This story happened in a university, this is a girl’s university, so many girls are also very beautiful. In a house in the girl’s dormitory, many young girls are doing the same thing, and the breath of breath is getting bigger and bigger. Everyone is red and red in the face …

A white tenderly thigh kept twisting, there is oblique lying in the bed bow, the thin waist, the thigh is trying to separate a white and slender small hand in the genital touches, and some hands are twisted grape size nipples, in Look at her down red big labiaries with a large clitoris that has been separated from the foreskin, and the fingers are entered into a mucus.

“Ah, hindrance, oh … Oh … really comfortable …”

The spring color makes each man jumped acceleration …

I am a school doctor, but I am a bad person. That night, the clock has already sounded 12 points. Suddenly, a crisp voice breaks the dullness “Doctor, hello!”.

I turned to see it, wow! A beautiful girl came in, around 21 years old, wearing a white t-shirt, blue tight skirt, the body’s line is beautiful. The first look is that her two milk is very big, very very, the body is very mature, waist, butt round.

I am going up. I think, “” Her tits are really big, can you see more! “

“Why are you not good?”

She sat down in front of me. Two big tits were close to me, I moved my eyes on this “fireball” from time to time.

“I have a little chest pain recently.” She refers to the chest.

“Oh, is it?” I saw the opportunity, I said a bit of joining, “which location?”

She used her finger to the position of the left breast.

“Ok, then I will listen to your heartbeat again.” I picked up a stethoscope and put it next to her left breasts.

“It’s a bit problem. You come over, I will help you do a detailed check?” I will be determined to see her big tits!

“Is it serious? Doctor?” She asked me nervously.

“Detailed check will know. Come, take off your coat” I said, “I want to check clear!”

I unexpected is not hesitant to start taking off clothes, she trusts my school doctor in front of you. I appreciate everything in front of my eyes, my mood is a bit excited.

The school uniform took off, her body is really full, the skin is tender, the fat is not a lot, she is wearing a black flower shell, the floral shell is just half the breast, forming a deep ditch, I put my hands on her breasts. She instinctively turned up, did not resist, I asked her big milk: “Is it hurt here?”

“a little bit”. She said very seriously, and she didn’t doubt my move. I am more bold.

“Well, you are lying down, I want to see your breast, because I suspect that your breast has problems!”

She lie down, I gently unlocked the buckle of the cream, two white and sliding and big tits jumped out. I am happy, I can’t wait to put my hands on her breast.

This is really a pair of breasts that I have seen since the school doctor. Very quite, her isola is also a round, light color is light, because of young sake.

Two compact pink nipples were ashamed into the tip, I deliberately pulled her nipple, the tap was not very long, a little bit smaller than the peanuts, pinched, smashed, squeezed, pulled, I deliberately Ask her: “Is this pain?”

“A little bit, are they a problem?” She is lying, the mood is very calm.

“Check it clear again.”

I used it to squeeze a few tits, and her breast is really developing very well. It is very elastic. I love caress. When I still ask her, she will have a hurt, and her dai is played. About more than ten minutes, her nipples have begun to be a bit hard, that feels really so cool, I am too excited, the penis can’t help but, but I have nothing to do.

After my excitement, her breasts were obvious.

“Small problems, don’t worry, yet. Patients with mastitis are often easy to get vaginitis. So I suggest you check it out!

I told her to take a chair of the vaginal examination, I put her legs chair’s shelf, from the blue tight short skirt, black and thin to transparent hanging long stockings, see clearly To her transparent underwear, she can see her labi …

I use your hand, more exciting, actually use your fingers to open the edge of the trippants, put the hand with a soft and slippery skin into her underwear, her little waist is a long, repairing The jade flipper slammed, put the hands in the skirt in the lower body, perhaps because of fear, shy, maybe because of nervousness, exciting … I just explore the outer edge of your vagina. Condition. “”Oh.”

Then slowly insert the middle finger into her vagina, and the finger is inserted completely, I only feel very tight, this is of course, she is very nervous, the vagina is tightening, wants to stop the intrusion of fingers.

The finger is inserted, I started slowly, rapid jitter, she couldn’t bear to say anything, but now I can’t stand it, “Well, oh, … …唔 … “The 唔,, the luminous lascitation is also slowly flowing from her tender butt, I also started estrus, so I slowly took out my fingers, and pull her big labiarin with two thumb. Go to the little labips of her, but also stretched with her clitoris, her lascivious water is very fresh, I am very refreshing, that is the woman who has emitted in the vagina, and she is Virgin, the vagina is very clean, this is strong and not stunned, very clear, the original pink small labia is so angry, it becomes red.

“Ah … doctors, what are you doing? Good … ah … don’t … itch ……”

She actually sent sheep into the tiger! My heartbeat began to accelerate, and my eyes stared at her.

Two slender legs, my tongue is lightly switched in her litter, more and more, more and more in the tasty vagina, lick her sensitive core zone, she keeps 呻吟 “Well, um, um “……

She is hot and happy to go out to my mouth. I lightly bite on the clitoris, with the ‘kiss her clitoris, the jade is not stopped, and the words loudly “um, um, … … …

I can’t do it … good people … don’t you stop … Ok?

Right to … is this … good … Oh … Oh … Oh … ah, hindrance, hindrance, … Yeah … Yeah … “

I know that the more you have the water flow in my heart, the more you like it …

Her holes are too excited, unconsciously, she can’t help it, a burst of mad shoot, she spurts a lot of prostitute, “Oh … Oh … Oh …, hindrance is too comfortable,” she reaches the climax .

I bounce with her.

At this time, another girl came in, she laughed, two small wine nests were very charming, her words really made me more unexpectedly!

“Ah … I have to do it again … Details … D … Check … Ah …?”

It turned out that she saw everything outside the door, she closes the door, pulling down the shirt, bra covers the twilled double breasts into my fundus, she poured a small mouth, guided my hand with her hand Squeezing a pair of people under the bra bag, the sensuality of the breath and the lascivious movement, more intentionally stepped up the ass, left and right, want me to take it, black with long stockings, the buttocks are shaking in front of my trousers Wipe, her hand hesitated, pulling down my trousers, slender small hand, killing my underwear, my penis happened to jump out, two girls double eyes Looking around, I bite my lips and say: “Hey! It’s great!

I grabbed my penis insert each other, sitting in her vagina in the vaginal examination chair. Her vaginal sound.

The two men’s tongue stranded with each other’s saliva, looked at these two beautifully glance, breathing, spring tide, she first kissed a pair of beautiful little feet in the sun and white refreshing crystal clear, The toes are neatly beautiful. She has a sucking of the toes to add all their feet, then by the calf to the thigh, the girls’ slender white legs are added to the saliva, she is also absorbing me inserting The opponent’s penis and the opposite lips.

Her wet answers tongue does not stop in the penis and labipings. I can’t help but put it into her vagina. I am getting faster and faster, and I am in the tongue, the vagina, and I am stimulated. I reach the climax, my trembling meat stick spurts a series of rich and hot liquids. Inside the vagina, the three people have a climax.

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