Preface to Zhaoyang Interesting History Little Ocelot Revised New Edition “Who is the first in the palace, Feiyan is in Zhaoyang.” According to historical records, Zhao Feiyan was born humble, but entered Zhaoyang Palace based on her natural national beauty and light dancing posture. He was favored by Emperor Han… Continue Reading Zhaoyang Interesting History (1)

Zhaoyang Interesting History Volume 3 It is said that after Emperor Cheng was lucky enough to have Feiyan, he would only have fun with Feiyan in the Xuhou Palace. One day, a foreign country came in for the Five Aggregate and Seven Fragrant Decoction, the incense and submerged water, and… Continue Reading The Interesting History of Zhaoyang (2)

Catalogue of the first strange book “Huanxiyuan”: The first time the old goddess pretended to caress the lonely, weak and weak girl innocently fell into the willow alley The second time was to hold the incense and was left in the Buddhist temple because he lost his life as a… Continue Reading The first strange book Huanxiyuan