My name is Xiaohua, 20 years old, I have been working in a coffee shop after I graduated. When I go to work, it is necessary to take the maid uniform, short big waves, head wearing a female servant, lace, black fish net stockings and A pair of three-inch high heels.

In the face of a variety of guests, most of them are male, they are invaded by their colorful eyes every day, I will not feel bored, but I have a sense of satisfaction, because I have a secret, in fact, I am a male .

After graduating, I can’t find a job, and I saw the recruitment advertisement of the maid coffee shop, and they tried it.

I am thin, I wear a female clothing in the small fans, the wardrobe is covered with various women.

I agreedly left a long hair. I waved the trouble of wake hair, plus my melon face, I saw some boys and women, just put some makeup on my face, and others have been hard to recognize my true gender.

On the same day, I went to the hair style to put the hair straight, put on a miniskirt, which took me proud, more reminiscent than women, more lines of beautiful legs as long as possible, add some light makeup, coffee shop owner even my identity If you haven’t seen it, you will hire me immediately.

In the coffee shop, it is almost a year. Every day and guests are touched, adjust, talk about laughing, it is easy to pass a day, the boss is called Simon, he likes me, often praises me, I am very satisfied with this job, it is not only solved My economic problem is more satisfied with my easy needs.

As a man, I can dress up as a woman living in a crowd and not being found, how excited, how satisfied.

One day, when I get home from get off work, Simon suddenly called me, then other employees have left, the coffee shop left, a friend of the boss and the boss, his name is David, is a common visit to the coffee shop. We are all familiar with each other.

When I was strange, Simon took a cake and then sang a birthday song. He told me: “Xiaohua, today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday!”

I feel a warm, Simon is really good to me.

They also prepared red wine, so we eat cakes, drink red wine, talk about the sky, under a beautiful atmosphere, I gradually feel tired, my eyes feel very heavy, slowly fall asleep.

When I woke up, I was dark in front of my eyes, and I was a hard thing in my mouth. The hands were posted on the back. The feet of the feet were caught by things. The whole body moved.

I turned in a cold, I wanted to call it, I couldn’t call, I thought: “Is it?”

Suddenly, I heard two familiar sounds in conversation, is Simon and David.

The big guard is surprised: “I don’t think it! She is actually a male!”

Simon: “I didn’t lie to you! Book, you bet me a thousand yuan.”

I heard these, I guess your internal feelings, I am afraid, the body began to tremble, David said: “Hey! She seems to wake up.”

Simon is a tale: “Xiaohua, you wake up? Let me take the cloth that tied your eyes.”

Ximeng put the cloth, my eyes slowly adapt to the lights, the tens of heads, almost scared their own faints.

I lay on the coffee table, tied a thick hemp rope, and the hands were tightly tied to the back, the double-foot large-characterized separation, the foot is tied together, and a spherical object is wearing a spherical object in the mouth. , Make me difficult to talk, there is still a maid uniform, the four bones net stockings and high heels, but the most amazing thing is that my skirt is set off, and there is no panties in the air, and my meat stick is exposed to Simon and David. In front of you.

A camera was held in the hands of the David.

I am so shameful, close your eyes, pray for them to leave as soon as possible.

David was shocked while taking pictures: “I can’t believe it. I can’t see it.”

Simon laughed and said: “These photos will be greatly popular on the Internet, you are right?”

I heard here, I am in a hurry, I am busy shaking her head.

Simon haha ​​laughed: “Don’t open these photos, but you have to listen to me, I want you to do anything!”

Get a line of life, I picked up.

Simon took me from the stage, then with a buried rope tied the rope on my back, then passed the rope through the water pipe of the ceiling.

My feet still tied together with the Taiwan feet of the coffee table, Simon Command: “Skne!”

I am squatting on the ground, the feet big character is separated, the body is tied to the rope of the ceiling water pipe, the skirt is set off in the collar, the meat stick is not reserved. Simon took the ball tied in my mouth, I immediately plead: “Sim … Simon, I ask you, please don’t open my secret!”

Xiun laughed: “You work here, report is a woman, this is the behavior of the law.”

I immediately tears under the rain, I pleaded: “I ask you, Simon, please let me go, I promise you, I will never do this again.”

Amoumond: “This can not be ah, I, there is my customer, I have been deceived so long, one, let them know that you are a man, I may not protect.”

“I have to bear you, what do you say, how do I do, please don’t tell others …”

I trembled.

Simon with the eyes of victory, remove the pants, revealing his big chicken, “put it in your mouth.

I feel extremely shameful, David beside us, put on a look preparation.

I hesitated for a while, I can’t think of other methods, so I slowly sat in his chicken.

Ximei is inserted in my mouth. His chicken slowly became long and big, he didn’t relax with the whole chicken in my mouth, the glans pressure in my throat, in this case, I actually don’t think I feel a bit exciting, my meat stick is slowly greater.

“Why is this?”

I thought, pray for meat sticks, don’t continue to be bloated, don’t let them see, but unfortunately, the more I want to be, the meat stick is like a torch, straight straight, like a heartbeat slightly.

David saw that I smiled and said: “She seems to be used by you, Simon, look, her chicken is hit by you.”

“You look at her big chicken!”

David shouted: “It is bigger than me!”

David suddenly grabbed my meat stick with your hand, then up and down.

“Let you cool it too.”

David used to play my meat stick, my body was hang, my hands were tiered, the whole body moved.

David is too hard, and I feel pain.

Simon’s chicken has continued to pose my mouth, my meat stick is played by Dacheng, Simon suddenly 吟: “I … I want to shoot …”

If there is not finished, a hot paste has been shot in my throat, a very salty and very stunned taste flow into my body, I want to spit it out, but Simon hit my head, he put the chicken again After a deep, the second share hot paste is shot, and a large number of semen flow into my throat. I strangely feel excited, David’s hand continues to play with my meat stick, up and down, so that I can’t get back, I can’t get back. My muscles suddenly tightened, and there is a strong feeling between the legs. If the current is spread, I feel that I am going to be ejaculated.

At the moment of the last immersion semen, my first dipper is shot, and the David is suddenly jumped, picking up the camera to take the scene.

Oh, God, David suddenly let go of me, I don’t have the stimulation of friction, I only have a feeling of ejaculation, but there is no climax, I feel very hard, I shouted: “Don’t let go! Please don’t let go! “

Unfortunately, the David did not be the same, continued to shoot, then my semen continued to shoot, and when I shot a meat stick, I had a total of five arrows to stop.

Without a climax, it feels fine. David looks at the screen of the camera: “Wonderful! Beautiful maid ejaculation, really very exciting!”

“Let me also come cool.”

David put down the camera, remove his pants, and put the swelling chicken into my mouth.

Simon put my legs rope, pushed the coffee table and then command me to pick your feet, continue to kneel on the ground, the body is lower, press the chest on the chair, and the hand is still tie up.

My mouth is busy taking care of David’s chicken. Simon puts my skirt, I suddenly felt a bit cool, is Saman 正 正 油 油 搽 眼? Oh my God! I have to happen most about things!

Simon had just finished his chicken to ejaculate mercilessly into my eyes shares, while hot prickly heat feeling like a knife in general, kept my body in and out of the mouths of David helping of chicken, asshole Simon was mercilessly rape, extreme pain tears me uncomfortable. Before long, both David and Simon ejaculation, the two share a hot paste, respectively, after the previous, same time I fired into the body until they Shegan the fine, only then I let go, sitting on the sofa to rest.

I’m still tied, hanging half-kneeling on the ground, Simon stay in my asshole semen row out, flowing knee side, stockings are wet, David enjoyed continued to shoot, put me in this living death the plight of the best shot into the camera.

Simon finally untied me, after being tied for a long time, the body very numb hands and feet can not move immediately Yu.

I thought the end of the matter, but David suddenly said: “Xiaohua, masturbation to me, I want to take a look at your masturbation.”

I hesitated for a moment, then hand Taonong cock, so that David shot, hoping to meet them later let me leave.

Simon said: “this is not good, not stimulating enough.”

After that the coffee shop Simon lights full on, then the cover glass on the floor, the outer profile of the street live curtain opened.

Oh my God! They do not want to live my masturbation pedestrian street crowded bar! “This almost.”

Simon shade laughed: “Xiaohua, sitting here, feet apart, to live windows masturbation, let us look at this beautiful maid in the end is what it is about.”

I began to tremble, not action, it was too much of it, giving it saw no color face.

When I was still hesitant, Simon said sternly: “You do not, I put you fill in false information to the police, or to take the place of David today as the Internet.”

I have no other method, only follow.

I slowly walked to the window, sitting in a chair.

Simon said: “set off a skirt.”

My hands shook, and I feel very nervous, slowly lifted her skirt, exposing the hard cock already.

Simon: “very good.

Now his legs apart, his left hand massaging his chest, his right hand to play their penises. “

David and Simon hiding in a corner, while command, while shooting.

I did, and I feel extreme tension.

Many pedestrians on the street, but fortunately they are all just keep walking, no one noticed me.

In extreme thrills and excitement, I could not help but cock Taonong at more than a dozen already, such as systemic shock, the current from the middle legs scattered all over the body, I closed his eyes, like a shot of semen as a fountain, a total of six arrows shot climax with live each arrow out of a wave after wave, it took almost two minutes to calm down.

When I opened my eyes and found not to be staring at pedestrians on the street, I quickly got up and left, ran to the bathroom, sat blankly on the inside, to be the mood calm down before returning to the hall of the peace Jingjing.

Came out, Simon and David had gone.

Later, I received a text message of Daxi Meng: “Xiaohua, hope you like me to arrange for your birthday party.

In fact, the first day I saw you when you known a man named.

I will arrange for the future of the party more fun, I hope you will like it. “

After this, I fell in love with the feeling of helplessness after being tightly bundled in fashion, and the climax of the kind of excitement in the crowd.

After happening more and more exciting things, but that is another story.

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Since that crazy party, Simon like a lot of strange game to torment me.

I surface pretending to hate and resentment, in fact, the heart is very enjoyable.

One day, Simon called me into the office room, then show me a strange thing.

The front portion of this stuff has a rubber ring, a ring with a thin film head forwardly projecting, rear portion has a length of about three inches of plastic rods, two parts connected by a small plastic rod, a middle bowl of soft rubber pocket.

Yin Jian’s eyes to see Simon, I have guessed two.

Simon Yin Xiao said: “This thing called strong gland massage before, I improved by after, it will bring lots of joy for you.

Want to try it? “

I deliberately reveal a hateful look, and whispered: “I don’t want this!” Simon haha ​​smiled, ignored my refused, I stretched my skirt, and the technique was skilled. Remove my underwear.

Although the mouth doesn’t want to say, in fact, I am very excited, the meat stick is uncontrollable.

“Follow you? Look at your chicken, you have sold you”

Simon laughed and said.

Simon ordered my hands on the desk, the legs were separated, and then I put this appliance for me.

He put the rubber ring on my meat stick, behind the plastic stick inserted into my ass, the middle bowl of objects just wrapped my pill.

After wearing it, I thought what is below, but Simon said: “This is okay, just wait for guests outside.”

My uniform skirt is a wide wave skirt, which is short, but it is also enough to cover important part, because the relationship between the body, as long as it is not too excited, the boiling meat stick is not aware.

When I started, I turned it slowly. After half an hour, I have been able to walk naturally.

Today is a holiday, the guests are more, most of them are middle-aged men, I am busy falling in the store, I have forgotten the massager wearing the private parts.

There is a guest called a lot of drinks. I used the plate to wear a drink. When I was ready to send it, I suddenly made a current shock in my legs. I was shocked, and the drink was all on the ground. The sound of the glass, the guests of the whole store turned to me.

Wearing in the massager suddenly moved, the rubber pocket made a vibration, the glue stick in the fart, made a stretching action, and set the rubber ring on the meat stick to keep moving away, and the film is constantly circulating. Rub my glans.

The West Mongo’s eyes looked at me, he held a thing in his hand, then did a button action, the massager stopped the activity.

I understand, this ghost thing is a remote control equipment.

I went to Simon, and I said angrily: “Please don’t this, in case it is blocked by the guests!”

Simon Cold laughed: “You have forgotten what you should listen to me? Forgot those cameras?”

I still have time to refute, Simon will open the massager again, the feeling of vibration and thrush, I shook it, I sent a groove in the mouth, Simon Haha laughed: “See? You don’t enjoy it.

If you listen to me, let’s continue to work. “

I don’t have to be a law, only one side is raped by a massager, while continuing to work.

At this time, there is a guest waved, I slowly on, try to play calmly: “Sir … Mr. … Want … Do you want to drink … What?”

At this time, Simon once again pressed remote control, vibration and thrust speed, I couldn’t help but send a low 吟, then I looked at me with a strange look.

The friction is strengthened, my meat stick is not controlled, I feel that it is full of blood, straight forward, the skirt can have seen a convex hill.

I quickly put it before, try to cover it.

I am full of red, breathing is rapid, and the guest feels strange to me: “Miss, you are nothing?”

I suddenly became a shock, the massage of the massager in this stimulus and embarrassing, I feel that I have already arrived the vertices, the massager is ruthless, I have arrived, I can’t look back, in front of me At the moment of the eyes, I have a whole body, and I have been released. It is released by the legs, and the legs are disappointed, bite the lower lip, the first immersion liquid is especially shot, shot in the skirt.

Guests continue to be curious, my body is shrinking, there is a little standing, the second immersion liquid is shot on the ground, I am afraid to find it, so bending down, try to cover the semen on the ground with the body, but this is worse, the ass The glue stick is inserted deeper, and the remaining semen results are all shot on the ground.

After the climax, I will apologize to the guests, then use the rag on the hand to quickly wipe the semen on the ground, and then ran to the toilet and unplug the massager.

This kind of torture is just the beginning, in the future, Simon is designed for more than the fidel torture.

Although it is tortured, it is actually like it.

One night, I was lazy at home to watch TV at home, and suddenly the phone rang, it was the West. “Xiaohua, Xiaofang invited the holiday, please come back to help, I will make money for you.”

I reply that I put on the casual clothes, and I went out to the company.

Since working in the coffee shop, I have completely abandoned the male dress, plus I left the hair longer than before, and I have been getting more back, dyed the light brown, get straight, now I, no matter what I put on Clothes will be called Miss.

Going back to the company, the gate is closed, I am very suspicious, I look at it, there is no one in the coffee shop, I saw Simon waved in the office, indicating that I came in.

“Sorry, Xiaohua, calling you back to work is to lie to you.”

Xi Mun laughed: “I bought a gift today, please come back to give you a face.”

Simon finger is put on the bag on the chair, I open the bag, there is a very beautiful inad skirt, a light colored famous brand shade, a pair of white with a bark side stockings, and one Elegant three-inch high heels in rice.

I am amazed, and these clothes have spent a lot of money in Simon.

“Is it given to me?”

I asked.

“It is the best employee of the company, my favorite Xiaohua.”

Simon laughed.

Simon shows me to put on, I take off your clothes, put it on the dress, stockings and high heels, and stand in front of the mirror.

The length of the skirt is very short, and the stockings of the buds are all exposed, I think it is a bit of sexy.

At this time, after Simon went to my back, hugged me with your hand, gently said softly in my ear: “Xiaohua, you are very beautiful.”

A silky happiness suddenly swayed, I would like to say anything about how to talk, but in this moment, Simon put a burled rope in my neck, I immediately said: “Simon … don’t …”

He didn’t listen, and continued to be skilled in me, he turned his hands behind, rope in the back neck, bypassing the armpits on both sides, tighten the upper arm tightly, with each other in the back ridge, The rope cannot be active.

Then he pressed my chest on the desk, remove my underwear, separated my legs, I feel that there is hard object in the anus, I know that I will become the hail of Simon once again, and I am excited in my heart. Light and striking: “Simon … seek … Ask you not …”

This Si Mong’s kinky is very deep, and the curved is on the rectum, I feel a trace of pleasure, I have been anae twice, pain has been habits.

The strange thing is that Simon did not add, then put me up, oh? He didn’t take a pants at all, this is not a hard thing in my body is not his hook.

“This is a G point massager special for men and weeks. The function is like an anal pharmacy, which will make you ejaculate.”

Simon said: “I changed it a little, installed a time switch, it will be automatically opened twenty minutes, and the vibration will be enhanced.”

I used the mirror to observe, I saw something that was curved like horseshoe Iron, I also had a shot of the gun, and the West Mongoli was fixed in my asshole, and I bought it new. The short body coat poses on my shoulders and covers the bundled body and hands.

Because the rope does not bypass the chest, it can’t see the traces that are tied.

Simon put my key key in the jacket, then smiled: “Now you can go home.”

Oh my God! I have been tied by my hands, I can’t pay cards, I need more than 30 minutes above walking home, and there is a short skirt, can’t see my private parts, plus the sexy lace stockings, walking in the street. Careful attention.

When I was prepared to protest, Simon has launched me outside the store.

“Goodby! Go to work on time tomorrow!”

He laughed and then closed the store door.

I stayed on the crowded street, don’t have his law only to keep calm, be careful to start the direction of the home.

The people in the street are surging, I feel that many people are stealing me, the meat stick is in an empty situation, and the swing of walking is left on the short skirt.

I am very nervous in my heart, try to avoid contact with anyone’s eyes, and take the road.

About twenty minutes, home gradually approached, when I was going through a small park, my body suddenly became like being thundered, itchy is not uncomfortable, I am surprised, my body suddenly shock, posing shoulder The outer casing is removed from the ground. God! Finished! My body and hands tiered by the rope are completely exposed.

I am in a hurry, scared to the tears.

Fortunately, there are not many people in the small park. Some people who are self-esteem, some couples are talking about, I am hurry to hide into the flowers, try the body as much as possible into the dark.

This is inserted in the ghost thing of my anus, and it should be the time switch mentioned by Simon.

I hid in the dark position of the flowers, staring at the jacket on the ground, how is it in my heart.

Worse, this massager cannot be closed, it hooked in the depths of my anus, the film attached to the rectum continuously rub the vibration, close to the end of the pill while gently shock, this feeling and I saw online, those In the hospital, the rectum is the same as the case where the anal can be seen.

Under the shock, my meat stick gradually bloated, my day! No! Please don’t get bigger! Unfortunately, the more I hope that the meat stick has become extremely hard, and the blood is fully filled with a slightly bending.

Because the dress is too short, the erectile meat stick sets the skirt, and the pen is clearly visible, and the part of the glans is more exposed.

I am dying, the body is tied by cannabis rope, wearing sexy women’s clothes, but the lower body is clear, the straight big meat stick is swinging, how can I go home?

I don’t want to be too far from the time being, I first take the coat back, then I will make it.

My servant is under the flowers, staring at the coat, observes the four-sided environment, I want to find the opportunity to drag it back.

The massager is constantly tormenting me, the meat stick is in my own, and there is a pleasure to be formed by the depths of the anus. The mood is very complicated.

Suddenly I saw a couple who just talking about leaving, I carefully viewed, I found no figure, so I quickly ran to the jacket, hooked it with high heel shoes, and quickly drag it back to the flower bottom.

My heartbeat image is just like just running the marathon, nervous to almost tears, but fortunately it was not discovered.

The coat is to take it back, but I have been tied to the back, how can I put it on? I tried to pick up the coat with my hand, but the hand tied to the back is not.

I think about a while, then I am lying down, grabbing the coat, and then playing, the process is very hard, and I have a big sweat.

The jacket is got, but how to put it on? I thought about it for a while, I pressed the jacket with the backcrolling of the coat tightly, and then slowly slowly, I hope the jacket can take the shoulder smoothly.

Failure, I have to lie down again, come back by the head.

After trying three times, it is almost fatigue, the most dead thing happened.

After a series of sitting actions, plus the massage ruthless torture, the anus suddenly distributed an unprecedented strong pleasure, distributed all over the body, my body was not controlled, crazy trembling, semen such as fountain violently Spray it out, this moment, I heard a rapid footsteps rushing in my direction, God! Don’t let people see it! I pray hard.

But the pleasure is constantly surprised, I don’t care so much, continue to shoot the semen, this pleasure is very special, and the pleasure brings to the grinding glans, it is my first experience.

I will continue to shoot the rest, and I am very trembled every shot. I don’t know much, I feel like I have been sang.

At this time, the outer casing just on the shoulders, plus the meat sticks after ejaculation have been reduced, I am busy standing, I have not been discovered, leave.

About five minutes walk, I have reached the building of my live.

The dead massager is still shaking, and the strength is more bigger than before, I feel that the meat stick began to have hard, I need to speed up the action, go home as soon as possible.

Because both hands were tied, I only used the tongue to open the password on the building, so it’s hard to open the shutter.

At this time, the meat stick has been harder. I have been managing the administrator. I am rushing to press the elevator with my tongue, then look at the lights showing the floor slowly, the meat stick has been swollen, and I am anxious. Almost cry, don’t have anyone! I pray, otherwise everything is finished.

The elevator arrived, I quickly ran into the inside, use the tongue to press the floor I live, I saw the elevator door, I finally slammed. When I arrived at home, another problem appeared again, how do I open the door? The key is in the pocket of the jacket, I only get from the trip, put the coat on the ground, lying down the body, and pick up the key with the posture of sleeping on the ground.

I have been tired of excessive, and my body is soft.

I am back to the door, slowly find the keyhole with the key.

The strength of the massager continues to increase, I am a swellful meat stick and want to feel the feeling of ejaculation, the vibrator constantly shocks my rectum and the pills, so I can’t concentrate on the keyhole.

Just this moment, suddenly heard the sound of the elevator opened, my God! It’s really finished this time! The only lucky is the corner of my home is the corner of the left side of the elevator.

I pray, don’t live in the left side! I heard a man and a woman talked, I was a blank, there was no blood, and the heartbeat was ten times more than usual.

In the case of extreme tension and rape with a massager, I suddenly vented, the semen was shot, and the six arrows were taken, and the head was a bit fainted.

The keyhole suddenly found, I immediately insert the key, open the door, leap forward, and close the door.

A series of quick movements make me insiders.

I look at the anti-theft eyes, they really live on the left, neighbors isolated.

I poured a breath, I feel very lucky tonight.

After returning home, I went to the kitchen to find a knife, then slowly cut the rope, and took the massage machine in the vibrating massage machine after a while.

Then rushed a hot cold, then called a long sleep.

Xiaofang is another maid of the coffee shop, 18 years old, there is a long straight hair, likes to bind a big horses, the eyes are big, and the body is thin and me.

She is lively and cheerful and is very popular among customers.

Xiaofang is the first friend I have known to women. We are very kind, and we will play together, get off work and holiday. We will play together. We will become good friends.

Because I am more than her year old, Xiaofang likes to hit my sister, I don’t mind, and I am still very happy to have a little sister like Xiaofang.

One day, the store is smashed, I can’t find Xiao Fang, I guess Xiao Fang must be secretly running home, harm that I have a self-cleaning, I decided to complete my home, I have a good training. .

When I was ready to leave, Simon tried to me, laughing and laughing, I want to enter his room.

I thought that this demon thief didn’t know what metamorphosis was torture.

I deliberately reveal a look of a tired.

“Oh, my little sweetheart, I don’t want to be so fierce!”

Xiun said: “This arrangement I will guarantee that you will be satisfied.”

I still have to respond, Simon has enamel my mouth on my mouth, then take off my uniform skirt and underwear, force me to turn my hands behind, bypass my neck and chest, put my two The arm is tightly bonded.

This Simon is very tightly tight, the wrist and fingers are firmly tiered in the back, and it cannot be actually active.

At this time, I wore a lace maid head, the upper body brought a black lace bust, and only a pair of four bones net stockings in the lower body and the three-inch high heel shoes wearing it. The meat stick was completely exposed, plus rope and oral ball The appearance of a slave is dragged by Simon.

The rope is tight, and I am very uncomfortable, I have a painful snoring while I follow Simon.

Simon turned me into the office room, his Tong David held the camera, laughing in the room.

I am a glimpse of my heart, my heart is suddenly striker, and the surprise is almost fainted. I am bigger, I can’t believe in the scene.

I saw Xiao Fang lying on the desk, wearing a maid uniform, a headscarf apron of maid, and the black fish net stockings and high heels, the skirt is set off, and there is no panties.

Her eyes were hung in black cloth, and the mouth of the mouth is like a snorkeling ball, and the hands bundled it behind, and the feet of the ankle was tightened through the rope of the ceiling water pipe, and the V-shaped upward, The ass and back ridges are lifted.

But these are not a thing that scare me, can’t believe that the most surprised is that Xiaofang’s private parts have not always thought that the female organ, but a hard, erect, thick and strong All meat sticks.

OMG! Don’t think of dreams, this usually live and lovely small sweet son, the body exudes the unlimited young woman in the skin, just like me, is a male counter-service.

This shop is simple, not a maid coffee shop, is a maid coffee shop!

Xiaofang behaves very painful, two lines of tears are clearly visible, keeping the body.

Seeing this scene, looking at my best friend deeply tortured, helplessness, plus the secret that she is a man, my meat stick is uncontrollable, and in front of the two prostitution hard.

Damn it! Why is this this? I am shameful and embarrassing.

Simon and David saw the meat stick I swelled and then laughed. Simon whispered in my ear: “What? Do you like this gift?”

gift? On the occasion of my bravess, Simon suddenly commanded me: “In the past, her ass!”

God! This is too cruel! Xiaofang is my best friend. It is my good sister. I can’t make this kind of obsceneous behavior for her, and I can’t insult her in her more helplessness. I shook my head hard, rush to tears, try to use my eyes to seek Ximeng.

David smiled, put the screen of the camera in front of me.

The image played on the screen almost scared me, I saw my own, the thighs were separated, and a straight big meat stick was crazy, the face was clear.

David smiled: “Beauty metamorphosis reverses Han to hide in the park, self-defense … I believe that I will cause action, right?”

OMG! It turned out that night they have been following me, my ugliness is fully recorded.

I feel extreme shame and shame, my mood is in a hurry, I want to open the mouth but by my mouth.

In my two difficulties, Simon put lubricated oil in Xiaofang’s anus, then said to me: “Go! Don’t pretend I don’t like it!”

Xiao Fang seems to know what will happen in her, the body is dramatically trembling, and the voice of the mouth is shining, and the tears will come out.

My hard meat stick is hesitant to Zheng Xiaofang’s chrysanthemum, and it is too late.

Simon suddenly grabbed my mask, said in my ear: “We left her for the first time. You like her, right? What is it still?”

Then insert my meat stick in the depths of Xiaofang one hand until I can’t see the end of the meat stick.

An unprecedented feeling suddenly swayed my heart, Xiao Fang’s chrysanthemum is very narrow, compact my meat stick, it feels too wonderful, wonderful, a little excessive, body image is not controlled, conscious I was blotted, I pushed the chrysanthemum that lived in Xiaofang.

I am angry my agency, but I can’t stop, I feel very contradictory.

Fortunately, Xiaofang’s eyes were hung in black, she didn’t know who is raping her person.

I am constantly thrush, and the thrill gradually strengthens.

Xiaofang’s penis is getting bigger, hard like iron rods, and the movement of me is inserted with my belly.

The thrill has been going to a point that cannot be suppressed, facing the beautiful body and the perfect long legs, I can’t bear it again, low 吟, the prostitutes such as dam rupture, fierce, straight The deepest place of her, the climax, the waves, and the prostitutes broke out, until Xiaofang’s anus filled my semen, my body slowly calmed down.

After the climax, I lay in Xiaofang’s breath, I feel a little sticky, it is Xiao Fang’s semen. In the process of friction, she rushed a small amount of semen, shot on my lower belly.

I pulled the meat stick, and the semen immediately flowed out from the small aroma.

David laughed while shooting.

I am squatting on the ground, using the eyes to express us to Simon.

Simon said to me: “This is too selfish, you want to leave, you will be right, do you say right?”

He laughed, solved the rope tied to Xiaofangfa, and dragging us to the hall.

Ximeng wants Xiaofang to sit on the chair, then tie her body with the back of the body with the back, and the left and right feet are tied to the chair of the chair, so that she is firmly trapped in the chair, can’t be active. Xi Mon smiles in my ear: “You make her semen come out, then you can leave.”

This is a problem, I have been tied, my hands and fingers can’t be active, myoretal giracea, high-heeled shoes are buckled, do not have a handset.

You can’t use your hands, your mouth and your feet, that the only available is only my chrysanthemum.

I thought for a while, then I used my mouth to align Xiao Fang’s meat stick, let the sputum from the mouth of the ventilated venture hole on her penis, charge the lubricant, follow the body, with a chrysanthemum Slowly sit down.

I put the body to the body of Xiaofang, a lot of suits, Xiaofang continued to make a snoring, feeling beautiful.

In this moment, Simon suddenly pulled the curtain of the landing glass window. I was shocked. I was surf, and the two people had a meat stick. They only took the bust stockings and high heels, the body was tightened, and the bandballs were tied. Then I love under the eyes of the public, it is a ugly thing that is shameful.

I am anxious to tears, send out the sound, beg you to put the curtains in Simon.

Simon crazy smiled: “Do not worry! There is no light in the store, and the street is just a black piece.

I am like ice, carefully pay attention to the pedestrians on the street. Sure enough, no one gaze us, so I am relieved.

But I feel so hard, I can’t get back, so I will continue to sit on the action, continue to use the chrysanthemum to latise the penis.

Xiaofang’s meat stick is very long, deeply straightforward, feeling like a G point massager, put the pleasure from the build, the meat stick is once again erection, there is a feeling of ejaculation.

On the same time, I feel that Xiaofang’s meat stick is getting stronger, and there is a feeling of expansion of shares. I will slow down the action, I want to try this to feel this.

In this moment, the hall suddenly became popular, Simon and David Haha laughed, these two devils actually brighten the lights of the store.

I was scared to go to the ground, and my face had no blood, and my heartbeat accelerated.

At this time, I felt a hot paste into my body, Xiaofang she ejaculated.

Hot paste is playing in my rectal film, under long stimulation, my semen also shot at the same time.

I feel fainted, my eyes are half-opened, and I feel like someone who is watching. My semen is constantly emitting, some is more shot on the glass window, Xiaofang’s semen has already filled my chrysanthemum. We are in the mouth, after I take the semen, the light suddenly begins.

There is no vision to stare at the window before the window, I am relieved.

Simon finally spokes me, David busy appreciation and watching video. When I regained freedom, I quickly ran to the locker room, put the door lock, and I was very afraid by Xiaofang.

I took a long time in the locker room for a long time, when I came out, there was no one in the store, and they all left.

The next day, Xiaofang did not go to work, because her phone did not open, so I decided to go to Xiaofang’s residence to find her after get off work.

When she met, she took me, my tears, crying, crying.

She told me that Simon and David’s lascivious, I deliberately played a surprise, and the two magic of the heart did not call my name.

I gently touch her hair, constantly talking about comfort, feel extremely sad.

On the night, Xiaofang fell asleep in my chest on the bed. I was holding her constant thinking. She didn’t know that I have discovered that she is a secret of a man. I don’t know if I am also counterpart. I don’t know what we have happened. The most intimate sexual relationship.

What will our development will? I miss here, I am also asleep.

This is just the beginning of my and Xiaofang double, the next day is longer and more difficult, more refined.

Today, Simon shows us a new uniform skirt.

The color is still black, the length is shorter, and the skirt has a white lace, the skirt is open, the big round wide worn led to the shoulder position.

The stockings are changed to an old black fish net to a black thin stockings without rubber bands, plus a black lace garter.

I put on the new uniforms to watch before the mirror, because the skirt is too short, so the socks are buckled in the socks, and the big neckline is more visible to the bust. This is simply dying with the A-female lead.

“This dress is too … too exposed!”

I protected loudly.

Ximeng Iless my complaint, blow a whistle, and then handed it to me, and he laughed: “Xiaohua, trouble you go to the entrance to the shopping center to send these orders.”

This kinky thing likes to make me face the embarrassment and unbelieving.

I spoke, when I was ready to leave, Simon called me, and there was a familiar appliance in my hand, just a G point massager that made me feel hard.

“The underwear is not part of the uniform, please take off it.”

Simon said seriously.

With uncomfortable prostitution, I have guessed his feelings.

I shook my head hard, I’m busy.

He smiled, took out the phone, did some buttons, and then let me see the photo on the phone screen.

God! The photo is clearly seen that I am in the small armament point, and the small fire phone number is also displayed. As long as it is gently, the photo will be transmitted to the small fire.

I surrendered, slowly took off the underwear, in accordance with Simon’s meaning, insert the massager deep into the anus.

He fixed the massager in my asshole with a split, and opened it out of the store.

The massager has a paragraph vibration, a familiar pleasure flocks, the meat stick is slowly blocked with the massager’s vibration, I feel that the pace of walking in the skirt, and the outline is about.

At that time, it was lunch time, and the pedestrians on the street were particularly versatile.

I have hocked the nervous mood, and I am very worried that I have seen the appearance of the skirt. Carefully go to the shopping center.

My dress caught a lot of travelers, and some more to whistle.

The power of the vibrator began to strengthen, and a shares were biting, and as the current passed through the body’s feeling in the small abdomen.

I try to stay calm, smile and politely send the flyer one by one, I hope to get the job as soon as possible.

The meat stick hiding under the skirt is hard, I feel that it has been filled with blood, straight forward, the glans faded into the skirt.

Fortunately, the skirt of the new uniform skirt is the opening of the umbrella, in addition to kneeling down, otherwise it is difficult to find.

When the flyer sent half, I saw Xiao Fang and turned around from the coffee shop.

She took a stack of flyers, wearing the same uniform with me, two red, the expression is quirky, and the lips called me a sister.

I saw her picture, I guess that most of them were suffering from me, and the massage of Simon was played by Simon.

I deliberately ask: “Xiaofang, do you feel uncomfortable? Is it sick?”

Xiaofang crossed the lips and shakes his head, said it is not.

Two girls in the street suddenly have a sexy maid dress, in the middle of the moon, the entrance of the shopping center, causing great attention to the vision, some people come up with the camera to invite us to take photos.

After a while, Xiaofang has already expressed extreme uneasy, she closed their eyes, the body continued to twist, she pulled my clothes, and then said: “Xiahua Jie … Sister … I …”

After that, she suddenly bent, crouched, and her hand still held my clothes, I was scared by what I happened.

Xiaofang shot a water column from the bottom of the skirt, and the water is hit on my shoe, slowly forming a clearly visible floating watermark and continuously expanded.

OMG! It must be a massager’s vibration and stimulus to make her incontinence, so she puts diapers on the ground.

Xiaofang continued to release the water column, my shoes and stockings have been wetted by her, and the vision began to show the strange eyes.

I am flashing, suddenly spreading the fly on the ground, then kneel down the body to make it, try to use the body to block the scene of Xiaofang.

Think although it is temporarily hidden, when I am pinned, when I am on the ground, the irritation of the massager under the angle is suddenly increased, I was pulled out for a long time. A pleasure of explosing. At this time, the urine of Xiaofang has been completed, but her body continues to tremble, hold my arm, then I feel a hot paste to play on my calf.

God! Xiaofang she is ejaculation! In the moment of contact with Xiaofang’s eyes, I can’t help but vent it! Feel like a volcanic magma, with the pleasure burst, one immersion and soaking semen are fully raised on the stockings of Xiaofang.

The street is still very crowded, passers-by, I am completely entering the scenery, I just want to enjoy the moment when I am climaxing with Xiao Fang, others.

A waves of the climax, I feel like a few hours, and the passion of Xiaofang finally succeeded.

After calm, let’s consequently use a leaflet to quickly remove the floating watermark on the ground, then I support Xiaoyang to the coffee shop.

Xiaofang saw the water on my stockings, the expression was very embarrassed, then apologized to me: “Xiaohua sister …

… very sorry, I just suddenly feel uncomfortable and put your clothes. “

I heard her, I am relieved, I don’t want to be tight, I think she must think that her feet are her own.

After the coffee shop, I was cleaning, Xiao Fang had already escaped, and I left alone, my heart was a bit uncomfortable, and I thought in this case.

I don’t expect it, Simon standing outside the office of the office, with familiar laugh, I am strived to me.

Weird, I didn’t feel disgusted at this moment, but I was very excited, and I looked at the thrill of abuse.

God! Will I become allergic? I deliberately put a helpless look.

“Xiaohua, I see that your work is too tired, come in and take a break?”

Xuntong said with a smile.

Ximeng standing behind me, caught my hair, saying fine in my ear: “Xiaohua, I know you like Xiaoyang.”

When I want to answer something, Simon put it on the notebook computer on the desk, and the squatted Xiaofang, which was tied to the screen, was pumped with the pockets of the chrysanthemum.

“Do you guess the react number of this wonderful video?”

Simon said seriously.

Xiaofang is my best friend, and I also know the only friend I have used by female identity. I don’t want us to be destroyed by anything.

“Simon … don’t … Ask you not to let her know …”

I have a hard time.

Simon suddenly put my hands back to behind, “card”

One, put a iron hand lock on my wrist, ordered me sit on the chair in front of the writing desk, the rest of the back, then tied to the handcuffed chain, the other end of the rope is tied to the window after the writing desk On the box, pull my hands straight back.

He took off my underwear and put a U-shaped, and the G point massager, but the more abdomen applied to insert my ass.

This new gathered segment vibration, in my blind and asshole, close to the rectum, and a pleasure will be built.

Simon explained: “This is a special prostate massager, which is very gentle, it will only make you erect, but will not make you ejaculate.”

Sure enough, my penis has become hard as the massage vibration has become hard.

Simon took out a new play, there was a tubular circle object on a rectangular box. He inserted my meat stick into the pipe, until the end of the meat stick, the box with the split stickers to fix the middle of the chair in the middle of my thigh.

“The hands are straighted back, but the butt is chaired, the monster of the meat stick is compressed, I can’t move, I can’t stand up.

Simon took out a small box from the clothes bag, then made a button action, the boxes of my two legs were blamed, and the circular pipe started to make a set of depression.

“This is a self-acting device,”

Simon haha ​​laughed: “You want to leave the chair, you need to rely on it to make your big chicken, otherwise you will only have been set on the chair.

Simon is right, the prostate massager has always been remained, the only way to take ridicule is only ejaculation, let the meat stick be soft and out. I twisted the body, with the self-deactor, I want to shoot as soon as possible.

However, Simon suddenly turned off the self-container, then put the remote control box of the switch in the ground.

When I was suspicious, Simon put the computer on the table on the other side of the room. He turned repeatedly on the screen to play with the short film of Xiaofang, and then took out the slope of the handcuffs, put on the window behind me.

After that, he held my portable phone in his hand, after making a series of buttons, laughed and showed me the phone screen.

The phone screen showed Xiaofang’s phone number and a short message, the content of the short message is: Xiaofang, I have something to say to you, please come to the coffee shop as soon as possible.

“Don’t! Simon, I ask you! Don’t call Xiao Fang!”

I am anxious, like an ant, almost flowing out tears.

Ximeng Hui Hui Hui, sent SMS.

“Goodbye, my sweetheart, I wish you and Xiaofang have a pleasant evening.”

He opened the office of the office, the door opened, and then smiled and smiled.

I have a fast basis in my brain. It is estimated that it takes about twenty minutes from Xiaofang’s home to the coffee point. I have to escape as soon as possible.

I closed my eyes, trying a remntaco, let the meat stick be soft.

But the ghosts in the asshole makes me can’t calm down, I think the only way is only ejaculation.

Simon puts the swigwler’s switch in front of me, and the chair is two feet.

I put the body in force, and my hands were pulled out of the pain, put the foot as much as possible, try to turn it with high heels.

After trying to fail, I have become tired, and the wrist is very painful.

Time passed in a second, has passed fifteen minutes.

I just bite the lips, try my best, high heels finally hit the switch.

At this time, my glutinous pain is on the self-box, the wrist is like being pulled, and I suddenly heard the voice of the gate, “Xiaohua sister?”

God! It is a small voice! I stepped on the switch, and I quickly turned it on it, and the self-operated device starts the moving action.

I twisted my body and try to match the depth of the deretener. I hope to shoot as soon as possible.

“Xiahua sister, where are you?”

Xiaofang said.

Listening to Xiaofang’s footsteps gradually close, nervous, I have a very bit of me, close the double eye, the body is crazy twist, hurry! hurry up! I beg you to come out! I beg myself.

Suddenly, the whole body is tight, the legs are shrunk, the semen releases out, and the immersion obscenity is fully raised on the ground.

I have no way to enjoy the climax. After the liquid is ejected, I feel that the meat stick began to be soft. I quickly pumped my body, hurriedly touched the chair to the ground, and sent a sound.

“Xiaohua sister?”

Xiaofang is approaching from the office behind the sound.

My ass stepped on the writing desk, pushed back, falling on the other end of the desktop, quickly opened the handcuffs quickly, only opened the lock, handcuffed through the rope, I quickly ran to the other side of the room, I I heard Xiaofang sent “ah”

A exclamation, I put the screen of the computer in the same time.

Sudden shooting, close it.

I quickly thought quickly, the brain flashed more than a dozen explanations, but I still didn’t open my mouth, Xiaofang has flowed into my arm.

“I can’t think … 呜 … I can’t think of my sister, you too … …”

She said while crying.

My look is very wolf, handcuffs, clothes, full of prostitute, Xiaofang must think that the obscenity of the ground is Siun, thinking that I have just been trained.

I am relieved, and Xiao Fang did not see those video. We hugged each other and did not separate.

Since I was seized by Simon, I and Xiao Fang will let him put it. He likes to see what we caught in a hurry, and prefer to use a wide range of extensions to rape us. He is not The devil who is not bucking is our nightmare.

Today’s coffee shop customers are particularly very much, and many don’t want to leave until you have two o’clock in the middle of the night. Everyone is very tired, I will go home and rest immediately after I bid farewell.

After returning home, I quickly took a shower, and then fell to the bed.

In my sleep, I was awakened by the sound of the phone, and Xiao Fang’s voice came, and her voice was hoarse, and the Baba said: “Xiaohua sister … I am sorry … I …”

When I was intermittently intermittent, I wanted to ask for a clear, I faintly heard Simon and David’s voice behind the phone, I woke up immediately, and ask: “Xiaofang! You are there now ? “

I thought that Xiao Fang must be threatened by the two kinks. I have to see her, even if I can’t save her, I can’t let her suffer alone.

Suddenly, the voice of Simon: “Is Xiaohua? Xiao Fang said that she is very painful now, she misses you, I want to see you!”

I heard him laughed with David in haha.

I urged the address, then turned over the bed, just put on a dress, stepped on the flat shoes, quickly ran to the street, called the taxi to tell me to go.

That is a ridiculous people, you need to run for ten minutes to the mountain road after getting off the bus, and then come to a small park, there are some mockings in the park.

I saw Xiao Fang, she wore a thin and very sexy hanging tape skirt, white stockings and high heels, back to the iron column of the single toroidal iron, opposite to the back, passing through the iron column, was locked together.

Xiaofang is crying down, while Simon and David take the camera next to her.

Xiaofangyi saw me immediately shouted: “Sister! Effus, go!”

I haven’t come to the reaction. Simon has already gone to grab me, pull my hair, and put my hands behind the back, push me to lock the single rod of Xiaofang, and put me with my hand The hands of the back pass through the iron pillar.

Now I have faced with Xiaoyang, the hands of the two are back to the back, pass through the iron column, set on handcuffs, can’t escape.

At this moment, the most terrible thing is finally going to happen.

Xuntang smiled and said: “Xiaofang, Xiaohua put you as a friend, but you have been deceiving her, I think this is unfair.”

The small fragrance is free of blood, and the eyes are staring at me, and the lips are shaking.

Simon suddenly grabbed Xiaofang’s skirt, then said: “Let poor Xiaohua look at your true side.”

“Don’t! Don’t! I am willing to do anything, but I don’t want you!”

Xiaofang is close to madly roaring.

Simon and David haha ​​laughed, completely ignored Xiaofang’s pleadings, set off the skirt, then pulled Xiaofang’s underwear.

“Don’t look! I ask you not to see!”

Xiaofang called the body with a madness, she tried the body as much as possible, trying to use the upper body.

Xiaofang’s half-hard meat stick is completely exposed, and she is struggling with her struggle.

I looked at her private parts, my mind was blank, I don’t know what to pretend to be surprised or broken.

When I was still in a daze, Simon suddenly stuffed Xiaofang’s underwear into my mouth, and then closed my mouth tightly.

“Haha … ha … strange? Xiaofang you see your beloved sister, she is not surprised at all! Haha …”

Two big prostitution laughed a bit breather.

David took out the camera, then gave me a look at the screen, and I was playing with me to add a small armament.

I started to panic this moment, I sent a blame, my eyes, I am very embarrassed.

David laughed and put the camera in front of Xiaofang.

“Heaven! It’s over! Everything is over! I am with Xiaofang’s friendship, mutual trust, my future, I am in this moment.”

I have been thinking about the complex mood of grief and anger.

Xiaofang suddenly calm down, and the eyes were stunned from the screen to look at himself, I bite the lower lips, the eyes closed, did not dare to look into Xiaofang.

At this time, Simon suddenly took off his pants, then broke my underwear, and touched my body to the side, and tried my ass.

“Let me also come cool!” David said with a smile, while inserting the chicken into Xiaofang’s chrysanthemum.

I was inserted, I sneached Xiaofang, seeing her eyes, I have been in the past, and I was very sad at the time.

After a while, they took prostitutes in my body, I used an angry eyes to look forward to Simon, indicating that he let us leave.

“The wonderful program has just begun, my little beauty.”

The Simon said with a smile, while I took out two things from the bag.

That is the prostate massager I are familiar with.

He inserted two massagers into my farthered eyes, starting them, fix it in our ass.

As the massager is frozen, I am turning big together with Xiaofang’s meat stick, straight forward.

Simon and then tighten the end of the meat sticks of my and small aroma with the fish wire.

“Tied it to your chicken bar is the key to open the hand,”

Xiun said: “The battery of the massager can maintain a vibration of more than two hours.

In the morning, there is still an hour, it will be dawn. When you arrogate, you can save them, you can save them! “

To be said, Simon and David haha ​​mad smiled away.

This is impossible, I am dress up with Xiaofang’s full body, but there is a big meat stick to expose. I can’t imagine how the consequences will be discovered, I have to come up with the method of escaping as soon as possible.

At this point, my mouth can’t be spoken.

I stoleously sneaked to Xiaofang, seeing her eyes without expression, sitting on the ground.

I regret my own behavior, I can’t make homemade on the day of the day, and make animal behavior for my only friend.

Just as I regretted, Xiaofang said an unexpected speech.

“I am very happy……”

Xiao Guofang said: “I am very happy that the people on the day is my sister instead of the two devils.”

My tears won, I want to say something, but the dead mouth is sealed, can’t be sounded.

“Xiaohua sister, we must leave as soon as possible, then let’s talk about it again!”

Xiaofang continued: “This key is going to be so soft, you can take it out!”

Xiaofang thought for a while and said: “Xiaohua sister, you try to do your body, let me try to help you.”

I was shocked by her speech.

“Sister, hurry! We have no time.”

She said.

I told her, kneel on the ground, handcuffed chain hooked on the iron column and pour the body.

Xiaofang squatted, stretching the neck forward.

My meat stick is just right to my mouth, Xiao Fang put the tongue, gently licked my glans, in the moment of contact, I have an electric shock, and the pleasure quickly spread.

At the same time, you can enjoy a massager and Xiaofang’s caress. I feel an unprecedented pleasure. The climax is issued by the depths of the rectum and the glans. Xiaofang has accelerated the speed. I suddenly poured a current in my body. The two legs spread to every corner of the body, and the semen is soaked, and I will send a blame, and I will warn Xiaofang, but she doesn’t pay attention, but she is more strinant.

My first dipper is like this in her mouth.

With the guidance of Xiaofang tongue, my semen one arrow is full of arrows on her face, it feels wonderful, and time is almost a century, until the whole body love is dried, the body is slow down.

After ejaculation, my meat stick began to be soft. I slammed my body, shaking the key from the meat stick and fell on the ground.

The key is covered with my semen, Xiao Fu does no matter the dirty, touch the lock with the tongue, and then contain it in the mouth.

I reached the body, reach out of the hands, and let her lock with my mouth with my bite.

Handcuffs opened, I quickly torn it in the mouth of the mouth, then said: “Xiaofang … I …”

Xiaofang interrupts me: “Sister, help me unlock! We are seen!” There is currently bright, we can’t hear some conversation sound from the distance, Xiaofang is right, it is a matter of urgentity as soon as possible Insure.

I took the key to the small mapping bar with hand drawn, “hurt, my sister doesn’t pull it with hand, very painful!

Xiao Fangzuan fan, said softly: “Xiaohua sister, help me let me first …”

Xiaofang’s meat rod is large, and the straight stretch is like a slight project.

I put it in my hand, then ahead, slowly.

Xiaofang made a wonderful and beautiful low in my movement.

The conversation is gradually close, I have to speed up the speed, let the small aroma as soon as possible.

I used the right hand to pick her meat stick, the nails of the left hand clearly swept her yin, and then lick her glans with the tongue.

Xiaofang’s breathing acceleration, suddenly paid tightening, the meat stick broke, her voice trembled: “Sister … Sister, I love you …”

The hot paste is outside, and the immersed love liquid is shot on my mouth, face and hair.

I continued to fight her meat, until the last drop of semen flows out.

After the meat is so soft, I put the key to the lock, open the handcuffs, I put the little fang up, patted the dust.

There have been people in the small park, and the two old plants stare at us with curious eyes.

When I was going to leave, Xiao Fang suddenly grabbed my arm, caught my body, then dictated his lips on my lips, I was shocked, sneak his mother-in-law, see them in a whisper Private language, a surprised dislike look.

Whether, I am feeling the gentle tongue of Xiaofang, taste her scent of the water, and we have a kiss.

At this moment, anything else has become uncertain.

I think, I have no secret between my and Xiaofang, and Simon has no thing that can threate us.

This seems to be a big mistake. In fact, the door of the true hell just opened for us.

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