Honestly, my girlfriend will always want to change the taste. But I only dare to look at other sisters, I’m thirsty, until my girlfriend and her classmate to my family to report this time, let the devil in my heart began to appear.

That day girlfriends brought two female students to come to my house to do a report, a small P, little is only very cute, although the chest is not big, but the white body, especially her white tender leg, let me see it I really want to touch it. Another common ordinary called little fruit, but there is a proud e milk, looking at her tits up to down, fantasize her old two to e-haired milk, hurt me to start hard. After hiding to the toilet, after the physiological needs came out, they were also finished, and they were discussing where to play in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and suddenly flashed a thought ..

I: Otherwise, I’m going to play for a night, not bad, Xiao Fruit: Ok, okay ~ Where are we going?

Small P: Is it good to go to the moon? I have never been there ..

Girlfriend: Ok, do you want to take a boyfriend?

When I heard this sentence, I had half my face, and I didn’t have a boyfriend, but I didn’t have a relationship. ..

After the discussion, the girlfriend’s two classmates went to the car home. I went back to the room with my girlfriend, solve my long-lived, my girlfriend, my mind is a picture of small P and Xiao Guo, let me be very excited. After the girlfriend sent her home, I immediately called the friend A, the phone opened the door to see the mountain and said ~~ I: There is no sleeping pill or a drug, take some point to me.

Damage A: What do you want to do?

I: Have you looked for a friend A: There is Ah, but why do you want to do it? The drug is very strong, eat a sleep for 10 hours, some people get a club, I don’t feel it. I really look forward to the arrival of the holiday ~ After a few days ~ I finally went out and played, and I asked everyone in the station. Collection, take a taxi to the moonbrows, ……… (简) ……….., arrive in the evening, leave the moonbrows, take a ride to the hotel, take a shower and have a meal Let’s go to me, I will chat with my girlfriend. When you call the card, when everyone focuses on the card, I pretend to help everyone in the bar, take the opportunity to pour the drug to five people. In the case, about 11 o’clock, small fruits and small P and their boyfriends are tired under the pharmacodyne, each returned to the house, and the girlfriend is solely sleeping in bed because of the drug. At this time, I turned into the bag and took out the safety case, and he left the evidence. About 12 o’clock, see the time is almost, run to the counter to stand the key, the counter doesn’t ask, anyway, the person who is ready to book is me …

First come to the Xiaogan room, I want to say that the white tender body of the little P is more thinking, staying, waiting for dry, knocking the knocking door without reacting, then take the spare key, sneak in, I saw Xiao Fruit and her The boyfriend only went to bed and died in bed, shook them two. After did not respond, then drag the small fruit, her boyfriend to the toilet, the bed is of course to leave me to use A Hao, close the door In the bed, first put the bra’s bra, put the E milk played with Xiao Guo, took out the camera a few, and started to kiss the fruit, the mouth is not enough, the tongue stretched in, there is no taste, get enough E milk, Turning the underwear of Xiao Guo, the thick hairy is present in front of my eyes, and the legs of the fruit are made into the M-shaped shape. After the smashing, there is a faint diaper, and after shooting a few, began to put the old In the second of the small fruit mouth, the temperature is so comfortable, the speed is getting faster and faster, every time you have to go to your throat, of course, I have to take a photo, watching the little fruit brow frowned, and more Vigorously pumped, regarding the mouth of the little fruit as a small hole, finally sent a full essence to his mouth.

When the transfer position came to the E milk, the old two put it in the milk, but it may be just shot, there is no feeling with the breasts, and the smashed the small hole of Xiao Guo, first insert it with your fingers. In the small hole, slowly puff it until it is getting wet, wearing a safety case, slowly inserting, “A … so cool”, slowly pumping slowly, feel more and more smooth At the time, I quickly added horsepower. As I picked up, Xiao Guo also began to embrace, she might thought she was doing a spring dream, actually being manned.

After about 20 minutes, I finally sent it to the hundreds of millions of children. Take a break to change the new safety sleeve, continue the second time, because the little fruit hole is still very wet, then directly inserted into it, then Xiao Friendship .., I am scared, I don’t dare to move, think She woke up, determined that she didn’t wake up, put her feet into my shoulders, more inserted into it, maybe the third time, the little brothers didn’t feel it, the sorry put the sleeve, warm temperature It’s too comfortable, the lascivious water of Xiaogui is full of yin, and it is better, and it is better to put the small hole in the small fruit. When I am going to shoot, I will pull it out when I am. In the belly of Xiao Guo, I still want to do the fourth time in the fruit, but watching time 2:30 AM, I took a few photos, I took a good time, I almost forgot to take the small. Friends are dragging back to bed. Due to three times, I was tired, I came to the small P room, I went to the balcony to smoke and took a break. After a rest, I found out that the small P shirt was halfway. Her boyfriend is full of light, probably wants to do the result. Fall asleep, haha, first drag her boyfriend to the toilet, turn it over their bag, suspected? No safety case? It is cool.

After shooting a few shirts and naked photos, I started to touch the little P whole body, and the white tender body, I love it, and I have a bad scent on her body, let me have a lot of sexual desire, absorb small P’s mouth. Sweet, let me want to succeed, let’s go down, although it is not big, but the pink nipple plus white skin, visually is a great enjoyment, use force to absorb the nipple, the breath of small P is also heavy , Then there is a reaction? Open the leg of the small fruit, actually is a pink hole and have been wet, it can be seen is a small dress, look at the position, the side lying 69 style, my mouth sucks small p , Then the lower body swings the mouth of the small fruit, drink enough in obscenity, grabbed the small P head, let her help me with my mouth, lovely face, let me take a dozen close-up.

I shooted a small P mouth, kissed her mouth with my hundreds of millions of children’s grandchildren, sweet and salty, touched her thigh, suddenly thought of the legs speaking on the Internet, try it, put small P ‘s legs, the old two is rubbing between the thighs and the calf, and the white thighs are really comfortable, can’t stand it, put the little P’s legs on my shoulders, grab my little head, align the lower body I went in, Xiao P snorted, how is it ?? I finally went in, and the old two slowly retired and retired again, but found that how to have blood …? Is the little P are the first time ?? , Take it inside, pull out to see the tenderness of small P, white semen with a bloody, let me more determine that Xiao P is a woman, hurry to take the camera to take this beautiful picture.

No matter whether there is a semen in the small P body, I will come in again, this time I hold the small P, sell the train, but the little P is still in the dark, don’t have a few times, I’m going to slip. , Pull the little P to the bed, from behind, not long time. When you take a break, touch the little P white tender butt, the little head will again overcome the big head again, give her a break, chrysanthemums also break the break !!!!!!! Set of safety cases, took the hotel table The lubricant wipes the smell, and also wipes some chrysanthemums on small P, slowly insert it, the ass is tightened than the small hole, hurry to take the camera, pinch the white tender butt, enjoy the 啪啪Sound, didn’t have long been discharged again … After watching the time, five o’clock, ran to the toilet to drag the little P boyfriend back to bed, put the small p into the bathroom wash and wash it, and shooted a small P in the bathroom.

I have been half a half .., I won’t wait 10:30, I was woofed by the counter. After I had a meal at noon, I made a good fruit to sing. Everyone said it, only small P is not happy, then I know that it is small P I am not happy that her boyfriend has not approved her to drunk her. She didn’t think of her person. The little p and her boyfriend were fry. But think about me, come ~

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