Past a few years ago, I remember the year I was 20 years old, was just out of school, there is no technology, education is not high, high fragmentation, low not to, actually after my mother found me in a printing plant where do polished work. Work week for five days, Saturday and Sunday to rest.

Just go in time, they hope to play around (look around: Author’s Note), but unfortunately there is no good-looking girl, because it is the factory, most of them are some of the rural areas to the young girl, or is some 30, 40-year-old local Aunt! I have no interest. Until one day after the Spring Festival, I saw a little sound.

I clearly remember the good things gone six or seven years, and then she looks 18,9 years old, wearing a pink ski jacket, lined with pink toot her face, feeling very cute, especially her face is one of the best I’ve ever seen skin, I saw it, I thought of the slogan: “rosy, unique” ad where the stars are relying on make-up, and small sound is a completely a natural rosy.

At that time a small voice gave me the feeling is so beautiful, but at the same time, she does not love another man speak, I can only silently admire her beauty aside, and she’s wearing are relatively conservative, but then I I know that a small sound 23 years old, bigger than me, and soon also in the factory to work with her married boyfriend, at the same time, she also introduced her boyfriend to come to the company. Since the factory work is divided into two classes, and she and I happen to be separated, so there are more than a month, I have not spoken to her.

Six months later, the factory orders also gradually began to rise, the feeling is not enough manpower, so the factory has introduced a new provision week only one day off, and 24 hours the machine can not stop. Then everyone after a day of rest on transfer to another class, and the results of my little voice will attached to a class of six days. We gradually familiar, but this time, from the first time I saw her, half a year has passed! She was married!

Often chatting with her, I learned I know that she married and unhappy, her husband often beaten her, but also character of the two do not come together, quarrel is something every few days, at this time I can only comfort her, telling jokes that make her happy, what else can I do? Hey, this looks so cute, but poor little sound good!

Slowly, I found a small voice in my eyes to see, there is a strange thing, but I think it is impossible, there is no idea too. Every time she saw me, very happy, but sometimes I work overtime, she came to see me, but our language and actions are law-abiding, there is no place derailment, but we have not found that Some things in our hearts to breed, we just repress it, and this repression, once broken, there is no way to clean up!

Valentine’s Day that year, we have not been together, I was with my then girlfriend Xiao-yu had together, little sound just called me call machine (this time with both), said some sad words, I know we were almost unable to control.

The first two days of the Chinese New Year, I resigned from the factory, suddenly one day, a small voice called me and said she was good to see me, of course I’ll go out, we go dined, drank wine, and slowly she She told me that she really like me, just can not be together, she and her husband well, and then I told her husband to go back home. I hear, and my heart was that of a move. Drinking, we are in a hotel lawn, chatted for a while, I can not help but kiss her, then she said softly, you go home tonight, okay? She said, no, if my husband came back, how do I know. She also do the last fight.

At that time it was already a good night, I do not bring her into a corner, and I said, come on, I take you home, if your husband in, I’ll go. On the way to her home, and neither of us said anything, and my heart so nervous. I was standing downstairs, she was the first to see, these few minutes, I was feeling much longer than a few hours. Finally the small sound down again, holding my hand came to her home.

To her home, a small sound very sensible, has put his coat off, leaving only underwear, sleep in the bed, shy and covered himself with a quilt, I turn off the light, slowly groping in the dark you do not know how fast I was a heartbeat, as if about to jump out of my throat to the same. But the feeling everything is so natural.

Gently kissed her lips, put my tongue slowly in her mouth, she started to have a little resistance! I slowly, start touching her body with my tongue, I used my tongue to open her tooth, finally, I spent hard, squeezing a small seam in her teeth. However, she didn’t have that, because my right hand has started to act on her chest, I usually find that there are more sweat on the hand, listen to others, this is a very symbol of women’s sexual desire, Since I didn’t have encountered it, I didn’t verify it. Now I finally know that this is not fake! When my hand crossed a dense forest, after a rift, when I came to her small hole, I found that the prostitute had been embarrassed, down her butt, then flowed into the bed, put the blanket I have wet a piece.

What I am surprised is that small sounds are really unable to think under the bed and in bed. Usually we generally don’t involve sexual problems, and there are very few words. But in the bed, if she can’t say it. I put the middle fingers into the vagina, starting to use hard, and the little sound is ashamed, can you use two fingers! Of course, respect is as good as the life. After a while, the little sound has been rushing, but can you not be inserted, you can dug your strength! She is so sensual, let me feel particularly excited, it seems that in bed, the small sound will leave any secular rituals, become a small prostitute who really enjoy sexual delivery!

Under such a violent attack, 5 minutes, the small sound felt a strong pleasure of a wave of waves, I also felt, so my finger activity is even bigger, force in the vagina Dig, turn, and 抠.

And her small points are like forgetting the faucet, constantly flowing out of new prostitution, doing my whole palm is wet.

“Use force … hard … Mind your sister ……… Plug … plug …………………

So comfortable ……….. ” I have a few times, and then I feel a lot of prostitutes, and I have streamged my hand.

I just wanted to take my fingers, and the small tone hugged me, said with a trembling voice, don’t ………

…, later I know that the woman’s vagina after the climax is particularly sensitive. At this time, if you move, she will feel very strong! At this time, the small voice is cold, it is easy to move, just like death, just hear her thick gasp.

After about two minutes, the small sound slowly came back, then told me that the moment when the climax came, I didn’t know anything, I just thought it was going to die, and then reached the highest point and vent it. When the yin crucible, the strength of the whole body has already disappeared with the release of just now! I feel comfortable, I feel dead, I feel that the soul is already coming, I don’t want to move! (Female friends who have a climax believe, I don’t know, I feel …) I said, I will die for a while! Just also called the small sound of don’t move, but I started to bother, saying to drown me!

I heard the description of the hoe on the climax. At this time, my mask has been hard to wear the wall! I put my fingers for ten, I pulled it out, turned over to the horse, I found it directly, I put it inserted! Since there is a lot of prostitution, I have no effort, I haven’t spent a lot of effort, I will insert it to the end, the Yu Yun in the small tide has not been completely in the past, but the body is still very sensitive, but I know, for this little prostitute Can’t be gentle at all, only rude, she likes it! She turns out I am not mistaken, in my strong Choucha, she calls it all, “tooth child teeth child …… .. …… ………… teeth child dental children …… insertion force, good Like the brother’s Daguier ……… “(Chongqing:” The standard pronunciation of “阳 具”) Her name is that I have never heard, very luxurious, the general girl is not exported, but this also proves She is a unreasonable rush …


We have changed several postures, but when I let her take me, let her take the initiative, the problem came out, her performance can be used in crazy! Every time I pull out, I have to get the glans soon will slip out, and every time I sit down, I don’t seem to eat, I have to eat, I have to have a big meat stick. Be careful, she can’t stop the inertia, sitting hard, almost being taken “fracture”! ! !

I quickly changed a posture, let her sleep, then put a pillow on her butt bottom, let her pussy high expose, then take her two feet bigger, then hold her ass Insertion, because both sides of this posture are not too powerful, so as a transition in the process of sex (keeping physical strength), but the disadvantage is not stimulating, compare.

I have been in a while, I feel that everyone has no feeling. I will be inserted behind. (Everyone knows, and I have said in my many articles, please refer to This can have the appetite of the small sound. It turns out that she likes “interactive”. I don’t like me to come to “fuck”. I hold her waist, do your hard! The small voice is not weak, the butt force is hit, the little sister is hard, the small sister is hard, and the small tide is coming again! In addition to the vagina, one put, the most direct feeling is suddenly sliding inside I can’t get it! (She is the easiest girl I have seen!


I look like it and just like it, I use a trembling voice called me, don’t ……… Move ……… I deliberately ask her, who said to drown me? Follow her two times, then she was soft, said, I can’t stand it, I moved two times, said, what can I not? She said that people are sensitive, you will die! I listened, I immediately pushed up, and the small sound issued the biggest call today. The hand did not grasp the sheets, but dozens of times, the second wave of the climax was coming, I feel It is necessary to force the first time to violently, because the buttocks are in front and then the vagina, and the glans feel that the feelings of being sucking by a small mouth is more fierce! Finally, I didn’t resist the climax of the small sound, and I went down, shot my semen into her body! ! !

And my Yangjie put her flowers, she smashed a few times, squatting in bed, moving!

That night I came to this time, I have been over for more than two hours, and the small sound reached 5 creatures.

I have been with her for 3 days and night, I have done my sleep in the evening, but I have always thought that she is the coolest one! Later, her husband came back, we didn’t have a chance to come together ………

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