The younger brother has just retired this year, as a business work in a transaction machine, selling some fax machines, photocopers, etc. The company is quite big, we are only a small unit, a total of 20 business representatives, two Both the competent and three secretary assistants, because of the new people, often ask our business assistant Xiaoqian asking questions, (because she is very beautiful) Xiao Qian is only 28 years old, but in the company already stayed for 3 years I heard that she took the company, they were pursued by the supervisor Liu by our unit. I spent a work, I pursued her to go home when I was a wife, let the big gang colleagues, but by Liu Leaving the company last year, I am going to start a business, Xiao Qian is very beautiful, the face is very like when the red peek — Yang Simin, long hair is full of temperament, the skin is very cute, the eyebrows are eye-catching Charming eyes, every time I want to help me, it is really difficult to refuse, 157’s height, the body is bumps, and her pair of sleeper legs, it is straight, Xiao Qian speaks, light fine The language is soft, it is not to be close to the point, I often smell her incense to listen to her speech, smelling the fragrance of this intoxicating, there is no other person, if she is already married, I believe she People can queue to Taipei Railway Station. Our company’s pig brother, old, is playing her idea, but she is like a serious iceberg, cold attitude is not too professional, since she After the husband left this unit, my colleague wanted to give her wine at a time, but unfortunately, she did not touch the wine, she was a dripping, and her husband received a day from work every day, it is difficult to pass the more tired pool, only private At the end, she secretly discussed her figure, holding Yang Simin’s three points, more obscenity because Xiao Qian is still five years old, always put me as a little brother, calling to help her running things, It’s been very familiar with her for a few days. Plus a newcomer has no customers. Time to wait in the company is naturally more. She is taking together in a small warehouse in a smoldering, I want to turn it hard, I will inevitably have the touch of the limbs, I see that she doesn’t refuse, and the speech is getting more and more bold to her, and her eyes often feel In her skirt, it is dazzling, or the sight is staying on her chest. Xiao Qian is not known, but it is already accustomed to us. [小 姐, 妳 love to play Computer, tell me the account! Friends pass a lot of fun things, by the way, it is very fun] The business she is responsible is very relaxed, nothing to play electricity in front of the computer [Well, you give it first My account! I will send it to you first, you know that I mailbox]

Just like this, Xiao Qian is in the mailbox of Yahoo. Since then, I will start with her. I love her. I fixed some jokes every day to give her, and then I expect her reply. She knows that the business is hard, I will return to me. The inspirational essay, help me cheer, I can’t sleep this night, my girlfriend is going to the mainland to sweep the grave, and my mind is desperately missing the fantasy figure, fantasy with her shooting, can’t help but self After comfort, I feel emptiness after venting, it is too boring, I will go to the Internet to find chat objects. I opened the computer. The first thing is to look at the electronic mailbox. Today, I received a picture of Xiaoqian. She recently lost Europe. Europe Paris, I want to travel there, I am bored to flip the mouse, suddenly the spiritual machine move, I want to secretly see Xiao Qian’s mailbox, understand what she usually keeps with the company first, and then guess her secret Code (first try to see the birthday), I type 600830, after a while, I will jump in (wow ~~ Bingo ~~~~ Great, the first time I tried to guess), I can finally let me see Her secret her mailbox, except that I don’t seem to write a letter to her, there is a lot of tourism advertisements, after reading all letters, I will turn to the send backup, um ~ ~ all sent to her ‘ Invincible husband ‘letter, I will open a letter to see the content wow ~~~~ 乖 ~~ How to be the list of our customers’ customers, even the ordering date is with the quantity, is it ~~~ Xiao Qian I know the business secrets of our company, all of which leaked her husband, the more you look at it, but I think of Xiaoqian’s beautiful figure, I know the opportunity to come, let the information are printed, and the thick stack is full. Forty dozens of the next day, with dark circles to work, but mood is extra excitement [Hello … A Jin … Help me move these boxed paper to the warehouse ….] When I saw me, she is like Seeing the savior [好 … … Xiao Qian simply made me as a maid, I moved to the warehouse, Xiao Qian immediately directed the Eastern Command, and I have to classify a box of things. It’s really hard, I saw her laughing and smiling and looking at me. I moved. [A Jin, thank you for helping me move so much, wait a sister to please customers, please eat ㄘㄨ ㄚ, good]

[Of course, I am very loving with her, it is easy to dry the dry ………

I wiped sweat while moving the printing paper, I accidentally touched the stationery box, the iron and white version lost, Xiao Qian immediately squatted, I also squatted on her opposite her pretend to help, eyes But staying in her legs, wants to defend her panties, the color of her underwear [color wolf, look at what … ” I don’t cut my eyes, my heart is hot, I can’t help but hug her next to her [Ah … what !!] Xiao Qian was scared by my rude action, forgot to call, desperate, desperate, desperate to break free. My magic [don’t move, Xiao Qian, I have important things to give it to you …] Finished, I immediately put it on the exit. I will take the information in the print last night, put it in front of her She saw clearly, she was afraid of shrinking the film printing paper, she saw a few seconds, the face was red, the whole body trembled [you … how do you have these things … What do you know??] Xiaoqian was scared to teeth unclean [Xiao Qi, this is the manager to visit me, because the recent colleague has been saying that customers have been left, the company is of course going to check, who will leverage customer information, because I am a newcomer is more no burden, so the manager is called me to pay attention to it. If I let me investigate, it is a big work … I will jump to the group long …. I looked at Xiaoqian’s reaction, I thought last night. The lines, the face is not red, and the face is not angry. [That … Manager already knows?] Xiao Qian’s cowardly self-calling [Ha !! Xiao Qian Jia … you can rest assured … I am so hurtful … I didn’t plan to tell anyone ….

I said that she took her shoulders, my heart was ecstatic, I knew that she fell into my trap, Xiaoqian a pretty face became palening [Thank you … A Jin …] I have been separated for a long time, she whispered out this Several words [company good thief, saying what leaks customer secret gives competitive peers to fines 5 million, it is exaggerated, sister is so good, I will not fall, let the company earn so much …] For this matter, I knocked on a big stone, let her not escap the face of her red and easy to hang two lines of tears, the whole person lost the soul, I can’t see it, and I will hug her whole person. In the arms, put her pretty face in my chest, she only had a symbolic twisting body, I will completely give up struggle at a while, I use my right hand to pick her waist, put her tightly in me. On her body, the left hand began to touch it in her body, and the hand was moving from her thigh. Soon the thigh in the narrow skirt [don’t!! This is the company … A Jin … A Jin … please … don’t …] She is afraid of disturbing, I have a hot meat stick in my crotch, which has risen to break through the pants, her lower abdomen keeps my lower body, she must feel the heat and hardness of my meat stick [you … Will this matter tell the manager? A Jin ….] Xiaoqian seems to be very concerned about this, I deliberately avoid not talking [小 姐 … 妳 Let me hug … Please … I can’t help but embarrassing … I believe me … I won’t hurt the 妳 …] In her ears, I was able to put some souls in her ear, and finally let her quietly down the left hand along the thigh into her skirt, I put it in the center of her, and slowly sliding in the center of her, slow and firmly sliding. Although I have a layer of stockings and underwear, I can fully feel the heat in her body [ah … um … um …] put her mouth On the top, the tongue is sliding along the teeth, and gently let the teeth make the tongue together, both hands attacked her sensitive zone, left hand in front of the right hand, and drilled into her stockings, struggling The claws extend into her forbidden. [Ah …] Xiao Qian sent a snoring from the nostrils, and the body was clamped in the body finger on her clitoris, and the whole hand was applauded in the shame of the hill. The soft hairy, the middle finger is smashed in front of the flesh, and the most sensitive juicy clitor is rubbed with the finger, and the other hand attacks from her stock, and finally stays outside the vagina. Xiaoqian is ashamed to stand, The whole person will breathe in me. [Flow water to come … Sister …] I deliberately spending her mouth in her ear. Her mouth is speaking, the finger can not stop, after a while, her Yinfu immediately felt flooding Captured [Ah … you are bad … I stopped … There is someone here … What should I do .. She still has a lucky saying, this place is hot and narrow, I really don’t work, it seems Need to move to fight!

[小 姐, I am waiting for you at the 7-11 at noon, and the other information will be returned to you …]

Seeing her not answered, I speeded the speed of the point sliding, put pressure on the glory, I saw her red and more beautiful face, frowning star closed, the small mouth was slightly spitting the aroma, Another person can not help but kiss her again [Ah … ah, um …] Xiaoqian whole person bent down to save, the hot juice in the body is running out, hot, I have a hands, good, good, good, good After a while, I still took out the hand, I took the wet hands, put her in the carton, and helped her to organize clothes, gently dial her hair, so that she calm [Odor … Go …………………………………………………………. Right … I took my fingers and sniffed some, and I smiled. [小 姐 … I remember to come to convenient to find me … worship …] I raised the photocopying information on my hands, I don’t return the library, leaving She is full of her face, she is going to be on time, 12 o’clock, Xiaoqian low, like a child who is doing something wrong, I don’t dare to look at me, my eyes come over, I caught her arm. Like the eagle catching the chicken, I will drive the car immediately, so I will drive the car to the motel [Ajin … please … spare me! I am a husband … I have been like this … should be enough! Please …] she I started to ask for merchants [小 姐 … Don’t worry … I guarantee that I don’t hurt you … I just like it too much … 妳 看 … These materials are prove …] I am a proven to use information to threaten her [you … Hey …] Xiao Qian Some buddies are so fast, just enter the car hotel parking lot, she still stays in the car, not willing to get up [小 姐 … Otherwise, I will come in let me hug … Didn’t promise … I am not chaotic … ok]

[Really … you won’t lie to me …]


[I swear …] In order to avoid pulling with her, only first lie to her, others will see the game, and immediately reveal the nature, and hold her, they will be opened. To suck her juice [don’t … don’t you say that you only have a hug …] She turned her body to protest [OK …] So beautiful woman, of course, I have to take a good time to taste it! She, sitting on the bed, open the big screen TV, there is a picture of a pair of light gap fighting, she immediately reveals the evil expression, I will be installed, I haven’t seen anything, I will post it. Let her sit in my arms, the nose sniffed her intoxicating fragrance, and the hand began to go to her body. [I don’t say it … we hug it ….] She is still making the final struggle [how Like … I am very cool! I should have a climax! I deliberately make fun of her is so lascivious [I don’t have it …] She is red, she shakes her head to denied [Come … Let’s play again … Bao you must like it …] I blowing at her ear, I didn’t let her have considered time. My right hand I can’t get rid of her skirt, and I attacked her roots in her thigh. Her lower body is like fire-like hot air [to open the feet!] I crudely ordered her left hand ring, pinch her left breast, gently rubbish like cotton candy, The mouth contains her ear, the tongue slides her ear, [Don’t this … itchy … people get a chicken skin!] Xiao Qian was made by me, I can’t smile [I am flirting with you, I love … Let’s enjoy it!

Obmint … This dress will not be crumpled] put her in the big bed, start to take off her shirt, it seems that she is giving up resistance [wow ~~~ Wow ~~~ Good beautiful underwear ~~~ I can’t take off] I praised her bra to push the pink bra, revealing her snow-white meat ball, her breasts appearance like half a peach, the top of the peak, two small and exquisite pink The nipple is red, the brightery is exquiped, about 34b’s breasts are not big, but the color is white and pink. [喔 … is really beautiful] I put the nipples in a mouth, I used the tongue to wrap the small clemar , Gently suck her nipple, she immediately hit a cold, the nipple immediately stood up, he sent hard in my mouth, sniffing her faint body fragrance, smoked my prostitution, holding the whole breast with hands. The point is smashed with a soft and elastic breast, and slowly tune the lust of the two people. I scored the right to put the right. When I gave my hands, I made a low low snoring, and she was also intoxicated. I took my pink underwear from the waist, I took the tight thighs from the waist, and I showed a black lacquered curly hair on a generous shame. The two big labiaries have been extending to the chrysanthemum door of the micro-convex, and the large lips protect the center of a crack. The two crumpled little labipings are slightly revealed, like a moist rose petal, hidden Holding the clitoris and urethra, I use my fingers to open her secret, press the clitoris of the clitoris and gently rubbed, Xiao Qian hit a chilly, comfortable to call up [喔 … 喔 … 喔 …] small The low-mouth Xiaoqian’s prostitute whose eyes, the prostitute, the prostitute, smelling, there is a fascinating smell, and the faint sour is swallowed into the belly in my big mouth, and I went to the tip of her clitoris. Gently suck it, let her cool to the whole body, the thigh is tightly buckle, in my eldest tongue, didn’t spend how long it takes, Xiao Qian quickly came to the highest tread, fierce The swing body leaked out a buzzer [Ah … no … ah … you want to die … dead … ah …] Xiao Qian’s power is not angry, do not let her have a breath, I still sell it Locard her flowers, let her enjoy the music of the continuous and climax, make the tongue of the unknown, facing the heart,, press, suck, including, dig, grind, let her completely drunken down in my tongue No matter how she shouts struggle, my mouth has never left her clitoris, and experiences dozens of minutes, the tongue is ruined. Xiao Qian has experienced a climax of countless times. The soul flew over the sky, and he was in the big bed. Unwakened Xiao Qian. The whole body is hot, wrinkled the eyebrows and eyes closed, full face is comfortable and happy, look at it, I want to burn myself, quickly take myself naked, blow up the purple dumpling, Her legs are helped in the waist, the big talents are on the voids, ready to start my “assault” action, and I’m fighting my big cock, the glans is in the mouth of the vision, hard work hard, When the glans “” drill into the hot narrow hole, it is a young woman’s tenderness, both heat and slipping, let me have no blocking into and out, the vaginal cavity The muscles contracted, like a small mouthful sucking the meat stick, it is really a wonderful taste, I am selling the slimming body to make a piston movement, Xiao Qian Yinluo has smashed a large amount of obscene, moisturizing our entangled place, meat stick Free from entering and exits, sending [,,,] Fragrant sound [喔 … 喔 … ah … … ah …] The two people also send happiness while looking at her face flushing The fascinating appearance, the lust is completely written in the cheek, I want to fire, can’t restrain the speed of sprint, I only feel that the lower part is spread all over the whole body, she is not guarded, holding her waist, letting her body Squirting, large stocks sprayed into her uterus …………… After a breathing, annoying sleek hit hit the heart, two people like this naked, sleeping for more than half a hour, I am A whispered weeping wakes up [you are you … do a good thing … Tell me how to do people in the future … Wow ~~ Wow ~~ is known by my husband … 呜 ~~ ~~ People today is a dangerous period … you Also sprayed … What should I do with pregnancy … You are really bad … bad …

Xiao Qian played in me, and the beads shot me, then carrying the body and weeping [OK … Sister … don’t cry … I swear to be awkward …] I still smile She [you can go!] She struggled to break away from my claw [Sister … I am not a dangerous period today … We hurry to wash … case pregnant … You can change it to me … ]

Xiao Qian listened to my reminder, and she didn’t want to bare naked body. I quickly rushed into the bathroom. I also followed it. By the way, she eats her tofu [you will go! Don’t look!] She is carrying me, holding me, holding me Shower faucet rush to the lower body [I am helpless!] I pulled her to her arms, put her finger with her finger to help her clean her [~~ 唉 ~~] She was dig the lower body, I don’t know how to be good, I have to give her a body, I also help her to add my body, use the lotion of the lotion, full of her skin, especially her chest, a pair of lady, more It is a touch that love does not release, Xiao Qian originally sparkling attitude, gradually changed into a kind of enjoyment, the atrium is open to accept my service [Okay … I wash away one layer of skin …] Xiaoqian’s eyes, suddenly became good to go back to the big bed, I gently hugged her, naked kiss, at this time, she didn’t go to work at all, the attitude is like a small Women are in my arms [small color wolf … getting the colored heart …] Xiao Qian caught the meat stick, the eye angle “toys [Yes … see my sister so beautiful body … don’t make blame ~~~ only a ghost …] I am laughing and saying [~ ~ is a color ghost ~~] She got a glance, my meat stick made her on the small hand, up and down, the action is so natural and harmonious, I put the dick into her In front of me, let her see my glans, the whole penis rose black and black, the blood is angry and unstoppable, and the evil look at Xiaoqian face, at this time, she suddenly bends, Zhang She The little mouth swallowed my penis, and the dick felt a warm and hot, I couldn’t help but let people look, Xiao Qian gently swall the head, put on the upper and lower places, and swallow the gum of the glans. , The slong tongue is scraping my penis sensitive zone, finger pinching the folk rubber, I can’t say a comfortable [Ah … really cool … My sister is really a relative … 喔 … I sincerely admire her first-class port [Like? If you want my sister, do you have anyone? I rely on my head. She seems to know my movement, becomes a woman in the middle of the 69 posture, I put my face in her leg root, rub her hamused with my nose, and I will smell hard. Her hole, an annal woman Hermond is coming, it is a shackles that belong to a mature woman in the pussy, and there is a scent of fragrant smell. It is really a good taste, her labip There is no reserved display in front of the eye, peeling the thick curl, I use the tip of the tongue to open the door, it immediately drop a large transparent juice [喔 … 喔 ah …] The two people also sent a happy smashing Qian’s Yinfu is taking my tongue soft, the whole covered gate is heavy on my face, wet tender juice is on the face, I can’t say the stimulus, then the chicken is very uncomfortable, I The drill of the fast hand is coming out, I am going to have a good time. [Hey … don’t you … Dangerous Period … I use your mouth to help you suck it!] Xiao Qian is shame with me Come [um … ok!] I agreedly, I would like to ask two people to roll up again, chase the other party’s lower part of the work, and finally in the hands of the skills, quickly come. At the highest wave, double double ventilated a few 精, a whole afternoon, look at the A piece of accompanying feelings, then take music with each other, I am very happy to make the other person’s masturbation, until the gas is playing until the afternoon 6 o’clock, send Xiaoqian to the company’s door, waiting for her husband to pick her, I feel her eyes, I am full of disappointment [Xiao Qijie … Do my friendly friendly …] Hold her little hand Sincerely ask her [um …] Xiao Qian low-headed, I promised to see her shy and moving, my heart is boiling, and I don’t want to pay attention to the attention of pedestrians in the street. Together ………………………. The next morning, returning to the company to go to work, I will see a McDonald’s breakfast on my table, and I still have a note to remind me of breakfast, I can’t help but I am happy, hurry to call Xiao Qian, about her at noon, until the hotel is warm yesterday, she starts to have some hesitation, but under my kid of the three-inch, she is only difficult. Promise to go to the restaurant to play with me (????????)

[Sister … I want to be ㄛ …] I went to the warehouse, I immediately kissed her [big wolf … When I met, I was not ruined to people. “She missed her mouth, but her face had a smile. I took her in his arms, and my hands started to knead on her. I didn’t refuse. I boldly invade her under her body, and the hand into the skirt and smashed the leg root private office [sister Wear stockings!] I am a little surprised to watch her [um … you are so thick … I will do it .. Why do you do it .. She is awkward whispering! It turned out that she was prepared, first go to the toilet The stockings let me work, think of this, if you don’t have fun, you really have a good heart, let her rely on my arms, one hand is unfair to reach into the skirt, facing After a strong grinding, I feel a wet, and I naturally take it in the pants, I will find it on the lace crack, and the fingers will stay in the flower and it itchy [um … you are bad ㄛ … ah …] Xiaoqian sent a swaying heart, encouraged me to use her eyes ~~~ I took off her trousers, relieved her lower body protection, let me be more straightforward, Lightly open the thick grass, the two fingers are quickly caught in the lip stitch, I took the sword to be a meat stick, caching the humidity of the prostitution, slowly in depth, the finger instead of the penis sprint Get up, hard to do her tender hole [Ah … bad … um ..] Xiao Qian’s movement of the finger, send a person’s cockroach [a … A Jin … so cool … pro … please … Xiao Qian incered to cry, knew that she had been emotional, I lost my thunder, took off her underwear, pushed her onto the chair, pulling her thigh, kissing the wet paste, using it My tip of the tongue is slutted to massage the flower. Xiaoqian’s Yinfu is like a faucet switch. The more you smash the water, the tongue is desperately opposite the clitoris, rolling the tongue as a meat stick, inserting in the vaginal, In order to let her stay in my life, she is struggling to serve her, and she will take the mink. I can’t eat my stomach. Because in the company’s warehouse, I don’t dare to play too much. I saw Xiao Qian even a few climax. The whole person’s soul was reversed, and it seems to be immersed in pleasant comfort. Although he still wanted to burn, old two It’s very powerful, but I am afraid that I have been discovered, I have to endure it first. I will lightly talk about her love. It is a long time to make her feel feeling slightly, let her go back to work in the afternoon to visit several customers, no success, There is enough (saumout), some are discouraged, sitting on the seat [Hello ~~~ A Jin! Is there a space? Go to the warehouse to help me move something? Xiao Qian saw me back to the company, immediately want me to consume Different into the warehouse, her face reveals a strange smile [running for a day, are you tired? If you want to fire, you can’t help but want to hold her. This will be decided, this is the internal news, you can run a few times, you should have a chance] In my arms, she took out a note paper, and the expression suddenly serious (that but she steals Colleagues’ customer report, sneak, help me do performance)

[I will help you … How to thank me …] Seeing her so much love, clearly want to abduce me, Xiao Qian like a small bird is sticking to my chest, the small hand, Su Su, I will travel. Finally, stay in my crotch [um … I will get rid of the heart … You are thinking …] She must feel my meat stick gradually erection [I want my sister to help me with chicken …] I tried to ask her [ … 小色 ………………………… There is also a lot of hoard, rushing to the trousers outside, shaking [how ㄚ … “Quickly ask me!] Xiaoqian plays a buddhism [Sister … ask for it … Sister … Sister …] I begged her, while holding her head to the waist church, I was sitting in front of me, and I took off my pants and retired to the ankle, my rough black Hide, the younger you nod, she nodded, she was naughty to play with my big cock, after a while, the whole face was pasted on my plush down body, infinite pity, watching my baby [ Ah … I am bigger …] She hazy eyes, fast overwater, Xiaoqian Zhang opened his mouth, put the whole glans, gently rotate her head, I only feel that a burst of hot surrounded me Part of the glans, her little hand hit my foreskin, sliding in the trench below my glans, cheeks ahead of my fake, I also cooperate with her speed, one looks forward. Waist, let her can include a little bit, I saw her willow her eyebrows, the two mysters were bullied, almost I was dried to the throat [I want to talk before I want to spray] [Don’t mess with me Hair! Don’t mess with my clothes]

Every time she licked a few minutes, she will stop complaining about my harassment, and I have been buried in my two legs. At this time, I am also happy, carefully appreciate Xiaoqian attractive. Face, I saw her to put my big dick, pick up from the glans to the folk egg, let me go back and come back and come back, let me be very excited. [Why didn’t come out! People have enough sour!] I haven’t ejacited for ten minutes. She tired of the nose and sweats [sister … put the undressed underwear to me … I will play more exciting …] [I am really annoying …] She spit out the meat stick, I have a white eye, a white eye. Move your butt, get out of her panties from the skirt, give me the mouth, the mouth is not left in the penis ㄛ [Ah ~~~~ It’s so sweet!] I sniffing the warm and humid small panties, and praises it. Let an annoying body incense into the brain, feel straight and full, the penis is too sensitive, the waist is bleeding, the finery is open, the semen [~~ ~~ ~~], all rushed into small Head of Qian’s throat [~~] Xiaoqian frowned, all eat all my children and grandchildren (semen) into the belly, still don’t forget to help me to dry the clean job [how … very comfortable ! … The rest of the dirty, you will clear your own …]

Looking at my wolf, grabbing my leggings, pulling a wet paper towel from the pocket, throwing it to my own handles, she twisted the waist, swaying the warehouse, I walked out of the warehouse, I The feelings of Xiaoqian are gradually refined, usually within the time of work, about it will play three times with her three times, in order to be found, the time will control in 40 minutes, try to do the ghosts Gloss, in the eyes of my colleagues, we are like a pair of brothers, and Xiaoqian will change the attitude of people who are not laughing. It is active and generous. As for me, there is Xiao Qian secretly paste the passcass, the performance is more sharp, and it will change The big red man in the company still loves her husband. In order to alleviate the burden of the heart, Xiaoqian has never been willing to go to the hotel, and I don’t allow me to insert the penis into the vagina, but if it is just a requirement for masturbation or blowjob. I have something to do with me. I immediately follow me in the company’s warehouse to forget the play Xiaoqian. She is very surprised. I have an endless desire to her, let her feel [sexual blessing] and happiness, especially I don’t worry, before Most of the drama, willing to pick up her sexual desire, Xiaoqian likes me to hold her into the arms, let me reach the hand into the skirt caress, fingers, the finger is smashed, the core is rubbed, help her little masturbation I am very satisfied, I will get more, I can’t get it, I can’t help but get twice thirty minutes, I will have a short tide of the whole body, and the taste of this kind of soul is often. I can’t calm down all day, the vagina will wet all day Xiaoqian gradually experience the fun of stealing, especially more love me more about her blowjob, sensitive yukucleot, I am put in my mouth, gentle and soft The tongue is gentlely sweeping every foot falling in the labipings. Every back tongue is divided into her most sensitive nerve. Her climax has been anxious and fast, and the climax is a wave of hitting, in a fierce Enjoy the wonderful taste of the climax of the climax, Xiaoqian once reaches the soul, I will blow the horn, but also a supreme enjoyment, running a whole day, the penis is inevitable, the glans are top Some shame, she doesn’t mind, and she holds the penis as a treasure in her hand. Happy to help me blow up sexual music, she is in the most sensitive zone, it is, or gently, and suddenly Slow, use your tongue to eat the penis, help you to achieve the peak of the climax, then swallow your [essence]

If you ask me [Woman is the most beautiful], I will say [When Xiao Qian is helping me blow, the most beautiful beauty], the only unfortunate thing is ~~~ She can’t let me eat it ~~~ ask her Why, Xiao Qian said [your man ㄚ … ejaculation out … After cool, I will not come to me again today …]

This reason, after I serve her tongue, I went to Xiaoqian to help my mouth, she refused to smash more than ten minutes, deliberately let me feel uncomfortable, she thinks only this, I will not If you think about her, I will keep chasing her. Xiaoqian, this trick is really high, helping her masturbation three times, and the external tongue is second, and they will be changed in her ‘mouth burst’ once, harming me. Tiandu should be desperately and desperately and again, she will be willing to play with me. Of course, I will be curious about Xiaoqian’s sex life between her husband, in order to set out insider, I have to sell the sex content of my girlfriend first. In exchange for her understanding, after a few chats, I summoned a few results, Xiao Qian’s husband was 8 years old, and the care of life is not much, but because of personalization Serious Mu, let her lack fresh feelings, plus a critical juncture of the positive entrepreneurship, often for the job, it may be hard to work, maybe the husband is not born, Xiao Qian is only three or four times of sex each month. Life feels some regrets to be funny, Xiao Qian is bored with husband’s sexual life, and it is probably kicking for three seconds, caressing the chest for 30 seconds, stroking for three minutes, then inserting a three minute, before the boy A boyfriend, brought her multicolored beauty in [sex], and then compared with her husband, of course, she would not have some sexual life that complained such a harmonious and happy, just after my goddess, I was returned. At noon that day, I accompanied the gangs who had just returned to the country. By the way, I spent the day of this day (evil), I can’t know Xiao Qian (I heard that she is near the streets near the company. ” Desperate me) [A Jin … go to the warehouse to help me raise the son …] Xiao Qian is in the dark, I only followed the way to the library, Xiaoqian sat on the seat, actually always smiling at me The left hand pulls my tie, the right hand refers to hook, hook, look like there is no wind [Ajin … Where to eat at noon … .. because I am guilty, I don’t dare to answer after a minute. Silent, Xiaoqian red eyes whispers 啜声 [小 姐 … don’t cry …. I have me … Do you still need to be with her ??

[妳 有 有 人 人 反 反 反 反 反 反 反 啊 啊 啊 啊 啊 啰 啰 啰 离 离 离 离 离 她 离 上 离 离 离 上 离 离 … 离 上 离Top two boats [~~ tell you … If you want to get rid of me … I will tear your clothes … then tell you to rape me … You see me dare … 嘻嘻 …] Xiao Qian uses firm The tone, forced me to make a decision, really make me shocked the cold sweat ………

Her eyes shot the light, seemed to see my inner idea she looked at me, suddenly opened her thigh root, showing no pants, I can’t touch the clue, hard Take me into her leg, two snow-white ankles hang on my shoulders, just like I help her blowjob, there is no reason to look at the prey in front of you [now … now … another help] Well ….] She whispered in my ear, immediately pulling my head closer with my head, press hard to her yin, the feet are like a scissors, tighten me tightly, Xiao Wei The neurophagically covered, has been secreted with salty salty juicy transparent mucus, and it is blurred into a piece of ladle. I am forced to cooperate with her, blocked the mouth, stretching the tongue Take a detailed taste …

[喔 喔 ~~ Shuangh ~~] Xiaoxian is full of fullness [Ajin, I just just safe time tomorrow … my husband will go to the Koib Exhibition, there is no half of the family … I plan to ask for a day. Fake … Is there a whole day at home ?? …] In the case of me to do the best for her tongue, she made such a request [~~ ~~] The tongue is tangled with the lace, she must leave the battlefield Xiaoqian Comfortable releight is on the chair, such as the drunk full face, enjoy the Queen’s happiness taste … Poor me … can only kneel, put the head in her leg, sell the intertwined tongue ….

Thinking of that you can’t reject her, it was originally the most fascinating, suddenly became a deep abyss, eat in the mouth of sweet and tender juice, all of which changed the taste, only suffering The following swallowed ………… (full text)

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