Every time I receive the phone, the small pottery is uneasy, strictly said, uneasy, is his crotch. This time, Linda is about his car hotel in the Eastern District.

Linda and Dream Then’s difference, the “idiom” I used in the set sentence: “Master: ‘True fucking is the aphony of the ambiguity’.”

Linda long hair, talking about the cavity, let you fall into the “Simmon” bed, you can’t extricate; weekdays, the week is wrapped in the long skirt, and the sacred can not violate, but the bones What is it? Small Tao can be a clear two; knowing the secrets in the San Daughter Dear Skirt, making Xiaotao very proud. As for his girlfriend, Dream is a typical office worker, combing popular shoulder short hair, savvy, mentally, but sometimes the performance of the night, but makes Xiaotao feel disappointed, and therefore, Linda occasionally Telephone summon, taught small pottery.

Once you leave the company, the hot air will teach small Tao feel the power of the Midsummer Taipei Basin “hot”, hate can not hurry into the cold air tester, but the taxi is really very good! He has sure from the Fuxing South Road from the company to the east, and has always went to the night market of Tonghua Street.

Before making love, he is used to having a meal; after you finish, especially with Linda, such passion, always let him feel particularly hunger, maybe it is empty and virtual, he is completely unclear.

Small pottery, a few snacks, including fried rice noodles, water joy, grilled sausage, fried chicken wings, and a bowl of comprehensive fish ball soup; eat a warm-hearted, he had to loose tie, and quickly called a bowl.

The initial and Linda made that the child was two years ago, after, he said that his stomach is very hungry, Linda suddenly hilarious.

“Show can be meal.” She played his “life root”: “You do it again.”

Mom, this goods. He feels that it is difficult to eat him.

I met Linda is the day of Xiaotao retreat, just on the plane from Ma Gongfeng to Taipei, he sits on the window, Linda is next to him. On the way, Linda does not know if it is intentional or unintentional, in order to appreciate the scenery, from time to time, he rely on him.

It’s a good ocean, he likes the sea, and it is also the career of the water soldier. The return trip has encountered this woman; the woman is made, isn’t it? The woman’s skin is red, hidden in the white shirt, is like a living volcano under the sea, always broke out, soft hair seems to be a million hand, stand together He, to embrace him, swallow him; as for her eyes behind the ink, I don’t know whether it is still in the window or peeking at him.

“I like to lose my feelings in the ocean.” The pretty girl said.

Is it talking to me? Xiao Tao is somewhat wondering, and some stupid kids of the squad are unknown, but he smells the jasmine in which she is emitted.

“I said, lonely one person, a flat boat, lobaking in an undead sea …” She said again.

“I used to be a sailor, but I have never experienced this kind of thing.” Xiao Tao looked out the wing outside the window, and sink. Old days, this “cool girl” really rushed to him.

“Over?” She asked, the eyes were looking forward to him.

“Well! I just retired today.” He really wants to turn to see her, but it is not dare.

“Then you must know many things about the sea?”

“Not a few!” Xiaotao thought, so it was mysterious and sighed: “Now people, I don’t want to know the sea.”

He said to him, suddenly picking up the ink mirror, Zunfen said to him: “Tonight, please drink a cup, is it a celebration, how?”

I caught this horse, he thought, did not breathe. Navy, I love you.

The Songshan Airport is already in the evening. Linda tract small pottery to the parking lot, and she has a treasure red double-door coupe; Xiao Tao will throw the sailor bag into the back seat. With the sound of the engine, the car has Rushing out of the parking lot, but one of the Dunhua North Road, it will be discouraged.

“It’s really the hero.” Xiao Tao deliberately sighed: “A-Bian should apologize to you this sports car.”

“I have the opportunity next time, I load you to a place.” Linda replied.

On the way, Xiaotao boasted with Linda through the year’s sailor career. He found that she was holding the steering wheel. There is no name to wear a diamond ring. The top left wrist is not recognized, but it is definitely a precious So, what kind of woman she is? After the famous nobleman? Rich business daughter? Or is it still a woman with a black big brother? Small pottery hit a cold.

After the car entered the new store, the sky was completely dark, and he saved to Bitan Mountain, and finally transferred into the garden New City, curved around, and finally stopped in front of a simple wild store.

“How to hable, how is it? Xiaotao is smirk, looking at her from the back seat to take a bottle of wine, he thinks her personality, there is a need to study.

The business of the mountains of the mountains is good. Sure enough, the dishes are very delicious. It can be seen that Linda is still an old. They are very happy, a bottle of whiskey drinks big cylinders, Linda’s cheeks, a pair of big eyes flexible, 瞟 瞟, taught small pottery pain, but he didn’t expect that their next goal It turned out to be a hotel in the urban area. Is everything the next thing is alcohol?

Linda entered the room, tightly holding small Tao mad kisses, long-term long-term, after a long time, then, double double fell on the bed, she faded all the clothes on the body, and bite small Tao The ears call him: “Kiss me! I want you to kiss me every body, start from the toes.”

This is the first command under “Sheng Diade”, and small Tao is made.

He leaned into his toes first, the roots of the stalactous stalls were in the name of him, and there was still a little osteasha: the nail covered like a pearl, but there is still a bit cold; as for the whole foot of the palm Such a soft, that kind of naked, such as smooth, could not help but teach his mask more striped.

Extended from the foot to the roots of the thigh, he clearly saw her pussy. For the first time, Xiao Tao is so close to the woman’s private parts, and heartbeat can’t help but speed up. Linda’s shame is quite long, which is Y-shaped, faintly guards the most mysterious zone. He looked down and finally explored the vagina. Only when they came into contact, I found that a prostitute had already moved in the bed, wet into a piece.

Small clayssing has two labips, feels like they will go to the general, one breath, the sour is endless, after playing, he uses the middle finger directly into the core, immediately heard it immediately Linda shouts.

“Don’t stop, small towel, with your mouth! With your mouth!” Linda’s snoring quickly and became more and more.

Xiao Tao hurriedly blocked her pussy. This is the second order under “Saint Girl”, but it is not very good, and he plays the breath to extend the tip of the tongue. It seems that stretching a bottomless water hole, licking in again, Sao Water, mixed with his mouth; and Linda’s legs are more uneasy to shake, and sometimes it The head of the head, sometimes open, even with both hands to pull the foot.

Xiao Tao has never had this kind of thing, there is a subtle feeling, the little brother is hard, especially Linda is still taking the feet.

“I want to kiss you, I have to …” Linda is shouting.

Small Tao climbs up the body and wipes the mouth and makes it up, and the description of Lin Da said: “No, I want to kiss your stick.”

In this episode, he read in the A film, but this evening is completely like Linda’s root magic command, if he does not hesitate to do. Xiaotao has a big turn to put his butt, and the mask has been held tightly by Linda, followed, she will succeed in the entrance, and they will play with his folk egg.

Under the sucking of Linda skills, Xiaotao is very comfortable, and I can’t help but buried her double-share, and I lick her lower yin. The two are very rhythmically, you pull me, one.

His little brother was so licking in the first time. The feeling of the tip of the tongue on the glans, just like a urchin is tamed, accept adults to reward the general caress hair, full of joy.

After a while, when he felt that it was flooded, Linda turned him back to the right way: “Now, come in and go in.”

Small Tao doesn’t have a work, slipping into the hole, and you will not be like a shore, but he is not willing to be lonely in Wang Yang, he likes she likes to be lonely in Wang Yang. In this way, Xiaotao crazy shake the ass, let’s go to her inner, and the small hole that is full of water issues a voice.

“Don’t stop, small Tao, you will be deep, one …” Linda’s voice is unclear, the face of the face is like a happy and painful.

“Ah … ah …” Xiao Tao couldn’t help it, he was full of sweat and continued to be on Linda.

“No …” Linda seems to be aware that he may have to “negotiate”, and put him down, and climb it to him, continue to take his work, and ask: “Touch my grandmother! Touch me grandmother!”

Small pottery holds the two plants are also full of sweat breasts, clamping the cherries with thumb and forefinger, constantly getting. Linda is in line with him, the hands are pressed on his shoulder, and they are touched. Let him smash enough, the lower body keeps swinging, every moving is more deep, hate can not insert a pendant.

Small Tao’s wine woke up, and it feels more comfortable. . . Hire. . . The waves are overorman. . . He wants to go to the top. . . He hoveroes his waist, biting her cherry, and the little brother was unspeakable and courageous, and she was sprayed in this moment.

Linda shouted, hugged his head tightly, and the long hair covered him, so it was still not moving. No, her pinear has not stopped yet, still with his mask, sucking his semen.

After that, Xiaotao felt hunger, and he also made the first to hear Linda’s “famous saying”: “Take me again!” After a hour, he really did it, this is in the bathroom standing. . Therefore, Xiaotao is hungry. At this moment, after two years, after the Tonghua Street, he rushed to the Eastern District, and did not expect that after the door number was in the door, the door was actually told him: “The woman has left, left The note is given to you. “He gave small pottery folded paper.

Small Tao opened, he was written on: “There is in advance, then return it again.” The end stayed at the end.

He went away, everything was hard.

In the past two years, he has been unclear. Whoever can’t catch anyone.


The husband gave a small Tao met in the PUB in Shuangcheng Street.

There are not many guests, two tables, the girlfriend of the husband is smart and a table, the familiar friend is funny, the husband cuts the fruit plate in the counter. Small Tao sitting on the high stool of the bar, throwing off the official package without having a brain: “Do you want to wanted her?”

“Who?” The Master looked up at a strange land.

“Qi Qiaoxia!” He lowered the sound asked: “Is it a wave?”

“Go to your mother.” Master smiled: “Master Zhang Xia Wei, all for business. Mom! Guests have to know that she is me, who will come to the store?”

“Please, will not?”

“Listen to you, take money!”

“It’s money, I do!” Xiao Yan got a tube and a tube: “Laozi is enough, for friends, two ribs, simply under the sea, cow,”

“With you? Are you not long enough?” Master ridicule him.

“Long is not long, it is skillful to try it!” Xiaotao did not want to show weakness.

“I fuck!” The husband rushed the fruit knife: “This friend is not as good as it.”

“I am joking! In fact, I am really worried about which day is smashing this poor.” Small Tao looks back to the Qi Qiantian table, and it is more than a greeting gesture.

“People are poor, fucking is not short!” The husband smiled and evil spirits: “Who will we do it in the service post?”

“Do you have a specific function?”

“Never cover you, small Tao, you believe that after you fight, just on this bar …” Master started to be more than one: “Qiao Ji mourn for more than 30 minutes, mother! Just now you now Where you are sitting, you smell watching the table, maybe there is still her smell! “

“Really fake, listen to you.” Small Tao is a smile.

“You smell! You smell!”

“What is smelling?”

Her body is slightly fat, wearing a white tights and white narrow skirt, and the fine meat is stretched at any time. Don’t let the guests look “off-descend window”, even small Tao I can’t help but swallow the water.

“Wonder your woman incense! Master.” Xiaotao transferred the topic. To be true, even if she has done it in this, she is not willing to let Xiaotao’s death party know. Woman! It is always necessary to put it in front of the person, turn off the lights, how to play with her, play there, about this, Xiaotao can be familiar.

“Less poverty.” Xiao Qiao low channel: “Pay attention to your volume, don’t let the guest know the relationship between me and the husband, otherwise farther.” She finished, the fruit of the husband, the drums of the butt NS.

“Have you heard it?” The husband has a bottle of black beer: “Your mouth should be washed away.”

Small Tao Yang’s neck and said that the wine said: “Laozi helped you, you also fuck over the river to remove the bridge.”

“Let’s get you right.” The husband refuted: “Two boats, which are not drowning.”

“Which is possible? Linda’s woman is Shenlong to see the end, Dream is not discovered.”

“Hey! Say really.” The husband got close to him: “So mysterious woman, have you ever want to touch her bottom?”

“How to touch? Every time I contact, she first 叩 me, leave her touched number, then I reply, leave my phone number, she will talk to me, that is, if I have to take the initiative to find her, She didn’t have her door, she never returned. “

“Old days, are you calling men?”

“It can be said, but it is not charged.”

“Then you …” The husband and mysteriously smirked: “Have you ever thought about the charge?”

“How is it to say?” The small pottery promoted: “I only be a gun friend!”

“Listen to me.” The husband grabbed his beer and filling a bite: “The husband said:” The woman is a disaster “, in their ‘curse’ we, we must first” disaster ‘them, you can remove the loss. Let us first go out of her bottom. “


It’s more than a week, Xiaotao is not a bit, but he can’t 叩, this is their initial agreement, Linda said that if he violates the regulations, it is likely that she will immediately from this. The earth disappeared on the earth.

How cool! However, fucking can bitter the little brother. In many nights, he can only pistol at several books.

Talking about no one!

However, today, I came to a phone call early, saying that her parents were not at home at night, she had to kitchen, cooking a dinner for him.

Dream is a colleague of the third work after Xiaotao. She is counted, it is quite heavy, and it is delicate, I want to climb it is not easy, but he is just a small salesman, there is no “bright” Chasing her, don’t think, unless the head shell is broken! Who knows that the glasses of the company have fallen below the company, and small Tao is hard. Of course, this has a price, Xiao Tao is not allowed to leave the company; otherwise, isn’t it a joke?

In this year, Xiaotao has changed several jobs. It is not a job to look down on him. What is the red gem level, the golden drill level, always can cover the wind to avoid the rain!

Such a grade is not satisfied with the dream, and Xiao Tao can be seen. If the relationship between the two is already as left, talk to the marriage, even more embarrassing.

This night, Dream’s performance is a bit unexpected. First of all, give him a deep and long kiss when Xiaobao enters the door, and then pulls him to the table. Old days! It’s a candlelight dinner! A few dishes have also been burned. This is a suggestion that small pottery is clear and related.

When you eat and drink, he teased her smile, sometimes even selling some cheap jokes heard in his tape; but the performance of Dream is even more quirky, I will eat it again, I will sink again. It seems to be full of people.

After the meal, Dream is silently washing the dishes before the pedestal. The buttocks behind the suit are very good. He felt that the volcano in the inner miles wanted to break out. After the sex of the drunk, the heat of the wine was going to the throat, how to I can’t afford it, I have to solve the tie. After quietly walking into the dream, I grabbed her and kissed the powder neck.

“Small Tao, don’t!” Dream Zhen Zuo hide flash, even the palm of the dishwashing brush stretched him.

“Dream, how long have we n’t do it?” He is refused to let go.

“Not this problem! In case my parents come back …”

“Let’s come back.” He picked up the dream of the skirt and stroked the temptation of his hips: “I want to marry them immediately.”

“Small Tao, don’t make trouble.” Dream is pulled down the skirt. “My parents will not agree.”

“Why?” He stopped actions.

“They have already introduced my boyfriend for me.” Dream is low, “I have never dare to tell you, the other party is a lecturer who stayed back to China.”

“Mom! You don’t want me right? You have long wanted to break up. Is it right? Is it looking for a homer? Take me? Cook a meal for me to eat, a clearing ! Huang Mengzhen, I tell you, less, things are not so simple. “Small pottery did not appear.

“Small Tao, don’t you be excited?” She said with a near-pleasant tone: “You think about it, we can’t have any results at all. You are a man who wants to support the family, but according to your status Come, did not fall at all. You said, do you want me to wait for a few years? Wait until it becomes Obaman? “

“You don’t believe that I will send it?” He felt great sorrow.

“It doesn’t have to think about it at least a few years.” She cacked the intermediary.

“Good! Very good.” Small pottery turned, but was scored.

“Small Tao, I’m sorry! You can marry me reality, I still have to think about the future. I will come to my house tonight. It is really hard to say that I will reducing my uneasiness, I am willing to give you the body, last.”

After the dream, the dream is clear, and it starts to take off the clothes, and the white skin will be released one by one. When only the bras left and underwear, small Tao stopped her.

“Forget it, I am not happy,” he said in hoarse.

“No, this is my apology! You are not acceptable, do you want me to carry it a lifetime?”

Dreams said, and continued to unload the final line. Her breasts, like water peaches, normal front end, slightly, it is very strong, the smooth small abdomen is not, although the hair of the privacy is not very thick, but it is not messy, people are suspected to be deliberately physically or blowing She stands in front of the work desk, like an indisputable goddess, although she is not inch, she still can’t be light. “I gave up, I have to go.” Xiaotao is a true turtle.

Dream is not to say, I will solve his belt with him before, and then even the inner and outer pants, but the little brothers who have revealed the small towers outside are dressed. She still didn’t say it, and she sucked up and took it. It was very selling hard, so that Xiao Tao was very shocked. This never had fun. He didn’t have to have a man, and the mashed mashedness was hard again. I don’t know if it is based on sexual instinct, or a revenge mentality, Xiao Tao took her, and she was in the pedestal, followed her double. Legs, it is open to her covered hole.

Dream’s body was originally he is familiar, but at this moment he feels very strange, no other reason, just because this is their last time to make love; she can be a goddess, can be a goddess, can be a witch, or even Linda Generally, it is a stranger, but it is not his girlfriend.

Dream Zhen was forced to hold his own bowl with his hands. It’s hard to divide!

The last, Xiaotao put her feet in her shoulders, taking her hands, holding her grandmother, hate, when she was going, he was shouted: “Go to death.” ! “


Master Day: “Dragon with the dragon, Feng with Feng, the mouse is born,”

The husband said again: Wu Dalang plays night owners, what kind of man is playing? “

The man said that the intention of these two sentences is to persuade Xiaotao to be too intended to break up. In fact, he and Huang Mengzhen will not belong to the same world, but the husband uses the words, and people feel that small Tao does not meet dreams. Fortunately, Xiao Tao is not drunk, otherwise he is in a bad mood as his harsh mood.

Who can’t help, everyone is a dumpling.

“Flower World, Women?” Master closed eight empty wine bottles on the bar: “Small Tao, you see how many women in our store, every night, go out, how many women, as long as the worker, night, night Play different, annoyance! “

“Master, take the wine! I am afraid that I will not pay!” Xiaotao tongue is already big.

“Fucking your mother! Small Tao, the wine of this shop is all given to you, I don’t care, I am afraid that you don’t have this belly. Don’t ran a woman as a funeral, there is no interest.” The husband took half a beer, small Tao I opened a bottle of cow.

“Dream is the goods, I don’t care.” He put down the bottle and said: “I am just not willing.”

“What is not sweet?” The husband thought about what Evil is laughing: “On the pedestal, don’t you come back?”

“Still not sweet.”

“You want to think like this, Dream is just right and wrong, unfortunately pregnant with your child, can’t bear it, I have to lie to her lecturer boyfriend, the child is him, the two must not marry the child, the child is born Fake father hurts to die, always care for a long adult, who knows that the boy is your bad species, the sky is betrayed, does not learn well, become a small Taibao, the fake father hung, his mother told this secret He, he has repented, angry, and finally in the gold medal title, a smooth sailing is a big official, decided to recognize the ancestors and return to the Zong, after a thousand rivers, the father and son finally reunion, his mother Mengzhen also regretted the original Decided, beg you to forgive, don’t leave his mother and son … it’s final. “

The husband has a good breath, smiling and watching the reaction of Xiaotao, unexpectedly, Xiao Tao only said that “掰”, it is self-drinking.

“Do you have a malfunction? I will have a bitter heart, I can’t get a golden horse award!” Master is a bit angry.

“It doesn’t matter with facts!” Xiaotao has some words unclear: “Wait until that … wait, I am afraid it early, drink excessive drinking, wine … Poison, cirrhosis … Hang up, my son, I can only hold my ashes. “

“Master: ‘Brothers are like hand and foot, women are clothing.’, Small Tao, first stand up, is it good?”

Small Tao puts down the bottle, really stands on the chair, and the head is almost in the top of the broken glass. He tried to stabilize his body, and set up a friend’s husband. For a long time: “Thank you.”

With the former men, ghosting, but with him, it is generally lucky, from him to knock on the bamboo bar, it is also to die, but he is really a good buddy.

Overs us.

When Xiaotao and Master were the same ladita, in a squadron in the training center; Xiao Tao still remembered that there was a speech, the holiday, he was in Zuoying Street, and the Master said that there is also a holiday. For a while, ask if he wants to open his eyes with him? What is Xiao Tao asked where, the Master smiled mysteriously (or his unique symbol – evil spirits) did not reply him. The husband took him in the alley in the back street, and finally arrived at a dark two-storey building.

Walking into the hall, there are a few middle-aged men or women or smash, and the awake is a row of pictures hanging on the wall. At a glance, the old woman is ugly, what is the picture of the A cat, a dog in the photo, is not easy to remember.

“Where is this?” Xiao Tao asked.

“The Kiln Hall!” The husband told him to go to him.

A long channel is a small room, there is a woman in the door, there is a woman, and some have closed the door; when they pass, the woman is laughing with them, and even the hand is chaotic. Touch one pass. The Master is very bold to tease each other, but also “sneak attack” two of them, and they are killed.

“It’s very cheap, if you are not enough, I will borrow you first.” Master said.


“Cannon!” When the Master came to the end, he said: “The woman in this floor is too happy, and the second floor must have your appetite, and more young teeth, go up.”

He dragged him on the second floor, or the same pattern, went to a door to wearing a cheap pink dress woman, and hugged her, then introduced her to Xiao Tao, called Psyl.

“This is my good friend with the same ladder, I will give you.” He said in Taiwanese.

A Zhu pulled Xiao Tao into the door, and took a small pot and went out. After a while, holding the water-filled basin, turned off the door: “Your friend has helped you buy a good ticket, start. ! “

She pulled the zipper behind, and the pink ocean slipped to the foot, revealing black underwear. Small Tao’s rejection but can’t open the mouth, everything is too sudden. This is his first blow, before he has never been in contact with women. In the stage of school, two girlfriends have also been paid, but everything is “礼”, and the top more kiss the mouth. He has attempted further, but he was severely refused by the other side. Now, he faces a true woman’s body, a little timid, is very excited, and unwanted.

Pearl is very fallen to remove bra and underwear. In this case, the shrinking breasts and rare hairs, there is really a “sex” interest, but he just opened the yang, he foolish eyes, The whole body is more unmovable, only the little brother is constantly stealing in the crotch, and he is very painful.

“Snail!” A Zhu walked to the bed and started to take off his undressed, and tapped out his huge mask.

Xiao Tao went to break free, but he was weak, he felt red heartbeat, but for a while, it was a crush, spill.

“What is the life …” Poshu went to the face.


Although, small Tao’s “first night rights” is deprived of the prostitutes of the prostitutes, and the Master is still unobstructed.

On the weekend of his lost love, the husband would rather Guou, to have a girlfriend to accompany him to Disable a night. This Disney is a place where the sisters are often out of the sister, maybe there will be affair, which can be transferred to small pottery targets.

Under the vibration of the vibration, small pottery with a little wine, and the mart of the husband, smashing in a pile of people; Qiqiao from time to time and this tricks, showing that she is a frequent visit. This woman is righteous, and the mad is just a self-deception. His place is not better than me, Xiaolang thinks.

After the dance is complete, they have a rest, and it is quiz to mix it into someone, hip hoping; she laughed very loud, probably she is a cover here. Xiaotao has a cold to the woman who is born in this family. They come to the night, there is no social status, the values ​​are distorted, and they only think about how to cut Kaizi, caught one, and let go of the bed. Don’t hesitate. Some unknown men also want to design them to bed, God! I stayed, they are still finer than foxes.

Xiao Tao feels some bilingual, go back to find a husband to drink two glasses, just at this time, smart calling him, he wants him.

“The dead party, this is my husband’s brother Xiaotao.” Qiao Qiaoxiao is announced: “He just lost love, who wants to pay attention to him, take it!”

Everyone smiled, Xiao Tao dry in the bottom of the heart, there is an mouth.

Follow, it is quauting to introduce him one by one. This seven, eight people, only one man, wearing a senior suit, a stylish dress, they call him “George Chen”; his woman is a good thing, wearing a black, the face of the carp is quite like a certain The pure actress, Xiao Tao can’t say it.

Mom, it’s a human life. Her name is Man Ling, Xiao Tao has remembered, as for other women, he will not read it again. When everyone danced in the dance floor, Xiao Tao quietly asked Qiao, and Man Bank did. “I test!” Qiao Xia him: “You think that women with the old lady are going to work! Mom, people are everyone!”

“Hey, big, eat explosives, I have to say that she is working? I just asked casually.”

“Your ghost is still very early! Tell you, Man Ling, don’t think, she is George Chen’s girlfriend, blew and marriage, as for George Chen, I test! Can you compare? The servants are more than those of your company. “

“Go to your mother, lie to me?”

“Okay, Xiaotao.” Qiao Xia patted him: “In addition to Man Ling, others have hope, see a little bit, don’t say that I don’t mean this.”

Xiaotao no longer took care of her, and he went down to the dance pool, and he danced around George Chen and Man Ling. From time to time to play a ghost face; the other party looked once, and he jumped with him. At this time, he will play a treasure It is even more happy. It is obviously that George Chen is extremely unhappy. If a song is not yet, it will be played in Mant Ling.

“What are you doing? Small Tao.” Qi Qiaoxiao angered behind him: “Do you get rid of George Chen?”

“I can’t afford it!” Xiaotao said that he left the door.

On the street, he saw a woman with a long dress, is preparing to cross a bicycle, he shouted: “Linda.”

The woman looked at him and quickly drilled into the car, and went to Yang.


I have been drinking for several days, Xiao Tao is in the near NW bars, and the secretary’s secretarial’s secretarial is holding a small purse. I have to go out to eat lunch. I saw Xiao Tao busy to say a quiet saying; “Small Tao, what have you been in the end? Special mention of you when the boss meets, the performance is not good, I am afraid that you have a crisis. “

Xiao Tao is silent, pat. Zhao Daxie handed back: “Thank you! I will sprint again.”

This Zhao Da is a secretary of the chairman, tall, although maintenance is appropriate, but nearly forty years! Observed, the face has gone on the face. Small Tao listened to her colleagues, she wedd from a few years ago, her husband went to the United States with a mistress and a pair of children, and she was officially became “deep whisper” O.

After Xiao Tao came, Zhao Daxie took care of him; because her position was not small, she was close to the “central”, Xiao Tao was also happy to approach her, nothing to help her to buy a little, I sent a small gift for the New Year, Often to her office fart, ask her. Therefore, the two are close to the company, but no one dares to leave idle words. On the one hand, the number of years is more than ten years old. On the other hand, it is fear that Zhao Dafu. Break the message.

“In fact, the company’s business is not difficult to run, and it is not active.” Zhao Daxi’s brilliant lips came to his face: “Is it lost?”

“Daxie …” small Tao is busy interface to cover up, women! It’s really older, how did she guess from the undertaken?

“Don’t worry, it’s a thing in the home …”

“Well, good.” Zhao Daxie stopped him: “I invite you to have lunch, you tell me what is going on, I will help you study countermeasures.”

“No, I …”

“No, listen to the big sister.”

For women under the command, small pottery is indeed afraid.

They chose to eat commercial lunches near the company, and Zhao Daxie started to chatter, and the chairman’s conversation! The contradiction between units! Those products are more developed! How to expand performance! Small doctrine is not eating, his mind is not here.

That clear beautiful people, gone in his mind, and suddenly took his heart, this life, if you have this woman, it is really weak, I only take a scoop! Other women go all over the station, including Zhao Daxie in front of them.

“Small Tao, have you listened to me?” Zhao Daxie stared at him.

“Zhao, you have been helping me, my heart, I will ask you to sing tomorrow, how?”

“If you have a good idea.” Zhao Dafu smiled very happy.

This night, Xiaotao is a dream. He is married to Manning. The cave is located in half. The big water bed is actually between the clouds, and then shakes. Woman is sitting in the edge of the bed, first picking the corollation of the head, and then gently dialed the shoulder strap of the pink robes. The whole robe shirt will slowly slide down, and the breast is stopped. It seems that the beautiful thing is not easy to show people, followed by slipping the waist, just revealing a small shame.

Manting’s breast is like uncontropical appearance, the cream is not big but nearly red, the nipple is pointed, waiting for the opposite sex to care for us. Small Tao squatted in front of her, kissed her lips, one side of her breasts, I feel that the nipple is like a small mask is completely hard; she is in the mouth of the tongue, in his mouth Down to the teeth, the nostrils are moving, the nostrils are constantly embarrassed; Xiao Tao is not willing to show weakness, tightly take her tongue, release, then absorb, release, so. Woman also expanded against his tongue, and he took the tip of his tongue. In this way, I will be separated from about ten minutes, small pottery and kiss her milk, first use the tongue to rush around the breast, then bite her nipple.

“I hurt! My brother doesn’t …” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

Small Tao Kungfu is getting off, and the mouth is swallowing the whole dairy, and it seems that there is a lotus of milk.

“Tao Ge, change one side, change one.”

Small Tao makes it, then change the other tits, and will pull Manting to the peak of caress. Then, he slipped to the navel eye and used the tongue to the Merrise. This seems to have also caused her pleasure, causing constant, even tearing his hair.

Finally, he peeled her red robes and buried her triangle. Unlike Linda, Man Ling’s pussy has a flower, and the obscene stream is generally ventilated. He can take it. She will bounce up the whole body, and her hands are tight, I can’t wait for his tip of his tongue. Uterus.

“I can’t stand it, I want! I want …” Mantund is called.

Xiaotao took the tongue, and took Man Ling to the bed, and then held her footboard with his hands, so that she was driving on both sides, so her pussy was great, exposed to him; Xiao Tao is a waist, the mask I slipped into the hole, the water bed was also shaking; he first pumped it slowly, slowly shaking, and the two simmed the early morning of the clouds, and swayed the boat in an unmanned lake.

Half-direction, he accelerated twitching, shaking more dramatically, Manting is even more sensual, both hands ten fingers tightly squatting.

“Ah … ah …”

Small Tao was awakened and found that it was still a single bed, but the little brother rose uncomfortable, simply self-reliance, but three or two were clean.


On the following day, he arrived at the company, and the secretary has taught him that Zhao Daxie accompany the chairman and the company’s senior cadres to Japan, and canceled his dating.

Xiao Tao slept for a night, and the spring dream did it. Decided to go to the Pub shop at night, mixed two glasses of wine. This goes, Xiao Tao is not aware of the first prize, and Man Ling actually at the scene.

It turned out that Man Ling and Qiao Qiaoxiao were high school students. On time, several students got to Disco together, and later, they knew that they broke this PUB, and they were agreed to be in the evening. Moreover, the pug of Mangling – George Chen did not follow, this is a good opportunity to be a big.

Zhao Da is really a great, helping a busy, he thinks.

When the small pottery was sitting on the stage, he didn’t talk to the husband, and it walked over, and pointed at the husband: “Is you informing Xiao Tao? Why is it so smart.”

“You are taught!” Xiaotao Hu is a pan, the husband is a face.

“Small Tao, you give me a good, don’t ask you to bubly.” This woman went to the orders, but Xiao Tao is a iron heart, even if the military order is like a mountain, he is also as Yugong, Remove the mountain, you will be Will.

“What is going on?” The husband ended the beer: “Who is Man Ling?”

Xiaotao pointed out of the table in their table, and then outlined Dice’s night.

“I have a champion with her.” Xiaotao crowded: “Last night, I dreamed to go to bed with her. Old days! Master you don’t know, we are in the clouds!”

“I exercise.” The husband laughed: “Your mother is to think about it, this spring dream is also doing.”

“Positive Point Lord … Brother! My good brother, you must help me get her.”

“The ear came over …” Master also gave him orders, Xiao Tao immediately went to face, so this is this.

“Wonderful!” Xiaotao Le won the five senses to enter into a group: “The husband is worthy of the husband.”

“You must not leak a half-point wind, otherwise it will kill me.” Master picked up a bottle said: “Start actions.”

His two each moved a chair, How – how they joined the woman heap, Thao deliberately not sitting next to Man Ling, teach Qiaoqiao relax vigilance, but how much more convenient to sit opposite her ogle? After the round is introduced as collaborate with each other like brothers show up, this one will boast Tantubusu, level enough, one would then like the stick figure, looks do not lose actress, put a few women clinch forget who I am; then, two people experience when they blew Hu Navy, the haunted ship, sailors slip into the sea, the storm adventure, supernatural pier and shore tiles (of course, others dry) and so on, muck, a ride sing, they hear is squealing and laughter. When Thao Man Ling found sitting opposite, in his conversation, were staring at him tightly, turn to the story of The Teacher says, but not when he secretly look at twelve, with his two years of research experience on woman he is expected to know the.

Next, they began to teach them Guessing Game to help the revelry, and “turtle turtle Alice”, “dog feces chicken fist” These playful punches way the whole came out, of course, the main goal is for Qiaoqiao come. They want her filling a drunk. But it was not easy to think she Qiaoqiao what origin, what storms have not seen.

Thao trained in the military a set of good punches, sister-in-law have been clamoring to find a challenge, although the win more than lose less, but drink a lot, booing him to kill each other husband and wife, all will go along with; Master hit the snake with the stick, but also the war with Qiaoqiao two dozen rounds, so the Qiaoqiao prostrate, lying on the table spit Big Beach.

“We have to go.” It was suggested, immediately got two.

“? How to go,” Master called wine belch asked: “! So late, how dangerous outside Thao let you send one back to it!”

I did it, Thao thought: This Master is really drunk, we had not only good design send Man Ling a person do? This humiliating.

Fortunately, only three women among other requirements Man Ling and sent home, while Man Ling and live far away, in Tienmu. Thao took a Master of car keys, go out happily, safely sent home that is independent woman.

Now, only he and Man Ling, and such a romantic ride on a long journey, if not to heaven but Tianmu, he also applaud.

“You know, getting off more than two years, I’m still not used to.” He began pretending to be a sentimental look, to discuss women’s distressed: “Just now, I still thought it was at the helm alone in the open sea perhaps, this life is simply part of the sea. “

“Listen to you about tonight, as if the world is another thing, I may aspire yo!” Man Ling said.

Wow! Her voice was like wind chimes in general, really sweet.

“When you have a contact with the ocean, you can not get away, you can feel the emotions, you will be deeply in love with her. So many sailors do not marry for life, because their wives, is the sea.”

“How about you? You do not have a girlfriend?”

Received, she received. It’s cut to the chase, Thao knew, but he could not immediately interfaces, it can not be denied; otherwise Qiaoqiao will sooner or later split his desk, the woman never trusted.

“There.” He categorically replied: “But just broke up, we sailor, girlfriend because of this ocean, so it is critical, requiring high standards, so unless you like the girl, otherwise …”

“You’re praised, hee, hee …”

Man Ling laugh, that Thao and feel goes a step further, this night really did not work in vain, light wine on the fight to the bitter end.

“How about you? George Chen is your boyfriend?” He pursued vigorously.

“It can be said, ah …” she then said: “! Can not be said, friends can already pay more thing.”

This is simply implying that I Well! Thao thought. He has certainly Man Ling is very like him, as long as fierce offensive, she must belong to him.

“You used to work on the land it?” Man Ling asked.

“I am a responsible man.” He categorically said:. “Although I do not like to land, but I love the work as I do now in the direct selling company, I dare policies, within three years, I will be on the table of figures, teach you new eyes. “Thao lie really do not play papers, just grab the steering wheel’s hand trembled a little.

. “Young people like you running out” Man Ling sighed: “Some day I’ll come with my brother, you help me talk sense.”

Although Thao is within the car, but still all seriousness, not the slightest mistake vent the bottom. He was very serious if the face of this woman, but also serious than the previous term girlfriend Jennifer dream, perhaps for Man Ling, he really will try to become the direct marketing industry figures on the table, then what? Then he took her by boat to go around the world, so she really appreciate the sailor’s life. Thao know that he is really in love with this woman, life is not so strong feelings of love.

“Let’s talk about your brother!” Small Tao seems to have achieved great career, and it turns into a snorked brother. Woman said that she is not Xiao’s brother, how is it for her parents, because it is a single son, they will be given to seek, but after graduation of high school, it is not admitted to university, but also a class ghost, and more than. It is a big body that is bigger with the daughter of others, and she pays a lot of shame.

Wrong tells him this kind of ugly, I am afraid that George Chen has not known! George Chen, I am going to your mother.

Such a brother has a way to deal with it, and shoot him with a gun. There is no other way, but Xiao Tao did not answer this, he said: “I … Save … he. “This is also a bouting, you know! He said hello.

“Talking to you is happy.” Man Ling reached out: “Left left forward, let me get off.”

Heaven, no, he is in the mother, why is fucking? Small Tao hated the old days.

“Can you leave a call?” Mantund asked.

“Of course.” He reply. What is the phone? I have to give you anything, even the moon in the sky.

He left her home, the company’s phone, and touched her, and she had to call. Such a smooth development is that he is absent.


“You didn’t do her?” The husband is a bit darenly asked: “I have a bitterness.”

“Hey!” Small Tao shook fishing rods, pulled up a tail Thai shrimp: “She is used as a wife, just like the shrimp, slowly come, wait for her to catch.”

Our two have been in the afternoon, in the afternoon of living for life, but bubble in the frostfield, and it is easy to get, talk about the experience of the horse.

“Do you know? Qiao Qiao’s ghost, the next day, I wake up, I doubt that we designed her, Laozi kills dead.” The husband stretched a lazy waist.

“This woman is always in my business, and Manning is not her sister.”

“What is it? Let’s just look at it.”

“Man Ling actually thought that I was Youth Wang Yongqing, hopeless, I have to guide her younger brother.” Xiaotao shook his headself from it: “Is it good?”

“I exercise, your best! It’s not good, you have to waste it than her brother.”

“It’s not good, I really became Wang Yongqing for her.”

“Don’t think so far.” The husband took out the fire: “If the fast mountain is exhausted, quickly find the money.”

“You think I am really caught! I am brainstyle.” Small Tao is really fast: “Fishing Man Ling has a lot of spend!”

“It is more expected in front of you, that is, the rich woman, from her, maybe you can get it.”

“But she doesn’t contact, what do I have?”

“Is it committed to a whole, how?” The husband smiled in the evil spirits.

“You said …” Xiao Tao Yu Yu: “I took the initiative to kick her?”

“We can’t always be in the status of being beaten, right, this time, take the initiative.” The husband excitedly jumped to say: “This time you take her, leave your tower, stay the phone number, look at her back No return?”

“Don’t return it?”

“I lost a gun friend.”

“Is it back?”

“About her! Select a motor, you can shoot, mother! Laozi is outside, wait for her, I follow her, explore her bottom.”


“Choose a Huangdaoji Day.”


Mantang took the initiative to invite Xiaotao, in a western restaurant, Xiaotao Xingzheng is going to die, who knows, she really took her brother.

More than a light bulb, Xiaotao is already full of fire, then look at this light bulb, it is even more angry; his head is almost the same, and there is a horsetail, and there is a silver ear ring in the left ear. A new and new human dress. His since he introduced him to Xiao Tao, he didn’t look at the small pottery. This is still mixed brother outside. I can’t believe in Xiaotao, I can’t believe it, I will run the legs, buy a betel nut, what is the cigarette, he is getting enough.

Even so, Xiao Tao is in order to please him, or have to eat steaks in a steak, but this scorpion only takes care of steaks, and even the head does not lift, obviously to Xiaotao, the husband, no, say soon This old brother is not awkward.

Xiaotao is really hot, when his old man is like a toilet, the eyebrows are said to the kid: “Do you think you are? Playing character! Mom, Laozi is mixed outside, you The cock is still not long? It is said that you don’t listen, if you don’t look at your old face, you will take you a slap. You gave me a good, I’m going to study, I dare to mix it outside, letter Do not believe? I will find people in the sea and flat, I fuck you … I’m old. “After the other words, then the little ignorant looked up, Nari replied:” Tao Da Ge … I, I don’t know your power, the younger brother does not know Taishan, I will definitely listen to the big brother. “

After Lan came back, I found that the younger brother’s attitude turned a hundred and eighty degrees. I can’t believe it, I have admired the small pottery. After a meal, Xiao Tao wants her to go to the cinema to help them queue up two tickets. He is pleased to accept, Xiao Tao wants to pick up the bag, he also said “No need” first flash people.

“It’s just a trick! Mantund Coke:” Tell me, how do you do it. “

“It’s very simple.” Xiao Tao did not reply: “I told him, don’t learn well, I will do my husband.”

“Dead phase, you said hello.” Man Lingjiao.

“Do you know that this person is a bit embarrassing, and it is not awkward.”

“No matter what, I have to thank you for my parents.”

“How?” He deliberately asked.

“Watch movie!”

Xiaotao is a bit disappointed, and it is not disappointed.

The film he chosen is the devil series of film starred in Arno Viksinger. The fierce movement is very popular. Man Ling is obviously an easy-starred woman, often hiding in him. Xiao Tao caught a chance, and she took her, and Wan Ling did not refuse, so he was intoxicated in the cinema, and he didn’t spend his brain. Zhen.

The small pottery now has spring. In his arms, Manting, exuded a burst of milk fragrance, taught him that the spring dream, the pointed tip hard, the nipple.


His way to use the law, in the company, Linda, she actually returned.

“You are penalized.” Linda’s voice is a bit indifferent.

“I can’t help it.” Lying experts have been trick: “I really want you to think about it, let alone you are cool.”

“Well, you are reasonable.” She touched soft: “This time pays you, time, place is selected by you.”

He thought about it for a while, “Tonight, it is the car hotel you lost.”

After hanging up the phone, he accepted the husband, and the voice of the return to the voice, he didn’t sleep.

“It became it.” Xiao Tao excitedly: “Linda will meet me tonight.”

“Time, place?” Master asked, Xiao Tao told him.

“Small Tao, how long does your time do you usually do?” He refers to the difference between the bed.

“Thirty-minute!” He can’t ly.

“Okay, I have a few in my heart, you try to cool! Other things are handed over to me.”

After get off work, Xiao Tao is still the same as the last time, first go to Tonghua Street night market to fill the stomach, then take the taxi to the car hotel, and then have a car flashing him with a car light. It is sure that It’s going to stand at the door.

Asked the room number, Xiaotao went in, and suddenly saw the treasure of Linda’s trek. He pushed the door, no one, her portfolius put on the bed, and the bathroom has a bath. Small pottery flusters, but not for sex. He quickly opened his handbag, trembled his hand to explore one pass, finally touched a ring, took it out, Platinum set a diamond, shining, quickly entered his pocket.

I went to the bag, he took off the clothes, opened the bathroom door, and a fog was transpired. He also explored into the bathroom and touched her smooth skin.

“Don’t use your hand.” She issued a command.

He explored his head, and the hot water of the lotus head shredded him. He touched the breast, sucking while sucking while sucking in hot water. She became exciting, pressed his head tightly, while lifting his left leg, topped on the wall, welcoming the open pussy to his face.

His mouth is like a suction cup. I block her small hole. I can’t swallow the throat or take a shower water; his tip of the tongue is very fast, and the movement is very fast, and she is loud. His hands seem to be two snakes, crawl from her body, but touched her hands when they met the breast part. It turned out that she was caressing her breast. He removing her hands and replaced it, so she comforted the whole body with his movement of him.

This difficulty moves after all, she is difficult to last, she put her legs, holding the wall with her hands, turning against him, this means that it is obvious. He posted her back, looking for a covered hole from her lifted butt, the glans came into the time, he reached out to help, finally plugged in, when puffed, the roots touched her ass, the feeling It’s so comfortable. “It’s cool? Are you cool?” Xiao Tao is asking her.

“Uh-huh… “

He stretched his hands, holding her tits, and pulling her hair, this feeling is like riding on a white horse, Mercedes to the prairie.

Suddenly, she retracted the butt, lying down, lifting the legs high. He leaned over, kneeling in her legs, plus it in, and put it in front of her toes in front of her.

“Hey … I, I am fine.” She called the way, he faster.

When she is about to enter the climax, she lifted his butt and put his legs to his body and put the urine hoisting. Under such a posture, his hood is deeper. After inserting dozens, he yelled, almost almost reached a climax.

Xiao Tao took her diamond ring, it should not stay for a long time. After washing, I found an excuse to flash people, I got out of the door, he hurriedly drilled into the husband.

“Flash, flash.” He called.

“What are you doing? Things haven’t yet!” Asked the Master.

“You see.” He took out that diamond ring: “I drove her, a certain value is not much.”

“I fuck, you can’t get the right time.” Master said: “What is more than ten million? How many of these things do you know?”

“That, what should I do?”

“No matter what this, let her come out anyway, first track.”

I have been half an hour, Linda’s car drove out, the husband quickly followed, so she was unhappy, it was still good in the car array. Finally, she opened to a building in Anhe Road into the basement.

“You are going to the car, I will look at it.” The husband jumped off the bus, walked to the building, looking at the lights of the elevator, for a while, crawling up from the underground floor, until the nine floors stopped.


“A total of more than 150,000.” Master said: “You eight me seven, after tomorrow, he pays money, I will give you again.”

Our two have been infected with shrimp, but this harvest is not small.

“I know that it must be true, the Nice’s things will not be fake.” Xiaotao Le was insole: “I will take a few bottles of beer.”

“Wait a minute.” Master stopped: “Is it not good to talk about it?”

“Is there anything?”

“You are like this, do three W-war, women, wine, if you are a long, slowly, cut her never stop this number, ten times, twenty times will not stop.”

“Good brother, I listen to you, how do you say what I do.”

“Let’s simulate her standing: First, the daughter of rich people. Second, rich people’s wife. Third, rich people’s mistress. Of course, this rich in the above three points is also very It may be the big black big brother; if so, we will stop early, I don’t want to die unknown. Fourth, she is not rich, and it is single, if so, it is too beneficial to us. Fifth, she It may be a female old, the line of the appearance is to use it to lie to the kids. If so, we will be a counter. “

“Do you think she may be the kind of person?” Small potteryxiously heard the answer.

The husband will think about it: “The top three are most likely, but you have to pray that she is not a ‘black lady’, otherwise there is a diamond ring, it is possible to break our feet.”

“What should I do next?”

“This is three situations: First, after she fell a diamond ring, she definitely was lost that night, will immediately kick you, then, this line is broken, finished, the Kay mother is willing Sleep with a pickpocket? However, it is now the third day! No you are good. Second, she is sure or suspected is that you stole, drop a diamond ring, I don’t care about her, but I know you. It’s a ‘three hand’, it is no longer again, so, it is still finished. She will never kick you again. Third, she found a diamond ring, but I can’t afford to get rid of it, I didn’t expect it. It is your hand, this game can continue to play. “

“Hey! You don’t have a voice ‘three hands’, pick up your hands, fucking seems to be a bad emillation, I just took it away.” Small pottery protest.

“Don’t booked?” Master continued to analyze: “The third condition is most likely that these Kazi will not take a small diamond ring, so she only lost in the bag, think of looking for I have long forgot to put it there, and I will never guess it is you – ‘Take’, can you say that? “” Good, good … “small pottery rose fishing rod, wobbled; “continue.”

“Now, I will use my best to explore her bottom, then you have to take her nude photos, is it more useful than banknotes?”

“Talking about money, husband, good brother! Let me take a five-drying, I want to take Mant Ling to watch movies at night.”


“Small Tao, I don’t know if I don’t know.”

That night, Xiao Tao and Man Ling have read the movie, and after eating late, she said on the way home, she said.

“Do you want me to marry you?” He joke.

He can’t wait to say that it is good to accompany me to Tianming tonight? Of course, I don’t want, I miss the night, I miss the spring dream, I’m turning around with you, I am willing to die, I will die, don’t, how can I say “dead” word? I have to turn over the clouds in a life; your pointed breast, wet slid on the hole, I will love the life.

“It’s poor, death.” Man Ling looked back and said: “Small Tao, George Chen seems to know that we are close.”

“What is happening? How do he dare to put us?” Small pottery was not placed in the eyes.

“He said, he said that if you dare to touch me, he will strip your skin.”

“Ha … ha …” He laughed two: “I turminal is scared!”

“Small Tao …” Man Ling is inspected: “Don’t see him, Siwen, sometimes it is full, like a movie just watching movies, I feel that you are staring, and you look at the white The car has been following us. “

“Really? Really?” Xiaotao was scared, what kind of look is full, he hit the mirror, there is a white car followed.

“But we are just ordinary friends!” Don’t say that is sexual desire, even colorful.

“There is money, I can’t do anything, he can’t do it, but I am worried that he will deal with you.”

Small pottery, holding the hand of the steering wheel slightly shaking, and the expression of “heroic” is sentenced to two people, look at the rearview mirror, and then after a bend, the white car is still tight.

“I, I am not afraid of him!” For Mantund’s little beauty, he only had hard men and heroes: “Tell him to come.”

“I told him that everyone is friends! He is hard to believe …”

“Everything has me.” He can’t get a platform: “Mom, he don’t force me to be strong.”

“Small Tao, don’t …” She is pleaded.

“You can rest assured, the enemy does not move, I don’t move.” He stopped the car at the door of her, waiting for her to get off the bus, suddenly turned back, how did it have a car, it’s really a ghost, it’s not good, it is self-scared.

The car of the husband, he is careful, left looks at the road to walk back, and all the way is safe.


The husband came to the building of Anhe Road and left straight.

“Boke.” He politely said to the administrator; “I want to send things to Linda, Linda.”

“Nine Floor?” The old administrator thought about it, suddenly turned out: “Oh! You said her English name, her surname Zhang, I tell you, out of the elevator door, the left hand is there.”

“Thank you, Bobo.” Master drilled into the elevator, straight to the nine floors; after the elevator, he stood outside her family, carefully, did not find it, but he has already remembered the house number.

Just at this moment, he heard a slight sound in the door, immediately moved to the elevator and pressed down button. Have open the door, he turned around, it was a long-haired woman came out, and after locked the door, he stood at him with a elevator. He didn’t dare to look at her again, but he smelled a jasmine fragrance.

The elevator arrived, the husband is polite first, let her go in, see the number of the underground first floor, they only pressed the first floor. This will have to play, he is laughing in his heart.

Out of the elevator, he put the backpack and pleaded with the cabinet, complained about the administrator: “Miss Zhang, Miss Zhang is not at home, and I am running around, maybe she is still sleeping, I can’t hear the ringtone, you can’t help I dialed her call. “

“This woman is mysterious.” The administrator took out this book and put on the old flower glasses and said: “What do you want to send?” “It is very important, her friend is worship me.”

“Is the gentleman?”

Mr. That?

“Oh, there is, you wait for a while, you can wait for the book.” The administrator looked at the book dialing, one yard, one yard, the husband remembered. At this time, he found that there was a letter in the household mailbox in Linda, and he didn’t know that the ghost fell, smoke it. I hang up the phone.

“I am sure that I am not at home, my younger brother can give me a collection?” He hit his old flower eyeglasses.

“Sorry, no! Bobo, I will come back next time.”


I don’t know if it is really going to be lucky.

“Eight hundred pieces of saves flowers, don’t look down on it.” The husband did not forget the small towers in one side.

“Fucking, I dare to guarantee the diamond ring more than 150,000.” Small Tao improved the volume.

“Hey …” The families almost lost their cigarettes: “People around the world have heard, do you think we have a good person?” “

“I am really! The little scorpion is less than 50,000.”

“Hey! There is a regular basis, there is something that is unknown, give this price code is not bad.” Master said: “Your brain is awake, do it, do it, don’t know how many more than 150,000!”

“It’s really you have already added.” Xiaotao shakes with the music: “Linda didn’t blame me, obviously she didn’t find me to take a diamond ring.”

“It is Zhang Jingfen …” Master aimed him: “Please respect the professionalism of my detective? According to the manager’s statement, there must be a certain gentleman to find her, even overnight there, the relationship is definitely very intimate; So, it is what I have gradually, it is her love. This person must have a home, which is likely to be her economic source. If it is not a big big brother, we have to send it. “

“Doing a fairy jump?” Xiao Tao asked.

“Jumping your mother’s cactus board.” Master glanced at him: “You are not like this, the horse is soaked, it is not? The fairy jumps! That is also Zhang Jingnhan to work with you! She is willing ?”

“How is it playing?” Xiaotao was a little discouraged.

“Extraction.” The husband said in his ear.

“You are easy, evidence is so good? I can’t drill into her room, shoot them naked?” Xiaotao went back to find a hole.

“Of course you can’t.” The husband and evil spirits: “But I can, have you forgotten what I did before?”

Xiao Tao is moving the brain, and immediately came up with the answer: “Sprinkle Du, you are in confrontation Duto.”

“Is it? This is simple! What to do with the phone, not playing him, still nothing?”

“Master, there is you.”

“Small Tao, honestly, Mom! Whether she is Linda or Zhang Jingfen, it is very good, you fucking is not shallow.” The husband said sincerely.


This evening, on the way home, Manting smashed small pottery. When the small pottery returned, she said: “George Chen Zhen is too much, I feel, he is checking you.”

“How do you say?” Xiaotao played public calls in the streets of the cold, a bit weird, not free to pay attention to four weeks, but there is nothing to find.

“He told me today, about you, he said that you are a wairt, work a change, but also say that you are dedicated to a woman, it is a mellow meal.”

I fought his mother’s George Chen. However, this is not done in the belly, and I will continue to ask: “Do you believe? Man Ling.”

“Of course, I don’t believe it, he also called me to prevent you, so sole it, deceive! I thank you, do you know? My brother has changed now, every day, I read the book is good!”

“That’s good, just mention, I am still me, do you know? The sea does not care what human beings is to it.” The ghost relied, he cared, this George Wang eight eggs, don’t do it This despicable means is to surprise your youth!

“Then I am relieved, worship!” She said.

This night, I will not have a spring dream, and Xiao Tao is so thinking.


Zhao Daxie came back from Japan several days. It has been very busy. It doesn’t have time to fight with small pots. I will hold him this day and ask him to achieve last.

“The choice is not as good as the day.” The so-called person is a hero’s money is gallblaguing, and there are more than 80,000 pieces in the deposit book.

“The younger brother mean enough, remember, I have to sing!” Zhao Shu said.

“No problem, the old man will give light, it is the face of the younger brother!” He looked up again.

Dinner is very fast, from the company’s affairs, I have been talking about family events. I don’t talk about it. Zhao Si is drinking, even how I caught my husband’s ugly. A wife, after breaking a door, I found my pillow and other women’s refreshing strips, the pain, Xiaotao felt nothing, no wonder small Tao in the newspaper magazine I have seen that Thailand has caused the wife to cut the husband’s genital genitals because of this kind of stealing case, and even more than a dozen pieces.

However, Xiaotao can be sure, when this pain is lost or disappeared, the woman is inevitably conceived for her own implied decisive, and Zhao Daxie is the best example.

This meal is very pleasant, but also makes small pottery to learn: Anyone who is chaotic, it is best to get over the next night, all end: Otherwise, eat can’t take it.

After the meal, the two people went to a well-known KTV who had a chain store. The business is actually to queue the number card waiting. It is 20 minutes for more than twenty minutes before they are collected in a small box. Zhao He still wants to drink beer, Xiao Tao Shun said a few small dishes, and then put it a button to point your own song.

The small pot is mostly popular. Singing, Zhao Yan couldn’t help but cry.

“Zhao, don’t scare me well.” Xiao Tao comforted her: “This is like you!”

“I am not willing!” The worse, the worse, “I thought I was a woman, in fact?”

“Some man pig dogs are not as good as your ex-husband, you should be happy for your decision! Let alone have been so long.” Said that “pork dog is not as good as”, he is not ashamed.

“You don’t know, I will be more lonely every night, I think my children will collapse.” Zhao Wei did not sound.

“Then go to the United States to see them!”

“Which is so simple … Every time you call, we all cry into a group.”

“Okay, good, don’t cry, we will sing a relaxed song.”

“Small Tao …” She fell in his arms, tears all wiped in his neck.

Xiao Tao honestly, actually moved to himself, lived to this age, never take care of it, Linda’s things are all the masters, this will, this will be a helpless woman Since she asks, in invisible, he feels that their status is extremely important.

He smashed and soossed her. She suddenly kissed his neck, deep, then holding his head, mouth to his mouth. This woman is like “dead wood,”, Xiaotao feels extremely fierce, even saliva flows out, the tongue is like a dragon from the sea, turn it out, sometimes stretched out his lips, his cheeks; Her hands picked his t-shirt, stretched into his nipple, after playing a while, she leaned over with the tooth, Xiao Tao is both painful and comfortable.

Small pottery should not be in, directly from her shirt neck, the skin of the sweat oil did not let him feel unfair, and catch her breasts along the bra. He can feel that her is soar is not small, and the breast can’t stand it. This does not match her slim figure, and the baby’s breasts are different, and women who have given birthday is different.

Under such a posture, Xiaotao only had to pull her shirt, letting another hand, grabbing her other tits, hands with her hands, make it hard, feel that it is full of shief; then, he Use a double point to pinch her nipple, gently twisted, reverse until they stand up.

Zhao He didn’t seem to be able to stand up, and took away his stood, pick up the narrow skirt, revealing the garting garter and black underwear before him, brushing, take off his panties, a black and shouted yin show him strength, not tolerant The land, he also faded together, the outer pants, showed his cannon that he was fighting.

Zhao He hit him his knee, grabbed him, sitting directly, into the moment of caught the hole, he imitated the Buddha’s huge pain, but after her “ah”, he was awake, and he felt Pulling out his little brother, this dance with her hips, and fight forward.

She swayed the butt on the shirt button, and the upper end of the black is still floating, and it is a bit ridiculous. Xiaotao saw it, the uli is really big, and the tits are like a born girl, very attractive, he also arrested two, kneading squeezed. Zhao San stretched his hands to the brain, tit with his chest to give him caress, his mouth constantly groaned, for a while, she put down his hand, and he took the back to catch his folk eggs and played the two goals. This recruitment is never played, almost can’t hold it, quickly push her horses, and take a moment to dry behind her.

She was squatting on the sofa, but he stood in front of her butt, and she was inserted. At the same time, she took her ass, and the two were so loudly, so it was not small, covering it. At the end, his movements are getting faster and faster, just when she is about to discharge, she suddenly retracted the hole, turned, a mouth with him, let him in her mouth, venting it.


The Master is a tolerant person, which is already accompanying Zhang Jingfen – Linda. He probably knows her life habits, only gets up at noon every day, if driving out of the door, not to the Xinyi Road, a beauty salon, just go shopping; the so-called “companion” is the tracing of the husband, of course, When I was working, I would never be discovered when I followed it; sometimes he would wear a baseball cap, sometimes wearing sunglasses, and sometimes he even posted a fake beard. Linda will not think of being traced, it is difficult to notice.

However, there is no major discovery. Obviously, in this time, she is not used to and loves, or her love is busy on the afternoon, and I don’t come out. Only a few times, her big brother rang, talking in a small voice, I don’t know if the object is?


The Master is tracking Linda, and Xiao Tao is also followed.

On Sunday, he took Man Buli and her brother to fight bowling, three people turned the game, when the righteousness was high, Manting, her brother Ahua suddenly said to him: “Big Brother, you look at the rest area, on the table The man putting a bottle of Coke, always staring at us, I have been there many times. Waiting for you to pay attention, but don’t find him. “

Small Tao grabbed the towel. When she was wiped, I stole my eyes. It was a man in shorts. I left a flat head, and it was squatting them.

“Ah Hua, don’t take him! Continue to play, I have a self-organized.”

As soon as this is a big day, he is not dare to do. Second, Awa admires him this big brother, how can he leak in front of him? What’s more, he is still a calamation messenger! But it is also difficult to identify that guy is interested or unintentional, and the people in the whole course will be so clever?

“Small Tao, I didn’t expect your play.” Man Ling walked down and walked down to her brother. “

“This kind of spurs, hehe!” He deliberately put on the temper of toes.

“Give you a rope, you want to be heaven!” Man Ling said he: “Do you have anything?”

“Cheating a woman!” He responded very quickly: “George Chen is not said that I will cheat women? In fact, the shit!”

“Maybe it’s true!”

“If it is true, I have already cheated you.”

He said in his mouth, thinking in your heart is that you have long been. Everything is faster than expected, he is very satisfied with his ability, and it is unexpectedly to take her brother, but can be used as his internal line, providing his old intelligence, so George Chen is hard to win him. . However, is the flat man sending George?

“You will fight with Ahua, I will buy some drinks and take a break.”

“Old! The physical strength will not be admitted to you.” Mant Ling dress a face.

Xiaotao walked to the rest area, bought can cola and a pack of smoke, sitting behind the shorts man; then the man returned to the small Tao sitting so close, a little bureau to urinate, after a while, leaving the table to a certain The back of the ball, but no one will pay attention to him, and people who see the goal don’t know him.

For a quarter, the two people were resting, sitting on a piece; Xiaotao found that the man continued to stare, and he was sure his purpose.

“Isn’t it right? Big Brother.” Ah Hua squeezed him: “My observation is good?”

“What is observed?” Mantund asked: “What ghosts do you do?”

“Nothing! We are going to play a game.” Xiaotao is boldly decided to play the guy: “Go, let’s go shopping.”

Since you have to track, let him follow the bottom, how can you sit on there? Xiaotao ignored him, driving the direct drive department store, when the female leather delivery department on the first floor, Ahua came with his mouth, and the voice was excited: “Come! Come! The guy appeared again, In the right side, stare at us far away. “

“Don’t be excited! Ah Hua, let him find it can’t play.” Xiao Tao smiled.

“I really stimulate, like a detective film.” Ahua smashed the head, the earrings followed: “Why should he follow us?” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” ” I don’t know my past C. “

“Big Brother, you don’t believe me, then I swear …” AW was serious.

“Don’t make trouble.” Xiao Tao said helplessly: “The enemy is currently, you are not like a big person?”

“OK, but big brother, do you have guys, in case the man killed, don’t you die?”

Take your mother, the small pottery is a bit of blood and spit it. Fortunately, Man Ling came to the resolution: “Let’s go upstairs!”

I hackle to sell the floor, people are particularly very much, Xiao Tao suddenly has an idea, and put Abara, “You take the old sister, I went to the toilet.”

He took a good corner and searched for the guy in the crowd, and it took a lot of effort to find it. The man is full of face sweat, and it is obviously looking for them. Unfortunately, people are too messy. The machine is too messy. It is hidden, and even Xiao Tao is looking for it.

The man seems to be anxious, began in the crowd, just like a son who is looking for him, Xiao Tao is happy, as if it is big, a nasty person, but the good scene is not often found by him. I have begun to faintly followed, and he found that Xiaotao did not see, and he also got everywhere, and he had to show it.

“Tour enough!” He returned to the two of the brothers and said: “Ah Hua, your light bulb is lacking, hurry back to charge, we have to drink coffee.”

Ahua is not willing to say, but also helplessly: “The result will tell me!”


“What results?” Mantund asked.

“He wants to know, we will not go to the hotel!”

“I am dead.” Man Ling turned out.

Xiaotao specially selected a cafe in a street, sitting in the window, soon, the flat man’s car came, and stopped at the door of the store. He saw him playing the phone call, showing the reward.

“Talk to George Chen, how?” Xiao Tao leisurely sipped coffee, but cut into the subject.

“He!” Man Ling is slightly mouth, looking to the ceiling, the gesture is not hate to blocked: “Dad opened a unlike electronic company, George Chen is in the company, this person It is still full of regrets, every time I have a friend, I’m doing him. In fact, others are not bad, I just hate him every time, I have to bring a big ticket friend, all the fox group dog party. “

“Have he show you?” Xiao Tao asked.

“Well, is it! He has seen his father, we went out to have a meal.”

It is indeed very difficult, no wonder that the kid wants to send people to Tao Gongzi, he is simply a knife!

“Do you have any dating recently?” Xiao Tao thought about continued: “I said that after I know you.”

Man Ling also thought about it: “No. I know that he is very angry, frequently calling my house, about me, but I don’t agree. This big man’s gesture, I hate.”

Xiaotao is relieved. Good Man Ling! You are love to poor and affordless, there is a bone, let me kiss you, is it good?

“Not good.” She said.

Small Tao shouted, think she can guess his heart, isn’t it a special function?

“This is not good, I don’t like to marry the big manist.” It turned out that she said such a thing: “I hope to marry in the future is a man who loves me wholeheartedly, not a man who is a Philippines. “

“That person is me.” Xiao Tao also smiled and smiled: “I will ask a few Filffi merchants to serve you, if not, then I am a men’s feid.”

“Let’s make it bad, you.” Mantrage hanging down.

Before leaving, Xiaotao packs a cup of black tea; out of the door, he wants to wait for him for a while, go to the flattened Han Si, and he knocked the window. The man shakes the window, some panic, and the look is quite natural.

“You are tired, this cup I invite the thirst.” Xiaotao said to the drink.

“Do?” Mantund asked.

“Nothing, he is my friend.” Xiao Tao is relaxed.

He once felt the danger, he forgot one s dry two.


“You shouldn’t take the initiative to provoke.” The husband said to Xiaotao: “This is a dangerous action.”

He was worried about him to tease the tracker’s actions, so he listened to Xiaotao to talk about the situation at the time, and immediately went to the shrimp field.

“So you said, that person is not a hipster, it is likely to be a person in George Chen, or even the rivers and lakes are mixed, then there is no rules, and they will be able to move it with you.” Master continued to analyze . “Who will think so much?” Xiao Tao felt again.

“At this time, don’t have a branch of branches, so you can see the matter, I think, Linda has a big head, and you will definitely fish.”

“What do you mean?”

“Give up Man Ling.” The husband looked at him in the god: “Don’t stir the water, can you do?”

“No.” Xiaotao does not think about the answer: “These two things don’t worry! I can’t find a woman who wants to marry her, how can I give up? Master, I doubt that you are 妒……………………………………………………………………………………………..

“Small Tao, don’t leave, I am good to remind you, don’t want to make it.” The husband shook his head and said: “How to develop, let’s study countermeasures, but you will be the best secret point in the future, no gentleman Prevent people, do you understand? “

“I don’t understand is that George Chen tracks me to use?”

“He is not tracking you, saying correctly, is you and Man Ling. I think he is afraid of you and Liling to bed.”


Zhao He has done a time after KTV and Xiaotao unexpectedly, and she will report with a strange smile. This day, Xiao Tao came to the company. She will give him noon. Have a meal. Still up and return to the simple restaurant, Xiao Tao only worked hard to fill the stomach, I bought it, I looked up her. After all, the two were too old, there is a “committee” feel.

“How have you been doing recently, is not a talent?” Zhao He looked at the little Tao, grudge the eyes, not like your brother.

“I …” Xiao Tao looked down and drooped: “I am afraid that the company’s people find it.”

“It’s really a deficiency, I used to be playing in the company, and I am not afraid who is suspected.” Zhao Da smiled.

Yes! They are all the tours, and they are afraid of being in the company. If someone is stowed, he suspects that Zhao Hao leaked the wind, if Zhao He said in two sentences, he is afraid of others. Date. What is impulsive? young people!

“This is not very good!” He is inexplicably answering.

“Is there anything wrong?” Zhao Zi said that it is strict: “Male unmarried, women have not married, who is there! What is it?”

“I don’t care, I am worried about you.” He had to find the steps.

“Okay, okay.” Zhao He seems to be very satisfied: “Small Tao, how did you live? Is it a piece of family?”

“No, my family is in Hsinchu, I rent someone in Taipei in Taipei.”

“Is this convenient?”

“It’s okay! Anyway, alone, casually.”

Zhao He was lifted to a cool smoke, and he asked for a long time: “Move to me? It is good to rent you, you can also take care of you.”

This sentence made him remember that after KTV per live, she held his hook to him: “The little brother is not awkward today! I will teach you the truth of people.”

From now on, she probably moved this cohabitation, but how to give himself to her? When I fall into the warm nest, I don’t want to eat, I don’t have to do myself, then he has a mother; can not be like this, can not be like that, can he still talk to Mantund? ?

“I have a lease, wait for the date, then say it!” No matter what I thought in Zhao, he can only reply.

twenty one,

The two sorrows of the husband, Xiaotao, Qiao Qiaoxia, Wan Ling, Ahua and Qiao Qiao, opened two cars, and went to the northeast elevated sea water. The reef is originally not suitable for swimming, but after organizing, it is true that the various fish of the “Dance” will also be enjoyed when they have a natural seawater swimming pool, snorkeling.

More fun is, there are several “mermaid” this line. The worst body is skillful, slightly fat, the body is replaced by swimsuit, exposes no legacy, two hypertetering dairy caves into two group meat balls because there is no need to send, but this is also because the opponents of the peers are too strong. For more than a general woman, she can still be moderate; her two sisters are still at the hotel, usually a night, less sunshine, the skin is particularly passionate, but the body is still standard, and One of the three-point swimsuit is clear, and the cleaner is clear, it is quite attractive; it is a first-class in Wing Ling.

She wears a flower swimwear, because the waist is fine, the breast is protruding, the hip curved lines below the waist are very uniform, and it is tight; that the triangle is slightly toned, and the two, three exposure can be seen. The hairy hair. With such a beautiful woman, their boy is envious. Soon after the water tour, some people proposed to play the game. After the group, the Master naturally and Qiao match, Manting chose small pottery, and AW only with the girl wearing three-point swimwear, excessive one acts as a referee. The three teams have made large mixed-style, arbitrarily killed.

The husband and the Ah greece are thin, regardless of “slimming”, the person is not light, so the fighting power is not strong, like Xiao Tao and Man Ling, a team, it can be said to be strong, almost win. Whenever starting, but see the beauty of the woman, pull, scream, splash, put a sea bath area to the boiling point, lifting a life-saving member does not watch the eyes; there is a time, the three-point swimwear girl’s bra is still After taking over half, revealing a breast, fortunately she fell in a timely sea, and she did not be seen.

Small Tao did not feel the game from the beginning to the game. He was completely immersed in the pleasure of carrying Manting; his arms were entangled with her calf, and the neck was clamped by her thigh, and the back brain was laid down Negative. He has been fantastic, in the cloud, in the water bed, he kisses her private parts; at this moment, his head and her private part are so close, but I can’t hate the whole head to drill. That cute small hole!

“You are addicted!” After the game, Qixiao said that Xiao Tao said to him when he was alone: ​​”The purpose reaches it!”

“Qiao Qiaoxia, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” He is confused.

“Stupid?” Qiao Qiaoxiai and said: “I will not see? You and her brother A Huadin, but I don’t have to meet! How much do you have?”

“You have too much tap! Qiantia.”

“Small Tao, if you are a brother of the husband, I am too lazy. I repeatedly urge you, not for the reason, these two people, you can’t afford it.”

“That two?”

“She.” Qiaoxin pointed to the shore: “There is also her boyfriend, George Chen.”

“Why do you always take George Chen in a piece?” Xiaotao has a big fire: “They have been over.”

“Hey! End?” Qi Qiaoxiao asked: “Is she telling you? I dare to bet with you, things are not as simple as you think, I am clear, but I am not too much.”

“Qiao, I don’t want to argue with you.”

Xiaotao ignored that she swayed to go, to the shore, three tail “mermaid” is lying on the umbrella, and the gesture is quite sild, and he actually starts with a daydream. He fantasy is a red strip, and he is entangled with him to take advantage of the sun, and rubbed him with his body, and the peaks are flooded together, almost flooded him.

what! I don’t really have this idea. He belongs to Manting. Other women go all the side, but, but if they take a light?

The husband said: “Don’t eat white don’t eat.”

Xiao Tao felt that his little brother was restless, under the swimming trunks, it was extremely difficult to hide, and he quickly jumped into the sea. He went in the water for a while, suddenly the feet were pulled, and the hands were touched. It was hard to earn the water, and they were dragged down the bottom, and then slammed their feet, but still trapped; He panic, when the rotation is going to be solved by hand, his feet active.

Xiao Tao floats out of the water, and people who have been playing in the wind have nothing to play. No one pays attention to him, he hurrys back to the shore.

“Someone eloquently in the bottom of the water.” He said to the husband.

“Really? What did you find?” Master asked.

“No. I am afraid not only one, grabbing my feet, I want to drown me.” He felt the sea breeze.

“Will it be just to play water, too arrogant, some people look into the eye?” Master immediately looked.

“I don’t know, I see, we still leave early.”

twenty two,

The husband really tracked seriously, and the time gradually had long, sometimes even mistakenly opened the shop every night, to happen to him with him, but he did not explain what is going on.

The husband said: “How to cultivate, how to gain.” Finally, he waited.

On the evening of this day, a black passenger drove to the building, and a middle-aged man in a Daiki mirror hurried away, according to the occupational sensitivity of the husband, think this is the goal of his waiting, hurry The car saw him on a few floors. The ladder number is rushing up, and it is still stopped in the nine floors.

He has been in the street for ten minutes. He finally came to find a public telephone.

“Hey.” Is a female voice, it is obviously Linda.

“Miss Zhang.” The husband smashed the sound, and put it out of some kind of hometown: “Is it your friend? He forgot to check the counter!”

“Register?” The other party said: “When will this rule?”

“New regulations!” The husband is jealous: “There are recent people recently by the thief, and the management committee must strengthen regulation.”

“Mr. Li often comes to me, don’t you know him?”

“I am sorry, people come to people, I can’t remember.”

“Okay, don’t bother me, register next time.” She said, she said.

Enough, can’t play a snack again, and the husband immediately gave a visit. Go back to the store, he immediately smashed small pottery to consult.

“Surrrum?” Xiaotao seized the list of richers he was knowing, but did not have any results: “Will it be that Kay?”

“I am very difficult to guess this person, the threshold of the society, we can’t touch it,” Master said very emotions.

“What should I do?” Xiao Tao asked.

“Of course, I will continue to catch up!” The husband said some proud to: “I will teach him the original shape.”

“Tell me.”

“I didn’t pay attention, I didn’t pay attention, I haven’t come to see the car number of the guest. It’s actually very simple, copy the license plate number, find me a friend of a doing traffic police, please check the owner and address. Don’t you know? Next, I will eave youn to the phone, when the time is ripe, you will come out. “

“Okay, can I go to Ding?” Xiaotao seems to be absent – minded: “I still have a date.”


“Company’s colleague.”

“I found gun friends?”

“No, you think I am a superman!”

Xiaotao has never exposed Zhao Hi to the husband, with their intention of the intersection, pay more “gun friends”, will be a big plus, only Zhao Yan did not go to the stage, the generous relationship is Bar! Xiao Tao can not want the husband to laugh, it is not hungry.

The husband said: “Lifena chooses wood.”

“Urgent?” Qiao Qiao from the bathroom, found that Xiaotao wants to leave, and quickly stop: “I have something to ask you.”

“What about what?” Xiao Tao thought she had to ask Mantund.

“You can rest assured, not a thing of Man Ling.” Qiao Qiao said his heart: “You have recently been engaged in ghosts, I want to marry me, small Tao, you give me from the trick.”

Xiao Tao is looking forward to saying, but she sees the husband with him, she hits the eyes: “The granddaughter can’t escape, such as the Buddha’s palm, can we still play in front of you?”

“Less poverty, all day ghost, if it is a big thing, is it like this?”

“Qiantia, our men’s things, you don’t have to manage it.” Master inserted.

“Your man, hey! What do you have to engage in that woman in addition to every day?”

“As long as you know.”

“Small Tao, you see, what is it?” Qiao Qiaoxiao said: “Mom! There is an old mother waiting for you? Still doing the seven roses outside, don’t play, you think that the old lady is happy to keep this Broken store! “

“I fuck your mother …” Master took the table in the counter: “Laozi’s dick is holding the sun to keep you, and the mouth is going to drilled. This store is broken, it is always your own You are not rare, roll back to the hotel, rolling back to sell! “

“I sell it, I will not sell it, don’t think that I am a person, the poor, the goods in the belly are not much more than me.”

“You are a woman, Laozi is not a good lesson today, you can’t.” The husband said to jump out of the bar.

“The old woman is afraid that you are not a woman.”

Qian Qian actually puts up a chair, ready to smash, Xiaotao hurriedly stoppeding the two.

“Why, you have to smash your own store! The two are really a kind.”


He immediately rushed to Zhao family after this dispute was late.

The husband and Qiaoxin are a pair of joy, the bed is quarreling, and Xiao Tao has long been usually used. This man is too emotional, sometimes it is improving ingredients, like he met Qiao in the hotel, many friends think that playing is good, can’t be serious, but he can’t get rid of it, hard is to open this. Pub, helping her from good, but have you grateful? From the words of her words, she didn’t grateful, and thought it was a mature that hindered her money. Just joke, get 10,000 or even hundreds of thousands of work, where to find it! The idea is more than 100,000 miles. How long can they do it, I am afraid that they have a clear one? So what about him and Zhao? The number of years is more than 100,000 miles, how long can I do?

Now, Xiaotao is holding his arm, with a house visiting her home, a house with three rooms, but only a hostess, no wonder she is still not dead for her.

“You see, which home is suitable for you, I will reserve you, we can go to get off work together, return home, I can also prepare for you for you.” Zhao said in his ear.

“I like this.” He pointed at her master bedroom to joke and said: “So big bed, sleep more!”

“You are necrosis.” Zhao Xijiao.

“This bed, is there any other man sleep?” Xiao Tao smiled: “I don’t like the taste of the man.”

“What woman are you?” Zhao smiled, there was no angry.

“Have you ever?” Xiaotao asked: “The company said that you are his mistress.”

“The dead rumor, the dead dirty mouth.” Zhao Yan is still not angry.

No matter whether there is, Xiao Tao is just asking. He thought that no matter whether the man had slept this bed, there was not much relationship with him, just like the bed in the hotel, today you sleep, he sleep tomorrow, and Zhao The martial arts is just the attachment of this bed, or part of the bed.

Since Xiao Tao came to sleep this bed tonight, there was an accessory of the bed, so he gently removed the obstacle to covering this “attachment”, which is a pure white nightgown.

In fact, if you don’t disclose Zhao’s age, it is very difficult to guess that she has been nearly forty years old. Under the careful maintenance of years, her skin is still smooth, but the breast has revealed fatigue. Some sagmented.

After removing the nightgown, she has already “obedient”. She walked to the bed, put a CD into the sound, immediately passed the beautiful symphony, then she lies in the bed, waiting for the owner of this bed.

This is different from the “temporary performance” in KTV night, everything can be fully prepared, don’t have to be so anxious, don’t worry, you have a voyeur by others, they have time to pass all night. So, Xiaotao looked at her body and took off her body. After the red strip, he sat in the bed, as if he was doing academic research, it is generally carefully observed her tits.

“What do you look at this to ugly?” She is a bit uneasy to catch cotton wrap: “They have no time to come.”

“No!” Xiao Tao sighed a sigh of relief: “They feeding children, very great.”

“Do you mean that they are too big?” She joked.

When I said this, Xiao Tao had already answered, his mouth has already left her left nipple, and the tongue is rushing around her uli. After a while, her nipple is standing back; he turned her nipple I took the right thing, let her scream for a while, she will hold it, she put the whole breast, squatting in his mouth, I can’t wait for him to be a big mouth, swallow it.

He took this again and then changed another hand, and the hand fell to her belly. When you explore the overcast, touch the wet slippery, he put her lips with two fingers, gently pulled it. Playing, the more the more wet, the end, he simply puts the middle finger directly. At this moment, her nails hit his back, and raised hips, meaning that he would be more deeper.

Small Tao Zhong referred to a small mask generally entering and exiting, and the palm of the middle finger rubs her pills, so that she is careful, her lascivious water is constantly being born, wet him whole hand. He took the finger and put it in his mouth to suck her prostitute. She was robbed, and she lied his palm.

“Small Tao, good brother, fast, come on me …” She screamed one side.

Xiao Tao turned over and climbed her body and turned her side. One foot was pressed under his butt, and the other foot was squatted on his shoulder. Such a posture is easy to touch the yukuclear, her call call is also bigger, not only that, she also puts out one hand, pinching his nipple, as if to twist the tap. Small pottery is very cool, more frenzy, reach another small hole – asshole, use the little finger to plug, more, her cry, have a grief, I will see him for a while, don’t want him I will have to go again.

The small scorpion of the face is horses, took a chair to the bed, sitting on, hook her finger, she came over, cross his body, sitting like his little brother like a ktv, hands arrested The back of the chair is up and down, and the whole chair immediately shakes, and her double milk is also rushing in front of his face. He held her butt, so that she took her body, she was deeper, and she almost made her crazy, buried his head entirely of his chest, just like protecting himself. After the passion, he did not vent, the mask was still hard, lying on the bed.

“We change to the living room to do it, is it good?” Zhao Daxie said his little brother. She is not like Linda who likes to use the command of the order, which is more likely.

One to the living room, she immediately automatically volts on the coffee table, high high-pitched ass, revealing her next Yin Baby. Small tea got a nest, sniffed, and then stretched with the tongue, such as the spring frequently, her body was slightly shaking, and the big butt dance as he danced, and before and after the waves.

Small Tao stopped his tongue, holding her waist, breaking into the ban, sweat is more fierce. This time, he quickly reached a climax, just put a few times after her holes made a few times, leaking a variety of light.

twenty four,

George Chen Tao Tao meets, to show him a blank. The two sides seem to be afraid of being embedded by the other party. The location is always talking about it. Finally, it was selected at the snacks under the downstairs of a department store, and was agreed by the two.

Who dares to do? However, Xiaotao went to the appointment, or first left in the entire floor, and saw George Chen accounted for a table before sitting on the cold drink stall. George Chen has called a cup of orange juice. In addition, there is a three-five ocean smoke on the table, and his big brother. He is quite in the suit, the small pottery is not bad, but the bids of the two can be different, the price is worse! Xiao Tao didn’t think about it as much as possible, so excused.

“What?” George Chen asked politely, but it was very cold.

Water, how,! Xiaotao practiced him in his heart, but his mouth said: “Like you.”

After George Chen greeted the boss, he opened the door to see the mountain.

“I want you to quit, don’t stir again.”

“I am not stirring, I am serious.” Xiaotao said very hard: “I think we are very suitable, and each other is coming.”

“She is suitable for you?” George Chen disdainfully snorted: “People around the world are suitable for her, don’t put gold on your face.”

“George Chen, chasing girlfriends is fair competition, all means, she is suitable for me, I can’t come to you.” He is big.

“We have already paid marriage.”

“Don’t worry, I finally stepped into the auditorium and didn’t see it.”

“In the end what you want?”

At this time, the boss is a small drink, and the two temporarily take a shot. When he sipped a bite: “Not what I think, but Mant Ling thinks, what to choose is her, not me.”

“You don’t look at it, in fact, I have to listen to you, what is it? But it is a small mix, and Manting is really eye-catching.”

“I know, Mantund said with me, but she didn’t believe it, you can bite me.”

George Chen got a root smoke and took a few mouthfuls and said: “This way! If you quit, you can open a price code.”

“Hey! Want to use money?” Xiao Tao got qi: “You will come to this set, tell you, but a few stinky money, but you are a dog Ear earned, I am not rare, after a few years, I sent it, what are you? What is more than I finger, don’t think that you can have money. “He is so cool, Drink the mouth drink.

“You are too much, surnamed Tao, others told me to move you, I don’t want, it seems that you are really embarrassing, it should be flat.” George Chen said.

“Sure enough, you are looking for someone to follow me, I still want to hurt me in the sea, right?”

“To murder you, now I will talk to you with you?” George Chen pointed to his nose: “But your bastard is good, if you don’t quit, you will be careful.”

“It doesn’t matter, I am waiting for picking, an old saying, who is afraid?” Xiao Tao no longer talks, turned around.

twenty five,

The husband said: “The scalp is hard, the neck is a hero.”

Small Tao hardly scared who is afraid of George Chen, but the neck is soft, and immediately find the confidential investor countermeasures. He is afraid that George will be angry and criticized. Depending on wheelchair or crutches.

“I am looking for you.” Master did not pay attention to his question in the Huntue Field: “Linda’s things have been greatly developed …” “Don’t tap Lin Da, save me,” Small Tao is anxious Said.

“Good! Good! You say something from the beginning to the end.” What can the Master? Only hilarious.

Xiao Tao will talk about George Chen Dating negotiations, but I don’t dare to miss it, but I see that the husband has heard the brow, and the more it is too deep.

“Is it difficult to solve?” Xiaotao asked nervously.

“You don’t remember that I have told you, give up for it. Woman is a disaster, now it is buddy.” The husband is in a pensive.

“I also said what is this? First solve problems?”

“How to solve?” Master looked up at him: “The words are said to be absorbed by you. Now you have to apologize to him, and your hands will give Mant Ling to him. Are you willing to be willing?”

“I …” Xiaotao stares with the fritter pool, and he can’t speak for a long time.

I have near the afternoon, the husband will get shrimp in the net bag, take it to the carbon furnace, ready to rise. In this busy capital, they are “excited people” or “visitors”, I am afraid even if they don’t have clear.

Xiao Tao is still catching a meeting, but the heart is absent-minded, I will collect the fishing rod, and I will help the carbon roast in the past, and I have to be half a beer.

“You know, I can’t give up Woman.” He finally said.

“What is it for studying? How do he want to be like!” Master smelled the shrimp.

“But I can’t wait to die!” Xiaotao still does not give up.

“Love beauty is afraid of cold.” Master said this south of proverbs: “Don’t be afraid of war, very simple.”

“Master …” he exposed a pleasant look.

“You fucking didn’t have a little bit.” The husband shouted: “White loves you this friend. Linda’s things have been eyebrows, what is going on, you don’t talk, but you can’t talk, but in this kind of thing Inside, what do you call me? “

“Is it good to calmness? Let me talk about me, talk about Linda, can it be?” Small pottery changed low.

The mid who rose red, slowly disappeared, peeled a shrimp and eat, and also drunk a few beer families: “It’s really awesome!

Xiaotao is not dare, waiting for him.

The husband suddenly sighed: “Hone other way It is best not to take a fixed route, and the job will change, even my store is rare. “

“You are afraid that I am tired?” Xiaotao seems to suddenly realize.

“Let’s say it.” Master did not want to explain more: “Qiao Qiaoxiai talked about this thing, I also think it is not so simple, but the enemy does not move, I don’t move, wait for the other side to have a movement, I will put the dragon to the dragon Check one clear, see who is in it. “

“There seems to be only like this.” Xiao Tao felt hungry, peeled a shrimp to eat: “What about Linda?”

“Just yesterday, I have already touched the bottom of the surname Li. I saw his guest, transfer the car number to my friends, and checked it out. He is the company ‘ Small open, get off, do you know, have a lot of well-known beverages on the market are produced by the company. The most recent kind of tea ‘, often advertising on TV, very well known, you I have seen it. “

“Touch tea?” Xiao Tao thought about it. “Well, I have an impression, it seems to have been drinking.”

“Don’t think.” The husband flew into the freezer of the frothfruit “to touch the tea” back to Xiao Tao: “Clear it?”

Xiaotao looked at the design of the tanker to cater to the young taste.

“So, completely in line with my original guess, I can play it.”

“Is there no background in his background?”

“Of course. His name is Li Huanran. After thirty-four years old this year, after studying from abroad, he was arranged by his father in Running a small supervisor, and now he has been to the general manager.”

“Not married?”

“You don’t plum down?” The husband is in order to say his results, and of course, I don’t like being interrupted: “He is married soon, he heard that it is also arranged. The woman is also a family. After marriage, after birth A son, the wife and children have been strictly protected and very publicly exposed. “

“This is more convenient for him to steal out!” Xiao Tao said. “Maybe! But his marriage is very confidential, and maybe there is no, Linda is just his friend. In short, the people around him do not know that there is such a thing, if we want to have one leg, that is, it is The news of the big big news, the light is given a lot of money. “

“How do you do it next?” Small Tao has no concept of “staff work”.

“Due to Linda.” The husband affirmed: “It is correct from her. First of all, I want to teach her phone, caught the evidence that they love, and then thorns her, ask her to speak to Li Huan, if If you don’t give money, you will publish the tape. “

“If Linda is not willing to fan? For her unfavorable!”

“Then she died more miserable. If we find Li Huanran, not only take the tape threaten him, you can also publicize the bed between you and Linda, Li must be very hot, then Linda is not a sour source In this analysis, she will not be a fan. “

“This trick is indeed very embarrassed.” Xiaotao heard the taste of Jinjin, but there was no appetite on the shrimp.

“It’s still behind!” Master continued his plan: “He Li Jiayu’s money, there should always be a little poor egg!”

“How many?”

“3 million, should value this number.”

“Three hundred?” Xiao Tao eyes lit.

“A volume of the tape sells three million, have you heard?” The husband smiled at small pottery.


A volume of the tape sold three million, indeed heard unheard, if the practice of selling the diamond ring, at least five or five books, then he Xiaotao has a hundred and 500,000, this price, Yan Man Ling should Enter enough! Thoroughly cut George Chen’s hopes, isn’t there anything? This is the trick, very strange, why didn’t you think about this with a smart smart? He didn’t understand this.

Small Tao heavyly ignited hope, and I asked Mantund. He followed the persuasion of the husband, choosing the retired elderly who were idle and played in the afternoon, not to mention that he is a shock to go to the appointment, and I believe that no one can track.

“If I have a $ 1500,000, you will not marry me?” Xiao Tao did not wait to ask.

“Do you meet George Chen?” Manting intends to avoid his problems.

“I ask you, I am a man worth 15 million, can you marry you?” He repeated once again.

“How can you have so much money at once?”

“Business! I have recently talked about a business, um … sell tapes, very popular, a volume of sound recordings, conservative estimates can earn at least $ 15 million.”

“In fact, a hundred and fifty thousand even houses can’t afford it, it is still far!” Mant Lingwang is looking at the child in the park, and there is no new house, how to get married? “

Xiao Tao looked at the old companion in hand, and his eyes displaced an abnormal brilliance. It was the exhibition of the future; Seat, there is no smashing, no aviation, see them, old, and grandchildren.

“We can make a loan first, take a part of the money out of the decoration.” The brilliance in his eyes did not disappear: “Some of the marriage funds, then I will work hard to make money, take you fat …”

“But, what should George Chen?” She poured him with cold water, so that the fire in his eyes was extinguished.

“What is his bird? This bastard is still speaking, he thinks that Laozi is the oil light, I fuck! Forced me to go to Liangshan, then everyone is awkward.” Xiao Tao suddenly changed personal.

“He is really threatening you? What did he say?”

“How do you know this?” Xiao Tao Hao thought.

“He called me and said to talk to you … he said that you have to quit, I … I won’t believe him.” Man Ling has a bit of Baba.

“Hua Tao is still in the air:” If I promise him to withdraw, then I will tell you a 1500,000 things? Do you know? He even wants to buy me with money, I want to quit, fuck I want to take my house to humiliate me, where is my personality? “

“He is willing to pay?”

“Can love buy money? I really naive.”

“He is willing to pay?” Manting asked again. “Why do he not simply spend money to find a prostitute, this kind of goods, I can’t talk about it.”

“Small Tao, don’t care about him.” Man Ling actually full of spring breeze: “Go, let’s catch a movie.”

“But …” He still remembers the son of the husband: “Can’t be too late! I have something to do.”


The husband and skill is really a pair of joyful family. After Xiao Tao after reading the movie, he went to the store to drink, celebrated them and so as early as early, of course, the husband also told him, don’t worry, they want to fight early. No someone will harass, then you don’t have to worry about safety.

When Xiaotao arrived, the door of the store had been pulled down, and it seems that it is true. He went in and went in, and the two tables came back and put a few seawatys, it is really difficult for this pair of lover.

“I just came back from the fresh water” Master: “I have a good job!”

“Do you have a couple celebrate, do my ass?” Small Tao played.

“We quarrel, not all for you.” The husband blinks to Xiaotao: “You are a witness!”

“Master said that he often runs outside, it is to help you deal with a feeling of feelings, the other party is refused, isn’t it?” Qi Qian came over.

“That is, until now is being entangled!” The husband squeezed his eyes.

“Shay, skill, is a paragraph of the past!” Xiao Tao quoted the word used by the master: “The edge, it is not endless.”

After smashing, see if they have a “string”, then put a pair of old and old gestures: “Small Tao, you are too spent, beware! Which day plants under the woman skirt.”

“Yes, yes.” Xiaotao used the tricks in the desktop: “I am too heart, I want to change it.”

The husband will come over, and the pain has been in my heart. This is a black pot of small pottery, but the husband has a hard work, always saves yourself!

Three people have a good night, and the wine is a bottle of opening, and finally drinking wine. They have a tacit understanding of the young two, and the small ceramics, the second half, Xiaotao finally drunk. I don’t know how long I have slept, when he woke up, he found that it was dark, his ear was still in the dark, heard someone talking.

“Don’t! What should I do if he woke up?”

The speech is skillful, Xiaotao listens.

“Small intoxication is dead, it doesn’t matter, come! I want …”

This is the head of the husband, which is the sound of the sound. He knows, this young couple is preparing to do things. The sound is getting more and more intense, it seems to be on the bar. He remembered that his husband had told him, just have a skill on the bar, then he didn’t lie, this caused him a curiosity, and he quietly turned it from the sofa.

The few small lights on the bar are still bright. Sitting with a naked men and women under the light, facing the face; the female legs are in the legs of the male legs, hands with men’s neck, and male hands Rear support, the waist rod forwards before and after. It is a husband and skill.

The skillful breast is like two balloons, because the age is still light, and has not been produced, so it is better to droop, the big and round guy is really a good thing. The husband seems to have a heart inductance. When he thinks, the master moved out of one hand, and I grasp the Qiaoxia breasts, pinch it.

“Hey … don’t use it, ah! Ok, great …”

“Little, don’t call it.” Master whispered.

“But, but people … cool.” Qiao Qiaoxiao is in the whole body, two tits are facing up, one is held tight by the husband, and another? Xiao Tao almost wanted to jump, helping the husband to pinch.

In addition to constant embarrassment, it seems that I have not been moisturized for too long, and the body is constantly shaking, making the bar have always been awkward, and Xiao Tao is worried that it can’t bear it, and it is necessary to get down, it is really worrying. The body is getting more and more, the curved legs are full, close to her back, insert it, causing almost a piece of body. This is like the tricks, let the people sitting in two dishes together.

Qiao Qiao played, and reached a hand to the two people, and stroked the folk eggs of the husband. He took the lack of his own exposed to the lace. Let him succeed, so after twice, she gives self-sucking, as if it is a fairy medicine that can be treated.

The Master seems to be tired of this posture, and it is very difficult to get up. I accidentally collided into the glass of the head, and I suddenly sounded.

“Be careful, do you want to wake up with him?” Qiaoxiao said while changing the posture.

“When I know how much obstacle.” The husband seems to be difficult to turn over, flat on the bar. “Hey …” smartly than him than his gesture, then directly across his body, one hand touched behind him, finally caught his mask, he will go to his cave; When the glans touched her lips, she smiled, slammed to the next, even Xiao Tao seems to hear the voice of the mashed mask inserted, roaring through the cloud!

Qiao Qiao played, once “accounted for the wind”, getting careful, up and down, the more fierce, even the hands, tightly grasp the top of the beam column, the thick mastic Look at Xiaotao and looks clear.

The husband was so cool by her hole by her cave. I will lie flat. I will stand up again and again, I can’t make myself, and I can’t change my posture. At the end, he surely sat straight, then pushing down her, raising her legs, let her holes, then put on the way, countless, almost, I will squeeze the bar. The upper body is hanging in half.

The two climbed up at the same time, and it was very automatically in the bar, and the butt was high, waiting for the husband to insert; only see the husband stretching the body, grabbed the bottle of beer, opened the bottle to cover the neck, then use a bottle Insert your lower cave inserted.

Qiao Qiaoxiai shouted, then started, but the ass will swing before and after the jar of the husband. The husband kneeling behind her butt, she only carefully used the beer bottle to her lower body, every time I was broken, he would smoke the wine bottle, and then I drunk until the whole bottle of wine.

At this time, his chicks have been soft, and it is not from the heart. Qiao Qiao Tong, see this situation, use hands to help the husband to play the pistol, quite a good job is still not effective, and the sorry makes it up to suck it. After standing back, she lies in the legs, do not wait for the husband It will automatically grab the 阳 具.

The Master is sorry to sprint, after a while, Xiaotao saw two people, no longer moving. Xiao Tao did not notice that in his underwear, it was already wet.


The husband called Xiao Tao, asked him to wait for him in the rental office. At work, small Tao’s second landlord couple are not at home, and the mats apparently have major secrets.

When he came, he took a small backpack, and he went to the door: “Read the recording.”

“Linda’s phone recording is it?” Xiaotao urged.

The husband smiled and smiled: “You can listen to it.”

Xiao Tao moved out of the recorder from the room, put it on the coffee table, plugged in the plug, the husband touched a roll from the backpack and put it in, the two gods were looked up, the atmosphere did not dare.

After a misort, I started to have a conversation, one of which was Linda, and Xiao Tao heard it, but the other party was obviously the mask of the beauty salon, and asked her why she was idle but refreshing; the second pass is one A woman named Xiao Qian, three eight, speaking, the meat is numb, and even the rough words, but there is no key point, the next few pass is irrelevant, it seems that this mysterious Linda lady There is not much smart friend, except Xiaoqian, because the next Xiaoqian has played a pass, obviously touched the core.

“… I have recently, my mood is not good.” Linda said.

“What’s going on? Hey! You won’t commit suicide?” It’s Xiaoqian’s voice: “If you want to commit suicide, I can borrow a ‘full suicide manual’, there are many suicide methods for your reference, you can Choose a more beautiful one, or you can choose one of him after you will choose to die. “

“You don’t talk nonsense.” Linda smiled.

“I am not telling eight, don’t be serious, what do you do?” Xiaoqian silence later asked: “Is it for him?”

“I don’t know, probably!”

“What do he think of? I have made this morality.”

“I often want, simply with him.”

“Not so serious, think of a whole solution!”


“I can’t think of it for a while.” Xiao Qian suddenly said: “Looking for his wife talks about it.”

“No, I am afraid I will hurt myself.”

“I just said, I see, you should go out, right, right, have you had a little boyfriend? Find him to play!”

The husband and Xiaotao have looked at it, and she said that it is small.

“I don’t want to think about it, too much.”

“You don’t play, let me be good? It’s really wasteful.”

“Don’t fart with you.” Linda hangs.

“I didn’t expect you to be so snipped!” The husband a little taste, intentional learning Xiaoqian’s cavity: “You don’t play, let me give me a good?” “How can I have a row?” Xiao Tao also smiled : “Even the beer bottle can be a props, how do I feel after the next time?”

“I exercise, do you steal spring?” Master raised his fist.

“How can I blame me, you have to show me yourself!”

“Is Qiaoxiao be seen by you?”

“Only … the upper body.” Xiaotao doubled his hand, he was so excused: “The following is so dead, which is seen?”

“I dare to say …” Master angered.

“Wait a minute …” Small Tao stop him: “You listen.”

A man’s voice appeared in the recorder, very low and hoarse.

“Will you go out at night?”

“No.” Is Linda: “Are you coming?”

“Well. The business is busy, you can breathe.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for you.”

As soon as this short dialogue, it is definitely Li Huanran.


“What are you busy with recently? Do you know that there is a crisis in the company?”

Zhao Yan is hard to see Xiao Tao in the company, and he is busy with his lunch at the old place and tells him this bad news.

“When the chairman is in the meeting, you have already known yours, saying that you are mixed, the performance is equal to zero, it is likely to call you.”

“Walking will.” Xiaotao smiled and said: “Don’t stay in here, you have a stay.”

“You still laughed out.” Zhao Hi is almost: “Young people always have a bit responsible.”

“What are you afraid of?” Small Tao is a mystery: “Sister, do you think I am outside the sky? Tell you, I am talking about a business, success, there is a hundred or five million imported bags.”

“There will be this kind of good thing in the world? I don’t believe it.”

“I don’t help but you don’t believe, wait for me to take the green banknote to you, you will believe it.” He said.

“Small Tao, you can’t make a breaking thing!”

“Do you think I am this piece? Does the hand be bound to the chicken, can you steal?” Xiaotao helplessly: “Si, you are too high.”

“That’s good, in fact, you should try to stay in the company first, I will take care of you, wait, you can move to my house, we can go to get off work, isn’t it very good?” She didn’t give up like the gods. ” The idea of ​​cohabitation, makes small Tao feel tricky.

“Okay! I try to do it, the boss wants me to walk or not!”


The Master also recorded some calls to talk, two people listened in the old place, two of which were relations.

“How is Li Huan’s performance?” It’s still that Xiao Qian, and it is very exciting to make the sake of his name.

“It’s okay!” Linda said: “But I have thought that the magazine deal him. If he dares to kick me,”

“what way?”

“The phone is not good, but it is still a shortcoming person.”

“Handsome …” Xiaoqian called the phone at the phone: “The more miserable, I really want to see this man’s next game.”

“I will, I will definitely.”

The phone is broken, and it is a boring to talk about it, and then the voice of Li Huanran appeared.

“Fen, is it you?” He asked.

“A nonsense. This phone does this call whose phone?”

“It sounds like it, is it cold?” He asked again.

“You can’t die, you can’t die. You can completely get rid of me, Li Huanran, what do you think, outside the heaven, I know.”

“You think about it, I have been to your side a few days ago, have you forgotten?” He tried to appease.

“What about today?”

“Don’t go today.” He refused: “There is an important dining center at night, following some big people …”

“After eating,?” “I …”

“Forget it, forget it, go to your mother.” Linda hangs. The Master closed the recorder and took out the strap to put it back into the backpack.

“What should I do now? Continue to teach? Or?” Xiaotao asked him: “I looked at Li Huanran and be very careful, not to grasp the handle.”

“Indeed.” The Master is in meditation, separated by half: “I think, I will not be able to act.”

“With these two rolls, do you have it?” Small Tao’s more far more than three million.

“I don’t think it is trying to try it.” The husband looked at the ceiling. It seems that the three million hidden in there: “You think, she and Li Huanran are not, must be Li Huanran now find that she is a hot hut, but she wants to get rid of her, but she is not willing, I want to retaliate. If, if, if, if, We took out these two lanes. She is likely to join us. These two volumes can not be recorded, but also record more volume! Even video belts, as long as she nod. “

“Well, you should have a thing.” Small Tao is a 3 million tentacles.

“You have heard that she said with a little love, she already has a magazine, just lacking people.”

“Ah, there is this paragraph.” Xiaotao took the thigh.

“Speaking that she has a better idea, and we are her helper, right.” The husband and evil smile.

“That, wait for her to 叩 叩!”

“No, this time we take the initiative, by calling to her home.”


“Of course, I want to choose a yellow road.”


Xiaotao is going to play to the suburbs, listening to her tone in her call, seems to be a bit reluctant, but in the end, it is still hard. They chose Ruifang Guzhen. In the car, the two are silent. When I arrived in Rui Fang, I’m going to the ancient street, and I can overlook the entire small mountain valley and the restaurant in the restaurant, Xiaotao finally couldn’t help but speak. .

“Come, guess the riddle: a naked girl lying on the road. Play a traffic term.”

He wants to break the awkward atmosphere, unexpectedly, Man Ling still looks at the scenery outside the window, not a word, I don’t know if I think about the answer, or I will not pay.

“Is the front of the road ‘! Ha, you didn’t want to come out! Good laugh, there is’ dry’, ha! Ha!” He forgotly announced the answer.

“Bored.” Manting bowed his head and splashled him a cold water.

“What is going on today, have I be guilty of guilty?” Small pottery pressed the fire and asked.

“It doesn’t matter to you.” Mant Ling glanced at him. It seems that some couldn’t bear it: “I am in a bad mood.”

“What?” He asked.

“Not my baby brother, Ah Hua, his old fault is committed, my father is very fire, noisy, I have to leave my father and son, even the tutoring fee is not willing to pay him.”

“Ah Hua is full of might of today in his head:” I teach him that he has forgotten? You can tell him, don’t be more for forgetting, don’t worry, I interrupt him. “

“Now I am too lazy to care, we don’t even say it.” Man Ling was very annoying to pick up his smoke.

“I have said I’m going back, I will have a hundred and 500,000 things, you still remember it!” He also got a flue: “When necessary, I can help Ahua pay the tuition fee, the book is still ! “

“How is it? My father will not accept it.”

“Your family is not my business.”

He is almost said: “You are not mine.” However, today’s situation is not suitable, he has a strong feeling, no way to get her, I am afraid that there is no chance. ” This woman who wanted to stay with her, as if he gradually became away, I didn’t know where it was, maybe he didn’t break through the last level, George Chen and her problems were also this.

She is a woman who attaches great importance to chastity. She must, Xiao Tao thought: Who will get her virgin, who can have her. I must meditate more than George Chenjie Foot.


Ah Hua is not aware of a great little ghost, it should be teach, only one will bring him into the right track, and may win the heart of Maning, and then take her virgin, to meet the purpose of marriage. Small Tao is invited to spend Ahua, meet in the park.

“You are a small king eight coke.” He shouted on his own brain: “Dogs don’t listen to me, I still have the ghosts outside, harm your father, don’t want to pay tuition fees for you, but also leave the father and son relationship, you said, you said, you said, Who are you doing? I don’t exercise your ribs today, I don’t smoke your gluten, I will teach you. “” Tao Da Ge, wait … “Ah Hua busted with hand, refunded two steps After saying: “What do you say, I can’t understand,”

“I don’t understand, I see you will still be stupid, bad things do the back to the Bodhisattva? I am a beautiful mirror, I don’t make you don’t have the original shape.”

“Big Brother.” Ah Hua almost cried: “You said, the more I don’t understand, I have been listening to you, reading a book at home every day. My father is happy, the tuition fees of the tutor have been paid, what Leave your father and son relationship, who did you say? “

“You are ah!” Xiao Tao was surprised: “It’s all she told me, isn’t you?”

“Mom! This is what is rotted, chaos. Tao Da Ge, I dare not deceive you, honestly, I will deceive others, I used to pay a lot of boyfriend, which is not deceived by her? This time she lie to you, I don’t know what to do, but I am sure and George Chen has a relationship. She recently seems to be very close to George Chen, the guy often calls, it is tight, do not believe I went out and killed by the car. “

After Little Tao listened to Ahua, it was widened and didn’t know what he was saying. Man Ling is his pro, two people live under the same roof, if AW is the truth, what kind of woman is Mang Ling? Is it the same as Linda, during the day is a “Saint-Daughter”, and at night like a prostitute. Man Ling, Man Ling, you deceive me so bad.

“Ah Hua, I can’t say it today, no one can say, especially you, I have to believe in you, but I will investigate clearly, I want to know, you are not like you said. The same woman. “

“Tao Da Ge, I am compliant with George Chen, in fact, I have long thought to tell you, but she repeatedly 咛 咛, I don’t know what she is going to have. However, she should always take me. When the mat is back, the light is not dead. “Ah Wah continued to” righteousness “.

What ghosts in the end, the more you get it, the more it is. Anyway, small Tao is that she is not playing with George Chen to play with him, or play with him together. It’s awesome! He decided to check it clearly, a man is dead, but also to die.


“Is Linda? I am small.”


“Is it surprised? Strange me how can I call it here? How can I know this phone? What do I want to do? Do you have a lot of questions?”

“No matter how you check my phone, no matter what the purpose you have, but you have stole my diamond ring, I think we are not suitable for meeting, the diamond ring, just make a reward!”

“That thing, I don’t want to explain, I am not a cowherman, the way to come, give a little payment.”

“What do you want?”

“I have two rolls of tapes on my hand, which is about you and Li Huan, I think you will be interested.”

“Recording belt? You eavesdropped my phone, or …”

“You have to believe that I have a Tongtian skills, as for how to dispose of these two volumes of sound tape, I think we should talk about it.”


“Can you go to public places? If I am, I will choose in your home.”

“Well! Well, two in the afternoon, I think, I don’t have to tell you the address!”

“That is of course, you are very smart, if you are smarter, you will never mention the diamond ring, just when it is lost!”

“I don’t care, I can even get a few more.”

“Pretty. That’s it, after tomorrow, worship.”

After the small Tao hangs, the husband patted his shoulders and said: “At the point, you have started, it should be good.”

“She really knows that I took her diamond ring, no wonder I no longer blamed me, fortunately, let’s start with it, otherwise, don’t you escape from us?”

“Things will be able to mention what I said in one by one, I almost got only the 150,000.” The husband is more adequate.

“I went to her home after tomorrow.” Xiao Tao is gallbladder, the more heart: “Don’t she report?” “You put a hundred and twenty hearts.” Master said: “I am ‘Xiao Zhuge’, pay her death, all in mastering. You think, do you take her diamond ring, have evidence? We teaked her phone, have evidence? Take these two volumes of the tape to be else, there is Evidence? She understands very much. “

“Before going, what do you say?”

“You are good, everything has me, I will talk to her.”

“Master, in addition to this, can you help me?” Small Tao moved the topic.

“Brothers say this?” Master is proud of the sea: “You said.”

“I think Man Bout is a bit wrong. What is the reason, I can’t say it, I think I am playing a group turn. Can you eave yourself phone?” The small Tao voice was a bit blew, heard the husband.

“This incident is in me, you can rest assured, I will also ask her now.” The husband and evil spirits smiled: “I am a beautiful mirror.”


Even if you are a mirror, there will be a broken day. On the night of the small pottery call, he went to the female Pub shop to buy it, on the one hand, the hook of Linda, on the other hand, for the trouble of Man Ling, it is a good one worry.

After about 9:00, I came to five guests, very arrogant, called Master a bottle of all kinds of wine in the store, all opened. Some drinks, some fell on the carpet, and it is quizes forward. One of the guests will pick up her dancing, and the hands are unhappy to eat her tofu.

“Qiaoxia, come over.” The husband held a fruit knife on the bar.

Clever break away from the scorpion, run to the bar.

“These guys are intended to be unknown.” Master said to her: “You go back, I and Xiao Tao to deal with them.”

“Master, I will see it early.” Xiaotao also felt wrong: “The ghost snake god is on the door.”

“This is your man’s business, I will go first.” Qiao Qiaoxiao will pick up the skin after the bar. “

At this time, the five men stood all, and the two walked to the door, three came to the bar, one of them took out a pistol and pointed to the husband: “Good kid, let go of your hands. “

The husband threw the fruit knife, and he was courageously asked: “Dado, I don’t know where it is, if you have a definiteness, the consumption of tonight is full of younger brother.”

“Is this your store? Business is so bad.” Asked taking gun.

“Yes, yes.” The husband is busy.

“Since the business is not good, why?” The man returned to others: “I have smashed it!”

Ordered, other brothers did not say, losing the chair’s losing chair, fell a cup of the cup, suddenly, the glass in the store, the decoration and other decorations were completely broken, and in the broken sound, mixed with a skillful scream.

“You call, I will call them to rape, let you call a cool.” The man said to the husband: “This is your horse! I don’t want to see her a pair of Spring Gong played?”

The husband is stuffy, and the double box under the stage is grip. That man turned to the face of the face of the face: “This handsome guy is probably the last name? I heard that it is very windflow!”

“I … I don’t dare.” Small utensils tongued, Neaa replied: “I have never done any bad things, big brothers.”

“Don’t you like a woman very much? Then you do her.” The man pointed to Qiao: “She is still reluctant, I don’t believe you don’t worry.”

Xiao Tao looked at the chest, the latter hugged the bag tightly in the chest, shocked to the husband, his face is like a dead fish, it seems to tell him that this kind of thing can’t do.

“Big Brother …” Small Tao is a tear and sucking: “I can’t … she is my nephew.”

The man came to Xiaotao’s face to the small Tao face: “I fuck your mother, what women do you still don’t dare? You are in the outside, harm your brother’s store is smashed, do you calculate a person?”

When he finished, he immediately had two people playing on the small Taoquan. Xiao Tao did not dare to call, only have to hold his head, bow his body to protect important parts, and finally knocked down, screaming.

“I warned you, today, I will blow it again and dare to get everywhere, I am blew you.”

The man took the gun, and the head was out, and the rest of the people followed it. Before leaving the door, put the glass door.

It is too excreted. After a minute after they left, the husband and Xiao Tao were still in the original posture, and the crying of the smart cry is as if it is. I checked for a while, holding a leather bag out of the bar, but I was stumbled by a chair. “It’s all two of you.” She shouted: “It is bullied by people, and I don’t dare to move.”

She saw that she would hub, she struggled to climb up, pointed to the nose of the husband: “Wang Bawinter Turtle Egg, I have already told you, Xiaotao is a friend can’t pay, you don’t believe it now! Just now He, you look at my eyes, I can’t wait to gain me. You said, is this your brother? You don’t dare to be embarrassed, like a man? Follow you, I will fall back for a lifetime, goodbye “

Smreedly crushed glass, and the head didn’t go back. After a while, Xiao Tao came to cry, he said to the husband, “I didn’t … I didn’t like it … I didn’t, how did I dare to go to her, husband, her nonsense…”

“Don’t be sad.” The husband grabbed the small Tao Kao: “I believe you, under that case, who can resist? Unless you don’t want to live.”

“Brothers, I am sorry you.” Xiao Tao’s body trembled.

“Don’t say this, now, we have to think about it, this man is coming to the end.”


Only two possibilities, one is the people of George Chen to repair Xiao Tao. By the way, there is a great warning, and the teaching is not in front of him; the second is Linda or Li Huanran, when Linda learned that Xiao Tao has such an important tape, immediately inform Li Huanran, Li Zhizhen is serious, immediately send people to investigate Xiao Tao, then track him to the Pub shop, first intimidate, call They dare not arbitrarily flowing the tape. If this is the case, then Li Huanran is too fast, that is, he has a very high efficiency of counselor.

If it is the first case, then the impact is not big, and it is not given up Warang. It will be a chance to find George. If the threat is, it is simply holding the life of the cable. I don’t know how dangerous!

The store was smashed, and it was unfair to leave, re-decorating and invited people to spend a lot of money. Money, money, money, no money is really difficult; for money, the dangerous steel cable has to go. They decided, no, it was forced to take the steel cable and still went to Linda.

Before I entered the building of Anhe Road, they first observed nearly an hour. I didn’t discover the familiar face holes before I came to the store. I didn’t have a different, I was uneasy to enter the elevator. Nine floors.

The door should be Linda, wearing a black tulle long dress, like a black widow, to hang it for them; there is a man after seeing small plasma, some surprises, but the expression is flashing .

She handed onto the slippers, and then sat in the first place in the three-piece sofa, and she slammed a smoke. After the small Tao and Master sat down in the couch, it was silent. The husband first observed this living room, which is very simple. In addition to the TV, hangers and three murals on the wall, there is no one, oh, right. And there is a pipe on TV, it should be that Li Huanran is talented.

So will it be ambush in the room? The husband’s mind is thinking about it, see if you can observe the observation, but find someone? Anyway, I entered the door, and it was only dried. Before I arrived at the ghost door, I was afraid to see the king of the king?

“Small Tao, your friend, don’t you introduce awareness?” Linda first made it difficult, break the silence.

“Calling my husband is good.” Master self introduced: “Miss Zhang Jingfen, bother you, sorry.”

Linda seems a bit surrender to his name, and the quilt is looking out, showing that this trick “first man” is effectively used; this is telling her: Your bottom is, you have been touched by us, don’t act rashly .

“The two little brothers are not small, I have admired.” Linda smiled: “The sound tape is listening!”

The Master opened the backpack and took out the soundproad: “Is it your voice, you have to ask yourself.”

Linda took the recorder from the room, start listening to the lengthy tape, and there will be any expression that the Master will expect, and even heard Xiao Qian and her, the paragraph talking about Li Huanran, is not surprised, he is some disappointed.

“Small Tao, you overestimate this stuff.” Linda said after the recorder: “I didn’t expect my voice and still listened.”

“It’s not a sound problem, Linda …” Xiaotao I don’t know what it is, the husband immediately interface: “Of course, Miss Zhang must clearly, although the two ribbons did not fully prove that Li Huanran and your relationship, but It is not necessarily killing. “

“Killing? Is it for me?”

“No, for Li Huanran.” Confucius.

“Then you should go find him.” Linda smiled more charming: “If you don’t know the address, phone, I can give you.” Master and Xiaotao looked at it, it seems that there is no skill, what three Millions, you are fell from the air!

“If we go to Mr. Li, then tell him about the relationship between you and Xiao Tao, then, have you kill you? May I ask Miss?” The husband said, Linda converges the smile. Obviously this trick is effective.

“I don’t care.” Linda strongly said: “Anyway, I have to end with him sooner or later, you just have accelerated.”

“I don’t know if Miss Zhang just pays attention to listening. You have never forgotten what I have said to Xiao Qian. You don’t care, you are still very unhappy!” The Master who returned to a city and chased the victory.

“That is my personal problem, nothing to do with this.”

“Of course, we also know that this sound tape is likely to hurt Li Huan, but if we cooperate, the surname Li has suffered.”

“Do you want me to eat?”

“Don’t forget how he deals you, don’t forget that you said to Xiao Qian, you want to revenue him.”

Linda burned a smoke, and throws this way, Xiao Tao also took out the smoke and burned it for the husband; he borrowed this to the atmosphere.

“Talk about your plan, is your Master?” Linda seems to be obedient.

“My plan is very simple.” The eyes of the husband looked up: “We continue to recording, Miss Zhang fully cooperate, deliberately set his words, let him say the exact evidence of marriage, then Baise can’t argue. Of course, the best way Still in this room, if Miss Zhang is willing, come to the previous bed; Li Huan is in the middle of it. “

“Will it be resistant to it?” Linda snorted: “If you don’t go hard than Xiaotao’s bed, I see it, the conversation is over.”

“Linda …” small pottery is not to defend your own sexual strength, but afraid of “business” to talk: “We can knock him three million, one hundred!”

He took the initiative to give 3 million points to Linda, and Lin Da standed up to send guests: “Is this your appetite? I look, two still back to the street!”

“Then you have a number!” Xiaotao is more anxious.

“Like you, Li Hui, but I don’t think you have a meal.” “I remember …” The husband said that he did not understand: “You have followed Xiaoqian in the phone, you said, I have already thought Revenge Li Huan’s way, just lack of people? “” What is it? “

“Willing to work for you to the dog.” The husband stood down. He is doing the final effort.

Linda sat down and carefully looked at them, then shook his head and said, “You are not that piece.”

“People are unspeakable, Miss Zhang, honestly said that we are lack of money, there is nothing dare not do.”

“Less, poison, do you dare?” Linda stared at the husband.


The husband said: “Nothing is not a husband.”

The husband said again: “Women are gotting, men are alive,”

Although Linda did not say the entire program, but the smart wisdom of the husband already knows. Very simple, she intends to “touch the tea” in Li Huanran, and then take him. Is “thousands of people”, do they dare?

Linda said that she has a lot of confidential information in her hand, ensuring that they are absolutely successful, and they have this kind of courage.

“I promised to do it.” Master took the lead.

Xiaotao hesitated for a while and asked: “How much is it?”

“There is not much, as long as he is 30 million.” Linda has nothing to do.

“I … I did it.” Small Tao Zhang took the tongue.

“In order to indicate that your loyalty, you must pass a test.” Linda stood up again, went to the door of the bedroom, and the two looked at her, waiting for the following .

“I want you to wait for me like a dog, only a dog, only to the owner is the most loyal, if you can’t do it, then roll back to your old nest, please talk.”

Linda has finished entering the bedroom, there are two young people left outside, decide whether to do a dog. For a while, the two got up at the same time, walked to the door of the bedroom, saw Linda lying on the bed, holding a blue skin.

“This is something that fars out, if you want, just like a dog,” Linda said very seriously.

Their brothers crouched and climbed with their beds, and they went to her. They didn’t dare to move, only waiting for the command. “The more stupid, climbed to my left.” Linda ordered.

Obviously, the surname of the surname is more stupid. Xiaotao also did not resign, and bowed to her left, just, one left and left, her guard dog.

“Okay, start.” Linda opened the cotton, it turned out that she had already naked. “Everyone is responsible for it, don’t fish.”

The husband and small pottery were separated from the left and right, and it became face-to-face. If there is anything in the evening, it is not seen, it is big during the day, it is equal to each other in the Spring Festival, even if good friends are also ashamed.

The Master is probably the iron heart, take the lead in holding her right milk, kissed. This demonstration movement encouraged small pottery, followed by sucking her left milk. After a while, the two did not achieve the taste of the competition, and the soldier showed for the owner; the husband used her nipple with the tip of the tongue, and small Tao was gently pulled her nipple with his teeth. Two people made Linda Sentimental, hugged his head, squatting.

Xiaotao heard the snoring, first explored his fingers into her cave, after all, he and Linda have had many bed experience, knowing her preferences. Although the husband is a slow step, it will also have a trick. When a point is inserted into her asshole, Linda’s body is turning, and the two caves are played at the same time. The climax gradually, she can’t stand the big legs, two hands Each of them, try to make the two holes to the limit, and it is more faster.

“Take off the clothes, fast, take off …” She is mixed.

The two are very tacit, first by Xiaotao, the Master has not stopped the action, and the small Tao rugged after the servant, then changed the husband, and the three people were squatted. Linda suddenly climbed up, and pressed him. In the bed, one hand grabbed a stick, like playing a tiger, the tiger is shaken, then, she released her husband and changed her mouth. The Master tried to try Linda’s tongue for the first time, and it was “surprised to be a man”, and a gas was hit by Dantian, and almost slammed from the throat.

Linda almost swallowed his rhetoric, not only this, but the tip of the tongue can also roll on his glans, sometimes in his urinary mouth drilling into the drill, as if there is a special function. After some degree, she abandoned the little brother of the husband to change the small pottery, this time, the hard work is different, she first sideways slipped around his mask, then only one, change, change it to upside down Make Xiao Tao comfortably. Fortunately, Linda changed his posture. She sat up his waist, the body full of obscenity, the yen is swallowed, followed by her hands, the whole body is back, so The hole is presented in the husband, and the tentacles can be.

The Master did not stop, when he swolled in Linda, he constantly caress her ladle with hand, so that she couldn’t help and scream, see Xiao Tao’s envy, simply joined “battle”, to Linda body A cross, blowing the mask to the mouth into her mouth. Linda was blocked, couldn’t come out, only suffocating. Such a stay for a few minutes, Linda finally did not support, and lie in bed.

Xiaotao is inserted into the middle of the two, and he squatted in Linda.

“The smart one, don’t be idle.” Linda has underdened.

The husband turned over, it seems that there is a lot of fire, I saw a bottle of baby oil in the bed, poured a little on the mask, then put the bodies of the two, turned into Linda, small pottery Next, then the Linda’s body is pressed down, let the butt, touch her anus, so that the mask is in the rose.

“Oh …” Linda shouted.

The husband can’t take a lot, or inserted down. Finally, the whole penis is all swallowed, and he will start with the lubrication of baby oil, becoming more and more violent. Small Tao is at the bottom, and also with his brother to top, three people into a sandwich biscuit, far away is actually a stack of meat.

Linda clamping in the middle, at the end, a mouthful of the little tao’s mouth, kissed, and bite his lips; the husband and Xiao Tao can no longer have someone else, in her two cave. .


After the Master went to the company’s confidential information, it did scare a jump, but he gave the other roll of Xiaotao to the sound tape, and he also made him scared. Runaing the company confidential information is “The simulation method of the thousands of faces,” and the volume of the tape in small pottery is to teach himself from Manting.

Experts are actually-compromising, with more than 30 million, and the company is negotiated by the company’s first-level supervisor, and the amount is lowered as much as possible. Thirty million is accurate, the lower the better, never alarm, never leak the wind, so as not to affect the goodwill. Especially in the future of “touching tea” in the new product, if the public knows that this tea may be poisoned by the gangster, then all efforts will pay the water.

This is the reason why Linda is about 30 million, as for her to do this? After our two pu dogs who have served the masters, the mats and her dialogue can be applauded.

“How long have you been with Li Huan?” Asked. “More than three years.” Linda sighed: “He wants to get rid of me, I guess there are two reasons, one is another girlfriend, another reason is that he wants to participate in the establishment of the committee, afraid of us The things were excavated, and they were attacked by the other party, so they first chapted the relationship. “

“With your conditions, he wants him to pay a few million breakup, easy to get very much, why do you want to take risks?”

“You don’t think, should you get some lessons like him?” Linda returned the smile more evil door: “After you finish, I will get the money, I will give him the wind, saying is the leading So, he didn’t dare to disclose a half of the news. I was arrested, he won’t go, and will still be a half-dead, right? “

“Master: ‘The most poisoned woman heart’ Hey! You …”

“I have been more than 30 years old, youth, you can’t stimulate, you can sorry yourself, and those who are sorry for me, they will taste the fruit.”

What can the husband say? However, a woman like Man Ling, Xiao Tao after listening to her phone recording, there is something to say.

Still in the old location, just the heroine.



“I haven’t decided yet? When did you want to drag it? Do you know that the woman’s youth is limited, do you want to delay me?”

“The last name is Tao, how do you say?” George Chen opened.

“I don’t have to tell you …” I am very urgent: “From the head to the end, he is nothing to do, or you will not find him.”

“I don’t believe it, are you not with him?”

“Which one?”

“It’s that … I am going to bed! Have you not?”

“Which is you going?” She had a flame: “What kind of woman do you have, I will tell you, surname Chen, I am limited to my reply within three days; otherwise, you have to raise the chair, Also don’t move me. “

After a few different calls, George Chen called.

“Woman, don’t meet the last name Tao.”


“When I said, I said.” George Chen said: “I, I gave him a little lesson.”

“What are you doing?” She is anxious: “How do you take him? Never break the law.”

“Nothing! They can’t catch the handle. I said yes! The kid is not ruthless, being scared, dare to play with me, laugh at people.” Master and Xiao Tao heard here, looking for it. One.

“It’s okay.” She shouted the topic: “How is marriage consideration?”

“I talked to my old man, he said to see myself.”

“Okay! Then you decide yourself!”


“I know you are not sincere, I have to hang the phone.” She is angry.

“Wait a minute …” He called: “You listen, I decided, next month, choose a yellow Daji, I want to marry you.”

“Really?” She glared: “Why don’t you say it early? I have been saying around the circle, I haven’t, George Chen, I love you.”

“I am also, do you know that I miss you more, dody! How long have we n’t get to bed! I really miss your small cave!”

“I am also, I miss your little brother.”

“Then come over! Go to my house.”

After the small Tao heard the record, the machine closed the machine, the first sentence said: “I really want to be drunk.”

“It’s going to drunk!” Master: “When working with Linda, you can’t get drunk, otherwise it will be misunderstood.”

“I didn’t expect that Mang Ling will be this kind of person.” Xiaotao almost twezed: “She is using me.”

“I and Qiaoqi persuaded you, but you can’t hear it, you are a fans of the authorities.”

“The world kills, she not only uses me, she actually called people, it is him.” Xiao Tao hated hate.

“This enemy does not report non-gentleman.” The husband also hated: “After dealing with Li Huan, after the money, it will also treat him with his people, find someone to get him.” “Now, I know Lin Da.” Xiaotao suddenly became like: “I want to retaliate Mantund than her.”

“Linda wants Li Huanran, what about you?”

“This woman …” Small Catarassic “:” I want her to pay a price, I have to die, ask her for a lifetime to her husband. “

“If you want to come hard.” The husband is evil spirits: “Then I give you a conscience suggestion … next medicine.”

thirty eight,

Xiaotao is willing to drink a drunk, but it is not in the shop of the husband. He also hangs the brand of “renovation inside” in front of his store. When he was injured, his first thought is Zhao Daxie.

A young man who is homing, and there is a hopper, after being hit, the first reaction is that the turtle returns to the mother’s embrace, returning to the child, now, today, Xiaotao is reflected to Zhao By the body, he will not understand that he will not understand, in fact, after waking up, it is also a scorpion.

Zhao Dang opened the door, wearing a black sexy pajamas. She eight-handed thinking tonight, she had to play a wife’s role. She did not expect, the purpose of Xiaodu was to play my mother.

“Why don’t you go to work so long?” She deliberately said: “If you don’t listen to me, the chairman has already signed you.”

“I me, I am, my mother is old.” Xiao Tao slammed into the door: “Lin Lin Da is … is my boss, others are dog …. Shit.”

“Who is Linda?” Zhao He Hei Niki: “So so much wine, is sorrowful.”

“Wine, wine is the enemy, I have to eliminate it.” He went to the sofa: “I won, 30 million yuan, no, no, no, not awkward!”

“Hey! Small Tao, you are talking to the words.” She asked him a wide dress: “What is 30 million, you want to be mad!”

“I want to drink the son of the name of Li Li … touch, touch, tea, 31 million cups, let people go,”

“Small Tao …”

“Don’t be too loud …” He gestured than a sound: “This is Lesson! It is very stabbed, Linda teaches us to play.”

“Less?” She took the movement of his small embarrassment: “Small Tao, don’t you scare me?”

“I, I want to be embarrassed.” He opened her hand, she had to stand up, she also caught the birds, and pulled a lot.

“Don’t worry.” She took his brother into the room: “Is the urine good in my small hole?”

“I don’t go in in my urine.” He said.

“Let me help you.” She pushed him into the bed and started holding him with his horses, trying to expand it.

“I can’t do it.” He felt that there was a liquid that had liquids in the throat.

“It doesn’t matter, come slowly.” She thought he referred to that the little brother didn’t work, and he worked more effort to masturbate, gradually, it grew up.

“You, now you can.” She was preparing to go up, only picked up a robe, Xiao Tao shouted a lean and spit it.


Linda drives her red sports car, carrying the husband and Xiao Tao two people have run all over Taipei, have been to countless convenience stores, finally selected the three populations and unstable, and no monitoring stores, Go to the goal.

“Xiaotao is responsible for the two of Yunhe Street and Wu Xing Street, what about you? It is the home in the end of Zhongshan North Road.” Linda started to assign tasks: “Take a hand in the evening, pay attention! The method will be fast, go home practice more.”

“I have decided to do it! I have not been prepared.” Xiaotao seems to be intentionally retreat, deliberately delay.

“You are really a stupid, and the courage is small, I don’t know how I met you.” Linda moved to the mirror said: “What are you afraid? First, we only use sleep pills to scare them.”

“Sleeping pills?” Master Zhang Yu: “Linda, I think we need to study the plan, the whole thing is in your heart, we know the half solution, this is very dangerous, do you know?”

“You are all asking!” Linda has something to say: “I thought you were fully an example of acting.”

“Walk, go to your home.” Master said.

After the apartment of Linda Anhe Road, Linda took a few cans of the tea came out, put it on the coffee table, and took out a few tube syringes: “Now I will demonstrate a few times, then you will practice more, and finally I will plan to tell you again. “She picked up the syringe, near the opening of the tea cartridge, a stamped, did not cost more, the needle tip did not enter the tank, soon, the syringe The liquid is sent to the tank, the whole process is less than ten seconds.

“Touch these tea, only this medium-sized paper can is most suitable, they will not prevent our threats, without having to produce this kind of paper tank product, joking, how much will it lose?”

She sent them one person and a syringe and said: “I chose the three, because their inventory touch tea is all in the corner, blocked with the shelves between the counter, the clerk can not see. You only need Open the lid, just pick a can to touch tea, a needle injection, then cover the cover, don’t have half a minute, on the way back, you will take the phone to get ridiculous, wait for the money. “

“You said that I only use sleeping pills for the first time?” Master asked.

“Of course, our purpose is only in intimidating Li Huanran, sleeping, they can naturally be chemical, but you must declare in advance when you call, this time you use sleeping pills, the next blow is not!”

“What is that?” Xiao Tao also asked.

Linda sighed and said: “Small Tao, use your brain? Do you have anything? Can you don’t work? Cyanate is not good? Li Hui will wait for you to use it, you have surrendered. You Think about it, as long as a few sleeping pills reach the purpose, there is such a good thing in the world? “

“What should I do after?” The husband broke the casserole and asked: “Do we have a show?”

“You are afraid that I will fall in seduce?” Linda is somewhat: “What is the benefit of do you have to be cut?”

“I am not afraid, now we have three interest, if we are arrested, you are also afraid that we are dying, right?” He particularly emphasized the word “mainpted”, which is also aimed.

“You are very smart, it is very likely to be my pet.” Linda evil spirits see the last one after another: “After the phone received your phone, he will immediately send people to the three full-scale touch you of your medicine. Tea, this is the processing steps in their secret plan; then, it will be presided over by Li Huanran. On the other hand, they will take those touch to test all the test. As a result, they will send them to the secret meeting. Room, confirming what you said, there is indeed sleeping pills, those Kaizes know that we are playing really, for the alarm, there will be a short dispute. Why is it short-lived? Because experts have already studied, the bottom line is three Ten million, do not alarm, so as not to lose more. So they decided to accept further instructions, but they did not move. “

“Let’s go back.” Master rarely speaking, his “knowledge desire” is very strong.

“This time, I want to call them to pay the way.” Linda thought for a while, “I have never been defeated here, so I don’t have to be careful.”

“Don’t you say that you will not be alarm?” Xiao Tao finally identified a blind spot to prove that it is not too stupid.

“They plan this, but who knows that it will not be alarm?” Linda White: “Do we ask him to send the money to the home, but also open a receipt to him, will he promised? Idiot “

“Indeed, this is the key to the whole case.” The husband is covered with small Tao: “Do you want to be good?”

“Shan people self-warming.” Linda laughed very fascinating: “I will call Li Huanyan to prepare three the same bag, and he has sent itself from the back of the Renaissance Northern Road. There is only one in the three bags. The bag is 300 million, and the other two bags are full of waste paper. After walking, I will ask him to drop a bag of waste paper into the garbage cartridge, the big day must have a curious passers-by will pick up the bag. To see if there is a policeman who followed steps will inevitably take immediate action, so exposed. “

“I am discovered by me or small Tao?” Asked.

“Of course,” Linda said: “You have to take the MRT, in the revival, the wooden gate back and forth, all the way to monitor Li Huanran action, found that there is a taking action, immediately inform everyone to cancel the plan; if not, he again I lost the second camouflage bag, continue to go forward until the Fuxing South Road is close to the Pingong intersection, and I will take the money to small pottery. We get a trash in advance on the sewer people, and the bottom of the bottom is empty. Xiao Tao hid in the sewer, waiting for Li Huannone to pick up the instruction, put the money bag into the garbage cartridge, then dropped into the sewer, small Tao took the money, immediately ran to the next person, drilled out Riding a locomotive prepared in advance, sending money back, just gotting it. “

“This plan is very thorough, there are several paragraphs to prevent sliver track.” Master said: “?? But who should not be in contact with him you do it.”

“I said, beginning to end I can not see the light, even the sound will not work, Lee know me too well. When the world is Thao instruction, he hit the mobile phone in the sewer, not easy to be with the prison.”

“I have a question.” Linda Thao looked somewhat timidly, for fear of the views put forward immature, and being made fun of: “? I should have done what day dress”

The two of them laughed, Thao hung his head sheepishly.

“Not asking you to sell something, do not wear a suit and tie.” Linda turn on the Master said: “The cleaners get a uniform to him, if he wore a suit from the sewer coming out, I guarantee at newspaper front page.”

. “Linda” Master asked: “Why do you want to specify Li Huan then I cash-carrying it?”

“? You know,” Linda has sent a charming smile: “I think this guy is so hot in the big noon, carrying three bags go through a whole street revival north-south road, can not wait to go ride the Czech Republic Yun Watch it! “


Fast action began, before that, Thao still remained to be resolved. He dialed Man Ling invited out, Man Ling refused, he begged her, and said one last time, then he had his bridge, she went her way, independent of each other. Man Ling hesitated over the phone for a while, and finally a nod.

Master Thao drove the car, carrying her go out into the Yangmingshan open up, to a wilderness, the Man Ling seems to feel wrong.

. “I want to go home,” she said: “The car now, you did not say a word, I think, we have nothing to talk about the.”

Thao put out the fire, pull the brake to get started and said:. “You do not be afraid, I will not hurt you, I just want things to figure out, and then never meet.”

“I had always thought that love can talk to you, then get married, have children, I later thought, in fact, our personality does not fit in.”

“I always thought you were Joan of Arc, even touch what you are afraid, you did not expect so cheap, all day long wanted to do that kind of thing.” He getting more and more cold.

“I did not, I just …” She could not explain what they were.

. “Do not fake,” he anger rose: “Keep your tears, give me a good explanation, why did you use me?”

Man Ling really quickly packed up after the tears, pulled out a pack of paper towels dabbed at his face and said quietly: “George has been very Chen Fa, in fact, as early as we discussed marriage, but he continued girlfriend on the outside, I did not get his way, and had to come through you angry at him … “

“It’s a good way to die!” Thao irony authentic: “This way, harm Master smashed shop, Qiaoqiao girlfriend ran.”

“I did not think things would anyhow …” Man Ling anxious and hanging tears: “My name is George Chan lost his good?”

“Never mind that, you continue to say.”

“I was just to scare him, he wanted to win their hearts, did not think you seriously, you say, how can I do?”

“Am I not as good as George Chen that guy? Did not I tell you I’ll earn one million, more than now, the ten million.”

. “Xiaotao, not my reality,” Man Ling This will in turn become very calm, like an accountant in the analysis of his possessions: “He Chen’s property more that you can not imagine, you want me to give up his follow you tough times ahead, could you? why am I a encroaching he married? that’s for my own and a family to protect, in particular, so I have a younger brother shape up, you know. so, even after marriage and then divorce does not matter as long as he took guts to raise fees is like. “

“How – how did you wrong, I really blind dog eyes.” After listening to her story, Thao seemed to forgive her frustration, actually she said:. “I send you back.”

Man Ling seems to feel very unexpected, can not help but kissed his cheek: “Actually, you’re a good friend.”

Thao and in the hearts of sneer a bit, start the car, way down, he stopped and came to the grocery store to buy two cans of drink, use the gap on the train, he pocket and pulled out a syringe, quickly insert paper tank, before entering the cabin.

“! You say tired, thirst it,” he would inject a drug that can juice and handed her: “! Advertisement said, to shake thirty-three under it.”

Man Ling smiled and gently shake it up, and then open sip through a straw. Thao just turned two corners, she really the whole body shake.

“? How to engage in” Man Ling asked: “I will not motion sickness, ah!”

“There are many cavers in the mountain road!” Xiaotao said that he came to a big turn and opened the car on the mountain. “You, what do you want to do?” Man Ling said to his side finish.

“I said, I won’t hurt you, I just want you to die.”

forty one,

If Man Ling is like a small girlfriend dream of Xiaotao, it is said to give his body before he will say that he doesn’t have to have a big holiday, but unfortunately, this woman is beautiful but there is no way, even a piece of it is not I am willing to take him to make up for this time to use his price, then Xiaotao has to do itself. Fortunately, Linda teathes him in advance, and use this opportunity to practice.

It’s really good! Now, Man Ling really belongs to him, she has fallen from the clouds, which is very clever, is falling around him. He returned the car back to the wilderness. The twilight has been darkened, extinguished the lights and engine, Xiaotao horns over the body of Manning, put her seat, then volts on her, sniff her body Xiang, this, his little brother has already grown.

Man Ling is wearing a sleeveless kit, the lower body is a snow-white shorts, the pullover is still handled, and you can get to the chest, you don’t have to unlock it, just turn it out, you pull out her rich Double milk, the shorts are more difficult to handle, tightly tight, quite a good job to take off the ankle, in addition to the trippers, there is still pantyhose, I am afraid that Man Bout is ready, but she can’t think of it. Small Taohui despicable to use the drug with the drug.

After the pantyhose faded, he couldn’t wait to explore her yin, a hot flow immediately, and he couldn’t wait to reach into his mouth and add her prostitute. In this way, the little brother has bloated. He leaned over and kissed her lips, hard to open her mouth with his tongue, and put it in the tongue, then kissed her milk tip, although she was coma, but the strange thing is that her nipple is still very hard. He is like venting usually to smash her nipple, until she seems to have a reaction, moved to the body.

In this unique wild, he is somewhat scared, how long does it take to care for a good care, but it is limited to a small car and a narrow seat relationship, it is difficult to hold, he holds Live your own mask, very strive to explore her mouth, after it, the moment inserted, Manting’s body shakes, he does not have to feel it, twist your butt up and down, for a while, her pussy Slight, several times, his hood is accidentally slipped out, this will be even more exciting, go to touch her right foot, three or two, peel the shoes, then put the ankle part of the stockings, internal and outer pants Next, then raised her feet high, bit it, just this, he madly insert her pussy, one side of her feet.

It’s really cool, Xiao Tao is thinking about her toes. In the case of Mantund, he didn’t want to have a grandfather, this is their first, and the last time, he will leave a life memory. He returned to the driver’s seat, and he turned her back, and then climbed to her back. It was still very difficult to find her mouth, and his hands crushed to her chest, holding a tits, when doing a support point, Use her pussy.

His movement is very rude, even the car is shaking, not a while, Man Ling seems to feel, gradually, he is a little anxious, it is more urgent. Man Ling consciously, whispered, he was more urgent, just felt that her hole is also in Zhang Hao, he frenzy.

Drawn from the back seat with a few toilet paper, he pulled out the mask, wipe it with her lower body, tensioned to wear her trousers for her, and after they were continued, he launched the car to the mountain. At this time, Man Ling woke up.

“I haven’t arrived yet?” She touched the sun acupoint: “Strange, my head is good.”

“Mosk!” Small Taoism is very moderate, “I will send you home very quickly.”

Manting’s consciousness is getting clearer, and the exploration is stroking with the lower body: “What happened just now?”

“You squat, scared me.” He said Hui.

“Strange.” She still touched the lower body.

It’s not the cold sweat, it’s a small hole! Small pottery is revealing in the dark.


The husband said: “It is also eye-catching with his teeth.”

Honestly, this time, his words are improper, people George Chen have not raped your wife, have a kind of “spray” to deal with him! What kind of hero is this hero?

Small Tao and Masses who have been covered by hate can not take much, and then listen to the small Tao whistle finished this brilliant process. He said, “Unfortunately, you didn’t help me again.”

“Fuck, if there is a chance, let’s take a medicine again, I will let you go to do her, and also report a hatred.”

“You guess, will she go back to see this?” Master asked.

“Of course.” Xiao Tao smiled out: “She takes off her pants, I will find the trousers, full of my semen, but also have a uninterexious worm, catch her egg, harm her pregnant ! “” “Then she is really dumb to eat yellow.” Master also laughed: “This kind of thing, she didn’t even say George Chen, what should I do?”

“Such a woman, it is to taste the bitter fruit.”

“Okay, this matter also comes to a paragraph, we have to prepare for a job. Note that this is not allowed to drink, Linda is particularly explained.”

forty three,

When Xiaotao entered the convenience store of Wu Xing Street, it was a noon. There were only two customers in the store. A clerk was weak. He looked at the road outside the door.

Before he walked to the cold drinking cabinet, he deliberately browsed the drink inside. In fact, with the eyes of the eyes, he was able to touch the tea in the corner. After the guest went out, he slowly went to the corner, feel When the store is quiet, he pulled out a pin in the suit pocket, quickly opened the uppermost box drink, and touched it in one can to touch the tea; when it crowded in the box, it seems In the first century, so long, hurting his hand invisible to autonomously tremble. After the injection, he immediately hidden the syringe, and he walked back to the drinking cabinet. Through the reflection of the freezer glass, there was no movement in the store, in order to take a can drink, pay the account, cross the store, He could find that he sweats, which greatly called for tones.

After transferring the convenience store of Yunhe Street, because of the first experience, his gut is large, and it has also been very smooth.

After the husband will meet each other, the two people have a point, indicating that the mission has been successfully completed, he will ride the end of the husband, and I will go to a public telephone booth. He walked in, carefully wanding the door, dialed the company’s phone number.

“Hey, Run, Who are you looking for?” The voice of Miss the turret is very good.

“I am looking for Li Chairman.” He deliberately changed his voice.

“Please wait.” Then the music sound, the lengthy waiting makes him accelerate.

“Hey, the secretary of the chairman.” Is another voice of a lady.

“I am looking for a chairman of Li Huanran.” He has a little bit of breath.

“Chairman is meeting, do you stay in?” Said the other party.

“Miss, it is very important, you are best to pick up Li Huanran quickly.”


“You can’t do the Lord, will you give him good?” His voice is big.

It’s another music ring, and he looks at the husband in the car. The other party’s expression is obviously a question mark?

“Hey, Li Huiran.” A familiar male voice, Xiao Tao heard his phone, knowing him.

“Li Dong, your black heart sells inferior tea, makes profits, we are very uncomfortable, want to ran a road fee to you. I tell you, in Wu Xing Street, Yunhe Street and Zhongshan North Road,” three super merchants, inventory In the uppermost box of tea, there is a can we add, you first send people to pick up, wait for my phone. Remember! If the alarm, we will make you this new product is fast. “

When he finished, he said to the phone, and the Master was more ok gesture, then riding a motorcycle to the Linda accommodation of Ande Road.

On the nine floors of the building, Linda family will happen. Two people, I have been detailing Linda, and Linda has maintained a very mysterious smile.

“Xiaotao should record a big work.” Linda said: “He is in danger, I always thought that he was not a piece, I looked at it.”

“Do you know?” Xiaotao is still immersed in excitement: “When I listen to the phone in Li Huan, I can feel the intensity of his heart! I seem to have heard his heart and jump!”

“Very good, now I will open the company’s upper level must be a group, the emergency meeting has been prepared, don’t go to see, I know that there are three people who are rushing to three locations, and I am eager to recover their touch tea!”

“Li Huanran must be full of sweat.” The husband also rushed to Linda.

“That is the retribution of him, Xiao Tao is right, selling black heart tea. Weird, I didn’t teach you, this word you also want to come out?”

“I, I am a blessing to the heart.” Xiaotao touched his head and said: “Don’t look at me, occasionally there will be good work!”

“Now, you will go back, don’t move, we can’t force Li Huanran, you can’t give them too much time to consider.” Linda issued an instruction: “Tomorrow, let a call to talk about the price code, hit by the husband, let them I know that it is not a person, but a group of thousands of people. “


“Hey, is Li Huan?”

“I am.”

“Yesterday, I added it yesterday?”

“I have received it, we have been experied.”

“Is the sleeping pills are right? We don’t want to hurt your company, as long as you obey, everything is good.”

“What conditions do you have?”

“Do you have a phone recording? Why is the phone’s noise?”

“No, there is absolutely no, we will fully cooperate with you.”

“That’s good, we only have to be 30 million, as for how to pay, give you two days to raise money, on the third day, you must publish your big brother big size and ‘Muzi Li Selling ‘and other words, we will contact you, pay the payment method, do you know, remember? “


Forty-five, the husband: “Heart is sincere.”

In order to these 30 million “big career”, our two from the unresolved, I can’t help but worship the Buddha.

Why do you want to pick a big yield of the land of the land in China? According to the law, it is:

“So why not worship Wang Ye?” Xiao Tao shouted him on the spot: “He is the president under the ground! Is it equivalent to Li Tenghui?”

“Go to your mother’s egg, I still don’t want to die.” The husband agitated him in a piece for a long time, I wanted to call him a slap in the face.

At this moment, they left to the left, and the huge land gods finally towering their heads; after getting off, the husband first bought paper money and line incense, and then with a wave of people tide, it was not very spectacular. Even the ancient temples go before. The upper public temple of this oven is built in the half-mountain waist. It was just an inconspicuous little temple. Later, with the development of the industrial and commercial society, there are more and more people who do business, come and ask the land to go back to the film. There are more and more, so it will be developed, and the majestic monasteries are also expanded in the rear of this Temple, and the land group of the high-rise building is high.

Before the big small and small dozens of land gods, Xiaotao was a little unknown, quietly pulling the clothes of the jackpot: “What to say?”

The husband is somewhat impatiently and said: “Ask it to bless you steady 30 million, can you?”

He doesn’t care about the small Tao behind him, and the line incense is a silent prayer in front of the line, and the task is required to be bless this time. At this time, Xiaotao said that he is hungry, you have to eat fried rice noodles next to the temple, black wheels, the husband is a little heart, and it will go to the incense burner.

Half-direction, he burned the paper money, walked to the snack stall, but I couldn’t find the good friend of Xiaotao, but I didn’t want to get angry, but I saw him and four strangers went to the mountains. Not very conspicuous.

The husband rushed to follow, and when he was about to catch up, he called the “small pottery”.

“You, I …” Xiao Tao looked at him and he would stop.

The four strangers clamping the small Tao also turned back, one of them was very familiar, paused for a while, he remembered, that is, in his store, it is held in his store.

“Standing …” The husband is loud.

Who is a strange man hubs him? Four people were tightly wrapped in small pottery, almost racking him to run. In this critical juncture, I didn’t think much. I couldn’t think about them in front of them. I immediately fell out, panic, he saw that the person dropped a gun, quickly pick up It hides the waist.

“Master, save me …” Xiaotao has dropped a four-footed sky. At this time, he dared to call for help, and many people stopped watching.

“Caught him.” The man with a gun gave a command, and someone immediately walked up to hug Xiaotao, before.

Xiao Tao was dragged by them. Under this light day, in the light of the land, it was in the eyes of the people, but it was unable to be a day, but no one was willing to do this. The Master had to fight a little life again to throw his thin body in the way “human beef”.

This time, everyone fell into a group, the scene was more confusing, and the crowd of the onlookers began to noise.

The man who is headed is standing up, and the land of the husband is a foot: “Multi-tube idle, you will die very hard.”

The husband rolled two times, hurting, only to see that people actually said to everyone: “This is bullied by others, rapely with the drug, you should not be punished?” Zhong believers compared to the land than the land If the public is fine, it looks like a puppet, and there is no action.

“Do you have a good comment?” He changed the desk: “No, I will take it.”

“Master, save me …” Small Tao in this dish seems to be only this sentence, dealing with the woman’s sweet words!

“I is black and white.” The husband climbs up, the rib is first pain, still standing back to the rear, said: “I is hooligan, my friend is sinful, I want to move private penalty, I.”

“Call the police to deal with the police …” There is a sound in the crowd, followed, and a drum noise.

“Okay, okay. You remember it.” The man was angry, and his head did not return to the mountain, and the rest of his people will follow him.

The husband walked in and helped the small Tao. He felt it with a step. The right foot faintly hurts. When I couldn’t touch which part was hurt, I didn’t want to take care of it, and I was a car on the ground; this time, what he was scared Only the whole broke out.

“Master, thank you.” He cried and horizontally: “You are my savior …”

“Small Tao, don’t cry.” The husband is also tearful: “I am scared, you will go, I am afraid that I will not be divided.”

“In the future, I will not dare again, I’m thrown away, I really lost people before the land of the land.”

“Don’t cry! I am a mess, and even the car will not open.” The husband grabbed the gear rod, shaken up and down, and the throttle also stepped on it.

“I will go down the mountain again, I am afraid that they have not yet.” Xiao Tao suddenly calmly, his idea is still quite!

Forty six,

“Two heroes, I have to say this, what can I say?” Linda didn’t help our two, but now it is very wolf.

“Yes, don’t say anything, if you think we are not appropriate to do this case, then cancel it immediately, don’t say it.”

In Linda said this is a confirms, he can speak, as for the culprit small potter, Mouli standing.

“Are you a sex hungry?” Linda turned to Xiao Taotao: “Then you come to find the old lady! The old lady’s small hole is open every day, let’s take other people’s women?”

“Linda, don’t say anything, this matter is also related to me, I will teach him the medicine.” The husband is still a small ceramics.

“Teach you to the drug, it is necessary to get big money, no interest, mother! Actually to rape the little girl.” Linda, the more he said: “Now, it will not affect the overall situation.”

“I also worry about this, so come to you to find you, is it going to stop planning.” Master said.

“I will ask you first, but I can do tasks.”

Linda asked, in the robust before the land of the land, the two were injured; the ribs of the husband were broken, and the whole chest and abdomen was wrapped in the sand, the small pottery fracture, I also got a mistake, just under the cover of my trousers, I can’t see the injury. Is this unknown to him with him with two people with a weekday without paying attention to others.

“According to the view, in fact, our injury will not affect, as long as Xiaotao can run it.” Master said this turned to small Tao: “Quick, run a few steps.”

Small pottery is really running around the small circle in the room, and the posture is strange, at least run.

“This is not a joke, it is not good, I have to squat,” Linda’s tale hi is like a big star.

“If you are defeated on this leg, then you cut it.” Xiao Tao said. He has forgotten a gap.

“Tony said less.” Linda is impatiently crepes: “Run open tomorrow, we must see it. After the first-class big brother, you can see the true chapter, to tell the truth, I don’t want to give up, look at the two heroes. NS.”

“I promise …” Xiao Tao wants to play his mouth.

“Okay, okay.” Linda stopped him: “From today, don’t go to my house until you take money, the whole situation will meet again. In addition, don’t live again, no matter in your nest Where can I go, I can’t let the child find you again. “

“The big brother of Xiao Tao contact is?” Asked the Master.

“I am ready, I will take it away, remember! I can’t use it, I am most worried about small Tao.”

forty seven,

With the husband, he didn’t dare to provoke a woman’s small pottery, or returned to Zhao’s family. Listening, he can’t rented the house, then the big Taipei area, he is not to keep it? It’s good to have Zhao Daxie, and she always hurts him!

He began to believe that this life is beneficial to him is the woman who has been old, like Zhao Hi and Linda. As for those “young teeth”, such as Meng Zhen and Man Ling, one abandoned him, another harm him almost divided; maybe it is not so bad, people may say that as long as his life, the little brother, the second, and the masher No matter what the organ is called, in short, people think that the play is very embarrassing, so I want to have it. Old days, Xiao Tao was already married, it was not as good as suicide; didn’t have it, even if you give him 30 million and “do”?

I can’t help it.

It seems that the young woman said to him, it is really “disaster”. I have been in Zhaojiamen tonight, he is especially true, as if returning to the hometown, the old mother’s side, but Zhao Si see him is a small call.

“Where are you rid? I have to go outside? I found you two days, how can you not return, do you know, the company has put your leather.”

“When?” He leaned over to watch the tower, this technology has a little response, and 80% is the garden before the garden. It is not broken by the fierce gods. . It is true, and even the soul is gone, whoever takes a journey.

“Well!” Zhao Daxi said that he took the road and screamed again: “The killing, is you fighting with others?”

“Hey! Don’t call spring?” Small Tao seems to be poured with cold water. He came here to find warm, but it is not awkward.

“Come, come, sit down, let me see how it hurts?” Zhao Han has to solve his belt.

Xiao Tao didn’t want to destroy the upcoming intimate atmosphere. Only with her, she asked in her to see the wound: “The old Dong really is saddened?”

“Of course, like you, this kind of class, three days of fishing two days, who dares to use you.” She got the injury and grabbed him chicken. “You just didn’t obey it. I envishable, we live together, a piece of get off work, I can also pass the news to you, can you still don’t step on the cloud? You said. “

“This is not important, the company I didn’t want to go, he took the initiative, and saved the resignation.”

“What should I do in the future?” Zhao Sig was pinched with him: “Do you want me to raise you?”

“Before?” Xiao Tao deliberately played with the atmosphere: “People don’t want to be!”

“Dead phase.” She 娇 中 他 怀, suddenly lifted and asked: “You will not affect your love!”

“Try to see wheat.” Xiaotao made a mouthful of his mouth.

Tonight’s feelings and in the past, it is completely different. He is like a hurtful beast, it needs to be lick, soothing, so he demonstrates his gentleness from the beginning, and try to stay passive.

He kissed her lips first, and then kissed a circle along the neck. He smelled her acetrane after bathing; when he got the ear, he bite it gently, and he hit it in her ear. She first enjoys a while, followed by the exploration into his shirt, pinch his nipple.

“You seem to have changed a person.” When she made him nipples and said:

“No matter how it changed, you are still my ‘small pottery’.”

Small pottery? Small plum? He remembered the eunuch in the late Qing Dynasty (how to think of eunuch, is it scared by the gang, the residue still existed), then she is the Empress Cixi.

“My little Tao Zi, I will take you a good thing in the future?” He said in her ear: “I will kiss your teat, your small hole, you will plunger you wow.”

“I like it.” She said that she has tacitly takes the initiative, and the probe kisses his nipple.

This is still not counted, her hand stretched into his underwear, holding him that he has already hit hard, not very hard, then go back to slide, let his foreskin all fade, the glans is high, like a hundred steps Snake head. Hard to the extreme, the glabour blotting a little mucus, dipped in her hand.

“The semen is coming out!” She said with a smile, leaned over and licking the semen, getting deeper, actually embarking his mask almost.

Small Tao, the butt, this poker, her lips touched the root of the hood, and his glans almost reached into her throat; the feeling and inserted her pussy, not only slippery, And there is a tongue around the mask around, adding a quick feeling. Small Tao Shuang is staying, the whole person is lying on the sofa, putting her body, picking up the tulle, there is a light, the mouth between the legs is not smart. Before the mouth, a tongue, he had a shares impulse to put the entire head, even the whole body, and returned to the mother, showing a state of birth. The impulse is a major relationship with the harm of him; it is also the impulse, making his tip of the tongue into her uterus and became a “long tongue”.

She was stimulated, abandoned him, buried her deeper, a mouth included with his folk eggs, and he also had a tacitly to pull the neck, put the tip of the tongue into her ass; he came back to the pussy and asshole, she Just attack him and the folk eggs, no one is like.

After a while, Zhao was tangled straight to the waist, slid down the body, and let him sit on him. The hands are supported on his legs, and the body is pouring, upside down, and it is benting him throughout the next, and he is a bit uncomfortable but it is extreme; when he can’t stand it, his whole person is sitting, so that the mask recovery Normal radians, once again lie down, enjoy the feeling of uncomfortable, it is a wonderful!

She changed the sitting posture as a colose, her legs were close together, clamped his masks, holding his foot borrowing to make the strength, swaying before and after his body, soon sliding out of his thigh. His mask was pulled to the biggest radians, like it is broken, and the rubbed hole seems to be more tight in this posture, and the death of his guys is, it is very bitter, teach him again. I can’t stand it.

Small Tao hands holding her feet tightly, looking up in her toes, she can’t wait, and she will spurt.

Forty eight,

“Muzi Li Zi Sell” big brother sign has been on the local advertising version of the newspaper. This day, Xiaotao wearing a cleaner uniform drilled into the sewer, and his “comrades” Master moved a broken garbage cartridge to the human hole of the sewer, although it was awkward, few people will notice . When the Master saw the advertisement, immediately inform Xiao Tao “Plan to start execution”, Xiaotao dials the phone to the door number.

“I am Li Huanran.” The other party said.

“Is the goods ready?” He felt speech mixed in the sewer.

“All, please indicate.”

“You immediately prepare three equally bags, one loading, the other two filled with newspapers, and then in the noon, carry three bags, starting from the Fuxing North Road, go to the South Road, with big brother, Waiting to further indicate. Remember! Go on the right side of the right. “

“Hey, are you sending it?”

“It’s you.” “Hey, can you …”

Xiao Tao hangs up the phone, and then eats him bought in “Yonghe Soymilk Shop”, and constantly falls in the top of the head to the air jar of trash.

Dirty sew sails, there is any strange things in the cave, disgusting! If it is for money, this world will never be turtle in this ghost place. Now, he can only stand in the stairway, which is close to the human hole, so that at least the air is still circulating, and the cake fritters eat will not have a strange.

Last night is the uncomfortable experience in his personal experience, some premature ejaculation, but it is also the most worthy of memories. In all women in his contact, never had one of them to think of the uterus by the pussy, thinking that it is necessary to return to the mother. It’s a weird sex experience, like “love”; he returns to the origin, so it is incredible to worship the woman’s genitals.

In the correct, he worshiped Zhao Daxie’s lower body, not Manting or Linda; it is a personal feeling that he has given him a warm feeling. The yin is like his home. He is home to it. This is like a tray of the world’s traveler, the hometown is returned to the hometown, but he has never thought of this “home” is a long in Zhao.

Although this “home” has “live”, it was a home, but he didn’t matter, because he had already recognized it. So, at this time in the sewer, he recalled this discovery last night, and after the private decision, he would return to his “home”, perhaps no longer wandered.

The body is similar, but he thinks that Zhao is very different from other women, thinking, his hood began to inflate.

He bored himself in the sewer, and gently blow the whistle for a while. After a while, he sneaked with the traveler’s conversation. If he was in a case, he did not imagine the days of losing freedom. What have you been.

At this time, his portable call suddenly rang, he opened the opportunity to open the machine, and it was actually the voice of the husband.

“Don’t fall asleep, time is coming, especially remind you.”

“What time is it?” He asked in the dark.

“Tasting 45 points.” It’s really a second difficulty. This fifteen minutes is still longer than one century. From one century, he estimates that Li Huanran has already started, and it is a spirit.

Li Huanran did set up, in the Master in the MRT car, I saw a clear two Chu. A bag on his right shoulder was much more heavy than the left shoulder. Obviously, the bag in the right shoulder is true. The Master used the MRT vehicle through Li Hui’s short-time time. He watched and looked at him in a few suspicious characters. When he came back, it looked at whether the suspicious characters were still near him, so going back and forth He has already sieved a lot, and it is also true.

When he went to the first target garbage cartridge, he dialed a call to Xiaotao, and then stood on the MRT station at Zhongxiao East Road, and pretended to appreciate the scenery, and it was far away from Li Huanran. Li Huanran wore a pair of glasses, walked very heavy, I don’t know if the heavy object or the psychological burden, he felt that this road did gave him a punishment. Linda is really Gao Ming, what is more than the money that has been earned, the old man is given to others, and I have to have a heartbreaking?

Li Huanran stopped, pulling out the big brother from the pocket, obviously answering the instructions of small tao, follow him to step down to the specified garbage cartridge, throwing a bag of his left shoulder.

Although there are many pedestrians along the road, no one pays attention to Li’s movement, and no one goes to take the bag. The Master observed for a while, some disappointed, this still can’t test whether there is a strip and his horses.

He continued to work back and forth between the Fuxing South Road, the Xinyi Station, on the one hand, pay attention to whether there is ambush in the station and the carriage, but it can’t see it.

Li Huanran, in accordance with the instructions of Xiaotao, lost a bag when he had the road, this meeting, the Master saw an old man immediately approached the garbage cartridge, picking it up, and opened it on the spot, take out those newspaper group lost back The trash can then take a bag.

Wow, no one stops him, and it is necessary to succeed. After he arrived at the technology building, he immediately dialed the telephone to Xiaotao.

“Everything goes well, ready to pick up the goods.” He couldn’t hide excited and unconsciously settled.

When Li Huanyu arrived in the East Road, he received a call, and then went to the walk in the sidewalk, and the other of the different cylinders, left take care of it, it is very unfortunately to remove the last bag. .

He did not leave immediately, standing at the intersection, staring at that trash, but what is this? The Master is estimated that Xiao Tao has already taken behind it and runs to the next exit, and it is necessary to come out from people.

He walked to the other end of the station, and he wanted to see the export. They have been surrounded by railings in the morning, and they are equipped with projects.

There are many in the afternoon, the pedestrians on the street, the husband looked at the two eyes, and it was close to the past century. He finally saw that Xiaotao crawled out from the hole mouth, and the last bag was the last bag.

The confusions were quickly burst from their mouth. He wanted to shout “small Tao, cheering!”, Like Xiaotao shouted when he was killed in the ground, “Master, saved me!” General, it is one The trust of each other.

When he was open, he was stupid, four guys who were originally standing nearby bus or wait, suddenly surrounded by small pottery, she ranked him on the side of the car. Small Tao Gaden’s call sound even he was heard here, but he was scared, but he did not dare to act.

The man who grasped the small Tao also recognized it, and the four men who have been doing in the oven, but so far he can’t recognize it, think is the police. Small Tao can recognize clear, these people still have to be afraid than the police, they will not be taken to the car, and the feet are chaotic on the door. I forgot the pain of the right foot fracture, and shouted to cause the husband. Or no matter what is willing to help him pay attention.

Torting a minute, someone finally took the rescue him, no, it was the backpack of him. He is not a person, it is Li Huanran. He hasn’t figured out why his money bag will “run” from the garbage into this person, but after he heard the call, he finds that the cleaners in an intersection are actually carrying him. Ten million, there is no waiting for the green light to rush through the road.

Li Huanran fought the battle, and he desperately pulled the hand arm of the small ceramics, and drag it out, so that the actions of the rest were hindered. That took the lead, I took this ghost again, so that the boxing hit Li Huanran.

“Not let go, I will kill you.” He shouted.

“I want a bag, the bag is also me.” Li Hui did not let him play his hand.

“We want people, you will take it.” The man replied, and then grabbed the bag in Xiaotao Hui, lost on the ground.

Li Huanran made a loose hand, quickly pick up the bag, and he didn’t rush back. The rest of the person hinders, dragging his feet, and smoothly enters the small Tao depression to drive.

On the MRT station, I watched this scene, Zhang Da’s mouth was still in the end; he didn’t understand why, why did the help of taking Li Huanran, and didn’t bring him back to ask? Dirty falls.

forty nine,

Linda is on her sports car with high-speed to the south, and she makes a hand and dialed a call. “I am looking for George Chen.”

“I am.”

“Is it caught?”

“Can’t catch, thank you.”

“How to rectify, it is your business, but you must strictly keep our secrets, you can’t reveal half of the wind.”

“You can rest assured. But there is a very strange thing, when they catch him, there is a guy who rushed out and has always grabbed his back.”

“The results of it?”

“They are afraid that they will give him an accident.”

“Is his partner, is the Master?”


“That’s good, nothing.”

“I haven’t taught it yet! Can you see it?”

“There is no need, goodbye.”

She hangs on the big brother, sighing a breath, for small pottery. Yes, these damn men should be punished, maybe George Chen should also, otherwise Man Ling will not enter the room in order to save his heart. That is, such an ending has made her satisfied.

She was originally really leased, and she told her that she was robbed in the oven, and later she repent was because the two young people were really a lower flow embryos, and she took her to the woman who went to the crowd. Where is the body placed? What is the difference between Li Huan?

Originally, she is only worried about the intervention of the police, and if they are in the police, it is unaware of her. This is good, Li Huanran did not report the police, they did not be arrested, and they won’t suspect that she sold the news to George Chen, isn’t there anything OK?

Li Huanran did not losing a coy, since adding this, when he negotiated with him next time, the space would be much larger, and he will not be a small gas.

Linda wants to step on the oil door, enjoy the speed on the highway.

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