover the face, and I am so pity to comfort her in her ear. She will drop the pillow that I just took hands again, turned over to me, holding my hands, and big Cry.

When my cheek tightly against her cheeks, my face just in the direction of her body, her tears had splashed my face, I really do not know how to coax her, my eyes found her towel was a little loose opened, two plump soft white cotton balls, fast full nudity in my eyes, the left nipple, also ran out of towels. I do not know what she was talking hysterical, my eyes have been secretly opened her towel, touching her breasts; down look down, she just struggled, her thighs slightly open, opened towels, so that the thigh is almost full disclosure, my God! She was not wearing panties, I saw her pussy pussy like grass the same, see my blood boiling, blood began to expand, straight to my brain and big cock. Someone once told me that a woman’s pubic hair thick and strong on behalf of lust, and in front of the great whore, nearly six months since my disguise, and today I realized that I could not miss this great opportunity today. I have to carry on with her vote. My head began to dizziness, and cock up as long as the wire rod, thick, hard, dry today if not to her, afraid I can not explain to my brother.

Driven by Possessed, I will be bold surround right hand to her back, first through a bath towel touching her, while her husband is not chatter, while praised her gentle, taught her how to cope with the future, I need to also automatically raised when help, certainly through fire and water, at the expense of to help her, every word ear, slowly touched her heart, so she did not after wary of me, my hand slowly extends into the bath towel, caressing her back, she looked like a poor little dog, let me soothe.

After touched her heart, she hugged my head, I estimate the time is ripe, it is considerate of her to be lying in bed, covered with blankets will not catch cold, she said she had minced effort, unable to get up, to continue like lying on a massage chair. I did not seek the consent of her left hand around her neck, right hand through the rear side of her legs, her entire body to stand up, and she was a little spoiled with a slight half-hearted resistance, her resistance to the increasingly towels loose, when to bed, I deliberately fell and instep with her down on the bed, my head just posted on her milk two large, very comfortable.

She hurried right hand gently hit my head, I looked up just in front of her, looked at her face to face at close range, really beautiful, fairy world. She took the shy blush, the two suddenly embarrassed for a few seconds, she apologized to me through blushing, said: “I’m sorry, you are so good to me, I should not hit your …… Well …… Well ……”

I can not wait for her to finish, then put his mouth over her mouth, sucking her hard, and she tried to break free, the tongue a few times I want to break her lips, she still would not let me close co-authored attack into her mouth, she pushed me hard in the head, once big suck a few breaths, as if to suffocate the same.

I waited for her after sucking gas, climbed to her whole body on her body, so she could not move, like hijacking, the mouth latch onto her left breast, left hand rubbing her right breast, her small breasts, delicate skin elastic, she would like to open my hands, mouth also kept light cried: “No …… No …… not so ……” I do not care her stop, wanton more on her two big milk turns of Xi Tian started rubbing the two also exchanged her nipple, and pretty soon, I was gradually sucked rub hard, and her inability to resist gradually, I use my only soared like a big cock root iron hammer, two bath towels across the top of her Yin Xue.

“Ah ah …… …… …… not …… to …… Do not ……” “…… ah ah ah …… ah …… not …… …… …… do not want to ……” She was teasing me lost heart and soul, though still softly chant the Zuiba not, his hands slowly been holding my head, the more the more tight hold, and finally unable to resist the groan: “ah …… ah ……” I leaned over to pull us again body wrapped in towels, went to kiss her ears, cheeks, she did not resist Yin Jiao, and more rapid breathing sounds, I once again to her mouth when demand, her lips no longer closed, let me tongue easily pass her lips, teeth seduce her tongue into my mouth, sucking me hard, even her mouth Aiye also let me suck up. My hands kept in her body wandering around.

“Ah …… ah ……” my mouth and out of her mouth, her body to lick whipped around her body with my warmth, started to move, just the sound of the room came the “Love Story” playing song, add a lot of flavor this love nest. Her body was almost licked my side, and covered my mouth water everywhere, especially a pair of legs, is my dream, finally got his wish I can make a lick your fill of this. Finally, I came to the front of the tongue Yin Xue of this great whore, Xuekou had sexual secretion flooded, my first touch with the tip of the nose a few times, by the way sucked a deep breath a few mouthfuls of this Yin Xue, and refresh I am full of energy, it shares the heat sink to wear on my body, straight to my penis, blood filling up each of the veins are swollen out.

“Well … um … give me … … I …” This big prostitute can’t expect my expectations, starting to ask her for her, my mouth is close to her hole, hard Pick up her honey juice, “Ah … ah … um … um … beautiful … so comfortable … service …” She grabs the sheets in her hands, loudly, use my tongue, lightly The slice of the slice, she itch starts the waves. “Ah … medium … … is … so beautiful … good … cool …” “… fast … one … point … I want …” … “… Fast … Use … you … … tongue … rape … … I …. “The prostitute is more pouring, straight to my face, I will bite her bite with my teeth. Big, small labia, yuki, let her pain and itch: “Ah … ah … beautiful … beautiful death … …… … I … I am dead …”

“Oh … how … this … comfortable … I … want … Want … very … more … more … give … I … a little … …” I am speeding up Specially approved her yuoconuclear, the whole tongue is on the upstairs of the yuki, and the scraping is returned, and it is not stopped in one second. She suddenly held my head, pushed to her body, my whole face was buried in her hole, my nose can’t breathe, my mouth didn’t stop, her body spasm, eyes, white, body tremble Very powerful big name: “Ah … ah … ah … middle … middle … I … I … death … … Sister … Sister … I have to lose … I lost … … … … I … love … you … I … “She is like a flood beast, a large number of obscenities like the mountain flood outbursed to my face, immediately, in bed, I will continue to get out of her The last drop of water is only willing to give it. She is very fast,: “Medium … Pops … Brother … you … … tongue … Head … good … good … is …” I … I haven’t. …… This … cool … “

After about 20 minutes, she wants me to lying on the bed. She climbs up, the whole person is still in my body, and she started her tongue to me. She kept sucking in my nipple, Biting with teeth, my nipples have also been hard, my hand does not stop her Yu Feng and stroking her. Then, her tongue has always been from my chest to my ankle. I sucked my body and biting, and biting it, let me have itching. She stopped under my husband, seriously The big cock of the blue gluten, the right hand is also gently touching my two pills, my whole body is unpredictable to remind her: “Juan … fast … I will give it to me … I don’t give me the mouth.” The polite left hand holds my cock, said: “My big chicken Bagogo, your dick is very big, my sister likes, let me first comfort it,” said, I will put the meat stick into her mouth. The up and down, her mouth is very powerful, and the meat stick does not stop the tongue, bite with the teeth, suck, and 舔 心 花 花 花 花 中 中 中 入 中 中 中 中The throat, she still uses the muscles of the throat, I closes my glans, “Ah … ah … this is … What … … is … cool … cool ………………… … force … suck … “

I was sucking directly, she used the tongue to scrape my pill, her tongue is so hot, hot, I am so comfortable, I still can’t stop using my meat stick with my hands.

“Ah … ah … Juan … Sister … Sister … brother … brother … 要 … 要 … 妳 ……. … …” “No … you can … … teasing … … I want … Dry … … Dry … 妳, … big … … … “” Brother, feel comfortable? “” Shu … service … … … … Wise … harm … mine … dick … Fast … I can’t stand … … fast … fast … Let … I do … 妳 … “

She got up on my sob, the left hand was pressed in my belly, and the right hand held my dick, put it in the hole, I urged it to the top, the whole cock was swallowed by her meat, straight Attacking her point, “Ah! She called a whole person sitting on me, starting to shake her hips, her hands grabbed my hands, just like the boating, then I let go of her Hand, grabbing her double peak, 搓, 搓, “Beauty … beautiful … ah … Middle brother … big dick … brother … you plug … my heart … I … I … … Love … ah … “” You … more … I … husband … also … do … I … “” Don’t … I am the big cock of the big cock … “” “To … … 要 … cool … so cool … “Her skills first level, half a while, the body up and down the whole meat hole put my dick, I also cooperate with her action, force the meat stick Top, “, Bany … big dick … husband … so cool … so comfortable … I … … Soul … Fly … …”

After a while, she sat on me, the whole hip 360 degrees turned, let my dick continue to stir with each point in her point, the glans is tightly rubbed in her uterus, she also Waves “um … ah … beautiful … ah … beautiful …” “Zhongge … husband … I love you … Love … death … your dick … I … … cool … “The obscenity is not stopped with her movements, along the dick, my hamma is flooded by her lascape. I asked her to stop, kneeling on the edge of the bed, slightly pose the hips, I stand under the bed, hug her hips left hand, holding the meat stick right, reaching into her two legs, first under her yin Friction, she is itchy called “Zhongge … fast … plug …” come … come … “” fast … put … you …… 大 香 …… … I … … … … … “I have an exclusive wet hole, hard, the whole cock has not entered her obscene,” Ah … good … so big … Bat … fast … fast … smoking me … … insert me … do it … “

“My this … is big … Is there … feeding … 妳 … ah ……

“There is … there is … so big … so long … so thick … put … people … feeding … full … full … ………………………………………………………

I have a handshake, and I am desperately and desperately adding her for about 40 minutes. The climax of this old prostitute is constantly coming, and I have never seen her asking for mercy. If it is my wife, I have long, “I have spared.

“I … …” My brother … Sister … I need you … I need you … big cock … husband … let you … do … you … you are … you are … I … husband … … “Her legs have been juited in the juice, the chest is rushing up and down due to breathing, the two big milk also swayed with action,” Ah … ah … good … good … so stimulation … ah “I Suddenly the whole body, the penis is more strong, the more fierce, a hot flow to her point direct, “Ah … ah … sister … Sister … I want … I want … Come … Well …… 我 … child … um … all give you … give … 妳 … ……. “She heard my whistle and feel the heat flow of the meat stick, nervous Called: “Ah … ah … cool … cool … ah … no … can’t … can’t … shoot … Inside … will … have children … ah … ah … … “

She wants to escape my semen, I quickly hold her, don’t let her break free, she struggled, and finally some kind of semen shot into her lascap, and some were taken from her thighs and sheets.

I have been exhausted in bed, she rushed to the bathroom to rinse her lascivious points, nervously wanted to rinse my semen all. After the rushing, she also tiredly fell next to me, holding me and slept.

After sleeping for a while, the tones were suddenly ringing, the counter was urged to take a break, and the rain outside was also stopped together. After the bathroom shower, the clothes were also dried with the enthusiasm of the room. Wearing clothes and we will drive home. Along the way, I still recall the lingering story just now, and we also have another companion to compare, all the way to Kaohsiung Road ………

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