It was previously in junior college, it was our usual lesson. However, the school can manage it, so there is only some people to go to the next door, there is a sister. I have a beautiful, well developed, and Tea.

Once I was in class, she kneeling in the last row, there were few people who were in class that day, they were all good students, they all sat in the first two, the teacher is also a myopia, only talked about him. I ran to the last row to sit on the sister.

As a result, she woke up, I ble a few words with her, knew that her is skillful, the topic is talking to the bones, she finally said that she was drunk outside last night, and the results were not known. The person gave it, but also said very cool.

I was so surprised. I gave me the first time. I said that these will then sleep there. I have no things, I will be with her, she wears a short skirt, two thighs look good. Seductive .

I just touched her with my legs. She didn’t respond, I simply put her hand on her thigh, touch it, and her legs moved, but did not pick back.

I know that I have played, and I first in the classroom, I really stimulated, I slowly touched her thighs, I have been touching her underwear, I used the nails to draw her underwear. Perineum.

Suddenly she clamp my hand, slowly asked me, “What do you want to do, know the consultant.

My finger is still keeping her yell, “I want to see your results yesterday.”

She smiled and squatted on the seat. I thought that the teacher didn’t see it. The courage was big, and the two hands were simply moved. She scared her sling from dropping to her chest, she was shocked, I Consolation, this is a ladder classroom, the teacher can’t see it. She is old and sincerely, I put it into her bra, the two tits are really big, I hardly pinch her tits. For a while, she might see that the teacher didn’t have a management, I took the bra, I also slept on her thigh, because she was squatting, and the tits were big, so I can include her nipple.

I used my teeth to bite her nipple, and my hand wrapped her thighs from below. When I got to her gem, her underwear was wet, and I used my finger to dig her. The small hole, made her delicate, but I didn’t dare to call it too. The hot air in her mouth spurted my face. After I sat up, she began to laminate, extend his hand to my shorts, Grab your little brother, say it, say soon!

I was in the seat, she buried her head to the table, pulling my little brother from the pants, then licked the mucus above, her mouth skill is invincible, almost got it out.

My hand only rely on her chest, hard her nipple. She suddenly opened my hand and pulled her clothes, I was still very disappointed, thinking is that my method is useless. I am preparing to put the little brother back, but she pulled the skirt and took her underwear. The part of the front of the underwear is wet.

She quietly said, “I have been more exciting, I dare not dare”, she dares, why don’t I dare?

I slept flat on the chair, I took the younger brother, she got my butt, I was right to sit down, she slowly sat down.

The water in that small gall is really fucking. She will go down to my little brother every time, and her small hole is actually.

She sat on me, set my little brother, white butt and a strong mood. She also heard the upper body straight, she also took the book, listened to the occasion, her small hole is not very deep, so I can come up with time, top to her depths.

My hand also pinching her tits in her clothes, she was like a drunk, and she made me angry. As a result, the teacher actually took a question, actually, told her to answer.

She was shocked, only slowly stood up, but the table was high enough. I just smoked her under the body. The students all turned over, watching her, her face red, just being smashed so hight Where is there a class?

The teacher told her to answer the classmates for a while, let her sit down. I slept in the seat, of course, no one can see me, but I am scared of cold sweat, but I have a dangerous younger brother.

I put my hand to her small hole, slowly touched her vulva, she was desperately blocked with her hand, and her body was naturally swaying. The teacher didn’t want to move, put her hand on the table.

Haha, my hand can be moved, I slowly inserted into her small hole, dig her inner wall, she actually kept moving, but the prostitution in the hole was going down, I Simply plus a finger, starting to move quickly, this is what she can’t help, the lower body is constant, I am getting more and faster, and another hand grabbed her small The butt is a mad, followed by her “ah!”, Called, actually spurting the water, and no one heard her call. Not long after, the previous classmates have been finished, the teacher finally wants her to sit down. She hates me, bending the body, including the little brother who lives, a woman’s revenue is really heavy.

I can’t help but take the semen to her mouth, she all swallowed. After that, we started a friend! And often in class!

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