My mathematics teacher is a woman. She is very consumed to me, the reason is in our class, regardless of the monthly test, the expectation, and the temple test, it is always famous. Therefore, she is not more than others, often in front of many classmates, I have made a model, which certainly caught the dissatisfaction, but I am envious, but I am helpless.

When she first came to our school, she felt very uncomfortable, but the time has long been, she feels good here. She believes that the school is good, with rural flavors, holidays can swim in the mountains, write the scenery, plus the mountain village is quiet and cool, so I like it! Her name is Yin Xiaoyu, very angry with people, moderately with a pair of beautiful purpose, in this mountain village, a dovetled alone makes all the women, all lost color. Ok, she is not a lonely, she is looking for a pride. Therefore, everyone will see her as an angel, especially, is a charming wine vortex on her face.

This is the eighth day afternoon since the beginning of the school, when she called me to say, “Daxie, you will come to my home after school.”

“Okay!” I asked the ancestor: “Teacher Yin, what is it?”

“Tell you when you come! Go back!” She said it is. I saw her wonderful body, and suddenly, I suddenly started a kind of description: her appearance is beautiful! Her things must be very nice!

“I think so, the things in the trousers will get together. How can this, this is outside! I am busy collecting my heart, running to the water energy, rubbing it with cool water, only Ok, some.

When I rushed to her home, she had already standed at the door, and she left: “Dawei! You are coming so soon!”

I really didn’t think that you are a good boy, but it is a little strange and weird! “I don’t know what you mean? Yin teacher! Please give you a little bit!”

“I see you seem to have a heart, can you tell me your heart?” She gave me to the house, pointed at my homework, said: “Is this there?” I don’t know? “

It turned out that the top left corner of yesterday’s exercises, Hedd a long-headed portrait of a copper-dollar size, if it was not a person who crossed homework, it was absolutely not found. When I saw this, I couldn’t help but panic, hurriedly denied: “Teacher Yin! I really don’t know when there is, or someone else intentionally smashing ghosts!”

“This is impossible to be a ghost that others! You have compared the recent exercises, compared with past.” Although she is still tenderly smiling, but mentioning my exercise, it is really powerful, I have no courage again. And let it detonate.

“There is no outsider here, you can’t blame you!” After you finish, the beautiful face, then floating the mysterious colors, the charming turtles.

“Really?” My eyes are bright: “You won’t blame me?”

“Really! I won’t blame you!!” She suddenly grabbed it like Xiaobai, and even the voice of talking was not natural: “How is your eyes …?”

“Is it amazing?” I moved to her: “But this is the majesty of men. If you are afraid, you can call me right away!”

“Do? I am afraid you, I am your teacher!” She is a surprise, curious, or confused, and unconfilled.

Just in this moment, I pounced her.

“Dawei! Dawei! What do you want to do? What happened to you? Dawei …

“Teacher Yin! You are so beautiful! So I want …” I said, I took her, put my mouth to her lips. She struggled, using the teacher’s majesty to scare me, but I don’t care, I strongly said: “Please give me your allegro, don’t ask.”

“No, how can this?” She also calmed a lot, even the struggle has been slightly changed, using asthma, hitting the mouth: “Don’t you pay attention to it?”

“Don’t talk about schools, I still don’t know how long I can’t live?” I didn’t say it.

“What is this?” She can’t help but say: “Why do you want to talk about this? You …”

“Do you know how to die Liangshan?”

“What? The portrait of your work is to we are coming?” She? I opened my question and said and said: “” Why don’t you tell me? “

“When is it, I really unclear. Because I have been occupied by your beautiful shadow in my mind.” This is a crap, but I put it very disappointed and sad.: “Now The mountain people have not come back. You hurry your baby, let me kiss! If you don’t, I have to go, I will never see you again, why never see you again! ” Do you want to say this? I don’t allow you to say this. “Her expression now changed again, becomes gentle and cute, I know that the distance is not far, and further emphasize:” People I beloved ” Of course, I am willing to listen to her, but, the other party is completely confused, even if I listen to her, what is the meaning? “I put it more disappointing, I plan to stand up. For realistic, I put the body sway.

“You can’t go, Dawei! I think you can’t go back.” She said, but reached out to help me.

“Thank you, Yin teacher! Your kindness, I have already taught, now I can’t go, I have to go, because I can’t die in you!”

“Dawei! You …” She fiercely pulled me, kissed! Like the rain, fall in my head and the neck, even the tears followed the drops.

“Teacher Yin! No, let me call you Yushu!” I was really touched to show tears, said: “Yushu! You are so good, you are my heart, you are my life, I Born for you, die for you! “

“Dawei! No! Wei brother, I also call your younger brother!” After finishing, I kissed it on my face. I think the opportunity is not lost, and she uses her own head to support her, so that her beautiful face is right, then, I pressed my mouth to her lips, and then squeezed the tongue into the land, and I gave a shout, I feel Her tongue is still escaping. So, I took the body to take a way: “Good Yushu, you don’t want to tease me again.”

She didn’t see the sound, but she watched for a while, then smiled, grabbed my body, and took the initiative to hand over the tongue. I kissed it for a while, I stretched my hand to her breasts to smooth, because I wore clothes, I can’t take my heart, so I will replace it. Just twisted, she said in my fierce, and said: “” Who is you studying? “

“Good Yucie! This kind of thing, how to promote it with people? Just want to learn, no one is good to think about it!”

“Good brother! You are so smart,” said, and kiss me again. This kiss is not as previously kissed.

This time is a warmly stimulated, even I pulled her clothes, she didn’t feel. Hand touched to her breast, she like an electricity, it is not compromised with autonomous trembles and swayed, like comfort, but it is like a measing, but she does not escape. Therefore, my hand is touched again, her tribquel is very tight, my hands can not go in, so touch from the outside, her pussy is full, like hoes, it is a bit wet. When my hand touched the pussy, she contracted her lower abdomen, as if I would like to be empty, therefore, I am no longer hesitating from the side of the pants, touched a while in the Yinhu. Her prostitution has been constantly flowing out, and I am from one hand. I will reach the finger into the pussy, just half, I feel that the fingers are like a child’s mouth to eat milk.

“Sister, let’s go in the room!” I said softly, she didn’t speak, nor did it refuse, so I walked into the bedroom. At this time, she is already like the lamb to be slaughtered, by me. I quickly took off her clothes, I saw it, my sense of interest, I can’t help but admire the people in this person. Why do God shape such a wonderful pussy, fierce to her go.

When my fingers re-explored her sudden cave, she opened some legs and opened some, like hungry dogs, automatically opened the small hole, waiting for feeding. She breathed him: “Brother! I love you.”

“Love me? From what should I start?”

“From the time of my first class!”

I am very surprised to open my eyes, I am slightly, and I am very angry, press the mouth to her inbound.

“Brother! What do you want to do?” She gathered the two legs: “No! Dirty! The place is dirty.”

I didn’t pay attention to her legs again, I was obsessed with madness. She didn’t know if it was anxious, or curious, one was like a mouse, colliding in my abdomen. When she touched my big guy, I slammed it back, and I said unlimited: “Brother! You, you …” her speech, no statement.

“what’s wrong with me?”

“You … how do you like this?” Her face is shy, like a little girl is shame, but she caught the head down, but she is not very convenient, because my head is in her, No matter how she bent down the bow, still not enough, I am anxious to say: “I am afraid, my brother, I am afraid!” “This is just that every boy has something, just like you every woman. There is a small hole in life, why be afraid! “

“No, you don’t have the younger brother, I am different from others, it is too big.” She was still happy and hurriedly said: “I am so small, how can I make it go in, if you are hard, It is certainly to break my hole! “

“Will n’t, Yushu! Your woman’s small meat hole, born to insert it in the man, have not heard, there is a woman’s hole, being broken by men!” After finishing, I buried my head Go to her pine. Try to use the tongue to dig, pick her small hole, rubbish her more haired, she feels very comfortable, a smoked, like a fish mouth, obscenity, slick, sticky It’s fun to slip.

I used my hand to open her pussy, biting her clitoris with my teeth, with her shake, butt, interesting.

“Brother! I, it’s hard to get it, let me!”

I listened to her, immediately put the tongue, extended to her point, really blamed, her treasure hole is really a small pole, my tongue can go in a little, I can’t enter. Perhaps, the hardness of the tongue is not enough, or the baby jade hole is too small, so my tongue can come here. I really don’t understand, a girl near the 20-year-old, why is the pussy like a seven or eight-year-old girl? When I use my tongue to do these actions, she made her water source continued, and I couldn’t wait to put everyone in her small meat. However, in order to not want her to be hurt, she is striving to endure her reaction.

Sure enough, after a while, she began to scream, and finally, finally, I can’t help but say “my brother, I itchy, it’s hard to die, you want … You come.”

“No! Yushu” I want to ignore the trend, I am unlimited: “You are so small, I am afraid to hurt you, because you are my heart, my life, I really can’t bear to hurt you!”

“No! Brother, I am really embarrassed, it is difficult to die! Good brother, you should pitiful, give me itching! I can’t help!”

“Good!” I quickly went to the ground, said: “But you have to bear more, otherwise, I may not bear to insert it.”

She listened to me, grabbed my head, gave me an eager kissed, then bunch my knees, and put my body, so that my big guy and her small hole. I don’t know if it is anxious, I’m doing, my big guy has a few times, I have touched a few times, I didn’t look for it, but I told her to say: “Good brother, are you slower? I have a heartbeat. “

She said, she raised their hips, helping the glans with a small hand, her hole in the slutty, the lubrication is abnormal, makes my baby slide to the bottom. She probably felt that this is not a way, and then open his legs again and makes my guy tightened her cave. I may be too urgent, just in contact, I will stay in the ass.

“Hey! Brother! You have my life!” She went out, the beautiful eye, has already filled a crystal teardrop, and the blame is loved, “I call you light, you How to use so big strength! “

“I don’t use any force at all, this is probably that you are too small!” I ram kissed her. She kept on his hands and hoped with my hostel to welcome my yang. I know that she is very monkey, so when she doesn’t pay attention, she will sink the hips.

“You have a family, just kill me!” She finally smoked. Although I can’t bear to hurt her too much, but I can’t worry hard, because this is difficult, I have to pass it later. I remembered the experience gained in my sister, as well as the skill of the mother, I can’t be pulverized.

At the same time, I am in a hurry, I feel that I have a long pain is not as good as short-pain, and I told her to endure the pain of the leather segmentation. It is better to give her a piece of work, but also province a little love, do steal fast Activity.

Besides, I just sprint it twice, but inserted in half a glans, the time did not allow me to have a long delay, in case the mountain, it is not playing.

Time is too precious, I step up the event, take her, bite her, bite her, under me, under the fire, take care of this, no one,, my antechroneous guy is all, this makes it I feel very unexpected, I can’t help but laugh. After the opening, I no longer pumped, stop the rough big mask quietly in her meat. Her small hole is not only very small, compact, I think her hole is like a strong tension zone with a strong tension, hit my big guy, sucking, sucking, gotting me like something wrong, pleasure The degree is increasing, and it is especially much higher than that of the mother’s kind of child.

When I stopped a little one, she deeply called a sigh of relief, her face, and returned to the color of the redruncture. I hugged her kiss and kissed her opened her eyes. I watched me for a while. I fierce me, said: “Brother! You cute little family, almost didn’t take people Made! “

Unfortunately, I didn’t have another baby to answer her, because I am too busy, work too busy, busy? There is no time in sucking, so I am good to give her a satisfactory answer.

She still feels not enough to satisfy, and I can’t read love to me, so further demand, she looked at me: “Brother, I want to call you the husband, my body is already yours, everything is Your, you also call me, should be called! “

I said: “Yushu, my wife! You are my love wife! What do you want, how do you! I listen to you, dear!”

We are tightly, and you will laugh, and Yushu is also active because of my kiss and caress, and she is like fish, I want to eat, I am afraid to hook my mouth, no Eat, I will not be able to leave.

“Brother! My lover. You are my little lover, I want you to move first.”

“What do you want me?” I intend to tease her: “What is slow?”

“It’s here!” I didn’t see her actions, but I have already felt that my big guy was sucked a few.

“Mom!” I have? It is crazy by her. I can’t bear this delicious food, so I actually teased her: “Good sister, or ask you to tell me!”

“Good younger brother! Don’t be teasing me! I want you to slowly smoke and plug slowly.”

“What is interspersed? You don’t speak, I know!”

“Hey! Insert my hole!” She probably couldn’t help but! Speechable.

“What are we doing now? If you can’t answer me, I have to take it out!” I intend to tease her. If you haven’t finished speaking, you will slowly pick your guy.

“No! No! You can’t do this.” She is arms, holding down my arrival in my arrival, and I will pleading with my eyes: “Brother, pro, my husband! I said, I said it is! We are doing love!”

“Which hole is inserting?”

“My hole is inserted!”

“Your small hole, just is still afraid of pain, why is this one will come?”

“Yes! I don’t hurt very much now, but it’s stupid! Good brother! Parents, my husband, I’m hard to die, you will pity me!”

“Okay! Let the calf open, waiting to plug!” I said, I will slow down, and said: “But your hole is alive, I want you to give me a group folder!”

I like a great husband, I have to stop, I want to try it, she is doing it.

“Yes, that’s it!” I really blame, her small hole seems to be getting smaller and smaller, and the more harmful, the more shrink, the more compact it, when I put it, I scratched on the glans, there is an extreme acid Ma, pleasure consciousness is increasing, and she, I think I haven’t used it to pick a few times, just like getting a high degree of pleasure, my mouth has already sent a dream: “Ah! I know this, I have long I have to do with you! I am going to boost!

I am going to die! Brother, you hold me tight, otherwise, I will fly. “

“No, I have been tight, I will not be convenient to insert your little meat hole!” I hurriedly said. Suddenly, I smelled a strong aroma. This kind of aroma is familiar with me, but it is also a strange, familiar is that I have smelled it in my mother, strange, is a more strong rose.

“Yushu! Are you smelling? What is the aroma, this aroma, where did you come?”

“Yes! How is this scented? How we surprised! How did I have never smell this scent?” She felt unlimited surprise.

“Ah! I know!” I am very ambitious guy, fierce a little, put the mouth of her pussy, and even the virgin, who is broken, swallowed together. The cave was squeezed, and everyone quickly put everyone in her small hole, listened to “滋”, and the small hole put my guys tight.

I will not relax again, crazy, I will take it, this taste is coming again, so I called: “Xiangdong, you are the Xiangdong, Yushu! I love you. NS!”

“Good brother, Yushu is anything you! How do you love, how to do it!” , I want to put my life and will be willing! She is more faster than me, keeps calling: “Brother! Your guy is all inserted into my heart, my flowers are troubled by you, ah! I will rise again!”

She took me, I opened my heart, and I walked my horse. She is tilting, hugging my hips in powerlessly: “Don’t move, I am so comfortable, happy!”

The fragrance in the room was overfilled. I was taking the jade column to sucking her agar, I didn’t want my big glans, I was tightly sucked by her vagina. God! What caves are this? My guy is like a baby in the baby mouth, sucking the bones soft, and it is itchy. I was attacked by her, and I was so crazy. I have already arrived at the peak. When I stepped down, I didn’t want her to shout again! She wants to die this time, and my happiness is not her.

What she gave me today is that I am in my sister and mother, I have never received the taste, we have a satisfaction, you don’t move, quietly enjoy the impact of the other party’s heat, happy to be better than the gods. !

“Brother! You are so good, you gave me the greatest happiness since I have born. I know how to thank you!”

She is tightly licking me. I don’t know if it is too excited, or is it excited? She can’t help but cry.

“Brother! From now on, I am yours, because you give me too much!”

“My sister!” I followed the tears: “We almost lose this happiness!”

“Yes, this is blamed, I don’t pay much attention to you, so that I really lose you. If you really lose you, I have this life will not have this happiness today!”

When I asked her, when did she fall in love with me? Why not tell me? She is very honestly told me, that is because I am too young, I am afraid that I don’t understand, so I don’t dare to express me for a long time. I didn’t want to leave the school before, but it was an excuse. In fact, if I didn’t see me one day, she would feel it! She narrows my emotions, and she still puts everyone in a while, even the last semen, probably she clipped out! Finally, I didn’t think of the news, the mouth and face of the hook, before I was going.

The next day, I went up on time, because the mountain people have a cold, sleep at home, we are not convenient to act in the room, so good to be pre-arranged in advance. Just walked into the bathroom, she turned back to the door, I was unfortunately, she was a hot kiss, and she reached into her triangle.

“How? You didn’t worry again in the underwear?” I am surprised and excited to put her in the absence.

“Is this not more convenient?” She smiled, and the momentum was in the absence of me.

I touched her wonderful snow white breasts in my hand, and I posted her pussy. Who knows that I touched the pussy, I wet the palm. I laughed and said: “Sister, how come you come so fast?”

“Good brother! Don’t laugh at me, my flowers are like a mouth, I have been open, I can’t wait to meet, I will take your own guys in, just enough!” She said, I took me. Hide, to her small hole.

For about the relationship between us, it is very good for half a day, and it is not allowed to enter. Finally, she said: “The death! Take the chair, it is necessary to use it, I don’t forget it!”

She pressed me on the stool, and the two feet were put on the outer edge of the square stool. It is standing, the hole is just right to my mouth.

I hug her legs and put the mouth in the cave, hit it. Kissing her giggle: “Good brother, today is not much today, we still start!”

I listened to her, let her go instantly, see her down, my big guy is just to the positive hole, the glans can’t resist the hole, this posture is very wonderful, see her small hole Zhang Wak opened, but odd, no, couldn’t make people believe that it can swallow my thick meat stick. However, my big jade rod is not available? I didn’t enter her small hole, and I saw my heart god swaying, itchy. She seems to hold my equally mood, swaying the hips, swell a small hole. The more I got, the more I felt stimulated, I couldn’t help but slam, and I have been “”. I am appreciating, the more I look at it, and I can’t wait to cooperate with her, but I can’t actually be ride.

“Sister! How do you think this kind of trick? Is there a name?”

“I don’t know, but this method is good, but unfortunately, you can’t move, or it is enough to stimulate!”

She regrets that the movement is getting faster and faster, more and more fierce, I am sitting on the stool, there is no action, there is a combination of our sight to our combination, see if the small meat hole is big guy, slide Under the top, the more stimulate the heart, the desire is high, the thrill is multiplied, the cave is constantly flowing down, flowing me a pair of pills, butt, everywhere, and then look at her hardships and happiness. It was even in an eager to stretch his feet, and she stood up her butt. Unfortunately, the bathroom is too small, otherwise we can dance! Her body is hanging, and the rotation of the butt is twisted, it is very difficult, and the thrill is reduced. I don’t think so, then she will take the left foot on the stool, take my body to rely, I am tall below, I started to send, I plugged into the end, one pumped into the head.

After a while, she called: “Good brother! You really do, this flower is better than me, it is true enough, you put the legs again lower, okay! More interesting! How happy you! You again, right! I am going out. Ah! Comfortable and dead! “Her spirits came out, and then pressed my ass. My guy is in her cave, wrapped it, I can’t make it autonomous. Only two or three times, annoying the sea, suddenly floating on a new flower.

“Yusi, you can go on the stool, put the butt, I will try it.”

“Ah! What do you want to do? Do you want to play my ass?” She as an unlimited surprise.

“No, you don’t misunderstand, Yusu!” I know that she will be wrong, then explain to her, I am going to insert her small hole from behind.

“Brother, your tricks are really much, your sister is not as good as you!” She didn’t hesitate to take the hips, and smiled as I knew this style. I saw her big white butt, curiosity exceeded the desire, I kneel, hand-held butt, put the head low, appreciate her pussy. God! This is a wonderful, more interesting!

Because the legs are open, the buttons behind the butt, the tender meat on both sides is bloomed, like a small and small blank.

The little charming meat, staring in the crystal jade liquid, making people hate the book to believe that it can accommodate more than an eight-inch large jade rod.

The small hole in the front of the front, like a full-fat small cage, cute to make people’s heartbeat, and the desire is unlimited. I have a strong feeling, I put it up again, kissed a while, until the aroma is weak, busy replacing the big jade stick, just at this time, she also called: “Brother! Fast, I itching, itch.”

What is the so-called: “I can’t eat hot porridge”, my guys didn’t find the way in her ass. Finally, she was still pulled by her hand and Yumen. She was inserted. It was about to be too ancient, and she had already lashed, and the rumble loudly!

“Brother! I am really wonderful!” She wants to come out. “She volts, it is not convenient to act, but after it is happy, she is like to be willing to have a living, but the buttocks are constantly welcoming Arch, get the hole in the water, everywhere, the pill is played on her ass, and there is a rhythm, which is more exciting, excited to make us more brave.

“Brother! I really have to die, I really can’t wait to call a big battle! You will insert your hole, bring me this big happiness, you give me too much, I am afraid I am also in this life. If you can’t tell you, you kill me! “She is astishing like a cow, but her mouth is refused to stop, she is smashed.

I have said that her meat hole is smoking, the more it is more narrow. She is more fierce, the more pleasure, and she said “I lost it again!” I also followed the boiling point, the two were fine.

O-YM-2, she may be a long time, the body is too tired, and the ass, the two sits at the same time with the trend. Unfortunately, she has not plenty of breath, or I can come to a “sitting stick”! We still feel unsatisfactory, and take the body side, distort the body, grasp my kiss, the small hole splats, I will take a while: “Dish! I want your big guy, forever My little hole. Because of this, I think life is meaningful. “

“Yusi! I am also!” I feel regret: “Unfortunately, we haven’t lived together, or how good!”

Said, I started to try it up. She seemed to have a come again, and then I immediately stopped saying: “Good brother, I think of it, but now time is not early, I am afraid that the person is coming back!”

Indeed, time is very late, if you are delay, I am really afraid that I will be bad, I don’t have, I will let her.

She said with a very intimate tone: “Brother! Listen to my sister, let you play again!”

“No, I am not convenient in you, can you think of a way? Do you find a good force?”

“Good! You are patient for two days, wait for me to think about the way.” She said.

“Sister! Don’t think, simply move to my house to live! Anyway, my family is less, you go with your mother, but it is right!”

“Don’t have children! We are now in the case, you will have to know that others don’t know, is it?” She posted the posture of the old big sister in training me.

“Hey! You are really stubborn, your brain should be transformed.” I am not happy. She now, everything is, I am the Lord, so she is almost almost indifferent, listening to me, is a smile: “If you say, what should I do?”

“It’s very simple, you are talking to my mother with my mother, saying that I am not very convenient to live in the mountains, then leak a little touch, taking it for me, is this not ten nine stable?”

“Okay! I will take you the last sentence, I am worth a try!” She happily kissed me a while.

The things of sexual desire are really wonderful! I don’t know anything before I didn’t walk into my life, I don’t understand anything. But now, it is obviously different. In addition to school every day, find Yuc sister to play, go home at night, and enjoy the sex of the sister and mother; After the time, the pattern is getting more and more new, and the number is increasing. Especially with small jade, it is often, it is often not playing, it is not home.

My mother is not my biological mother. I am a nickname who is taking care of the big, and the night, I have justiable, I have been infringed when she is sleeping when she is asleep.

Mother asked many times for my late. I always have a good reason to answer, but the time has long, my own words, finally let her lose confidence. So, in the side of the side, I was accidentally defeated because of a sentence.

Fortunately, we didn’t have a lot of not stealing for this matter! Nature, this is still to be attributed to my baby, because it can last long, never defeated on the middle of the stage.

The mother listened to me, first was amazed, and it was embarrassing, and finally became envious. Of course, envy is not me, but Xiaoyu. She feels Xiao Yu, but it is a girl. If you take a girl with her, no matter how high your skills is, how old is old, it should not be better than you. Who knows the fact that she is unexpected, how can this don’t make her feel good, what is it to be teach? At the end, my mother also asked, how did Xiaoyu make me reverse? Merry, I know this is a chance, and I will take advantage of it. “Unless you are willing to promise me two conditions, I can’t make you satisfied with your reply!”

“Your child, it’s true, I learned so much in a few days!” Mother hate, but she can’t afford to drive the drums and changed the mouth: “You talk about it, I am Can you do? “

I told her that this is light and easy to learn.

“Don’t sell Guan Chi! Let me listen to it.” Mother said something impatiently.

“Good!” I like a big boss, I’m looking long when I do a business, and I will pull the tone long: “First, let Xiaoyu move to our home, can avoid I am outside, and I can make it for me “

“Very good, this is a thing of the two!” Mother interrupted my words, robbing, but, this can’t be, she has promised. She also moved her sister to do the arrow, must get the sister’s consent. In fact, I have long thought about the policy of cope, and I said: “If you want me to put her outside, my conditions are not the condition!” “Your child, the ambition is too big!” Mother Some crying and smiling, blaming: “I can turn your thoughts, I don’t promise by her. Now you will talk about the second condition and listen to it?”

“Is there a second condition? You call your sister to wash the tableware, we are waiting for her, come on a scene, do you see it?”

Mother, although it was a child who had a child, and shared me with her daughter, but she still sailed a feminine and shy shape of a woman, especially heard that I said that it was blushing on the spot. I also took the opportunity to let her and put her to prepare.

The sister is a daughter’s home, except for a little lively, true, life is a little daughter’s appearance, the shame is probably a discassion that I have talked with my mother, and my mother told her, so her surface, although there is a bit of shy people answer The look, the heart is joy, and I will enter the house, I have been in my arms, and the seedlings like a long time will get the rain to moisturize, and it seems that I am happy to say: “Brother! How do you give us happiness tonight? Let me listen to it! “

“No, there is no fun,” I intentionally teasing her: “There is still, everything has to listen to my dispatch, otherwise, there is still not happy!”

“Okay! I listen to you is!”

The mother followed me a few words, but I didn’t listen to her, it was undressed, I also quickly strip clothes, and after naked, I saw my mother didn’t act as a saying, my sister and I first were first, I will know how to know later On one thing, he fell to the mother, one person holding her hand, and the dead people took her into the bed, and the overlord was hard to strike her clothes.

“Sister! Your mother is toasting, don’t eat fine wine, how should we punish her?”

My sister wondered my words, my eyes were turned, and I told me to my ear. So. I am happy to kiss it in my sister’s face. I moved to the outside, and in the box, I turned it out of a ribbon. The mother saw our ghost sneaky to do this. I asked inexplicably: “What do you want?”

“This is called on the spot!” The sister said mysteriously.

“Perform performance! Why do you take a chair, with a child, what?”

We didn’t wait for her to finish the words, flew up, spent a lot of breath, tied her. Although the mother is struggling, she is not the opponent of our two, and she is crying and she said: “What do you want to do? Let me let me listen to you!”

“This is called toasting, don’t eat, eat, drink, now you can’t get you!” The sister finished, and looked at me.

“You haven’t coherent, you haven’t worried it, is you forgetting me?”

Mother’s resentment curse.

“Hey! This is not a division of your own money, no life, why should you be so nervous? On the contrary, maybe you will feel happier!” The sister said back.

“Yes! Mom! You are waiting!” We said, pushing her to the chair, nor she is angry or anxious, making her sit up on a bench, put her four mild binds in the chair Leg on the leg.

This naked is more interesting! Shuangfeng is high, the small hole fork is big, I really can’t hate it, and I will be willing to be happy!

The sister is more lambent, I want to act according to the plan, but also put the mother’s headrest, make her line of sight, don’t go straight into our movements, my mother is gay straight, my eyes are like copper bells, hate the two people to curse Death, can wear her hate.

“Camell! I look at you now!” The sister is ignored by her mother’s curse, thirstying his eyes laughing, I want her to put the butt on the bed, put her legs on my two shoulders, Put the big guy like the iron stream into the small hole from her ass.

Everyone in a guy, it is squatting, and one-handed goose hair in advance, touched on the mother’s small hole. At first, the mother was tight, and she did not want to look at it. I didn’t want to look at her small hole, and she actually opened his eyes.

“Awei! You are hidden, called the mother by this crime!” Mother hateful biting tightly. My sister is giggling, and the other side is of course my big meat stick. On the one hand, on the one hand, it is caused by the mother’s strange image. The mother continued to curse continuously, and we didn’t care about her, and the curse is good, it is ignored by her. I left my sister’s big fading, and the rough big mask was mad in her vagina. The right hand waved the goose hair. On the mother’s cave, I fierce it, I will put goose hair into my mother’s jade hole. Crouching mother obscene DC, flowing into the butt, chair, also flowing to the underground. Her mouth was called by cursing, she greened her teeth, and finally couldn’t help but couldn’t help me! The more the mother is, the more I am in the sister’s cave, the more I am very energetic, the buttocks of my sister are also very fast, and I will vent it, and people are also following soft. The jade must be inseparable from the hole, and it is not satisfied on the sister. Of course, I want to turn my goals to point to my mother. The mother has been to be enough. Now it is necessary to comfort it. Therefore, the sister is venting, I also stopped toys mother, turn over, cross the chair, ride to the mother, mother, because the legs are hanging down by the legs The small hole is getting older. I am in an urgent point in the holes with the glans, and my mother is finally cumbersome. ! “

I am intended to tease her, I deliberately insert everyone, until my mother begged the second time, slowly gradually. When the meat rod is in the end, the mother finally smiled and smiled. I met with this, I will pull myself. Look, I originally thought that my mother couldn’t have anything pleasant, because she was to be able to even have a pleasant mood, otherwise, she would not be revealed again. Who knows the fact that it is just the contrary, less than three or four minutes, and the mother can’t help but scream.

The mother is called, look back at the sister! I am grateful to my sister, which makes me feel awesome. I am afraid that my sister is unbearable, and put the left hand in the middle fingers, insert her small hole, tapping her, not a few, she also called with her mother, after a while, the sister’s voice is also the waves of the mother It is overwhelmed.

At this time, my sister has explained the limbs for the mother. The mother is like the water of the fish, and the fierce puts me, and I have a legs, like a snake, I can’t change our two. I got up with my stood, I sent her to bed, I took the meat stick. My guy left the mother’s small hole, and the blue-daring, bright red and beautiful, don’t say it is a woman, even I want to bite myself. A mouth!

My sister saw my mother, I thought I had to give her a taste, but I didn’t, because I had a program in my heart.

“My sister, please volve on the side of the bed, let the ass.” My words have not been finished, my sister said: “What? Do you want to insert my ass?”

I shook my head and smiled. She looked at it, smiled: “It is really worth it.”

At this time, I have been anxious to die, and I will answer her again. When I mentioned my butt, I touched her butt, I didn’t find a few times, and I didn’t find the gate. Later, my mother reminded the sister: “Xiao Dong, Light knows that you are happy, you don’t know how to pull it with your baby! “

My sister didn’t finish the essentials in the mother, and the hand pinched the jade stick.

I have slid into the root, this situation looks in the mother’s eyes, and the holes began to flow in the water.

“Baby! How many patterns have you? Let’s talk about your mother first!”

“Don’t worry, wait for you!” I replied.

My sister is really useless. This time is still lost in ten minutes. I said that I hate: “You are a paper tiger, you can’t eat!”

Mother saw me tired, told me to lying on the sofa, let her take the initiative. I have no objection, the main thing, I want to see her inventions. Seeing her on the sofa, the legs are bunch, the small hole has already put my big guy.

In this way, although I have time to appreciate her steam, I can play with her double breast, but I always feel that I don’t have myself.

So, with a leg, pick her up, walk, want her to swung hips, and let it be.

But it is still not, her weight is full of burning, I feel a bit unfair, so don’t worry, ask her to do a dancing pattern. However, in this way, the lower part is isolated, and there is a sense of the mask that cannot be complete. So, I took her to the bed, and the fierce pushed, I watched her a four-fork, and then she called her side, lifting legs, I posted her back, using everyone from her butt bottom In the past, the power of the waist was pulled up. The more the movements were, the faster the movement, and the slutty, the almost plugged in more than 100 times, only suddenly shot the semen, shot the mother and then called: “Hey! You are full I went into my heart, my mother was shot into a fairy! “My sister seems to have to come again, but the mother is blocked. Her reason is that I am alone, I have to deal with three women can’t be too far, in case I am doing me, they will lose happiness. Listening to the mother, no one is reluctant.

Under our negotiation, the next day, Yin Xiaoyu came over and cohabited. Xiaoyu did not know the private matter of our triple, so she appeared very sweet, and in Scwe, there was still an uneasy, and the sweetness was also restrained. Although she didn’t make the bride’s shame, she replied, but her heart It is uneasy, not as the mother is like a mildhood, and the words can be pro. At the mother’s kindness? Under, it is a meal of hard work, and it will be the same as the mother and daughter.

Sister is not, don’t know that she knows too much, or because Xiao Yu is a teacher, it is always ashamed, and there is still meaningless to come out some sore, and Yushu Xiaoyu is a man, which is well-behaved, intelligent. Soon, I saw my sister’s mind, using the way of the following medicine, soon, I said with my sister.

I have seen things that I have already arrived in this field, and I don’t have to be careless.

It’s very good to make this late, I suddenly thought of the moon in the lake, and I was very interested in hoping. I believe that I will accept it at this time. Sure enough, it is the first to agree, it is the sister!

“Ye, Yin teacher probably not playing the night scene in the lake! Tast night, since the color is very good, we are better to play with the night!”

“Awei, you are a sweetheart child, no wonder the teacher loves you this!” Mother is obviously appreciation me, did not pay attention to the meaning of speaking, who is a sensitive Xiaoyu hears, she immediately face red ear.

“Let’s go!” The sister’s chest stood up and pulled the little jade. Xiaoyu seems to have still wanted to ask the mother’s intention, helpless sister is not split, and there is no chance to express his opinions to the mother, just cross the door.

The mother saw the sister and Xiao Yuxi, a pair of live sisters, I couldn’t help but laughed: “Children!

You can’t go outside in the future, there are two people and me … “” “said! Why don’t you say it? Mother! I want you to say!” I taught it on her face.

“There are two holes, and my fertilizer, you should be satisfied!”

“Ok, mother! Go!”

“No, I don’t go, you can play with them! It is night …”

“Thank you! Mom! I know!”

Xiao Yu is very in line with the water activity. When I rushed to the lake, she was ready, waiting for me to jail on the boat, the boat has slipped out, my sister asked me why my mother came, I said this is Our amusement, she does not participate.

Soon after the boat, I changed her, and the boat to the lake, I pushed the small iron anchor to the water, stopped, and squeezed into them.

“Yucie! We are the biggest in our three, I want you to tell a story.” I said with a smile.

“What kind of story do you want me?”

Xiaoyu saw that I sat in them, can’t help but get it.

“Wonderful you are good!” Sister said.

“No, it is best to be dizzy!” I rushed, reached out to the breasts of the two.

“Daxie! You …” Xiao Yuxi saw me, not confused.

“Don’t be nervous, I am already happy with my sister.” I interrupted the words of Xiaoyu and gave explanation.

“So you …” She looked at my sister, my heart refers to whether I and my sister have already.

“Take each other!” The sister did not know the smart, I replied first. Then, our three people smiled.

I dig your hand to their pussy. Xiaoyu is probably due to unknown, so the trend is too late, and the cousin has been digging two digging, and it is not enough to flow. So I quickly pulled her pants! Schematic can come.

“Yushu!” The sister changed to Teacher’s tone, and said that he was warm and gentle: “You will not laugh, I am too evacuation and harsh!”

“Huaime! Don’t say this, our women are the same!”

When the sister fice, I also quickly unlocked my trousers, please come out. Sister saw this, put the pants, sit on my arms, maybe too worried, the small hole was on the glans, and the haunted dog is the same, I swallowed my whole guy, pick up It is a halo. This situation, 在 in the eye, how can I get it, see her constant throat water, but the butt, the small hole, the tiles, I have a wet.

“Yusi! Sorry, I want to call!” The sister said that if they screamed.

“Good sister! You are called! Now no one is taking!” Little jade answers. I am more close to her excavation, pinch, buckle, 搓,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

“Yucie! You are ready, I am fine, I am finished.” Said, another slamming, she has soft! However, she sat on my legs, so that my glans tight her heart, until I felt that she shoted out of the yin, streaming on my glans and horses, and flowing from the gap of the small hole , Flowing to my ass. At this point, I regret that I haven’t removed the pants before, causing me to get wet and cool under my butt, very uncomfortable.

“Small saga, my pants will give you a wet, weird!”

The sister smiled and smiled red. When I got up, Xiao Ji was more urgent than dogs, and I didn’t move, and I hurried to me everyone. It’s probably because of the eager relationship, I have sitting out, I almost didn’t sit into the ass eye. It is very painful to deliberate my sators, and she also called it, scared and jumped, even the boat was swayed!

“You are so anxious, almost put my baby to the broken!” I am busy lie back, make her sleeve, more smoothly and deeply, and said: “In case it is broken, Look at you, you can take it, itchy! “

At this time, she worked with my embarrassment, it is a hard work.

“Hey! Yushu! Are you smelling? In this lake center, the aroma?” Sister asked strangely.

“Hua, you guess it!” Xiao Yu said.

“Don’t guess, let me take you!” I rushed: “This is the aroma of the little jade cave!”

“What? Yucie is a parcel?” Sister is surprised to say: “I heard people who have been smelled, but I have not cleared to say that there is Xiangdong, Yushu! Can you give me a look? ? “

“Of course, but now let him get! Wait a chance to give you another time!” Xiao Yu said.

At this time, the sister of course knows what is taste, so she no longer speaks. The more you get the little, the sooner, I have a bones, itch is very difficult, and the pleasure will not increase. At this time, I also want to call a pass, however, because the sister is in front of the sister, I am afraid that she is being shameful, and finally endures. Xiao Yu’s hole and sister are different from the mother. It is not afraid that you don’t know the goods, you will be afraid that the goods are fierce, the little jade is narrow enough. When she came to the climax, I felt that there would be a while. Who knows her a climax, the small hole is pulled up, I was convulsed to make a chill, I couldn’t help but vent it.

“Huashi! I am finished! You come.”

“No, my ass is like sitting in the water, it is hard to live,” I rushed to say: “When you are on the shore, give you a happy! Now I take your pants, you can laugh!”

“We have never seen it.” Xiao Yu leaned the old and said, and after I was removed, she couldn’t help but eat. Although under the moonlight, there is no clear day, but they still look deeply, everyone, everyone, everyone, is in a hurry, throat water.

The sister is more young, I can’t help but use the tongue to lick the lips, like the male dog, after a while, after a while, she asked in the sky: “Yushu! His head, when you play with you, have you got you hurt?”

Xiao Yu is charming and laughing: “Little, sister, what about you?”

“I was inserted by him, I can’t move in a few days. You see his meat stick. It is more than ten years old.” “” “” “” “This is him and There are different places in others!

The sister didn’t seem to think that Xiao Yu will have this question, so it is asked to be ashamed between it, and later, Xiao Yu is tight, she said a story.

“Don’t laugh at me, Yusu! One day I went to the hill to go to the mountain, I didn’t expect to see a pair of wild men and women on the road, took off his pants in a pile of grass, do this, I am Curious, just hiding in a big tree root to peek, even the sheep is no matter! The man’s meat stick is very like a spoon, and it is short, I’m estimated that there is almost half of your brother, but very hard The meat rod is full of black lacquer, neither the brother’s mother, the man is much smaller because of Mao, and the guy is a shorter, and my position, just is the foot of them, So it’s more clear, a heart is jumping, because I have seen the woman, I am a little more, I have to open the legs, but I don’t see the small hole, I’m opening, but the point I have given a bright crystalline lascivious water, see the male’s head grinding grinding in the small hole, strange? The glans just sent a small hole, and the fat of the small hole slipped, see the male again. Hips, guys have already joined more. I will consciously feel the woman’s point, you can insert up into two points, then his guys are much more rough than me, how can I put it in? In fact, the woman The small hole seems to be a scalability, tightly, the meat stick, the male buttocks go in, and the small hole slides with the male guy. After entering, the man is bent back to the bow Pumped. At first, it was very light, very slow, the woman didn’t seem to add addiction, swinging the butt and welcoming the male, hitting each other, his mouth continued to call. Put a lot of breathworthy, it is not stopped. I Think, the male buttocks have been so fast enough, who knows that women are still not satisfied. “

The sister stopped and said, said: “At this time, the more the female is more and more uncomfortable, I heard the red heartbeat, my heart is very exciting, but I still don’t want to leave, I feel my legs. Soft, there seems to have insects to climb, reach out, heaven, where is the insect crawling, all the prostitutes flowing out in his own cave, I can’t help but feel surprised! The woman is under the bottom, happy The look, I really want to stand up, hate to drag the woman as side, let the man also insert my little hole, brake itch, see how much happiness in the bottom! After a while, the woman Reaching out, want to press the male ass, don’t move again, but the male ignorance, and urgently plugging a meeting, it is calm in the woman. I think this is about finished, I will run, who knows me Because there is too much relationship between the water, the pants are wet, it is not convenient to run, even the skirt inside the ass, it is also wet a large piece, fortunately, there is no people in the way, don’t you be shy! I ran all the way! All the way: the guy of the cousin, it is always sloppy, it is bigger than the man’s rent, it is hard to do, I don’t know how to be strong! It is a smash in the evening, I don’t know the guys I will give him guys. I have a hard, so I am frightened! “

“Since it is frightened, how do you start with him?” Xiaoyu asked.

“Later, I thought, our woman’s cave, sooner or later, I have to be inserted by men, so I want to try it, but I don’t know, what is the love is so happy!” The sister swallowed again. The saliva took a breath, and he said: “I was inserted by the cousin at the time, nor did it inserted, he knowed!”

My sister saw me, said: “So I don’t want to make another love, who knows the situation is strange, I don’t want to think about it, but I am even more powerful until the second time, put the hole in the hole. In order to plug in, it is actually suffering enough, but it will start a little faster. Later, he will more and more fierce, the more it is happy, therefore, therefore, my small hole is also It was overturned! “

After the sister said, I fought it to me, and I grabbed me is a hot kiss, and I smash the boat!

Our boyl has long been beaching, but I have not alarming them because they have fun, one listening to the god, and I have been jumped by them at this time, so I reached out to touch their holes, Good guys, even the buttocks and the clouds, all teat!

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