I have a good boss, he was married and told Brian. He was not very handsome, but good character, never scold subordinates, his wife is more gentle, although not a long time with him, but I can not help but love has on him.

Last night, I repeatedly made the same dream in bed, naked Brian is lying to me, one hand holding Zhucun Zhucun inserted into my pussy in. When I woke up, I actually panties I do not know have to go there, and my pussy is wet are one, last night, Could I make one side of the illusion, put his hand on the pussy masturbation side up?

Because sleep well, I told the sick in the morning. I get up in the afternoon when the shining mirror, found himself face did not preclude the fine play of ugly, but I think tonight to attend to the customer’s dinner with him, decided to dress up a bit. I would like to call Brian, tell him that I was to come later, and then immediately open the closet, chose a thin shirt and skirt, deliberately less two toggle button, the mirror according to according to confirmed after his self-confidence, handbags go on holding the dinner location.

Brian has long been there for me left a seat, he saw me he shines, of course, my upper body on my shirt tightly around plump out highlights, lying open collar, exposing more a clear mission cleavage; pants wearing close-fitting skirt, not only to my little ass was round and Alice pack, white slender legs more ho without reservation to show in his eyes.

When I sat down, I saw his crotch had propped up a small hill, and I had in my heart chuckle, because I know that this step has been successful.

I took the excuse some of the information meeting tomorrow Hua throughout the Xiangxi questions, he very patiently guiding me. Of course I took the opportunity to put their eyes on his body, he swallowed a competing imports imports water. Then we talk to each have their own greeting customers, but I often find an excuse to steal his hope my body; he may also look very excited, but was worried I found him ugly parts, then put her hands out into the legs , and thighs desperately clip up.

When I finished eating, I went to him again and prepared to start my next step. I invited him to the next nearby bar relax. Into the bar, I took a bottled drink beer together, but it is posing accidentally poured beer into the body.

“Ah ┅┅!” He saw me at a loss I do not know what to do, immediately took out a tissue to me. I took a paper towel and put it on the chest kept imports, but had beer flow into my cleavage, I inadvertently opened the clothes posing Gum, reaching into the shirt to wipe down. Then his eyes would stare intently Achillea on my chest.

“How to do? I am to get a beer ┅┅”

“┅┅ u u go to the bathroom tidy it!”

“To die! My clothes are stained, you would send me home!”

“Oh ┅┅ to ┅┅ Why should I ┅┅ Songnai ah?”

“People get so embarrassed, you do not send me, I will be viewed light ah!”

“Ah ┅┅ I Songni it!”

So I dressed as awkward hand holding his arm, pulled him over her chest to my breasts. I think he must feel the elasticity of my breasts, I just want to see if he can endure when?

Back home, I asked him to wait for me in my living room, and then I went into the bathroom to take a bath. I deliberately bought with the latest fragrance bath gel to take a bath, try to make the body exudes seductive fragrance.

When I wore a gown out of the bathroom, I actually see him pick up lace bra on my sofa to get to.

I did not realize I was careless littering clothes, was that he got the hand. I see he has not noticed I’m right behind, they came to call him out.

“Hey! It fun?” I know he suddenly appeared, scared immediately bra fall to the ground.

“Hey you also ┅┅ soiled ah!” I was just leaned over to pick it up, it turns out nightgown chest button shirt suddenly disengaged (first purpose statement, I did not mean it), has been completely not supporting the breasts stand out instantly, causing me to immediately hand across his chest.

“Oh ┅┅Candy┅┅ u ┅┅” he bit overwhelmed, but I have a red eyes, scared he immediately reached out to hold me.

“Yes you ┅┅ you harm me ┅┅”

“I can’t afford to be ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅” I took the opportunity to pounce into his arms, a pair of hot breasts on his chest. Originally he had already very hard meat sticks, now I am stimulated by me, but it is hard to jump. I deliberately add two money to the small abdomen to rub it, he finally was smashed quickly, and his hands were not controlled on my waist. At this time, I looked up and looked at him with my grievance. He he did a skeptic for a while. I am successful! He finally held me to kiss me warmly. His kiss is full of wild, and the tongue is stretched into my mouth. He has continuously chased my stranger. His hands slipped from my waist. Pull me into his body, let my lower abdomen press on his meat stick.

He kissed my sky, and I didn’t know how I didn’t know, my nightgown was taken off. I didn’t understand the reaction. I looked at the clothes in front of me. Soon, he stepped down to the big meat stick to me.

“┅┅Brian ┅┅” I dared to look at him, he reached out to my slim, let me pour my whole person into his arms. I struggled slightly, and I won’t speak in my mouth, but his right hand has reached into my chest, holding my round and white breasts.

“Ah, ┅┅brian, don’t like this,” My speech is a bit a bitter. “Hey, ┅┅brian ┅┅ is not awkward, can’t,” I don’t want him to stay in this way, but I don’t want him to stay. Fortunately, he has already wanted to fight, and the softness of the right hand has become more and more, my breathing is too gasp.

I am in his stimulus, my mouth can’t help but um, I’m gehpel. The pink nipple on the tip of the milk has been completed by him. He smoked with him, and he took off my small underwear.

“Brian ┅┅ 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不 不,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Stroke, I have already wet a small hole.

“Ah!” I could not be trembled by the autonomy. His gesture is very skilled. Only the small hole is gently touching. His middle finger presses, separates my two pink lips, and pressed my sensitive clitoris. He is directly exciting, and the prostitute in the small hole has been secreted, and he puts the middle fingers into my small hole. I have been excited to be a bit out of control, I can only catch his strong arm, open small The mouth is squatting.

He is really a born sex master, only for a while, I have made a climax by him.

“Ah, ┅┅brian, let me go, I am weak!” He looked at my lower body, seeing it has been wet, it is like a masterpiece, to me The newspaper has a smile, then climbed to my leg, I want to make the next step.

“Brian, don’t like this, you have a wife!”

“But you are really tempting, I can’t control myself!”

“How can it be?”

“Take a look at it, I am so excited!” He said, one side pulled my hand on his big meat stick, it really swells green and jacketed, dark red talents are more angular horizontal , Very scary.

“喔 ┅┅BRIAN you ┅┅ Your ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅!”

“Do you want to put it?” He pulled the meat stick in front of my small hole, and rubbed my labie with the glans.

“Hey, don’t want to be too thick. I can’t stand it.” Also along the stock flow to the sheets.

“喔 ┅┅ ┅┅ 求 你 ┅┅ ┅┅ 引 引 ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ 我 驱 驱 驱 驱 直 直 直 直 直 直 直 直 进 直 直 直 直 直 直 直 进 进 进 进 直 进 直 进 直 直 直 直 进 进 直 进 直 进 直 直 直 进 进 直 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 进 直 进 进 直 直 进The meat turtle is really rough, I started a little regret to lure him, and I made me so far.

Although my heart is a little scared, I really want to be burned, I have begun to the enemy, but I will open my legs, I have put the legs as soon as possible, my hands are holding the hot meat stick, slowly Into my snails. “喔 ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅” I biting his tooth with his entry, the huge glans had opened my labips and trapped into my small hole.

“Hey!” He is also excited to scream. However, my little hole has never accepted something like him, plus me is also very nervous, and the small hole of the small hole is tightly hoop his glans, so that he can’t reappear. He also found that I have a bit a bit of retreat. , Pull my hand open, put it in his waist, then re-lead, first slowly pull the meat stick, and slowly insert. If I have a little behind, I will insert more, I can’t help but reach it to explore it. It turns out that there is a big meat stick has been inserted. His thought I made me adapt to it, and my hands stretched into my breasts, and I took a kissed my thief neck, so that I gradually needed, and helped him with his ass, suggesting that he can move. .

His deposit is gentle and slow, but his fake meat is really rigorous and hard, just moving gently, my feeling has shocked. I tried to hold up the upper body to see where we have handed, I found that I was very swollen by my two lips, but as he had a rhythm, the two lips were turned into the meat stick. I am surprising that I have been fully occupied by him.

He began to add actions, and he gradually became strong. I strongly, with excitement, withdrawal of his large delivery, only heard the following prostitutes were hit the sound of “Dibao Bu”, I finally couldn’t stand it loudly.

“Ah, ┅┅ 国 ┅┅Brian ┅┅ I ┅┅ I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I am inserted. Said, I have caught my thigh, and I put it in force. Poor I was inserted by him to the abyss of the hole, I not only felt that my uterus was also hit by him, even his scrott was also tapping under my small hole, I really can’t stand it. This shocking stimulus, the climax is a waver of a wave.

I finally be born by him, I don’t know how long this process has maintained, but I know that he has ejaculated in my small hole.

“You are you smashing me.”

“I will not be ┅┅ 妳 ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅”

“You are so excited, I really can’t stand it!” I can’t help but kiss him. Really, I really don’t want him to leave me, even separated. willing. As a result, he was stealing in my room this evening, and I just gave him a big dating.

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