It has been more than half a year. Due to the relationship of work, it is a good friend who has become a good friend with a colleague in the factory, which is almost the same, so the two become a dead party.

One day, the brother told me that Saturday is his birthday, A brother, I went to his home to help him. Just started to do it, I didn’t know him, I didn’t want to participate in his church celebration, but the A brother has been asking me, saying what I have to go to the celebration of his son, can’t afford him. Require, I had to promise to participate in the celebration of his sister.

That day, I quickly went home to take a shower, changed the clean clothes, when I hurriedly rushed to the home of the brother, I sent it to buy a gift, so I quickly found a flower shop. A bunch of flowers. When I truly arrived at the Ateen, they had already went to eat.

After the introduction of my brother and his sister and his friends, I knew that the brother of the brother was called Yiqi, and the parents of the brother gone abroad, so today’s dish is all the brothers. Hand made.

When we finished eating, we used the XO to serve A brother’s room from his parents in the living room. At this time, I have the opportunity to really see the long phase of Yi Qi. According to Yi Qi, I am very cute, although her height is quite petty, but the body is very prominent, especially today, she wears a tight-fitting dress and a narrow dress, which shows the tempting body.

Another is the dryness of the brother, is also a beautiful person, Xiaowen’s beauty is the kind of mature beauty, and the Yi Qi is a beautiful beauty, and the body is also as good as the Yi Qi.

It is the brother’s girlfriend, I am still quiet, although she does not have Xiaowen and Yi Qi’s beautiful, but it is also a good girl.

We chatted while drinking wine. When we have a group of people six (another is Xiaowen’s boyfriend) After drinking how many wine, everyone looks like a bit drunk, even I also have a little bit.

According to the room, I was shaking back to the room, but I accidentally hit the chair. I saw that every one in the field fell on the sofa, so I had to support Yi Qi back to her room. When I let her lying on her bed, I looked at Yiqi’s tempting body, and the breasts that were floated with breathing, and I thought I stared at her breast, just smiled at me. When I couldn’t help but knew her, I also reached out with my neck, and my hand began to move on her breast.

Although it is a breast of Yiqi, it is not allowed to leave. According to the tongue of Yi Qi, I responded to my kiss, and my other hand also stretched into Yiqi’s narrow skirt. I started to touch on her launch, I stretched it into Yiqi’s clothes. The hand of Qi Na was pinching the nipple of Yiqi with his fingers. And when I extended my hand to her underwear, I’m taking off my body.

I moved my mouth to Yiqi’s breasts. When I kissed the nipple of Yi Qi, I also took off the narrow skirt of Yi Qi, slowly pulled the tongue to Yiqi’s underwear, I was teased in panties. Heshi, her underwear has long been wet. After taking off the last piece of clothes in Yiqi, I started to taste the lower body of II, when I reached out in the vagina in Yiqi, I also took off my clothes.

According to Yi Qi, I can’t stand my teasing. The love is more and more, and the waist is slowly shaking. The sound of the squatting is also started: “Well ?? Hm ??

The sound of the Yichi’s mouth is constantly coming, and her hands will not stop the bed, see Yi Qi is so intoxicated, when I put the legs of the Yi Qi? When I put on my shoulders, III The love liquid is like a large amount of floods that flow out of the sheets. According to the hand of my early erect meat stick, I will introduce me. When my meat stick is inserted into Yi Qi’s wet and hot vagina, III’s love liquid is forced by my meat stick.

“Ah ?? ??” My meat stick was kept tightly in the meat of Yiqi. My meat stick was swallowed by the vagina of Yi Qi, until the whole meat stick was inserted into the vagina.

“Oh? 喔? ???」 琪 的 开始 晃, 出 出 出 出 出 出 出 道 道 出 进 进 进 出 出, 道 出 出 进 出 出 道 道 道 出 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道 道

“Ah ?? ?? 喔 ???” I continued to shake my waist, the meat sticks also followed the continuous draw, the room was constantly coming “Hey! Hey! Hey!” And Yiqi’s Sound, my meat stick continues to enter the vagina of Yi Qi, and Yiqi is the hand of the sheet, and the mouth is constantly emitting: “Well ?? ?? 喔 ??

I looked at the vagina that I was constantly embarrassed by Idech, and I was so excited. I put it more excited. I pressed the legs of the III to her breasts, sway my waist crazy, and my meat stick is also followed. Accelerate the vaginal of Yiqi. “Ah ?? ?? ??” My meat stick came from the spasm of Yiqi’s meat wall, I want to reach a climax. When I put it on the feet of Iqi, I was going to take a little to rest. Xiao Wen and Yichen suddenly fell into the collision, I am embarrassed to look at them, but I’m still closed eyes. Lying there, seems to be indulged in just a climax.

Xiaowen and Yi Jing did not say anything, just smiling and looking at us. The next movement made me shocked, because two of them kissed together, and Xiaowen’s hand also stretched into the sunshine clothes, constantly stroking should be calm: “Well ?? 唔 ?? Um??”

When I didn’t know how it was good, I was turned over, and she sat in my waist. I looked at Xiaowen and Yi Jing already lying on the floor, and the clothes on my body began a one-piece, Xiaowen’s tongue, sucking the nipple. According to my waist, and my meat is still inserted in her vagina. According to Yiqi, I started shaking her waist, my meat stick is puffed in the vagina.

“Ah ?? ?? ??」 也 因为 吟 吟 吟 吟 到 到 对 对 对 对 对 对 方式 方式 方式 方式 方式 方式 方式 方式 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对 对To me, so the whole pussy is presented in my eyes, so just that I am excited.

My hand holds the waist of Yi Qi, sometimes swing, and sometimes. “Hey ?? ?? ??” gradually, the waist of Yiqi is getting better and more faster, I also start my waist force, watching Xiaowen and should continue to fight each other, I think alcohol has been anesthetized. Now we only want to get sexual tide.

According to her waist, let my meat stick can insert her vagina so that she can reach the climax again, and the waist of Yiqi is more and more, I also cooperate with her action, constant Get my waist, so that my meat stick can insert deeper. Shortly, I will reach another climax and lying on my body. When I took her breathed, Xiaowen came over and pushed the Yi Qi from me. When she saw my meat stick, she immediately climbed my body, grabbed my hand. The meat stick in her vagina.

“Ah ??” When my meat stick is stuffed into Xiaowen’s vagina, Xiaowen issued an amazing voice, under the confusion of alcohol and Xiaowen’s temptation, I nor is her boyfriend is outside? The hand also reached out to touch her double milk. Xiaowen’s vagina has flowed out of love, and the love is flowing down along my meat. Xiao Wen began to swing her waist, my meat stick began to enter and out in her vagina.

“Ah ~~ ah ?? ??” Xiaowen bending down the body, hands with your hands, putting your hips to put my meat stick, I also put her in my hip, just in our two people, I don’t know if Who is in an inside, I will climb it over, I kissed her, but also stretched into her breast.

“Well? ???” When I left her mouth, I was not quiet to climb my body, but she was squatting on the bed back to me, the Yijing pussy is in me. In front of me, I extended my tongue and squatted her big ladle, and my hand stretched into her breasts and pinching the nipple, and Xiaowen did not stop, so that my meat rod continued to pose. Her vagina.

“Oh???” I looked at Yi Qi, who was lying next to it, she didn’t move, it seems that I have slept. My tongue is blended in the pleasant vagina, and the meat stick is constantly plugging in Xiaowen. Xiaowen hugged his waist with his waist.

“Ah ~~ Ah ~~ Ah ??” I can’t stand it under this double stun. Xiaowen’s waist is getting more and more faster, just in the meat of Xiaowen. When the sputum of the array, my meat stick also came from a burst, my semen was like a flooded reservoir, all shot in Xiaowen’s vagina.

“Oh ??” Because Xiaowen is sitting on me, the semen flows up again, when I and Xiao Wen still indulge in this climax, I should push Xiaowen, When she saw the meat stick I slowly done, I was shoulding to be under my body, and the whole meat sticks were buried.

“Hey ?? ?? ~~」 ?? “In the Yijing Seller Suck, my meat stick is again up again, and my tongue also reached into her vagina responded to her. The sound of “,, 啾” sound, quite skilled with my tongue with my tongue, under her teasing, my meat stick is still airs.

I climbed up from the bed, so that I was quiet in bed, I held a reddish meat stick, ready to insert the sustainful vagina, I prevented the hips, temptation, I quickly plunched her, the cave, who had already filled with love, I Hold her hips in one hand, hold my meat stick one hand, slowly insert into the stainless vagina. “Well ??!” It is still still like a bitch to make me this male dog, and she sometimes got up, and sometimes low. Our combination came to “! 啪!!」! “, My hands holding the supraisel hips, waist is constantly swinging.

“Ah ?? ?? ?? Well ??” I am crazy to puff my meat stick, the meat stick has already been covered with the odd love liquid, and the Yijing love liquid is constantly being squeezed by my meat. Go along the stain of thighs.

“Hey ~~ 喔 ?? ??」 」趴 趴 in bed? High hips, I’m holding her waist, constantly inserting my meat stick into her vagina, and constantly adding meat sticks speed.

“Oh? 喔 ~~ 喔 ?? um ~~ um ??” Soon, the meat in the Yijingyong Road came a burst of sputum, I held her in front of her, slowly put her up. Let me put down my meat sticks in her vagina, I have a stainless, constant up and down.

“Oh ~~ ah ?? 喔 ~~ ah ??” Shortly, you should shake your waist and put my meat stick. I contain her nipple, play with my tongue, should be stationed with my head, keep do not stop Upper and down.

“Ah ?? ?? Well ?? Well ?? ~~ ah ?? ~~ ah ??” The Yipi’s mouth continues to make a snoring, my hand holds her hips to help her. I turned to see Yi Qi and Xiaowen lying on the side, the Yixi’s vaginal mouth has closed, but it still flows out some micro love liquid; and Xiaowen’s vagina is not completely closed, the vaginal mouth is not broken, love liquid and mixed with me semen.

“Oh ?? Can n’t you ?? 喔 ~~ 喔 ??

I put it in the armpits, holding her shoulders, and started with my body’s strength, and I was holding me tightly. I am quickly inserting and flying, inserting, pull out, shaking the strength of the whole body, like the whole meat stick, even the two meatballs, the two meat balls are also stuffed into the comparable meat.

“Hey ??? 喔 ??」 呻 吟 吟 吟Suddenly, my meat stick began to jump, and the complimentary vagina also made a buzzer, my semen also couldn’t control the full shot into the hysterer.

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