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How to give cat care oral, cat brush video tutorial

2021-09-30 By kaizi

How to treat the cat care oral? The oral care of the cat is a big problem. If you only know if you only know to drink, you don’t know that the basic cat care is not.

Pet cats have a mouthful of oral problems, along with related symptoms, such as bad breath, coffee yellow tartar, chewing food, bleeding when chewing food, the gums are swollen, and the cats will have pain when contacting the gums and cats. And it will bleed, oral diseases can also cause the cat tooth loose, the saliva is abnormal, there is no symptoms such as appetite, spiritual wilting.

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Cat microphone care method

1. Wash your teeth, it is best to choose to go to the pet cat mi to clean your teeth, once every year, completely clean the stones and dirt in the cat incoming.

2. Brush your teeth, this is the nursing of cats in daily life, and the owner of the pet cat can be transferred regularly to the cat, and you can also train your cat to brush your teeth. Keeping 3-4 brushing each week, you can completely clean the dirt of cats, keep the cat’s mouth health and hygiene.

3. Food, in daily life, the owner should try to use a viscous food to the cat, you can choose from dry food. Dry food is not like sticky food, sticking on the cat’s teeth, while dry food has the effect of health tooths to some extent.

4. Toys, nursing cat’s mouth, you can buy some molar toys, leisure or meals, can enjoy your pet cats, and you can also care the oral cavity of your cat.