Introduction: (This article is all overhead, unrelated with reality, please do not enclose the hibo: Xiaolian Express Xiaoxiao is in red dress black silk high-heeled beautiful wife, kind, often loves.

Construction: Yu Yilong, home appliance repair company boss, all the year round is busy in the career to take care of the family.

Cheng Ming: The great protagonist is playing a courier in this article, and the express delivery will be smooth and the wife is in the door.

Story Symarks: (Former Private Sype Strike, for everyone to read, if you read this package can be omitted directly) Courier Xiaoqiao (the text is replaced) often go to the beautiful woman wife, Xiao Jing, a happy home, and the second relationship is good. It’s commensted to the sister.

On the day of the New Year, Xiao Qiao once again took the express delivery, just encountered Zhenyi, Xiao Yong, who was repairing refrigerator, and tanded with him when he went to the Riwack.

Xiaoqiao didn’t know that he was the husband of Yu Yilong. He only gave him a refrigerator. During the chat process, there were a lot of laughter, while chatting, Xiao Qiao said to Cheng Rui’s good. Relationship, and experience you often come to her home pickup.

I don’t know that Zi Rui is Xiao Joe, who is Yong Yong, from the tone of Zi Rui, Xiaoxiao suspected that he had to reveal his “with the chance of” the way “, in the appearance of Ziyin,” Do not track the mind.

Yan Yixing listened to his words and laughed and told him the truth. I didn’t expect that the two were actually a couple of Little Qiaon, and they were ashamed to flee enough. They didn’t blame him in two people. Zi Rui sister introduced him to be a girlfriend, and finally the story reunion ending.

………………………………………… ………………..

As the applause sounded, the small product opened the curtain, wearing a red dress, the black silk high-heeled 艺 从 里 里 屋 屋 屋

“Husband ~~~~ Where are you?”

Wearing the maintenance suit, Fu Rui, who is the bezer, Li Wei, joined from the door.

“Wife ~~~~ I am home.”

“Where have you been?”

“This doesn’t give customers a repair appliance.” “” I know to repair the appliance to the customer, I’m running outside the New Year, the refrigerator is broken so long, can I point you? “

“You look at you, I am not telling you? Our company’s employees, many foreign land, big New Year, give them a holiday home for the New Year, I can only rush to the work of the labor first Line, who makes it a warm male boss? “

After listening to Cheng Rui, Zi Yixiao is not angry, dig it, “I have a long time, do you have a warm ice? I told you, my family is now warm, basically relying on refrigerator, inside Eggs, I have been hatched into chicks. “

Zi Rui humorial returned to her: “Justice, open a chicken farm.”

“Oh, don’t be poor, hurry up, I have to pay for the New Year.”

“Oh, I have to catch up, I have finished and hurry, hey …”

When we constructed Rui to repair the refrigerator, our protagonist Chengming appeared outside their house.

Cheng Ming wears a red dress, which is very festive. For you: “Readers, everyone is good. Express Xiaoming walked to Taiwan, the New Year’s 30th I took it, I wished everyone good luck. “

“Don’t say it, I have to work”

Hey, knocking on the door.


Cheng Rui raised his head and shouted.

“Hey, I also have a batch of clothes to go to the area, it is estimated that my call is called”

Said, Yu Yixiao ran over and opened the door.

Wearing a red Cheng Ming came up, giving it a big hug “Sister, Happy New Year”

“Hey, how do you dress Xia Ming?

Yu Yixiao hugged her in his arms, and the chest was squeezed on him, but the hips were also unrestered by the body of her hands. Instead, the dress of Cheng Ming was quite surprised.

“Don’t let you open the door?”

“It’s really a heart, it is no wonder that the whole community girls have given you a letter to your company.”

“It should be, the work must be rigorous, sister, you wear underwear? Touching should be the last purple, the purple,” Well, that, every time you come, you have to get the bad sister’s underwear , Today I can’t easily find a barely wearing “

“Ah ~”

Xia Yili is in Cheng Ming, and it is a bit complained that he caught the evil lifting of his underwear.

“Xiao Ming, you are like this!”

艺 萧 is somewhat unhappy, twisting a few times in Cheng Ming, I want to break free, but the power is not enough, it is the rushing of the double milk and Cheng Ming’s body, so that Cheng Mingding is more harmful to the roof of her under her.

Cheng Ming hands invaded the bottom of the lesk, carefully appreciate her hips and black silk legs, attached to her ear, laugh: “Sister, the children in the poor mountains still eat can’t eat, the clothes are not covered, you This is still too extravagant, is it too extravagant?

“Hey, it seems that it is a sister is not right.”

“There is this pantyock, how much cloth is wasted!”

“Is it a sister ?? ~”

艺 萧 口 apologize, the original Jiaoqin was more tight, but suddenly was put on the ground, and she fell to the ground with her, and Cheng Ming scored a trousers that slipped by the belt.

Cheng Ming bully, one hand grabbed the 艺 萧 双 脚 踝 使 腿 腿 腿 腿 上 身 上 上 上 身 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 在 上 上 上 上 上 上 上 上stand up.

“This is how good cloth, how much money is wasted, save how many children who need help can save?”

Said, Cheng Ming’s right hand gently hit the greement of Yu Yili.

“Hey ?? Xiao Ming ?? all the sister’s fault ?? Sister should not be greedy”

Ziyi Xiao, who was subjected to Cheng Ming Education, was very remorseful.

Cheng Ming smiled and sat down and pressed hard for a long time. The two black silk legs of Xia Yili were grinded from pantyhose.

“Sister, don’t take a cry, cooperate, let me check the remainder of the pantyhose, see those who can help some need it”

“Well, Xiao Ming, come, the sister must cooperate”

“You put your legs together, especially the thighs, right, that is, the knee is to be fastened, clamping me in the roof of your legs, I will pull it out and plug in, thousands Pay attention to don’t relax

“Don’t worry, my sister will definitely clamp the legs, Xiaoming you, despite the plug”

Looking at Zi Yili, I struggled to close the black silk, clamped my meat stick and invited myself to plug, Cheng Ming also went very chicken, holding the hands of Zi Xia Xiaoxiao, hard MAX’s big meat stick in her legs. I felt that she was shot and comforted by the thickened black silk package, and the insurance was immediately shot, and quickly contracted the descent, plus it more powerful.

“Sister, my leg clip, I am so cool”

“Will it be very comfortable? Then you continue, ah ~ I look at you”

Looking at Cheng Ming’s face, I feel a little funny, I can’t help but laugh, although my face also hangs some tears just now.

Cheng Ming accelerated, and he was a bit embarrassed by Zhenyi Xiao, laughing, his face was awkward, and his brain turned, there was a new idea.

“Sister, you wear a bra today, bra is also very wasteful”

“Nothing, I can don’t worry, don’t believe you.”

I heard Cheng Ming inquiries, and I also brought some 艺 艺 艺 疚 疚

“This can be seen.”

“The eyes are really stupid ~ then you come to touch”


Although I promised in Cheng Ming mouth, but I didn’t see action in my hands. I still had a big meat stick in the 艺 双 双, if you don’t have something to look at her.

“Oops ~ you hurry up”

“What is it quickly?”

“Cheng Ming! Come and touch me to wear a bra!”

When I heard Cheng Ming, I was a little angry.

“Well? I don’t understand it.”

“you you!”

“Sister, don’t worry, if you say ‘come to play my tits, I should understand” true? Why do you say this? “

“This is not necessary to care, sister, or you try?”

“Well ?? Xiao Ming ?? You ?? You come to play my tits ~”

“Haha, good, but you have to help me, I don’t know where your tits are.”

Seeing the face of the face of the blushing said this sentence, Cheng Ming took her back to grasp the soft impulse of her chest, and turned her again.

“Come, let me catch your hand? Yeah, right, is here?? ~ ??

Yu Yili guided Cheng Ming’s hands, reaching into his own clothes, put it on the pair of delicate, have already patted Cheng Ming busy to hold this in the hands, and embarrassing it.

“How, this time you know ?? Hey, you touched it, no verification, you will get it.”

艺 萧 finally let Cheng Ming have touched her breasts, which can prove that they did not wear bra, and felt suddenly withdrew their own breasts, and hurriedly grabbed Cheng Ming hands and pressed back of themselves.

“Hey, ok, then play a child’s milk”

“This is right, knowing that the sister didn’t wear a bra?”

“Well, the sister’s tits are soft, the hand is awesome”

Cheng Ming put soft in his hand, and the meat stick enjoys the squeezing of Yu Yili Xiao’s black silk, which made him almost intoxicated.

“Sister, your legs are really praised, not in shape, delicate and firm, get my big meat stick is so comfortable”

“Ah, is it?”

“Yeah, your tits are great, white and smooth, just in your hand, really play, more you want to pinch them”

“Thank you, Xiaoming is very vision.”

Zi Yixiao is a little bit of praise, but I have to thank him.

“Sister, I boast your legs and tits, you can’t respond like this.”

Cheng Ming enjoys the legs of Zi Xia Xiaoqi, and she still has not let her in his mouth.

“Can’t say this? How is it?”

“You have to say ‘please insert my legs, I am grateful to the words of my tits.”

“Oh, that’s how it is”

Although Yu Yixiao is somewhat unclear, she still believes in the words. She listened to Cheng Ming said that she began to think about it, how should she expressed gratitude?

“Well ?? Xiaoming ?? If you like, please use the big meat stick to insert my legs. Is there a tits?

? Also please play, I will hold your hand, don’t make it! “

艺 萧 一 正 的 说 着 着 语 语 上 上 上 上 上 上 火 火 火 火 火 乳 乳 楼 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳 乳A pair of black silk legs are constantly being hit by Cheng Ming body, two jade is on the left shoulders of Cheng Ming, and the high heels of the original set have taken off from the heels under the hustle, only the front end is hung in her fee, with Cheng Xing’s The impact is constantly swinging.

Two black silk pins that have been shaken on the shoulders are tempting, Cheng Ming also can’t help it, grabbed Yili Xiao one right foot, put the meat stick into her high-heeled shoes from her heels, put her The high-heeled jade suite is squatting on the meat stick, and putting her shoes on my left foot, holding this, only the little feet wrapped in a thick black stockings, biting it, including in the mouth lick.

“Ah, Cheng Ming, what are you doing?”

“What is it got on my feet ?? ?? Heat, sticky liquid ???”

In the question of Yu Yixiao, Cheng Ming didn’t care, he was inserted with her high-heeled black silk, bite another, let go of the fine, and angry in her high heel A hair.

“Sister, your stockings have been contributing.”

“Is it? What happened?”

“Let the people who need it, I feel happy, I am shot in your feet.”

“Haha, it’s great.”

Xiao Yi said with a smile, before wearing a stock home, it is very embarrassing, and now I see my stockings, you can make people who need it get more happy, nature is very happy. “Is these sticky liquids?”

“Well, these are you with stockings, I get a happy return, some of the good things that can maintain the foot.”

Cheng Ming said, sending the right foot of Yu Yixiang into the high heel shoes that were filled with semen, and suddenly many semen were overflowing. The right foot of Xia Yili wearing black stockings was completely soaked in Cheng Ming’s semen.

“Is this a bit waste?”

Yu Yili looked at the overflowing semen frown.

“Don’t worry, this liquid has a lot of meat sticks, and you can squeeze out.”

“Yes, then please, oh, my left foot can not be maintained yet.”

艺 娇 俏,,,, 明 脚 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 脚 棒 棒 脚 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 棒 脚 棒 棒 棒 棒 脚 棒 脚 脚 脚 脚 脚 … 脚 … …………………………………..

“Xiao Ming, come in and come in”

Xia Yili Xiaozhi’s flushing, the naked, the next half, Cheng Ming came in, step by step into the house, and the flipped floor left some water stains.

“You first helped me pack these, I will go in and clean up”

“Good 嘞” (艺 进 屋, Cheng Ming began to take a transparent glue.

At this time, the refrigerator sounded …) “What Sound?”

Cheng Ming has a bit wondering, walking through the past.

“How do this refrigerator move? Is it bad?”

“Is it practicing?”

Cheng Rui drilled out from the refrigerator and took Cheng Ming.

“Oh, I am going! This is still a personal.”

Cheng Rui got the amount of Cheng Xiang, “Are you sending express?”


“Wear like singing the drama. Haha …”

Cheng Ming picked his eyebrows: “Are you repairing home appliances?”


“I see you like Zhang Fei.”

Zi Rui music, Xue Ming smiled “” Brothers, you chat “, how do you don’t have a rest in New Year?”

“Don’t you have a rest? Do you have this service industry, as long as the customer summon, you must appear immediately.”

“It’s too good, ah, hard work, come, drink one.”

Construction Rui took two bottles of drinks from the refrigerator and threw a bottle of Cheng Ming.

Cheng Rui is drinking, Cheng Ming suddenly shouted: I spit out … Cheng Rui immediately spurted … “Do you have anything?”

Cheng Rui is clearly foggy water.

“Do you do it?”

“I drink a drink.”

“Where is it?”

“In the refrigerator?”

Cheng Ming angered: “You can repair the refrigerator, you can just drink the drink? You want to fix the waterway, you can just pull the things in things?”

“Brothers, how do you talk soar?”

Cheng Rui was ridiculed by Cheng Ming.

“Don’t intermine, you can’t help people say hello?”

“Do I say hello?”

I was wronged in the heart, I am this male owner.

“Oh, do you have? It’s really awkward, I really thought that I was Zhang Fei? The hahahaha …”

Cheng Ming spent the words and said that he said he laughed.

Zhou Ruiqiu “You said that you, I am so good to give you a bottle, then you still say me …”

“Ok, big New Year, it is not easy, this is, I am resistant to you.”

Cheng Ming took a chest and made a hero.

“He resists me? I understand, he regards me as a repair appliance!”

Cheng Rui is only to understand the key.

“Brothers, tell you the truth”, Rui smiled and went forward, I plan to tell Cheng Ming him is the fact of this male owner.

“I am, actually …”

A slam, the door of the hut was opened.

“Xiao Ming …”

Yu Yili Xiao Huo hugged a small box and came out from the Rioman.

Yu Yixiao saw Cheng Rui standing next to Cheng Ming and asked: “What are you doing here?”

“I told him two words”

“Is your refrigerator repair?”


艺 萧 道 道 “Didn’t repair what day, hurry, repair it!”

“Oh, repair …”

It seems to return to the refrigerator.

“Xiao Ming, come, you see my clothes”

Zi Yili Xiao Xi’s standing in front of Cheng Ming, let him appreciate his masterpiece.

“Sister, do you cut the chest two holes?”

Although it is implied under own, Cheng Ming still asked unaware.

艺 得 道 “Of course, there is a wonderful use, this is, I have a country’s cloth, two, too, I have to verify that I have a bra, I have two games.”

“Sister, you think about it, I’m really good”

Cheng Ming hands hold her double milk through the two holes before the young and Xiao’s breasts, and gently rubbed a few times.

“What should I do if you have a cold?”

“Isn’t there you?”

艺 白 程 程 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一 一.

“Hey, how will, how will, as long as the sister has difficult, I am willing to be willing.

“This is almost like”

艺 萧 finished, set off his skirt, revealing the pantyhose hips between the legs.

“I cut here, anyway, there is you, will I feel cold?”

“Yes, unshirkin”

I heard Cheng Ming’s affirmative reply, and Yu Yi Xiao was exposed to satisfactory expression.

“Right, sister, have something”


“I am thirsty, I didn’t stand, and I took the bottle with the refrigerator.”

I heard Cheng Ming said this, and Yu Yili Xiao willow herbs, and she looked at Cheng Ming.

“Xiao Ming, not I said you, you are too older!”

Zhu Yili took a shot of Cheng Ming, and his face was complained.

“At the beginning, you can promise sister, when you drink tea, drink water, you have to use the sister’s mouth to drink water. Drink is much, you want to drink it, but you have to learn to drink water with a cup.”

“Sister, I forgot this, you eliminate the gas”


艺 扭 双 腿 腿

“Good, sister, I will give you a sin”

Cheng Ming was busy arrogant, and she broke her own black silk jade leg. I took out the muckle to the private place between her legs. The place that the pantyhose covered now is because of the pants. The socks were cut and unobstructed.

“Ah ~”

A soldering iron-like hard base inserted into the lower body of Yu Yixiao, so that she couldn’t help but scream, and the eager Cheng Ming did not do any predomatics, and they were directly smashed. The two did not get much pleasure, and even more uncomfortable.

It is a good style that has been in the style of Cheng Ming. It is a force to drop ten people.

“Sister, is it warm by me?”

Cheng Ming is asked her.

“Ah ~???

“Oh, sister, I am a little thirsty,”

“Well ~ ?? ~ ???? Sister? Sister is given to you ?? ~” Yu Yixiao was vigorously dried, and his rapidly and powerful impact is constantly shaking, reaching out several times. That beverage bottle, but it is so dry when I get it, I can’t hold the bottle.

“Oh ~ ?? Xiaoming ?? Sister is warm and warm ?? It is weak ??

Yu Yi Xiao Jiao stunned, can’t help the rule to pour water to make her feel very embarrassed.

“Nothing, sister”

“Xiao Ming ?? You ?? ?? You take the drink ?? Well ?? In the mouth of the sister ???

? use? ? Drink with a cup


Cheng Ming promised, while smashing the drinks on the side, unscrew the bottle cover, and poured it in the Xiao Yi Xiao.


艺 萧 accidentally swallowed, this made her more anxious, busy closed his eyes, looked up with his neck opened his mouth, waiting Cheng Ming to drink the rest of her mouth.


I feel that the little mouth is kiss, a big mouth is sucking the liquid in my mouth, making a thin voice, and the Yi Yixiao is put down, and strives to mix the mouth into the mouth of Xiangjin to send the process, for him Thirst.

“Drink drinking from your sister is better than you drink directly.”

Cheng Ming satisfied his tongue and laughed.

“Well ~?

At the air-conditioned compulsory Rui secretly seen, seeing Zi Yili Xiao Wen soft and shy, really shocked him, even not paying attention to the wrench slipped from his hand, fell to the ground to make a small sound.

Zi Yixiao was also attracted to this voice. He looked at it. He saw Cheng Rui, who was lazy to see it, suddenly angry, and screaming him: “Fast repair ~~~~~~~”

Cheng Rui was scared and turned back, and he was the wife he was familiar with.

The end of the side has also launched the final offensive against the Yili Xiao, put her down, and the meat stick continued to plug in the pile machine. The pleasure occupied, I only know that the legs are tightly entangled in the waist, and the hands are also not separated behind Cheng Ming.

“Ah ~ ?? is so deep ???

Under Cheng Mun, the meat rod has risen again. The meat stick that is not completely inserted is getting more long. It is straight into the uterus, and the cervix of the hint of Xia Yi is almost no resistance. It is easy to open the pendant palace in the pendant, and put a lot of thick semen into this sacredness of this.

“A lot of good nice ????”

Cheng Ming’s meat stick is like a high-pressure water gun to shoot burning semen in the 艺, each of which can take her a small climax when she hit her uterine wall, and the source is constantly super. The previous pleasure made Zi Yixiao feel like he is going to rise. Finally, after Cheng Ming shot the last semen, I found that Yu Yixiao has been stimulated.

“Hey, this is really enough, I have been dizzy, I still put my meat stick like this.”

Cheng Ming smiled.

Although I just took a semen, but I can restore the best state for him, the meat stick is still the peak, inserted into the uterus of Yili, enjoying her firming vaginal and uterine squeezing.

Although Cheng Yixiao is dizzy, it can be discounted in his waist, but there is no relaxation in his waist, but also the hands behind Cheng Ming. This is clearly unable to separate her. She wrapped in her body, slap two times her round and stunned butt air.

I saw Cheng Rui, who had been working on, Cheng Ming smiled, and took the butt of Yili Xiao, walked to him, and Yu Yili, who hangs on his body, continued to fall into the end, The meat is also better grinding Cheng Ming’s meat stick, extracting a bigger pleasure.

“Xiao Li ~”

“Isn’t it Zhang Fei, how did you become Li Wei?”

Cheng Rui did not say good.

“This doesn’t have a beard.”

Cheng Ming hands grabbed the gods of Yili, so that she made her body up and down, making her meat sticks in the Xiao Yizhen points, and the glans is constantly hitting her delicate uterus. “See it, don’t know, don’t drink drinks ~ Relationship is iron enough to call sister ~”

After that, Cheng Ming hit the Horti Xiao and returned to the couch.

Zi Rui’s posture of the two people is observed, but it is, if so, “listen to this means that they are related to the iron?”

“Not a special special!”

Cheng Ming on the sofa heard the words of Cruite, shouted.

“Then I want to ask, how is it special law?”

Zi Rui has been wondering, sitting next to the two, and Zi Yixiao tightly wrapped Cheng Ming’s body. He is constantly dried by his woman. Several water flowers.

“Do you want to know?”


“Listen to me, tell you, this is something serious.”

Cheng Mington suddenly, clear the clear throat to prepare the story.

“This, I am responsible for the express delivery in this community, my sister is a love volunteer, often donating things, I will go, we are familiar.”

“Oh, what else is she donated?”

“Generally, people who have donated some daily necessities, I am one of them. When I go to the door, as long as I ask for a request, my sister will be very refreshing to take the underwear wearing in her body to donate to me, let me Take back to pistol “

“Then what?”

“The sister’s underwear has a taste of her body. I usually can’t help but shoot it. Then when I gave her, she is really a kind woman. I never disappeared, every time I am The face is covered with my semen underwear. “

“It is a bit unhaded.”

“Later, every time I go to the door, my sister will help me with the glass. Her mouth is the cup I use, drink every time, the water is sweet.”

“These have explained, my sister has me.”

“Her heart has you !?”

Construction is shocked.

Cheng Ming huh, smiled “My sister is a kind woman, she can always hold someone else.”

“Oh, this explanation is also said to pass.”

“When my sister learned that I didn’t have a girlfriend, I took the initiative to donate her himself to me. When I first slammed her, when I put her meat stick into her Xiaowei, here, there is only one feeling.”

“Do you feel?”

“The first half of the tightening is like a woman, the second half is essentially a virgin, my sister is the first time I was awkward, I didn’t expect it to plug so deep.”

“Unfortunately, such a woman, no men take care of”

Cheng Ming touched the chest “to see this and soft tits”

I took another leg of Yili Xiao, “Take a look at this long and well-known leg.”

“Is it a pity?”

Cheng Rui repair listen to these words say so unhappy, and asks “what basis you say this man is not at home?”

“Here I am often coming, of course, I know more than you.”

“Always come? Know me?”

“Of course, I’m basically looking for my sister Sent every day, of course I have no man to her family is very understanding ah.”

“And my sister often very fun, one day want to experience life in the poor mountainous areas girls, children put on a mailing, then I would look at the hard, can not help but rushed past me and hugged sister, began by pouring fuck the feet she wore white socks, and then a mouth asshole Mixue not left the fuck over and over, the same day the two of us together the whole day, even with all my express a single fill-in after a fuck She, put it on her back. “

Xiu Cheng Rui instinctively feel where not say so, but there is no idea where only the chagrin of thinking alone.

“You ah, I was at my sister’s house to see the second man, ah, in addition to my own.”

“Second? Who is the one?”

“That day I came to pick my sister opened the door, I look to see there was a man lying naked on the couch!”


“Mom, I am not rigorous”

Cheng Ming smiled.

“Take a bar bath towel”

“What is the use!”

“No, I will know if I am in listening, I am a neighbor of her.”

“You see you don’t say clear, neighbors, come over ??

Zhou Rui listened to Cheng Ming’s words, it was a bit rest assured, suddenly reacted, loudly said that this neighbor is not a neighbor! “

“No, the reason why people will reason, the water heater is broken, and take a shower.”

Cruite anger rushing down “His water heater exploded, can’t take a shower here!”

“Yes, then let her mother will take it away.”

“His mother?”

“Still giving away?”

Compulsory Rui is a bit confused.

“Yes, a two-year-old boy, so high, horizontally, the body is similar to you, haha”

“Who is almost the same? Little boy, you don’t say clearly, scare me,”

“What is the noisy? The little boy is not a man?”

“Is it, it is this tolerance, do you describe it ?? Is it too unscrupulous?”

“If you blame you, who will let you listen to this?”

“Not I am in listening, it is what you said is quieting.”

Cheng Ming chatted with repairing Trumpet? ? (Sketch a large amount of no meat plot here) This is really a picture of my sister! Cheng Ming thought that I must protect my sister, such a good one, can’t let other men.

In this way, Cheng Ming shot a bullet in the 艺 子, perhaps he was excited by him, and the Xiao Yi Xiao cacizers woke up.

“Xiao Ming, it seems to have a box, you have not packaged it”

The first thing I woke up, I asked the express delivery.

“Sister, don’t mention this, I just chatted with him, discover, I found that he has a picture to you!”

艺 萧 is also a foggy, Cheng Rui is her husband, what is the picture of her? “He also said that your long water spirit!”

This time I laughed, I heard her husband and would like to make her happy.

Next to Chengrui also laughed.

“Get your wretched smile!”

Cheng Ming angered, scared to repair the mouth.

“Sister, don’t worry about it, don’t take the refrigerator for repairing refrigerators, it is not a refrigerator.”

“I am her husband”

Cruite is weak.

“Ha ha ha ha”

“Do you drink too much?”

Cheng Ming seems to have a joke, just like it is only a drunk.

“He is your brother-in-law”

The 然 然 然 说

Cheng Ming said to Cheng Rui “I heard it, but also said that it is a husband, my sister said, you are me? My brother-in-law!?”

Cheng Ming, who reacted, was shocked, and then felt that there was no face, it was originally a big oolong.

“No, I am too rigorous today.”

“I tell you??”

“Give me a small point!”

Zhou Rui is finally turned over, I want to laugh at Cheng Ming, just say half of the words, and I am drinking by Ziyi Xiao.

“There is something to say!”

“Xiao Ming ~ You listen to the brother-in-law, this is really not blame you, the brother-in-law has to thank you, through this, the brother-in-law knows that he is still not enough for this home, this time, you will help me take care of you. Sister. “

“This is, this time, my sister has never broken my semen, looks like my sister, it is beautiful than before.”

“So, wife, from today, I decided to be heavy in the career, make money to support my family, since Xiaoming takes you so good, I still have to be Xiaoming.”

“This is like a man.”

Yan Yili smiled, “you, good to the people, he is a husband, definitely better than you” “Who is the husband, I don’t even have an object.”

Cheng Ming was hurting, and Zi Yili, Zi Yili, said, “Husband, I’m talking to you, I’m discussing with you.”

“what’s up?”

“Xiaoming is a good guy, I want to introduce my sister to him”


“That’s how it is said.”

Zhen Yili smiled, turned to Cheng Ming said, “When you introduce you, let you give me my husband!”

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