After get off work, a few girls have rushed, and I discussed male questions, “Hello, you are good!” The boyfriend, the boyfriend, has waited for her to get off work in the corner, saying, and his two Very unified, the male is handsome, the beauty of the woman, “” Goodbye, see you tomorrow! “

After the waving said, the arm of the boyfriend slowly leaving, and the boyfriend of other colleagues has come, my boyfriend is also coming, I have a silk smile on my face, follow the front. Dangdao, the scorpion said, “After watching the movie for a while, let’s try the new Japanese restaurant!”

I said to my head.

The next day, several girls sat together in the restaurant, and the topic always couldn’t leave their own half. This time I discussed the problem of bed, and Wu Ling always likes to try at different places. Instead, his boyfriend is very powerful. Every time I meet, I always have to go to the clock hotel, Jiajia is most interesting, saying that her boyfriend is particularly love her hips. It is simply sleeping with her hips as a pillow, and I It is generally normal, and the room will also be warm to the clock hotel, it is a bit shy. We have a little shy. We have to come from the real trick, and we will be tight by us. I only see that she swallowed and said, “” Also and you are almost! “

That is what is it? Everyone continued to ask her, “that is … Say, say, and what? “I actually started Hongxia in the face,” And …, I don’t know how to say it, I know that he is like a kind of force, you can get great satisfaction! “

Everyone is so unsatisfactory, it seems that it is always talking to the company when they go to work, and everyone is still talking to this topic.

I got off work, this day, my boyfriend, I’m going to pick up the company, and everyone gave the legend of the legend of the magical power to pay attention, and the great observation gave a look, I saw him a funny shape. “Is there any mock on my face? It is more than usually more than usually more than usually.” He smiled and smiled. “Don’t tease them, let’s go!”

Said that the two men went to the company’s door elevators, I also picked everything, tightly leaving them!

After we entered the lift, we have already been full, I really squeezed a little fun, I fixed the gods, it is ah, my half is close to him. At this time, he aimed at him. I am a little bit, I have a little bit of a smile, I am politely rewarding him with a smile. It is too squeezed. At this time, I just got a layer, the door opened, the outside of the door is still forcing, “Yeah , Squeezing me! “

At this time, I felt that the left arm was pressing in my right chest, and under my short skirt, I was close to my short skirt, and I was shy, I secretly aimed him. I found that he also sneaked me in the middle, I didn’t dare to move, my heart began to speed up, “I am a bad, there is a little strange, there is a little wet, I really damn!”

It’s hard to get the underground, everyone turns out of the lift, I stayed in the next step of the two, watching the two people left in the other direction, at this time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I glanced at it, my heart beat again.

The company has a deposit housing in the island, which has been supplied to the employee holiday. We have applied for a long time. In this week, we finally arrived in our department. After we arrived, everyone was installed, and she was ready to go to the pier together to take the islands. After get off work, everyone cheered, followed by the mighty to the pier, the other half of others has come, and the light is also waiting for me in the pier. We got a boat, discuss this two-day programs on the boat. After a clock, after a clock, the ship has arrived in the islands. We took the other half of the holiday home, and finally arrived at the destination. The house has three layers, except for many rooms, outside the house. There is a big swimming pool on the garden.

After all the people put down the fine feat, they had been in a swimsuit, jumping into the pool, playing for a while, suddenly the lug is like a bit wrong, the original light is a bit cold, but I feel uncomfortable this morning, but I don’t want to sweep me. The happiness, so they barely accompany me! Everyone took a rest, I left the pool and he left the pool, and he helped him to go to the second floor. I slept in the bed, I accompanied the ears for a while, the pool in the downstairs sounded a laughter, I took a look to the window, I was lying on the floating bed, and the moment is on the floating bed, suddenly , I saw that Wei Zheng looked up at me, how did my heart feel a little strange?

In the evening, we baked in the garden. He followed everyone in the hall, and there was still a bit cold in the lobby, but I saw us so happy, he said that the first return to the room to sleep, I will continue to play with my colleagues. Let’s have a jar of beer and soda on the table, and it is also drunk. It is also getting awkward. It is gradually, everyone will return to the room to rest, only I have alone, I have a hundred Lai, put on the garbage in the hall, at this time, there are more people in the hall, it is a great, I only see him, I also help it, “I am drunk, I have been sleeping in the room. Anyway, there is no longer sleeping, then walk away! “I smiled slightly. I finally worked hard, I took the corner of the house outside the house, the night was very beautiful, the night wind blows to the face. It is comfortable. After a while, we suddenly realized that the house is very special. The other side of the pool is still another staircase. It is curious to look forward to the front view, follow the words I found out, I also look forward to the stairs. There are a few rooms, we carefully look at the stairs, and the position of the stairs is relatively dim. It is a careful, followed by dragging me. There are three rooms here. Every room is also The sea, okay to open the door of one of the rooms, bright the lights in the room, the arrangement and scenery of this room is more beautiful than those in the house.

I appreciate the scenery in the sea, I turned and I want to tell the beautiful scenery, the scenery outside the window, the original, it is already standing behind me, I don’t stay, I will touch it, and the two instinctive reactions are holding each other. At this time, we are in the past, and the eyes of a soft and soft water are watching me. I am ashamed to go to the right, I’m going to face, suddenly,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I was shocked, and I trembled and said, “” Yeswe, don’t this, the other half of our respective half is falling asleep in the house, I … I have kissed my heart deeply, my heart is very chaotic, but I don’t know, I didn’t push him, just stopped and kissed, I was awkward, I closed my eyes, my tongue has invaded I sway in my mouth, I don’t know, my tongue starts with him, slowly, I also kissed it.

While kissing, we moved to the bedside, soon, we both had already fallen in bed, and Wei Zheng kissed my neck. It has been stroked by her before, my heart is very chaotic, I think it is still there. Cooked in the room, “Yeah …!” Ye Wei’s hand has been rejected from my shorts, and I have been separated from my cotton underwear to explore my gap, I am a shock, “Yeswei, don’t, I, … Yeah ….” The top has begun to take off, the bra is also unlocked, shorts and underwear are also pulled, and the Wei is also taken off all, my day The huge and long and hard meat sticks are full of green, it is really big, I remember the words, I finally understood what she meant.

Yan Wei has pressed on me to absorb my bud, I was kissed to twisted my body, the tongue was licking all my body, slowly gradually down, and the gods under the body I caught my double thighs and constantly licked my gap. “Oh ….”……………………………………….. ..

Yan Wei began to climb to me, the lower body is ready to enter, my heart begins to be nervous, although the light is not my only sexual companion, but it is too big, I am worried. Can I accommodate such a giant, the top has begun to touch my seam, I am nervously catching a beautiful arm, and the body doesn’t consciously trembling, the hard object begins to gradually enter, 胯胯The underlying pressure is gradually increased. It has entered half, but I have a little bit of feeling, but the hard object is still moving slowly, every time you draw, you will go deep into some, then, When the limbs, the house is ringing, the huge sound of the waves is smashed, and the big substitute has been completely inserted into my depths, “Hey, I am dead, kill me ….!”

I was crowded with the giants to catch a glance, “Very big, very big, I am going to get died!”

The giant is urgently in which I have to go out, and every move has to be my life. Ye Wei knows that my anomalies are, so every action is slowly performed. Gradually, I also started to completely fill it. The feeling of fullness, followed by unprecedented quick feelings, I am holding a great, I started to cooperate with my body, the giant is tightly grinding my yuki, the root-end hair is also smashed On the two sides of my arm, I can’t do it. After the feeling of faint bloating, I urgently breathed, and there was a convulsion in the body. Unprecedented climax was like a sea wave to me, I have completely It’s awkward, this,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, …. I have to come …. Yeah … Yeah …. “The second climax is more violent than the first time. At this time, the body has a warm flow, the giant is still shaking, and finally, Everything is like a sea reply to calmly calm. I met the gain, the giant contracted, slowly slipped out, then there is an empty feeling of emptiness, I have kissed each other, followed by the doubles into the bathroom to clean each other. , Then quietly return to the room, this night, I have to sleep until I don’t feel sleepy.

After this unforgettable experience, every time I saw it, I made me think about it, and Wei was also happy in my girlfriend, quietly and I developed a sexual relationship with me.

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