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What should I do if the cat peeks eat, cat stealing something solved

2021-09-30 By kaizi

What should I do if the cat peeks? Now the shovel is usually bought a good cat food to eat, but because of various reasons, the cat may still happen, then what should this happen?

Cat stealing food originates from instinctivity. They are always curious, have a strong interest in any food, always like to try it. If the wild cat, even if you are full, you also like to steal the food, hide, mainly to prevent food from being found in shortage of food. Although domestic cat life conditions are superior, the food is sufficient, but the instinct to steal things still exist.

First we have to make sure the cat can’t touch the food, there is a place where the kitchen door is not allowed to enter the pet fence, which can effectively prevent the cat from entering. In addition, it was found that the cat had a stealing behavior, and it can be done and educate it. For example, the water is watering, let the cat form the condition reflection, knowing that theft is not good. In addition, you can purchase a cat climbing frame, a mortal cattle, and a personal attention can be dispersed, which is very convenient to buy in the Baiqi Mall.

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Another reason why the cat stealing food may be that the cat is really hungry. At this time, the owner will think about whether his feeding is correct. We should follow the principles of less food in accordance with normal feeding, give 3-4 times a day. With pet dry grain, there is a high-density and comprehensive balanced nutrition with food dry food food, but also a good taste and delicious taste of pet canned food, and does not affect the nutritional and equalization of pet oral food. Use this kind of matching pet food, reward cats, or increase your appetite, you can get the effect of halving.

The situation of touches the cat is sure to solve it as soon as possible, otherwise the cat eats something that should not eat, such as chocolate, squid, etc., may pose a threat to health. Although it is a cat’s nature, I believe it will change it under the guidance of the owner.