How to care for Havana brown cat, cat ear cleaning video tutorial

2021-10-01 By kaizi

How to care for Havana brown cat? Havana’s brown cat ear care, mainly to remove the earwax. Don’t think that the warth is just a small problem, it doesn’t matter, if it is notified, it will lead to a lot of problems.

Havana Brown Cat Ear Care Method:

Use 75% of alcohol cotton balls to disinfect the ear canal, then use cotton waves to take olive oil or edible oil, infiltrate dry earwax, after it is softened, remove the ear warth carefully, do not break the mucosa of the ear canal, Prevent infection of the suppuration. Once the cat’s external audio is infected, it can be easily scrubbed by the cotton swabs and the hydrogen peroxide, repeatedly scrubbing the cotton rod does not stick to the proliferation, and then use skim cotton to take the oxygen in the ear canal. Wash several times, infection can be healed.

If the cat’s ear wad is too much, the cat shook his head and should be invited to treat the veterinary treatment.