The first time our sports teacher who won the teacher is completely a supermarher. He is a Shandong, height is about 182, the skin is dark and the body is burly, very like Li Xueqing, his thick black eyebrows, the eyes are very bright and very god , As a deep spring water. There is a cornerless lips, neat and white teeth, everything is so perfect. His tall nose is so tallful. Listening to a man, a man who is tall, a tall, is quite very uncomfortable. Every time I am the most expectation, I saw his two robust and more haired thighs and warpared butt and the front of a big gourd sports shorts and white sportswear, it was the most perfect man’s specimen. Frequently fantasy from time to time, he and women and women in bed. In our southern city, there are very little and strong men. Compared with some old ages or small sport teachers from primary schools, this man has become one of my motivation, and we know the city of metropolis The southern men are naturally short and yin, but they are all quite water spirits. The teacher is assigned to the school after graduation of sports. I heard that he is practicing track and basketball. The last injury will go to school education. If he really continues to be a athlete, then I think this man is definitely don’t know how many people who want to die!

Due to a person in our city, this batch of seeds from Qingdao did not live up to the capital of sports. Many women who heard that he did. He particularly likes young women. The result, he made a more powerful The man’s wife, the man has arrived at the school, and the whole school is awkward. The school is only to temporarily suspend classes. Recently, he has become a lot of convergence. As a student, only silently secretly of this straight man, no Dare to Yue Tongchi step. However, the teacher likes to drink, usually like some computer games, so I will also vote, often take some latest game pretend and he “learn”, no way, as long as he is enough, he is compelling The man is intoxicating, keeping this kind of Ma just wants him to play, if it can be done once by this horse, how happy it will be!

The opportunity is finally here. Recently, the teacher’s mental state is not so good. The whole person feels there is no spirit, and there is no time to stay in the dormitory to play computer games. More and more, often make a beard, a smoke, play a game, Later, I learned that he was smashed by a woman who was a favorite woman when he was suspended by the school, so that this “10,000 fans” began to question his charm. Straight man is the most comfort in this time. You have a good time, then he may take you as his dependence in the spiritual fragile, and similar novels have seen too much, Sunday accompanied He played a day in the dormitory, he always couldn’t concentrate, and finally defeated under my hand, watching the fierce man in the past, it is really distressed as a hurt lion today. At this time, his mobile phone rang. It was originally disappointed to think that it was a woman about him. It turned out to be his parents in Qingdao hometown. It turns out that today is his 28-year-old birthday! He is still a strong laugh, telling parents everything here, is celebrating birthday with friends, and work is also very smooth, and I will go back to see the second old.

After finishing the phone, I immediately made a must celebrate, starting the teacher, I don’t want to say, I don’t want to go to the street, and finally I propose to buy wine and vegetables come back, I will accompany him in the dormitory, he finally agreed When I was too happy when I was! I know there is a play! I will rush out the supermarket opposite the school!

I bought three bottles of red star bottles and half-play beer in the supermarket. She returned to the teacher’s dormitory. It may be so good, maybe he is too emotional, do not eat vegetables, see his big mouth, drink, etc. The shake of the throat is quite sexy, but the teacher is not willing to drink alone, not pulling me with him, he said, “Now there is only you to accompany me! Drink! If the brother is not drunk!” I said ” I will go back and I will go back! “He is half-drunk,” Don’t go back, you will live here today! “Although this is the sentence for two men, it is usually, but for me It is the heart of the listener. At this time, the teacher got off the mobile phone, took off the hurdle vest, and a muscles happened to have a silhouette of the body in a dark light. It hooked out this sexy man’s body, attracting crime, he is too man I even think that all men and women in the world should be dried, they are played with him, be his sex slave. I don’t dare to face, but I feel that the body has begun to surging. He said, “It’s coming, it’s a friend, you will have a good drink, we don’t have drunk!” I don’t know if it is touched for a time. I am sinful. In the face of this unsurfactor, he seems to “start” too cruel, in this case, the desire and reason is not to fight, then the teacher seems to have an urgent, he seems to have a bit awkward, enter the door When the toilet door is not closed, I only heard a large share of a strong and lasting shot to the flushing toilet, alcohol has burned my passion in my body, I fantasize the power of the teacher’s thick meat stick. Charm, your chicken is a bit of water, and I’m going to run to the bathroom now with his chicken in front of the teacher! But only some reason tells me that I will only play the egg, and the danger of the people is not moral, the teacher came out, while drinking and touched the shorts, I don’t know if the chicken is itchy, or the diapers I have just doing Clean, the teacher is close to me, putting my thick muscles, I am so fast, “Drink! Give me with me” slowly, the teacher is handsome looks more and more blurred in front of me, consciousness is not awake. ……. ※ | JKF Czech Forum I don’t know how long I have slept, suddenly feel that the bladder is rising, a burst of urine, the wind is awake, and it is fascinating that the teacher will sleep. Next to me, the lamp is not related. This is my recent distance. He issued a uniform call in the dim light. I can’t sleep from the toilet. Although the head is still very hurt, but my eyes have already It was attracted by the teacher’s body. This is the first time I can see the teacher’s body. He is uniform and powerful, his chest muscles, and the surrounding belly muscle, all showed him Sports nature. He has a smooth thigh, and there is a strong calves, and the tight skin flashes with bodybuilding. It has seen a feeling of attracting a crude charm of man, I am from his chest muscles, to the nipple, and then to the abdominal muscles. Looking down, it is that sweeping pants, there is still no erection but still huge dick, I tried to shake him, the teacher doesn’t seem to be conscious, sleep is dead, see his body, I can’t help but swallow The saliva, his generous chest slightly with chest hair, extended to a pile of Hessison’s yang, good breasts, two hard nipples, I couldn’t help but gently Pinch, see he did not respond and smashed, heard him, he hurriedly stopped. My hand continued to go down, after his lower abdomen, I can feel his abdomen muscles, and then I have been in his sweatpants, I rely on him. He didn’t wear underwear! Finally explored the mysterious zone of his male —- the long and powerful masculin.

My wants to fire at this moment, I really want to pull everything right away, go over, get over, and my beloved handsome guy is a good love, even if his big cock will enter my body!

No, the time has not arrived, I still continue my exploration.

My hand is not a bit trembled by the autonomy, I like it to pick up his penis from a pants tube in sweatpants! That kind of feeling is beautiful! I gradually use your strength and start gently kneading, or up and down, feel his reaction.

The desire of young men is endless and flammable. It hasn’t long been, where he has started hard, slowly start congestion, gradually emitting youth male hormones of hormones. The dicks appeared from the sightseeing, just like eggs. At this time, I saw his sports pants couldn’t inhibit this big cock, so I took his sports pants down but I only gave him to the thigh. I have been caught by him too much. , But a very sexy taste is coming. At this time, I cried. Because the big chickens in front of me are too excited. I can’t take care of everything, there is a salty taste, it is estimated to have justified the taste of pee, but the meat on the head is very tender, black, like a huge mushroom head, under the light of the light, make a very bright Gloss, this may be the legendary “Yu Shug”! His length is really amazing, I think it should be around 22cm, he is still so thick, it is horrific. delicious. In a short while, his big chicken ram appeared in front of me. A green gluten is also revealed on the cock. I have eaten this delicious. But the teacher’s cock is too too, the meat on the flesh of the flesh is full of my mouth. The big cock has 3/4, I can’t swallow, so I use my tongue, I will take and pick up his egg. His egg is really high, I am here, I have it. The puppy is like squatting! I am so tight, and I love your handsome guy is a kind of enjoyment, who knows; it can be a moisturizing with an excellent seed horse. Sticking on this young, bodybuilding, handsome, handsome, the muscles of the muscles, the kind of joining, fluency, is never the kind of woman’s greasy, powder, this is a male The beauty of the masculin, an attraction containing energy and strength, a burst of dryness, my whole body can’t help but move, … Teacher’s dick is being taken for more than 40 times However, there is still no desire of ejaculation, but I am a bit tired. I took off my top, tightly hugged with him, I feel so good, I feel the warmest people in the world. But I still don’t give up his dick. I am crazy, I see his toes roll up. Just then, I suddenly drove the courage, hard to put his big cock to my mouth, and I watched my throat. But I don’t care, I must put this big cock in the end, when the teacher’s entire dick is in my mouth, I am satisfied.

This is a big dick that makes a woman who wants to die! Moreover, there is still a strong body and handsome, like Li Xueqing’s face! This is a big dick that comrades yearning and dream! And us, then the powerful man is now being smashed and played by another man. The kind of satisfaction is exciting!

Eat this mouthful of mouth, so that countless women want to die, the dicks don’t seem enough. At this time, I just returned to the bathroom, washed the anus with water, and painted some salts. Lying next to him, in order to facilitate me to sleep, I can’t quarrel when I go to bed. This turned, holding me, I pretended to sleep, I didn’t dare to move, he has been pulled halfway. Sports trousers in the proud of the big chicken bar stick on my ass, I am so excited!

His big cock is in the top of my anus. I am so comfortable. I slowly adjust it. He fell asleep, I took the anus to his big cock, slowly rub, I was affected Can’t let it, I put his big cock directly into the anus. At this time, I have to admit that when I serve such a handsome and cool master, I have already emotionally. The fascinating heart is willing to wait for him. He was as good as I woke up, suddenly he hugged me tightly, he suddenly took force, his big cock entered my anus, suddenly had an anal fissure, I feel that I have a hell! I couldn’t help but call it. At this time, he hugged more, two big chest muscles attached to my back, the feeling is very thick and very stimulating, then the teacher’s move is even more faster, Just like the rickets, but he didn’t talk to me, gasping, I have been a happy tolerance, it seems like an illusion, his big hand suddenly pinned my chest, I heard his very low squatting, I am not afraid, take the ass to respond to him, long-lost refreshing coolness, and integration, it is one, about 10 minutes, suddenly he called “I fuck your grandfather”, a hot flow drilled me. Body, one, two, the big stick in my body is not erupted, keep trembling, a lot, I have flowed out, I put it hard, I want to put this kind of The semen of the horse retains, but too much, it seems really can’t, my chicken suddenly, sprouting out, a lot of shots on the sheets, there are still many streams on themselves, the body is satisfied The feeling suddenly suddenly became a crime after shooting, in the face of the big cock who had just pumped from my ass, facing my favorite man, facing my teacher, what should I do? ……….

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