Campus (a)

I am born, I have been eager to have an eye, and I finally became a wish, and a peer girl in the foreigner was in love, and she had a sexual relationship with her. Later, because of the college entrance examination, I went to a school to read the tutoring class, even I didn’t think of it, I met four female students again, and I have a sexual thing with them, and three girlfriends still keep Long-term relationship.

Today, every time I think of this year, I am excited, in order to remember this aesthetic experience, I have created this work together, let friends who love the love novel share a joy. Happy. This is a memorial novel, the real thing, please read the friends, don’t just imitate the change, thank you for your cooperation.

On the morning of June 7, 1994, the handsome teenager was walking on the road. He saw that he had a white sprinkle, his body was thin. He called Yang Guoqiang and was 18 years old. Today, he is to go to a joy to see girlfriend. Her name is Xu Xiaocui, the students of the financial class, is also 18 years old, very beautiful, white, thin, thin, charm, charming eyes, smart The nose next to the red mouth, the shawl show, there is also the slim body of the 1.70, it is really charming …

The two have been more than two months. The first time I have learned that in the long-distance bus, Yang Guoqiang’s Sunday and classmates go out to play, just sitting with Xiaucui when she took the car, nothing to talk about each other. Later, he often went to school to find Xiaucui, and the two were gradually moved from each other.

Yang Guoqiang first went to the classroom, see Xiaucui, did not inside, he walked into the dormitory, and knocked the door with the door before the bedroom, there should be, he went in and went in, see only Xiaucheng himself In the house.

Xu Xiauci smiled: “You come, come in.”

Yang Guoqiang is the first time I went into the girl’s dormitory. I saw four iron beds that had four upper and lower shops. The bedroom windows also hanged a few girls’ underwear, and the whole house was drifted. He couldn’t help but feel excited, and the spirit was excited.

Xu Xiaucheng said: “How did you find a girl’s dormitory?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I went to the classroom to find you, I want to be here, so I will come.”

Xu Xiaucui: “The girl’s dormitory generally does not let the boys come in, do you see you?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “I said that you are my sister, I have to give you some money, let it come in.”

Xu Xiaucheng “giggle” and said, “You still have a good idea.”

The two are sitting on the side of a bed, start talking to love. Gradually, the closer, the closer, and a strong attraction between the opposite sex, so that the two will not be hugged with autonomous, and kiss warmly. Although the two have been in a period of time, it is just to pull each other. This returns Yang Guoqiang or kissed the little girl. He feels that Xu Xiauchen warm double lips on his own lips, just extend his tongue. Putting her lips and explored it; Xu Xiauci is also kissing the first time, and the heart will not help but “” straight away, and the palm is in the mouth of Yang Guoqiang to disturb the mouth, and the two are fanatically kiss each kiss. Give each other. At this time, Yang Guoqiang came to the sexual desire, the penis was hard, he took his hands to the chest of Xia Cui, she felt, and the heart was struggling to push, the heart is tight. Suddenly, I remembered that the door of the bedroom was still not plugged in, so I hurriedly stood up, opened the door and seeing no one, I turned back.

Xu Xiaucheng said that he said: “You still go, the two men widow women are not good.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Is there anything wrong? You are not willing to be alone with me?”

Xu Xiaocui smiled low.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “Is this not a good opportunity? …”

He said: “Xiao Cui, do you want to see …?”

Xu Xiaucui: “What?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Look at me … Dockey long?”

Xu Xiaucui listened to it, said: “How can you say this? Too much!”

Yang Guoqiang: “What is the current flow? The two are love, is it too late to get sooner or later.

Xu Xiauci twisted and said: “I don’t look!”

Yang Guoqiang came to the sexual desire and so much, because it was small in summer, and he took off a variety of light. At this time, he is very excited, see the big penis is thick and hard, straight up, it is so beautiful, it is so beautiful. Xiaucheng looked back to see how long the big penis was scared with his hand, and Yang Guoqiang came to her near, forcibly pulling her jade hand, put it on his penis. Xu Xiaucui is shocked: “What are you doing?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Touch it!”

The first experience of being touched by the little girl, the soft little hand holds on the big penis of the hard Bangbang, this wonderful feeling is still more exciting than masturbation, it is really not able to stand. He has let Xia Cui stretched his hand to her crotch, and touched the pants, Xiao Cui face red, constantly using his hand.

Yang Guoqiang said with a smile: “I have let you touch, have you touched me?”

She gradually did not resist, but she was ashamed to be stroked. I took a while, Yang Guoqiang took off Xu Xiaucui’s pants, kneeling her body, Xiaucuo first pushed half, and then simply shy closed his eyes, Yang Guoqiang opened his eyes, and he looked straight. He carefully appreciated, where the willow waist is round, the lower abdomen highlights the high glory, which has been full of woors’ curl; then look down, the brown big labello has been revealed. A narrow gap in the middle is really fascinating! He hugged Xiaucui’s jade leg and started with his right finger to pick up her lab. Xiao Cui is the first time by the boy touches his shame. It is excited and scared. It is also a soft body. In fact, she is a girl who loves her hand, it is very craving, but it is ashamed to hear. Yang Guoqiang stood up and took off his top, slowly picking down the white bra, put his hands on her breasts, breasts are very full, touching and playing hard and playing hands feel comfortable. Because he and the height of Xiaucui are almost the same, when he is naked, the long penis is printed on her two legs, the penis is stuck around the lips. Yang Guoqiang is more and more excited. A burst of sexual impulses have been controlled. He has left the left hand to touch Xiao Cui’s slightly smaller little egg, the right hand pinchs his thick big penis, and the red glans are chaos in the labium. Hit, explore the entrance to enter the vagina. Xiaitui felt that the hot glans constantly attacked his own labians, and the heart was more nervous, and it was pushed to get out. Yang Guoqiang picked up Xiaucui, put her on the bed, then stripped his penis with his hand, he was inserted into the vagina.

Xu Xiaucheng pushed him and said, “What are you doing? How can I do this!”

Yang Guoqiang: “The trick is like this, it is better to feel it.”

He didn’t wait for Xiaucui, and then put her on the bed again, and he also went up.

Xu Xiaucheng struggled to say: “Don’t! You quickly release, or I shouted.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You shout, let them come to see the two lights in bed.”

Xiao Cui no longer shouted, his face was more red, Yang Guoqiang imitated the appearance of the A film, two hands slammed her legs on his shoulders, double knees on both sides of her buttocks, then supported on the bed left hand The right hand is inserted to the midst of the thick large penis. Although Xiaucui has no sexual experience, I have seen porn, knowing what is going on. She rushed to catch the penis and said, “Hey! You don’t worry, slow … I am still the first time.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Don’t be afraid, I will slowly.”

Said, his big tapping has encountered the meat. At this moment, he is very excited, the heartbeat is also accelerated, and it feels that the glans stickers are hot and slipped above, but Xiauci has not been opened, two big lips are tight, there is only one narrow gap, the glans fundamentally Insert can’t go in.

Xu Xiaucheng’s first time and boys had contact between sexual instruments, shy her face, whispered: “You are slow, don’t be too hard.”

Yang Guoqiang put the ass to the lower pressure, the penis is very straight, but the big talents are slid down. He does not return, and holds the penis with his hand. The glans will be left again to the meat. As a result, it is too narrow five times, so that the penis cannot be inserted.

Yang Guoqiang said: “You relax.”

Xu Xiaucui: “No, don’t get it.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You don’t be nervous, come! Try again.”

After finishing, he also brought the turtle to the labips of Xiacui. This time, he didn’t hurry to the top, press the hand, press the glans, squatting on the lace, “Yeame” itchy! Looking at my own red glans slowly sliding in the warm labipings of my girlfriend, the transparent mucus has been seep over, and the liquid secreted with her laborarism is painted on the glans. At this time, Yang Guoqiang felt it itchy on the glans, the big penis couldn’t shake, and then it was good to shoot. He stopped, closed his eyes to control the film, and then put the glans on the lace, a little bit down. Xiao Cui felt that his vaginal mouth was squeezed as a hurt, “Hey, hey”. Suddenly, Yang Guoqiang felt “cam”, the glans suddenly wrapped in a hot meat. Xu Xiauci called sound: “Oh! It hurts.”

Yang Guoqiang bowed his head and saw his own talents had been completely incomplete, and Xiaucui’s pussy was supported. Two small labiators were on the coronate groove of the glans. A strong sexual excitement spread throughout Yang Guoqiang’s whole body, he took the penis in the mouth, and then used the ass to press the butt, the thick big penis was slowly incorporated into a virgin vagina. She screamed painfully, feeling the body’s happening, this is the first feeling of life, his vaginal is born, and the glans have invaded the vagina. Yang Guoqiang felt that the penis was covered by Xiaucui’s narrow vagina. The big talents were sucking in the tender meat in it. This is also his first time, it is very excited! Don’t live in your heart [Is this not dreaming? I have a sexual relationship with the little girl? My cock is inserted in her vagina … “

Xu Xiaucui took a small hand of Yang Guoqiang’s ass to say: “Big bad guys! It hurts me!”

Yang Guoqiang: “I will get it in the first time, don’t you hurt?”

Xu Xiaucui: “Nonsense!”

Yang Guoqiang: “It doesn’t matter, it will be fine for a while.”

Then he pumped the thick big penis from the vagina, showing more than one half of the vagina, and gently inserted it, because she was afraid of pain, the speed was very slow; Xiao Cui can’t relax the muscles, the penis is inserted inside Insert more difficult, this is true that Yang Guoqiang for the first time and the little girl is really cost. He looked down at his thick penis. He gradually gone into the vagina of Xiaucui, and he slowly exposed from the two tender little laces, she was divided into two white thighs. Seeing the curly The yin of the haired is swollen by the big penis …

Xu Xiaucheng was too nervous, and his vaginal was invaded by boys’ prostitutes. It feels very discomfort, plus pain, let her only want to end. The plug of penis continues to stimulate the vagina, gradually starting to have a small amount of prostitute secretion, coating in Yang Guoqiang’s thick penis and bright, the penis is also sticking to the blouse, that is the cleavage of the female film. Because it was the first time and the little girl sex, plus Xu Xiaucui’s vagina is very tight, pumping up and feels multiple, only inserting more than twenty, I can’t help but “rush”. Xiao Cui felt that Yang Guoqiang’s rough penis, contracted in his vagina, while several touching liquid shocks shocked into the vagina …

She is shocked: “Hey! How do you urinate in it?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “That is not urine, it is ejaculation.”

Xu Xiaucui: “Oh …”

Yang Guoqiang retreated from the Yutui vagina, and saw the glans pulled out from the vaginal mouth, the viscous liquid mixed by semen and vaginal secretion, pulled out a long silk, and even between the glans and the vaginal port. After a while, the silk is disconnected. Xiaitui sat up and saw the residual semen outside the small hole in front of the glans and saw it in the A film. After the refined is complete, Yang Guoqiang is relaxed, the thick penis has gradually become soft, and it is wet.

Xu Xiaucheng said: “It’s still so hard, how is it?”

Yang Guoqiang said: “Because my dick is inserted into your vagina, you can ejaculate, you can’t insert it. Now it is over, you don’t need to insert a shady, so it’s soft.”

Xu Xiaucui “giggling” smiled: “It turns out that you insert me with this place, just for ejaculation? It’s fun!”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Then I will find you after you want to shoot.”

Xiao Cui listened and shy, hurry to take a bra and put it on it, and get up and wear a pants, and suddenly feel a pain in the body.

She asked with a crying: “Yang Guoqiang! How did you get me? It hurts below.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Nothing, maybe the girl is the case? Yes, the hymen is broken. Come, I will help you.”

Xu Xiaucuo said: “Don’t wear you, put on your clothes.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Then I have time to see you again.” Xu Xiaucui: “You don’t come, I bother you!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Don’t be angry, I will be responsible for you.”

Xu Xiaucui: “Okay, you will go. This is a girl’s dormitory, which is not good.”

Yang Guoqiang is also afraid of being discovered by others, returning to the face of Xiaucui kissed, and hurriedly left. This day is his unforgettable day, ending the children’s male era without sex.

At the beginning of the school’s bright history (2)

After the first and Xu Xiaucheng had sexual relationship, Yang Guoqiang felt a great, the big penis was inserted in the vagina of the little girl, and the feeling was very fresh and stimulated. Since then, whenever I think of the love of Xiaucui, the “meat stick” of the lower body will itch, I want to go to her incense to play, but the school is still in class, I can’t bear it, I have to bear it. I can’t help but take the time, secretly slipping into the girl’s toilet hiding in the convenience, plugging in the door in the inside.

It’s hard to get to the weekend, and Yang Guoqiang, the early morning, Yang Guo, rushed to Xiaucui in the school. He went to the girl’s dormitory to knock on the door of the bedroom. He listened to a girl in the face and said: “Please come.” Yang Guoqiang opened the door, in addition to the house She still has four girls, because they have ever seen them, they know each other.

A girl said: “Hey, Xiaucui. Your boyfriend is coming.”

Xu Xiaucheng saw him, his face was red, whispered: “How come you?”

There is a naughty girl laughing: “Do you still use you? People miss you, really don’t see it, such as three autumn. Hahaha!”

Several girls are laughing.

Xu Xiaucheng face was red, said to Yang Guoqiang: “Let’s go out.”

The naughty girl said: “Hey, is it ashamed? It doesn’t matter, we will not be here” light bulb “. …

After that, the four girls have come out.

Yang Guoqiang turned back to plug the door, turned to look at Xia Cui smile.

Xu Xiauci said as a moon: “What do you do?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “I … my dick is itchy! I want to let you play again.”

Xu Xiaucui listened to the shock: “How is it! This is how you can do this.”

Yang Guoqiang: “What are you afraid of? Is it not doing here? Come on it, itch is dead.”

Said, he took his pants and only wore underwear, and the big penis that had already erected was exposed from the side of the trousers.

Xu Xiaucheng saw “ah” and said: “” How do you don’t want your face! Put it, or I will not care for you. “

Yang Guoqiang quickly came to Xiaucui’s near, and he grabbed her little hand on his penis: “You touch, it is so hard now.”

Although Xiaucui is reluctant, the little hand is still gently holding the penis. Wow! It’s really hard-border … Yang Guoqiang feels that his penis is caught by his girlfriend, and then it is itchy. The tapping is picking up, and the urete mouth also sees the bobbin liquid.

Xu Xiaucui: “Don’t you get it, you will make it a great pain last time.”

Yang Guoqiang: “The last time is your hymen will be hurt, so many days, it should be better, this time it will not hurt. Come on!”

Xu Xiaucui: “Here is the dormitory, in case they come back, you can trouble.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Nothing, I put it in the door, even if they come back, I will drive.”

Xu Xiauci thought about saying: “Then you have to hurry.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Don’t worry, don’t wait for them, the trick is finished.”

He is pleased to take off his underwear and take off the top.

Xiao Cui is busy saying: “Hey, don’t take off your clothes, you have to worry about it.”

After that, she also stood up. Xiaucui wearing a summer student uniform, the upper body is a pink short sleeve shirt, the lower body is a long light blue short dress; she picks up the skirt, take off the rice panties, then take off the yellow triangle underwear, then Sitting on the bed. Yang Guoqiang came to her nearly, and he saw his erect’s big penis, the glans paired the face of Xiaucui, like the demonstration of her.

Xu Xiaucheng saw that I couldn’t help but laughed “giggling”. She said: “How are you so much?”

Yang Guo said: “Because it itchy, I want to go in your vagina, I don’t want to go in.” Xu Xiaucui said low: “You are really disgusting! Talk so down.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “Okay, hurry!”

Xiaucu is on the bed, the little butt is close to the bed, and the two legs are vertically on the ground; Yang Guoqiang reached out her skirt, and the hands opened Xiaucheng’s jade legs, and the body was held in one hand, and the other hand flakes. The thick big penis is placed on her labi. Then, slowly, let the glans squeeze in the vagina. Xiao Cuihong face is slightly closed and closed, and only that the hot big talents smashed with lips. Suddenly felt a bloating on the vaginal mouth, the glans have not been entered. Yang Guoqiang watched his own glans once again inserted into the vagina’s vagina. Excited his heartbeat accelerated, and it would be more powerful. He is in an eager to press down, and the thick penis slowly planted the vaginal mouth. He felt that the big penis was in a little bit by the tender meat in Xiaucui vagina, and he was very comfortable. Xiao Cui felt that it was not like the first time, but it was still a bit uncomfortable. She felt another man’s meat stick in his vaginal, this feeling made her excited and panic. Yang Guoqiang picked up the penis. “Wow!” It’s really tight, the meat petals in the vagina smashed the turtle, he didn’t dare to move too fast, afraid of can’t control it, only more than twenty, the more I feel it. . He stopped drawing, so that the big penis was deeply inserted into the Yutui vagina. At this moment, Yang Guoqiang is extremely excited. This wonderful feeling can be indicated in the language. Xiao Cui is very nervous at this time, she is not because of sexual intercourse, but what should I worry about my girl in the bedroom. She felt that her vaginal was blessed, and it was more comfortable to warm. Xiao Cui likes to keep this, let the small abdomen shrink, the meat stick in the vaginal wall clip will also have an excitement.

At this time, Xiao Cui found that his upper buckle was unspeakdron, busy: “Hey, what do you do?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Let me touch your tits.”

Xu Xiaucui: “If you reach it, you will understand the breasts.”

Yang Guoqiang pushed the bra, and the white tender breasts were bare, and the hands were gently stroked on the top, and Xiaitui was ashamed, and his eyes closed by him. Suddenly I feel that the big penis is twitching in my vagina, open the eyes and see Yang Guoqiang full of mulberry, and the lower body moves again …

Xu Xiaucui thought: “Is this my boyfriend? I usually see him. Wushen, how can I become like a big wolf … stinky boys! All, see the little girl, show the color of disgusting people.”

She is reluctant to see the boyfriend, and closed her eyes. At this time, Yang Guoqiang can no longer control himself, the hips are frequently moved, and the hands are also pinched on the hip of Xiaucui. He looked at his own body, and he saw the thick penis as the hip moved along the vaginal. Into a pumping, the upper is wet. Yang Guoqiang came to sex orgasm. The two-handed loose breasts were supported on both sides of the body. The lower body lifted his head and quickly moved forward. The big penis quickly shutd it in the vagina; then see Xiao Cui, one hand Even with Yang Guoqiang’s arm, only the small hands clarpled the bed tightly, wrinkled with the eyebrows and bite the lips, withstanding the political impact of the penis in his vaginal. Yang Guoqiang looked at Xiaucui. Seeing that the breastfeeding in front of her chest is constant, it is really generous! Suddenly, I feel that the waist is sour, the big penis is jitter, and the concentrated semen is sprayed from the front of the glans. Xiao Cui felt a warmth of the vagina, and he knew that Yang Guo was strong, and the whole body also relaxed. Although she did not taste sexual orgasm, she had a feeling of ejaculation in the vagina that made her very excited.

Xu Xiauci said shims: “Yeah, I feel so comfortable when you eat, can you shoot a few times next time?”

Yang Guoqiang touched her face and said: “As long as you like, I will come later.”

I was saying, I suddenly knocked on the door.

Xu Xiaucui shocked: “It’s coming! It is back.”

Yang Guoqiang also panicked, the penis quickly returned, see the wet land, the red glans pull down. He is busy with the bed to put on the trousers, and Xiauci is rushing to put on the underwear, the whole dress and the cream, and put the upper.

She said with my finger institute: “How, can’t you see it?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Okay, I can’t see it. What about?”

Xu Xiaucui: “OK.”

Then she opened the door, and came in a girl, and there was a man in the house.

She smiled and said: “Ah … I said how to insert the door? It turns out that your boyfriend is coming.”

Xu Xiauci said in a panic: “Yes … he just wants to go.” Girl: “What do you panic? Don’t worry, I will not talk.”

Yang Guoqiang also panic at this time, said: “Ah, then I am gone.”

The girl is watching this pair of lovers, I don’t know what happened, I am shocked.

Just went to the stair, Xu Xiaucheng came over and said, “Hey! Waiting for one, etc.”

Yang Guoqiang asked: “What?”

Xu Xiaucu: “Your underwear is lost in my bed, give you.”

He felt empty in the crotch. It turned out that it was a panic to wear inner pants first, just put the trousers. Yang Guoqiang took the underwear, Xiao Cuihong turned and turned back, and I saw that there was a toilet in front of him. It is a female toilet.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “Wear here.”

He saw no one in the hallway, and it was quietly like no one. He drilled into the convenience room next to him, and put the door to the end of the panties. Since the following native pool is connected, when we wear pants, you will see the bowel movements in front, so he squatted and put his head to look down. “Wow” I only saw two white butt eggs appeared in front of the eye, there was a girl in the eyes, and he likes the little girl, and he took the head to see her lab and anus. I saw that two big lips were closed together, and they were still growing with sparse yin, and the light brown and the anorente is shrinking. It is also squeezed out to the pool. Suddenly, “?”, A fart, “Yea! It’s so stink.” Yang Guoqiang stood up and got it on the trousers, and the girl also stood up. The middle partition wall is not very high, can only block the whole body, the girl feels behind, look back, I am screaming, how do you have a man in the female toilet? Yang Guoqiang is also scared, and he can see her understanding, and is the naughty girl in the same bed.

The girl said: “How is you? What to do in the female toilet?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Ah … I am a little urgency, so let’s …”

Girl: “I am afraid that I can’t do anything? I will go back to tell Xiao Cui, let her know what kind of person you are.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled and smiled: “Don’t! I don’t want to deliberate. Yeah, your trousers have not mentioned it, but the ass let me see.”

The female face is red, and it is going to put on the pants. Suddenly, she is like understanding what it is, saying: “Yea! Are you just peeking me?”

Yang Guoqiang: “No … no.”

Girl: “” What did you stay here for a long time? “

Yang Guoqiang couldn’t help but smiled and said, “I am not right, but I don’t know if you, please don’t tell Xu Xiaucui.”

The woman is angry with the road: “Other girls can you peek? Rogue!”

After finishing, she was angry. Yang Guoqiang also came out, there were two girls who came to the door to come over. They saw a man and a woman felt strange from inside.

Yang Guoqiang said: “What is good!”

The two girls walked away with their mouths. Later, she didn’t tell Xiao Cui, in fact, she can’t tell others if she is sneaked by boys. After this small danger, Xiauci didn’t dare to have sex in the school dormitory and Yang Guoqiang. After more than half a month, he was in the summer vacation. Just in the day of Qing Cui, she was not at home during the day. She was about Yang Guoqiang to home. Your own boudoir and him play. Every time, Xu Xiaucheng makes him ejaculate in his vagina, it feels so fun, but this is very dangerous to ignorant, and there is a happiness in a holiday, and the summer vacation has passed.

One day, Xu Xiaoci, Yang Guo, rushed to play, when she left, she said: “Weird … I didn’t come to menstruation last month?”

Yang Guoqiang: “” What do you know? “

After another time, Xia Cui found that he often disgusting, still unwilling to eat. The family thought that her body was not suitable to go to the hospital for examination, I can’t think of the results, it is pregnant! Her family can’t believe that the daughter is still a big girl? A few days later, Xu Xiauci secretly sneaked with Yang Guoqiang to tell him about the pregnancy. What should I do? He is also frightened, I don’t know how to deal with it, I finally endured, I didn’t dare to see her, and the relationship between the two ended this.

223 bedroom in the campus (1)

In September 1996, Yang Guoqiang came to the economic proceedings to read high school tutoring classes, ready to participate in the college entrance examination, and most of the school recruits are the landings of all schools, and students who come here are very serious, they are mostly ten Young people aged 8 to 20 years old, there is a matter of men and women. Yang Guoqiang is handsome. Just after entering the school, there will be a girl’s take-time pursuit. In just a year, he pays four girlfriends … The first to know is the same class girl Li Jinxia, ​​her medium body, whitening, Dress up in the next day, it is very beautiful. Jinxia is a strong girl. Whenever you talk to boys, it is very spoiled, but also looks very good. She is often active and Yang Guoqiang to talk, sometimes I have some teasing speech or action, like him is a bit.

In 1996, the National Day holiday, the three-day holiday teacher left a lot of review work, Yang Guoqiang only played a day, when writing homework next day, I found that mathematics textbook was thrown in the dormitory, so I went back to school in the morning, just went to the corridor to see it. To personally, Li Jinxia, ​​who is the same class, she didn’t go home, took advantage of the holiday dormitory less to come to the boyfriend, and smuggled “ban fruits” in the bedroom they live. He is a student of foreign schools, and the two are in junior high school in love, and there is sexual relationship with high school. Last night, he passed overnight in Jinxia. If you have something in the morning, Jin Xia is not interesting in the house, just find someone chatting to the bedroom, she stands on the window, suddenly seeing a boys downstairs, is Yang Guoqiang! So she quickly returned to her bedroom simple dress, and quickly came out and installed the case.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “Li Jinxia? You didn’t go home?”

Li Jinxia: “Ah, I haven’t going back. What are you doing?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I will return to the dormitory, and the mathematics book is lost.”

Li Jinxia: “Oh, I am not intended to be alone, do you play in your dormitory?”

Yang Guoqiang: “This is not convenient, the school does not let the men and women hostel.”

Li Jinxia: “What is this? Do you not let it go, come back every day? Just talk about no people. Do you want you to go?”

Yang Guoqiang: “No, I have to go home to write a job.”

Li Jinxia: “What is the urgent job? Today, I blame, you will chat with me.”

She does not have to say that Yang Guoqiang pulled into the second floor girl’s dormitory. When I came to the 223 bedroom door, Jinxia took out the key to open the door. I walked into the house. I saw the layout in the house. There were three bed beds, two beds, two beds, parallel to the right wall, another one on the left On the side of the floor, it is empty, and five girls live in this bedroom. On the left side, there is also a small box cabinet, there are six small doors, and the accommodation students release, and there are several warm water bottles on the cabinet. Although the men and women are only one floor, (the male dormitory is on the third floor) But his school is in the school, and an excitement makes him spirit. Girlfriend Xu Xiaucheng’s past event.

Li Jinxia said: “Are you the first time I went to the girl dormitory?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Yes.”

Li Jinxia: “I can see it! You have a serious thing, haven’t I touched the little girl yet?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Yes.”

Li Jinxia: “You don’t want to be” Yes, yes “, do you say a few words? Hey, are you more than ten this year? “

Yang Guoqiang: “Twenty years old.”

Li Jinxia: “Twenty! Is there a girlfriend?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled and said: “No.”

Li Jinxia: “There is no girlfriend in the age of 20? I have a boyfriend when I was sixteen.”

Yang Guoqiang: “How much is you now?”

Li Jinxia: “19.”

Seeing her side, I used a pair of eyes and Yang Guoqiang. He also stopped there to look at Jinxia, ​​and the two did not speak, Jin Xia “giggled” smiled, my heart is thinking [ Look at this little child is a man, I am sorry to be seen by the little girl. I tease him to see what he reflects … “

Li Jinxia smiled and asked: “Hey, are you still a man now?”

Yang Guoqiang is shocked, I didn’t expect that she can ask such a word. I strangely asked: “What do you mean by this?”

Li Jinxia “giggling”: “Look at you nervous, please ask. Hey, isn’t it?”

Yang Guoqiang wants: “I said, what did she say?”

He replied: “Yes, what happened?” I didn’t expect Li Jinxia to listen to him, even face off black short skirts and tops, only “three-point” standing in front of him. Yang Guoqiang was shocked. I didn’t think that the school’s girls can be looked like this. It is actually looking at the clothes! When I first entered the school, I heard that the girl here is very heavy, and today is true today. At this time, he also excitedly, and the color eye stared at Jinxia’s jade body. I saw the purple triangle underwear wrapped in swinging gentle, the chest purple breasts trocked the doped breast.

Yang Guoqiang: “What …?”

Li Jinxia “giggling”: “Don’t you have a girlfriend? Now I am your girlfriend.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You have a boyfriend, this is not good.”

Li Jinxia: “Is there anything bad? I am just playing, now I am going to be with you, you will not be a woman?”

Yang Guoqiang: “What? You and He have …”

Li Jinxia: “Yes, I will go to bed early, all this era, this kind of thing is normal, is we also be an adult?”

Yang Guoqiang: “No, I have to go.”

Li Jinxia snatched him and said: “Do not go! Look at you, what you are doing, I haven’t done, I can teach you.”

Said, she suddenly rushed to Yang Guoqiang’s arms, deliberately with his chest with a breast. Yang Guoqiang has made sexual desire, reached out to touch Jinxia’s breast, she “嘻嘻” stretched into the bottom, pinch the early erectous big penis, he shrinks Jin Xia’s hands into his underwear Inside, soft jade hands caught the penis of the hard Bangbang, Li Jinxia said: “Wow! Your dick is really big!”

At this time, her cream was also taken down by Yang Guoqiang, and he pressed his hands and pinched again. After a while, the breasts began to swollen, the nipples were getting harder and harder, and the whole breast seems to be much larger than just now. Yang Guoqiang reached the right hand into Jinxia’s underwear, first touched the fine inclusions, and then touched the wet big labipings, he used his hand to squat in the lace, stirring his obscenity, flowing out from the vaginal mouth, hand palm Wet …

Li Jinxia said: “Hey, I put the door.”

She turned to put the bed, she came back to Yang Guoqiang, reaching out to help him take off her pants, I saw the underwear, and the big penis was “”, shocked Jin Xia. She looked straight at the ground, see how long the big penis is rough and straight, almost attached to the lower abdomen, holding a piece of “Wow!” Hard Bangbang! Jinxia is very excited, and the eyes look at Yang Guoqiang as a smile, and the little hand is holding the penis quickly on the lower set.

This, Yang Guoqiang can’t stand it. He said: “Jin Xia, don’t get so fast, good!”

Li Jinxia slowed down the speed, gently peeled, and reached out with the tongue with the tongue on the glans, and then wilyw around the coronary trench, and the other hand smoked the testicles under the crotch. It is the first time that Yang Guoqiang said that was such as a little girl, although and Xu Xiaucheng had sexual things, she never did this. Look at Jinxia and put the whole glans into the mouth, swallow it a little, and finally the whole penis contains, and then moves the head before and after, let the lips slide on the penis, and stroke. Yang Guoqiang felt that the penis was enthusiastic with Jinxia’s little mouth, itchy him was thinking about ejaculation.

He is busy: “Don’t get it, I want to shoot!”

Li Jinxia spit out the penis, look at him up with him, “Look at you, can not be can’t stand it twice? This is called blowjob, don’t understand it? Hey, a man. Giggle …”

After saying that she took the head and took her head and opened his mouth to cover the testicles inside, and gently stir it with the tongue. At this moment, Yang Guoqiang is really excited. The big penis can’t help but come. Zhenbi can’t insert into Jinxia’s vagina. It hurts and quickly solves it. In fact, he is not bad. After all, he has a sexual experience with Xiao Cui, and it should not shoot it out.

I got a while, Jin Xia said: “Okay, you also gave me.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “How do you get it?”

Li Jinxia: “It’s a man! I teach you.”

She stood up and took away the only underwear. The fork opened the legs to let Yang Guoqiang squatted down. I saw her cross. I saw the brown big lips first introduced into the eye. The big labipings have been launched, and the red little labia is also In reverse, the middle of the meat is wet.

Li Jinxia said: “How? What? The first time I see the little girl so mysterious place?”

Yang Guoqiang thought: “What is mysterious, two years ago, I have seen it.”

But he said in his mouth: “Yes, the first time …” Li Jinxia: “You don’t look, kiss.”

Yang Guoqiang put his mouth to the lips, just smelling a faint gas, only to see the wet big lips, and he reached out and slowly licking the lips.

Li Jinxia jade legs were trembled, called: “Ah … itchy! You use your mouth to gently pull … Ah! Comfort!”

Yang Guoqiang took the lips and gently pulled it with his lips and gently pulled another piece. It repeatedly made Jinxia several times. I saw that the small labia lips start swelling, the opening is larger, and a wide meat is exposed in the middle.

Li Jinxia: “Ah 哟 … itch is dead! Really cool … put the tongue into the tongue … ah!”

Yang Guoqiang explored the front of the tongue into the wet flesh, and the tip of the tongue is surrounded by the vaginal mouth. At this moment, a lot of prostitutes flow out from Jinxia’s vagina, and take the tongue into the mouth. Jinxia is itchy, and she can’t stand. She is simply lying on the bed, but the butt is close to the bed, and the legs are separated from the two sides; Yang Guoqiang is squatting in the bedside, the head is near Jin Xia’s genital, hands Her legs, still move with their mouths.

Li Jinxia treted: “Hey, what is your hand?”

Yang Guoqiang: “That … What?”

Li Jinxia: “True is stupid! Touch it … Touch the clitoris.”

Yang Guoqiang: “The clitoris is there?”

Li Jinxia: “Top of the lips …”

Said, she took Yang Guoqiang’s finger, and found the clitoride above the big lab. He hasn’t seen this thing. I didn’t pay attention when I was in love with Xiaucui. I saw it was a small meat, rising drums.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “When you do it before and Xiao Cui, it seems to see …”

He used his hand to slowly swaying the clitoris of Jinxia, ​​got her jade legs and shake it, and even breathed.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “Jin Xia, do you feel very itchy?”

Li Jinxia: “Of course … ah … itch is dead!”

Yang Guoqiang smashed the clitoris, the eyes stared at the genitals, and only two hypertrophic lips were launched on both sides. The two small labips of the wipes were also opened, and he closed another eye to see another one. Seeing that muscle contraction is moved with a vaginal mouth, it is a sexy …

Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, what do you see?”

Yang Guoqiang said: “I look at how deep your vagina.”

Li Jinxia “giggling” said: “Can you see it? If you come in and try it.”

Yang Guoqiang deliberately asked: “What is it?”

Li Jinxia: “Use you below the stick below, even if this doesn’t know, didn’t I have seen it?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I have seen it, don’t put it in, then I will go back to the next?”

Li Jinxia: “Do you know what it is still installed? Let’s hurry, I want it.”

After saying, she twisted sexy little butt, my legs lifted my knees and curved, step on the side of the bed; Yang Guoqiang looked at Jinxia’s yin, and she is a young girl in the age of 19, is not too much. There are many, white tender thighs exude the tempting atmosphere. He excitedly flaped the big penis with hands, close the lower body near the bed, put the reddish glans on the small labips of Jinxia.

At this point, Li Jinxia is also very excited. I think: “This is the second boys I have accepted, and his cock is really big! … fascinating!”

When she felt that the talents were posted on their own labipings, they couldn’t help but tense, and the heart was straight, and the vaginal began to fully expand, waiting to be affected into the thick penis. Yang Guoqiang is a heartbeat. If you don’t think that you just entered the school, you can get a little girl. He rushed to use the big talents to open the slightly lips, and the sut into the middle of the meat. Because Jin Xia is no longer a woman, so I haven’t mentioned it, and I have a big penis whole.

“Yeah! Drill it in.” Jinxia felt very extremely, the vaginal wall was loosely clamped with the penis, Yang Guoqiang looked excitedly, see the roots of the penis in the small labipings, and a Yuan The little girl has sexual relationship.

Li Jinxia used a white little hand and asked his own swelling, and asked Xiaoshu: “How? Comfortable.”

Yang Guoqiang said excited: “Yes! It’s good …”

Li Jinxia “giggling” smile and said, “Let’s take a hole in the hole with the little girl?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Ah, yes.” Li Jinxia: “Then you have to get slowly when you let’s get it, be careful when you are too excited. Gone!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Ok, huh …”

Li Jinxia: “Look at your stupid! Hey, tell the truth, you are so hard, I will encounter, my boyfriend is far more than you, is not as good as you do my boyfriend?”

Yang Guoqiang: “How many boyfriends do you have?”

Li Jinxia: “You are the second, how can there be a few? I am not the kind of woman.”

Although Yang Guoqiang has had sexual experience, but this time and Jinxia still feel very fresh, this is the second and his own relationship, although it is no longer a woman, but she doesn’t suffer, but she actually became a male . “Hey, this is still the best, if you tell her now, I may not play.”

He feels that the penis is inserted into the vagina of Jinxia, ​​not like Xiaucui, but it is not simple, and the warm and comfortable big penis will pass a few times.

Li Jinxia: “Ah! …” called.

Yang Guoqiang smiled and said: “How? Who hurts?”

Li Jinxia: “What is painful, I am not the first time. Your thing makes me so comfortable, don’t move insert, I will not be able to come back and forth.”

Yang Guoqiang also deliberately asked: “How to move?”

Li Jinxia: “Oh, learn A, you will do it.”

Yang Guoqiang took Jinxia’s knee, butt, the big penis slowly passed from the vagina, and only the thick penis was wet by prostitution in the vagina. The tender meat in the vaginal mouth also revealed with the pensions of the penis. When he took out half, he put the hip forward, the big penis slowly inserted the vagina, and then watched the tender meat of the vaginal mouth and squeezed into it. go……

Li Jinxia screamed: “Ah … right! Just … comfortable to die … Your cock is really hard! … ah … Oh!”

Yang Guoqiang: “My cock is not just hard, ejaculation can be more, I will shoot you vague.”

Li Jinxia suddenly surprised: “Ye! I almost forgot, you have come out!”

Yang Guoqiang withdrew from the penis: “What’s wrong?”

Li Jinxia: “You didn’t shoot it in it?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I just insert a few times, I can shoot it.”

Jinxia sat up, took out a long pouch from the backpack hanging from the bed, torn to remove a circular glue, only the edges were thick, the middle was a layer film, and he also raised a small Hill above .

Yang Guoqiang has never seen this thing, asked: “Hey, what is this.”

Li Jinxia said smiled: “I haven’t seen it? This is called a condom, which is for you.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Give me … how to use?”

Li Jinxia: “Come, close to the point.”

He took the lower body near the bed, Jinxia left hand holding the big penis gently, holding a condom, an index finger and thumb pinching the raised hill, put the circle on a thin side of a wet glans Then, the left hand refers to the edge, along the penis, and then look at the set and gradually launched, like a small pocket on a thick penis.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “This thing is true, the set is still transparent, even the greens on the cock can see”

He asked: “What do you do?”

Li Jinxia: “Contraception, you have to shoot the fine solution into my vagina will make me pregnant, the set is here, I can’t enter the vagina, I have n’thing to do.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Where can this thing be installed?”

Li Jinxia: “You didn’t see there is a small sac below? I just squeeze the air inside, waiting for you to eat here.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Oh … As long as I shoot the fine solution in you, can you pregnant?”

Li Jinxia: “That is not necessarily, if you catch up with my fast month, it is easy to pregnancy. Or use it well, if you accidentally make it, you have trouble.”

Yang Guoqiang thought: “Ah … I am like Xiaucing, I am coming to me. Later, I got bigger her stomach. Remember that the physiology said that the menstruation is ovulation, can you not be pregnant? Hey, I didn’t know if there were condoms, otherwise we can’t break up so quickly. “

Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, what are you thinking?” Yang Guoqiang: “Ah … Nothing, I am very fun.”

Jin Xia is lying on the bed, Yang Guoqiang is just in the same way again, and the condom feels that there is no discomfort, and it is reduced to some excitement, and it will not immediately produce ejaculation. He moved in front of him, hip efforts, the thick penis piston was quickly tweak in the vagina, Li Jinxia powder was red, smiled and smiled with Yang Guoqiang, it seems satisfied with her adultery. The big penis is in vitably in the vagina. Each time the insert is thrown with her flesh tremor, the vaginal secretion has a large amount of prostitute, soaking the penis slippery, it is really cool!

Yang Guoqiang looked down and saw his long penis in Li Jinxia’s vagina. NS. At this time, Jin Xia is refreshing, she feels full of vaginal, the thick penis is grinding, and the lapse is very popular, and her vaginal port is not hidden, and the hoop is hard The “meat stick” Every twitch will be multiplied.

Li Jinxia thought: “Ah … I really didn’t look wrong! I can have such a boyfriend is really happy.”

Because there were two years not to pay for the little girl, this time, Yang Guoqiang is very excited, and it will come to sex orgasm for a long time. He could not help but speed up the speed, the coarse penis was frequently shuttled between the two swollen small labs in Jinxia, ​​and a pair of testicles in the crotch were swing back and forth. The two people hit the “啪”. Li Jinxia suddenly breathed, the sound was constantly, the pair of breasts were constantly shaking, and it was obvious that the penis was puffed in the vagina, stirred the small abdomen muscle wavy. ……

The frequency of frequency makes Yang Guoqiang feel more and more itchy, and the waist is a pressure. He knows that it is ejaculation, slamming the penis deep into the vagina, and suddenly a hot stream is sprayed from the urethra. The big talents pick one in it, and the thick semen are excreted. Li Jinxia is close to the pleasure of experience sexual love, suddenly feels hot inside, knowing Yang Guoqiang has ejaculated.

She is busy: “Don’t insert it, come out soon!”

Yang Guoqiang just fired, and he felt soft. Surperse: “What is eager? Anyway, there is a condom, you can’t pregnant.”

Li Jinxia: “Your cock will fall down, and sperm flows out.”

Yang Guoqiang took out the penis, see it slowly soft, the front end of the condom is slight, and it is filled with milk white semen.

Li Jinxia: “You see, if you slow down again.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “You know more in this regard, I will ask more in the future.”

Li Jinxia: “There is you learned, you promised to be my boyfriend, I will teach you.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Good wow! I am like a girlfriend who will love, let it find.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! What do you mean? Joke, I am not a woman?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I don’t mean this. Hey, but also, I only have to go everywhere.”

Li Jinxia: “What happened to” I can’t let you find me this. Hey, you are still the essence. “

Yang Guoqiang: “Is there a lot of do you have a long time. Hey, are you very cool?”

Li Jinxia: “What is it? You will be smashed, I haven’t come to the climax, you will shoot.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “I haven’t done it, I will play several times later.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! Then you can’t see you, if you are so old, I will not play with you.”

At this time, Yang Guoqiang took a pants. See Jin Xia naked in the bed, looked at him without panic.

Li Jinxia: “What are you eager? Now there are still a few people in the holiday dormitory, and what are you see?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Still wearing it, if there is something to wear, do not drive.”

Li Jinxia smiled and said, “I can’t think of you, I am so small, I haven’t worried my boyfriend last night, what is big during the day?”

Yang Guoqiang is shocked: “What is your boyfriend here?”

Li Jinxia: “Hey … I am scared, he has already gone. Hey, you have to say, the trick is also a stealing, don’t you feel very exciting?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Don’t you do this later, let him see it is not good.” Li Jinxia: “Stupid, he is not this school, we are a junior high school, and then you have just promised to be my boyfriend, how? If you want to smash me? “

Yang Guoqiang: “You have a boyfriend, I am plugged in again?”

Li Jinxia: “I just let you” insert “come in, then say that there is a real thing, you will play.

Yang Guoqiang: “Ah, you want me to do your friend is playing?”

Li Jinxia: “That’s not good, look at it. If you don’t want me, maybe you will keep up with you. Gigbling!”

Yang Guoqiang thought: “No matter who, you can have a play, you can’t say it in the future.”

After a while, Jinxia wore clothes, and the two packed up the bed.

Li Jinxia said: “Hey, I want to go to the street, do you take me well?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Well.”

Then, the two left the dormitory, hand holding hands out of the school gate.

243 bedroom in the campus (2)

Since Yang Guoqiang and the same class girl Li Jinxia have a physical thing, the two often come and go, and a blink of an eye is two months. One day, the classroom didn’t see them, and the girl in the 253 bedroom of the girl’s dormitory was on, there was a pair of men and women sitting on the bed, the girl faced the boys, the legs across his thighs, holding his hands. Shoulder, buttocks in the roots of boys and thighs, the roots are frequently landed; the hands of boys rendered into the girl’s top, and the lower things are rough under the lower abdomen.

This pair of boys and girls are Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia. Because the evening class is an external teacher, the teachers of this school go home from get off work, so there is happening in the phenomenon of the class. Nothing in the dormitory, there is no need to be suspected there, the two often take the time in the evening, and there is no one in the dormitory. Now Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia have had more than ten sexual relations, and learn many sex skills. Sexual relationship is also prolonged than the previous few times, basically can reach the chivalrous woman with her men.

In December, it has been in the late autumn, the weather is also getting cold, and the clothes wearing in natural body are more. In case, Jinxia has a bare lower body every time, once there is a girl in the same time, she can quickly put on the pants; Yang Guoqiang does not dare to naked the whole body naked in the summer, he often wears a socket, The pants don’t have a tights, and you can put down the pants every time you will be able to mention it. However, the two are still very fortunate, each time in the bedroom, is not found in the classmate, today is about here. At this time, they have gradually entered the best, Jinxia micro-leased lip sexy loudly, the jade body rises up and down, the white tenderness of the white egg falls together in Yang Guoqiang’s thigh, a thick and long big penis in her Two-share is now available. Yang Guoqiang stroked Jinxia slim waist, and smoothed the head to the upper clothes … The two cooperated with a very tacit understanding, Jinxia contraction the vaginal mouth, the thick, big meat stick, butt, the butt is up and down Yin Yusi is in the top; Yang Guoqiang brings a stronger sexual pleasure to let Jinxia, ​​but also stimulates her body’s sexy district, with a mouth of the mask to stimulate the nipple, the big penis is hard, and the vagina is Full Deng Deng. The two have been near the climax. Jinxia surely peeled the shirt, and took the hand to pick the bra, revealing the breasts of the bulk drum; Yang Guoqiang held the breast, and gently rubbed it with the mouth. Catch, Jinxia was made up, she swabulated her jade, the little ass frequently landed. The weather outside has begun to be cold, but this house is full of spring. The two people are already sweatly. Jintia’s bed sound is getting bigger and bigger. Yang Guofeng is afraid that the people in the surrounding bedroom I heard it, hurry up with her mouth, two tongues started to get around each other … I finally came to the climax, she felt contraction of the vaginal burst, an unblented sexual pleasure from the clitoris to the entire abdominal radiation. Suddenly, Jinxia’s body was jitter, and it felt like floating. After the climax, Yang Guoqiang’s big penis is still inserted inside, Jinxia stands up, and the long penis slides out of the wet vagina.

Li Jinxia squatting on the ground, using the fiber-optic jade to hold the penis smile: “You really do it! I am getting more and more powerful, I have come to a climax, you haven’t shot…”

Yang Guoqiang: “Then you let me plug.”

Li Jinxia smiled: “I will not let you plug it again! Now I have a good class. I will come back to get out of class. Come, I will help you shoot.”

After finishing, she took the condom on the penis, and she hit her penis in her hand, and leained out the tongue to lick the purple big talents, and the small hands were stripped. Yang Guoqiang suddenly became an inexplicer, not a meeting, and several milky white semen were sprayed from the small hole in front of the glans. Jinxia is not a waste of it. Zhang Xiaoyao has a glans, and the semen is all swallowed in, and the penis gradually becomes soft after shooting. Li Jinxia smiled with his hand with his hand and smiled: “You are especially the escape!”

Yang Guoguo said his trousers: “It’s for two or three days, can you don’t have much?”

Li Jinxia: “Gone! So you usually not masturbate?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Is there a happiness in your masturbation? And say that I live in the dormitory, can you make so many people?”

Li Jinxia: “When I didn’t know you before, I thought about my boyfriend, now I like you, you are more than him.”

Yang Guoqiang deliberately decorated unhappy look: “Hey! You have two boyfriend, I know you are not a woman.”

Li Jinxia: “Don’t you suspect that I am not a woman, help you?”

Yang Guoqiang is happy, asked: “That’s good! Have you found it?”

Li Jinxia: “Look at your color, I haven’t thought about it yet.”

Yang Guoqiang: “That is not to say it.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! I have to find it, I can’t find it.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Do you have any conditions?”

Li Jinxia: “The conditions are very simple, do not like new and old! And when I need it, you have to accompany me.”

Yang Guoqiang: “This can get, I promise!”

Li Jinxia: “Then I will believe it once. Yes, what do you think of the king of the class?”

Yang Guoqiang: “What? She …”

Li Jinxia: “Why can’t I see people? But I think she seems to be a bit mean to you.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “Don’t misunderstand, I can do it for her.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! You are really stupid. I didn’t say that you like her. It is also interesting to you, you will play with her, Colorant and I live together, she is a woman’s wife. “

Yang Guoqiang: “Can I? I listen to her, there are boyfriend.”

Li Jinxia: “You don’t understand this, and the girl likes you, but it is a boyfriend, in fact, he wants to try you liked her.”

Yang Guoqiang: “It turns out like this …”

Li Jinxia: “You must take the initiative to find her, but can’t let her know the relationship between the tricks.”

Yang Guoqiang: “This I know, but the two have to be alienated on the surface.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey, you don’t have a nearby her.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You can rest assured, I just want to go to her, I will not like it.”

Li Jinxia: “That’s not good, you can’t do it with her.”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “If you are, you will be on one.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! Get it, I really don’t know if you can’t stand it. Ok, you will go, I will come back.”

She put on her trousers first opened the door to see no one in the hallway, and Yang Guoqiang went out.

He suddenly turned back to the door, and went a lot in Jinxia Crot. Play words: “Goodbye, come back to your” Cave “haha next time! “

Li Jinxia lifted him and said, “Go to you, big rogue!”

Then, “” put the door.

Yang Guoqiang returned to the boy dormitory, lying on the bed recalled that the words just said, and pondered how to bubble to bubble. The next day he found a chance to get into the color, but it was a bit unhealthy as the classmates, and finally she came out of the classroom at the time of the class. The opportunity came, Yang Guoqiang secretly followed it, seeing her into the female toilet, and suddenly felt that she was taken, and I was shocked to look back is Li Jinxia.

Yang Guoqiang: “You scared me!”

Li Jinxia: “Getting … Who are you tracking? Such ghosts.”

Yang Guoqiang: “I will wait for Wang Color Li.”

Li Jinxia: “? What is it you do not take the initiative, how people know?” Yeung: “She’s in the toilet it.”

Li Jinxia: “hee hee you do not have to go, when she was not yet put on the pants, put on her to not to end it!.”

Yang Guoqiang: “To you, it is not rape me and I want her to voluntarily go to bed.”

Li Jinxia: “Hurray, you slowly let her voluntary bar I go.!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Where are you going to die?”

Li Jinxia: “You do not want to accompany me, I had to find a boyfriend bubble concentrate on your giggle … Wang Caili it.!”

Yang Guoqiang: “You have to go out so late?”

Li Jinxia: “Today Friday, tomorrow is not class, I stayed the night in his friends to pray.!”

After a while, come out from the toilet Wangcai Li, Yang Guoqiang quickly to meet her. Choi Lai See the opposite to the individual, a closer look was his ……

Her heart burst of excitement, whispered: “? How you’re here.”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “ah … I am here waiting for you.”

Cai Li a happy heart is a happy feeling in my heart. She faces the prospect asked: “Do you wait for me … what do you want??”

Yang Guoqiang: “two find a place where no one say, okay?”

Wang Caili embarrassed head down, said: “What is so mysterious thing go?.”

They came to a dark corridor who did not pass, quietly facing the station for about half a minute.

Zhuangzhuang Dan Yang Guoqiang first said: “Cai Li, I like you to be my girlfriend please.?”

Wangcai Li listened surprised, just can not believe my ears, and his face fever. She asked: “Is it true?”

Yang Guoqiang see she was a little real meaning, greater courage, she hugged said: “! Cai Li is true I love you …”

Cai Li imagine that he actually hugged himself, nervous wanted to break open. But he hugged tightly, and mouth also posted over. Cai Li and excited and nervous, heart “pound” bounce, Yang Guoqiang just felt warm lips close in his mouth, tongue in her lips crawling around. She opened her mouth to catch his breath, Yang Guoqiang opportunity his tongue into her mouth, the two tongues around each other, kissing passionately embrace … In this way, Wang Caili unwittingly gave his first kiss.

Yang Guoqiang began kissing the side edge just hug Choi Lai waist, then letting him hand touched down on the hips, and with his chest squeezing her breasts; After a child he saw Cai Li did not resist, relied on guts right hand out into her crotch, pants stroked across her genitals. At the moment, Wang Caili very excited, and the first time the boys kissing, he stroked, I feel very comfortable. Her sense of resistance gradually reduced, can not help but hugged him …… Yang Guoqiang first-hand stroking her buttocks, the other hand rubbing her genitals, although separated by a thick pants, you can feel the hand of the gluteal muscle and elastic expansion mons scarred. His lust germination, the crotch of kinky things began swelling up, Yang Guoqiang could not restrain himself, pulled down the pants, the big stiff penis out from the crotch. Then he took a thick and long penis probe to the next Caili crotch pants in her pussy through the friction … Cai Li Ge felt something under the crotch, touched down smoothly warm, stiffly. She was surprised, looking down at a project from the crotch to the Yang Guoqiang. Black corridor can not see, but can guess what it is. Cai Li, “ah” sound, wanted to hand back out, always has been closely Yang Guoqiang, coarse large penis attached to her hands, forcing it back and forth in the above stripping and moving. Cai Li also could not resist, with the other hand flapping Yang Guoqiang chest, can not break open force is too small, gradually no longer resisted, let the head down shyly playing, I do not know their own hands in the Okanagan ” rub on the big Rougun “how long, I suddenly feel a shake, then a few shots slimy liquid spray in your hand …… this time, Yang Guoqiang let go, Choi Lai shy took the opportunity to run away. She went to the ladies room to wash the pool of slime screw on the handle to flush out water.

She thought: “He pee in my hand what is clingy, or white …?”

She does not understand, is shot in the hands of male semen. Cai Li returned to the classroom, a saw Yang Guoqiang has been sitting in his seat and looked back at her smile, two eyes just right together. Wangcai Li’s face, “Teng” look red, sitting in the heart of panic was beating his seat.

Monday, calisthenics time, Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia just stay in the classroom sanitary duties.

Lijin Xia asked: “hey, how about taking a dip her?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “bubble a little girl is not easy …”

He talked about the day.

Li Jinxia listened to the smile: “You can really have a bile, just let her touch your things.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Of course, she is the first time. But her little hand grasped my dick, itchy, I will shoot it, I have made her hands. Hahaha!”

Li Jinxia also laughed and said before, saying: “Try again! Strive to take her bed quickly. Gigbling …”

Later, Yang Guoqiang found Wang Zaili every day, and the classmates also knew their relationship, and the two were more intimate. The time is gradually, it will find a good time to give the color Li Li …

December 22nd, Sunday. The five girls in the 223 bedroom have three home, only Jinxia and Colorah don’t go, the two are chatting in the house.

Wang Zedi: “How do you not go home this day?”

Li Jinxia: “I want to go home, but I can’t go for you, I can’t go.”

Wang Zai Li: “For me? …”

Li Jinxia: “Yes, the classmates of the class know that you and Yang Guoqiang are good, today is less people, I will let him go here and date.”

Wang Zai Li’s face is red, said: “What do you do to do this? More inconvenient.”

Li Jinxia “giggling”: “Is there any inconvenience? No one here, you can pick a kiss, hug, no one can see.”

Color Li shyly hit Jinxia said: “What are you talking! What is your relationship with him, so will you help him?”

Li Jinxia: “It’s not that I helped him, he asked me to help.”

As I said, the bedroom door opened Yang Guoqiang, and the color of the color saw his face was red.

Jinxia saw him got up and said: “Okay, you talk about it, I will go out, come back at noon.”

After that, she went out to put the door. I also listened to the “哢” and launched the door.

Wang Zai Li heard the lock door, hurry up and shouted: “Hey, open the door! What is the lock door?”

Yang Guoqiang looked at her and said: “Nothing, lock doors are also afraid that others are not very good.”

Wang Zhao Li: “It is better to go out.”

Yang Guoqiang: “She all left, the door is not open, wait until noon, come back.”

In fact, this is his and Li Jinxia. At this time, Yang Guoqiang took the color to kiss her enthusiastically. Wang Zai Li’s 18th, the long phase is general, the body is very slim, and the skin is tender and very sexy. But the only shortcoming is that the two front teeth are very conspicuous. The students call her “big broth” when Yang Guoqiang begins, and he put his hands on the colorful little butt, and the color is in In love, it is not too much to twist the jade body. Yang Guoqiang slowly down again, first touched the colored thigh, and then moved one hand to the inside of the thigh, and stuck the root of the thigh. Gradually, the hand explores her mouth, her palm is on the crotch, and it is stimulated from time to time. This color has been reflected, she reached out to resist, protect her “penalty area”, but his hand does not leave, and it is more obvious. Colorah feels that the body is getting hotter and hot, and the heart is straight, she is afraid of such a feeling, but she is eager to stimulate this. When two people were in love, Yang Guoqiang often did a similar sexual harassment, but she felt excited; sometimes, after love, she will think that under the bottom of the undergar is a little wet. She still didn’t realize that this is sexuality …

When I hug, Colorah also felt that Yang Guoqiang’s hard object is on her own thigh. Have she still seen the east and west? I don’t know why it’s so hard, it will become so hard. She touched her, but she felt that the things were bare! Looking down, I don’t know when Yang Guoqiang took off his pants, and the lower body red strip presented in front of himself.

Wang Zai Li was scared and said: “How do you take your pants!”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “In fact, I have long wanted to let you see my body, but I have no chance. Today is right! Too much!”

Wang Zai Li was the first time to see the child’s lower body. I saw him extending a thick and long “meat stick” and touched up. There is also a round drum, and the lower abdomen is full of coil. She is full of red, ashamed, she doesn’t know where it is optimistic.

Yang Guoqiang smiled and said: “What are you afraid? Are you not touched once. Come! Touch it again, see it has much harm.”

Colorful is shy, but it is firmly grasped, and you have to gently hold the thick “meat stick”. But she is still ashamed, but she holds her head and holds a penis. Yang Guoqiang is also very excited. The penis can’t help but move it. He began to touch the colorful wrist, forcing the back and forth. Gradually, the color is not so shy, the red face is slightly retired, she turned his head, looking at the penis, the thing is really too big, my little hand can hold it. Then the inclusions of the front end of the penis is even more round, there is a small hole in the middle … At this time, Yang Guoqiang said: “How? Bar enough! The most in front of the glans, want to play?”

Wang Zai Li said whispered: “How to play? …”

Yang Guoqiang: “You also take your clothes, let me see it. I have never seen a little girl’s body grows.”

Wang Zhao Li listened, his face was red. Missimose: “Is there anything? Isn’t it a little longer?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I have given you, don’t you show me?”

Wang Zhao Li: “Not. But here, what should I do?”

Yang Guoqiang: “You forgot? The door is locked. Again, the door glass is full of paper, and I can’t see it outside.”

Wang Zai Li: “That …”

Yang Guoqiang: “What is it. Let’s hurry! Let’s go to bed.”

Wang Zai Li: “To go to bed? … What do you mean?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Now, the house can be seen from the outside, the bed is in the wall, and you can see it outside.”

Wang Zhao Li: “Then, go to my bed.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Which is your bed?”

Wang Zai Li: “Jinxia is on the shop.”

Yang Guoqiang took off the top, naked the body’s colorful bed, and saw that the big penis in his crowd was rough and straight up, and it was so beautiful. Colorah is also taken off the bed, but she didn’t take off. Yang Guoqiang knows that a little girl who has not passed the person, so he helps she take off his top, unlocking white breasts, showing a white tender breast in front of the chest. Yang Guoqiang put his hands gently and gently on her breasts, and the colorful breasts were still full, just raised a pair of small meat bags in the chest. I feel that I don’t want to think, and my hand extends to the bottom, unlocking her belt, reaching into her pants right hand, and touching the panties. The color is nervous, and the hand is busy in the “penalty area” to protect your own. Yang Guoqiang took her hand out and put her in his erect’s big penis, and then pulled her trousers, together with the underwear, and the color is naked. Her face is red, and there will be no bombs, Yang Guoqiang lies the color to the bed and began to appreciate her. Surprisingly, her yin is not long, and the light is outlying a little girl who has not arrived in adolescents.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “Color Li, do you have a dozen this year?”

Wang Zai Li said shyly: “I … 18th. What happened?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “It’s strange! You are 18 years old, the yin is still long.”

Colorah is shy. Said: “What is strange? You don’t want to see.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Hey! Your light board is really good, how is it so big?

Colorful is ashamed, and Yang Guoqiang drills his head to her white thighs. The lips were posted on the beautiful and glamorous lips, and then carefully appreciated. I saw two big labs closed tightly, covering the small labips in the inside and the vaginal mouth, the light jeopardy is clean and can’t find, compared to Li Jinxia’s pussy, see Clear and more. “Wow! It’s a virgin.” Yang Guoqiang is very excited, starting with the middle finger of the right hand in the middle of the big lips, the color is the first time to take directly by the boys, ashamed, she can’t stop. Yang Guoqiang took the colorful hand, his hand pressed in her yin, and pressed the shock while I took it … I got a while, I didn’t reflect, and I didn’t reflect the colored legs. I kneel in the middle of her legs. Lend down the waist into the genitals, extend the tongue with saliva and wet lips. The tongue is slightly dialing the big labia, let it get slowly and unfold until the small labia in the inside. He used his tongue to lick the red labia, sniffed to the colorful genitals, and he likes this smell in the small girl. It feels really good!

Gradually, the small labello is slowly bloating under the constant stimulation, and the narrow vagina in the middle is revealed. Yang Guoqiang also used his lips to turn two small labips, do a generic pull, and the laborary is getting wet, and the middle of the flesh is also bloated. Close an eye to the inquiry, can faintly see the fresh-red female film covered on the vaginal mouth. He is very excited, I really want to use the big penis to open it! However, the vaginal port only flows out of very little secretion, but now insert is not only the hard work, but it is easy to brother the color. So he remembered the stimulus of the dysfunction, her clitoris was very good, and I saw it at the joints above the lips. Yang Guoqiang took the clitoris and continued to thorns it. This trick relieved, the color is very excited, the child is straight, the legs are close to Yang Guoqiang, and they also trembled … She thought: “This … What’s wrong? … so itchy! “

Wang Zai Li can’t control it. Yang Guoqiang heard that he was very happy. This recruited true spirit. Every time I gave it to Jinxia, ​​I also made her call more than that, it seems that the clitoris is the most sensitive place for the little girl. At this time, the prostitute secreted by the vaginal port is much more, the small labello is wet into bright red. Yang Guoqiang also wanted to fire, he raised the colorful jade leg raised the lotus, and then his long big penis was close to her Yin, and the hand was peeled with the reddish glans on the small labi, along The cracks in the middle slide …

At this time, the color is excited and scared. She closed intoxicated in happiness, and she didn’t realize Yang Guoqiang’s move. Suddenly, I feel that the body hurts, as if there is a hard and round thing to drill into my body. She was shocked, and she looked at the penis is facing her body, immediately understand that she has already lost his belt.

She said with a crying chamber: “Yang Guoqiang! How do you …”

When I said, I cried.

Yang Guoqiang said: “Color Li, you don’t cry, will be heard by others. I am too impulsive, I am sorry.”

Color Li didn’t cry, she sobbed: “You … how can you? I haven’t married you yet.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “What are you afraid of? Is it normal to marry before? You have to marry me sooner or later, and experience it in advance.”

Under his flowers, Colora is finally smile. She said in poorly: “I have already given you the body, are you really willing to marry me?”

Yang Guoqiang said a smile: “That is of course.”

He hosted the colorful little egg, moved her pills to her own, and the body was connected by a thick “big meat column”. The colorful vagina is inserted into the boy’s penis. It feels that the vaginal mouth is swelling and painful. The big talents have been drilled in a little bit. She is nervous. The vaginal cavity is also very tight, and it feels a strong arrogant. Refused.

Wang Zai Li smiled and said: “Yea … It hurts! Still don’t get it.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “It doesn’t matter, you don’t be too nervous, you will be fine.”

Said, his right hand gently looked down the lord, let her gradually relax, the penis continues to plug in. Slowly, the thick penis is not in the colorful vagina, and the glory is swollen. The narrow virgin is tolerant around the penis, it is really warm and comfortable.

Wang Zai Lihong faced Yang Guoqiang and said: “You are really bad! It’s hurting. “Yang Guoqiang ha” laughed: “The first pain is normal, it may be that your women’s film will feel hurt.”

Wang Zai Li: “What is a hymen?”

Yang Guoqiang: “What? You don’t even know what yourself, the hymen is the film on the vaginal mouth, the first time it is broken, because the long face has a capillary, so it will feel hurt. “

Listening to him, say it is simple. Wang Zai Li: “Oh, I didn’t know so much before. Hey, how did you know these?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “I am … I saw it from a tablet.”

Wang Zai Li: “What is a film?”

Yang Guoqiang: “It is yellow …”

Wang Zaiti: “You still look at that piece? I am really disgusting! I will not allow you to see it later.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Good! I used to see because there is no girlfriend. Now you have me to accompany me, I don’t have to look at it!”

He thought: “Hey! It’s a pure girl. This kind of thing is to see a few A film will, she actually wants.”

Then he slowly smoked the penis, but saw some vaginal secretions above, did not see the red. “It’s strange? The hymen is open, how can I not bleed?” But so long, I saw her is a woman … Yang Guoqiang is pressing down, the penis is no longer entering the vagina, he began to slide, color Li The bow is legs, the small hand scratches the sheets, and bites the lips to withstand the impact of the penis. Although she is satisfied, she deeply loves her. Yang Guoqiang straight together, with his hands holding colorful knees, hip one after another, with a thick penis, and he is finally wishing. After the sexual intercourse last, Yang Guoqiang gradually excited, and the penis was sluggish, and the frequency of the thrust was accelerated. The colorful vagina is constantly stimulated, and it is much more humid than just, but it is still very tight. The vaginal mouth is close to the penis, so that he is thrown up, and it has a lot of feelings that have to be ejaculation. Yang Guoqiang quickly smashed the penis, sticked to the small labipings, Wang Zai Li suddenly felt the vaginal in the vagina, bowed to the next, see the penis has been quit, the big turtle turns into a purple, and the round is very wet land. She thought it was finished. I just wanted to sit and be strong in the body, I feel that the vaginal mouth is swollen, the penis is plugged in …

This time, the big penis began to shuttle quickly, I don’t know how much, quickly smoke, just in an instant of the glans left the vaginal mouth, a milky white semen jet. Then, the glans were attached to the yin, the penis gradually became soft. Colorful is ashamed, and the clothes will be blocked in the chest. When you look at the lower body, you will also stick some of the refined spots on the bed.

Wang Zai Li saw the semen of the white flower shot. Said: “What have you diapers? I’m really disgusting!”

Yang Guoqiang: “That is the semen I am shooting.”

Colorful is ashamed, and the two silently lively in bed for a while, putting clothes on clothes. At noon, Li Jinxia came back. She saw the colorful face red, and smiled it in her bed. Yang Guoqiang looked at Jinxia. I feel some unhealthy, I will go for an excuse …

223 bedroom in the campus (3)

Wang Zai was broken by Yang Guo, from the relationship between the two more intimate, but the colorful character was very embarrassed, and the courage was small. After that time, I didn’t dare to have sex with him. No way, Yang Guoqiang mixed with Colorant and Li Jinxia …

On December 31, 1996, the school opened the New Year’s Day at the General Assembly Hall, after standing three in the afternoon. Some students go home, I don’t want to go home, I can play all night in the classroom. Wang Zai Li is going to walk with Yang Guoqiang, but her dad is coming to pick her.

At this time, Li Jinxia found him say: “Hey, there is no one in today, they all go home …”

The two entered the 223 bedroom, Li Jinxia took off his pants naked to her bed, Yang Guoqiang fade with the pants as usual, and pull out the erect’s big penis. Jinxia squatted and grasped the long penis, put it in his mouth, got a while, she made Yang Guo. Because the two are now a long time, it is ready to pay for it. Li Jinxia took out the condom from the pocket, took it out on the big penis, and then his hand was holding the ass; Yang Guoqiang came to her, stretching the penis from behind, smashed on the small lab, let the prostitute On the set. Then, the talents slipped along the cracks between the lains, and the hip forwarded a “screaming”, the thick penis was inserted into Li Jinxia’s vagina.

Jinxia “ah 哟” called, and then his ass will open up, with the penis throttled in his vagina. Yang Guoqiang took her hip, the lower body was moved, and the thick penis was in the small cloudy lip. After a while, the two of the two people were already obscencing.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “” Still find an experienced little girl to play cool! “

I thought that I had a holiday, and some people will come back, and I have a little bit, forgot to insert the door. When the two are passionate, suddenly the bedroom door opened, walk into a female student.

Li Jinxia saw someone came in, and suddenly shocked. Say: “Yu Xinna! How? …”

It turned out that this girl is a student in two classes with Jinxia. When Xin Na saw Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia are naked, a “big meat stick” is in the middle of the two people, she can’t help but surprise, then I want to win the door. Yang Guoqiang was also shocked at this time, the big penis was soft, slipped from Jinxia’s vagina. He stepped into the door to enter the door, then plugged in the door, and at that time did not care, the whole lower body was exposed in front of her.

Yu Xin Na said panicked: “Yang Guoqiang, what do you want to do?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I only ask you to say that I and Jinxia ‘s things.”

Yu Xin Nahong said: “I don’t care about your idle, let me go.”

Li Jinxia also said: “No! Why do you guarantee?”

Yu Xinon: “I will definitely not say, you believe me.”

Li Jinxia: “Believe in you? You don’t say it now, how long does it take to say?”

Yu Xinona: “What do you want to do?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Since she promised, let her go.”

Li Jinxia: “Can’t let her go! Unless you also put her, I don’t dare.”

Seika: “Don’t … don’t you.”

Yang Guoqiang picked up new Na, put her in bed, Li Jinxia came over and reached out to her pants. Yu Xin Na cried and struggled, but after all, the power was insufficient, and the pants were taken off and the genitals exposed. Jinxia went to bed, grabbed the hands of Jina, Yang Guoqiang stood on the bed, opened her legs, and only saw her yell, also woolen. The penis is once again excited. Yang Guoqiang flashed the big penis with hand, finger on the big ladle, put the wet glans on the small labi, follow the flesh to force it, no one is still The whole penis is inserted into the vagina of Jina. The thick penis begins to push it inside, Jina is shameful, close to the eyes, tears can not live out: she doesn’t shout, the brain is empty, I can’t say anything.

In the nineteen of Xinona, don’t see that she is only 19 years old, but it is very full. Yang Guoqiang reached into her top, and stroked the full breasts, it is really a bit! Xin Na’s vagina is very tight, but it is not like a virgin, because it is easy to insert, and it has been humid. He withdrew from the penis, seeing the blood of the woman above, kicking the yin, did not have a female film, like it has already been opened.

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “New Na, you are not a woman?”

When I said, I said: “What happened?”

Li Jinxia heard: “Hey! I thought you were the first time, it was also opened. Since you have passed, what are you ashamed?”

Yu Xinona: “What happened? Who is like you so don’t face, there is a boyfriend to steal a man. Said!”

Li Jinxia: “Who are you talking about? Operation! You are not the same now.”

Xin Na will no longer talk, Yang Guoqiang inserts the penis into her vagina and starts tooth; don’t look at her is not a woman, but the vagina is still very tight, feelings and adultery is similar. Yu Xin Na no longer resists, closed his eyes, let him play, although it is raped, I still feel sorry for my boyfriend, more afraid of being known by others, I have to cry silently. Jinxia also released his hand, looking at the bed in bed, see Yang Guoqiang’s thick penis frequently in the new Na vagina, she also excitedly got the flour, the small hand was posted on her yin, the fingers blunt the ladle masturbation . Yang Guoqiang saw Jinxia’s hunger and thirst. He made a few times in the vagina in Jina, and then quit to let Jin Xia come over.

Li Jinxia hurriedly came to, reached out, just have to hold the yin, suddenly said: “Yeah, how can you not see it?”

Yang Guoqiang: “When didn’t it? Hey, Na is not fell into your vagina?”

Yu Xin Na glanced at him, stretching his fingers, Li Jinxia also stretched his finger into his vagina, and took a while, took the set.

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Ah … I know what is going on. When she recently, I was afraid that the cock was soft, and I left the set to you. Haha!”

Jinxia also laughed and said, “Look at you, you can be scared.

Yang Guoqiang: “Right, I haven’t had a set, New Na can’t be pregnant?”

Li Jinxia: “Yes, this can not be very good, or you can buy some emergency contraceptives, if you are pregnant, you can trouble.”

Yu Xinon: “Hey! I have something, you can’t do it. I have a uterine cap in me.”

Li Jinxia: “You still have the things, but only when you love, how do you wear it every day?”

※ | JKF Czech Forum Yu Xinona: “What, I originally want to go to the boyfriend today, who wants to meet the two don’t want to face this, and still pull me.”

Then, she sat on the bed opposite, also continue to head down sobbing. Jinxia already posed in bed waiting for, and she went to near Yang Guoqiang, put the new adhesive Na Yin Ye big penis into the vagina once again Jinxia’s mouth water. Penis began thrusting up, writhing Jiaoqu combined with Jinxia, ​​this felt her vagina obviously not as good as the new Na tight. Yang Guoqiang thought: “really interesting every girl’s vagina are not the same, Xiao Cui too long remember, Choi Lai was a virgin, of course, very tight; can Jinxia new and Na have been opened, and how obviously! different? how many times possible with dry about it? … “

He pressed Jinxia who thrusts, the first big penis deep into the vagina, under the relentless two top; then out of half the force on the ground a few vagina, repeated several times put up Jinxia made waves. Because just witnessed the new Na Yang Guoqiang and sexual intercourse, had aroused her sexuality, this time even more unrestrained informal.

Yang Guoqiang arms around her neck, Yinlang, saying: “?! … ah … this is what dry … ah ah ah … really too comfortable itch … oh!”

Large penis pumping wore that Yinye mess vagina, vagina tightening Lijin Xia children, Guzhuo inside Rougun Er, sexual pleasure through my body. Playing for a while, want to play another position, Jinxia said to play “ride in Malaysia,” Yeung lying in bed, leaning on his right hand up the penis to make it erect; Jinxia also on the bed, on the ride of his thighs, vagina mouth child aligned ruddy large penis, body sit down, “Puchi” a bit, took a long swallow the whole penis in your vagina. Then she began to shake undulating hips, set in the vagina Rougun stiff, like a piston sliding up and down … Yeung not idle, Jinxia reached into the coat, stroked pair plump Breast, moving very the lower body with very understanding.

At this time, the new Na nor crying, afford to sit there, watching Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia merrily sexual intercourse. See a long thick penis a hidden now in her lower body, a man full of energy! It is just that they have been inserted into the powerful, the new Na forever indelible memories. Read moment, she actually came sexual desire, tempting to put his hand to the next, with your fingers rubbing pussy masturbation, moaning softly and intermittently ……

Lijin Xia hear, he smiled and took down Yang Guoqiang, let him see. He said: “hey, did not she come to see the thing?.”

Yang Guoqiang: “She will speak masturbation!.”

Li Jinxia: “Kaka Lo been opened girl, but that has not masturbation!.”

Yang Guoqiang: “? Hey, hello yet I just play with her again.”

Li Jinxia: “! Fuck you eating a bowl watching the pot, really lust!”

Although reluctant, but she gave in. Yang Guoqiang out of bed, bulging big penis near to the new Na, she was Weibi eyes, reveling in the pleasure of masturbation, the vision is sometimes near someone, looked outside is Yang Guoqiang. She blushed, embarrassed looked down and saw a thick and long penis is in front of themselves, but also so pretty.

The new Na thought: “I remember coming in from now, almost half an hour, his staying power can be really strong!”

He looked up to see Yang Guoqiang is smiling, looking at myself, my heart burst of nervous, but it can not help but reach out and gently hold the penis. New Na looks not pretty, but it can be a little better than Jinxia, ​​yellow and white skin, wider at the face, eyebrows slightly coarser, larger eyes eyelid; with a touch of red on the cheeks bulging, mouth that look larger a little, and Jinxia as short hair. After all, new to Na Yang Guoqiang is still relatively fresh, and my heart and she would like to play a Tengteng quickly, he signaled a new play with Na, she faces the prospect acquiesced.

Na Yang Guoqiang on to a new bed, off his shirt, her bed and Jinxia beds side by side against the wall, she spread; Lijin Xia also clothes off, sit naked on the bed spread Cai Li, the new Na also up, and have been stripped bare of. Yang Guoqiang laugh watching two female students, they are full of naked flesh, playing Enchanting attitude, really makes him very excited.

Yin Xiao Yang Guoqiang, said: “The new Donna, do you like to play” dog style “Yeah? “

The new Na blush and say: “as you please.”

Li Jinxia aside “giggle,” laughed: “hey, he played” puppy formula “can be powerful! You have to take with it. “

Then, let the new Na Yang Guoqiang kneel lying in bed, buttocks held high, patting his round ass that Fung Signs, separate legs kneeling behind her, the big stiff penis probe into the crotch. Next, an upward, long thick penis once again inserted the new Na vagina.

She is “ah 哟”, tightly tight, clamping the hard things in the vaginal wall; at the same time, Yang Guoqiang also began to be tall and hips, and the thick penis was frequently thrown in the wet vagina. Li Jinxia also came over to Yang Guoqiang back, the pair of breasts in front of the chest could not be frozed, and the left leg lifted, and his thigh in the thigh, the genitals closed in his ass, let The labie is squatting on the top … At this moment, Yang Guoqiang feels that he is really “sexual blessing”! At the same time, he was played with two little girls. He is more selling, and Jina is also swinging his butt, and tightens the vaginal mouth, the headband is tightened to shuttle the penis to get a bigger sexual pleasure. Jinxia turned again, put the yin to Yang Guoqiang’s face, asked him to give his blowjob. He stretched out his tongue, licking Jinxia’s labians and clitoris, making it out of life. Xin Na came to a climax, and the vagina constantly contracted. I feel a kind of sexual pleasure that cannot be speech. It is spread through the whole body from the clitoris; her bed sound is getting bigger and bigger, Jin Xia is listening to it, two teenagers Sound this start, echoing around the 223 bedroom. Xin Na suddenly hired, then it was so fast, almost at the same time, Yang Guoqiang also put the big penis into the vagina, the urethra contraction, first shot the thick semen into the vagina. Because she has a uterine cap, she doesn’t have to be pregnant. When the penis is completely soft, Yang Guoqiang retired; he gave Jintia mouth negated a climax, and the two girlfriends were lying on the bed …

Li Jinxia smiled: “How? We both play with you?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Yes, it’s too stimulated! It will play this later.”

Li Jinxia “giggle” said: “I didn’t expect it, you are still quite, I have made you a climax.”

Looking at the new Na, seeing her still a little harmful. After a while, Jinxia saw a five o’clock in the table, and the sky was also black.

She said: “Tiandu is black, I have to go home tonight, let us get clothes.”

The three men have been under the bed, and the clothes are mixed together, and they can not see who is black in the house.

Li Jinxia said: “I am going to open the light.”

Yu Xinon: “Hey, don’t turn on the light, I pull the curtains.”

She pulled the curtain, Jinxia opened the light, three people put on their trousers. Then, they left the dormitory, in the New Na returned the classroom, Yang Guoqiang and Li Jinxia walked out of school, just came out of the school gate and hugged again. They took the taxis and sat in the car. Jinxia snuggled with him, and intimately like a lover. Yang Guoqiang closed his eyes, recalling things in the afternoon, I really didn’t expect to do two little girls a week, plus Jinxia, ​​and this school has three girlfriends. After the holidays of the New Year, I am going to school. After school, I have been approaching the final exam, and every afternoon is a self-study class. One afternoon, I didn’t see Li Jinxia and Yang Guoqiang in the classroom, and there were three naked bodies in the bedroom of the girl’s dormitory 223 bedroom. At this time, Yang Guoqiang is working with Jinxia. He sits on the bed. After the body, the body is supported behind the bed; Jinxia is divided into jade legs, facing his hands on both sides, hands holding his waist, vertical undulations The vaginal set with yourself and the large penis inside. Yang Guoqiang saw Jinxia chest to breastfeeding. As the body rushed to sway in front of his eyes, he leaned out the tongue turned into two brown small nipples. At this time, Yu Xin Na also got a near front and separated his legs in front of Yang Guoqiang, and the genitals paided his face, and the fingers were smashed with the lips. He also put his mouth on the labip of Jina, and he sucking his tongue into the vaginal mouth. Jinxia seems to be weak, follow the waves, but the buttocks are more powerful. Yang Guoqiang knows that they are all selling themselves, but they are afraid that the sound is too big by others.

He said: “Hey! You are small, don’t be heard.”

Their bed sound was stopped, and they groaned in small. Yang Guoqiang wanted to fire more, got up, put Jinxia in bed, she lifted his legs, and the knee is bent. His double arm is supported on both sides of Jinxia’s body, the legs are moving back, let the big The penis is vertically inserted in the vagina. The long penis was painted by the prostitute. In the humid vagina, it was frequently entering and exit, and the two people gave a “rush,” sound. At this moment, Jina is also a fire, rubbing it with his hands, it is really long for a big penis that makes the hard Bangbang, also insert it into your own vagina.

Li Jinxia called: “Ah … Oh! It’s cool! … big cock … Follow … no … Ah! … I fly …”

Yang Guoqiang felt that her vaginal began to shrink, knowing Jin Xialai climax, he accelerated the speed of thrust.

I got a while and listened to Jinxia called: “Ah … no … Oh …”

She is wet, I am weak in bed. Yang Guoqiang retired the penis and saw Jinxia’s vaginal mouth to open a meat hole, and the tender meat inside was famed. He lies in the next to Jin Xia, the big penis is still rough and hard, looking at Xin Na finger his own meat stick, saying that she is playing. Jina is generous, and the knees are squatting on both sides of Yang Guo’s strong legs, reach out and holds the penis and gently pinching; In the ground, put the purple big talents, against the moist small labip; then, slammed the butt, just swallow the penis. Li Jinxia said on the side: “Hey … can be skilled, often play” to the candle “with your boyfriend? “

Yu Xin Na reached out and said: “If you don’t know, you can steal your man also pull me.”

Li Jinxia: “Thanks to me, I can’t find such a good man there. Yes, Yang Guoqiang?”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Do you have a happy to play, do you have a cool, I am too happy.”

Yu Xin Na: “I see that you never know tired, just and Jinxia played with dicks and so hard! I have made it full.”

Then, her fat butt is up and down, with a thick large penis with a vaginal set. Jina contracted the small abdomen, absorb the penis very tight, and a full breast on the chest. Yang Guoqiang reached out to play with breast milk, and the big penis is tall and inserted in the vagina, and enjoy the thrill of friction between the flesh. Look at Xinnea to play, you have a red eyes, bite your lips, your hands touched your hands, you don’t know what to let.

The two gradually close to the climax, and Jina is more fiercely twisted, Yang Guoqiang is also tall and hips, the big penis of the urchin, and the small cloudy lips of the two swells, and the vagina The mouth explodes a wide meat. Yu Xin Nai is getting more and more urgent, but also a weird skins, the vaginal burst contraction, the vaginal mouth is also tight, the penis feeling is like being grasped, it is really comfortable! The two hands are pair, the fingers are deducted, and the new Na white big butt is twisted down and down, from the hometown of the uterus, so that she has fully put into sex.

After connecting to two, it will soon reach the peak of happiness. Jina called: “Ah … no … Oh! … comfortable to die … Yeah!”

Then, Yang Guoqiang also “rushed”. After the end, the three were lying on the bed.

Lying for a while, Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, what time is it?”

Yu Xinon: “There are two lessons time, get up and wear clothes.”

Jinxia took the bed and put on the clothes: “I went to the toilet.”

Xin Na took a roll of toilet paper from the bed, and pulled the next to Yang Guoqiang to wipe the penis. Then, torn off a piece, carefully cover your vagina, like urine, hover up and down, put the semen in the vagina to external control.

Yang Guoqiang looked at it and said: “There is a uterine hat inside, is afraid of pregnancy?”

Yu Xinon: “That can not be old, wait for your sperm, will still have to wash it, I have to wash it.”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Hey, how many times, do you think I do?”

Yu Xin Na slightly smiled: “You, it’s a big wolf! Long cock will not do something, think about playing little girl every day.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Then you are willing to play with me. Yes, it is better to do my girlfriend.”

The new Na: “We two have this nonsense, you are my girlfriend improper, it also when what!?”

Then, she threw herself into the arms of Yang Guoqiang, both naked in bed, hugging each other. At this point, the bedroom door opened, came in bits girls.

Na thought it was the new Jinxia back, said: “?. How he just let the urine poke out ha ha …”

Academics can the girls shouted: “! Yang Guoqiang you …”

They surprised under the bed and saw Wang Caili children standing in the doorway. It turned out that she self-study in the classroom, see end of each get out of class, and went out back to the dorm to take the book; but she never thought, actually saw a door on the right has spread to boys and girls, naked embrace, it was his beloved Yang Guoqiang and girls with her boyfriend in new homes Na.

New Cai Li Na also know the relationship and Yang Guoqiang, hurriedly said: “Cai Li, do not misunderstand … we … we …”

Wang Zai Li said angrily: “Misunderstanding? You are still misunderstood! Yang Guoqiang! I said why you are not in the classroom, I have been lie to me, I don’t love you again!” After you, she cried go out. Just, Jinxia also came out from the toilet, seeing Colora, I ran from the side, I know something. She returned to the bedroom, see Yang Guoqiang and Xin Na are in a hurry to wear clothes.

Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, is it not coming?”

Yu Xinon: “I thought it was you, I didn’t think she suddenly came back.”

Li Jinxia: “You are really, how can I go out, you don’t do a door.”

Yu Xinon: “Right, she won’t put our things out?”

Li Jinxia: “Fortunately, let her meet, nothing, she dares to say.”

Yu Xinon: “How do you know?”

Li Jinxia: “She doesn’t go to bed with Yang Guoqiang? I will say that I will tell her, if you dare to say our things, I also say her, anyway, I don’t have good.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Oh, if it is not good, I am the most.”

Yu Xinon: “You … Hey! You are the most suitable. How long is this school, all three little girls.”

Li Jinxia: “Okay, I will put on my clothes, I’m going back.”

After wearing clothes, the three left the girl’s dormitory, and the 223 bedroom was restored to calm, as if something did not happen.

243 bedroom in the campus (4)

Yang Guoqiang is a few months in the school, with the three female students have a body, he is fortunate to come to this school!

Fortunately, what happened last time was only ambiguous, everything was all safe. It is just that Wang Zhao Li will never care about Yang Guoqiang, and move from 223 bedroom and live in another bedroom. But it is good, he didn’t like color Li, and she was just to go to bed, and it didn’t have to be responsible for her, and there was a woman in white. In this way, there are four women left in the 223 bedroom. Xin Na and Jinxia also think that often here and Yang Guoqiang is not discovered, and they have to be careful. It is better to let him get Lua and Xie Dan. When you arrive, you have no care together. Xie Dan is a very serious girl. It is not easy to put her, and Lua usually is willing to hip hip hoping with boys, so I will lock her goal.

Luna Fangli, is lively, and it is okay to play with boys, and you like a smile. The long phase is still beautiful, the body is short 1.60 or so, the white skin is slightly thin, but it is also cute, it is a very personality girl. After the winter holiday, I started working on Wednesday, April 9th. Na’s birthday. Because on Wednesday afternoon, it is a self-study class. The Jinxia is not discharged. In the dormitory, I will give birth to Luna, and Yang Guoqiang is coming. It is good to find the opportunity to put her. At noon, Yang Guoqiang in the afternoon should come, they don’t go to the cafeteria, I bought some delicious meals to get it in the dormitory. There is no table, putting two suitcases, putting a newspaper as a table, they intend to let Yang Guoqiang and Lua sit together, although there is no birthday cake, it is very atmosphere, four people have a laugh. I have a laugh. Although Yang Guoqiang has not intended with Lua, he knows each other, and Lua also likes to laugh, take the initiative to talk to him, and the two talk very well.

He looked at Lua, I really want to touch two, because it is not too impulsive, I can only press the heart of the heart. I have entered the spring, the weather is getting warmer, it happens that this day is always hot, Yang Guoqiang is excited, and the head has emerged.

Li Jinxia saw it. She said: “Hey, Yang Guoqiang is hot?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Is it a bit hot … maybe hot in the house?”

Lua went to say: “The fever is hot in the house.”

Li Jinxia: “How to open the door, let the outside people see how to take a boy, what is going on.”

Lua: “Ah … I almost forgot, he is a boys.”

Yu Xin Na: “I am afraid of heat, take a piece of clothes, I am also hot.”

Said, she took off the coat and sweater, only wearing a pink shirt; Jinxia saw Xin Na, and took the upper clothes, revealing the non-collar underwear with lace lace.

Lua saw that two housemies worn so little, surprised: “Do you have a mistake? There can be a boys in the 屋.”

Li Jinxia didn’t care about it: “What happened? Nothing to take it. Again, when you swim in the summer, the male woman is together, not more than this.”

Yu Xin Na also said: “Look at you, it was still so feudal.” Lua smiled, glaring Yang Guoqiang, seeing him also take off the coat, only wearing a shirt.

She said playful: “Oh, see you all, I will take one with it.”

Said, she only took off her coat and exposed the red sweater inside. After lunch, they packed up and sat together.

At this time, Lua said: “Hey, I am going to the bathroom.”

Li Jinxia saw her out. Say: “Hey! It is a good opportunity, let’s prepare.”

It’s not long, Lua came back, just pushed the door Jinxia, ​​and greeted her eyes with a stacked towel.

Lua smiled: “Hey, what are you doing?”

Jinxia plugged into the door, come back: “Don’t pick it up, we will send you a birthday gift.”

Lua: “What gift is so mysterious? Still do it.”

Li Jinxia: “We know that you usually like to watch a film, give you a look.”

Lua: “Hey! I said what you are? Yang Guo is here, what is said, then there is no TV, don’t put me, let me see what?”

Said, she pulled the towel and was shocked by the scene in front of him.

I saw Yang Guoqiang Zhengzheng naked in the bed, Yu Xin Na also stuck his body, his legs were clipped in two rins; Xin Na held his neck, the body is suspended, Yang Guoqiang is new Na’s ass, the hip moved, and the crowd reached out a long “meat stick” in her lower body. Lua didn’t expect that Xin Na, which was in the weekdays, actually could do this.

Li Jinxia smiled: “How? This is a piece of A film that is more than watching TV?”

Lua said: “How are you …? Can you do this in the dormitory. Is there a boyfriend?”

Li Jinxia “giggling” said: “How? There is a boyfriend to find one more. In fact, we often play here, you are just seeing today.”

Said, she also got together. Yu Xin Na came down from Yang Guoqiang, Jin Xia squatted, holding a thick penis with hands, and peeling the edge. Lua stood there to stay there, suddenly felt that it was hugged, and he looked back at Xin Na.

Xin Na smiled and said: “In fact, this is nothing, our age is also an adult, of course, there is such a need.”

Lua: “Then you are all with him …”

Yu Xinon: “Yes, can he meet us? If you want to find such a boyfriend, you can find such a boyfriend.”

She said while holding Luna, hands with her breasts isolated over the clothes. Although it is true touch, Lua also feels very comfortable, the body bursts. Although she has seen a lot of a film, she is still in front of her eyes, gradually feeling that her body is hot, and I don’t have to be excited. Xin Na also took the opportunity to take off the top of Lua, leaving only the white brass.

Lua saw his top is gone, shocked: “New Na, what do you take off my clothes?”

Yu Xinona “giggle” smiled: “I see you sweating on you, afraid you hot, will you take off your coolness?”

Lua: “You will give me your clothes!”

At this time, Jin Xia gave Jona handed an eye, she would smile, and I took the brass of Lua. I saw a pair of unclear breasts and tender, the front end of the ruddy nipple icon. Two small cherries. Lua is ashamed to face red, reach out to grab the breast, Jinxia hand is in a hurry, a little under her pants, revealing the pink three-pool under pants; Lua is mixed, see the pants, she is shame Another hurry, reach out and grab the pants, Jina also took the opportunity to take her underwear. This, Lua is already naked.

She shouted: “Oh! You are hate. I will give me my clothes!”

Li Jinxia smiled: “You go to Yang Guoqiang.”

Said, throw your trousers on him.

Yang Guoqiang hugged Luna’s clothes and sniffed with his nose and smell: “Wow! Really fragrant.”

Jinxia and Jina also draped Lua’s arm and pushed her in Yang Guoqiang. He hugged Luna, and stroked his hands with a smooth jade, smiled, the big penis of the hard border on her belly.

Lua rushed him: “Stinky boy! What do you want?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled and said: “I want to play with you.” Lua: “Smelly! You think I am like them, let me go.”

At this time, in Jina wearing clothes. She said: “You will play slowly, I will go out with Jinxia.”

After finishing, they went out and “哢 哢” said the door.

Lua is sorry to low. In fact, she is also a very colorful girl, is very curious about sexual problems, and bought a lot of books in a lot of related sex with zero money, and often when no one in the family, steal some porn. Luna likes to play with boys on weekdays, but also to seek a sexual stimulus, today has finally have a chance to contact “sex”, and she is desirable to be tight in this moment. Yang Guoqiang moved his hand to Lua, caught the small breasts of white tender, gently kneaded.

Lua is rubbing: “What? Take the hand!”

Yang Guoqiang said: “What is as shame? This is a caress. I touched you comfortably, and I will make you a good time, let you fly.”

Lua was ashamed, said: “Rogue!”

But she didn’t resist, the first time I was touched by boys, I feel that there is a feeling of comforting, it is too wonderful! Yang Guoqiang is also very excited at the moment, both hands playing with breasts, and the big penis of the lower body can’t help but challenge. Lua felt his own lower abdomen harassment, bowed down, only seeing his penis is really thick and long, highly told, true root “big stick”! Lua was still surprised, I used to have seen a man’s sexual device in the A film, this time it is really real in front of my eyes …

A curiosity, let her little hand slightly shake and touch the penis, the jade fingers pinch “Wow”! It’s really hard.

Yang Guoqiang felt that Lua was pushing his big penis, he smiled and said: “Hey, how? My dick is hard enough.”

Luna said, “True is really disgusting! Know that you can play the little girl, so thin.”

Yang Guoqiang grabbed Lua’s wrist. Say: “Come, you hold my dick with your hand, slowly strip slowly, you can be fun!”

Her semi-pushed the penis, it is really rough! The little hand just happened. Yang Guoqiang teaches her how to get it with left hand, and the right hand explored on her slim little butt egg, because Lua also read a lot of A film, so it will be slightly guided. Yang Guoqiang took his hands and strokes in Luna’s ass, and kissed her neck, biting her ears, and immediately combed her brain after her brain. After a caress, Lua has a reflection, and the little hand holding the penis is constantly moving, and it is also actively using the big talents on the lower belly. Yang Guoqiang left her hand on her ass, the right hand was posted on her yin, and the hands were moved. Luna has passed puberty, and she begins to grow on the pubic hair thin domesticated hen house, Yang Guoqiang’s hand stroking the mons circle style, and pubic hair with your fingers to gently pull the Luna bursts of pleasure that constantly hit. Gradually, he will explore the hand to the bottom, the finger touches the hot lips, it is a good meat! Cracks along the middle finger touching the interlabial children, but the thumb leaves headlong into the pubic hair, slowly explore the clitoris. Finally, found it over the big labipings, Yang Guoqiang started with your fingers, gently blunt it around the clitoris, and the other hand pressed into the genitals. Lua’s reflection is getting stronger and more strong, actually caught the sound, Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Hey, are you still a virgin?”

Lua is red and said: “You all ask this, really disgusting!”

Yang Guoqiang: “What is wrong with asking if you’re still a virgin, then I’ll be a little lighter plug when you do not hurting it?.”

Lua: “Who said that I want to do that kind of thing, don’t face it.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Hey! Today, you must not you.”

Sustained front and back, Lua finally surrendered. She felt bursts of dumb pleasure ever hit, this is kind of an unprecedented feeling, even masturbation is no such pleasure. She could not afford nestling in the arms of Yang Guoqiang, see almost, he Luna hold up, put in bed. At the moment, Yang Guoqiang excited, really want to immediately insert her, see the labia majora not fully extended, but in the middle of Roufeng children have been much greater.

He thought to himself: “It seems Luna still a virgin, Yan Fu really have just recently on the Choi Lai was a virgin, but also on today at the …!”

Yang Guoqiang, another burst of excitement, if not a virgin inserted immediately, should no longer wet a little job. He called Luna’s legs apart, let genitals against his face, crouch down against the bed, on the lips of the labia majora Qinliaoyikou.

Luna cried: “Oh, what are you doing!?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I will give you blowjobs, you can feel comfortable.” Slowly, the lips are also revealed, her little labia is short, Yang Guoqiang opens the big labipings with his fingers, clamping with lips, gently pull. Lua felt a burst of itching all over the body, and his legs couldn’t stand inwards. Yang Guoqiang’s head was clamped tightly her thigh. After got a while, the pink little label was finally swollen, and it was already wet.

After all, Lua was first touched by a boys, and the heart is “咚咚” straight, the face is also red. She feels more comfortable than masturbation, and prostitutes have also secreted from the vaginal vestibule. The small labello is slowly blocked, and the middle of the cracks will follow Zhang Da, and the vaginal mouth is finally revealed.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “How, is it it itchy?”

Lua closed his eyes. He started to get rid of the clitoris, this bliss-dried water is more, and she can often masturbate. Yang Guoqiang dials the smooth and tender little labips with his fingers, and the eyes are in the vagina, want to see her female film. However, her wither film has a significant damage, but it is not like sexual behavior, because the crack is on the side, and most of them are still intact.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “Lua, Your Masters …”

Lua “giggle” said: “I have broken it!”

Yang Guoqiang: “What? Are you already with your boyfriend?”

Lua: “What are you talking about! I have my boyfriend …”

It turned out that she likes to watch porn cartoon books, and I have read the book in the dormitory and provoke her sexual desire. Because I only have myself in the house, so I will look at my masturbation, the more excited, the more excited, it feels like it! She put her fingers in pushed, but when she was in a climax, she broke her film.

Yang Guoqiang heard, smiled and said: “I have to know that you need this, I will help you solve it, but let your fingers take advantage of it.”

Luna said with him: “Whoever uses you.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Hey, you are not using me today.”

Said, he stood up and pressed the penis with his hand, and the red dragon head was stuck on the small lab. Lua is excited and scared, I don’t know what it will feel? She knew that one would be coming, but it is very difficult to love, simply close the eyes and don’t look. Yang Guoqiang did not urgently inserted, first wet the glans, and then put the penis on the small labipings; when the penis was wet, this only used the red glans to open two meat valves, top The narrow vaginal port. Luna is still very nervous, feeling that the hot talents are crowded, the vagina is gradually swelling … Suddenly I feel “cam”, there is a pain, the glans drill go in. Lua tuened the vagina, that never pain came from the lower body, can’t think of this hurt for the first time. Yang Guoqiang continued to insert, an excitement in his heart, this is the fifth and his own relationship! After the whole is inserted, it slowly withdraws most, see the blood of the penis.

He took a little, leaving the big glans in the vagina, then slightly pumping, and gradually adapting it. Luna’s vagina was opened to the meat, and the virgin blood came out from the “meat” …

She called: “Yea! It hurts!”

Yang Guoqiang said with a smile: “Nothing, the first hurt, it will be fine in the future.”

After got a while, he felt almost the same, and he began to deepen. The thick penis is gone in a little bit of the drums, and it is so comfortable!

Lua called Lu. I said: “Oral, I am really not a woman.”

She closed his eyes, the small face was red, showing the shame of the girl. Because Lua is the first time, Yang Guo is strong, I am afraid of pain, pumping is very slow, the vagina is tight! Slight resistance can be felt when pumping. Lua has finally tasted the taste of “sex”, although some pain, but there is a kind of excitement, gradually, she is a bit adapted, and the vagina is also moist. Yang Guoqiang let Lua put his feet on the edge of the bed, holding her knees with her hands, swing after the lower body, the thick penis is entered in the two red small labs, it is really stimulating! Luna is not so angry, open his eyes and smile, looks at Yang Guoqiang, and the face is still red. The wet vaginal hikes are on the thick penis. The feeling of friction between the flesh spreads through the whole body, Lua begins to excite, the pain of the initial sexual exchange gradually replaced, and the 19-year virgin finally has been reclaimed; Envy the heroism in the A film, now turned into a reality! The “big stick” in hard Bangbang is frozen in the body, making her more excited, can’t help the sensuality, 吟 出 声 来 …

Yang Guoqiang saw Lua’s waves, thinking: “Hey! Only the first time is so wave, will be very fun in the future.” Then, he made the big penis of the hard border first in the vagina of Lua, and then extracted Big half, with the glans in the vagina port is short of two. The penis is pumping the top of the vagina, and the small labello is squeezed on both sides. Lua’s vagina is smashed in the spring, the two people are wet.

She is willing to taste the taste of “forbidden fruit”, I feel that my vagina is smashed by Yang Guoqiang’s thick penis, a kind of snack, it is so wonderful! Seeing Lua gradually gotting better, the vagina was more moist more than just wet, Yang Guoqiang began to quickly push the big penis. He is on Lua, holding his hands, a couple of white tender breasts playing, and sticking out the tongue twilight two ruddy nipple; Lua is slightly closed eyes, the tongue rums with his own lips, small Hand grabbing Yang Guoqiang’s arm and enjoying the fun of sex. The big penis is frequently shuttled in the vagina. Lua’s narrow virgin is constantly being strongly impacted, and it is a bit unable to eat. At this time, she began to be nervous, and the heartbeat has also accelerated a lot, and the vaginal is constantly contracted. Yang Guoqiang feels Lua to come to a climax. At this moment, he also can’t control himself, and the penis is frequently thriving, and it has smoked for more than a dozice, and he felt strong ejaculation. He quickly took out the penis, pressed the purple big talents with hand, stuck in the yin, closing of the eyes, close to the eye to control himself not to eat. However, strong excitement has not stopped, I saw the thick big penis, a milky white semen, sprayed from the small hole in the middle of the glans, and then a few poles, shot Luca face On the body, the body and the lower abdomen are the semen.

Lua was also excited to have a climax, ending, she was lying on the bed, looked at Yang Guoqiang gradually soft, and I can’t say anything. This is a birthday present that he will never forget … Share Share 0 Collection Favorites 1 Support 1 rating Rating Use props Rexz1 Pupils (200/1000) Rank: 2rank: 2 Post 66 points 202 Diving value 7198 n Plus a friend, calling, hopping, screaming, published on 2009-8-2302: 58PM | Just look at the author’s campus 223 bedroom (5)

In mid-May, I had to test it. I was approaching the exam, the teacher left a review question, which can be free to review. From April 12, the students of the tutorial class want to go home to pay in advance, and they can be self-study at school. At this time, most students have gone home, only twenty people are in school, saying that Yang Guoqiang, this is a good opportunity for a thousand years, of course to stay.

The school’s girl’s dormitory is two paragraphs, and the middle is separated by stairs, because there is also a college class, so the right side is the dormitory of the college students, and the left is the tutorial dorm. There is only three or five bedrooms on the left, and five, there is a fan gate in the entrance of the corridor. It’s just a look, this is less, the girl’s dormitory is where Yang Guoqiang must go every day.

After Luna opened a garden, the 223 bedroom was a little bit, so Jinxia thought about how to Known Dan. However, she is more fortunate. After a few days, she also returned. Although she didn’t come into her, the rest is her own; since then, “223 bedroom” became Yang Guoqiang and the three girlfriend’s sex park. In the morning, the weather is cool, they are reviewing the homework; in the afternoon, the three girls will play a bed, and Yang Guoqiang played sex; at night, he returned to the boys in the boys. Work and rest, learning can help each other, physically can enjoy a happy sex life, really leisurely, happy …

Joining from Luna, she is a three girlfriend, the most popular and most beautiful, every sex, she is playing with Yang Guoqiang, which is inevitably not caused Li Jinxia and Yu Xinna’s jealousy. However, Yang Guoqiang is the “blending agent” between them. Since he and Jinxia have sexual relationship, it feels more and more stronger, the longest one lasts for more than a while, and use no medication . He didn’t understand why, talk about it, the fare is that the cock is inserted into the vagina, there is a feeling of can’t play enough; if it is ejaculation, quickly retreat to take a break, you can continue to pump, until Controlling does not shoot. Because of this, the three girlfriends can be satisfied, so although they are slightly taboo, they are still very harmonious.

On Saturday, April 19, 1997, Lua Mother called and let her go home. In the morning, only Li Jinxia, ​​Yu Xin Na and Yang Guoqiang reviewed his homework in the bedroom, studying for more than an hour, Jin Xia is a bit “thing”.

She said: “Hey, how do I say let’s take a break?”

Yu Xinona “giggle” smiled: “What is a rest, I think you think that?”

Li Jinxia smiled and said, “You don’t want it? Yang Guoqiang is playing for a while.” Yang Guoqiang: “Is it not all in the afternoon, wait for Lu Na to come back to play, good?”

Li Jinxia’s mouth is a little, unhappy: “Hey! You think of Lua, you don’t know the feelings of people.”

Yang Guoqiang knew that she was jealous, busy: “Well, apply this morning to play today.”

Yu Xinona: “Haha! Or people will say.”

Li Jinxia: “Wow, I will say. You don’t play!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Oh, I still use it?”

Li Jinxia: “Strap, not washed, I want to give us a vaginitis? Giggling …”

Said, she walked to the box cabinet and took the warm water bottle above and poured the water into her face. The three people took off the light, Jinxia and Xinona used a hand with a raspberry, water or warm, two jade hands and water, gave Yang Guo to wash the thick large penis.

Yu Xina is a penis “giggling” smile: “You see! This thing is like” small silkworm “, hard up and long, blame Sna gives it a name” big stick “giggle … “

Li Jinxia: “It is a” 馋馋 “, and it is still very vomiting. Whee! “

Yu Xinon: “Yes, it’s net to find trouble for the little girl.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “How do you find trouble? It is like a little girl like you, it is also busy.”

The two girlfriends are “giggling” laughing. Jinsa carefully cleans the glans, especially the coronary ditch, and uses the fingers, Jinxia put the palm on the scrotum and gently blunt. Yang Guoqiang took the arms on their shoulders, looked down at the two girlfriends to wash the body, I feel that two soft jade hands are so comfortable! The big penis is also quite. He looked at the naked jade body, no matter how the body, the lines were better than Jin Xia, especially the full chest, a full breast, more tempting. Yang Guoqiang couldn’t help but extend his tongue and licked a few in the tips of Jina.

Yu Xin Na reached out and said: “How big is it? I still want to eat milk. Gone!”

Li Jinxia also laughed: “The boy is a good color.”

Yang Guoqiang: “I also wash you too much?”

Li Jinxia: “No, we are washed every night, then you don’t talk about your boys.”

After washing, Jina is worn on the palace cap, Jinxia should wear clothes to pour water.

Yu Xin Na: “Don’t need to fall, strange trouble, wait for the whole thing to finish together.”

Li Jinxia: “Are you not anxious? Gone! … also said to me.”

Then, they asked Yang Guoqiang to sit in the bed of the shop, Jin Xia first, the legs across his legs on both sides of his thigh, and used to use sitting posture.

Yang Guoqiang said: “Yeah, yes. No condoms, Lua said she bought it when she came back.”

Li Jinxia: “No, I have finished the month two two days, but you can don’t eat here.”

After finishing, she took the waist, holding the penis, put the red glans on her little labip; then, slam, the glans did not enter the videos, and the body sat down, the penis is entry. Yang Guoqiang slammed into Jinxia’s waist, two people hugged together, Jin Xia’s little butt started up and down, with a vaginal set with a thick big penis …

Yang Guoqiang stroked Li Jinxia’s body in both hands, and I feel that her skin is thin and slippery, and the hand is very good! Upward, hands on the breast, nor knowing because the tits often have been touched, or have developed, in a lot of last year. Yu Xin Na glanced on the side, grabbed Yang Guoqiang’s hand, put it in his genitals, and that place is already wet. Multi-time sexual life, making Yang Guoqiang’s finger technology very proficient, he puts his hand on the labips of Jina, use the middle finger and unknown finger to make small labians, thumb, the clitoris of the thumb, will make her jade Straight swings, Jiaojiachang. At this time, Jinxia’s arms slammed Yang Guoqiang’s neck, and the upper body was close to his chest, rubbed it with the breast; the jade body also revered the undulation, two white buttons, a thick The meat column is hidden. After a period of time, Jin Xia felt that the vaginal was thick and the big penis was so comfortable, it is so tips! Seeing Xin Na as hungry is waiting.

Jinxia took the initiative: “Hey, come on.”

Yu Xin Na said: “How? I have finished.”

Li Jinxia: “Not so fast, I see you are too hungry, so let you also understand itch. Giggle!”

Yu Xin Na: “Then I am welcome.” Li Jinxia: “Hey! The two are all the fear, I am not so itch now, you have played for a while.”

Jinxia stood up, the thick penis was skullped from her vagina, and the top is wet, it is harder than the insertion. Xin Na also used a sitting position. She played this more proficiency, her hands holding Yang Guoqiang’s shoulder, looking down at the lower body, the genitals are aligned with the big penis; feeling the glans touched the vaginal mouth, the body is sinking, hard meat The stick didn’t go in. The empty vagina is full, it is really fast! Then, she lifted her hips and enjoyed the happiness of sex. At this time, Li Jinxia looked at the bed and smiled at the bed. The little hand slowly smashed his genitals, Yang Guoqiang looked at the flesh of the two girlfriends, shaking in front of her eyes, the heart is very excited, “big stick” is more Rough.

He stroked his hands on the jade body of Jina, and his mouth was kissed on her neck. The big penis had just slowed and slipped in Li Jinxia’s vagina. The vagina of Jina has also secreted a lot of prostitutes. The integration is very smooth, with her ass, the prostitutes are squatting down with the penis. The penis is tangled in the vagina of Jina, and it is surrounded by warm and moist meat flaps. When I played for a while, Jina was also itching, she took the initiative to stand up and let Jinxia. In this way, the two girlfriends have been rotated with a sitting position and Yang Guoqiang playing. It has been playing more than 20 minutes, not only did not feel the feeling of ejaculation, but the more you play the big penis.

Li Jinxia was playing on him, she said: “Oh … I am tired. You come to me.”

Yu Xinon: “I am also, you are awesome!”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Well! Come, you are kneeling, let’s play” puppy “

Then, they held their hands on the bed and stood on the ground and looked with white buttocks. Yang Guoqiang stationed behind them, patted Xin Na’s? Egg, and touched Jinxia’s Yin, he wanted to play a skill after coming to Xina. Holding her waist, tall with hard and penis, don’t go with hand, directly put the glans on the small labipings; then, the waist is moving to let the red big talents open the small labipings, one tie In the “flesh”, it is not anxious to plug, let the glans come back and forth in the vaginal mouth, hand touching the new Na’s ass and the inside of the thigh.

Yu Xin Nan couldn’t help, shouted: “You are so bad! It is itchy.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled, this was inserted in most, and the piston was pushed. At this time, Jin Xia squatted on the ground, looked up to them, and smiled “giggling”. After got a while, Yang Guoqiang retreated from the vagina of Jina, Jinxia hurriedly, and he was like just now, inserting the penis again into Li Jinxia’s vagina. He stretched his hands to front, holding Jinxia’s breast milk, or the same, only let the glans leave over the vagina port.

Li Jinxia smiled: “Gill … oh! Itch dead … Hey!”

Grasted for a while, Yang Guoqiang inserted the penis whole, and started to be thrown frequently. I took the initiative, and I was more interesting. He was really busy. The penis pushed in the vagina of Li Jinxia, ​​and then withdrew it immediately in the vagina of Jina; Exit, then quickly insert Li Jinxia’s vagina …

It has been inserted for more than ten minutes in turn. Yang Guoqiang has a feeling of shooting, and he quickly withdraws from the penis and rests for a while. See Jin Xia to come to a climax, so plugged in, and tap it.

Li Jinxia called: “Ah … Oh! No! … Oh! Ask you … ah!”

Continuous impact, finally sent her a happy top, Yang Guoqiang was also excited to shoot; he withdrew from the penis, see Na, there is no climax, so the left hand pinching the glans, leaving no indulgent, right hand On her yin, smash the vaginal mouth and clitoris. I got it, I saw Xin Na began to be strong, and quickly inserted the big penis into her vagina and quickly pumped.

Li Jinxia is playing in the side of the station to help, saying: “Yang Guoqiang refueling … Come on!”

Looking again, he pinching the breast milk of Xin Na with both hands, while frequently hips, the thick penis is quickly shuttle in the vagina, the small abdomen hit her fat buttons, “啪” Run.

Yu Xin Na also screamed: “Ah! … don’t be so fast! I can’t stand it … Oh! I beg … Ah!”

She is tight, I have come to a climax. Yang Guoqiang’s big penis has smoked a dozen pumping in it, suddenly shaking, and hot semen sprayed. After the end, he sat in the bed, left the left hand, holding Li Jinxia, ​​the right hand is in Juna, and stroking on them, gradually recovering calm. Then, Jina took his own basin and poured into warm water to wash the body, and they werehed and washed, then they were sitting in bed. I am talking, listening to someone knocking. Li Jinxia asked: “Who?”

The people outside said: “It’s me, Lua.”

Xin Na’s lower bed opened the door. Lua entered the house to see the three people.

She said: “Hey! What are you doing?”

Li Jinxia smiled: “G咯 … You are really hard, we just play things.”

Lua: “What? You just do it, don’t you say it every afternoon?”

Yu Xinon: “This can not blame me, Jinxia is anxious. Hard …”

Li Jinxia: “Good wow! You are cool, push what you are here.”

Lua: “Hey, I am guess is your good thing.”

Li Jinxia: “Ah, good things are you, not good, I do …”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Hey! It is better to be together, don’t fight.”

Lua: “You are not a good thing, really color!”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Don’t be angry, I will try it alone in the afternoon.”

Luna: “Okay, I am not angry, let’s talk.”

Yu Xinon: “Hey, now every eleventh point, let’s go out to eat?”

Li Jinxia: “Gone! I still eat what rice, just shot your belly, not full?”

Yu Xin Na: “Go to you, talk is not correct.”

Then, they put on clothes, Xinnea went out to pour the water, four people went outside to eat. After eating, I went to the street in the afternoon until the sky was black and returned to the school; at night, Yang Guoqiang chatted at 8 o’clock in the girl’s dormitory, and he had to go back to the male dormitory.

Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, is there anyone in your house?”

Yang Guoqiang: “They all go home, let me live.”

Luna: “” Will you come back? Let’s go here, come here. “

Yang Guoqiang said: “What is going on here, if the students in the evening is in the holiday dormitory?”

Yu Xinona: “I don’t check it early, from the time of the holiday in the class, I haven’t been here.”

Lua: “Hey, I will know that you will live, let you live.”

Yang Guoqiang: “I went up and took the baggage and gave me a place.”

Luna: “What baggage is? The bed is very spacious. Tonight, you sleep a bed. 嘻嘻 …”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! Let him sleep with you, what do we do?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Let her sleep for a night, today she hasn’t played yet, even if I compensate, I will sleep with you tomorrow.”

Yu Xinon: “What should I do?”

Yang Guoqiang: “How is our turn?”

Li Jinxia: “This is almost the same, you are quite beautiful, there is a little girl sleeping with you every day.”

Lua looked at Yang Guoqiang and said: “It’s okay, or he hurts me, I am angry with you!”

Li Jinxia: “Hey, I am not angry.”

Luna: “Hey, 儿 儿 是 头 回 男 男 男 男 男.. 男 男 男 男 男 男

Yu Xinon: “It’s fun! Ben girl sleeps with a house.”

Lua: “Hey, is your” big stick “okay? “

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “No problem, all in the afternoon, then keep you a climax! Haha …”

Lua: “That’s good! Today I will let you feel comfortable.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Start now.”

Li Jinxia: “When you are waiting for the light again, some people in the corridor are not safe.”

Lua: “Yes, anyway, we are all yours, not bad.”

Yu Xinona: “Go, let’s wash your face first.” Li Jinxia: “Hey, you can don’t open the door, if you let the girls who have seen children are not good.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Reassure, you go out, I will insert the door.”

Lua: “Gone! It’s fun, just keep a boys, what is it so tight?”

Then, they hold their respective faces and hand towels and go to the washing room. Yang Guoqiang plugged into the door and sat in Jinxia’s bed, surrounded by the bedroom, here’s ancient coming, let him be familiar. See the windows around the windows, there is a yellow and red panties on the top, and there is a gray liner; recognize the red underwear is Li Jinxia, ​​the yellow pantry and the trousers are from Jina. He is lying on the bed, closes the eyes and recalls. It is more than a year, and it can go to bed with the four little girls in this bedroom. It is really beautiful …

I am thinking, listening to someone outside, Yang Guoqiang is scared to sit up, hear Lua is calling the door, which is safe to open the door. Three girlfriends came in, and they were exuded with a strong aroma, and then Luna took half a pot of water and put it in Yang Guoqiang.

He asked: “What do you come in?”

Lua: “Let you wash your feet, your boys are feet! Today, I have to wash the foot.”

Yang Guoqiang started to wash your feet, three girlfriends were prepared, they pulled up the curtains, put the quilt, Jin Xia to find a double bath shoe throwing, Yang Guoqiang washed the feet and put it very small.

He said: “Is there a big point? Too small.”

Li Jinxia: “The feet of our girls are so big, make up and wear, and take you tomorrow.”

Lua took the pot to say: “Look at you, enjoy more! Also I have to give you a water.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Oh, no way, who told me to be in the girl’s dormitory.”

After a while, someone knock on the door. Li Jinxia thought that Lu Na came back, just went to open the door, he heard Lua shouted in the hallway: “Hey! Who are you looking for?”

I listened to a girl and said, “Is it in New Na in the house?”

Lua: “What?”

Girls: “This is her letter is her, I will see the door when I came in the afternoon, I will send it at night.”

Lua: “Give it to me, she went to buy something.”

I didn’t have a sound outside, Lua knocked on the door, Jin Xia opened the door.

I entered the house, she asked: “Who is it just now?”

Luna: “It is from Xin Na’s class. Hey, your letter.”

Li Jinxia: “If you just listen to you, I will open the door.”

Luna: “Look at you, give me trouble.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Then I can bring you happiness. Haha!”

Lua: “It’s really disgusting! It’s going to think about it. Giggling …”

They looked at the new Na, seeing her very unhappy.

Li Jinxia asked: “Hey, what happened?”

Yu Xinon: “My mom knows what I and my boyfriend.”

Li Jinxia: “What happened to”? “

Yu Xinon: “She let me get married after I have finished the test, and I will have a child, so he can’t smash me.”

Lua: “What? What is your boyfriend to smash you?”

Yu Xinon: “No, my mom knows that I have that kind of relationship with him.”

Lua: “Then I marry him! This is a good thing.”

Yu Xinon: “This is what they are row, but I don’t like him now.”

Li Jinxia smiled: “Ah … You are in love with Yang Guoqiang. Gignone!”

Yang Guoqiang listened very happy. I thought I was just playing with them, I wanted not to grind the spark of love.

Suddenly, in Newa said: “Hey, Yang Guoqiang, if you want, I can give you a child.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Give me? … What should your boyfriend?”

Yu Xinon: “I don’t say that I haven’t love him, why have you give birth to a child, I love you, can you?”

Yang Guoqiang said: “Good wow!”

Lua laughed: “Wow! It’s really romantic.” Li Jinxia: “Right, if you love your husband, how to ensure that children must be Yang Guoqiang.”

Yu Xinon: “This is simple, I don’t have a uterine cap with him, and I will cut it with my boyfriend.”

Li Jinxia laughed: “Ha! You are first to get into the cave with the lover, then marry the true husband, pregnant with the kind of lover, make your old man, really have you. 嘻嘻 …”

Lua: “What is first to enter the cave with Yang Guoqiang, people have already gone to her husband.”

Li Jinxia: “This is called later people to live. Haha! Hey, I heard it? You have to add strength, mostly in her, just leave the days. Gill!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Where is it now?”

Luna: “Look at you, I haven’t prepared it yet.”

223 bedroom in the campus (six)

In the 253 bedroom, Li Jinxia, ​​Yu Xinna, Lua’s three girlfriends sexyly twisted the jade body, put Yang Guo’s strong in the middle, and only “three-point” is left in their body. Jinxia squatted down, reach out of the tinsel hand, pulling the Yang Guoqiang trousers, pulling out the thick penis in the inside, the small hand grasped, Zhang Yangzhu lips put the glans in imported. Luna Station After Yang Guo, he extends to his trousers in front. The pants slipped down, and the left left left; Lu Na took the underwear, and the head explored him, leaning his face, licking his face Vertical pair of testicles. At this time, in New Na, I also made the hands of Yang Guoqiang, reaching into his own breasts …

Yang Guoqiang was gathered by the girlfriend of the three winds, and the thick big penis was excited, and the burst of quarters were constantly struck. After a period of caress, it was necessary to start playing.

Luna said: “Oh, who is our first?”

Yu Xinon: “I am finally, I have to let him eat inside.”

Li Jinxia: “Now I am two, I will guess the box! Who will win?”

She and Lua guess, the result is Jinxia first.

Lua smiled and said to Yang Guoqiang: “Hey, you have played once in the morning, we have three sisters at night, have you still have to live? Giggle …”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Then you come to touch my” big stick “, you don’t know. “

Li Jinxia: “Getting … Look at his” big stick “is so good to get the belly, you will know how hard it is. “

Lua: “Right, I also bought him in the West.”

I saw her picking out a hard plastic rubber bag from the pocket, torn open from the inside out of a white wet paper piece.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “Hey, what is this?”

Lua laughed: “This is given to you, what do you see on it?”

She handed the plastic bag to Yang Guoqiang, took a look, see “King Kong does not vent wet towel”. Suddenly I feel that the glans is cold, and the head is low to put the wet paper on top.

Yang Guoqiang: “Yeah, it’s really cold. What is the use of this thing?”

Lua: “” There is medicine on this, apply it on your glans. After a while, you can extend the time. “

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “What do I do with this thing, you still don’t know, can you at least half an hour?”

Li Jinxia “giggling” smiled: “Time is still not good, is she not playing in the morning, I want you to let you go a while in the evening. Hey!”

Lua: “The net saying fart! It is like you don’t want to think.”

Yu Xinona: “Okay, how do you talk about how to talk? I’m really annoyed!”

They know that Xin Na is not good today, don’t talk. Looking at Lua left hand holding a big penis, pinched the wet paper right hand, coating the medicine water on the glans and coronary groove. Because I have to have a medicinal effect, Yang Guoqiang squats the port of the three girlfriends, and touches them with her hands. Eggs, turns whited in their genitals, and a lot of water is flowing out. The penis is more itchy, standing up, the big talents are popular, the penis is also swollen, and the blood vessels are clearly visible.

Luna said happily: “Wow! So thick.”

Yu Xinona: “It seems that this medicine is very useful.”

Luna took out the condom from the pocket, skilled in the big penis, Jinsa did not wear the palace cap because of being pregnant.

Yang Guoqiang thought: “So thick cock, insert it in a while, grind the vaginal comfortably, they are not happy to blame …” At this time, “” in the hallway, the ringtone of the lamp is ringing. Jinxia brought three flashlights in her bed, Jina is onto his bed, hanging the round clothes hanger on the rope of the ceiling hangs, holds the lanyard of the three flashlights on the hanger, dry the clothes Pants are taken on the bed. At another look, make it like a “small chandelier”, turn off the light to open the flashlight, and the light is surrounded by the bed.

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Oh! You really have a way, seem to be prepared in advance?”

Yu Xinon: “What are you preparing? We don’t know if you can live here today, in fact, this is the idea of ​​Jin Xia.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Jinxia, ​​how do you think of it.

Li Jinxia “giggling” smile, briefly said. It turned out that she didn’t know Yang Guoqiang, who once and her boyfriend, when the holiday school dovenant, at night, in this night; after turning off the light, use this method, there is shine in the house, and I can’t see it outside. This time I used it. .

Lua laughed: “You don’t know? She still has a windflow before you.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Hey … I know this.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey, let’s tell him when we just know, now he will play, or teach it. Yes! Yang Guoqiang.”

Lua: “I am in! You know and play with her?”

Yu Xinon: “The boys are a good color! There is a little girl to play.”

Lua: “What boy is a good color? It is the good color of him, and it is so thick so thick” big stick! “

Li Jinxia smiled: “His” big stick “is not long for you. “

Lua: “Go to you! You also poured the flower.”

Li Jinxia: “You are not yet? No one has to say anyone, all are colored.”

They all arrived on the bed, Jina and Lua sat next to it, Jin Xia and Yang Guoqiang under the lamp, because the height is limited, the two can only face the standing. Look, the bedroom is dark, only this bed is bright, this effect is like a stage, but this “stage” will be staged by a small male girl’s live performance. piece.

It is usually in the day, but it can be played in the girl’s dormitory after turning off the lights in the evening. So this fresh feeling makes Yang Guoqiang very excited, plus the role of sexual medicine, making his sexual desire. The big penis hard Bang State is touched, and the red glans picks up, there is already a mucus flowing out from the urethra; he reached out of the cream of Jinxia, ​​and helping her take off his underwear, then two people hug together Intimate. Because Li Jinxia’s vagina is relaxed, and she likes her own control, it is often played with “horse riding”. She made Yang Guoqiang to lay on the bed, separated their legs, squat on both sides of his hip; then, put the butt, holding a thick penis, put the glans on the vagina mouth, waist skills a twisted butt pressure The big penis is incpleasant. Jinxia jade began to go up and down, with her wet warm vaginal set with the meat “big stick”, Yang Guoqiang looked down with the pillow, see her stem standing in Jinxia’s vagina, the two red The tender little lips are wet, slippery, slide with a thick meat stick, and then look at the inflated big breast house in the chest, and the body moves, it is also shaken up and down. Good sexy! Yang Guoqiang stretched his hands and smashed Jinxia’s breasts. She caves in the body, and sexyly twisted waist skills, a pair of eye-catching eyes. She squatted in Yang Guoqiang, the little butt was frequently landed, tightened the vaginal mouth, holding the penis of the hard Bangbang, and listened to the ground.

She watched the bed sound in the bedroom, but fortunately there were no one in the surroundings, some people have far away, can’t hear the sound of this. Jinxia gradually came to the climax, stringing the body’s hips and touched it, both hands were smashed in their chest; the vaginal muscles began to shrink, the tightened the vaginal mouth, the tightening, strong pleasure was constantly hit.

Yang Guoqiang said comfortable: “I fuck! … I really tighten … Ah! I have a hard holder … really cool!”

Li Jinxia: “Ah … ah … no! Can’t move … too hard! … big stick … Oh!

In a short while, she “ah”, the body was soft in Yang Guoqiang. The two are already sweating, hug and kiss, Jin Xia’s sexual desire slowly resolved, and Yang Guoqiang is still very excited, “big stick” is still inserted inside.

Li Jinxia: “Okay! Today is really tired, I am going to sleep, let’s play slowly.”

She lifted his ass, because of his sexual time, there were many water in the vagina, and only the long penis was wet. Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Hey, there are quite a lot of water you flow.”

Li Jinxia played the penis with his fingers, smiled and said, “Hey, it is not all it gives it.”

After that, she took the bed and went back to the bed to sleep.

Lua went up and said: “Oh, you can look itchy.”

Yang Guoqiang: “It’s itchy, I will make you satisfied.”

Lua “giggle” smiled: “I have time to play than her, you have to stay.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Don’t worry, you don’t come to the climax, I will never eat.”

Lua smiled and said: “Then I started.”

Her body is delicate, and I like to try all kinds of stimuli, and when she is sexually transforms the position. They first use “puppy”, Lua in bed, double knees, and the little butt will be sexy. Yang Guoqiang makes the lower body back, and the long big penis is drilled in the mouth, hip The port is inserted into the vagina. Lua “ah” screamed, the little butt twisted.

Yang Guoqiang smiled and took her ass, “” You are so small! It’s so wave, I just put it in this. “

Lua turned back and said: “Do you do my little butt, I don’t play with you.”

Yang Guoqiang said: “I am inserted, you can’t play.”

I listened, I can’t help “giggling”. Yang Guoqiang touched Lua’s twilight small little egg, and the thick “big stick” began in her vagina. In fact, this “big stick” is also the name given by Luna. They all feel so good, so they are called. The three girlfriends are the tight vagina, and the exercise is multiplied. She also works well, tightens the vaginal mouth, the hoop is itchy! Lua is really wave, just inserted a few times, it is called bed.

She called: “Ah … itch is dead … re-exhaust! … Oh … big stick!”

Yang Guoqiang puffed in a unclear, extended to her chest, play with a bad breast; Lu Nago, a arm holds the bed, and the other hand back to the back to touch his ass. The penis is slowly accelerated, and the pair of testicles under the crotch will move with the hip movement, and the thick meat stick is entered in the two labips. Na Rongsheng.

Playing for a while, Yang Guoqiang looked at Lua’s waist, lie down, she also turned against riding on the thigh, started from the corpus, using the vaginal set with “big stick”. Yang Guoqiang tangled in batches, left hand stretched into Luna chest, caught a little milk and kneaded, and the right hand passed to her yell, with his fingers, with the vaginal oxygen, and smashed the clitoris. Lua was more obstructed, squinted, reddish tongue stretched out, licking his lips, two little hands in himself …

“Big stick” hard Bangbang Top in the vagina, Lua, is squeezed by her vagina, and there is no opening of the condom every inhaled. Lua felt that he was really “sexual blessing”, which can handle such a strong boyfriend, let her satisfied. Yang Guoqiang is also more exciting at the moment. The big penis is tipped in the vaginal clamp, and it is no longer satisfied with the existing pleasure, so he presses Lua to the body and use his own active physical position. Along with the frequently transmitted delivery of the penis, the vagina is already flooding in spring, Yang Guoqiang makes the penis shallow into the shallow, and detracted the vaginal mouth.

Lua said: “Oh … ah! Itch … Ah … don’t you.”

Looking at her look, Yang Guoqiang is very excited, he twisted his waist, let the big penis is around the left and right; pull Lua excitement, the vaginal mouth is holding the meat stick, the kind of “grip” Feeling, it’s too cool! Two small lains constantly congestion and swelling, revealing the red pass, set the big penis in the condom to go back to shuttle, was painfully painted by obscenity …

Lua felt was getting acid and itching, and it was very pleasing to his heart.

She also called: “Fast … hurry up, yeah! … good hard … is you deep.”

Yang Guoqiang is inserted, and the vagina is strongly stimulated. A large amount of lubricating fluid is oozing. With the insertion of the penis, the liquid is brought out, and the Luna is wet. “Big stick” is very deep every time, the roots are close to the big labips, and collide with sex, and issue “啪” sound. The violent throduction also sent Lua to a climax. She felt that her body was very fast, and she felt is really cool! Yang Guoqiang stopped twitching, the big penis in Hard Bangbang took one pick one.

He smiled and asked: “How? Comfortable.” Lua: “Oops, it’s cool. Your big stick is awesome! Sour now.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Why, I am disappointing it?”

Lua: “I don’t mean that, if you are not careful, shooting in it, Jinsa will do.”

Yang Guoqiang retreated the long meat stick from Lua’s vagina. I saw her little labiarian, and there was still a sexual hunger on the lower abdomen. He used his hand to help the monnaa’s instinct, hugged together for a while, she also went back to her bed to sleep. At this time, Yang Guoqiang’s big penis is still rough and hard, but he has been clipped by the vaginal clutch of Lua, with ejaculation desire, he pinned the glans, closed his eyes closed. Yu Xin Na is naked, she uses her own towel, giving Yang Guoqiang to dry the sweat on her body; he sat down and touched the neoon of Jina, there is already wet. Xin Na pinches the penis with his hand, peeps the condom, lying on the bed and separate jade legs, waiting to be inserted.

At this time, Yang Guoqiang did not feel ejaculation, he got up, because Jina is to be pregnant, you have to use the physical level of easy pregnancy. She lifted up in bed, my legs up, the knee curd was placed above the chest; Yang Guoqiang’s arms were posted on both sides of her body, supported the upper body, stretching after the legs, the penis is facing the vaginal mouth. Yu Xin Nan stretched a hand to him, holding the penis to put the purple big talents on his vaginal mouth, when the glans were wet, slowly inserted. Then Yang Guoqiang’s butt together, the coarse meat stick pines in the vagina of the third girlfriend. Although Xin Na’s vagina caught up Luina, it is also a meat, and the smooth tender meat is wrapped. The kind of feeling is warm and itchy, it is really comfortable! Yang Guoqiang knows the particularity of this and new Na sex, she may soon be pregnant, thinking that she is not married, but she is going to be a more excited. Yu Xin Na was called a bed, she rubbed her own clitoris with her hand, and the calf will hooked each other, and they are on the shoulders of Yang Guoqiang, and they danced in his eyebrows. Yang Guoqiang lightly presses the upper body lies in the new Na chest, kissing her mouth, the chest is pressed on a plump breast, and it feels soft, and it is really sexy. Then, he shakes the upper body, so that his chest muscles are smashed on hard nipples, that itching feelings, it is really cool!

Because this sexual volume is great to make Xin Na’s vagina, I want to get more pleasure, she has to rush to the vaginal mouth to get the penis. Yang Guoqiang has just handed with two girlfriends, and it has entered sexual excitement. The penis is then clamped by Xin Na’s vagina, and there is no condom barrier. It is more adding more than a few tens of entrance, and it has created a desire of ejaculation. He quickly quit, attached to the yin, closed his eyes and did not want to have sex, try his best. Xin Na reached out to help him pinned the glans, and only the hands were on his little labipings, and then she looked at her, and she had a small round hole by the penis.

After the meeting, Yang Guoqiang controls, open the eyes and seeing Xin Na’s face, lips and feelings; at this time, her breasts have become excited, become round and swelling, the color of the uli has also deepened many, Two reddish brown small nipples stand hard. He reached out and put it softly on the breast. Yu Xin Na took the big penis with jade, the glans passed through the crack of the little labipings, and didn’t go in. This time, both people are very excited, Yang Guoqiang’s lower body is frequently moved, the long penis is quickly touched in the vagina, and Jina is also tightened, catering the “big stick”. Insertion.

Yu Xin Nan couldn’t help the waves: “Ah … Oh … kill! Good husband … slow … ah! Itch … no … ah!”

Yang Guoqiang also said: “Oh … I will be fine … very comfortable? Is it it itch? Ah! Wait for me … have a child … ah …

I saw the thick penis perpendiced, the prostitute in the vagina, squeezed out of frequently tweak, flowing out, flowing along the butt of Jina. See also a pair of testicles vane in the roots of the penis, already swollen and rounded, full of semen, is preparing to dispatch, rush into the vagina, swim into the uterus into the fallopian tube, combined with the eggs of Jina, To complete the sacred task of breeding new life. The two came almost at the same time, and the thick penis was quickly shuttle. Suddenly inserted in two swelling, suddenly inserted, in the short of Jina short, the big talent took a challenge, a warmth The wave is shot to the vagina …

Yu Xin Na calm down, smiled and said: “Are you ejaculation?”

Yang Guoqiang: “How? Cool.”

She didn’t talk, smiled and lying on the bed, I was afraid that there was a drop of semen to waste. Yang Guoqiang took the toilet paper, helping the new Na wipe wipe the wet, see the two red labians, gradually “swelling” recovered.

Yu Jina watched him affectionately, said: “See you below, I will help you rub it.” She laughed, playful: “Look! Just still root” big stick “, now It turns into “small silkworm”. …

Yang Guozhen turned over to Xin Na, touched her belly with hands: “Oh, give me a son.”

Yu Xin Na smiled: “I don’t dare to say a son, maybe this time is still not good, you have more ejaculation, my pregnancy will be big.”

Yang Guoqiang: “There is a waste of the morning, there is less, try again. It seems that it is not easy to play a” seed “. “

Yu Xin Na: “Of course, I have ovulation, your refinement is reflected in, and the sophomion is combined.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Is that you row?”

Yu Xinon: “It should be these days, if you don’t come to menstruation, you may be pregnant.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Tonight, we will do” couple “, I will sleep with you. “

Yu Xin Na: “Okay, from that day you rape me, the trick is already a husband. Let’s talk to Lua, let’s go.”

Yang Guoqiang: “When I love you, are you not jealous?”

Yu Xinon: “What can I do, things are already like this. Anyway, I am married, who is you with! As long as you remember that I love you.”

Said, she turned off the flashlight and lying on the bed.

Yang Guoqiang took the bed and went to the side of the Luna bed, opened the way was drilled into her nest. Lua was awakened, stunned with him, and later slept again; Yang Guoqiang touched Lua’s slim carcass, the heart is really excited, the first time I am lying in a girl in the girls, and the little girl lying in one Sleep in the nest. He remembered Xu Xiaucui. Since there was no knowledge at the time, she made her stomach, I don’t know how she is now …

Every day, Yang Guoqiang has lived in the girl’s dormitory and their hard work, and finally getting happy fruit. After a month, Yu Xin Na is pregnant, she will go home and married her homes, and Li Jinxia and Lu Na is also related to Yang Guoqiang, but a holiday, the school dormitory is also closed, can you find a new “paradise” … rating Rexz1 primary school students (200/1000) Rank: 2rank: 2 post 66 points 202 points Diving value of 7198 meters skewers, add friends, calling, hop, 3rd floor, published on 2009-8-2311: 14PM | Just look at the author’s campus bright hunger! 1)

After a holiday, this holiday is very long. It is going to go to school in mid-September. It has been more than two months in the blink of an eye. Although the time is not long, Yang Guoqiang feels the same year, and there is no matter what day, I really don’t mean. He couldn’t help but remember the romantic things in the school and the three girlfriends. Whenever she recalled, she couldn’t help but excited. “Big stick” is very hard, but there is no little girl to give vaginal plug. So he gave Li Jinxia, ​​but he couldn’t receive echo. He called Lua’s home. Yang Guoqiang said that the school made her to see the test results, so that she did not let her mother had doubts, and I didn’t dare to call Lua.

Luna stayed at home these days, her mother was very strict, the holiday did not let it play, bought her computer, and registered in the training course to let her learn. Luna is very rich, the mother is also looking to be a phoenix, regard her daughter as everyone’s show; but now she hasn’t known that her daughter has already broken the body, and she has been a girlfriend of Yang Guoqiang. Lua felt that the light was born, it was not as good as going online. She fucking is afraid that she is not working there, just giving her online at home. Next, Lua can have some play, there is nothing to chat online, of course, when the parents are not at home; sometimes, she also finds some pages of relevant sex knowledge, and then have the opportunity to play with Yang Guoqiang. Loop. Occasionally, she found the porn website online, from which it was not available, when the parents were sleeping at night, she secretly visited the porn station in their own room. Seeing the pictures on the screen on the screen, Lua recalled his passion in the school dormitory, and his boyfriend Yang Guoqiang played the passion of the game, thinking of these made her heart, and they did the whole day. Collapse??

Lua is thinking [this Yang Guoqiang! Run there? So long, even a call is not playing, not a little girl in bubble ??

The opportunity came. Luna’s parents are often doing business, often travel, every time they go out, hire a maid to help take care of her daughter. This time I have to go out, the time is longer, about more than four months.

One day, looking for her mother, Luna said: “Na children, and next week I want your dad to go out, tomorrow you hire people, you have to learn at home, you know?” Luna a joyful hearts. And she said coyly: “Mom, I do not want to hire a.”

Mother said: “This is how the line who gave you time to cook, clean up health!?”

Luna: “Oh, people are eighteen years old, but also know how to take care of themselves yet.”

Mother: “This will not do, you alone at home I do not worry.”

Luna: “What do not trust, I do not find students with me on the line.”

Mother: “what the students ah?”

Luna: “That Lijin Xia is often come to me to play.”

Mother: “? People do not stay at home, stay with you it will not do.”

Luna: “! I’m not a very good relationship with her friends, will come.”

Dad compare pet daughter, he said: “Hey, our daughter has grown up, which give her freedom, say some students accompanied Ye Hao, how to say this. Let her housework, or how married later Ah.”

The mother was also felt justified, but said: “You would pet her.”

Father: “From what you say, called care, pet like you called it.”

Luna pleased exclaimed: “Oh Daddy Long Live?!”

Coming to the day, that day at noon Luna’s parents go, though before that her mother repeatedly asked the chores, but still not assured, to tell her grandmother can not solve things to look for. Luna away family very happy!

“Oh, I’m a nobody, right! Jinxia to find.”

And then I thought [why she find it? Is not this a good opportunity, Yang Guoqiang got to, in their own homes and more secure. right! Later let him stay with me?]

Xiangba, she picked up the phone to dial, they think of two Tengen catch up with menstruation, really bad luck! Do not come early not late, I happen to catch this time. More than two months did not suffer stabbed, which is really unbearable, not Guannameduo, a move fingers dialed the phone. Yang Guoqiang just at home, the phone listening to Luna, was very glad! He promised to soon. Bike flew on the road, he wanted to grow wings to fly her home, Yang Guoqiang visited once, unfortunately her mother at home, but do not dare to slip the door. To, he came down from the bicycle, the front of the pants discovered, is a top projection too large penis. On the floor, he came to “413” in front, Luna would have opened the door, happy to let into the room, I saw her wearing a chiffon nightdress, which is translucent to see naked, really good sexy!

Luna closed the door, turned round and said coyly: “?. Where are you going these days do not give me the phone, the people want to die.”

Yang Guoqiang: “! Well I was not at home idle, that give you a call back, but it is connected to your mother, and I would not dare a.”

Luna: “? Oh, I said that day my mom called to have a boy, you guess is right, you did not go Jinxia it.?”

Yang Guoqiang: “find, can give her a pager and not returning it.”

Luna: “Well how else to die, do not talk about it for a long time did that, I want to die?!.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Today I have come to find, not your mother for a while to come back?”

Luna: “They went out to do business, this time for a long time, was more than four months, right?”

Yang Guoqiang: “just, I do not intend to leave it worry you can later coming every day!”

Luna smile looked down, a projections see Yeung pants, child before reaching the crotch zip detach saw thick and hard to drill out a sudden large penis, the upright standing up.

She laughed: “! Yeah you inside how even do not wear underwear?”

Yang Guoqiang: “I know that today you find me” thing “, this is not convenient for you. “

Luna: “What you see and before it, it is hard to be so big stick hee hee!.!”

Yang Guoqiang: “so long did not play, it certainly can not stand it, just downstairs on the hard hehe.?”

Luna: “! Giggle your libido can be really busy come to my house now.!.”

After the living room, smell the fragrance of shares, entered Lua’s boudoir. Yang Guoqiang is still ahead, seeing the decoration in the house is very beautiful, there is a chandelier on the sky, the walls around the wall are stuck on the wall, and the gorgeous cabinet is standing on the wall. It is a dressing table below; there is a big bed next to the window, thick Mattress, tared sheets of bed linen. There is a computer table opposite the bed, and the computer is placed on the top. Yang Guoqiang: “Hey, do you still buy a computer?”

Lua: “My mom let me learn, give it. Yes, I found a few good sites when I was online.”

Said, she turned on the computer to access the Internet, found the porn website, and the two glanced.

Yang Guoqiang still watched the porn network for the first time, saw the wonderful pictures, his heart is full, his hands unconsciously stretched into Lua; she is not idle, one hand holds the big penis to peel the big penis. Only hand stickers masturbation in his genitals ??

The more exciting, the more excited, slowly stripped, naked, and carefully carefully. Lua used the sexual knowledge learned online, and smashed the big penis of hard Bangbang. He looked at the little mouth, and the ruddy glans contained in sucking. The whole penis is located in the import, and the head is blowing one up. Yang Guoqiang looked down at his big penis. In the red lips of my girlfriend, I was really excited! Continuously issue “Oh” sound. Lua felt that “big stick” is harder and harder in his mouth, it is very happy in his heart, and spit out the penis. The little hand peels two times; she will pull the foreskin down, let the big glans are completely exposed, then Just use the tongue to scrape around the coronary groove, a pair of eyes, revealing the sensuality. At this moment, Yang Guoqiang is more excited. He stretched his hands to Lua, and took a pair of small breasts and gently kneaded.

I got it again, he picked uplina, put lying in bed. Then, squatting on the bed, two hands open her jade leg, lips are stuck on the labipings? Lua has been excited, the big lips are separated from both sides, the pink small cloudy lips are protruding, Yang Guo has used the tongue to pick up moist Small labians and clamping lightly with lips, when he explored the tongue into the vaginal mouth, it is already spring water. Luna is lying in bed, screaming, white little butt can’t stand, add a few-degree of sexy. After a while, Yang Guoqiang stretched a finger, inserted into the vagina slowly twitching, and inserted it again, and finally three fingers inserted. Lua felt that the vagina buzz was itchy, and he was not stopped.

She called: “Ah? Itch? Itch !? Oh?”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “How? This is fun?”

Lua: “Ah? It’s fun !? I beg you to stop, I can’t stand it.?:”

He stopped, and he was wetted by her hand.

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “Oh! You are so small, flowing so much water. I put the big stick in, let you have enough!”

After finishing, he stood up and slammed out the condom from the trouser pockets on the bed and torn open the outer bag. Then, hug Luna’s small waist is pulled by the bed, and the left hand touches her thigh, and the glans will be inserted on the vaginal.

At this time, Lua’s hand stretched and held the penis. She said: “Don’t worry, I have menstruation these two days.”

Yang Guoqiang listens, feel very disappointed. Said: “What do you want to find me for menstruation?”

Luna: “Don’t be angry. It doesn’t matter, you will wash it, come!?”

The two entered the bathroom, there is a big bidet inside, with a large tub in the wall, two people are washed inside. There is a bathing head, a bathing or a mirror next to the bath, and her household is a electric water heater. The water in the water tank has been burned hot, Lua screws the valve, and the wet heat is from the nozzle. The two simply rinsed the body, and Lua turned into the condom on the penis of Yang Guoqiang, was washed with bathing, and the coronal groove was washed. After washing, Lua washed his own genitals, she seriously rubded the size of labians, vaginal ports and anus.

Yang Guofeng smiled and said: “Hey, your mother doesn’t know if you are not a woman?”

Lua said, “Hey! Let her know that you are doing, don’t put your big stick down. Gone?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Ha! Your mother is really fierce, let me dare to know that she is a mother.”

Lua: “Go to you! Who said to marry you?”

I saw her talking when she was talking, her face smiled. Because Lua is in the menstrual period, there is no condom. If you go back to your house, you have to wipe your body, you can trouble, just do it in your bathroom. She bent down, holding the bidewell edge, the little butt, waiting for the penis insertion; Yang Guoqiang stood behind the big penis, explored from the crowd, and the red glans were posted on the small labip. I haven’t played sexual intercourse for a long time, he really wants to insert it, Lua is also a fire, feeling that the vagina is empty, I really want to have something full. Her white tender? Children’s sexy twist, eager to enter the penis. Yang Guoqiang’s hip forward is a “卜 吱”, the thick big stick didn’t go in ?? Lua felt that it was stuffed in the land, warm crowded it was really comfortable! She said sweetly: “Ah? Sell! Your big stick is still so hard!”

Yang Guoqiang is also excited. The following moves before and after the body, the two have many sexual relationships, cooperating with a tacit understanding. The muscular bursts in the mouth of the Luna are contracted with the penis of the hard border. Itching is very bright! Although Lua also didn’t know how many times were smashed, but it was still very tight, and it could have a strong stimulus. And she is also a long time, and the vaginal time is not smashed. It is like a shortcoming, It’s hard to get it! This is also a “big stick”, I really put her sweet to the heart. Playing for a while, Yang Guoqiang took half of the penis, shallow in it, but the frequency is very fast, sometimes only leaves the big glans in the vaginal mouth, come back and down.

Because it is at home, Lua screamed soonlessly, and provoke Yang Guoqiang’s sexual desire. This is better than playing in the school dormitory. At that time, I didn’t dare to be too loud. Now I don’t have to be afraid. Yang Guoqiang listened to the sound of the survival, and he was more selling. He also scatched the whole penis whole, and rubbed the mouth of the vaginal; his hands were not idle. Knead, the upper body is also squirming on her in a dark back, slowly. When I played, I changed a posture. Lua stood next to the bath, the right leg raised his feet on the side of the bath, Yang Guoqiang paired her. Because Lua is shorter, he is separated from his legs. The left arm is on her waist. The right hand will put the big penis, and put it in front of it. Lua looked at the “big stick” in his head, and she took the next one. She grabbed Yang Guoqiang’s neck, the lips of the two were pair, and they kissed the bisector.

More than two months did not pay with the little girl. Today, the big penis has been moist, it is very thick and hard, and it is frequently shuttle in the wet warm vagina. Long-lasting pumping, let Lua are excited, the vaginal secreted out a lot of prostitutes, the throne from the lower body to the whole body, she feels that there is a honest friend who wants to be so strong to accompany himself, it is a good “sex”! Grandfather, she put a small hand on the yin, and the fingers were desperately smashed. Yang Guoqiang was inserted with a rough penis. Lua breathed, and continued to make a scream, it feels that the vagina contraction in rhythm and sexual intercourse is transmitted. Suddenly, she felt a strong contraction of the uterus, and there was a liquid of strand. Yang Guoqiang also felt that bowed down, I saw that my big penis was revealed from the vaginal mouth, and it was full of blood.

Yang Guoqiang: “How did you bleed?”

Lua laughed: “Nothing, it is blood. I am too excited! Your big stick is really powerful!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Can you continue?”

Lua: “I will help you! If you continue to be easy to infect.”

After finishing, she let Yang Guo rinsed the penis, then kneeling, reaching a little hand holding, and opened the little mouth to include the “big stick” in the Hard Bang. It is too big, and Lua’s small mouth is full. Her head is moved, and the two red lips woven the penis.

Yang Guoqiang looked down and thought that he had to get into the little girl, it was to be the most popular! Don’t look at her sexual experience is not long, but the playability will work very tacit, the soul is connected.

[Ugh! Now the little girl is really open, do you have to be less and less?

At this time, he is also near the climax, and the sound of “Oh” is constantly issued, the big talents pickfully in the little mouth of Luna. Luna also felt, and the penis was licking with the tip of the tongue. It took out again, and the little hand was soaked quickly on the penis, and the tip of the tip was constantly stimulated. Finally, I couldn’t control it. The penis suddenly trembled, and several milky white semen were sprayed from the small hole in front of the glans. She smiled and swallowed the semen, and took the semen of the mouth and wiped into the mouth with my fingers.

Then, smiled and said: “Wow! So much, take some days?” Yang Guoqiang smiled: “No, no day is really difficult.”

Lua waved his little fist and gently hit him.

Then, the two were washed and washed the body, wiped the water on the body, Yang Guoqiang picked Lua to return to her boudoir. Luna found a triangular panties put on, and took out a page of sanitary napkins in the drawer next to him, Yang Guoqiang stood in a smile.

Luna said that he said: “What is it? It is still not wearing clothes.”

Yang Guoqiang: “What is the urgent, now in your home, no girl’s dormitory.”

Lua: “Hey, I am at home this time, can you come out with me?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Good wow! I will come tomorrow.”

Lua: “I am here for a few days, come next week.”

Yang Guoqiang looked up at the wall clock on the wall and said: “Yeah, it’s almost six o’clock, I got home at night.”

Lua: “Right, I haven’t eaten yet. I haven’t eaten it, the upper mouth didn’t eat it, and I can be eaten below! Hey !?”

Yang Guoqiang: “Yeah, you still eat my semen, very nutritious. Haha !?”

Lua: “Hey, you don’t wear underwear, you can see it outside, I will find the underwear to wear.”

Said, she threw from the blue triangle underwear from the wardrobe. Yang Guoqiang off his pants, put on Luna’s small panties, it is too small, wearing it feels tight.

He smiled: “Hello, too small, isn’t I blew?”

Lua: “Give it to you!”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “What do I want a little girl’s underwear? I can’t wear it again.”

Lua: “Leave a remember, I am not around you, look at it.”

After finishing, she put on the cream and wore “three-point” to send Yang Guoqiang to the door. He turned back to the cheeks of Luna, and “Bai worship.”

In the evening, lying in bed, Lua stroked his homework with a small hand, thinking about the “big stick” in the afternoon.

[Ugh! Time is long, don’t be done, do you feel comfortable?]

Gradually, she smiled and entered dreams.

Campus Yan Zhun’s History (2)

On June 29, 1997, in the living room of Luna, Li Jinxia and she sat on the sofa.

Lua “giggle” smiled: “Hey! You see, the male big stick is more thick!” Be bigger than Yang Guoqiang. “

Li Jinxia: “The things of foreign men are big, but every time they look at their films, they are still long-lasting.”

Lua: “Hey? You see the woman is quite cool, the sound is so big!”

Li Jinxia: “Hey, you are not the same. Look! The man smokes the dick, like ejaculation.”

Lua: “Haha! Shoot, shot? Hey, do you want Yang Guoqiang?”

Li Jinxia: “Why don’t you want it, it is itchy.”

Lua: “You are itchy? Isn’t there a boyfriend?”

Li Jinxia: “I fuck! Don’t mention him, I will go to him last month. How do you guess how? The bed is still lying! He is carrying me with a small saga, as if he is a child, still think Play two. “

Lua: “What happened? Yang Guoqiang is not more than him, you still go to bed with him?”

Li Jinxia: “Operation, what do he find a lady, how do I know if she has sexually sick? Again, I will finish my boyfriend, I will finish it, I will break up with him on the same day.”

It’s talking, the doorbell rang.

Li Jinxia: “Who is coming so early?”

Lua: “” Maybe him, I will go see. “

She asked the door, and it is Yang Guoqiang. Lua let him wait, then go back to his house, take off the light, and find the tulle sleep, walk out of the house.

Li Jinxia saw: “Wow! Do you feel such a sexy?”

Lua laughed: “Is fun to tease him? Hey, you also wear some points, guarantee that he will come in a big stick. Getting!” After, Lua went to open the door, Li Jinxia also took off the outside clothes Just wear “three-point” sitting on the sofa. Yang Guoqiang entered the house, he heard the voice of men and women.

He laughed: “Hey, do you see a film?”

Luna: “Not me, let’s look again.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Who else?”

Lua: “If you come in, you will know.”

He wore a shoe into the living room, saw Li Jinxia on the sofa, please ask: “Hey! When did you come?”

Li Jinxia smiled and said: “Before the morning. It’s really unfortunate, Lua is not anxious, you will not come to her, I will call. Gignone!”

Lua: “Death Jin Xia! Pintted, when do I have to call? I see it is what you are anxious.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Okay, you will know the beakers to a piece. Right of Jinxia, ​​how come these for more than a month? I have called several times.”

Li Jinxia: “Last month and my parents will play to Guangdong, you can of course not find it.”

Lua: “Jinxia brought a few a tablets when I came back, I took it this morning, it is not bad!”

Yang Guoqiang laughed: “It seems that I have come to it, and I am catching up with you.”

Lua: “You are this person! I think about it, I think about it.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You don’t want it? Hey, do you finish me?”

Lua: “Let’s take a quite time.”

Li Jinxia “giggling”: “Hey, you can let the big stick to smash.”

Luna said, I said: “You are not the same? Still talking to me.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Today, I also itchy, you are waiting to squat!”

They listened, smiled “嘻嘻 嘻”. Looking again, Yang Guoqiang sat in the center of the sofa, Li Jinxia and Lua, and three people watched a tablet together. Looking at the fierce sex of the male or female protagonist, they also couldn’t help but unlock the Yang Guoqiang trousers, and the big penis that had already erectile. The big penis was taken out from the pants, and the little hand clen up and peeling; Jinxia Also stretched, gently smashed the scrotum, and took the brass on the body, using the breast on Yang Guoqiang arm; Yang Guoqiang launched the arms, hold one, two hands in their chest touch ??

At this time, the TV is acting in the TV, and the woman is holding the penis and hit the penis. Lua also learned the penis of Yang Guoqiang with his hand and smiled and said: “Jinxia you see! This is called Jinji nod. Giggle!”

Li Jinxia also laughed: “Hey! You are quite rich.”

The TV suddenly turned into a blue screen, and the film was finished. They wanted to read all the films, but they really want to be embarrassed, and they have to play sex.

Li Jinxia said: “Hey, let’s don’t look, there is a big boult in front of you, it is better to practice.”

In a sentence, Luaini, two girlfriends have taken off the light, ready to play. Yang Guoqiang also took off the light, and the long big penis stood in front of them, Jinxia and Lua extended the jade hand, played with the penis. After playing for a while, they felt their own genitals, so that Yang Guoqiang sat on the sofa, the two of them stood up and took the Yin to his mouth, asked him to make a mouth. But how can a mouth play two at the same time?

Yang Guoqiang said: “Don’t worry, come?”

Then, Jinxia first stopped on the sofa, forked the jade leg, close the mouth of Yang Guoqiang, sexyly twisted the little butt, with the small labie, rub his lips; Lua squatted down, holding a thick big penis Included in the mouth of the mouth; the other small hand is placed on his nebula, his fingers rub the clitoris and vaginal oxasia. Yang Guoqiang sniffed Jinxia’s yin, and he also took a faint 臊, he kissed it on the small labipings, and then leaned out the tongue. He explored his tongue into the vaginal mouth, surrounded by 舐 舐, Jin Xia suddenly felt a burst of feelings, itch she “giggle”.

Yang Guoqiang lifted his head and smiled: “What happened? It itchy?”

Li Jinxia: “It’s a bit itchy! Nothing, you get it. Hey?”

At this point, Jinxia vaginal opening has been pouring a lot of sexual secretion children, it was very large labia majora, labia minora are increasingly swollen. Jinxia Yang Guoqiang kissed the labia, mouth caked with Yin Ye, he felt himself being sucked big penis very itchy Luna warm mouth, her oral sex Kung Fu really good! Suddenly came very Yinlang of “Ae?” Sound, original Jinxia hit made aloud. Luna a bit fed up, she spit penis said coyly: “Oh hello Jinxia with no way I’m waiting??.”

Lijin Xia “giggle” smile, said: “? I’m sorry ah, forget and your friends.”

Her down from the sofa, Luna stood up, and Jinxia as astride, genitals near to Yang Guoqiang face ?? Jinxia and crouch down, took a big penis sucking get. Yang Guoqiang handle the Luna soft white thighs, lips and kissed on the genitals, pubic hair is not too much of her, but on smooth hairless labia majora, a licking tongue wet and slippery. Luna waves were constantly writhing little ass, kind of child prostitutes Sao awkward really do a good material, as long as the lecherous men, will be able to surrender under her skirt. Lijin Xia playing with the penis, vagina felt terribly empty, she spit on the hand moving a few penis stripping; then stood identity open legs, thighs straddling both sides of Yang Guoqiang, leaning fingers big red glans alignment vagina children sit down buttocks, thick long Rougun Er then suddenly gone into it. That was full of feeling, so Jinxia extremely excited! She began undulating Yu-yi, a vaginal Taonong up ??

Yang Guoqiang also suddenly felt his penis was tightly wrapped hot meat, steal a look Jinxia has entered the vagina.

Luna look back to see him, he turned to look. He shouted: “Hurray dead Jinxia you to be first on the eating!.”

Li Jinxia: “You see that kind of stingy, you have eaten a few days ago, I did not play for so long, do not let me die.”

Luna “giggle” smile, said: “Yeah OK, so anxious to see you, not dry a few days can not stand.”

Then, she was off the couch, squatting to the point of view Lijin Xia Yang Guoqiang and sexual intercourse.

Jinxia body kept twisting and downs, to enjoy the pleasure of sexual intercourse. Yang Guoqiang hands stroking her, I saw her chest one pair of large breasts plump, shaking up and down in their own eyes, really sexy. Jinxia already twenty years old young lady, though long wanted very general, but the body is very standard development, where the drum on the drum, where the slim and very slim, good a model figure.

Positive playing, Luna Suddenly he said: “!. Daitao children Yeah hey did not.”

Jinxia surprised, quickly stood up. He said: “I speak, how to forget this.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Nothing, I do not come high tide, say you and I are sitting, even if a little child are also sailing to flow out.”

Li Jinxia: “Next week I’m going to menstruation, and now it is easy to conceive of.”

Luna: “Do not worry, I’ve got this medicine, you can not guarantee something.”

Yang Guoqiang: “You have contraceptives ah?”

Luna: “Yes I want to buy a couple of days ago to cover the pharmacy and saw the pill, buy back a try..”

Then, she took out a box of medicine from the table below.

Li Jinxia: “hey, I’m eating one work?”

Luna: “Yes you can, but this is a short-acting, every day to eat one, but temporarily used after menopause, and so do the recovery on it.”

Li Jinxia: “just, I was afraid next week to menstruation, like a few days can not play.”

Luna: “But this drug only once every two weeks, you have to stop for some time and then, to use for too long have side effects.”

Yang Guoqiang: “I have medicinal do?”

Luna: “What do you use it but we took the pills you do not have a child wear sleeve?.”

Yang Guoqiang: “This is good, we can” zero “contact with it! “

The pill, and Jinxia cross on him, this time away from Yang Guoqiang, leaning on large Rougun hand, did not let the glans into the vagina children, ass sank down, and the entire insert. Then she lustful writhing body, enjoy the thrill of being filled again, rubbing his fingers also posted on their clitoris. Luna sat on the coffee table, clearly see Na Liangpian Jinxia moist labia minora, close to the thick penis, in the slide up and down, really good exciting! She could not help but hand out below, watching masturbation.

Get a while, stood up Jinxia, ​​slide out from the inside of the penis.

Yang Guoqiang asked: “? I do want to change the location?”

Li Jinxia smiled: “Don’t change! I am going to the toilet.” Lua listened to the smile: “Hey! How to make his big stick put the urine?”

Jinxia walked into the bathroom, Lua went to him, reach out of the small hand, smile and hold the wet big penis.

Yang Guoqiang pulled up her and said, “Come, play it up.”

Lua Said said: “No, I am going to play in bed.”

Yang Guoqiang hugged Luna, walked into her boudoad and put it on the bed. Look at Lua, I can’t wait to hold the coarse penis, let the moist talents squat on their small labs, show the desire to the eyes, the penis has not waited for it, she will open sexy little mouth. The sound is coming. Yang Guoqiang squatted in Luna, holding hands in her chest, gently killing the white breast, but the buttock is slowly pressed down, the long penis gradually gone into the vision ??

Because I just accepted Li Jinxia’s vagina, inserted into Luna’s lower body, it was obvious that it would be much better. Although Jinxia’s vagina is not very tight, but the breast is full, and it feels good! Two girlfriends have a thousand autumn. After the penis is inserted, it is wrapped in a tender meat in the vagina that is wrapped in a tender meat, clamping tightly, and it feels well. He has the lower body to undulate, so that the thick big penis is inserted inside, the throne is constantly struck, and the frequency of the integration has gradually accelerated. I don’t know if it is true, Lua is called the bed, and the breathing has been very hurried. Every penis is inserted, she is called, and she is “oh”! It’s fun. Yang Guoqiang straight together, holding Luna’s two powder legs, and the hip frequently moved before and after, the penis was heavy, and the genitals collided with each other, issued “啪” sound.

When Lua was in the boudoir and Yang Guoqiang fiercely, Li Jinxia came out from the bathroom. She saw them in the living room, but he heard the bed sound of obscenity in the room. Jinxia lighted his light and feet came to the door. The door was half. I saw the bed at a glance. I saw Lu Na lifted her legs. Yang Guoqiang stood on the bed, and the lower body was frequently moving, long and long The big penis fierce in the vagina. Jinxia was excited by the scene in front of him, I feel that my vagina is too touting, so I want him to give yourself a few.

Li Jinxia counsed, walking into said: “Good wow, I am going to the toilet you first.”

Lua Shou is called: “Ah? What am I first? Oh? Oh?

Yang Guoqiang said Luna and said to Jin Xia: “You don’t worry, you will immediately.”

After that, he slowed down, and let the penis slowly pumped two times in the vagina of Luna, then the buttocks were retired afterwards. Look at your big penis is already red, it is sticky, and it is very bright and bright. He put the penis on the hangup of Lua, and then said: “Jin Xia, come on.”

Li Jinxia said he said: “It’s really good! It’s so hard.”

Lua “giggle” smiled: “Oh, his big stick is so powerful! I just made me a climax.”

At this time, Li Jinxia sat on the bed, slowly lie down, separated his legs, the whispering big lips showed it; Yang Guoqiang stands on the bed, the right hand flashed his big penis, both eyes stared at Jinxia .

Li Jinxia smiled, and said that it is delicate and sighful: “Hey, what is silly look? Come on.”

Yang Guoqiang rushed on Jinxia’s jade body, and his head was posted to the chest. He kept the full breasts. She smiled and stretched it to the bottom of the penis. Yang Guoqiang feels her penis the little girl with a hand touch, and the unbearable itch. He straightened upper body kneeling on the bed, with both hands Jinxia thigh pulled over, make her pussy Xiongxiong stand near the “big stick.” Li Jinxia breathing heavily lustful eyes could not help but tease him, heart throbbing with excitement, sexual secretion has long been soaked vagina children. Look Yeung, stroking Jinxia mons left, right pressing Alice very large penis glans red been posted on wet vagina; then, starts moving forward very hip, glans force open the two Hongnen labia minora, sink below the vaginal opening.

Jinxia feels a bloating, and the red lips are slightly “ah?” She closed her eyes, both hands massage on their own breasts, ready to accept the intrusion of the entire penis. Yang Guofeng looked at Jinxia, ​​but did not rush into the penis, but let the big glans constantly caught in the vaginal mouth, sometimes deliberately returned, and then re-inserted, and use the left hand to swear the prostitute, gently Pulling the clitoris of the protrusions above the lips. Li Jinxia screamed, feeling it itchy, sexy twisted body, one hand straight, the fiber-optic jade fingers pinching the thick penis, indicating that there is an insertion. Yang Guoqiang knows that she is not in a hurry, so I will be a very crowd, “?” The long big penis is not entering the vagina. He began to swing the lower body, harden the penis pushed up in the vagina, I saw Jinxia’s eyes like a silk, and the sensuality called the bed sound. She tightly contracted the vaginal mouth, hoop with thick meat sticks , A hand sticker is on the yin, the finger keeps smashed the small clitoris of sudden fusers. Luna has been a climax, so sexual desire is not as strong as it is so strong, sitting quietly to “watch the battle”. Looking at Yang Guoqiang’s thick penis, the scene in which the Li Jinxia vagina is entrained, and the heart will not help but have a feeling of sour, a jealous mood is born.

Lua wants [What is going on? Do I have this feeling? Don’t I fall in love with him? ?]

At this time, Jinxia is approaching the climax. She is shotful, and the eyes are stunned into a chance. The pair of big breasts in the chest are very drums. Excited to see sweat. Lua looked at Jinxia’s breasts, and looked at his little breasts. He really envy her a full chest; but Lua is not self-sorrow, because you have a very tight vagina, you can satisfy your beloved “big stick Sensual plays when inserting. Look at Yang Guoqiang, waving the thick meat stick, placing it in Li Jinxia’s vagina, shaking her body is trembled, and the festive big breast is also trembled as sexy. At this moment, Jinxia feels very comfortable. The big penis in hard Bangbang is strongly impacted in his vagina. Every time I fall, I strongly stimulate the erection of the clitoris, and I am very happy. Her finger quickly rubbed on the clitoris, the thrill became more and more strong, the vagina produced paroxysmal contraction; Yang Guoqiang also felt that Jin Xia came to a climax, he took half of the penis, then shallow and shallow, thick penis frequently Grinding with the vaginal mouth?

Jinxia is more excited. She strongly twisted her body, and the bed sounds changed. After a while, her jade body is soft, lazy lying on the bed, I feel that the body seems to float. Yang Guoqiang withdrew from the penis, I saw that the above grounded crystalline land, then watching Jinxia’s vaginal mouth, being federated with tender meat, “cave mouth” is still closed. Lua looked at the fierce sex. The following began to take it out again. She once again came over, reaching out, holding the big penis “Wow!” Or hard Bangbang! She is very happy, turning over the bed, white little butt is highly high, reversing the head and smiles, and the penis is again inserted. Yang Guoqiang got up and stood in bed. After coming to Lua, touched smooth buttons with hand, then cross your legs, knees bend, and let the big penis sticker on the ass ditch.

Lua is a bit waiting, saying: “Oh? What are you doing? Not soon!”

He used his hand to put the red rushing big penis, the purple glans fell along the butt, put on the humid little labips; then, the glans did not enter the vaginal mouth, the body is pressed down, long penis I didn’t get into the vagina of Lua again. The thick penis is in a wet warm meat, and Lua feels “sexual blessings”, the warm “big stick” is coming back in his vagina, just taboo Li Jinxia’s thoughts. . Yang Guoqiang is standing, and it is deeply inserted and his penis is also long. Every time I put into the vagina, the glans will be topped to the cervix. Dumb. He didn’t dare to cut too much, afraid of hurting Luna’s uterus, so he kneel on the bed, so that the big penis was frequently elapsed.

Lua is really a slogan, and the little butt is twisted forward and after the penis, and the bed sound is continuously connected. Yang Guoqiang stretched his hands to her chest, and pinched in the soft boy breasts. Jinxia is looking for sexual desireside, and it is also necessary. Yang Guoqiang thought a way, he let Jin Xia lay on the bed, Lua is on her, the genitals of the two girlfriends are out of the bed; Yang Guoqiang took the bed, put their lower body near the bed, hand according to the big penis First insert Li Jinxia’s vagina to pick up, let it go back and get out, and get into the vagina of Luna.

In this way, the thick “big stick” turns through the vagina of the two girlfriends, this kind of game is really exciting! Yang Guoqiang felt that he had to come to a climax. He knew that he couldn’t control too long, try to grind their vaginal ports, and use his fingers to get clitoris, prompting them to come alive.

Yang Guoqiang is too busy. The hip is moving forward, the thick penis is flying, and the two girlfriends are in the vaginal mouth to suck the meat, it is really wonderful! Li Jinxia and Lua screaming, the two girls called the spring sound, with the “big stick” in the vaginal “”, like a wonderful music, echoing in the boudoir ?? Finally, They all come climax. In the vagina that is in Jinxia at this time, Yang Guoqiang feels ejaculation, just with half, I feel that the waist is a hemp, the big talents are challenged, and the concentrated semen is incident in the vagina of Li Jinxia.

She sat up and said: “Hey! How do you shoot it? You forgot to wear a set? I’m really annoyed!”

Lua: “What are you afraid of? Don’t you take medicine, there will be no more things.”

Jinxia is put down, but it is still into the bathroom and washes the semen in the vagina. Then, they returned to the living room, sitting on the sofa and continued to see a film, Lua felt hungry, cooking a few bags of fast food, three people looking around. To two o’clock in the afternoon, Lua and Jinxia were excited, and they turned with jade hand to fight Yang Guoqiang’s penis and testicles, and the whispered penis has gradually become thick.

I have played over, three people snuggled in a piece of sleep, wake up, seeing the sky has been dark, a look at the table at 7:00, Li Jinxia rushed home. In the evening, Yang Guoqiang and Lua were lying on the bed. He is really tired today, and sleeps in the eyes. Luna was excited to sleep, because in his boudoir, there was a man with a man with a man, and she was like a little wife, and she also entered the dream. Rating Rexz1 Pupil (200/1000) Rank: 2rank: 2 Post 66 points 202 points Dive 7198 meters Strings door plus good friends to call the hiped message 4th floor Published on 2009-8-2311: 15PM | Just look at the author’s campus bright history College Life Lua’s home has become a new sex paradise. The whole holiday Yang Guoqiang will live with her. Li Jinxia is often playing, but she must go home at night, and Yang Guoqiang and Lua are like a small couple, every day. Trenden a pillow on a bed. After a long time, the days have grown a spark of love, even talking about marriage, but now I am going to school, the two will hide the matter in the heart, and then say after the study.

The days are really fast, Lua’s parents have to come back a few days, Yang Guoqiang can’t live in her house. After the school, Lua and Li Jinxia returned to the original school reading college, Yang Guoqiang was at the same city. After returning to the school, they found that the dormitory management was strict, there were the values ​​of the student meeting, not allowed to mutk. Later, I learned that there was a girl and boyfriend in the dormitory in the dormitory. Last autumn girl was pregnant, her belly was already very big, and the classmates thought she became fat; this girl is not Dare to go home, just stay a holiday in the school, one night, she suddenly shouted his stomach pain, alarming the girl of the neighborhood, looking for a school doctor, knowing it is. It’s going to be born immediately, and I am not anxious to go to the hospital. Fortunately, the school doctor is a woman, there is a child’s experience, just help her have a baby in the girl’s dormitory. This matter is affected by schools, she and her boyfriend have been opened, from this dormitory management is also strengthened? Jin Xia and Lua have been a little fear, so it is good to have a contraception, not stall.

Lua said: “It’s true, like this big, is there a normal thing in this area? Do you have anyone, really unreasonable!”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! It is the feudal of their thoughts. Is there any way? Yes, I have to pay attention to it, but I don’t want to be like her.”

Lua: “Don’t worry! As long as we pay attention to contraception, don’t let his sperm come in.”

Li Jinxia: “Hey! I see you didn’t make him inside.”

Lua: “Then I am not taking medicine. Do you know? Let him shoot in it comfortably. Gignone!”

Li Jinxia: “Don’t use your beauty, wait which make him get big belly, you can’t laugh.”

Lua: “Hey, the school is now so strict, I think we rent a house, how good is it with him?”

Li Jinxia: “That’s good! Let’s go out on Saturday.”

Soon, the first week after school, Yang Guoqiang felt really hard in the new school. When you have holiday, you have a one-time life every day. It is now good. It is not familiar with which little girl is not familiar, and there is no time to find them. If you have no sex life, you are not used to it. Saturday arrived, Yang Guoqiang got up early and hurriedly rushed to economic proceedings, and he went on the road, and it was what he did.

Yang Guoqiang wants: [Hey! Also waiting for anxious, it seems that I can’t stand it. The car is standing, and the two girlfriends are waiting. Li Jinxia smiled and said: “Hey, it is very fast, we just finished the call.”

Yang Guoqiang: “When I received it, I was on the car.”

Lua also laughed: “Wow! You are quite anxious.”

Yang Guoqiang: “No, I am a week. Let’s go, go to school.”

Lua: “The school is not enough, we are looking for you today to find a house to see.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Do you want to rent a house? What happened in the school?”

Li Jinxia: “Let’s go, hurry, and let go.”

Then, they talked about Yang Guoqiang, and ran for a day, did not find a suitable house, not too expensive, it is too far from school.

Luna: “What to do? Run a day, let’s go back.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Go back? Then I am coming to you today.”

Li Jinxia “smiled:” Do you think about it? “

Lua: “If you think about it, there is no way, no place.”

Yang Guoqiang: “That’s it ??”

Lua: “I have a place, but I have to spend some money, are you with money?”

Li Jinxia: “Where is there yet?”

Lua: “Don’t get it in the hotel in the hotel, anyway, I don’t go back to school today.”

Yang Guoqiang: “I have to open a house to have a ID card, I have not brought it.”

Lua: “Yea! I didn’t have it.”

Li Jinxia: “I brought it, I thought that the rent can be used, I didn’t want to use it here.”

Lua: “Too good! Let’s go.”

Yang Guoqiang: “On that hotel? Don’t be too advanced, I have not taken too much money.”

Lua: “The package is two, three hundred yuan, one stay.”

Li Jinxia: “Yes, I have an ID card, what do you do?”

Lua: “This is good, you open a room first, then I will go to you with him, so I can’t go in.”

After the three people are planned, they are looking for the door to find the facade, but it is not a small hotel. Jinxia first opened a room with her ID card, after a while, Yang Guoqiang and Lua to the desk said Li Jinxia, ​​which is coming in. Come to the 613 room, one pushed into the house, heard the voice of “” in the next bathroom, the door opened Jinxia.

She said: “Hey, I put the water, let’s take a shower first, running a day is sweating.”

Lua hangs “Do not disturb”, then hangs outside the door, then plugging in the door, and the three people get the red strip into the bathroom. Yang Guoqiang sat in the bidet, Li Jinxia and Lua helped her to wash her, at this time, his big penis was already standing hard, teased by them, “giggle”. Because I can’t wait to have, I am going to play sex. They wiped the body into the room, there is a large double bed, and the three people lying above is also squeezed.

Li Jinxia suddenly said: “Yeah, I forgot to take the pregnant set.”

Luna: “Look at you! Tell you when you come out, don’t forget, what do you want?”

Yang Guoqiang: “It doesn’t matter, I will take it out when I am ejaculation.”

Li Jinxia: “How do you do this! Do you want us to be the same as the girl in school?”

Lua: “Forget it, I will buy a box.”

After finishing, she put on her clothes. After a while, it will come back, pick up a box of condoms from the pocket and throw it in bed.

Li Jinxia: “So fast! You bought it there?”

Lua: “Downstairs, have you not seen there is a self-service purchase machine? In addition to the smoke is this.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Hey! How do you still buy a set.”

Lua: “Hey, it is for those lady, gentleman prepare.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Then you both are it?”

Lua: “You a stinky child! Dare to insult us. Jin Xia, do him!”

They and Yang Guoqiang began together? The three naked bodies rolled together, Yang Guoqiang’s thick big penis, I can’t open in the vagina of the two girlfriends, and they watched the bed sound from the room, the whole room It was shrouded by a sensuality called bed and a rich sweat. The big penis is struggling to draw in the Jinxia viazzo, she is lying in bed, two hands to make their own breasts, Lua scored jade legs, double knee in the middle of Jincia, was licking in the yin; got a moment, Yang Guoqiang took the penis to with Jinxia’s vagina. Lua turned over to the bed, and the white little butt was rushed on him. The penis is re-explored to Lua, and in front of her vagina, it is frequently pumped. Jin Xia was tuned, lying in them, clearly saw the long penis in the vagina in Lua, and a pair of big test tongue swayed in front of him; she stretched out the tongue, at Yang Guoqiang’s testicles I lick, my patentia was touched by Lua, and the two girlfriends were gradually brought into climax. Lua and Jinxia were lying in bed. Yang Guoqiang waved the thick “Stick Renovation in their vagina; they all hooked at the powder, a small mouth of the vaginal port icon, anxiously waiting for the “food”. The penis frequently rubs Luna’s vagina, and the prostitute is pulled out to the exterior, and the sound of obscene is constantly sent from her sexy little mouth.

Look at Jinxia, ​​the jade leg is divided, the little hand quickly rubs quickly in the clitoris, and urgently waiting insert. Yang Guoqiang came to her, holding a thick penis, and the red glans arrived on the vaginal mouth. Jin Xia was on the small labipings with his fingers. When the vagina was filled, she was very excited, and she pulled the clitoris, and the lower body was unable to move. With the penis thrust.

At this time, Yang Guoqiang has also come to the climax, and the lower body is not very moving frequently, the big penis is hard, and the blood vessels are clearly visible. Li Jinxia was called the bed to be more sensual, the vaginal burst contracted, the vaginal horses held back and forth “big stick”. The penis is strongly friction, and the desire of ejaculation is getting stronger. Yang Guoqiang strives to control, slowing down the frequency of the throduction; when Jin Xia also has a strong sexual excitement, he will not enter the penis, the small belly I caught a week, I finally got released.

After shooting, the penis retreats, and there is a sober, the above condom slowly loosen, and the front of the front of the glans filled with white flowers. Lua came over and reached out to peeled off the condom from the penis, and then poured the inside of the semen in his hand and wipe it on your face.

Li Jinxia: “You are really disgusting! Get the face of the semen.”

Lua: “What do you know? This can skin care, there is nutrition. Hey, you still say me, I saw you swallowing it in the belly, not more disgusting!”

Yang Guoqiang lying in bed, Jin Xia and Lua lying on both sides, jade hand playing with a soft penis, looking at him with satisfied eyes. After a while, the three were rinsed again, and then returned to the house and did not wear clothes, naked, lie on the bed, laughing.

Li Jinxia smiled and said to Yang Guoqiang: “Hey, you can really do it, get people are cool!”

Luna: “No! It’s a swelling and itching, it’s really noted! Hey?”

Yang Guoqiang said: “I didn’t play a week, of course, this will be.”

Luna: “Hey, if you are so powerful, who is married to you, you can die!”

Yang Guoqiang: “Right, it is better to marry me!”

Li Jinxia: “Go! What do you think, is it a wife?”

Yang Guoqiang: “What! What are you lying in bed now and I am married? Hey!”

Lua: “This is different, and the relationship between husband and wife is not simple.”

Yang Guoqiang: “Ah? So I can only marry a wife in one of you.”

The two girlfriends didn’t talk. Yang Guoqiang knew that they all had love, and the young men’s girls will have feelings, let alone have been playing with them for so long ?? In fact, Jin Xia origin and boyfriend After breaking up, I put it into Yang Guoqiang. She knew that Lua also liked him, she didn’t look good, but I was not willing to quit, strive! Lunna did not touch Yang Guoqiang, he had some good feelings to him, and later and his sexual life was more loved; because Lua is a very strong girl, and Yang Guoqiang can satisfy her, although he Very good color, and a few girls have been in bed, but Lua thought, no matter how as long as he can do his wife, if he can belong to himself.

After a while, Lua found another topic said: “Hey, have you seen a yellow novel?” Li Jinxia: “I haven’t seen it.”

Lua: “I found the website with a novel when I was online, I was very interesting.”

Li Jinxia: “What is it written above?”

Lua: “” It is those things, all have written it. “

Li Jinxia: “You can also post it, right, is not as good as we wrote a writing, please!”

Lua: “How can our things write, let people know more embarrassment.”

Li Jinxia: “What happened? Let’s only write a story, don’t write there, who can know.”

Lua thought about it: “It’s okay? But don’t write name.”

Li Jinxia: “The story is true, the name is also true. If you write a name, what else does it mean, let’s not be famous, you will have a name on this. Gignone!”

Lua: “What is this name? Write your name, more difficult.”

Yang Guoqiang smiled: “Some of the people who are renowned in the world are, who will know is us, I agree to Jin Xia’s statement, if you go, you can have a name.”

Lua: “Let’s talk about it! Even if you write, you have to look at how people wrote.”

After laughing for a while, they opened the TV again until he was sleeping in ten o’clock in the evening.

After a week, I finally rented the house, it was an old house, but also burned the fire. However, it is very close to the economy, and the house has only one house, which is empty. In addition to the windows, there is no thing, there is no thing. The house is a small hall, only a few square meters, and the wall Changfang table is placed on the corner. The house is a small bathroom, or it is only a person. However, the rent is very cheap, only one hundred yuan per month is very good, and it is finally found to find a sex garden.

On Saturday, Li Jinxia, ​​Lua and Yang Guoqiang sweep the room. Although the house is old, it is very clean, removes the gray wipe and the window, not how long it is clean, and there is no laying on the road.

Li Jinxia: “Okay! It’s all clean, it’s not bad.”

Lua: “If you go back to school, you will not live in the dormitory tomorrow!”

Yang Guoqiang: “All is fast noon, wait for lunch and then go again.”

In fact, he is intended to play sex with the two girlfriends, and once again, when cleaning up the house, the dick can’t help but want to come.

Lua saw his mind and smiled: “It is also, don’t eat it.”

Li Jinxia also understood, she “giggle” said: “I see that you want to eat the big stick.”

Said, three people took off their trousers, Yang Guoqiang stood there, and the big penis between the crotch was tall and stretched. Jin Xia and Lua still wear “three-point”, they came to Yang Guoqiang, Jinxia looked at him from behind, with warm jade bodied his back; Lua, squatting, small hands holding hard Bangbang’s penis. She looked at the glans and the penis very clean, and Zhanghonghong lip put the big talents in his mouth. Yang Guoqiang was slutted by the girlfriend of the two winds, and the right hand stretched back. It was in touch with the panty, Jin Xia was also ingenious, and the waist branched and sentimentally twisted. I am screaming on the back of the big breasts in Yang Guoqiang. At this moment, Li Jinxia’s vagina has secreted a lot of prostitution, and the underwear is wetted. Yang Guoqiang also felt that the big penis was sucking in the little mouth of Lua! Swelling and hard, I want to insert into their vagina immediately.

He laughed: “Oh? Ok. It’s itchy! Let’s get started.”

Lua spit out the penis standing and rushed to Yang Guoqiang and smiled, took the pants on the pants, and pulled out the condom from his pocket. Then, turned the squat in front of him, skilled, set the set in the penis; then, she took off his underwear, and the legs were taken onto the pants.

Lua smiled: “Hey! Jin Xia, who is coming first?”

Li Jinxia: “You first, see you is anxious! Hey?”

Lua’s “giggling” sitting on the edge of the squat, the eye is full of Yang Guo’s strong eyebrows, jade legs are separated, the small hand is posted on his homework, with your fingers. Yang Guoqiang was teasing to drop, came to Lua, put her down on the squat; then slap her thigh, let the genitals close to themselves, then hold the big penis, red rushing glans sticks on the little labip. I saw that the big glans were all in the small labipings. The vaginal mouth was revealed, and then the Yang Guoqiang’s crotch is very, the huge glans did not go in, and another penis is inserted. Lu Naton is hot and swelling, and it is full of “big stick” again, it is really happy! The thick penis began to pump, Li Jinxia looked at the scene of the penis in the vagina, but he couldn’t help but excited. She sat on the jade leg across the sides of Luna, then took off her pants. Double knees, put the genitals of Yang Guoqiang’s face. He understands Jinxia’s meaning, close the head close to her yin, and sticks on the big labi, and sticks out the tongue.

Jinxia slammed his ass, his hands were stroked everywhere, and the voice of “?” Is issued. Yang Guoqiang is really busy, we have to take Lu Na, we have to take care of Jinxia. If you have such a week, if you can’t make it, you can’t excite it.

At this time, Lua’s surreler called the bed sound, Jinxia looked down, I also felt good empty virtual virtual, I really want him to put a few times.

Yang Guoqiang saw her mind and smiled: “Don’t worry, I will finish her.”

Looking again, he glances with Luna’s white thighs, and the hip is very moving, and the thick “big stick” is in the laborarily. After a while, it slowed down the speed, the penis slowly slimmed, and the control did not shoot in advance. He looked down and saw that Lua is shining on the big labipings, and has been splashed by kinky. The small muscle lips are separated from both sides, and the vaginal port is bolded to open a wide meat. See also your own “big stick” swells red puff, the above condom is painted by obscenity, and people look very excited! The penis slowly pumped in the vagina of Luna, Jintia saw the testicles under Yang Guoqi, and then swayed before and after the hip movement, she crouched his head and put the testicles in his mouth.

Lua is getting climax, breathing is rushing, squinting with his eyes and licking his lips; the plug of penis is also accelerated, the faster the vaginal, the vaginal mouth is shrinking, and the two people are so popular, and finally put Lu. Na Shuang was trembled and godged. Yang Guoqiang still did not stop, and continued to put the whole penis whole strip, so that Lua kept excited, put it violently, let her have a climax, the penis quickly exited, stickers on the yin, Yang Guoqiang I also feel that the strong ejaculation is looking for, he quickly pinned the glans, closed his eyes and took a break. Once again, I saw Li Jinxia’s lying on her, and a pair of sultry eyes continued to release the sensual attention. Yang Guoqiang also went to the top, kneeping on both sides of her hips, separated her jade leg, two hands to hold the little butt, let the lip sticks on the big penis of themselves, gently grind. Jinxia “giggle” jealousy, reach a hand, pinch the thick penis, put the big glans into your own vagina; Yang Guoqiang put her ass, let her support legs, two hands holding Jinxia’s knee , The waist is a long meat stick in the ground. Jin Xia suddenly felt over the grievances, the vaginal got a moisture, and the prostitute was more, “big stick” is smoothly tweak, the small labello is red, and the tender meat in the vagina is taken out. Another crowded.

Jin Xia has begun to laminate, the jade is sexy, and the bed sound is also getting bigger and bigger. She feels that the penis is powerful in vivo, stimulating the strong pleasure of the vaginal mouth, caught myopia. Yang Guoqiang also put Jinxia’s jade legs, upper body, supported on both sides of her head, so that the penis was deeper. Look at Jinxia, ​​the feet hook Yang Guoqiang’s neck, twisted two white tenderness? Eggs, the coarse penis is in the middle.

Li Jinxia waved: “Ah? The big stick is really hard? Drash! ?? Oh!”

At this time, Yang Guoqiang only took the big penis to hard, so that Jin Xia was so fast enough! After a few minutes, she is approaching the climax, and the vaginal port is tightly holding the penis and accepts powerful friction. The vagina contracted, Jinxia also came to the climax, Yang Guoqiang couldn’t help but ejaculate, he quickly took off the condom, the big turtle smashed the face of Li Jinxia, ​​holding the “big stick” to peel off; Suddenly, the penis fierce, a semen sprayed from the urethra, and then a rod, and then looked at Jinxia’s face.

She smiled and wiped the semen on her face. I played my head with my fingers. I laughed: “Hey! I am a lot, see you below, so much, so much! Giggle ??

After the passion, the sweat on the body gradually evaporated, and it was cold. The three people hurriedly wore the trousers, and went downstairs to eat lunch in the small restaurant. In the afternoon, Lua and Li Jinxia returned to the dormitory to bring your luggage. Yang Guoqiang also returned to the school to take the baggage. From then on, they have lived in this cottage. Later, in Xin Na, I wanted to see Yang Guoqiang, and I found Jinxia in the city and lived together. Yang Guoqiang saw that three girlfriends gathered, and proposed to write past experiences in the form of novels, and then they wrote a novel. What happily felt happily, Jina also gave Yang Guoqiang a boy. It is still not married. When you are, you can’t believe this is true! Soon, Happy three years of college life have passed, and after graduation Jinxia new Na went their separate ways, Yang Guoqiang and Luna wanted to disclose to family relationships, getting married. But I do not want, Luna’s mother has hindered this marriage? (Recall too sad, do not write.)

After the breakup, Yang Guoqiang negative for some time, but gotta find something to do it, through the help of friends he left this sad place, to the field to find a job, a life long affection for Luna would gradually faded out.

(Final book)

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