After more than three years ago, I was happy with my family, and my classmates had a long blessing of the classmates, I have embarked on Japan, and I have been studying for three years. Life. When I first came to Japan, because the words of words brought about the inconvenience of various life, the mood is lonely, the words are unlikely, and I will make me move, and Sweet. I once thought of this landing, making a routine study student. After the event, I have a dramatic change after the life of Japan, after I have adopted a research institute of local universities.

I have a second grade of the university, which has the first sexual experience. When the bloody is just, I have a good reason. From then on, I should be in the bed, I have never been interrupted. The first year of coming to Japan has become a blank period in my life. Fortunately, the first year is busy with the test, the thing about the file, I also have fun. Once the exam is over, enter the school, the mood is getting rich, the thoughts are back to the guild, and they will move. Every time you see pure and beautiful Japanese girls on the street, the meat sticks want to break the nest, and you can be embarrassed. Japanese women, in addition to the gift of Westernization policies since the Western Policy In the heart of the heart, I will stand a question in my heart: “Be sure to find a Japanese girl, ‘Sleeping his mother a night’ (language” two-way shooting case “)!” This volunteer is followed by my elementary school The third grade is a second volunteer since the president. In June94, on the occasion of spring and summer, the local community group hosted a tourist garden tournament with international students as the main body. Taiwan students are also invited to hold their own booths. I am the head of Taiwan’s international student booth. In addition to the Taiwanese snacks, Taiwan’s study, I also took out my deck, as one of the booth sold goods. That day, we were busy with the sun, and I was busy in the temporary tun. The Japanese residents who came to the garden will be much more than we imagined. In the crowd, a pleasant voice came: “Good cute! Who is this cake?” He attracted this voice, at the time, I went down to the booth, I can’t help but raise my head in the direction of the sound. It is a Japanese girl who looks for twenty, holding a small bag, a face is incredible, looking at my cake. I also helped the students next to him, and I quickly introduced me to the girl in Japanese. “Kousan! Kousan! (My Japanese name)” “This is the big chef of our special offer!” The girl is always a heart, I can’t help but smile: “I didn’t expect to be a boys.”

I am embarrassed to nod. The girl once again moved his eyes towards the cake. The girl is wearing a long skirt, goose, straight U.S., is flushed with shoulders, watching the eyes of the cake, looks large. It is a typical Japanese girl. Her right hand gently twisted a small piece of cake, holding the left hand, not Xu Huaji to send the cake into his mouth. Smile is once again on the face.

On June, the sunshine in Kanto has been stupid. I lost my stalls and chatted with girls. Pingyi will benefit, 24 years old, graduated from a short-term university in Tokyo. For cooking, she is actually a hipster. I continued to go to her in Japanese: “Show ugly!” We exchanged the phone number and started to interworking at the same time tomorrow, “Cutting Technology.”

Since then, the phone has been one week, and three days, and finally it is almost every day. The topic is made by the cuisine, not to talk about. I understand her, I have gradually deepened. She is a single girl, the family is good, there are several houses in Kawasaki City. The father was told this year to suffer from cancer and is currently lying in the hospital’s ward. In my conversation, she couldn’t pay an anxiety of her father’s condition.

“Let’s pray together! Maybe you can call the ghost gate, call back.” In the letter to her, I comforted her so.

The first date is a matter of September. She is accommodated by Yokohama, reaching about one hundred kilometers away from my school. “You don’t come to me, I have to come to you.” This is her long-distance bus, the first sentence to me. ” I opened the car, carrying her to go shopping near the supermarket, only because we have greeted the evening: Today, I have to take her kitchen and see her performance. After we bought a good material home, we divided the work to clean the vegetables once, followed by her, and prepared before the pot.

She is wearing a scarf, and the knife is skilled and rapidly cut on the drill board. I looked at her back and chatted with her happily. “Kousan, Chinese cut law, can you have anything different?” She suddenly realized what, returned to me. I finished her hand in her hand, smiled and said: “At least the knife is different.” When said, she found her left hand on the surface of her hand. I reached out, my fingertips slipped to her hand. This move brings an unexpected silence in the second half.

“Kousan, how did you see my friend?” She broke the silence and smiled and cleared. I think about thinking, don’t intend to answer her, my arm is behind her.

“KOTAE NI NATTEIRU?” (This is an answer you?) I caught the road.

She doesn’t talk, her body is on my mind, two hands holding my arm, if I think about thinking, I will open my eyes. “Kousan, my father’s condition, it seems that it is not okay. In these days, I have gradually regarded you as the only spiritual pillar. Today, I have to pull the face. But I won’t regret it.”

I sat with her to the collapse of the room. The shadow of the tweezers of the two, and the two of the two people have been discounted for a few folds in the six-folded room. I got up, pulled up the curtain, and then went back to her side. She looked around with me, my hands stretched, surrounded her neck, my mouth came up, and kissed her with her. Her nose has been chaotic. My hand shifts the position, walks towards the shoulders in her top, then remove her bra shoulder strap. She alert to my motion of this. “I am not looking for you to make love.” She said heroic. “I know. I will have an inch.” I replied. Has been in her clothing, continue to take her bra. “Let me take a shower.” She said. I nodded.

She was slightly tied to the top, and I asked me a bath towel and entered the bathroom. After fifteen minutes, she came out of the bathroom, only a bath towel. I took her into the bed and pulled my bath towel, I also took off my clothes, two people suddenly became two white fish. My tongue, my neck is slightly swept, gradually slipping below the neck, holding her breast, starting to suck her nipple. “Kimochi II! (Comfortable!)” She spurped out this word with her throat.

I took the victory, and the tongue directly explored her yell, the tip of the tongue began to pose her clitoris, and the vicinity of the vicinity is from the source. Her legs are stiff, sometimes relax, from the sound from the throat, seems to have been made with light singing.

“You can insert it.” She made a way.

“I said, I will have an inch.” I declare again to repeat my agreement. “But you have made this point,” she smiled. I will force the penis in the city, and I will slide into the vagina that she wet and warm. I took a few times, she said: “Do you make me good?” I promised her, the upper and lower position, the meat fight again. She called “”. “Has pain?” I asked her nervously. She shook her head, “It’s comfortable!” Her hips were actively placed like riding, and the cervical neck was worried about my glans, and she finally made the last, and I am not welcome. come out.

That night, my arm was pillow her head, and the two sleepers.

This is the first day of date. I didn’t know beforehand: the result is overnight than one day. When I woke up in the morning, she was still lying in me. I can’t help but lightly touch her hair, just want to determine that this is not a dream. In case of a dream, I have to hate myself, so let me wake up?

She opened his eyes, almost in my hand, her hair. It seems that she didn’t sleep well.

“I love you” I couldn’t help but appear in my mouth. She didn’t make a sound, her face sticked to my chest, occasionally looked up, and buried it into my chest. Half, she finally opened. “real?”

Will benefit, June to September, the stalk is in the throat, can’t spit it, can’t swallow, it is these three words. Do you want to doubt? ── May, I hope to think about my heart, tell her that, unfortunately, my Japanese is still not so much, I think about my mouth and my mouth, it is too big.

“Really.” I am simple, but I am trying to answer her. She smiled charming, two people embracing, and a long kiss. Subsequently, she took the initiative to explore my pants file, fading my sleeping pants, gently pulling out the words, plugged into their mouths, taking the tip of the tongue. “Is this the organs of China’s five thousand years, is it satisfied?” This is my first yellow joke to her. She understood my humor and couldn’t help but laugh and said: “You give people feelings and your jokes don’t match!”

After a matter of her, we will start another game again. It is still taking the position of her favorite female. The sun in the morning has long been separated from the curtains, and there is a turn outside the window;

We have a breakfast in the restaurant near the residence, and then I sent her to the long-distance bus to Tokyo.

I am a male and female friends with her. In the feeling of girlfriend, she is a good girlfriend. In addition, there is a benefit of a Japanese girlfriend: helping you have a window in Japan. She will tell you the most lively in the street of the original; she will point to the three-crossing department store of your Ginza; I will help you negotiate to Japan; I will teach you Japanese can’t learn in class. Of course, Jiao Xi, which is sex, is also a Japanese woman style.

I am not working in the class, I must go straight to Yokohama; every time Yokohama, it must not return several days, and this has become normal. Classmates, including Japanese students, I envy my good luck, and I have the most comfortable life in Japan.

However, things are not always so smooth.

Recalling, I came along with her, it seems that there is no twister. From aware of the men and women, a few can be used as a lightning. With her interaction, I haven’t realized the existence of nationality. “If you return to China, I have to follow you.” She didn’t just express this. “

On the store street with her in the original, when she picks the goods in the store, I deliberately went to a corner opposite the store, overlooking her figure. God, she is really beautiful. I like her, in the crowd of this Xi, I want to re-select, the answer is still the same. The problem that has always been existed since I know her, and now I have once again, and more serious: will benefit the father of the disease. From November, she had to rush back to Kawasaki City. We have never met a whole month. This month, we liaison with the letter from the phone. Mother who lived in Kawasaki also known my people’s existence. For her daughter and foreigners, she is resolutely opposed. If you receive my letter, she also said coldly: “Your kousan wrote to write.”

It is impossible to go back to Taiwan with me. When her father went, only the mother was left in the family, and I couldn’t bear the heart of her in a two difficult situation.

On December 24, on the eve of the Christmas Eve, she excluded that I have seen it in Yokohama in Yokohama, which has become the first time for more than a month. She touched my father’s photos and her photo with her father and her. Premium intellectuals graduated in Early Rice fields, a left-wing sports supporter who sympathetic in the middle and lower class. “It’s a valuable soul. What is the three long two shorts, it is really unfortunately!” I regret.

Stroke her face, I am vigilant to find her thin, the light makeup hidden in Christmas night, she can’t hide her face. “Cry?” I asked. She put the album on one side and buried her head in my arms, and her arms held me. “Kousan, don’t talk about it, okay?”

I nodded. I looked at the video with her, one hour, she stared at the TV picture, almost never looked at me. Probably for “declaring sovereignty”, I took the initiative to stroke her body. She is ready to prepare in psychological, automatically fades the clothes ,,,. The TV’s picture continuously played with the content of this house, the fluorescent photo on the body of the two, this evening, I am more faster to enter the climax. After some warmth, she couldn’t help but weep. Looking at her, I don’t see what she wants to say, it seems that I can guess three points. “After tonight, we will not meet again.” She slowly opened this time after silent. It is also in the words.

“JYA, SOUSHIROU (OK, just do it!)” My answer is almost out of mouth. She is slightly one.

“You don’t ask me why?” She looked at me, and the tears were no longer flowing down. “I want to stay in Kawasaki to take care of my father. You are in the city, I will see the face when I gentle, I don’t know; you can pick it too much in the school, you really think that my two feelings can be maintained for a long time ? … “

“Are these secondary?” I interrupted her words, then said: “Your mother’s opposition is the main reason, isn’t it?” I turned into my guess.

“Don’t think so much.” She lost this sentence, no more supplements, tears, let it stay in the face.

I have almost impossible to wait until Deniang. Under her premises, I barely stayed in her room, the next day, I sorted out good clothes, kissed it on her cheek, and I didn’t leave.

Since the university, it has been confirmed in the love court, but this time, the separation of this time is so uncomfortable like a knife! I returned home, heard her quoted phone message, I can’t install it, I cried. After the death of the benefits, we have seen a face. Until before I left Japan, I didn’t see her again. Last year, I started the first job in life, May gave a discounted Japanese business trip and reunited with her. She already has a boyfriend. “To now, my current boyfriend is still afraid of me with you.” She smiled.

Postscript: There is no sex of love, can’t say sex. In addition to human beings, no other animals can sublimate the basic procedure of this biography as fish water, only because of love in the process of sex, the great role. Laughing students write a small article with personal experience, hold a pen, and Zhang Jingheng, the first year of the Republic of China, the generals of “sex history >>, I hope to arouse the resonance of Zhujun!

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