Sexuality and love are eternal topics in the human history process, whether it is elegant or vulgar to modify.

The process of sex is even more likely to be a certain range, but in this kind of enjoyment, everyone’s feelings are very different. In sex, some people get a hearty desire vent, some people get the memory of memory.

I feel that most people will have more unforgettable sex experiences, and this unforgettable, or from sexual partners, or from their own factors. I want to say here is a paragraph 4 years ago.

I feel that myself is more than the kind of person who is more open, and so far, I have loved a few women. But I first made love but was 23 years old. It should be that many people feel a bit surprised.

I didn’t even misunderstand the true concept of masturbation before I was a long time before I did love. I have always thought that I used my hand to touch myself. Even the masturbation, after the first time I made love, I gradually realized that the original behavior that the original thinking of mastians is only a process without the result.

My first time gave my first love girlfriend, but I thought that my girlfriend was a human experience. Of course, from today’s experience, I knew that she had had a love experience later, However, when 4 years ago, I can only feel judgment from the limited sexual knowledge you have. I am not very concerned about whether my girlfriend is a woman, but I have seen such a thing in my heart.

Because there is such a psychological pressure, at that time, more is based on the sexual freshness and stimulus, but in every gathered, the regret of the faint is floating. Perhaps, when I did love that time, I just gave your girlfriend, but I didn’t make the perfect combination of my meat. Later, after some time, because some messy things, I broke up with my girlfriend. After breaking up with my girlfriend, my heart has been idling.

It’s hard to get a holiday in the National Day. In order to change your mood, I decided to go to Mengshan for two days. Choosing Mengshan travel, the heart is only one reason, and the other reason is that a good female colleague has always been playing in my city, specifying me to accompany, and designated climbing. What I need here is that the company in the past is a national agency that almost all cities in China have branches. My city is located in the south of Yimeng Mountain. It turns out that there is a poor and backward but today has become a vibrant business city, my colleague is in the hinterland of Jiaodong Peninsula.

Because the two people are together when we started the company interview, and finally in the same department of different cities, there are a lot of work. Born in life in life, let us all like the existence of each other. In Mountain, it is the second largest mountain in Shandong. I have passed a lot of mountains and rivers, and individual opinions Mengshan’s natural scenery and climbing have fun. It is a lot of Mount Taishan, just lacking the alone in Taishan. Historical and cultural context. I always feel that my colleague is very alienated, I always call her Xiao Zhao. The passenger car of Xiaozhao took our city at 8 o’clock on the evening of October 1. And I have been waiting for this time.

I am very worried that there will be some bad things on the road. In the past two people met, most of them were when the provincial company was meeting, it is rare to find a suitable time to go out alone. More still mix your time to open your time. And she came over, I came to me, and I was the first time. I don’t know if she looks like a confidant or nothing, I have never thought about this positioning in my time, now there is no girlfriend, most of the time is a person’s loneliness, nor I want to think It may be because the components of the two people are too small. Time to pick Xiao Zhao from the station is coming to 10:00 pm.

When she went home, she called the stomach and hungry, let me cook it quickly to her. In the usual communication, she knows that I am a good hand of cooking, but she doesn’t understand is that I broke up with my girlfriend. One person lived in the current home, why I still like to cook themselves every day. According to her words, it is not bother enough, it is not as simple as she pays simple to buy something. Before she came, I had already packed the dishes, so I only used it for 20 minutes. I have a dinner table in four dishes, and there is a very fresh soup.

I have a big turnover to open the red cover, I have given us two people. Drinking this proposal is she controversial before she comes, she said with confidant, when she is intoxicated. I don’t understand what I mean. Anyway, she likes me to accompany her. Perhaps all people know that the red wine seems to be unresolved, in fact, drinking is full. I have a good amount of wine, when a bottle of dry red two people drink more than half of the time, I feel a little dizzy.

Two people have a little bit of wine in drinking light cups, I got up and gave her to drink. The wine is slow, and I got up to give her a dump time, accidentally knocked down my cup, panic, hurriedly took the hand, and I also tried to catch forward at the same time. The table is rolling under the table, but what I expect, she caught the cup, but I caught a soft little hand. In the past, the time of meeting or together, I took her hand many times, but those time never feel today. Instead, she feels that she is very naughty because she often holds my hand.

This will obviously understand the fine warmth of her hand, I looked up at her face, she seems to have a very shy feeling, the original skin is good, her face It may be that the reason for drinking wine is red, delicate and clear, I have never been this feeling. She probably discovered my surprise, asked if I saw such a good hand for the first time, how can you grab it? I smiled, that is, good things must be willing to let go.

With this moment, my own mood is not as calm as the beginning, she seems to be a bit lost.

Subsequent time we ended dinner. Then I picked up things, she watched TV on the sofa, eating fruit, and reminded me to have a good time to get a TV with her. I packed up to go to the sofa next to her. Let me accidentally talk, ask me how to keep her far away! I am joke and said: “Deep more and half night, I am afraid that I am easy to have some bad ideas around you.” She said to me: “Do you have a bad idea? We are commended revolutionary friendship , I still want to borrow your shoulder to watch TV. “

Since she said this, I had to get up to her. She also leaned against my shoulder, said: “It’s so comfortable.” But in such an environment, she relied on my shoulder, but she can’t calm down my heart, I feel the aroma of the silk. Wrapped around her. My heartbeat is a bit accelerated. She suddenly took the head asked me: “You are so happy? I can listen to it.” I said: “Probably I am stimulating by you, you can’t afford to be unsolved. “

“Then, how do you not give me,” she leaned on my shoulder, did not leave, just lazy to talk to me, when she talks, the warm breath breathed, my face, hemp It is tickle, let me not help but make a bit of chaos, I don’t know how I should adjust yourself. Our two have kept this long-term relationship. I am afraid that my impulse will break two people for many years.

But the more I don’t think I don’t want to think, the more I have some ideas in my heart. It seems that I am floating in the air, I feel that I have a full shred of an overspeed. Suddenly, the big brain is blank, I don’t know where the courage is caught in the two little hands, holding hard, put it in my chest. She didn’t try to struggle, although I didn’t see her, I know that she will be closed by her shoulder.

I can also feel her heart beats. It seems that her body is getting winking, sliding down, then the whole person is on my leg. I don’t know if she can still feel the changes in my lower body, my legs can feel the existence of her breast. A pair of breasts are just posted in my right leg, and the feeling of soft soft does not know how to describe it. She didn’t move on my leg, but I felt obviously her hand was sweating.

I gently smoke my own hand and stroked her hair. Her hair is very good, touching very smooth, the aroma from the hair seems to be with aroma on the body. I am more blurred, I really hope that time is always like this, no longer have any changes. There is this experience in life, I really don’t want to go in the world. As my hand is moving a little, there seems to have a flame in my heart in the heart, let me go to melt. I also couldn’t control myself, and I slammed her, and I went deep into her lips. No matter whether it is still today, I think that is the most soft lip that I touched in my life.

Alcohol doesn’t know how much will have a will of her, and it can significantly increase her temperature and red and colorful alcohol. I kissed her lips while I lighted her. At this time, she was sitting on my leg, my hands closed her waist, but she tightly buckled her hands. Live my shoulder. Just hug, deep kisses, and there is no tip of the tip of the tongue, and there is no mobile movement. The whole world seems to stop this moment. I think, then we don’t want to destroy this harmony, feel the existence of each other.

I do not know how long, if just experienced a faint dark world of subversion to describe is not excessive, I reluctantly put lip away from her mouth, her hands to her face, she looked at carefully. In the past I have been feeling very familiar with, you can see her for the first time so seriously. I looked at her, her slightly close your eyes, long eyelashes do not consciously blinking. People are not only in the heart of time to be able to discover the beauty of all things? The last to see her, feel her lovely, beautiful, no other, but at the moment no matter the distance or space from psychology to have suddenly become so close, actually feeling she was so beautiful.

I turned slowly around her lips, gently sucking her lips, tongue touching the edge of her lips, as if I put her lips all temperatures and soft all absorbed into my body go. Slowly I put the tongue to explore the inside lip carefully to search her tongue. Across the border in her teeth, I felt a creamy yet smart thing, that is the tip of her tongue. I gently stir up her tongue, slowly moving toward the back of her tongue from her tongue.

Suddenly the moment she took the initiative to Juan Zhu my tongue with her tongue in my mouth stirred up. I hugged her hard, sucking her lips together, in each other’s tongue touch each other. I can not get rid of this feeling of stimulation, hand began slowly swimming on her back, and then probe into her clothes inside. My hands up in the probe, such as suet like her back, moving to her bra straps when I turned to move forward, I now understand, I tried to touch her breasts. She held me to get my hands is not very convenient to move the time of her breasts, I moved about her position, her lying on my legs.

This time her face more Hongnen, because just kissing lips and exudes a seductive sheen.

I lowered my head to kiss her forehead, but the hands are moving up along her abdomen, her belly is very strong, after all, is the reason young, solid feel very good, with no fat. When the hand to the edge of her bra I tried to drive a stretch, but it felt a little tight bra, so she will be forced into it very uncomfortable, but feel the ups and downs of her chest, and I can not wait to use their own hands to replace her the bra that covered her breasts.

I slowly opened the buttons of her coat, black embroidered bra appeared in front of me. Look at the style, I think she should be black panties, I like black underwear, the kind of color always easy for me to make love in a lot of time increases the shock q. Look bra covered breasts, I guess she was kind of sort of a small breasts. My lips moved to the earlobe in her forehead while her hands from her hand away the coat, then untied the back of her bra clasp. At the same time I took her bra from her arm to the pair of Shu milk suddenly jumped in front of me of me.

The United States, but it was like this. Small nipples, I do not understand the world as there is so whether the original bright colors really. I had always thought that the description of a woman’s nipples are red book, now see her nipples I came to understand the kind of beautiful colors are real! Two bright red bean size of the nipple as embedded in her small breasts, if not because of lust burst forth, I think it nipple in peacetime should also be strong upturned.

Her areola small, that is, around the nipple cloth with a layer of pale pink. That the breast may only be graceful enough grip to describe it. Many men like plump breasts of a woman, I do not understand how much breast fullness woman temptation to exist. Like her so the size of the breasts should be the most perfect. I put my hand labeled her breasts, just to hold in the palm.

Her breast size, slightly larger then the feeling can not find everything under control, and then little by little, then do not know what kind of gaps to fill the palm. I clenched palm slowly, could feel her breasts elasticity is very good. While I was kissing her face, while slowly get used to rub his hands on her breasts. This time I actually heard the sound of her mouth issued huh.

I kissed down her face down, tongue down her neck, then slowly touched the edge of her breasts, and I enjoy the pleasure of wanton sensuality edge of her breasts brought me. This time she gently twist his body, her nipples into my mouth stuffed go.

His mouth, her nipples, I think that would really give me what I do not, as long as I can go on like this forever.

I sucked her nipples, then slowly swallowed half her breasts, and then spit it out, so the repeated handling. I see whenever I repeat such a motion, her legs would force clamping. I think she has been very painful, and should eagerly awaiting me into her body.

But I don’t want to send this beautiful feeling right away. Put her down to lay it flat on the sofa. When I was on the outside of her legs, I didn’t immediately explain her jeans’s button. Instead, continue to suck her breast, then slowly kiss along her abdomen. I have been kicking her belly pants, I licked her belly with the tongue, I can feel that she seems to be a buzz. At the same time, I feel that her body’s twist is more intense. I moved my hand down, although I can feel the soft and obvious hot temperatures in the middle of her legs in the middle of her legs. I stayed in the middle of her legs, then lid that place, her legs suddenly clamped my hand and felt her intention to move back and forth. This time is really a bit cruel if it is like this. I quickly uncovered her pants, and then be careful to fade with her pants. He took her very cooperated with her time when I was panting, she tookively took the initiative. Really as I guess, her underwear is black with a bra.

There are a few shadows in front of the pertrontane, which makes me touched that she may be too embarrassing. It has penetrated her underwear, let her underwear cover the body of the genitals and flashed in the soak of obscene. luster. I can’t resist this temptation, and the palm is slowly attached to her underwear.

The feeling of touching the pants and inner pants is different. Hand covered outside her underwear, the feeling is close to the real.

Not only the glory of the genitals, the humidity of the genitals, but even the gap between the inclusions and the middle of her genitals is also a feeling that doesn’t have no two. All this is also unmelded by her elegant underwear. I slowly slipped to the edge of her underwear, along her thigh root, put the finger in the inside. In the process of moving, my fingers met two warm soft meat, slippery, it was her big labipings.

Her big lips feel very good, touch it very full. For a woman’s breast, I don’t really like full, but I like a woman’s labia. At this time, I took her breasts, and another hand slipped back and forth along the gap between her two labians, and her heart is a very warm feeling of warm and warm. That kind of wet, like a finger, will fall into her body, but I feel unhappy when I don’t care, I feel unhappy, but I feel unsained resistance. I think she must have been love for a long time. I will knew that she had been lied to him in the past, and she should have no chance to make love with others.

Regardless of this experience, two people’s tacit or obedience, I am very touched, after all, she can give me such a calm gesture in the case of being hurt, it is difficult to say a lot of women. When I immersed in this kind of touch, I was accompanied by my body’s twist her um. I suddenly saw that she used her mosquito-like, I said: “You … come in, I. Want … you enter … I … body …… body … I … I want to handle me.” I asked her: “Is this happy?” “Happy, very happiness, I … I … I want you to come in. I … I want to give you … I … I don’t want to ask her again. , In fact, I feel that I should not be there.

This time is only silent to answer.

In this scenario, I also want to enter her body soon. If she is just a feeling of desire tortured, she is a bit sorry.

I quickly retreated my clothes and her underwear, moved her on the sofa slightly.

Then get together her legs. I separate her legs and kneel in the middle of her legs. Then slowly hang down the head to her pine. There is no breath in her genital, there is no so-called aroma, and there is no so-called smell of others. It feels that drinking pure water is generally flat.

My tip of the tongue teasing her clitoris, I can feel that the liquid secreted by her vaginal is flowing out of the 汩汩. Time to sucking her clitoris I touched her genital place with my finger, I feel that her thigh root to the ass position is wet. I can’t stand this time. I got up and put her legs a little flat, and then inserted it to her vagina. When I was inserted at a little, my penis was obviously surrounded by a group of warm meat, and there was a kind of suction to traction, the suction and vagina, I don’t know if she wants me to go in, still think Take me away. Anyway, I have already inserted her vagina, all the true insertions.

She slightly twisted her body below my body, my penis was inserted in this tightened pressure into her vagina.

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