Three kings hid into the gymnastics room, waiting for the girls.

Qiari and Jojie are two sisters. They are 19 years old, a 18-year-old, long brunette shawl, slim body, slender thigh.

Qiaili wore a short jeans in an orange suit and a T-shirt with a large sunflower flower, while Joe cleared a blue denim shorts and a blue horizontal thin strap girl vest.

Qiari is a sister, a little higher. But Qiaojie has developed exquisite and full of people. They pulled their hands into the gym.

“Come! Sister!” Qiaojie laughed.

“Wait for me! Dragonfly!” Qiaili chased.

Three kings rushed out from three directions. Wang Li and Zhang Binglin gored two sisters, and the anesthetic nitails grate their nose. The two girls have not yet come and struggle, and they fainted softly.

Three kings put them into the mat and placed on the mat. Wang Li and Zhang Binglin have a mouthful of water.

“Mom, so water!” Zhang Binglin said, “How do we divide?”

Offenders: “You have one person, wait a moment, I have to come again.”

Wang Li said: “The old relationship, it is really a lot of qi! Here, I will let you!”

Guan said: “You enjoy it, I will surveillance outside! Don’t play too long, the drug is not fun.” After that, he left out.

Zhang Binglin said: “Okay, which one you want?”

Wang Li said, “They look very similar, probably a pair of sisters, haha, so good, and melon.”

Zhang Binglin said: “It is not necessarily a woman, don’t be too happy. I see this short body so good, breast fibrillation, must be my sister, I want her!”

Wang Li cracks a lot of smile, “A Bing, is there a girl who never jeoparded a vest?”

Zhang Binglin had hugged Jowa, and tasting her teenager’s soft lips. He kissed Jojie for a long time. Only the soft girl turned over, knead her trains behind her vest, soon her The vest takes off, and can’t help kiss and bite the girl’s snow white cervical and arms, shoulders and deep breath with the girl’s faint fragrance.

Girl is wearing a simple white girl with cross breasts, is not very big.

He quickly learned Jojie’s bra, and looked at the label, 88 cm.

Ha, small age, really good.

When Qiao Jie’s double breast is completely exposed, he found that the girl’s double milk is relatively full, but it has not been developed completely. The bottom is not very round, and the nipple and the nipple are still pretty pink.

He looked at Wang Li, Wang Li also took Qiari’s upper body.

Qiaili’s double breast is a bit, no Jie Jie is so high and touched, but the color of the nipple is a little bit, and a little bit, explaining that she should be my sister.

Qiari’s bust is only 82 cm, no sister is so full.

Zhang Binglin unlocked the young girl with Joe Jie Jie, took her down her denim shorts. The girl in white cotton cloth is a very young cartoon hello kitten in the rubber band in the trousers. He didn’t take it again, starting to pick up the girl’s double milk, bite her nipple with his mouth, gently tapped her nipple, then take the tongue to taste, put the whole nipple into the mouth, make her hard.

At the same time, I feel the joy, the feeling of the joy, the feeling of the bold hair, sparse, then snap up from below.

The girl has the reaction, she has a little feet. Then he started to stroke a girl’s clitoris, while sucking her breast and another breast.

He saw the girl’s crotch began to slowly appear a circular wetprint, slowly spread down – emotion! Her love liquid is coming out!

Suddenly, the girl was nervous, Zhang Da, squatting, obscenity, legs.

Zhang Binglin immediately accelerated the speed of stroking her clitoris, pressing hard, oh,, the girl clamped his legs, and the whole body conversion reached a climax.

Wang Li is separated from Qiari’s legs in another mat, and a tightly small labip of her priority. While stroking, I have studied the genitals of the girl: “How can I not see her? What about urine? Yeah, she is emotional, love liquid flows out! “

He separated the Qiari’s legs again, opened her vaginal mouth, saw the pink female film, is the star opening. He couldn’t help but, hold this slim pretty girl, insert it to the vagina.

The girl is still fainting, will not cooperate, but also a woman, the vaginal mouth is very narrow, although many love fluid lubricates, but it is still difficult to insert.

He changed a posture, with two mat mats high girl’s hips, finally inserted the glans into the girl’s vaginal mouth, was blocked by the hymen.

He shouted: “A Bing! I am ready, how are you? Let’s give me a melon!”

Zhang Binglin originally took away Joe’s triangular pants, and put two mats under the girl’s hips.

The girl’s inclusion is thin and happy, and there is no yin, and the color is not very black.

He looked at the sister below the Wang Li, and the haired hair was black, but it was more sparse.

He also saw a female film filled with white slurry, it is a star opening. He is easy to stand.

I heard Wang Li shouted, said: “Okay. You come to call 123, let’s together!”

“1, 2, 3!” Two people went to a lead.

“Hey! Hey!”

Two young girls splashing a few drops of blood, poor Qiao Jie and Qiaili sisters are at the same time!

Wang Li and Zhang Binglin feel hot in the girl’s vagina, tightly package, can’t say cool! They immediately sprint.

Qiaili is a long figure, and the vagina is a bit. Wang Li is sent to her uterus, so every time I can enter and send out sports, I can pick up the girl’s nipple, comfortable and soul.

Qiao Jie, the vagina is shorter than my sister, but it is more elastic, very tight, caught dead. If she is not going to have experienced a climax, the vaginal is relaxed, I am afraid it will be tighter.

Zhang Binglin looked at the pretty face of the girl, raped this like a woman like a woman, and held a full-scale slide, where did it support for a long time? He only felt a happy hot stream rushed to the abdomen from the pointers of the glans, and then two testicles violently contracted, he yelled: “Ah! I am shot!”

It’s very fast and beautiful, he is inserted by this potential, 洁 心 心 面 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 地 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 16 Girl’s uterus.

He hugged a girl tightly until the last drop of semen stopped sprouting, filled with the girl’s vagina, flowing out from the gap, he only pulled out from the body of the girl.

Jujie’s hips lower pad with a sperm and her love.

Wang Li has not yet shot. He slowly enjoys the happiness of this beauty, he kisses Qiaili’s lips and nipples, try to extend comfortable time, and also play the girl’s clitoris, so that Qiao Lijia will breathe.

After all, she is just a 17-year-old girl, where can you withstand such sex?

She quickly smashed, the vagina tight, out of a lot of love, then a relaxation after kicking and nervous – the climax.

Wang Li is on her long legs, and then see the girl’s enjoyment, where is it to stand?

A hot flow is straight, and it is the fastest peak.

He used the last effort to kiss the girl’s lips. He took force and took advantage. It took advantage of it, and the hot and beautiful wave shot a hot spicy semen into Qiaili’s uterus. Wang Li used to take every effort A little bit of hard work, shot the last dripper’s fine semen into this charming girl’s body collapsed on her body.

Wang Li and Zhang Binglin have returned to a while, and the two are greedily touching two beautiful women.

Relationship came in and said: “I will put on my clothes, I have passed!”

Three Wang Bing seven hands are in the eight feet, wearing clothes for two girls.

Two girls woke up.

“What’s going on? How can it be like this?”

Jie Jie feels like a bit zero chaos in his clothes, and the lower body is a bit wet, and there is still a bit pain. She ran in the locker room.

“Wait a minute! How do you make my bra with a strap!” Qiaili blamed the sister. Then stand up and want to organize the tape and chase her. However, Qiari never need to organize her bra with her bra!

“Hey! 哒!”

Aiming at the two sisters! A string of red light first shoted the genius of Geori and smashed her orange suit shorts, blood splashes.

Then he hit her slightly pill left breasts and splashed a string of blood!

“Hey! Mom! Dead! This is so bad! People are small in the genitals and chest!”

She screamed, her hands cover the lower body, frowned, Zhang, shake, softly planted on the ground.

The unbearable fast and beautiful hitting again filled her whole body and kicked it.

Qiao Jie is shocked: “Sister! What is it?”

But she immediately understood!


A scream, Jie Jienhen’s 16-year-old breast was worn by a row of bullets! Several bullets drilled into her launching milk, nipples and uli were made. Yin Hong’s little blood sprayed out, because her departure is too cool!

She has not had to struggle, the lower body is hot, a string of bullets shot the pussy of Joe, and the 16-year-old clitoris, female urethra, bladder, and uterus.

She has a crispy and hurt, her diaper landscape.

“Mom, know the fake! People are tapped!”

She also realized that the sister’s girl is the most shy place to be in the taste of the bullet!

Two girls swayed and planted.

Wang Li and Zhang Binglin looks like Joe Jie Zhuang’s legs trembled, and swallowed. Then Jiali, the whole body is tense, and I also spit the last tone in the fast and god.

Two fresh and lovely and beautiful girls are like this.

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