Jenny is very nervous, I don’t know if my plan will succeed. She is not sure my 18-year-old carcass, is there enough women to attract a man who is accustomed to the perfect body.

Mom is an envy of the envy of every girl you know, and even yourself.

Her body is high and slim, with a pair of full and firm chest. Jenny generated the mother’s perfect ass, but her chest was just beginning to develop, and even did not have a “a” cup.

Her family is a so-called wonderful family of some people.

For some complications during childbirth, the mother does not have other children, and she is the only one. As a blessing, this is already a lot; but she often feels that parents don’t pay attention to themselves, this is undoubtedly worse.

Father is an engineer, working time is very long; the mother is specially made in three days, and every week, it will go to other cities. She never called home during the trip, this, Dad is the same.

They are not in the cold war; but they have no real emotional performance between them.

Whenever my mother leaves, Dad will look at the “R” film of cable TV, drink one or two cups alone.

Jenny remained, she used to have seen a father in a pistol. But Dad saw her, and immediately sat down, so she was not very determined.

She hopes that Dad really doing it, which will make the plan easier to achieve.

She spent the entire afternoon, moving the table, confirming the small mirror is placed in the correct position, making the light of the room, or the moderate she wants.

But now, she spent the last three hours in the room, wondering what he did.

“I am 100% sincere, but if he is angry, what should I do? Shit!” Jenny thought of this, I felt that I was really a color, but now she must try.

It is best to do it now before you lose the opportunity or timid to quit.

Mom will leave, go to Wisk New State or elsewhere. Dad will send her to the airport and take the plane, go there for four days.

At least they finally agreed, she is already big enough, do not need to ask the mother.

Since it is a summer vacation, she will be alone here. Most friends are looking for other children.

Jenny drums up and looks at the living room.

Before going in, she stopped and see what Dad is doing.

“Very good!” She found him looking at a “r” film.

When she entered the living room, her father was greatly surprised.

“I thought you slept!” When she entered the living room, he immediately sat down.

“Yeah, just I suddenly want a cup of milk” Jenny works if there is anything, “Do you want me to help you with the wine cup, anyway, I have to go to Milk?”

“No, anyway, I am going to sleep.” Dad’s answer is a little panic.

Jenny began to worry. Before she prepared everything, she could not let him sleep.

What can she do?

She didn’t care, “Before I said good night, I will go to sleep, I will come back soon.” Jenny went to the cup of milk.

She doesn’t really need a glass of milk; but if she doesn’t go down a cup, my father may find a flaw and doubt.

She wore a big shirt of Dad, met with nightgown, nothing under there.

She took her milk and walked over to say good night.

Jenny walked to his father, poured forward, and the neckway exposed the skin-like skin, and kissed the father a night.

“Good night, Dad.”

Her shirt was slightly opened, she saw Dad slightly smoothes her shirt.

“Ok, do it.” She thought.

I hope that Dad saw something, and I will like it!

“Good night, Zhen.”

Jenny turned back to the house, but after leaving, she sneaked with his head to peek and see what Dad is doing.

Dad lies back to the sofa and opens the cable TV again.

“Ok, this is about half an hour. Time is enough to let me prepare everything.” Jenny thought. She can’t believe that she is doing now, but as long as I think of this, her chest is hiring, and honey has become moist.

She returned to the room and determined that the door was opened about one inch void.

This should be enough to let Dad see the light source and peek at her.

At least she hopes him!

Jenny finally checked a room.

She turned back to the small lights on the table, shutting down the lamp on all heads.

She is sitting at the table and checking this angle is good.

It’s great.

From the door, you will think that unless you open the door, a person sitting on the table can’t see you, but the person on the door can clearly see the people sitting in front.

This is very important.

He must see what she is doing.

Jenny heard the scorpion of his father’s chair.

She knows he must be on the building.

According to the past habits, he will put the glasses on the washing station and then return to his bedroom.

This is a chance of chance. ITWASnowornever.

“Start!” Jenny pulled the pajamas and sat fully on the table completely.

The cold air, whichever her chest, so she is towering.

“Too good.” She thought.

She moved out a more comfortable location and check her small mirror.

It should be in the correct position.

She can see this door. If Dad is peek, then he will not notice this small mirror on her table.

She puts it in honey, starts to rub, and the other hand is placed on the chest, kneading the carage, making it stand up for him.

When she heard her father, she became worse.

“What am I doing?” Suddenly rising ingredients, let the girl amazed for a while, but she continued to masturbate.

He is coming to her room.

She stared at the mirror with one eye.

Then she saw him gone.

Jenny’s heart sank, Dad even didn’t even look at it. She stared at the mirror, tears secretly condensed in the eyelid.

Then she saw a turn.

He came back to check.

The door started slowly. If she is sleeping, he probably not wants to wake her.

Then the door slowly closed, but not all.

The door is still open.

More than the seam of just now, Jenny determines that Dad is watching her!

She continues to masturbate.

The girl’s ridge begins to twist, when she feels hotter.

The door opened again; and she saw Dad and also in masturbation.

She glanced at the clock, he had seen a few minutes.

Jenny did not continue, but began to be soft: “Do you ~~ Note that the door has been opened, and Dad went to her.

She slowly turned his head, looking up, staring at his eyes.

The girl sent a dream of a dream: “Hey! Do it ~~, please do me?”

He didn’t speak; it was just a low waist, snoring her size, lifted her chin, gently kiss.

Jenny felt his father’s tongue, when it started to search for her. She opened his mouth and let it enter, and then post his little incense tongue.

Her chest feel is stronger, when Dad gently cares, then the lower body starts to lick it.

His hand moved to her honey.

After caressing the first time, slowly insert a finger.

When his finger explores her hg, it is so hot, moist.

Dad left from her, Jenny worried that he would stop. But he just squatted down, taking off his pants, throwing it on the floor. Then he took off the shirt and throw it on the ground.

Dad stood there, only wearing a short underwear, after a while, he said: “Come over, help me pull out these.” Jenny was in high happiness.

Dad gently let her kneel down and help her grabbed his top of his shorts.

She kissed his belly, slowly pulled down his short panties. When the underwear fell to half, reveal the meat stick, so it quickly looked up, pointing to yourself.

There are about six inch of the meat stick, not as huge, but it is firmly pointed to her.

Jenny knows that it is erection for her, and she is proud of this.

Dad pushed her meat stick to her, and she tookively kissed it, and then wrapped the glans with incense tongue, and slowly lick.

Then, Dad grabbed her head and let the meat stick deeply into her mouth. She is very happy, it is not much bigger than just.

He put the meat stick into and out in the small mouth; It tasted a little savory, but she didn’t feel his ejaculation.

Dad stood up and started kissing her and started to bring her to the bed.

He put her down and kissed her continuously and moved down to her neck, her chest.

Rain-like hot kiss, alternately sprinkled a pair of peaks, and Jenny started a time again.

Then he moved down, kissed her lower abdomen, then licked her honey.

Jenny can feel the tongue of Dad, lick her honey, deeply drilling her female film.

When Dad wakes her from the edge of the climax, she pushed her hips to her father’s face.

Then he took a few steps, kneeling in the legs of the daughter.

Jenny didn’t want him to stop; but Dad just looked at her father and vague: “Hey! Zhen, I ….. I can’t help it. I have to occupy you!”

Jenny is just a smile, “I will do it! Hey, let me become a woman!”

Dad low down, kiss her relatives, but keep your hips above her.

Extended one hand, guided the penis to her waiting for a long time, wet honey pockets, he moved the meat stick on the bottom and down, so that it wet.

Then, when he slided the meat stick, she felt clearly.

Slowly, it was not deeply in-depth, then start speeding, deepening until she felt that it touched a wall.

When Dad is strong down on hips, the penis passes through the daughter’s female film, taking it, he holds her tightly, and she is desperately endured.

Dad will not pay attention to this soon, just put her hips, faster, and more

The pain quickly surpassed; because she is so hungry; she can clearly feel that the climax is growing.

She hopes that he will not stop until she reaches the climax.

“Do more hard to do it, dad, more hard, do it ~~ do me ~~ do me.” The girl’s fragrance resounded throughout the room.

Dad’s movements are more and more powerful, getting faster, until she feels he begins.

Then he issued the last stab, pushed her to the boundary.

She enjoys a climax from masturbation, and she can feel that Dad is pulsating in her honey.

When the dad’s semen is incident, the female tenderness stood stably squeezed with the meat stick.

He shot again.

She thought he can’t stop.

She hopes that he can’t stop.

And when he is still stressed in bed, he will go on her body.

Dad looked down and saw blood, hover: “God! You are still a woman. I took away the child’s village.”

“I want you to do this, I have been waiting for a long time, and you finally let me be a real woman.” Jenny said: “I love you this.”

“I also love you, Zhen”

Father and daughters lying on the bed, relatives to kiss, tightly embrace each other.

Then she saw Dad’s expression. “Jane, when is it last time? There is already a menstruation, is it?”

“Yes, it is already a year.” Jenny lies.

She has already had a menstruation, but it is only five months.

“The last time started in May, why?”

Dad relying on, “Isn’t that thirteen days ago?”

Jenny is a bit unfolbened: “So?”

“You are now in the physiological dangerous period!” Dad has already seen sweat, “You may be pregnant.”

“Really? Hey, will I really pregnant?”

Dad nodded: “Yes, maybe.”

Jenny didn’t think of this before this.

She wanted this aspect.

But she now thinks more, and her ferry is getting more and more hot with honey.

She looked at Dad, his meat rod was erected.

Can you make my daughter to pregnant this idea, is it excited?

Jenny jumped to his father and grind his glans with honey.

“Do one again, you want your semen to shoot again.”

Dad has not recovered from shocking, “This is wrong, Zhen, I can’t be wrong again!”

“You can,, don’t lie to me.” The girls on the cheeks have a different red glow, but they are not ashamed, “you are already so hard, I know you must want!”

I don’t give him a chance to pay further, Jenny squats his butt, grabbing the meat sticks, guided it to a long-awaited honey point.

Dad trembled, stretching to his daughter’s hips, the movement was very slow, there was one day, Jenny thought that Dad was going to open her, she was waiting, and finally, when she touched the baby-skinned skin, her father was red, The bounter’s wild beast is out of sound, and the daughter ass pulled her daughter butters.

“Oh! Dad!” Jenny mad.

Dad continued to hold her, holding her daughter’s tender butt, up and down moving the body until she fell into a beautiful melody.

Follow, he reached out and grabbed her young milk, calmly carefully, and pinched her wafer.

“Let’s do it! Zhen, Zhen!”

Jenny suddenly suddenly suddenly, twisted his body, and experienced that Dad’s meat stick became harder and harder.

Dad is already going to be climax, she is also.

Jenny hopes to go together with the father and daughter.

“地 ~ ~ do me ~~ Give me the semen, let me give you a Beibi.”

Jenny’s head is crafted, and the snow-white skin is reddish, exhausted.

“One more power, I want to shoot me full, I want to have a baby. Oh! Dry me …….. !!”

Dad moved his hips, let Jennie do not know the climax.

She felt that Dad’s semen, once again drowning her virgin.

Shot with his incest seeds filled with her.

Jenny Light: “I love you, Dad.”

“I also love you, Zhen.”

“Can we do this forever?”

“Only when you are not there ….. Mom, if she finds this, she will kill us two!”

Jenny blinked, the finger painted a circle on the dad nipple, “If you don’t say it, I will not say it!”

Dad is somewhat surprised by her daughter’s movements, “I can believe in me, I can never say it.”

The girl smiled: “I am also.”

The remaining days, Jenny and Dad continued to be tied until they had to leave their homes and went to the airport to pick up my mother.

Jenny is sad for the fact that my mother go home. In the past few days, she slept with Dad every night.

But the mother soon leaving for two weeks.

On the way from the airport, the father daughter stopped in front of a pharmacy and bought something.

“I only go to it, stay this waiting for me.” “Good,, just hurry, I can’t wait to go home and you!” “I will go back soon!” Dad smiled and said. . Dad came back than her expectations, and he hit hard.

She didn’t see what Dad bought it until they entered the house.

“Do you want to be urinating?” Dad asked.

“One point, why do you ask?”

Dad takes out the test strip and some of the safety sleeve.

“Go see if there is no pregnancy, if not, wait for these safety cases.”

Listening to your father, the girl’s expression is sinking.

“I am very happy to see yourself, if not, I will not use these safety cases.” Ju Ni did his mouth and said: “I have considered clear, I hope to do it, give me a baby. I can simultaneously There is a brother and son, or a sister and daughter. “

From Dad’s expression, Jenny can see that Dad may not think so.

Jenny took the first to the bathroom, and Dad was tight.

She took off all clothes, and she didn’t need to do it; so did it for her father to do her, but prepared.

Her urine was in one end, put down the test paper, and started to take off his dad; he was eager to help her, and caress her chest.

Jenny looked at the test results and pulled Dad to her bedroom. The bed in Dad is really bigger, but their first time is in her bed, this is a special meaning for a woman.

“You can throw away those safety cases!” Jenny has a chest, boldly announced, “Even if I let you use it now, there will be no help!”

“Hey ……… 妳 指?” Dad’s voice listened to it.

Jenny sat on his father’s knee, dialing the man’s browse, kissed him, whispered: “Yes,, you will have to be a father!”

Dad’s face on the face, clean, big mouth, but can’t say half a sentence. Jenny just kissed him, rubbing his chest with gradually standing.

So half, Dad whispered: “I ….. I don’t think there is any feeling, Zhen.”

Jenny bites his father’s ear, soft: “But you can express it, do it! Hey, do it!”

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