My 34 years old wife died of illness, her daughter due exudes youth and vitality, people obsessed. Shen washed through the pain for some time, and my daughter and I slowly stand up and face life.

Daughter is now 22 years old, is so charming, so many men are indisputable Meet her pursuit of her. Daughter of one of those kind of comparative sexy fashion girl, keep shoulder-length black hair, slender trim figure, ready to see themselves dressed neat and beautiful. Bust my guess is about 36, but is not particularly large and very sexy body with them. As soon as I caught a glimpse of her breasts aim, that scene is really fascinating, throbbing, maps today still clear.

A year ago because the relationship between doing business, I moved to Florida from New York home to live, struggle for some time, managed to run a very impressive career. As busy, its own little time, I want to rape her daughter’s mind so slowly slowly depressed, fade, dim down.

One evening, my daughter called me: “Dad, we have summer vacation, and I can not come to you live a few weeks I want a change of environment, to get some fresh air in Florida?!”

“Of course Hurray, daughter! It is my dream ah!”

To the airport, far away I saw her, she did not simply stand out. Low-cut short pieces of purple silk blouse with spaghetti straps, bare except out of a white chest, finely rendered pink meat mound outside, in the middle of the two groups hemispheres, extruded lovely cleavage, earrings with a platinum items in the chest, the benefits of increased temptation. That silk blouse thin as onion skin, though not transparent, but they were lazy posted on the peaks, and even two small bulge, pants wearing more urgent ridiculously long beige mini skirt, her slender waist, lower abdomen and solid round of Alice buttocks are wrapped into the most attractive shape, that skirt is still in front of the left leg with a terrible scar split ends, straight to the groin ditch crack, bare left thigh jacket with pink and white net grid stockings, under their feet, a pair of white high-heeled sandals is not afraid to four inches high, all in all, everyone is full of women trapped inside.

Daughter smiled when he saw me, hold me tight, said: “Dad, I miss you ah” When we hugged I felt her chest two breasts, soft, the dough is very comfortable. That is the smile, the hug makes me want to rape her daughter’s mind has returned to reality. At the same time re-awaken depression libido reveries.

In the car on the road back home in the East Coast, past scenes surfacing. Father and daughter made a brief conversation, re-ignite a lot of memories of the past.

Eat dinner, leading her to her room, because the journey is too tired, daughter kiss me goodnight, ready for bed. Back to the room to strip naked and lie on the bed you want to sleep. But the thought of her daughter was lying in bed in the next room, immediately the whole body fever, swelling dick hard, systemic lust emerge as thousands of ants through the body. Really want to slip into the room, lay down on her side, and her fiercely love something.

Adultery old daughter of lust, wake up again, and strongly than in the past several times more than thoughts. Had no choice but while thinking about her daughter, her second child while rubbing masturbation, vent after two, just think of her daughter slowly fall asleep.

The next two days, but added nothing serious, I go to work, daughter or swimming, or stroll the streets shopping, the third day of a tan, but leave a lot daughter brightening. Among these we have two chat, but not accessibility this regard. Lust for her daughter is more intense, I definitely know that if I want to rape her daughter, in her current visit must be done, otherwise fleeting opportunity, the future may be difficult.

I am engaged in the publishing business, so the family to purchase a high performance computer at home continue to facilitate the work. One night after her daughter to bed, I sit in front of the computer, he took two photos of her daughter, with the scanner scanned into the computer. Then call out downloaded from the Internet a few erotic photos with PhotoShop into her daughter’s face, looks like the real thing, so I could not help but lust read again and again. The other two people identify with rape, daughter and put my face looks like a real father and daughter in the same sex.

I feel more complete picture impact, pulled out her second child sitting in front of the computer, staring at the photograph on the screen fantasy rub with jacking off. Back and had time to manufacture nude daughter, and collecting them. Really thank PhotoShop program, who can not see those photos are doctored.

My daughter looked at me on the computer (of course, it was not to make nude photos), indicating that she is very interested in using the computer. Tax Holiday daughter wants me to teach her how to use the computer, I certainly nod to promise, my daughter’s daughter’s discussion makes me very surprised, because she talks about the network and tells me that she is very good about the network space. Curious, and very hope that I can learn to come and go. It’s a “fashion girl”, which is so interested in computers. The daughter asked me to say: “There are still a lot of porn platforms on the Internet. Is it full of erotic description?” “Well … …” I can’t answer it a little shock. After sucking, smiling and answering: “Yes, it is not just a lot, it is simply unlimited!”

“I have long I want to learn to actually do it.” Daughter said to me.

After a brief introduction, let the daughter sit in front of the computer, teaching her actual operation skills, method. The daughter is still very machine. I am very excited about this daughter, and immediately ask me to teach her to enter and exit. I will tell her step by step and teach her how to roam online, how to search for websites, how to download graphic information.

Daughter seems to be fascinating to the five-color online love. Especially like “Talking Treasury”, you can talk to people with life, rather than light against the cold machine. When I went to a erotic novel station, I was a little bureau to urinate, but my daughter is so good, I don’t care.

Finally, how to boast, shut down, and tell the daughter, as long as she is willing, I can boot to the Internet. My daughter puts forward some problems, I have helped her to explain, teach her on the news group, channel subscription.

My daughter is interested in some of the news groups. I will find a few to start visiting. I will teach my daughter to pass information. My daughter also shows very interest: “I didn’t expect the Internet to be so vast, interesting, really make people fans. what!”

I have to leave a few hours, let my daughter play computer alone, when I go to the door, my daughter has not moved, went out and said with her daughter: “See you, baby!”

The daughter should have already played a fascination. If I hear me, I can’t leave the screen, respond, “Goodbye, dear, dear!”

Going home, daughter wearing a very sexy three-point swimwear, sitting in the pool, holding a glass of wine, seeing me smiling and saying: “To this side, Dad!”

“Come! Talk with your daughter.”

“Okay, daughter! I have the swimsuit horse.

Changed the swimsuit to sit down, see daughter brown, slender body, let me feel sincerely, I don’t know unconsciously, the old two is almost ejaculation, quickly hold the breath to transfer thoughts.

“Is there anything interesting in your computer? … um … oh … Just when I am saying alright. I found some very interesting things in the computer, and I couldn’t help but ran.”

The daughter said, I still can’t figure it out, I don’t know what the daughter does it, maybe it is a network, maybe she finds the nude photos I made, I can’t determine.

I think my daughter should not find those naked photos. My daughter began to tell me something you read in a network group, and I would like to teach her how to download graphic, I have agreed.

The daughter stood up from the chair and pulled my hand to the computer, and said, “I want you to see what I found.”

The daughter talking is very calm. I don’t think she is a naked photo. But I am a big mistake, my daughter is sitting in front of the computer, directly locking the Photoshopt program, calling my photo of her prostitute, Q: What is this? ? ? Um? “You don’t be angry, daughter!” “I tried to care about my daughter:” I just bored a little joke that day. “

“How can you do this?” Daughter asked: “I mean, we have done so, isn’t it?”

When I said that my daughter couldn’t help but laugh, I also laughed with my girl.

“In fact, this program is used, daughter! This kind of thing is really easy.”

I said to my daughter so, and the skills are cut, and the skills are passed.

“It’s fun!” The daughter replied: “However, let us return to this photo, why do you want to do this?”

“My daughter, you know? When your teenager I often fantasize occur Qinmi relationship with you! But this kind of thinking did not take long to sneak into indelible in my consciousness. When you come, you see such a pretty, pretty, ah … … past the fantasy again in my inner heart watch. you see those pictures is the result of fantasy. “” Maybe most people think ‘incest’ is not right, but I really do not understand how that could it? “

Daughter a little shocked, a little dizziness is eager to listen to my tale.

I looked straight into her eyes, said:! “Dad, please do not be sad fact, when I was a teenager, I often look forward to get close to you, wish you would tell me do you know Qinmi in contact with it I want to?.? you to ease tension relationship a relationship. “

Word of her daughter, so I stunned the whole person froze. After a while hesitant, nervous, open arms to greet her daughter, then I quickly rushed over and hugged her daughter tightly. Hug a while, he took my hand daughter Shuangbin, his head slightly pushed back, stared me straight in the eyes and lips on my lips printed on.

At the moment this flash of light, our relationship to do a big big change, since then, the two men is not only a father and daughter, but also lovers!

The first kiss was so passionate, warm, deep, rough, long, long time before contented separately. Daughter sighed and said: “Oh, her husband, her daughter’s darling daughter is so beloved father you ah!!!”

“My daughter!” I cried softly of tenderness softly in her ear.

Two of eager lips pressed tightly together, the tongue of each wound was stirred busy, sucking. Kiss her side, while the plume of lust To love is broken through walls covered body. So sex is a matter of course happen, everything looks so natural.

Among kiss, her daughter grabbed my hand, it will cover the right breast, I immediately hang on soft breast, with the thumb gently rub the nipple, the nipple daughter already strong and so there. While rub squeeze grip, lust hit her daughter body and moaned: “ah ah …… …… …… good father darling …… ah …… well …… good …… ah ……”

We sat down on a small space next to the computer, eager to embrace each other, kissing, caressing, soulful eyes are staring each other, once again Qinmi hug, caress, kiss, “stammered” soft moans constantly It issued from the mouth. I have intolerable desires can not wait to go big, comfortable bed, like in this comfortable position, and immediately insert a small Nenxue daughter’s. We hope that our daughter for the first time do not rush. She stood up, holding my hand into the room, comfortable and lie down.

Daughter to unlock the two-dot swimsuit, naked breasts were in front of me. Two meatballs still very attractive, dark brown nipples erect, more attractive, bowed his head with it to his mouth, gently sucking, Tian Wen, daughter comfortable head tilted back, eyes closed, hands held onto my head. Then suck sucking one another grain, Tian Wen down enough after sucking the breast, through the chest, abdomen, genitals arrive, when to touch her daughter’s cunt, I am excited convulsions, cramps.

Daughter arched back, raise the buttocks, implied I went to take off her panties, I certainly did not hesitate to act, finally for the first time I saw a long time favorite, I look forward to many years of her pussy full of Yinye charming daughter’s pubic hair thick and dense, tan precious labia pubic hair covering.

I stood up and took off his swimming trunks, the swelling hard, beating big cock to show in front of his daughter, see my big cock, it scared her and said: “Oh wow Dad, you’re something big Oh!!! I can not, I can not stand, I’m still young! “

“Darling, rest assured, I will definitely call you very comfortable.”

I kissed the side of her mouth, stroking her face pink and delicate Yufu. Then my hand to her Yuru, soft shells hand, gently press down, and bounced, a hand grasp. I tried hard to play fondle her breasts.

“Ah …… …… Do not you Daddy vigorously grab people’s grandmother Okay, people grandmother pretty soon you caught rotten!” My daughter can not help but hurt he kept shouting.

At this point I was already horny where also the tube so much! I continue to vigorously rub her Breasts. She is confused eyebrows furrowed.

I found her that Taoyuan has long been Yinye Kuangpen, glowing fluorescent Twinkle, silhouetted against the shiny black pubic hair, just so beautiful.

There is a small group of fat around the lower abdomen, making her curve more float and sleek. Two slender thighs, like two engraved, perfect white jade, no half of it. The end of the legs, the middle of the legs, a dark man is inverting the triangle soft, covering her mysterious’ penalty, like a hill, full of confidential grass, just these aromas very Soft. I can’t help but touch her hamma, black and smooth and delicate, like silk satin, and her genitals are like her face body, really beautiful! The daughter is really called the world, her beauty, and the beauty of the body, making the people who have seen it sigh.

I separate her snowy jade legs. If the hidden fascinating flesh is covered with wet kinky, a bright red labie is moving, just like her face’s cherry lips is equally tempting.

I immediately rushed to the clitoris, I first touched the hole with my hand, and use the size to point my labipings, I feel a bit tight, pinch the tender lips, pinch her both Itch, can not help but shake. He is slowly wet, and her lascivious water is really a lot. He will make the clitoris, and insert the finger unrecognizable, she can’t help but snort.

“Ah … ah … no … 地 … you get me … I am getting dying … you are really bad …”

The daughter was touched into the heart, the fat hip kept twisting, the left and right twisted, holding my head tightly, I sent a joyful and breathless: “Ah … I can’t stand it … … Oops … you … I have a good comfort … I … “Seeing my daughter, she is so mad, my mask has begun to be a bit swelling.

Beautiful voice call, how to bear to make her long wait! This kind of scene can’t help me, immediately put the old second with the speed of Thunder, and put it in her meat. “Zi” is straight to the end, the big talents stand on her heart.

“Ah … you are so worried, it hurts me …”

I can’t think of her little hole, seeing her expressions, hunger and thirst, and stimulating my sexual desire, sliding into the end.

After half, she couldn’t call him: “You are really worry … Your dick is so big … no matter what I have not received … I’m inserted into the end … 唉 … … …… “

I swallow your hips before and after, and I hit her flowers again and again, so that she had a handstened sheets, and the hair was sent to four wheemeters, and the head and his movement was screaming: ” Ah … 哟 … ah … ah … husband … cool … cool … good … good … good … harm … 哟 … husband … ah … ah … ah … …… Fast one … point … good husband … Dry dead … I ………………………….

“Ah … ah … husband you … do you have a cool … good news … ah … ah … really … hard … Dry me … husband … Insert my little hole … 喔… 喔 … … 喔 … ah … … ah … ah … “

“Dear … Dear … Dad … Please use your meat rod ……… Daughter …” Daughter asked for a lover’s tone.

Under the daughter’s request, I sent the dick again, the glans came to a meat, “Ah … Dad … Top to her daughter ……… heart …”

My daughter screamed while grabbing my ass lets I can insert a deeper, while stretching the legs into the air on my shoulder. I started moving my lower body, using my meat stick to dry the daughter’s chop.

At first, it was slow, then took the meat stick into my daughter with a stable rhythm. My daughter is also in my body responding to my impact with the same rhythm. Our breath began to be heavy because of the friction of the lower body, and the snoring gradually increased, and I also accelerate the speed of the daughter and the force of the impact.

Sadness of sweat self-body, but did not slow down speed. I hope that she will do her forever, and my father can join together. When I was inserted with her meat stick, I told myself that I am willing to make anything. My daughter used her hand to massage his clitoris, and she screamed in my meat stick.

When my daughter discharged, I went to the edge, I kept letting the meat rod into the vagina that had just happened to the daughter, I want to shoot my semen into the wonderful little hole of my daughter, the daughter’s vagina, daughter’s uterus. When I think I want to shoot my semen in the vagina in a woman, and this woman is my biological daughter, I am ejaculation in my daughter … this is an unimaginable experience. I am getting more and more heavy, and the cock is also getting bigger, the daughter is noticeable.

“Ah ……… Come … Dad … Shoot in the body … Shoot in the uterus of the daughter …………” The daughter squatted, and Zhang opened his mouth. “Oh ……… Daughter …………” When I shot the hot semen into my daughter, I shot again, until I didn’t shoot this wave of semen, I put down my daughter’s leg, fell The daughter is buried on the daughter’s breasts.

“Hey …

“I also love you … Daughter …” I said to my daughter’s nipple.

In this way, quiet lying down, enjoy the long rhyme after the climax … I haven’t been loved again with my daughter, just like a fierce sex between the young lover, I want to learn more from the other side, this is really beautiful. I have been finally exhausted, I have a semen, and the bed of obscene and sweat is sleeping.

At that time in my daughter lived in my house, our father and daughter have love every day, sometimes two or three times a day, in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, swimming pool … table, carpet, sofa, I will put me in various postures The meat stick is inserted into the daughter, and a semen is shining into the vagina of the daughter.

On the day that my daughter had to leave, I opened the computer power supply, called the synthetic photo, and then sat with my daughter and daughter on the chair, the two started the photo on the screen, and the daughter was excited on me. My meat stick, whisper is called “I love you …” Of course, this is not an end, then my daughter takes care of everything, moving with me, the people here don’t know that she is my daughter, I thought I was just With a young woman, I live with my lover, and my daughter live together. Because she is my best sexual intercourse, I am also very glad that I finally ended my daughter.

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