I have a very good boss. He is married, it is called Brian, he is not very handsome, but the character is good, never scold the next genus, it is more gentle and soft to his wife, although he is not for a long time, but I can’t help but fall in love with him. He.

Last night, I made the same dream in the bed, it was the brian’s red strip, in my body, hold the inch inserted into my small hole, when I woke up, my underwear I don’t know where to go there, and my holes are more wet into a piece. I made a spring dream last night, and put it on the hole in the small hole.

Because I sleep well, I took a sick holiday in the morning. At the afternoon, when I got a mirror, I found that my face didn’t make a hard look, but when I thought tonight to go to the customer’s dinner with him, I decided to dress up.

I called Brian first, tell him that I will get late, then open the wardrobe, choose a thin shirt and short skirt, and deliberately buckle less two buttons, take photos of the mirror, confirm After your self-confidence, I went to the dinner place.

Brian had already left a seat for me. He saw that I was bright in front of me. Of course, my upper shirt tightly put me full of surroundings, lying down the collar, more exposed A clerk; wearing a personal short skirt, not only put my little butt and round, and the snow-white hard-long legs is more unreserved in front of him.

When I sat down, I saw his crotch had already supported a small hill. I was already in my heart, because I know that this step has been successful.

I borrowed some information about tomorrow’s meeting, and he is very resistant to me. Of course, take the body to him, he won a water. After that, we have everything to go to the customer, but I found that he often borrowed my body; maybe he was very excited, but I was afraid that I found him ugly, so I also extend my hands to the leg. And the thigh is desperately clamped.

When I finished eating, I went to him again and prepared to start my next step. I gave him to the nearby bar Relax. After entering the bar, I took a piece of beer to drink, but I dressed as accidentally poured the beer.

“Ah!” He saw that I didn’t know how to be good, and I took out the paper towel to me. I took the paper towel on the chest, but the beer has flowed in my milk tute. I played an inadvertent pull, reaching out into the shirt. At this time his eyes, you can’t turn your eyes on my breast.

“What should I do? I get a beer?

“Hey, go to the toilet, let it go!”

“No! My clothes are grouped, you will send me home!”

“Oh, why do you want me to send it?”

“People have so embarrassed, you don’t send me, I will be seen!”

“Well, I will send it!”

So I played again, holding his arm with your hand, pulling him to the chest to cover my crisp. I think he must feel the elasticity of my breast, I just want to see when he can take it?

Going home, I will want him to wait for me to my living room, then I will take a shower in the bathroom. I deliberately with the latest bought the fragrance bath to take a shower, try to make the tempting fragrance.

When I walked out of the bathroom, I saw him picking up my lace breasts on my sofa. I haven’t expected that I will throw clothes, I will get it in my hand. I saw that he had not found it behind me, I went over and called him.

“Hello! Is it very fun?” He knows that I suddenly appeared, scared immediately on the ground.

“Hey, you are getting dirty!” I am going to pick up it, how to know how to get off the shirt in the chest, I’m a debt declaration, this is not my deliberately), completely The breasts that have not been supported are immediately standing out, and I will cross the chest with hand.

“喔 喔 Candy 妳 妳 ┅┅” he is a bit unknown, but I will have a red eye, scare him immediately to hold your hand.

“It is you, you are hurting me.”

“I can’t afford to be ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅” I took the opportunity to pounce into his arms, a pair of hot breasts on his chest. Originally he had already very hard meat sticks, now I am stimulated by me, but it is hard to jump.

I deliberately plus two money Roujin pressing it with a belly rub, he finally made my heart racing and her hands were uncontrolled on my waist. Then I looked up, looked at him with sad eyes, he hesitated for a while, with the mouth imprinted on my soft lips. I did it! He finally hugged me and kissed me warmly. His kiss full of wild, tongue outset into my mouth, constantly chasing me around Xiangshe, his hands slipped from my waist, forced caught in my round ass, but has also forced pulled me into his body, let my belly heavy pressure on his cock.

He kiss me dizzy, actually just I knew it, it was my robe off him to the earth. I do not understand the reaction a little left alone, looked at him one by one, undressed in front of me, and soon, he was under cross towards Flanagan makes me think dream big cock to stand in front of me.

“Oh ┅┅BRIAN┅┅” I did not dare look at him posing as shy, he put forth his hand to my waist at a glance, let my whole person into his arms. I was slightly struggling a bit, his mouth whooped said not to, but he’s already right hand into my chest, I hold round white breasts gently rub.

“Do not be so ah ┅┅BRIAN┅┅ ┅┅” I have to speak a little light gasp. “Oh ┅┅ ah ┅┅BRIAN┅┅ not ┅┅ not be so ah ┅┅” Although I say this, but my heart did not want him to stop.

Fortunately, he had burst into the hearts and minds, even more gentle rub the greater the magnitude of the right hand, my breathing even more non-stop asthma too.

I’m under his stimulus, can not help but mouth has stammered gently groaned. That pink nipple on the nipples, he has been confused hardened. As he stroked, while my body again last remaining small underwear off.

“Do not ah ┅┅ BRIAN┅┅” I have not yet finished, he took me to bed, and then also lying beside me, pulled my hand right leg, then his hand into my lap, gently stroking my already wet pussy.

“Ah ┅┅!” My whole body trembled involuntarily. His gestures very skilled, only lightly touched on pussy, his middle finger to press down, to separate my two pink lips, I will be facing the sensitive clitoris pressed down. Him direct stimulation pussy in the sexual secretion secreted on a lot, he would take the middle finger when inserted into my pussy in. I have a little excitement out of control, only tightly clutching his strong arm, slit the mouth to moan.

He really is a natural sex expert, just a moment, I was hit once he came up to the climax.

“Ah ┅┅BRIAN┅┅ put ┅┅ let me ┅┅ the ┅┅ I could not!” He looked at my lower body, to see that it has come wet for words, like satisfied with their masterpiece to me with a smile, and then climb up my legs, I want to make the next move.

“BRIAN┅┅ Do you have this ┅┅ ┅┅ wife ah!”

“But Nizhen too tempted, I can not control myself ah!”

“How can ah?”

“U look u made me so excited ah!” He said, as he took my hand on his big cock, it really distended red with rage now, dark red big penis is more angular cross Zhang , like a very scary.

“Oh ┅┅BRIAN you ┅┅ your ┅┅ good thick ah ┅┅!”

“That’s going to put it?” He has pulled my cock in front of pussy, rubbing the penis with my still excited labia.

“Oh ┅┅ not ┅┅ you do not ┅┅ too thick ┅┅ I can not stand ah ┅┅!” The more I cried, the more he speed up the movement of friction, my pussy in the sexual secretion has been uncontrolled gush also flows along the stocks on the bed sheets.

“Oh ┅┅ ┅┅ beg you not to quote me please ┅┅?” He really made me itchy and wanted him immediately a long drive straight to fill the emptiness in my pussy; but I held his turtle meat, but really big too rough, I began to regret entice him, made me such a field.

Although my heart a little scared, but I’m really horny, sanity has begun no match for my desire, in the subconscious, I’ve put legs as much as possible open, holding hands on that hot cock, slowly baked into my Roufeng in, “Oh ┅┅ ah ah ┅┅ ┅┅” real teeth to bite me suffer in his entry, huge penis got me labia stretched and stuck my pussy go.

“Hey!” He is also excited to scream. However, my little hole has never received something like him, and I am also very nervous, the small hole of the small hole is tightly hoop his glans, so that he can no longer inch, he also found that I have a little fettered , Pull my hand open, put it in his waist, then re-lead, first slowly pull the meat stick, and slowly insert. If I have a little behind, I will insert more, I can’t help but reach it to explore it. It turns out that there is a big meat stick has been inserted. His thought I made me adapt to it, and my hands stretched into my breasts, and I took a kissed my thief neck, so that I gradually needed, and helped him with his ass, suggesting that he can move. .

His deposit is gentle and slow, but his fake meat is really rigorous and hard, just moving gently, my feeling has shocked. I tried to hold up the upper body to see where we have handed, I found that I was very swollen by my two lips, but as he had a rhythm, the two lips were turned into the meat stick. I am surprising that I have been fully occupied by him.

He began to add actions, and he gradually became strong. I strongly, with excitement, withdrawal of his large delivery, only heard the following prostitutes were hit the sound of “Dibao Bu”, I finally couldn’t stand it loudly.

“Ah, ┅┅ 国 ┅┅Brian ┅┅ I ┅┅ I can’t do it, I can’t do it. I am inserted. Said, I have caught my thigh, and I put it in force. Poor I was inserted by him to the abyss of the hole, I not only felt that my uterus was also hit by him, even his scrott was also tapping under my small hole, I really can’t stand it. This shocking stimulus, the climax is a waver of a wave.

I finally be born by him, I don’t know how long this process has maintained, but I know that he has ejaculated in my small hole.

“You are you smashing me.”

“I will not be ┅┅ 妳 ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅ ┅┅”

“You are so excited, I really can’t stand it!” I can’t help but kiss him. Really, I really don’t want him to leave me, even separated. willing. As a result, he was stealing in my room this evening, and I just gave him a big dating.

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