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What should I do if cat revenge, cat revenge solution

2021-09-30 By kaizi

What should I do with cat revenge? I believe that there will be such awareness in the shovel of the cat, that is, the cat will revenge, if their own cat will revenge how is it? Because some of the cats, the owner is likely to be on the spot Punish it, but after a while, the cat may have a retaliation. Such a bad personality makes the owner’s headaches. So what should we do if we encounter a cat revenge?

What should I do if cat revenge?

In fact, there is a case where the cat has a revenge. It is largely because the owner’s penalty method is wrong, and the way the cat uses force punishment. In this way, not only cannot disciphe the cat, but also play a reaction. Cat’s education should pay attention to the binding of rewards and punishments. For example, cats don’t like to take a shower, but every time I take a shower, give it a food reward, and then cooperate with gentle strokes. After the time is long, it will understand the bath = have a delicious + massage, so will slowly Then then resist the bath.

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If the cat is doing something wrong, remember that the use of force cannot be used to use. It is possible to use some other ways, such as the way of sprayed water recommended by netizens. Cats hate wet themselves. Buy a small watering can, put water inside, when it makes something wrong, spray two times it, it will escape. The number of educations is much, it understands that something wrong = water spray, then reducing mistakes. At the same time, we can also drink cats, because the cats are very annoying very voices.

Of course, we must also pay attention to improving our relationship with your cat. Usually, you can use a funny to play with a funny to play, don’t force the cat. For example, the cat doesn’t like being hugged, but you still have a strong hug, and the cat will of course be unhappy. Try to touch it, by the head to the back, don’t hit the tail and your stomach. If it is willing to accept strokes, you will build your feelings from strokes. Occasionally, some things that love to eat as rewards. There is also to give cats to sterilize surgery, and the love of the estrus is very violent. After the sterilization, the cat will become gentle and easier to get along.

Anyway, there is a relationship between the character development of cats and the owner. Therefore, when you educate your cat, you should pay attention to the method. Although there is no scientific argument for cats with cats, our owners can improve their relationships with cats, and cats will no longer revenge you.