The first time Mr. Bai Wushan meets Sanji

Until Zhengxinyou, March late spring, Huafa Mingyuan, a piece of strange fragrance came to embroider households. Birds cry in the green trees, and several Clarines enter the painting hall. It was a good time to repair the wedge. The scenery is elegant and beautiful, the bath is good, and the characters are prosperous.

When the soldiers attacked my suburbs, the villagers recommended to live in the cities. One after another, they are all distinguished kings and grandchildren; Jiangnan Junjie, Bai surname, Taboo Jingyun, word Tianqi, nicknamed Huang Yuan, grandson of scholars of literature, and son of Jingzhou. Elegant embrace and spring breeze are smooth, plump and autumn water are clear. In the year of the weak crown, the official choice of the ranks. To embrace the great ambition of riding a dragon, and to rely on the great talent of horses. Taking advantage of this bright and rebellious dynasty, stepping alone on the top of Wushan, chanted a poem and said:

Yushu dances in the wind and shoots the Han officials. Yu Jin washes away Cui, Feixiu wants Linghong.

The sea is wide and the dragon chants water, and the mountains are high and the phoenix is ​​in the sky. Yaotian Luoqi Pavilion, alone on Cheng Langfeng.

So he went to the platform of the cloud and entered the pavilion of Lingxu. There are Sanji in the temple, and the god of match pu. Stunning beauty, rare in the world. Wen Zhuyan greeted her with white teeth and made a statement. Yi Ji Yi Su practitioner, more than nineteen years old, looks like three thousand palaces. Wearing plain clothes, wearing green flowers for the first time, Gaixizi’s light makeup, the text is a new widow of the emperor. Frowning frowning, faintly reflected in spring clouds, elegant and claustrophobic, shining in autumn water. Naijian bows and bows: I wish to transcend the husband and die.

A man in green clothes is full of grace. In the seventeenth year of the year, the Hua Department decorated the Linglong Pearl King, and the green robe was set with elegant warblers. The exposed skirt of the cotton fate is the flying swallow of the new makeup. Lightly move the lotus step to worship deeply, and slightly open the vermilion lip section to say: As a family and eunuch, I wish to celebrate the long distance. A person with a purple dress can reach fifteen years old, and Rong Youli is the second sister. A little bit of vermilion, that is, the cherry is ripe for a long time. Double eyebrows show, suspect the new hook of Yuliu. The golden lotus is step by step, and the jade fingers are slender and revealing. Worship and laugh again, ignoring and being speechless.

Baisheng looked outside for a long time and couldn’t settle down. He broke into prayer and prayed for harmony. When Sanji saw the advance, they each slapped their faces and smiled. Sheng then bowed to respect, Ji also replied. Ji each retreats and lives and follows. She is a knowledgeable and well-trained practitioner, and the fourth daughter of Zhao Fujia, named Jinniang, who lives in Wushan for the world. Yan’s father died first, Jin is suitable for Zheng.

Her husband died in half a year, and his mother was widowed. Dressed in green silk, the eldest daughter of Li Shaofu, named Sister Qiong. Father Ren Chenzhou, Nian mother is old, staying at home to serve grandmother Qiong. Dressed in Ziluo, the second daughter of the Central Governor’s Mansion to join the army, the name is Qi sister.

The father died in the eunuch, and the mother has been honored. The family is very wealthy, but the next one is a younger brother. Shi Qiongqi lived far away from the city, and because he was living in Zhao’s house for avoidance of embezzlement, and Jinniang was a cousin’s cousin, he was also the one who met with Panhuan in the morning and evening. Sanji sees the prosperous life, has the feeling of care and hope; Baisheng sees the Ji’s beauty, there is nostalgia. Now that he knew where he was, he decided to take care of him. Because Zhao Zhao’s left house was attached to his house, he had to be neighbors to Sanji.

Zhao Nv knows the nature of the song, but the heart of the spring has moved; Bai Sheng has been attached to Zhao Nv’s room, but Yixing flies away, because of the long and short sentences that say:

Butterflies are ups and downs in spring, and brocade flowers are worth a thousand dollars with a smile.

Qiongzhi Jiayu raised a strange sound, and chanted wildly on the embankment of elegant tuning.

The gorgeous hibiscus touches your heart and your heart, when will it be rewarded?

Wish to be like wings attached to branches, flying around Wushan Peak in the future.

So he threw a neighbor, and worshipped Zhao’s mother, and then made Jinniang as a younger sister, and Jin also treated her as a brother. However, Zhao’s mother is solemn, and she will not throw in her life.

One day the mother had a cold illness, and when she was born, she greeted her with her son and walked to the middle hall. Jinniang is sitting alone and wants to hide from Zhao. Before the birth, he said: “My sister knows my heart? Many reasons are so. If you want to be alone without a home and ask for a neighbor, you will worship? If you are alone without a mother, you will worship Zuntang? Jinniang said: “A single inch of grass knows spring, don’t concubines be uncomfortable? But Xiaoyu, widowed sister, how can you recommend to pass on heroes? Kind mother is strict, and An dare to violate etiquette and law less?” Sheng said: “Mrs. Cui, also strict The mother is also; Zhuo Wenjun is also the lonely British.”

The words of life are still in the end, and I heard the sound of walking outdoors. Jinniang hid in China and Japan, and went to her mother’s dormitory when she was born to ask her illness. The mother asks for medical treatment, and is ordered to leave, return to the old place of the narrative, stand for a long time without seeing the beauty, and leave with hatred.

Jie Chaosheng welcomes the doctor, and Sanji Xian is there. After seeing the life and turning to sorrow, there is no jade Rong Wei. Born and depressed, it is classified as a five-character ancient poem that says:

There are many goddesses in Wushan, beside the Song and Dance Yaotai. Clouds and rain can not be made, free willow smoke.

Furong is fascinated by the north bank, and the sight of each other is even more sad. He Dangyi climbed up and fell before drunk.

The next day, when the medicine came to life, when I met Jinniang on the east step, I realized that my soul was wandering and I couldn’t speak. Jin Hai said, “Brother is in trouble and Guangsheng is connected.” He said: “Brother is overworked?” Re-shake your head. Jin said: “Where is the spring breeze in the past, and today is so miserable and full of beauty?” He said for a long time: “I am a sister who is deeply ill. My mind will fly over and over. If my sister does not have the heart to save and support, she will take me underground.” Jin Xiao said: “Brothers have the same affection, don’t concubines have the meaning of Wenjun, but Chunying and Qiuying are in the dormitory, so it is not easy to do it; Sister Qiong Qi, the embroidering room hangs together, and she knows her actions. I am brother Pictured. Brother but diligent and my mother, if you communicate frequently, you may vote for some time.”

Before he was alive, he pulled his sleeves, Jin stepped back, throwing a par to the ground. Hidden after birth, before entering the mother.

The mother called Jinzhi and said: “Big brother for such a heavy labor, you should deeply thank you.” Sheng smiled and replied: “Cooking up charcoal to cook medicine.” The female also offered fire to follow. Bai Sheng sent his love by sight, Jinniang also looked forward to Qiubo. The two emotions are floating, like the drunken wind of the willow; Although the lid shape has not been connected, the god has already given it. When the medicine is ripe, the woman tastes the mother. Born behind to tease her clothes, the woman turned around and stared at her with anger. When she was born, she told her and returned, and the female cause sent her out. She reprimanded: “Brother’s actions are not good, and it is a matter of failure. If Ciwei sees it, how can he be restored? Yesterday’s par, brother should see it, if he vents lightly. People, concubines are utterly discredited.” Sheng said: “I am deep in the sea, not to mention it.” Then each resigned, and the two places were frustrated.

From then on, the woman sat on the embroidered drape, biting her fingers and groaning, distraught, and restless in bed and eating. Reluctantly said with a smile with the second sister during the day.

The night comes to the soul, but it is nostalgic for nothing. He has no history of heart sutras either. Sitting and lying down, pay attention to Jinniang. He recites a hundred thousand times a day, and his heart is broken. Every time I want to ask for a written question, I can’t stop it. Due to repeated waiting for the mother to live, the exchanges are quite close. Although I met Jin several times, I couldn’t tell the cold temperature again in the end.

One day she was born in the middle hall, and there was no one around, so she went straight to Jinniang’s bedroom. It is suitable to sit and embroider on the other side. When Jinniang meets Jinniang, she is happy and frightened, but Jin is shocked and stunned when she sees Baisheng. Shengxingfa stopped talking, so he moved forward and hugged for harmony. Wen Chunying called up while he was half pushing.

The female rushed to her mother’s room and escaped. At this time Jin knew it, sister Qiong was conscious, and the poem showed that sister Qi said:

The butterfly dances with Huang Ying, and the flower heart is not allowed to open.

The wind blows the butterflies away, and the flowers fall to Yaotai.

Sister Qi smiled, and said in a poem:

Butterflies are looking for fragrance, but flowers are still not blooming.

Chunying is jealous of the jade butterfly and destroys all flowers together.

The reason is: “This life is as bold as a fight.” Qiong said: “This must be an appointment with the four sisters, and my sister can take it as a prudent statement.”

The second time Furong tent turned white and red waves

The next eve, when he was born into a waiting mother, Jin Jian still has a face. When sitting for a while, because the mother is asleep, she retires from life. When the brocade is sent to the hall, the sky will be dim and no one will be seen. Jin and Sheng go to the dormitory together.

The spirit of life flew over, and the spring was thriving, and then she solved the brocade embroidered clothes, and the jade body was in a horizontal formation. She took off her trousers when she was born, and she was naked in front of her. Jinniang was still embarrassed and refused to meet each other. The trembling flesh came from the grave, plump and greasy without vellus hair, but the younger brother’s swelling was deep, without the color of Voldan, but with few different ears. The jade stem is thrown into the mouth with the jade, and the research is gradually stained, and the scorpion moth bears it, and then takes off its jade stem and touches it with hands. It seems that there is overflowing lewd water, and the orifice can only hold the finger, but gently press the stem against it. She couldn’t enter the mouth of the mouth, so she applied saliva to the glans, and rubbed the mouth of the mouth with force. At the beginning, the glans was gone, and Jin Niang cowered and was embarrassed to describe it. As soon as the growth force reaches the end, Jin Niang yin, the pain penetrates the lungs, and the hosta breaks the mandarin duck orifice, and the uncovered buds are in buds, scarlet stains on the green mattress, the Jin Niang can’t stop the pain, stand up and watch. The bloodstains were covered in shame.

Sheng was thriving, so she hugged Jin Niang on her abdomen, and re-invested in the jade stem. Jin Niang could not resist, and she shrugged and tugged. She was so irritated, there was no end to the conversation, and she entered another two inches. The urgency of shaking, unconsciously worry, sorrow straight to the root, not letting go. Jinniang is familiar with itchy and beautiful, her voice is trembling, she raises her waist to welcome the birth, is unceasingly hot, and stretches to the head, re-sends to the root, holds for more than a hundred degrees, begins to vent like a note, Jinniang hugs tightly When you are born, the tongue is sticking out, and the mouth is not relaxed, the jade stem becomes firm again, and the person who twitches for more than a while, the Jinniangyin fluid is thrown out. It is:

The spring breeze enters the soul, and it is graceful and charming;

The night dew drips Xu Yan, melts into disgust.

After she stopped the plastic surgery, Jin Niang suddenly screamed, saying that she was born: “The fame of a concubine is the death of a brother. It is not the fierceness of Bai Zhou, and the period of going to the mulberry is good or ugly.” Jun Qi Lianzhi , But this body is already backlogged, I hope that life and death will not forget this oath: brother one abstains from leaking, two abstain from donation, how? “Sheng said:” If you get this good meeting, if you get a precious treasure, you will last it for life, and will always be the treasure. “Business desires an all-night meeting. Jin uses the maid to come frequently as his resignation.” And he said: “If you want to show your brother again, you will have an all-night appointment.” Because of giving birth. Then the bright moon is in the sky, and it enters closedly. While thinking about the film, Sister Fang already Qiong and Sister Qi heard about it and felt ashamed. Self-contained second sister, must want to be of one mind.

Sister Qiong is good at poems, and Jin Niang is good at embroidery. Acupuncture was a little secretive in the old days, but it was spread by female workers. Sister Qi is in a magnificent age, and she is naturally smart. She learns brocade embroidery and Qiong poetry chapters, without failing to be exquisite, so she is the friend of the rebellious. Jin’s maid Chunying, Qiong’s maid’s new sister, and Qi’s maid Lanxiang, are always going to the spring boudoir, and now they all try to get rid of them. This miraculous strategy of Jin Niang is a deep plan for a living.

Since his mother’s illness has recovered, he has also celebrated his life, but still bribing the child servants thickly. The mother is undoubtedly jealous, because she has to spend time with each other and enjoy the brocade all night.

However, Qiongqi and Erji are eavesdropping, although they are not full of spring, are there no springs? In the middle of the night, Qiong may call for a long time, Jin knows that his feelings have moved, and she talks about it instantly. Jin Tiao said: “There is a lot of talk about Bai’s arrogance in the outside world, and it is also the same when you see it.” Youth. In addition to being a proud person and the leader of the article, in the future, if you don’t go to the Golden Horse Academy, you will step into the Phoenix Pool, and it will be proud.” Jin knows that it has the meaning of love, and replied: “Since my brother has a dream at night, with my sister Meet Osan.”

Qiong Qiong said: “I am a female streamer, but I am a man, and I can’t speak in the inside. I can travel together. What is it, is it different?” Jin caresss his palms and laughs and says: “The ear of the foreword drama.” It is Xi and Sheng. Conspiring, compose an ancient poem saying:

Qige couldn’t bear to see the fairy. Listening to Ying’s words on the east wall, he broke his heart.

Deliberately flamboyant grass, affectionate near green poplar. He should look forward to it, and relieve my sorrow.

Jin Yi poems set Qiong embroidered book, Qiong saw sister Qiong said, “Sister Jin makes Qiongmei, scholars put pen flowers, if I don’t answer, I will laugh at my incompetent skirt.” Nai Ciyun said:

You Chun is in or sun, the love of spring is forgotten. Laughing flower is speechless, looking at Hua’s heartbroken.

From the flying phoenix to the outside swallow, the self-dancing is across the Yangtze River. Fangjie relies on strong grass, who pity the wandering child hurt?

Qiongben and Jinlian rooms are separated by a baffle, and there are also doors to each other, but they are often closed. Poetry is born and suitable, because it is passed from board to board. Seeing his words, he sighed and said: “This is a wonderful sentence. There is such a female hero in the world!” He wrote and answered:

The appearance of the flower is smiling, and the love of the flower is not forgotten. Golden and tender color, broken intestines can be seen below.

I would like to form a concentric belt, and dance with each other. It is like playing a divine comedy, a thousand years of sorrow.

Births are also passed between the boards, and Qiong Jianzhi said: “Brother Bai is so compelling, I will not answer today.”

Naturally, the student enters the test period and has no time to return to the Jintang. Finish the trial today and visit the deceased. Brocade is not only a joy, but also a happy life. In the middle of the night, Jin said: “It is very beautiful to look at Qiongji. I have gained Long, and I look at Shu again, how?” Jin said: “You have fish and rabbits, and forget your hoofs.” The life oath said: “The next day If you have this heart, all seven holes will bleed blood.” Jin said: “After hearing the king’s oath, the pain is like severance. Set the policy for the king, and things can be harmonious.” It is the night ride third watch that sleeps deeply, sneaks open the door into Qiong’s bedroom, and lifts it. Er Ji was asleep when she opened her tent.

Health presses Qiongyu muscle to moisturize, and fragrance mist strikes people. Accompanying oneself to reflect the light, illuminating the bed like the day, Qiong lay sideways inward, leaning against each other lightly, lest she wake up but dare not commit a crime. The piece of Jin Jin held him to go, Qiongyin was aware of it. Jin Xiao said that Sheng said:

“If you want to do something big, you can’t be brave. If you don’t want to be a girl, I will try.” Be courteous. If I can’t bear it, would I be a virgin daughter? If I want to be clear to my mother, I lose the feeling of a sister. Besides, we are fleeing, so our whole body should be chaotic and easy to chaos?” The transparent wax torch is no. Sister Hu Qi. Zeqi was already sweating, slept under the covers, and frightened himself. Seeing Huo Quran, he rose wildly. Qiong laughed and said, “If you are not stolen, it is still true, let alone see the thief?” The two met together and talked with each other.

Born at the door to guard against peeping, it’s true to the country and the city. Since then, the spirits have fluttered, and it is nothing more than sister Qiong. So Jinniang is quite happy, and she sleeps with Baisheng. Sheng Jinniang in her arms, plump and thin face, but greasy face and dizziness, more and more beautiful, it is to caress her. It is moisturizing and fertilizing, supporting Gu Yushu, eagerly throwing into the mouth, when it meets, it is anxious not to rush into it, it is difficult to tolerate, it is half of it after a long time of turbulence, and the water is only dripping, and it is inflamed and thinking. I couldn’t bear it, shrugged vigorously, and then lost his roots, hurriedly tugged, and the Jinniang was crazy, the cloud was fluffy, and the phoenix pillow was pushed obliquely, and the brocade was lined under the hips, and his legs stood upright. I worship the golden lotus and put it on my shoulders, surrendered to the roots and dragged hundreds of them. Coquettishly crying, in a state of difficulty, sent to Qinqin lightly, slightly shaken, and fought hard for a long time.

After Jinniang can’t hold her back, she loses her yin essence early, soaking up abruptly, her ears fill her ears, her glans is itchy, her eyes are closed, she treats Jinniang as Qiongji’s elegant interest, venting away, and she doesn’t know her body. The world is over. The two women sneaked in and scorned.

Heir is the meaning of Sheng Mu Qiong, and Qiong Nian Sheng has no heart. However, Qiong is self-forced and refuses to confide in the truth. But every day, reduce meals and drink more water throughout the night. Oddly knowing the situation, secretly telling the brocade, the body is unhappy for a few days. Jinniang said, “The root of your disease is what I do. My sister loves it so much. Why should I be suspicious? What’s more, my wife is like a grape, but Baiwen is not a ruzhang?” Qiong said, “Sister is mistaken. Is it true? and?”

After living for one or two days, he was born in the Jin room and was diagnosed with Joan’s disease. Sheng then asked Zai. After Sister Qi avoided entering the account, Jin Yasheng got into the bed and said with a smile: “Take care of my sister.” Jin Huqiong said, “Listen to the doctor.” Jin Yin resigned. Sit down and ask about Joan’s disease, but laugh but not answer. After the odd account, he said: “It’s good to talk to the eldest brother, don’t let the night come.” Qiong laughed and said: “Sometimes it is hot to you.” Sheng gave sister Qiong with jade, and Qiong returned to white with gold hairpin. Sheng Zhishou insisted on the deadline, and Joan pointed to April 10th.

It was born until the end of the day, but it is no longer acceptable. Jin bitterly persuaded him, Qiong sternly said: “You waited to pretend to be a trap to get me in your hands, I can’t follow, I have to die.” When Sheng heard this, Jin was also ashamed, and the door closed. Unexpectedly, his expression is fierce and inwardly, his words are strong and affectionate, and he looks upside down in the middle of the night, and then he thinks about dancing butterflies and bees. Three times I wanted to slam the door, but I was shy and fell back. He was asleep more than raw, and he couldn’t open the door. Sister Qi smiled and said: “Sister eats bayberry, but she is afraid of sore teeth; if she doesn’t eat bayberry, she must be thirsty. Sister Fanjin doesn’t care about it, but if Brother Bai doesn’t come, she will hold her feet tightly, and she will be longing for lovesickness.”

The third reward month lingers in the spring

The next day, Sheng Ou met Zhao’s mother about something, and returned to the middle hall, because she entered Jinniang’s bedroom. Qiong’s poems and life sayings:

Yuhua’s lotion was so thick that I twisted my socks. The mind has been shaken, and I will watch the bright moon in the middle of the night.

When he saw the poem, he also replied:

Pulling the flower branches several times, wet and sticky socks. Go to heaven tonight and plan to worship the new moon.

Jinniang said: “Sister Qiong has no car, and she doesn’t supervise the car, she will make Yue feel sad. This poem can be kept.” Sister Qi peeped and said with a smile: “Tonight, Yuelao has an appointment. Please four. Sister, don’t talk about it.” Jin Yiwaits and Qiong said:

“If tonight is uncomfortable, let’s not come back.” Qiong saw the poem with a smile, strange and Jin’s ears for a long time.

It’s the evening, when I have not had dinner, the brocade distributes Qiuying to buy supplies. Zhao’s mother said: “Xia Jing is here, the bright moon is in the sky, and the three younger sisters intend to enjoy it.” The mother is happy and does not doubt. “You have no chaos, you can have fun with his sisters.” Therefore, you are trapped in a trap, and you are happy with you. Sincerely, the extreme fun in the world is also the odd encounter of a hundred years old.

In the evening, Sister Qiong is wearing makeup, and the pillows are even more beautiful, like a peony to the sun, and the fragrance is like the wind of peony.

Sister Bi Qi opened the door secretly and moved directly to Zhao’s bedroom. With too much alcohol, the sister persuaded her to escape. Zhao’s mother is very happy, because she and she slept together. Qiong suddenly lost his strange place, Jin was also panicked. Knowing the details, Qiong Fang was stubborn.

Jin’s room said, “Why don’t you take the dragon and the tiger, and the broken mandarin ducks?” Sheng hesitated, and Qiong said bitterly: “Brother Mu is a wise man, not for the style. When talking for a while, he will be humorous. If he must pick spring flowers. , Forget the autumn reality. How can a brother love his sister? How can a sister take it from a brother? May the brother respect himself with the treasure on the table, and the sister also treasure with the stone in the stone. Then the brother is the best of the scholars, and the sister is also She is the best female streamer. Blessed, we should thank one’s own scriptures.” I had no choice but to hug and sleep together, the jade bodies cuddled together, and the golden branches were not hung.

In the middle of the night, please replied: “I will break the liver and intestines for my son.” Qiong said: “Will I have no intentions to break my brother’s liver and intestines?

But the two jade nestled together. Like a fish in water, if you persist in this life, the son is also very happy. Why play with Xinglou and make people laugh? The brother teaches his sister with poetry, and the sister answers his brother with poetry. Gentle friendship is better than flesh and blood. Sheng said: “When I see Fangqing, I can’t move my mind, I have to try to retreat to comfort my heart. If I use the pillow seat as a remark, I will reject it as a ghost.”

Qiong said: “The younger sister also knows that the five-character ancient poem of the brother is:

I hug the moon before Xing, who pity the moon under the sadness? The clouds in the sky are light, is it suitable to look in the distance?

Thousands of miles of God Ju Yi, who can hang around? Forbearance cup hugs the jade material, unable to move the golden branches.

Although Gao Dadi tunes, God blows the moon. Miyun lost his way back, when will he meet?

Qi Feiyan missed each other, and the boundless soul thought. “

Qiong Yikou accounted for the answer:

“You know that I love you, so sad for you? Spring flowers are not broken, and they are also suitable for shadows.

God horse gallops on the ecliptic, where is it? Who can cut a branch of the floating moon tree?

Blue Bridge singing and dancing road, until the dawn wind blows. Clouds cross the blue sea, and spring comes sometimes.

May the peach blossoms be like Rusi. “

Sheng laughed and said, “When is the peach blossom?” Qiong said, “When the ears are together.” Not only did the student stay awake at night, the girl also stayed awake all night.

The rhyme of poetry is knocked, and the east is white. Jinniang said: “The newcomer sleeps well, I don’t know when?” Sheng said, “I am in vain as the old moon, so I blame the sky. “Jinxiao said:” Yuelaojie is a matchmaker, can you teach you to do things? Sister Qiong got up in her clothes and sighed when she got out of bed. Joan said to Jin: “Speaking of love to Brother Bai is just about the time I admire the privates.”

Jin said: “Thank you for the matchmaker.” Qiong said: “Thanks a lot.” Then he asked Sheng, “Why do you thank me?” Sheng said:

“It is better not to meet if you are not on a blind date; it is better not to meet on a blind date if you do not know your heart.”

And after refreshing, I will go back. Qiong said: “You don’t have to go out, my sister has a narrative. There is no one in the embroidery room, so my brother doesn’t need to worry too much.” Sheng said: “Teach me to go back early, and suddenly I will become a dry fish.” Jin Niang said: “My sister is so powerful: One educates people to fear this.” Sheng said: “The grind that is not grind is the real grind; the fear of the fearless, the sincerity is also the fear.” Jin laughed and said: “I know carefully, brother is really not brave. But good things are too much to grind. And why are you afraid of it?” Sheng said, “The pearl in the palm and the jade in the court are self-pitying.

Shi Qiongfang looked at the mirror, Jinwei threw his eyebrows, and said: “I have heard the words of my brother, but I am soft-hearted, and Wang’s actions are too unintended.” Qiong said: “Knowing the past and knowing the past.”

After a while, Sister Qi came in, and she said, “I want to go home.” She bowed to Jinniang and said, “Farewell for now.” Sister Qiong said, “Congratulations!” Qiong said: “Still here.” Seeing Shisheng, Qi also bowed his respects. Sheng said: “There is something to do. I want to have a match. I have no sleep all night, and my liver and intestines are broken.” Qiong smiled without answering, secretly saying, “Why did my brother-in-law say this?” Qiong Yi told the truth. Qi laughed and said: “My sister is so stubborn, brother-in-law Mo Ren has a heartbroken.”

Born in Jinfang, he heard the words and said suddenly: “Sister Qi pity, save my remnant panty.” Sister Qi has nowhere to avoid. When she was hugged by the student, she begged her to make an alliance, but she finally refused. Jinniang said: “My sister is young, she has not solved the rain cloud, she is about to tell her, brother, don’t be alarmed.” Shengfang let go. Qiong stroked his back and said, “Sister, don’t go home. I have a cup of narration.” Qi was so embarrassed that he couldn’t respond.

The Qiong Opera said: “If you don’t eat bayberry, your teeth will be soft today.” Because of a total of talks, “My sister and Xianmei, the friend of life and death, Xiang Shi meets the prince, how can I enjoy the fun today? Fine? This person is as gentle as jade, the beauty of the real country, and the treasure of the world. If you want to be unwilling, my god has been taken away; if you want to go, you will be ashamed and difficult to hide. If the sister returns first, I will also Go. Although my sister’s return is unreasonable and unreasonable, I will be haggard and haggard. It’s not my wish to have a good time with my brother. But Bai Ge is a romantic and gifted man, what kind of daughter do I love? But it’s not for the same year, so I dare to rely on jade?

Sister should pity me, I haven’t returned. “

When Qiong Qifang walked in, Chunying suddenly snapped the door and said, “Honesty people will come to see my sister.” Jin Ying said, “I will stay here for a good trip.” Sheng Lick (phonic mercury inflammation, tongue out) said: “Several things have gone wrong.” So Jin entered Zhao’s mother and was surprised to see him off. The mother said: “The young girl is like a tender flower. Don’t persuade you to drink too much.” So she entered the Hundred Gardens and enjoyed it relatively. Jin issued orders to persuade Qiong, and Qi persuaded Qiong to drink everything. Jin claims to be the eldest sister of the main marriage, and Qi Zi is a young iceman. Drinking wine and having fun, plucking flowers as a gift. Sister Qiong was overwhelmed with alcohol, and suddenly felt deep in her thoughts. It is:

Three rows of bamboo leaves, two faces in a peach blossom pond. She became more delicate, exactly like Fei Yang.

The fourth time Jinfeng Yulu meets happily

When the time passed, he helped Qiong go to bed and was born as Xie Luodai, and sister Qi was a cloth pillow. Qiong was half drunk and half awake, sweet and fragrant. He said that he said: “The concubine is both drunk and fascinated, and the weak grass is light, how can he lean on jade?” She will lose her little body.” She is determined to be happy, and the woman pushes forward with both hands, saying: “A concubine is like a tender flower, without wind and rain, if brother pity, hope for protection.” Sheng laughed back: “It is not for mutual pity, not today.”

Sister Qiong has her cheeks down, bowing her chest, and seeing each other like an autumn moon, she has a peach blossom, slim jade quality, shy and feminine, she can’t help but her mind is flying, she is like madness, hard to pick up things, try golden guns, and flower buds burst. Dew, plump, soft and greasy, tender and few stems. The raw jade stem was boldly thrown into the mouth of the mouth, into the inch, and then exerted force like a tiger, but couldn’t enter. Sister Qiong kept crying, and the force of the birth went to the mouth of the mouth and began to enter the glans. Sister Qiong barely bears it, her silver teeth bite tightly, sweating slightly. The life is lifted and pulled slowly, and the fight will last for a long time. Sister Qiong chanted softly, as if she couldn’t help it.

Sister Qiong slows down, swings and wanders, sister Qiong’s love can’t be restrained, she is very itchy, and then she swings the willow waist, she feels that the jade stem is long and straight to the root, and the temple is reclining, and the scarlet couch is full of life. , Surprised and delighted, protected with white papyrus, little peach blossom, infinitely shy when inspecting.

Sheng Jia Yuyong, vigorously goes deep into barrenness, reveals his head when he comes out, and exhausts his roots when he enters. Sister Qiong’s heart is full of spring, raising her waist to greet her, she can’t stop her life, her yang essence is steep, and she vents her core, Qiong rushes with a burst of breath, rushing all over her body with softness and tremor, and in important places, yin essence is frequently lost. , Yuzhi drags diagonally. Like a willow in the wind; nostalgia, like a lacquer attached to glue. Sincerely the world’s strange encounters, the world’s best encounters. When Si Shi Jinqi scorned, he was all horrified.

After life is over, Qiong said: “The concubine is born in this world, and she will be married to the king. He does not agree with Cui Zhang, but the micro body has been entrusted to the brother, and I hope that the beginning will be like an endless ring.” Because he was taught by the jade ring he wore when he was young, I wanted to think it was good. Sheng said: “This adventure is also a memorial to me.”

Qiong said: “How is the sentence with my brother?” Sheng said: “It’s wonderful.” When the sky will be over, the candle of leopard anointing is revealed, and the treasure of the study room is revealed, and Lin Jiayun is revealed.

Love Zhu Ming’s best Hou Xi, Hua Jiao smiles in Shanglin. (Bai Jingyun)

The wind suddenly became mild and warm, Huang Ying cleverly tuned the strange sound. (Sister Li Qiong)

The loveliness of this good day is displayed in the shade of flowers. (White)

Blame the loneliness of China, and present the invasion of flying butterflies. (plum)

In the hope of climbing on Yaotai, I beg Suqin of Huangzhi. (White)

Xiuzi is in the mirror, and the ring is in the green lapel. (plum)

Go up to Pingxu’s Qige Xi, and see the stunningly beautiful Qichen. (White)

Met with heroes at once, like the ball of the sky Lin. (plum)

Looking forward to the turn of the green autumn wave, the heart of the child is drifting. (White)

The fluttering Yuan Baixi, entrusts Gufeng with sorrow. (plum)

Hundreds of sentiments and thoughts in the column, full of sadness. (White)

When guarding the deep boudoir, thinking about sleepy, also Ling Feng and Gu Jing. (plum)

Compared with the emperor in the sky, Yu Kongsifu draws cakes. (White)

Brighten the slavishness of the home and abroad, and self-reflection when you are depressed and sad. (plum)

Xie Yuelao’s Qinqu Xi, climbed on the Wushan ridge. (White)

When Zhu Lu meets the golden hairpin, I am ashamed of my face. (plum)

Feel the pity and pity of Fangqing, the red apricot by the side of the day. (White)

The king likes to pick butterflies and flowers, and dance the beauty of Zhengyang. (plum)

With the beads ringed in the palm, Burmese is so lucky in this life. (White)

The treasures on the banquet are embarrassed, and the desire for love is embarrassed. (plum)

The question is how the two of them are like Liu, who is the encounter of Taoyuan. (White)

It is also like a fish with a head, and the clear stream of deep fragrant swamp. (plum)

The Qi tree of Sai Lianzhi, nestled in the green hills. (White)

Leaning on the bed of Hu, chanting Xi, like the cow of the Milky Way. (plum)

The lotus heads side by side is like you and me today, opening flowers in Fangzhou. (White)

Luo Dai is in the same heart, and is puzzled by his husband forever. (pungent)

Refers to the nine days that I swear, and I am in love for a long time and think about it. (White)

May I regard the bright sun as my righteousness, and vowed to be embarrassed. (plum)

It’s hard for a daughter to buy this good meeting, and sincere is what the world likes. (White)

The reason is that there are five hundred xi in the sky, and this evening is in harmony. (plum)

The gentle fragrance of nephrite is in your hand, what more can you ask for outside? (White)

Fortunately, my concubine sighed white head. (plum)

The Ci Fu has been completed, one of each book, two tips for women’s writing. Qiong was tired and sleepy when he heard the third watch. When he was living together, he said, “I will thank the Bingren, so as not to teach him to hate him.” Then he opened the Jinniang’s house and went to the golden bed.

Shi Jin slept soundly, and was shocked by the student: “Where does it come from? It is gathered here. What is the effect of Yuelao today?” Shengju Chen Chuchu did not dare to hide. Jin said: “I know what I have heard and hear, try the ears of the emperor.” Because of life’s desire for happiness, Jin Gu thanked him and said: “The concubine heard that people also have words, can there be two masters in a house?” Can you get in?” Jin said: “The crown jewel of the British, also does not go back to the original.” Because of it for a long time.

Jin Fuer said: “Sister Qi also has a lot of power, and she sleeps alone in the east bed. Brother can plead, and the opportunity must not be missed.” Shi Qi was already awake and had to sleep fraud. Qi Sheng was in madness, and the room begged for joy. Fortunately, wearing the jacket, I refused to die, but although the form and spirit were not structured, the bones were also nestled, holding on for a long time, and could not adhere to it. Shenggu asks for the time, and the strange answer said: “There will be a day later.” The life is bitter and helpless, and Qi bemoans endlessly.

The sound of Jinxian spread out to persuade students to let go. After being insomnia at all nights of life and being too sleepy, it is time to recover from sleep.

The Zhao family had already eaten breakfast, got up and freshened up, in order to get out of the house, and there was no time to leave. Joan was very upset, she was frightened, tears poured in the spring rain. Joan is not only eager for life, but also strangely lingering, restless in sleep and food, and intestinal suffocation. Although Jinniang is tuned to the left and right, those who have never liked her.

The fifth time San Miao sent his love to Blue Bridge again

On that day, Sister Qi sent her maid Lan Xiang to, and Sister Qiong wrote an ancient poem with seven characters, and it was sealed and sealed, and it was called “Fei Yan Song”.


Leaning and walking around the sky, who will be with Xiao Ran when the cloud goes to Xiao Ran?

Without seeing the person holding the moon in the middle of the moon, tears dripped down the river.

Together, the swan geese were ruthless, and Lianfei was not allowed to be scattered.

Do not want to think about me, every piece of soft intestines want to break.

Oddly reading his poems, I feel a long sigh. The mother asked the reason, Quan Ci replied: “The eldest sister is irritable and thirsty, so she begs me for a prescription.”

The mother said: “Lanxiang will be delivered tomorrow morning. Don’t believe in others.” Qi Naibu made a poem in rhyme and delivered it the next day.

The poem says:

Caiyun circled Qiongzhi last night and stayed with him forever.

You can invite with your head up to the blue sky, so why not have tears streaming down the river?

When the river head hit the duck and mandarin ducks, they flew north and south temporarily dispersed.

Returning to see no one in the middle of the moon, he is ruthless and heartbroken.

Seeing it, Joan concealed his tears. In the Jin Dynasty, he also sighed and said: “Second sisters are all prodigies, and so are born twin ladies.

Ran Jin is also familiar with literature and history, but can’t write poems, so she is called Zeng Zigu among the females. “It is the sum of Qiongqiang, Jin Xiao said: “I also tried to do it, but only five words.” The poem said:

Wushan is full of clouds, and the jade girl is long as a companion. Now flying far away, tears are streaming down from each other.

When King Xiang did not swim, the uncle Feng should not blow away. Gui Yan is also passionate, and the music is still unbroken.

Qiong Jianjin’s poem said: “Four sisters are good means, and they have always been only modest. If Bai Lang comes, we will sing together in harmony.”

Jin said: “Laughing and generous ears.” The child is suitable for life and the child is served with Yangmei and Zhao’s mother. Jin asked, “Uncle is there?” He replied: “I will return to my hometown.” As it is.

It is Xi Erji who will come for her life. She will come in the dark, Qiong is happy and angry, and scolds: “Lang is not the person in the cloud, but the butterfly ears in front of the flower. Huaying has not picked, and will come and come; Huaying is both Pick it, never come. I will burn it back.” Sheng said: “If I am disappointed, I can hardly escape the thunder sword. Real national affairs, helpless. New words have always been controlled by the Qing?” Qiong said: ” The new system for the four sisters.” Sheng said: “Zeng Zigu can write poetry?” Qiong said: “Always only humble ears.” Sheng said to Jin: “Teaching, teaching.” Jin said: “Send laugh, offer laugh.” Sheng said: “What about the last two sentences?” Qiong said: “It is the ear of the second sister.” Because of the reason, Qiong Qi’s second writing was published.

Sheng said: “Three Ji, that is, three wonderful things.” Qiong laughed and said: “Four people, four are true and beautiful.” Sheng said: “I should be a new poem, but it is suitable for a long time to sleep. Time.” Jin said: “Please sleep in the eldest sister’s room, so that you can apologize.” Qiong said: “Please be the fourth sister’s bed, and you can also have poems.” The two pushed each other, without making a decision for a long time.

Jin Liang said for a long time: “The concubine has been in deep waves for a long time, and the younger sister still hasn’t tasted the true taste. She must let her go first, and then she will no doubt.” Sheng Nai pushed Qiong onto the bed. It’s the evening when he rejoices a little bit, but it also shows his love. After staying in the war, Qiong said: “Sister Qi and I share our tribulations, and we live and die together. Today, I love my brother and lose this good friend. Although the brothers and sisters have gained this affection, the friend’s righteousness is a good feast.”

Sheng said: “I see that the three Ji are all paying attention, so that they can reach the other, and the good and the heart are good. But the hardship is a good fortune, the greedy manpower, and the thinking about the other, it is more and more arrogant? Besides, this woman has not moved her heart, and Perseverance, so I don’t dare to be strong. Why does Qing think of seeking?” Qiong said: “This woman feels more free than me. If her virtue is tamed, she is still easy to plan. But I am afraid that the opportunity will not come here again, if it is more Furthermore, it is easy to follow the picture! And it is advisable to learn poems and sing words, and a true girl can speak Chinese and English.”

Yin Yongqi’s poem “Worshiping the Autumn Moon” said:

Yingying Qiuyue is in Zhongtian, everyone worships Qiuyue tonight.

Looking through the thousands of mountains and bones.

Qinghui does not diminish his years, and the time is like super sudden.

My heart, my heart, and the moon know it, don’t let your youth lose its glory.

Sheng sighed and said, “Wizards! Wizards! I hate each other for peace.” Xu Wei, the two of them took a bath to clean up the dust, busy clustering the golden lotus, taking the middle of the legs, undressing and unloading the trousers, and lying on the green bed next to the mandarin. After birth, the body invades the Jiao posture, Jin Jinlian downturns the waist, the raw jade stems are straight, the Jinniang Jiao tweeted tactfully, has entered the 牝, and she cuddles her body tightly and leans against her chest.

The Jinniang knows that the jade stem is warm, and the flames are blazing. After a long time, the love is suddenly born and entertaining. Suddenly, the body gradually moves, its handle enters, drills and stretches in, stabbing and sucking, like a bird pecking, like a snake spit Faith, Jinyu’s body is difficult to support, hairpin falls into chaos, body trembles, and she is resistant to war for a long time. In Jinniang’s body, she lifts the top, Jin’s soul flies in the air, body in floating clouds, panting, eyes tightly closed , Lewd words, was turned into a red wave, was lost several times, and was in a coma for several times.

Life is like a mad bee picking flowers, and brocade is like a new flower to a butterfly. Flower heart is arrogant, the flower branches are shaking. Feeling still not enough, pulling the brocade out of bed, lying on your back, brocade moving, all the way up, holding the jade stalk in your hand, guiding it into the stalk, deep into the Qiong room, lifting up and falling, like a floating gourd, before a moment, cotton rain Leak, full of fluid, full of fragrance, lying on the bridle. Fire and empty tortoise, fiercely drilled to death, intensified stab shot, jade stem is brave, and the acupuncture point will be decayed. Suddenly entering the fragrant sweat and cold sentiment, the flower room confided in the dust, the rain scattered the high Tang, the slanting Yushan hugged the good man, got the gums, shared the pillows, hugged the jade posture, and lay down with the fur.

The next day, the soldiers reported martial law, violent bandits gathered, Qiongqi’s family filled Zhao’s house. The desire to have no way of life is drawn from Zhao’s mother who said: “The mother has a heavy wall and her son as a neighbor. If you want to send a small box without getting it, begging to chisel a small door to connect, so it is easy to send a baby.” Son, there is nothing wrong with it. Having a life-saving means, that is, making a small door, since then, he can reach Qiongfang, making it easy to travel day and night. Jinniang also said that Zhao’s mother said: “My son lives in a secluded place, and it is not suitable to see guests. Today’s gangs are crowded and free to gather around. May all the gates on the west be locked and locked without child servants. It’s bitter and sweet. Don Kou Ding, and then stop.”

The mother said: “That’s the way it is.” These two strategies are comparable to Liangping, and Ren Suzhang is unsure of its secrets. After Sister Qi returned home, she wanted to give birth to something, and said:

At the day pillow in Wuzhou, how about parting?

Yun Qing frequently dreams, when is the best time?

Qiong was overjoyed when he returned to this day. Asked Qi, “Don’t think about my sister?” Qi asked, “Think deeply! Think deeply!”

He also asked: “Is you thinking about your own brother?” He said: “Don’t think, don’t think.” Qiong said, “Why don’t you bear it?” Qiong said, “He has nothing to do with me.” Qiong said, “My sister has already vented half blue. “Qi said: “Let him nirvana without complaining.” He laughed. In the afternoon, I checked the embroidery book and saw the previous poem, saying: “I don’t think about my brother, but I want a good time.” Qi Xiao said: “Farewell to my sister for a long time, thinking about the good time.” Qiong Xiao said: “My sister is wrong. Come on. It’s a good time for men and women to meet. Ben thinks Yunqing, how can I push back?”

Qiong said, “But what’s wrong with thinking?” Qiong said, “I made it for my sister.” Qiong said, “The eldest sister doesn’t need much trouble.”

Qiong said: “I am afraid that my sister will be bad again.” Qiong said, “I never drink cold water.” Qiong said, “You want to eat bayberry this time.” He smiled again. It’s Xi Zhao’s mother who asked Qixu goodbye, but Qiong Tui is not ill. Born came to the wall, but saw that Joan was in the room, shaking hands and begging for joy.

He refused again and again, and said: “Open the wall at the beginning, it is suitable to start the journey. If you want to go back to empty, you are afraid of luck, because you will be clothed for a while.”

Qiong Zeng is also ashamed, because he tells his wonderful love and recites his best lines, but he offers a policy and said: “At the second shift tonight, my brother will be at this heavy gate. Hold the mandarin duck firmly and don’t let it fly away.” . Sheng said: “I have ordered.” Sheng returned home temporarily. Qi Yidrinks and enters the room, saying that Qiong said: “I will sleep elsewhere tonight, lest Bai Lang will come back.” Qiong said: “People are chaotic at this time, Bai Lang can never come, if you want to meet, unless it is midnight In a dream.” I don’t know that the wall is accessible, so I only locked the door of the Jin’s room, saying: “I’m here tonight, and I can’t go through this door.”

Hold each other tightly. Sister Qiong moved, in addition to undressing, the golden lotus held high, and the jade stem was raised and thrown into the stalk. The body was not bulging, and the jade stem was slightly adjusted to fill Qiong’s burn with less time. The beauty is very fast. Born with jade stems and thorns, salivation and fluids, Yushan slumping pillow, like drinking Qiongyuye, household arrows like nests, body and mind like clouds, no limbs, cold tongue, Qiong slightly counsels one or two, backs forward , Hug left and right, indulge in a lively state, become beautiful, lost and lost, and see Qiong’s skin charming and pleasant, happy and fearful, show off his strength and improve top thorns.

Qiong was faint and awake, numb, trembling limbs, her face stained with crimson, her face was like a peach blossom, her affection was flaming, she lived in spring, the voice of counseling was heard, the sound of the sound was audible, not playing During the dragging, he was defeated and regained, and Sheng was hugged tightly, like the steaming of coal, the work of picking thorns, creating a big burst, Qiong was robbed of big thorns, and Qiong’s room was full. Love strings double caress, lustful waves are trickling, the sound of running water is more of a soup, the harder the golden gun is, the more courageous, the more the sound of smashing, the deep and shallow cast, the emotion is great, the yin is small, the yang is big, the indoor Jin The salivation continued, the jade stem was hard and hard to stop, the cloud cloth was changed, and only then Xu Yu cleared the cloud and collected it.

Yeban Qi slept soundly, awakened after birth, and walked into the wall with weight. Qi was half awake and half asleep, thinking that Qiongye was just before the butterfly and the flower, and she was startled. The music is full of the power of the dragon, and the strange anguish is the shape of the dance style, and it is lively to play Nai. Qi said: “Brother let it go, I am a non-committal remark, but Sister Qiong meets frequently, how can I be the only one with licorice?” Sheng said: “Don’t take the oath?” Tomorrow, if you lose your heart, you will end up as a ghost under the spring.” Jin Qiong exclaimed: “Brother is really powerless, and this time I’m going to go empty again.” Qi said: “Sister is pressing.” Because she hit the bedpost with her hand, she hugged him anxiously. , Sleeping steadily till dawn, can’t afford to be ashamed. Joan repeatedly gave orders, but he was able to get out of bed, and go out of bed every now and then. Joan asked, “How about the appointment tonight?” With a strange smile, he nodded.

It is the day that the three girls all wear makeup and have a feast for their livelihood. There was no one living in the room of Yanzhao a few days ago. My mother traveled from my father to an eunuch, but she also discussed marriage but did not marry. Cursing the League on the day the case was set up is the Shimeng Ci Mianjin generation system. The three sisters Jinxian made a speech. He gave his life to worship, and burned it on the same day. The words read: On April 19th, the concentric people Zhao Jinniang, Sister Li Qiong, and Sister Chen Qi, who held the incense piously, reported to the god of the moon house, saying: “Stealing the girl’s life, the soul is entrusted. Yuehua is the elf of the lunar yin, and the life of the tiny body.”

Jin and the other three have become sisters, as if they had taken the oath before the moon, they would definitely be punishable by the moon axe. The bright moon is in the sky, looking down. He also made a statement from the Alliance with Shengsheng, listed and worshipped, and reported to the sky. The words read: Wei Zhongguang was in the age of ill, and when Zhengyang was in the midst of the sun, the concentric people Bai Jingyun, Zhao Jinniang, Sister Li Qiong, and Sister Chen Qi all got together. The jade of He Tianyi, forgive the destiny of the old age. If a man bears a female, his bones will be lost in the same day; Huang Huang Yue Mansion, Jiaojiao is here.

Sixth Sister Bai Shengqi Yu Yi Yun Qing

It’s the evening, four people drink together, three drums stop the feast, Qiong Qi returns to the embroidery room first. The health and brocade are all delicacies. Qi shrank and wanted to recite the foreword. Qiong said: “If you swear before you, how can you dare to lose?” Qi held Qiong’s hand and said: “What a shame, what is this strange?”

Joan went to Jinhua for Che, but he was strange and puzzled Luo Dai. Qiong laughed and said: “What merit does my sister have to start a seventeen-year-old girl as a matchmaker? My brother-in-law is here, and the clothes are untidy.” , Sleeping because of being covered, Qiong Shisheng said: “Be careful not to be frivolous, tender flowers are just beginning.”

I got on the bed with a smile, my hands explored the jade breast flower room, the golden gun was shocked, the heart was crazy, the jade stalk was thrown into the stalk, the strange groaned sadness, the embroidered quilt was bitten, the pain was busy, and the life was struggling to get through the encirclement. There is no feeling of pity, fragrant, and jade, scarlet a little bit, panting and muttering, a sweet fragrance, no one in the world.

After taking the experience of life, Qi turned around and avoided it, saying that he said: “Fifteen years of cultivation, broken by my brother, what is my mother? All sisters have mistaken me.” If I move a little, I dare to beg for joy, and he wonders: “This is enough, why do I come back?” Sheng said: “This is flower picking, no cloud or rain. Erji elegant state, what the younger sister has learned. If you don’t enjoy yourself, you will lose me. Fate.” Surprisingly, it is re-acceptance.

Birth re-throws the handle in the heart, the strange love point welcomes each other, and there is no trace of abundance. Feeling happy over time, Qi Wei feels bitter indoors, and slowly there will be lewd words in the mouth. The generals are strong, and when the students want to sip for the first time, they should hold tightly. This liquid is sticky, slippery, warm and beautiful. Strangely fast and unstoppable, awake and repeat it, throw it several times, it’s like a spring silkworm, it’s like drunkenness, it’s surging, and the Qiong room is full. The raw jade stems are arched and drilled, stretched and stretched, thorns, like the sound of geese and ducks sucking, the strange heart blossoms, the body is like a willow, the limbs are like waves, and the spring is booming. The raw glans is hard and protruding, drills and spines randomly, swallow dumplings are shaped like flowers, and all claws are gathered. The dust handle of the household will not reveal the slightest amount of fruit juice, which is considerate and interesting.

The light soy sauce is dragged for a long time, the spring is mad, it is a good idea, the lock is in and out, the pestle is up and down, and it does not count thousands. Juan speaks obscenely, with all odds. Born two points of jade, high worship Jinlian, that is, Yu Jianju, re-enter Qi Jie’s house, slightly attacking each other, Qi is anxious, causing conflicts between the students and the strength, and the life is smashed into the flower house. Sister Qi screams in all manners, loves to hug the waves and loses her body. The tortoise looks for the jade liquid to drink, nodding her head, there is infinite wonder, fragrant salivation stains, the four bodies are difficult to support, the early crooked and heavy green, and the strangeness Sister, once again, he rushed in, making great rushes, beautiful and unstoppable, and scouring the waves. Ling Qi got up again, hugged his arms on his knees, sang with danger, passionately, and squatted endlessly, shaking his buckle.

I don’t know where the spring comes, and the limbs are sparse. They are in love with each other at the beginning of the year, and the alliance has pledged to reunite today. Qi Xin is comfortable and beautiful, the body is swaying, and the vent is like a note, and the life of the strange pill is flying away. It also comes out. After a while, the clouds scattered, and the fragrance and sweat spread all over.

Covering their love for each other is firmly rooted in the internal organs; while the shy state reveals itself in the face. Always ask the truth, never again and again, lie close to the chest and lie down.

Unconscious of the five-time woodcutter, Sister Qiong raised a candle and said, “My sister is tireless?” Shengxing made a big deal and dragged Qiong onto the bed to show off her unexplored interest. The yang sentiment is greatly moved, the yin and bosom are relieved, the body is dry, Qiong washes the body, and the clothes are unloaded for Qiong. The protruding muscle is divided into two points with the petals of Qiong Qiong, the flower heart vomits early, the jade stem jumps, the jade stem point swallows, the big deal makes, the Qiong soul softens, the beauty is whispered, all calls are made, the double ring constitutes the axillary of the Lang, the jade stem Hidden deep inside. The eyes are closed and the limbs are struggling, the golden lotus is twinned, the liquid is dew and the holes are beautiful.

Qiong Fu got up, kneeled with his legs apart, Yu Sheng’s waist, holding the dust handle in his hand, like a charcoal arching his hands, it is invincible, and it is very big, shocked and in love, half line and half stop, catching the jade stem to the mouth, lagging. Extension. Sheng holds both Qiongniang’s hips with both hands, and then moves downwards. With one of them, the jade stem returns to the acupuncture house. Sister Qiong was refreshed and prosperous, body fluid trickling out, humming repeatedly, shrugging her limbs, conversing, holding each other for a while, and lingering for a long time. The body is stable and the stem moves, like a water dragonfly, and Qiong’s body is trembling and cold, like a boat on the waves. He was full of energy, and if he didn’t take a drop, Joan couldn’t hold on to it, and he vented several times in a row.

Joan was delighted with his happiness, and his face was full of spring, no longer shy and shy. After all, Qi Yi said: “Sister is tireless?” Qiong said: “But I don’t know the bitter ears of my sister.”

Sister Qi’s mother, Mrs. Chen, was in a hurry to knock the door outside, Jin hurriedly called, and the three were awake. Born to escape, Mrs. You Xing didn’t realize it. Qiong Yinzhi said: “Women workers from the 5th watch, sleepy, just sleep on ears.” His wife said to sister Qi:

“You and your eldest sister, although cousins, are dependent on each other in adversity, you should be like your own siblings, and you must study female workers diligently. Don’t be concubine, and show your face lightly. Yesterday, Aunt Zhao wanted your three to stay together, and not to have maids. At the end of diligence and thrift, I am also happy when I hear it.”

After a while, Qiong’s grandmother also arrived. Seeing these two girls, she still did not freshen up. She reprimanded Qiong and said: “Cocks are combing their hair, and the female stream has a rule. How can you see people in this fashion?” Ear.” The second mother believed. Qiong Qi’s courage was a little broken, and Qi deep resented, Qiong Yi was relatively speechless and unhappy in the mirror.

Qi said: “I have changed my pain since today.” Qiong said: “I also feel that I was wrong.” Jin said on the wall: “If you are afraid that Bailang will come, your heart will still be in your heart.” The leader of the crime is also the chief of the crime.” Jin Xiao said: “I have a deep sin, and I must be the first.” Qi said: “Who is in the first room?” Jin said: “Second sister, special leader.” How can it be based?” Jin said: “The poem still exists.” Qiong said: “I am in harmony with Sister Ru, and from now on, I will make the world innocent.” Jin Xiao said: “Jianghan can be cleaned up by rustling, but cannot be cleaned up. Autumn sun is violent. It’s not in vain.” Qi said: “I should be a loving mother, and ignore many troubles.” Jin said: “But three or five changes, re-imagining the best time.” Qi Bujue laughed.

Jinniang enlightened and said: “I want to make a pair of shoes for Brother Bai, and hope that the two sisters will be happy together.” Qiong said: “I will rely on my fate.” Qi said: “I can do it.” Jin said: ” My sister doesn’t know the interest yet, so she will move forward in the future.” All laughed. So Jinniang made a shoe, the two sisters worked together, and the sun was tired, and they formed a joint sentence.

Tweet Qiong’s first initiative, as the five-character rhythm cloud:

April is unknown (Li), and the sun and the rainy days. Liuhuahong breathes fire (Zhao), lotus leaf is green for money. The son of You Qiongcang (Chen), Qiying plays Biquan. Liu An lost on the way home (Li), the flowers are scented. Yunzhong strikes Qingyun (Zhao), Jinse plays the first string. Yi Ma Lao is firmly tied to (Chen), and his heart is swayed. Passionate Needle Embroidery (Li), can afford to write poetry. Dancing in front of the stage with butterflies, mandarin ducks are connected outside the water. Willing to join the tree and cooperate with the head lotus. Swear that the deep silver sea, the romance is full of Yuchuan. If Wen Jun can be used, Sima Ji is called virtuous. In order to make green double shoes, high step purple smoke.

Jin Xiao said: “Second sister’s mouth is as hard as iron, and my heart is soft as cotton.” Qi said: “How can you know it?” Jin said: “You know when you look at it.” Qi Xiao said: “A gentleman is joking, not a joke.” Qiong Xiao said “But, but.” It was the night, and I couldn’t even drink when I was invited by my friends. Sanji was infinitely frightened. After sitting until the fourth watch, Fang got on the bed and started to freshen up.

I wake up drunk and hate it. In the morning, I will give Qiongfang, and I will be different for a while, and I will confess my heartfelt feelings.

Suspicion leaks, and fear changes. Qiong said in the poem:

I don’t know the night, wake up hating murder.

Sitting at the gate of the cave for a long time, there is no white flower spring.

Sheng has been sitting for a long time, not seeing Sanji, and wanting to wait for Wenzong’s announcement, and leave in a daze. When Qiong returned to the poem, he smiled and said, “He is drunk by him, and I wake up and wake up.” Jin laughed and said, “Since I was drunk last night, I must choose the flowers tonight.” A young family member came to tell Wenzong about the case, Zhao’s mother. Let people go to find out the news. Sanji was relatively contemplative, eager to hear the truth.

After a long time, Qi Xiao said: “Brother Bai has the means to explore flowers, he must have the ability to win laurels. This trip should definitely be elected, no sister’s suspicion.” Qiong laughed and said: “You are Guanyin on the table, speaking naturally and spiritually. Jin Xiao said, “He only married for one night, and he has seen through ten years of knowledge.” Qi Dai smiled shamefully.

At that time, the lunch was still pending, and the family boy told Zhao’s mother: “Uncle Bai’s exam is excellent.” Zhao’s mother was very happy and came to report to Sanji. Jin Qiong looked strange, and Qi also sneered. After Zhao’s mother retired, Jin Qiong sat on the scene and said: “Amei is really Guanyin, and ask Yan for everything.” He laughed.

It was the evening of the day when Bai Sheng returned to see Mother Zhao. Because please see Mrs. Li Lao and Mrs. Chen. The wife said: “A good, handsome and talented man, he will become a great tool in the future.” The mother of Zhao, who was born with the silver flower he admired, was presented. Zhao’s mother divided the three Ji, each makeup for the Qibao Huasheng. Sister Qi, Yujia Qiaoli. Sister Qiong’s play is called “Remembering the King and Sun” with words:

The God of Chang’e has belonged to the king and grandson, sitting against the god of flowers for a long time to die.

Yan Yuying couldn’t bear to hear it. The more faint thinking, Hua Sheng Xianyan leaned against the door alone.

The seventh round of Simei’s night rain fans

It’s Xi, enter Sanji’s room, talk and laugh happily. Unconsciously, Qiao raised his drums, Jin said to Qiong: “Second sister is not yet interested, so let’s enjoy it tonight.” Naiyi and Bai Lang undress, one with Qi Sister undresses, lezhi lie together, Qi Sister Qi resigns. Jin said: “From then on, start small, then big, follow this as the order, don’t refuse.”

Naturally, she squatted her legs lightly, exposed the flower room, and threw the jade stalk lightly into it. Sister Qi might as well protect her. Although she was working hard, she wouldn’t be very painful. She was so fresh and orderly, her starry eyes flickered. Sheng Na Jinlian puts her shoulders on her shoulders, stands up and leaps forward, and gradually enters the perfect state. Sister Qi is very entertained. She is not squeaky. She breathes from her mouth and pants slightly. The willow waist is light and the jade hips are swayed. Deeply dissolving the dew drops, it feels like a dream, a masterpiece of rejuvenation, and Sister Qi is not obstructed, with her arms hooked on her neck, she leaned back to bear it.

With a force of tugging, the babbling sounds are repeated repeatedly, the state of beauty is beautiful, the itching is abnormal, the kinky waves are overflowing, and the gurgling is not gentle, and the two intentions are endless. Sister Qi couldn’t bear it because of her desire for life. Sheng said: “But call me a Tan Lang, I will let go.” Unexpectedly, he said: “Be good at it and let go.” Sheng Beiqi deplored the words, unconsciously vented his true feelings, and hugged each other to sleep soundly.

Missing the three drums, Jin Lai exclaimed: “Sister Qiong waits for a long time, how can I sleep peacefully?” Shoots, grows jade stalks, rushes into the jade stalk, pulls over time, Qiong is full of enthusiasm and enthusiasm; disobedience and frantic line to welcome, tightly interlocking, jade stalks may stretch or shrink, slowly tapping, spiritual roots No brain, Qiong fainted all over the body, smooth and unspeakable, and the pile of yin mattress borrowed Qiong’s waist, and the grip was thrown into the mouth of the mouth. The rubbing did not go deep, and Qiong was in a hurry. Raise captivity, one fell swoop to the root.

The two phases are swaying, and the water is overflowing, fearing Qiong will be weak, turning Qiong down again, pulling vigorously. Qiongmu’s ears were slow and hot, and his voice trembled endlessly. Qiong said: “May the Lord rest in peace, and talk to each other for pleasure.” Because of the inquiries, the true feelings are born. Qiong heard the words and was moved by the words, so he became more refined and stronger, so he became a bee-and-butterfly.

Sheng Lingqiong turned to kneel on the bed, the jade buttocks were open, and the flesh was protruding, plump and greasy. After Shengming slowly approached Qiong buttocks, he stroked his stalks until the jade stalks were hard.

Before waiting for the film, the jade stalk was proud, Qiong raised his hips in anxious manner, and the jade stalk had reached the root, and pushed it thoroughly. Ji Zhang is prosperous and prosperous, the jade stem gun rises vigorously, the sound of communication, the sloppy water drops, and the heart of the flower. Qiongjiao’s voice trembled, cold sweat drenched her body, her limbs slowly dissipated, and she fainted on the bed, seizing the beauty of spring.

After that, Qiong Weisheng said, “You are so sleepy for your concubine, so you can’t bear to go, but Sister Jin has been sitting empty for a long time, what will you do?” Shi Jin stood in front of the bed, hugged and went together, relative Extremely happy. Jin Fengyue’s state is very delicate, and the emotion of birth and rain is also moving. In life, we know the prosperity of brocade; in brocade, we are afraid to let out the emotion of life. After a long battle, Jin also seeks peace, saying that Sheng said: “The wind is very good, and the concubine’s desire is sufficient. But if you want sisters to be in bed, I don’t know how the emperor’s intention is?” Sheng said:

“This is a great joy in the world, but I am afraid that the second sister will not let the ears.” Jin said: “I will come with a messenger, and then with the ear of love.” So Jin Qiong said: “Bai Lang Shi has a fever, what is it? ??” Qiong Fang slept, heard the words and was terrified, and immediately greeted him.

Jin Fuqi said: “Brother Bai is full of fever, Sister Qiong is greeting him, why are you falling asleep? Don’t you think it hurts?” There is nowhere to pick up the clothes, Jin said: “Go and go, it’s okay at night.” When he reached the bed, he was hugged by the student, and had to be cong.

Sheng deliberately asked for joy, but Sanji refused to make a decision. Sheng is determined to Jin, and the Jin Ci said: “You can’t indulge your desires, and you can’t enjoy the extreme. Xiang Ai’s second sister should have a poem with the brother, so that the concubine can hear it, and also the life’s greatest wish.” Sheng said: ” Wonderful.” It means groaning on the bed. Sheng is the first to advocate:

Don’t you see Yaotai Gaoying Bitiandong (white), Zhuji and jade exquisite (Zhao). The Xiang Dynasty did not come to fly the white horse (Li), and the sun and evening crossed Qing Cong (Chen) again. Zhayun suddenly rained and lost Huayue (white), and Luo Li was swaying in the breeze (Zhao).

Agarwood Pavilion Beihua Yingzhu (Li), Peony Paeonia Begonia (Chen). The heart is drunk (white) when viewing flowers, and the moon is hazy before the flowers fall (Zhao). A piece of heart made a butterfly (Li), flying around into the flowers (Chen). Beauty Allium Supplement Ziluoqi (White), Yu Xiaohua is joyful onion (Zhao). It is for me to wear a ring to pass the heart stun (Li), and to return to the heart of Toston (Chen).

The tenderness has been moved by the strange sound (white), and the bee (Zhao) is busy flying around. First go to the moon with Jun Qile (Li), Senran will meet Guang Hanguan (Chen). Guanghan Moonlight Jiao (white), reported me as Sanqing (Zhao). Yuhua Lu Nong Nong (Li), think about dreams and come around (Chen). Jinhua Qiongpei plays Qi Luo (White), and Zhao Ji generously promotes Qing Ge (Zhao). Repay Li’s heart with a peach (Li). How about Lei Chen Qi Hele (Chen)? Tonight, how long is this good meeting (white), Jiao Lai Jinxiuwu Susuo (Zhao).

Seeking Lin Qiongjiu’s enemy poems (Li), strange tunes and long rhymes (Chen). Long chanting, with many sentences (white), the nine-day cow and the female, today, share the Milky Way (Zhao). Fish flat eyes, play Xinhe (Li), and Shanmeng Changcui is tall and majestic (Chen).

Yuhao five-color Yunxiaai (white), Yanyan is good to tie the concentric belt (Zhao). This heart is long tied to Bi Tianyun (Li), do not make Biyun travel outside the sky (Chen). Yunyouyou is not free (self), the soul is flying and wandering (Zhao). Zhongtian and Mingyue are long as companions (Li), wishing to accompany Qianqiu and Wanqiu (Chen). I am originally Xiuran and a phoenix (white), and now I am accompanied by Sanluan (Zhao).

Wish to make: a small chapter of Huafa faded, red and green apricots. The reason said: “This is the rhyme of the monarch, can you see it with Dongpo Jie?” Sheng Yin said:

Whose treasure mirror is small, thrown into the clouds, light all over the curtain.

How much is the night of the night? Yulu splashes the grass exquisitely.

Yuanyu is deep, who knows, but the beautiful woman laughs at the scared dreams and broken history,

Heng Duan Chu Tianqing quietly, Hua Yindie dim annoyed.

Qiong said: “It’s wonderful. My sister combined the sentence with it, how about it?” Jinci thanked it and said: “It’s not the director.” Qiong said: “Even if you don’t work, you will be good at meeting, why?” So Qiong advocated:

The green window man Jingyuemingxiao (Joan), with silver-green waves, turns towards the blue bridge (odd). Chuxia Mengmeng Chunfeishao (brin), light Wuyun Yaoge (qiong), it is not that Elai knows (odd). Startled Dongjun, and laughed at himself (Jin). Hearing the sleeping duck screams quietly, making it annoying (Joan) several times.

Sheng sighed and said, “The true three are wonderful. How lucky in this life, there is such a strange encounter?” Because he regained his pillow, took off his clothes, the jade skin was exposed early, the golden lotus was busy hooking, Yushan You Jingjunli posted early, and the flowers were built in jade pose. Yu Jinshang. Put a little cherry on the mandarin pillow, Sanji lying on her back, standing and waiting for adultery, prospering in the spring, and indulging in joy. Immediately get up, Ma Tingyu stem, first with Jinyun torrential rain, beauty is unstoppable, all the beauties look up, emotions are greatly moved, hand caress the door, and cheers up, Sister Ciyuqiong, sucks the handle. The two are as hot as clouds, unstoppable, fragrant muscle meets the wind, swaying, triumphantly spinning early, soaking the lower body in a pillow, sipping Qi sister again, turtle looking for jade liquid, infinitely wonderful, fragrant salivation stains, difficulty in four bodies The branch, Gao Jian Jinlian, casts open the handle, pierces the Qiong chamber, the beauty rolls, the body is calm, and the mouth is cold and lost. Sister Jin went back again, the handle entered the swallow, the pestle hit the flower room, the fragrance was rolling, the dew trickled, sweaty, she fell into the red saddle, Qiong went into battle, the mouth was hurriedly greeted, the whole turtle was trapped, and the water was gurgling.

When he was born and rushed, Qiong went down to the land and shunned. Sister Qi is also here to show off her talents, grow axe and long brand, not to prevent the penetration of golden guns, heavy armor is difficult to cover, sweat slightly, defeated Huaying, lying on the pillow. Jin went to his life again, and Zhang Min showed his shape. The snails and jade stems are exhaustive, but they buckle but bark, and the more they keep smelling, the business is reluctant, the ambassador Changchu, drills inwardly, the hands and feet are like cotton, and they fled. Sister Qiong meets, worships the golden lotus, hurriedly throws the jade stalks and stabs hard, Qiong shrinks, the flower dew drops early, the contact is not stopped, and the life is gone, she wakes up for a while, talks funny, walks around, and hides Shangzhong.

Sister Qi suddenly arrives, the flower room is fully exposed, she lie down in a hurry, when she sees it, she looks at the pile, swallows the jade stems, as if they are formed, tightly interlocked, grows or shrinks or stretches, arches and drills in disorder, Sister Qi But I don’t know the opportunity, greedy and love beauty, swallow jade stems by mistake, it is difficult to fight, and it is full of water, and it is difficult to break, the hands and feet are numb, unable to stop, and I was suddenly selected among the two Ji. The brocade rushes, the chest is close, the body is sticky, and it is still sticky in winter, if the bamboo shoots are slightly buckled, the brocade is also swayed, the brocade swings, the waist is vertical, the handle is in the body, and the body is in harmony. The handle body is not exposed, and the raw material is tightly entangled by the brocade. The jade stem is struggling to drill, and the top is more fragrant, and it shrinks back, and the hooks of the couch are endless, making the brocade soft and difficult to sit on, and there is no gap. So fast.

Quiet voice, stop hope and return to Erji, Yan Zhi can’t support, cloud like hairpin, jade wrist is difficult to lift, two legs are ringed, love point is Wangwang, jade stem is strong, mouth can be opened or closed, body is like cotton, No more suffering, Junsheng sleeps, and he embraces the Jiji to live together, not knowing that the East is white. Since it has been a bedtime meeting repeatedly, it is blissful. I don’t want to laugh and speak loudly, the family is close to the ears, there are neighbors, the wife of the princes, suspected of being born as a subordinate, and there is a female voice? Then drill a hole to see it, and all get the situation. It is the evening, but Qiongqi is in the list, and Jin is not with him.

After giving birth to his door the next morning, the neighbour’s wife said, “Uncle Bai, was it bliss last night?” The reason is true.

As a last resort, I offer a gold hairpin for silence. The woman laughed and said, “Why benefit? But it’s a heart-wrenching ear.”

The birth cause is to Jinniang. And he said: “I don’t know this with my second sister, for fear that she will be ashamed.” Jin said: “This woman comes here from time to time. She has a sleazy style, and she has only words of heart, not because she is unintentional. If you love your body, if you don’t meet once, the opportunity will be revealed, and you will see it.” He had no choice but to go to the neighbor’s wife’s house until the evening, and to have an all-night meeting. The fruit would get his true feelings and renew his vows with life. Silently. It is Xiqiong, who is not going to be born, and waits until the third watch. The brocade does not tell, but the four-sentence statement says:

Who knows, who knows, the flower demon peeping out of the window.

The shadow of the flowers and the moon are moving, still thinking of flowers.

Qiong Qi was shocked: “What a difference! Fortunately, you can tell me in detail.” Jin said, “What happened last night was revealed. I hope that Bai Lang will go to bed together?” So he explained the details. Qiong Qi burst into tears, and she would disperse in the same bed, and Sheng Ji deeply converged.

The Eighth Celebration

On May 5th, he was born as Zhao’s mother to celebrate the festival, and the mother also bought wine to invite birth. New words. Mrs. Li and Mrs. Chen sent their maidservants to urge them. Shengli Xie said, “Thanks to the great kindness of the eldest mother, but I am afraid of dignity.” The old lady said, “What’s the problem? What’s the problem? Drink a few cups of raw drink, and then retire. The old lady said:

“A man who keeps courtesy.” Mother Zhao said: “There is no word, no movement, true scholarship. His relatives and eunuchs are unattended, and the conditions of the festive season make him quiet, and my heart feels uneasy. “Therefore, a seat was prepared and the younger brother was sent to the living quarters to drink together.

The term “shengzhi” is named “Huanxisha”:

The blue bridge rises on a sunny day and the water rises up, and you can do your best to make a brighter and brighter river and embrace the eastern suburbs.

Leaning on the railing, lingering in the arms, the swallows on the banks of Wuling Creek return to their nest, who pity the moon shadow on the fancy?

The little brother memorized his words silently and classified it as his wife chanting. The old lady is good at poetry and chapter, and Qiong’s literature and history are all taught by the old lady. Sanji heard it quietly. The old lady said, “You’re not enough to wait for a poem? It’s too bad to say that it hurts the spring.” Sanji smiled, and after a while, they all dispersed.

It was the evening, and Qiong Qi couldn’t open the wicket. Life is as long as ever, Jinniang Qifei. Seeing her life, Erji burst into tears. It’s relatively scary. Sheng Zhi Jinxie’s preface, said three times, and sat until the third watch.

Erji Nai said: “Zhen should be self-loving, and our sins should be ten thousand deaths. Neither can we wait for the beginning, and we can’t remember the end, so that the appearance will be proclaimed. The ugliness is external, and the good can be painful.” Jiangxia. Sheng said: “The oath before the month. The oath is to die and live, and the situation is in trouble? Qing does not remember the matter of Shenqiao? If it is broken by failure, then you will die in the middle, and Shen will die. Why do you hate the husband?” Sheng That is to say, cutting the hair as an oath: “If you don’t follow the sisters, I will die or not marry.” Er Ji moved the oath: “I must not obey Bailang, I wish to die or not marry.” Sheng said: ” If I don’t marry, I pretend to be a madman mountain. Things will stop. What if Qing doesn’t marry?” Qiong Qi said, “Fortunately, I don’t belong to the two of us, so we should understand my mother with this matter. My mother may see pity, but I am lucky. If you don’t, you can thank you for your own words. He would rather see the king by his body, never by his surname.” Shengzhi Jin said: “How about Yu Qing?” Jin swears: “Life and death are not separated, and separation is for Ghost You. How about Yu Jun?” Sheng vowed: “Don’t abandon each other at the end. Abandon is subject to thunder.” So the four of them were happy relatives, no more scruples.

On October 3rd, Zhao’s mother’s birthday is also. He was born with a ceremonial honor, and held a feast for the third mother, and asked the three Ji to pre-yan the feast, and Mrs. Li Xuzhi. Shi Erji also wears birthday shoes and shoupa, which is also called Jinyan. The birth feast is appropriate, but Er Ji evades. Mrs. Li said, “It’s okay to see each other. Aunt Zhao’s son is also your cousin.” Gai Qiongqi’s mother was born in Lin, and she was an uncle and sister with Zhao’s mother.

Two Ji sent a meeting, but Gu Xun refused to attend the feast. Zhao’s mother said, “The young girl is afraid of being a guest, so I will be different from it.” So she placed a seat in the small room of the hall and ordered little Gothyan. After drinking half-heartedly, Sheng and the younger brother attended to persuade the wine, the old lady said:

“I have seen “Huanxisha”.” Sheng said, “I am ashamed.” Then he asked for orders.

The old lady said: “It’s not like a thousand years of age.” Please engrave the rhyme after life. The old lady said: “When I was young, I still remembered that Li Youan had the phrase “Cold wall and autumn grass, and report peace and good.”

Without thinking about life, he whispered and said: Green shade and fragrant grass, oriole sounds good. On the Yaotai, Hua Chubiao, the Qingluan Dance, the Queen Mother Feiyan Award. Pan Tao, Chitose? Hua Ze is not old. Ya has Yushan, and came first to destroy Antarctica. Xuanhe, Liang is not a small person. Ready? Fu, Peng Rangshou Kao.

Mrs. Li said, “It’s a really good word.” Sister Qiong said, “You can do it with Xiangshi. Can you still control it today?” Sister Qiong thanked him. The wife said: “Let’s try a word, so as to ask for advice.” Qiong Yin’s hat said: “Yaocao, the report is good for the year. On the Qige Pavilion, the Qiongtai watch is full of trees, and it’s really funny to pick the edge. If you have another birth, you will be immortal for another three thousand years. Jinzun frequently urges you to fall, and the Queen Mother arrives by Luan. The birthday is high, the universe is small, people are at the table in China, and the persuasion is still not enough. Qi Gaozhu, ten thousand years of life test.”

Presented to the old lady, the lady said: “Leimen cloth drums, the sound is amazing.” Sheng said: “Wizards and geniuses, the clouds are far and away.” Madam Chen Muqi said: “You talk to your eldest sister all day long, I don’t know. Yunhe. Let’s talk about you today, and don’t give up.” On a strange occasion, he worshiped the old lady and Zhao’s mother and said: “Let’s offer laughter, offer laughter.”

The old lady said: “You don’t have to talk about poems, the etiquette is self-excellent.” Qi Zhizhi said: “The green grass in Yaochi has grown better these days. Zhu Mingri, Xuan Tian’s watch, besides this, the people at the feast are noisy. The Chinese banquet is open, and I wish that man will live forever.

I was so embarrassed that my birthday came. Travellers are no less talented people, but you can rely on Ma Xiongcai, and there is still a lot to say. Spit Fang words, long wish Ciwei a long life. “

Mrs. Li said: “Wonderful! Ci is also. It can be described as a female scholar.” After the ci, they took their place. Jinniang said, “Thank you for your advice.” So she served as the third mother, and then returned to the banquet to persuade her to drink. Shi Lanxiang came with jasmine flowers from outside, offering both three mothers and Jin Niang. One with Joan, Joan Day. “Send to little brother.” One and Qi, Qi said: “Send to Baiguanren.”

Lan Xiang’s younger brother Yu Sheng laughed and said that Sheng Sheng said: “This flower has a heartbeat.” Birth is also unpleasant, even strangers don’t know.

A short time to stop the feast. It was born late to enter the Sanji Embroidery Room, a meeting of silk and satin. After the meeting with Qi, he said: “Ershu is not correct, and Yang is called too much in the poem.” Qi said: “Occasionally, the breath comes to your ears.” He also prepared Lan Xiang’s words, Qi Sui Dayun. The next morning she spoke to her mother, and the mother answered Lan Xiang in anger. Xiang said: “This is true, but the play is with Bai Lang. Sister Bai Lang tells her about it? It must be Bai Lang’s secret to tell her sister. May the wife check it out.” Life is suspicious, calling sister Qi, saying: “It is better to stop slander! Forcing prostitution? Fu Daxun, the reason why my wife and Faqi can hear, Qi sister is stuck.” Jin Shizhi said: “This is a real story. , So I told my sister.”

Lan Xiang was silly, and Mrs. Chen has been suspicious since then.

The ninth pavilion and water pavilion spring romance

In the next few days, Mrs. Chen said to Zhao’s mother: “The weather is scorching, and people get sick. There are hundreds of gardens and pavilions in the water pavilion, where the three daughters can be housed in the middle. How can it be blocked?” Zhao Muranzhi, then came from Qiongqifang After opening the door, he relied on his garden pavilion, thinking that the door on the outside was strict and strict, and he didn’t know the heavy wall inside. Although the maid was very suspicious, she didn’t know the way of birth and exit.

One day, Mrs. Chen asked Chunying and said: “If you have passed on for a long time, you would rather know what happened to Bai Lang?” Chunying said: “Nothing inside and outside, not meeting each other. And there is no maidservant to communicate, how can Lang Jun get in? This one is also; in the early spring, Bailang often arrives, and my concubine is still suspicious. I have nothing to do for dozens of days now. One of these two is also; and since March, the policemen and the western gates are strictly closed and locked, and the maidservants are not allowed to come and go. , Bai Lang can fly?” Madam’s doubts disappeared.

Sheng Ji bantered in the pavilion every day, and she was scornful, but Sister Du Qiong was stubborn. It was the day of the moon, and Sheng and Jinqi were having fun in the Linshui Pavilion. Sister Qiong did not survive. Jin Zuoshu is a strange trick, and Qiong Fu’s book says: “The inferior cousin Li Qiongqiong is in vain: the four cousins ​​make up the time, that is, morning, Xia Jingzhuming, Yinghua Liuli, Lianbai is like Liu Lang’s smile, durian is intended to be red. Feiyan’s initial makeup, fishes, play with golden hooks, birds are charming and wear fine jade. On the pavilion, learn the breeze, and in the water pavilion, it is soothing and refreshing, and the scenery is sincere. Leaning on a railing laugh; Pan An’s appearance, similar talent, caressing scenery and writing, is it not happy? However, the ancients said that desire cannot be indulged, and indulgence is a disaster; happiness is not extreme, and happiness is extremely sad. And butterfly Man is not dignified. Degree? Obscenity is really ugly. Can you read the Fu of Xiangshu, can it not be too chilling? Sister-girl Zhongying, Lang Shizhongjie, wish to read it.”

Sister Qi came with a book and said: “Yingying refuses to come, and the Matchmaker can’t do it. There is a lot of love and rain in this book, and you have to kneel and listen to it.” Growth Yi said, “Good sister, let me take a look.” Sister said, “I want my eldest sister to worship deeply.” Jinbai said: “Good sister, let me take a look.” Acacia? You don’t know how to be a matchmaker, but you will come to behave.” Jin said, “Worship and pay me back.” Sheng said, “I want him to replace Yingying.” He lingered for a long time before laughing.

After ten and seven days, Shengwen his uncle returned from Jingzhou, waiting to be picked up outside the gate. Sanji also thinks that the day is not coming, and she is also a female worker in the pavilion. After the meal, Zhao’s mother prepared tea and fruit, sent the daughter Chunying, etc., all to save it, and wished to see Erji’s work. Sister Qi heard Lan Xiang’s call in a hurry, and said with a smile: “This maid is here again to find out the news. If there is nothing today, he will be severely punished.” Er Ji laughed and said, “You are not afraid of him today.”

And Qi Mi, the maidservants are all there, and Yun Zhaomu delivers tea. Sanji talked and laughed and smoked tea. Lanxiang walks in the shade of flowers, crosses the willow path, and crosses the curved embankment, everywhere. Sister Qi asked for a whip and said, “Use the whip of the horse to whip this one.” Lan Xiang walked to the side of Fang Numa, clapped her hands and laughed: “Funny and funny, there are two lotus flowers on one stalk.” When the osmanthus is called, she kneels on the ground, and Sister Qi said, “You have done little to me, what do I do to you? You use invisible things to produce relentless slander. Do you want to separate mother and child? Come to the pavilion. In the middle, everyone is waiting to stand. You are racing towards things, wanting to find my presence. Are you looking for it today? You are so blamed.” Lan Xiangming said, “My sister is E in the sky, Lan Xiang is a rabbit beside E. The rabbit is afraid of E and the thin candle has nothing to rely on, but loves her sister’s uniqueness, so it has the words of the previous day. To this day, because of the long absence, I am idle in the pavilion and read the beautiful scenery, is it willing to watch? If you have this heart, sin When ten thousand die. And my sister, a hero, a hero, and a hero of Bai Lang, can’t be matched? But for fear of losing her body easily, Bai Lang regards his sister like a wall flower, and his sister hopes that Bai Lang is out of the cloud. At that time, he regrets it. Lan Xiang and his sister are in peace and happiness. , I also share tribulations with my sister, and I can’t be safe and defensive?” Qi said, “How is the crime of unprovoked slander?” Lan Xiang said, “I know the crime, but my sister does not self-examine the ears. The poem is of meaning, One is suspicious; the second is suspicious; the second is suspicious; the second is suspicious; the other is suspicious. Everyone is suspicious, Lan Xiangan dare not sue? If Sister Li Qiong is dignified, and Zhao Siniang is rigorous, is there such a slander?” To the effect, the whip bleeds.

When Qiongqi traveled back to the shore of Fangnuma, he told sister Qi, “The lotus in the swamp has a lotus in the swamp. The fruit blooms and has a stalk. This is good. You can go and take a look at the orchid fragrant.” Qi Sui explained. All the maidservants returned, and they reported to Zhao’s mother with a double lotus. The mother invited Mrs. Li and Mrs. Chen to share the reward.

With the wine, the old lady blessed her with a cup and said: “I am a son of a long time, so that my daughters and grandchildren are unworthy. This old person is deeply worried. I would like to give a good sample today, and I would like to find a quick son-in-law.” Also wishing Mrs. Chen Said: “May Sister Qi make a good relationship soon.” He also wished Mother Zhao: “May my brother have a good wife soon.” Shi Fang took the seat, and Mother Zhao invited back: “With this good fortune, you can call Baisheng to come and see. .”

The old lady and Mrs. Chen were unwilling, and they reluctantly followed Zhao’s mother and asked Qiuying and Xiaozhu to summon them. The return report said: “Uncle Bai has a guest, I don’t know what is going to get angry?” Mother Zhao said: “Chunying knows the matter well, so you can explore it.” In the frontier of the eunuch, Mr. Bai does not want his uncle to go away and get married. Mr. Zeng does not want the young lady to return to his relatives. Each has regrets. In March of this year, Mr. Bai went to Beijing for food and met Mr. Zeng. Regret. Today, Master Bai sent his uncle home to discuss marriage for his uncle, so he was angry.” Zhao’s mother said, “Does the uncle know that I would invite him?” Chunying said, “He will be here for dinner.”

A short period of time has come, and I am the third mother.

Mrs. Li smiled and said, “If you have such a talented man, why worry about being without a wife?” Mother Zhao smiled and said, “Don’t worry about children, I and you are the match. There are lotus and stems in the marsh. This is auspiciousness. .” Shengyue went with the younger brother, and the fruit was both fruitful, and he was very happy when he was born. He wrote a poem because of his generous drinking:

Zhongzheng Yanzheng, how bright are the flowers? Ridiculous God, Lingbo is floating in heaven.

And the lotus blossoms, and the fragrant breeze darkens. The jade mother in the Yaochi swims, and the Qi Pavilion is full of gold.

To speak sweetly to others, exactly like a Xi Tzu woman. Compared to the official Wu Wang, he was stubborn and stubborn.

The day and the double shadows diverge, and the wind moves two floats.

Shame to lonely mirror, should know and learn together. Don’t wait for a leisurely reward, cross the branches and Fangshu.

Who does Rui Ri open for? The area is marked with a flyover. The fragrance and rhyme are far and clear, and the two eagles and willows are mingled outside.

Should be with two different wheat, the same recommend Shi Yujing.

Presented to Mrs. Li, his wife sighed and said: “Luxury and fresh, and talented at home.” Mother Zhao smiled and said, “Why should I be a betrothal gift?” Two Ji pushed. Jin Xiao said: “But it’s okay to do it. Brother Bai is in the same family, don’t be different.” Er Ji Ranzhi.

Qiong Shou said: In this midsummer scene, the fragrance of flowers Liu Zimei (Joan). The two marshes have merged, and Shuangzhi He Bingrui (odd). The wind blew last night, and the sky came up with suspicion (Jin). For Rudengchi Pavilion, Inz Fanzun? (Joan). Concubine Pan was silent, and joined hands with the Xiangjiang girl (odd). Wu Bi is happy to meet, and the two Qiao are obliquely side by side (Jin). The surface of the sand is flowing, and the water is full and full (Joan). Emerald double wings, mandarin ducks live together (odd). The Queen Mother enjoys the Yao Chi, and the cloud car stops on the water (Jin). Ruiyu has flown in the spring, and Tianmen first releases the list (Joan). Should know Fu Quqing, that accounted for Dan Huangming (odd)? Too often, like Keji, the picture here is Shenjing (Jin).

When the old lady saw it, she laughed and said, “All female and British.” Sheng exclaimed and said: “The talents of all my sisters are more than in modern times.” Sheng Qinsan resigned after his resignation, and his mother gave up on her own.

In the evening, Zhao’s mother said that Mrs. Li said, “I want to use Bai Lang to match sister Qiong, why?” Madam Chen also strongly agreed. The old lady said: “I am afraid that something is not true, and the negotiation is undecided. And I don’t know the direction of this business?” Zhao’s mother said: “Yes. Don’t say it, wait for the media to discuss this before you can talk about it.” Li Laofu The man said, “If this happens, it is also heaven; if it fails, it is also heaven.” Chunying heard this and told Jinniang. The championship is to inform students, and he said: “Brother can send more media to learn about, so that the old lady knows, he is undoubted, and he should see his promise.” Mrs. Chen also has sister Qi as a business partner, but she hesitates in her heart because she is six years away. Lan Xiangcheng said: “The maidservant gave tea yesterday and was whipped by her sister. Although it was bloody, she did not complain. But Lan Xiang looked at her sister, but she seemed to be self-confident. If you don’t match it early, you will get a good pair. Naturally incomparable.” Madam said: “Is it true? Don’t talk too much.”

The tenth jade bowl bu marrying beautiful ladies

He was alive for a few days with his uncle, so he didn’t dare to enter Joan’s room lightly. The uncle also sent a matchmaker to ask for a kiss. It’s Xi, I was born into Jin’s room, and discussed with Sanji, because he said, “Sister Qiong, Qimei, I do what I want, but it’s hard to have both. How can I do it?” All belong to the emperor. But I don’t know who is the first to hear it. It is said that this matter is all heaven after all, and it is impossible for humans to do it.” Qi Rang Zhi Qi, Qi Rang Zhi Qiong, each made an oath, sincerely.

The Jin said: “Don’t push, I divide it for you. Burn incense tonight, confess to the sky, write each name, and hold it in a jade bowl. Those who get dumplings will discuss marriage today; those who win later will have different strategies. There is the name of Shuangfeng in one fell swoop?” Sheng Daily was embarrassed by this, and it was true after hearing Jin Yan. Then he told the sky and got the name of Sister Qiong. Qi laughed and said: “Make my aunt a good minister, and I will be a loyal minister. Isn’t it beautiful?” So the four decided.

The next day, he was born and said to uncle Yu and sent his neighbor’s wife as a matchmaker. Speaking to Zhao’s mother, Zhao’s mother told Mrs. Li and Mrs. Xu Zhi, who chooses a day for employment. Zhao’s mother is forty taels of gold, and there are two pairs on the inside of the gold flower table, both of which are from Zhao’s mother. The neighbour’s wife is on the ground and writes a letter to Mrs. Li, whose words read:

“The two marsh blossoms in Chenxia, ​​You Tianrui should be stolen. The old lady is a thousand years of green lotus roots, and the fairy tales are beautiful; Mr. Lingzi, the green lotus of the thousand leaves is almost full, and the sea is overwhelming; let the granddaughter The fungus of the Xia sign is bitter, and the new fragrance of the embroidered pavilion is new. Here, if you have a double flower and a stalk, you will come out of a pond. How can you still have a child? If there is a dream of three lives, it is the strangeness of this wall! Family brother Yuanhuan It’s my fate to lead the league. Zhao’s mother holds Ke and Jianlong Jinbo. Compared with Luo Yongjie, she is twice as powerful as Baipeng; when it comes to the beginning, Ruichang flows in Wanye.”

Mrs. Li was very pleased to read it, and then she wrote and replied:

“Immediately, Yuchi offers Rui, opens the lotus flower of the stalk, and the old man lifts wine to look at the sky. May the daughter-in-law be happy. Does it mean that Rui is no longer than three o’clock, and Qingsui becomes one day. Yin is only a deacon, a famous man, and sees the sky today. It represents the phoenix, and the order is not a thing in the pool. What is the filial piety? However, the lotus has three virtues; out of mud but not muddy, its gentleman’s pure repair is almost; the cloud brocade and the cloud cup, the monarch’s virtue and tolerance; Although the fragrance is far away and clear, the gentleman has a faint reputation. I would like to make people look like it, and the old body will be more than Rong. Seeing the flowers of the wax torch, knowing the wind of a century; hearing the good news of the magpie media, the trillions of leaves in Changchun.”

She was very happy with the book, and the neighbor woman said in a play: “Miss sees the book with joy, and the official sleeps steadily, not afraid of sneak peeks.”

The wine will be placed in the cellar for many days. The old lady felt it was private, but she ignored it. Although sister Qi restrained herself. The love for life is good, and the Yin pierced his arms. On the left, there is the sentence “Born to be Bai Lang’s wife”, and on the right there is the sentence “Death to the Bai family ghost”. Life is seen in the evening, I regret it, I exchange tears, I feel bored, and I just throw myself into bed.

Joan slept with him because of persuasion. Tears all the way through the night, like rain, self-confidence and wonder.

In his spare time, Qiong said, “I don’t know if I tell you whether you are my brother or not, but I feel this stubborn feeling. Why hate my bones?” Qiong said, “Except for my death, my sister will stop. Lang, I won’t give my brother-in-law’s place.” Jin said next door, “Can you make me feel bad?” Qiong laughed and said, “Three people have the same work, so are there differences in each other?” Jin Fu laughed and said, “Does my sister miss me? Qiong said, “Think of me and be with me, don’t you think of gong?” The three laughed again, and they have been thinking about it since they were born.

In the coming months, Jin Qiong is also business-oriented, especially diligent. No one knew about Shi Zhu’s maidservants, but none of them dared to speak. But half-scented and self-reliant on beauty, always cherish the beauty during his lifetime.

Sheng had repeatedly persuaded him, so he was embarrassed and wanted to vent his chances, but even because of the evil sister Qi, he did not dare to speak. Jin Qiongshan is self-contained and hides himself, not very aware of it inside and out. Since Nanyang turns to the west, the Nine Autumn Festival will win. Guiyou Hua and Qing Gongyue, Chang’e kisses Guanghan; Huaihua plays yellow and dances in the sky, handsome and afraid of riding in the road. Health management outfits, enter the autumn to take the exam. Farewell to Ji, infinitely hurt.

The three Ji made a total of autumn clothes, a pair of socks, a green jade pendant, and a gold hairpin. They are all used by them. Sister Qiong wrote a poem:

The beloved will part with tears and blood in his eyes. Du Yu screamed miserably, Qiu Chan choked bitterly.

This feeling is only self-knowledge, it is difficult to tell to Ruhun. I would like to step into the Toad Palace and take a photo by Osmanthus.

Sister Qi made a poem and said:

The desire to leave is still not farewell, the tears are bleeding. The complaint is short and the Taoist is long, choking and swallowing again.

If you don’t speak to your husband, who else will you speak to? I wish to fold the laurel branches, holding hands high.

The poem written by Jin Yi said:

People don’t have a good heart, and they will bleed bitterly. I’m miserable because of my husband, and Lang is swallowed by my concubine.

Don’t do it, say it again. Zhegui must return early, and there is no way to go to the wall.

The old lady, Zhao’s mother, and Mrs. Chen are generous gifts. All relatives and friends are given as gifts. From the past to the province, review the scriptures, and enter the exams by the end of the term. However, I miss Sanji, and I don’t want to miss it. In the morning and evening, Ji also feels sorrowful towards the scenery, even the thoughts of sleepiness, and the thoughts of worrying and detachment. After three tests, he sent his servant to the house to greet him. Not only serve the treasures of the mothers, but also give the three Ji Huasheng. The book is sincere and cannot be exhausted.

Jinqiong was pleased to see her, and Sister Qi turned miserable. The newspaper said: Sister Chen Qi, concubine Chen Qi, replied with Yu Fujun, Bai Huangyuan Jieyuan Wenji: Xia Guang has already gone, Qiuyu is so desolate! Every midnight, the cool breeze is everywhere, and the lonely eagle screams mournfully, and tears cry. Almost cut off, listening to the sound of the anvil and pestle, Uncle Yan is like a pounding; listening to the sound of the eaves, if there is a hidden worry. At this time, how can you tell me about this situation? Don’t you think people who want to drink and have fun, would rather be sad?

Since Wushan encounters, followed by the deep alliance under the moon; An said that there is no end, and it will send a little life; the king said that this head can be broken, and his ambition is unswerving. Sincerely, the concubine is the concubine, and the concubine is the king. If you don’t stay with you, Yunfei will stay with you, and once in a day, you want to cut three autumns. Do not say today for 30 days, is it 90 autumn? Love is not cut, tears are not endless!

Why don’t I be a cool breeze, and be with you all the time? Don’t care! Why am I not an asuka, screaming with sorrow every day? The concubine and the king swear, and the king talks, and the bright king also sees the master. The first fear is always going against the opportune moments, and the mother will want to be clear at noon, and she will not see pity; she will want to tell others, and fear others will laugh. Xuntian, the sky does not hear; ask the flower, the flower is speechless. It is so self-explanatory, but the self-established person, only death, can be blamed. However, death is like knowing, taking advantage of the wind to show itself, dealing with the emperor, and looking at it; death is like ignorance, and decayed with the vegetation, it is not as good as living in the world, in case you can see the emperor’s healing.

However, this body is the body of the king, and if the body is not the king, there is no difference in death. If you cherish death and greed for life, and light the funeral, then it is not as safe and tired as the decayed grass. Jun Qi is my picture, the sincerity of existence, this statement is full. The book shed tears and can’t be reopened.

Chenghui jade powder rouge, Cuiyu Huasheng. Although it is for the help of seeing things and thinking about people, it actually increases the sorrow of who knows to be tolerant. Attached with sea things, may you have a meal; also with sandals, may benefit from others. Yu Wei Shu Weikui’s selection, Haiyu’s fame, is also the wish of the third concubine.

Life divination, birth certificate, collection of students’ prescriptions and friends. I couldn’t help myself, tears and sobbing.

When the friends read his book, they all sighed, because they said: “There is a sincere experience, and I am not ashamed of Huang Yuan’s serious injury.”

The heart of fame and fame is relieved, and the old man’s thoughts are greatly improved. It was announced at the end of the month that although the birth name fell outside of Sun Shan, he didn’t mind at all.

So he rode his horse to get home and met with Ji again. Sister Zhu Qi said: “If I go home proudly, Ming and Zuntang said, begging for marriage, I will be cherished.” With this strange love, my heart will always be stunned.

But the return of Sanji is like glue attached to paint. All mothers change their faces because of their birth. It is the small gate of the wall at night, and it is still a bed-sharing meeting. In the middle of life, he sighed, Jin Fuzhi said: “Fame is divided, why bother?” Qiong said: “Lang Fei asks for this, only for my sister.” Sheng said: “The son really knows my heart. What can I do for it? ?” Qiong said:

“My eldest sister and I have a clever plan.” Sheng said, “I wish to hear.”

Qiong said: “You must have a trip to Jingzhou in the future, and the dumplings will have a marriage certificate, one end of the front and the inside, four platinum ingots, and four platinum ingots, which will be paid to my sister. After the trip, Chen Wan will definitely discuss the marriage. And with the thorn in my sister’s arm, and then write the gold coin marriage book, Aunt Chen has no choice but to make things humorous.” Qi Xiao said: “The plan is strange, but the face is very thick.” Jin said: “So this is the case. It can be done, and the dough can be peeled off.” Sheng said: “Xiang Shi is embarrassed by sister Qi, and now I feel relieved.”

Since I miss you for more than a month, I love Long Du. The father ordered his servants to find out the letter of Qiuwei, and he was sent to Jingzhou as early as possible. As a last resort, set off. Mrs. Chen said that she was born and said, “Should we see you again during this trip?” Because of the relative crying, the two cannot win. Sheng wailed and said: “Fortunately, my auntie will not speak such unfavorable words. Yun wish my auntie will last forever. Since she has the grace of flesh and blood, she must be worn by the hills and mountains.”

Mrs. Chen snorted again and said, “I am a widow, and I will support me.” Sheng said, “Dare you not follow my life?” The wife entered with a runny nose.

Sanji sent miserable, poems and sorrows. The mothers parted with diligence and gave a generous gift. He is riding a horse on the way, and his eyes are different from mountains and rivers; the flying boat is fast, and it cuts into the embrace of the wind and the moon. The words that uttered all the songs are all in love with the words of the old man. So how is the thinking of Ji of Sheng, and the same is true of thinking of Ji of Sheng.

The eleventh Jinniang cut stocks to save her relatives righteously

At the twelfth lunar month, the cold is pressing, Zhao’s mother wins, and suddenly becomes seriously ill. Sanji was at a loss, so please pray to the sky, each wishing to reduce their lifespan, in order to benefit their mother’s year, but it didn’t work. Jin Ye opened the door in the middle of the night and cut shares on the same day. Qiong Qi didn’t return when he saw it for a long time, and looked closely at it, knowing the reason, and talking about it, the mother’s illness healed. The people in the village heard about it, and the county and county Jing said: “The gate of filial piety.” A poem said:

Wu Shanyao faces Hua Shanxi, and the wind and birds are crying.

I have seen Wenhua Wei toast, that Zhijiexiao is a boudoir?

Cut the heart from the ancient loyalty to the old, cut the shares in the present Huiyu strange.

There is a holy grace in Jing Farewell, who will follow Wen Kui?

Zhao’s mother buys wine, and all the dependents are happy. There is a general Yang Ba, who hears the beauty of Jinniang, and prepares gifts to celebrate her. He takes twenty taels of platinum as Zhao’s mother’s birthday. Yang wanted to coerce him with the force, first threatened his neighbors, and concealed the huge profit.

Jinniang said, “You speak for me, my head can be broken, and my body is not visible.” Yang stopped with fear. It’s when the three Ji are all even more striving for aspirations. After self-birth, do not apply lipopowder and do not go abroad. Although Ruiyue Qianmen beauties, Sanji is as indifferent as it is. The Lantern Festival is happily prosperous, and Sanji does not go out to play, and his ethics are like this. After I arrived in Jingzhou, when I saw my parents, I would like to read Sanji, but I asked my father to say: “Mrs. Li, the grandmother is also eager to get married. He sent people to thank Yan, and waited to move, and the engagement period.” Father Xu Zhi, prepared gold coins, sent his servants back to visit the third mother, and wrote a letter to Sanji.

The book reads: Bai Jingyun, a concentric person, and the three beauties in the book make up: How lucky is Yun in this life? In the old days, the noble princes and princes had a heroic daughter, and they could still be heard through the ages. There are three things in the situation. They are all gods and goddesses, and they are beautiful and beautiful! Wen Xuan Chunhua, the words reflect the autumn water, it is superb! As loyal as gold and jade, it is like a phoenix, and the spirit is Yingda! When Yun Fang was fortunate enough to prepare for the plan, he heard the words of intimidation, so the blind date, the pity and the love, and the marriage. If you wander in the sky of beauty, why is the cloud so lucky in this life? When recalling the bag, leaning on the jade in the Fanglan, stealing the incense in the water pavilion, there is no joy in the world, and the fun of life is endless, and it is beautiful. However, this is still a meeting of stealing pleasure, and today all people are in the middle of the moon, and the deep alliance under the moon is true. The five-year relationship is not yet over. Xinchee Xinche, thousands of miles of heart. But I want my third sister, hardworking mothers.

Qi Mei’s marriage letter is unheard of. Day and evening hanging bets. If you want to be friendly, the world can be decided by two words. Smell urgently! In Jingzhou, God is in Sangzi. Remember this, I must forgive me. Without much desire to talk, Yi is hiring people in other enlightenment.

The mothers were very happy when they got the book, and the money was in the outer hall. There are people with the surname Zhu from time to time, the home of Fangbo, the noble eunuch, and the hometown of Qi. There is a weak crown in the year of the son, and the strange beauty of the world, and the matchmaker seeks marriage. Mrs. Chen didn’t make a promise at the beginning, and then occasionally saw Zhu’s son, who was beautiful and wise, so Xu Yan. She wants to apply for a job on another day, but Sister Qi suddenly claims to be ill, and she is a deadly person for three days. The wife was apprehensive, and asked why she sobbed, and Joan told the truth.

The wife said, “Is there anything wrong? The access control is tight, so Bai Lang can fly to the son?” Qiong said, “If I don’t believe this, please look at Qi Mei’s arms.” Madam Chen saw it and said, “Bai Lang is in time.” Why don’t you tell me? If you don’t marry the Zhu family today, where will you place this girl?” Qiong said: “My sister and Bai Lang vowed to live and die together and never contradict each other.” The wife said, “What do you swear by an infatuated man? Suffice it to believe?” Qiong then opened his box, took out forty taels of platinum, one pair on the front and the inside, and the marriage book said: “This is all who Bailang believes in believers.” The wife said, “It is true. But the sky will last forever. Why do sisters meet each other?”

Qiong knelt and pointed to the sky and said: “If Qiong has two hearts, then the heaven will be destroyed. May my aunt, give me a song early.” The lady said: “What is wrong with me?” Qiong said: “My sister has been with Qiong. Ruo. If the aunt doesn’t follow, the sister’s life is all on tonight.” The lady fell into tears, and Xu said: “The idiot, you should die for your sins. I have kept this for so many years, and now I have no choice but to be ashamed and tolerate. Do you know this? Qiong said: “I don’t know.” The wife caressed her strange body, and said: “You are private to Bailang, but you are not a man? It’s too white.” It’s strange. Qiong said, “My sister is guilty of losing her body to Bailang, but she is more committed to the second. She is also envious of her loss?”

The wife agreed and said: “It is true or not, and I will not force it from now on.” However, when the gift coin was not accepted, Joan was still suspicious, and sue her to the second mother. The second mother offered a gift coin and persuaded Mrs. Chen to accept it. The wife still has a face. The wife said: “For the affairs of the world, those who have economic rights and make good use of the rights can help the economy. If you don’t have troubles.” “Believe in this slave long ago, and there will be no disaster for today.” Unsurprisingly, he was sitting alone on the small couch.

Sister Qi is set, and Mrs. Chen re-books and lives. Jin Qi also lived with books and sent his servants back to Jingzhou.

The Twelfth Sister Qi’s Mobility Camp

It was then that Mrs. Chen died in a mutiny and returned to her hometown. Unfortunately, she was ill. Qi went to the province, Kou Cang resumed work within a few days, and then sent Qi into the city. The heir is the thief Yichi, the wife is very sick, and if she wants to get into the city, she is unsupported. After the strange news changed the number and walked towards the province, Sister Qiong held a strange hand and said: “The bandits are full of thieves, my sister is not feasible.” The strange said: “I would rather die by the hands of thieves than see my mother?” When he arrived home, Kou Shao calmed down. Sister Qi Yu’s mother is not shy, first buy a coffin.

After the second watch, the officers and soldiers were so big that everyone was happy to think that they were innocent, and the fifth watch knew that they were thieves. Then the cock crowed around the Hunjiang River, plundering hundreds of men. The three thieves broke into Mrs. Chen’s room and saw his wife lying ill. Shi Qi fled in a secret place and suddenly said, “Don’t do it, I will take it for you.” Then he saw the thief. Seeing the beauty of the sky and the country, the thief was very overjoyed, so he plundered them, took Lanxiang, and a few children. When Mrs. Chen was in bed, she still didn’t catch her eyes.

The thief heard that the officers and soldiers were about to arrive, and retreated to Xinqianqiao after the meal, and went to the Hebo Eunuch Office, where they banned the men and women abducted. Sister Qi said that Lanxiang and Jiatong said: “I came to my mother’s illness, but did you know that I died for my mother. If I don’t die, I will be contaminated by thieves. Why should I see Bailang the next day?” If you are sick, your husband still hasn’t returned. To suffer from this change, the weapon can be violated. Gan Weigang Kai, who is so famous? Ride the weathered yellow crane and fly straight to the Chu River.

At the end of the question, the Lanxiang family said: “My mother and son are in the underground. If you come back, you can do good deeds with Miss Bailang.” Then Lan said: “I should die in a hurry. I want to die later.” In the language, take the razor hidden in the skirt, cover the face with the sleeves, and cite the cause. Then he froze, and the blood ran all over the ground. Lan Xiang embraced her face and cried, and the thief came to kill Lan Xiang in anger. Inquired about the reason, the neighbors prepared the road. The thief said: “I made a mistake! This is a filial piety girl, and hastily polluted her corpse.” So he placed it on the back platform of the signature, and covered it with red silk, and weeping with each other. His filial piety was so touching. It was Xi that someone came to report.

Jinqiong’s family name is endless.

Sister Qiong is willing to redeem her corpse with a hundred gold, but everyone is afraid to go. In the morning report the next day, the officers and soldiers retreated the thieves. It was also reported that Mrs. Chen was imminent. Sister Qiong took Qiuying, new sisters, and younger sisters to collect her corpse, and Jinniang took Chunying for the funeral of Mrs. Chen.

When Shi Qiong came on stage with tears, before five steps, Sister Shang Wenqi let out a long sigh, and then said, “My sister is still okay?” When she rushed to caress her, she was extinct, her color was like life, and she was still smiling. Qiong said: “My sister is willing to die.” Because of the difference, she died with Mrs. Chen. Searching for the corpse of Lanxiang, the thief abandoned it and missed it, and there is no resurrection. Sister Qiong read her poem on blood, crying and resurrecting. Sister Qiong arrived at Mrs. Chen’s house and prepared a coffin with Jinniang. The death was complete. The two daughters were mourned at the gate, and the two daughters were in the funeral, and each of them was mourned for the next three days.

Qiong’s words said: Oh, sorrow! My sister is dead, I can’t bear to say it. My sister and I were two weeks apart, five miles away, and we had traveled together at the age of seven, and ten sacrifices to classmate Zeng. My mother and Ruo’s mother are brothers, and my father and Ruo’s father are brother-in-law. Your fourteenth year, my sixteenth year, is to hear the mutiny. But when your father died first, my father traveled, my grandmother and Ruomu, Yu and Wu lived in the hometown. It was the home of Aunt Zhao. Sitting on the same couch, sleeping on the same bed, eating with the same joys and sorrows. Fortunately, sister Jin prepared for the day and night, and used the mothers to teach the Taoism diligently, and we were also very happy to forget our corpses. The heir is to meet the white man together, relying on the kinship of the flesh and blood, the oath of the mountains and rivers, the revolving relationship with the marriage, and the union with the silk for five hundred years. It is said that life will be in the same room, death will be in the same hole, and the gold and the stone will not be moved. The torch meaning laughter hangs between the key tendons, and the misery can be seen just before the moment. My sister loves her mother eagerly and can’t take care of herself. My sister’s love is true, she is dragging her on her way, how can she know that her sister will go, and her sister will change when she goes. The thief blade is like a mother, can’t my sister be safe? Since my sister was born, is she still safe? However, when the thief does not die in Yin, it will be for the whole mother; if you pass this time, the husband and sister will not die in Mao, you must be careful; And my sister is dead. If you don’t die, the girl would rather die? However, when I heard that my sister died, she generously wrote poems, and I interpreted it carefully. The beginning of the poem was: “The mother’s illness cannot arise, and the husband has not returned.” The filial piety is seen in the poem! The second said: “The concubine’s body has been changed this way, and the soldiers can violate it.” Generosity can kill him.

The third said: “If you die for Gang, who will lose your name?” The last said: “Take the weathered yellow crane and fly straight to the Chu River.” Is it poetry, the thief still feels pity for himself, what’s the difference? People are so miserable when they see it. How about Joan? Seeing it, Joan was helpless! How can I make my man sorrow and sorrow to see it? I am afraid that Bailang will be hurt for you, and fortunately, it will be your life! It hurts! Today, I am the immortal, sincerely afraid of hurting the king’s life, and benefiting my sister’s eyes. The ancients had those who died fifteen years ago, so as to keep their loneliness; and those who had died fifteen years later, they also believed in Zhao Qiong’s heart, which is still true. My sister forgive me? Oh, my eyes are dead! I don’t say anything anymore. Although there are still words, if the white man will return, if I can not be for the love of my children, but for my husband’s plan forever, I will always play with treasures and have a few cities and fields. For the same point.

Those who are separated from the present should be in harmony in eternity. Who said that under the Jiuquan, is not the area where I gather for pleasure? Painful husband!

The appearance of a sister is more beautiful than the moon in autumn; the literary talent is like spring flowers; the temperament is breezy; the integrity is the autumn frost; filial piety moves the earth. How can I bear it? How can I say it?

Alas! The Yangtze River is miserable, the cold wind is fierce, the mountains are gloomy, and the world is dark. If you want to see you, unless you can’t get it in a dream. Ruo Chu sees Bai Lang, saying that my liver and intestines are cracked.

Jinniang also has a lament, and her sadness and grievances are no less than Qiong, and she can’t bear it.

The second mother will also hang on. Qi You’s younger brother and twin brothers, who were just seven years old, and Zhao’s mother educates him. After the funeral, the two mothers and two Ji both entered the city, in a desolate state, why not tell them all? Born in Jingzhou, I can’t look at the old servants in the distance, wanting to see San Ji Jin’s parents send their lives back to the marriage.

Qiong’s parents also sent servants to join the marriage, and then they were born with their uncles, and they were dressed up as their family members. Bai Sheng’s original match is the daughter of Zeng Bian, who has a family crest voice, is endowed with virginity, has a talented appearance, and is proficient in classics and history. You Shan’s lyrics, I love the book “The Legend of a Lie Girl”, and I can’t explain it every day. Hearing that his father repented with the Bai family, he would be the son of General Wu again, so he sat alone in the small building, dressed in white, and did not eat for five days.

When the parents saw that he was urgent, they asked to know the reason, because they said, “I follow your will, won’t it be the same again?” Huiyin gradually began to eat.

The son of Wu, the famous Da Lie, is also a great hero, who makes good use of the flying sword at once. Throwing the sword into the air, Yao takes it on his own body. Bian always wants to make Huiyin see his talents and seek out other people. In the first month of the first month, a Jiao Clan’s meeting was held in the atrium, and the family members were promoted to gather together. Da Lie sits on the golden saddle, dressed in a brocade robe, looks like a Fu powder, his lips are like vermilion, throwing swords down, flying spears to transfer. Everyone envied his talents and rejoiced his beauty. The female Xu asked the maidservant, “What little general is this?”

Liu Qing replied, “Master Wu, too.” The woman just sat with her back on her back. The next day, the parents sent their brothers to Dao Yi, and the daughter gave her grievances to see her aspirations. His words read:

Blaming China’s Shen Liaoxi, Qiang is alone and Xiaoxiao. The heart is awkward and difficult, but hateful and boring. To mourn the rest of my life, and stay in the same week as Mu Luo. The sky is slender and the four black is now, and the clouds are faint and full of sky. The thunder broke and broke, and the wind swayed and fluttered. Qi Yuzhi’s loneliness and stupidity is to caress the scenery and feel embarrassed. If you love Yiren, you can’t choose Xi, that is, Fangchen is Jianqiong. Mu Nan pointed out that if there is any direction, it is Xungui and Shenjiao. If the bird flies south, it sounds like a roar. Yu Huzi is not as good as it is today, and is stubborn against the wind. Ji Jiaoyin wailed the order, and was stunned by the appearance of Wushan. Asking where is Sang Zizhi, it is even colder and farther away. The atrium looks amiable, Zhan Ming is dead and self-focused. Yu Feishi was chosen for this, and Yu Gang always withered. Who can come with the second surname Xi, look forward to the wisdom of the philosopher. Yu Ji is named as Husband and Wife, dare to abandon the rut and change his tricks?

Fangfang Lielie is not what I want today, looking at the white clouds in Jiechao. Zongyun flies and does not care about Xi, and will die to the moon. Tianhu, for the reason, why not blame China’s Shen Liao and Shen Liaowan.

The boudoir fu was completed, then stuck to the wall of the building, sitting and lying down to recite it, without eating for five days. The parents were surprised, but sent his brother Erlang to go to Jiangnan Goujun and sent Huiyin home to finish the marriage. The precept said: “I have withdrawn the book the day before, and Bai Lang is no doubt worthy. If you want to marry, you can let it go; if you don’t agree with each other, the court will be the government. It’s hard to travel thousands of miles away, and you will decide by yourself. It’s.” Two maids from Congxing, Liu Qing and Xiang Lian Ye; two children, Xiong Ci and Ding Luan. Erlang Chi released his hometown, carved a white horse with a saddle, and a strong bow and sword. Everyone thinks that the side is handsome, and there is no one who dares to approach. Going home from birth, in the middle of the journey, we meet by chance and see that the other person has a strong horse and a car.

When I arrived at the post pavilion, I saw a woman getting off the car, Chuyue looked like a fairy, and asked the man of strength, “Who is this?” He replied, “Ms. Zengbian, I have finished going home.” The question of life said: “Huiyin has returned home without relatives.” , I don’t know which surname is more suitable?

Please save it. “Because the jealous servant said, “Don’t reveal my name.” Sheng then threw a stabbing, and even named Tian.

Jiro extended into the meeting. Sheng asked, “Where did the old folks come from?” Erlang said, “Riverside.” Sheng said again:

“Where are you today?” Erlang said: “Save me and go home.” Shengyou said: “Guigan?” Erlang said: “Check the army.” Sheng said: “I also bring treasures?” Erlang said, “Send the meeting.” The younger sister returned to his hometown and became a relative.” Sheng said: “What is the surname of my brother-in-law?” Erlang said: “Kushi Bai Jingyun.” Sheng said: “This brother married Li Chenzhou’s daughter, and he was married in February.” Erlang said, “How can my brother know this? Sheng said: “Jingzhou is the same eunuch as the emperor, so I know his ears.” Erlang said: “Since he knows the details, I dare not hide it.” Because he always tells him.

Sheng Xiao said: “To respect the dignity of the weng, and to make the sister of the virtuous, why be afraid of being the son of the prince?” Erlang also recites the chapter of his sister’s boudoir, which means that the husband does not fit the two surnames. He sighed and rewarded, and asked Erlang to recite again, and remember them one by one. Erlang said: “Brother is smart, no one can do it.” Because he stayed to drink Yan, he was relatively happy. Jierlang returned to worship, met with his uncle, and drank all the delicacies. Since then, we have walked together, brothers in preparation for the road.

Erlang always speaks the truth, and never tells the truth throughout his life. Uncle sees Hui syllable exercises, persuades students to marry, and says: “It’s not undesirable. But since I have a deep alliance with Sister Qi. At this time, we must marry two. If one marries three, you will be guilty of the scholar’s ​​husband. What do my parents say about me? And this woman may not be sincere, and Erlang may not speak the truth. Yun will find out her true feelings, and then she will be the district.” The next day, his uncle Yu Erlang said: “She Shi did not discuss the relationship, and the sister is willing. Give it up, I really want it.” Erlang said: “But I am afraid that my sister will not listen to the ears.” Erlang calmly said that the sister said, Huiyin called Liu Qing: “Take water to wash your ears, and Ji will not listen to the dirty words.”

Because of Yisheng’s marriage proposal poem. Huiyin saw it, Hu Lianxiang said: “I don’t take water to mill my eyes. I don’t look at the dirty words. If I see this again, I will send me life in the river.” Since Erlang did not dare to speak, he did not dare to slander. However, Sheng did not have the meaning of admiring Huiyin, and did not dare to marry the three of them, and was helpless day and night.

One day I will arrive home, and I will say farewell to Erlang, saying: “My true and brother, Bai Lang and my cousin, I will make plans with me. Today, Bai Lang and sister Qiong will be his wife, and his lover Qi is second. Lingmei If you go, where do you put it? If your sister stays long, she will not be the first; if the sister stays, the cousin, will you be inferior to others? According to my plan, only three sisters can be good for their strengths, and they don’t know their respect. How is it?” After the word was finished, because of the oath not to deceive, Erlang discussed with Huiyin, and then revived, saying: “My sister is a master, not greedy for pleasure, if you see Bailang, you can avoid the risk of loss. , You also have no intention of quarreling.” Sheng said: “If this is the case, then it will be good.”

Born from Jingzhou to home, and met the old servant on the way, I have been happy sister-in-law. On the solstice, I met the old lady Zhao Mu. Jinniang went out to see her, tears in her face. Life is very strange, because I asked Qi sister and Mrs. Chen. The old lady is in the hometown. Seeing Jinniang’s miserable face, Zhao’s mother had no choice but to ask why. Shengzheng, fainted, helped into the bed, unconscious. The old lady Zhu Jinniang said: “This life is far away, and the hurt is very serious. If you are brothers and sisters, you can go to the province. If you lose your mind, what will you do?”

It was Xi Jin who led the servants and ministered to the left and right. Shengshu does not talk to each other, crying and drinking all night, and going to the hometown the next morning to pay homage.

Jin Qiong was afraid that he would hurt his life, so he sent Chunying and Xinzhu to be taken care of. When you are born, you will be awakened when you see the cemetery. If this is the case four, the uncle of the Sheng will see what it is, and he will pay a memorial to him and hold the shoulders to return.

He didn’t eat for two days after birth, and the old lady was hesitant and ate by herself. Regardless of life, the old lady Yun said: “You want to kill your old body? I know that there is Aunt Chen, and I know that there is Sister Qi, and I also know that there is Qiong. And he is filial to the son, is the festival of the female death, and the husband is restored. What hate? Does the son know the destiny, and feel unprofitable?” Zhao’s mother also persuaded students to eat a little bit, because it is so strange to call the soul, and set up the Lord to worship it.

Brother Qidi was raised by Tuo Jin. Qishu is in the hometown, guarded by his lover. Take platinum as the Qi Zongjiajie field, with books for the Qi Zongjia. Its soul-calling words say:

Sad soul too! What does the soul care about if it is recruited? Xi in nine days. But the soul dies for me, how can you bear to give up my face? I mourn the soul, so what does the soul care? In the underground. But the soul wants to follow me, can the bird copy its heart in the ground? Sad soul too! What does the soul care about if the son’s trick is? In the famous mountain. However, the love of the mountain alliance is not over, the soul is hopeless, and the tears are falling? Sad soul too! Where is the soul in Yuzhi’s move? In the sea. But the covenant of each oath has not been extended, the soul is invisible, and the face is runny? Sad soul too! What does the soul care about if you have a move? Come before the flowers. However, if you say goodbye, the face of the flower is reduced, why does the soul mean to watch the flower? Sad soul too! What does the soul care about if the son’s trick is? Xi under the moon. When the moon is full but people are not, why does the soul want to play with the moon? Woo wailing, spitting, nowhere to visit. The vastness is like night, and my heart is miserable. Do not know where you are, how can you bear to be discouraged? Riding the wind to supersede, but thinking about it. Sad and surprised, Xi Chu Jiangxi. Dream soul pro-moxibustion, sit quietly and calmly. Exquisite shooting is the place where the soul is known, and it is in the union of my gods. Alas, the soul comes, wandering with you. I think about it, heartbroken for nine times. You can’t see Xi when you are born, and you have the same core when buried. As if you don’t believe Xi, the sun will thunder.

It is said that there will be more sorrows in the ages; what is the meaning of heaven as the middle? Life and death are destined, and the soul is not sad.

To die is a filial piety, and the name is thorough. Ashamed of the coolness and virtue, alone, sleepy and decadent. Will the soul bless me, take this gold? .

The thirteenth round of biwu and twin phoenixes and mingling

Ziyi was born as a Jinniang and persuaded him hard, and gradually took care of the housekeeping and took care of the marriage. However, after returning home, I never met with Joan, and gave Jin to love. Qiong said: “If you say something else, I want to see my heart eagerly. However, Lang is sad for my sister, I also cherish it for my sister, sad and sorrowful, love is thin, and I will be married soon, and I hope that Lang will be jade.” Jinfu Yusheng, Sheng said: “I am worried at this time, not because of amorous feelings. But when there is something, I want to see each other.” Jin asked the reason, Sheng Gu told the story of Huiyin, and gave out his boudoir.

Jin reports to Joan. Qiong said, “If you don’t marry thousands of miles away, what will he do? I am not jealous.”

Give birth to Jin to serve Bai’s mother Zhao and Mrs. Li. The wife said, “How is Qiong Yi?” Jin said, “Wish it.”

Mrs. Li said, “Take me to think carefully.” Jin said, “The other side of the court is far away. If you can’t get married, you will have to go to court, which seems indecent.”

The old lady said, “Maybe you marry.” Jin said to Sheng, she was very happy. The next day Erlang sent the old media to talk about marriage. While he was hesitating, he suddenly saw his servant returning from Jingzhou. Since the start of the birth, the father Wen sent his daughter home and kissed him, fearing that the birth would be sued by him, so he sent his servant to write a letter, order and marry to settle the dispute. Zai and Shuyi made a decision, and asked Erlang to discuss the reply.

The next day, Erlang’s white horse was carved with a saddle, soap covered with a square flag, and his servants were brocade robe, gold, orange and silver, and the gate of Bailang was built. Sheng and Xu are greeted. After sitting down, Erlang said: “Please meet my brother-in-law.” Sheng laughed and said: “Bucai Luci, you have witnessed a serious crime, I hope you can forgive me.” Erlang said: “I knew it was my brother-in-law, on the way Inadvertently swig?”

Because the two releases Xingmu, the doubt talks and laughs. Shengda set up a table, and Erlang drank stubbornly. The talk about the wedding date has been completed, and Erlang sent someone back to Huiyin.

Sheng said: “I have attached the book, is it still eye-catching?”

The ears were not dry yet, and I suddenly heard good news.

Danzhong Tanhua Lang, the heavenly ambassador to Luan.

What is so miserable? It should be more coquettish.

There will be a period of Lanqiao, Qiubo turned around.

Huiyin was slightly unmoved when he saw it. Gai was usually stunned, and his virtue was firm. Erlang went home late to learn more about the Tao and also used marriage tools.

Born in the Chinese marriage on May 11, it is the sun, the fire is flying red, and the brilliant flowers greet the dawn. There are hundreds of two kinds of light on the road, and there is a spring in one curtain. The horses and carts are rushing, and the emperor comes in the Guanghan Palace; the music is heard, and the immortal companion arrives in front of the Changhe Palace. Xinglang traveled to Luopu, all the times; the goddess went down to Yaotai, charming and charming. There are several generations of maids, who are all immortal names; and a few servant servants, Xitiancao’s strong man. The guests of the boarding banquet, He Shu Zhulu three thousand? Entering the curtain, the female guest, direct match Wushan twelve. The prosperous things and the many rituals and guards cannot be exhausted.

For those who have the good and the good for the history of beauty, make “Biwuqi Shuangfeng Pavilion” to present it. To give birth to love, to associate with Huiyin and Qiong, the poem says: Jin and Bitongwu (birth), Gaogang Shuangfenghu. Five-color floating color (sound), a hundred feet long Canghu. Zao Lingxiang Qing Han (Joan), Feng Ling into Cui Tu. Yinchuang Yiye, Dan points to test both skulls. Age Chaoyangdi, the official capital of Chu Feng.

Harmony tunes Lu, and tastes recommended. Biyi will meet all day long and will make a thousand journeys to the sky. Qiongzhi should approach me, Huiyun knows me. The green shade stays for thousands of years, and the swedish nine buds amulet.

After the introduction of Huiyin, sister Jinniangqiong will be fully informed; Fengzhao mother and old lady will be respectful. Anyone who has a gift before his death must entrust Jinqiong to endorse, and his wise man is far-reaching. It is the good of Zhao’s mother and the birth of a family, Jinniang and the first love of birth. After he was born, Wei Ke, ascended to the top of the ranks, became official to Hanyuan, and became a celebrity. Huiyin had two sons and Qiong had one son, and both recruited Jinshi. Sister Houqiong, Sister Qi, and Huiyin were buried together with Bai Sheng in the south of Nanzhou. So far, Jiamu is prosperous and prolific with fragrant orchids.

In the tomb of the descendants, Xu smelled incense, and the world thought that harmony caused auspicious clouds.

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