My name is Yoshino, thirty years old this year. I am an ordinary work in the surface. In fact, I am a special place to rape and uniform beauty such as a student girl, OL, flight attendant, etc., and experience is still very rich.

I specialize in uniforms, when I don’t worry about it, I will be more exciting, these are not comparable to the use of money to help, more don’t say that in the subway, you can meet ordinary sexual desires.

Today, I will see the prey in my mind today: there are few less cool, I’m more than ten years old, should still be a student girl, wearing an OL set, white shirt, black dress, black coat, of course, one pair It is difficult to describe black silk and high heels.

Everyone may not be satisfied with the text description, one after her and friends touched him to see you.

Tracking her for a while, she goes with the other line of the subway, and I certainly want to train with her.

I have touched her butt on the way, because I know how to play late, I can take it, I will wait for the wind calm, haha.

It turned out that the girl lived in Kwai Fang, it was really a helping me. Because I act very carefully, I will only hunt in public housing or old building, and I will not pay more, I will not pay attention to you, I will have two The rear stairs are also convenient for me.

When you follow her tail, wait for the lifts, I hope that the beauty is, my heart is really nervous, I want to jump out Li, but someone certainly dresses the town.

Enter the elevator, low head to avoid CCTV shadow to me, girls are on the 19th floor, I dressed as the 22nd floor of the guests.

At the same time, I put another hand stretching pants, holding a hand towel dyed water (with a stainless effect), weakened the girl’s resistance.

Go to the 19th floor, the woman, the female, the elevator, I will follow her, and I will march her mouth with the hand towel, and drag her into the stairs.

I got into it, I immediately pushed her side of the wall and slap her a few slaps, using the tale tone: “Don’t want to resist, otherwise you have an area!”

“Oh, it’s good …” I added a lot of two slaps.

“Hey …” At this time, both hands were first separated from her chest in the suit jacket and the white shirt. I found that the girl’s breasts were big and played. I was even more exciting, and I went to the boss in the palm of the palm. I saw a student ID card fell on the ground, a student card of a university in Hong Kong. It turns out that she is a college business girl!

“Zheng, the student’s sister flutters fun, you have a row!” She painted her head, I would ignore her anti-pit, and a pretty face of her is not allowed to force her to force and her wet kiss. The girl wiped a small squid, and the “milk”, with my prostitute, “milk”, the expression that did not want to do so, the old pends, the scent, my old second is constantly bloating in the trousers.

Kissing for a while, another hand, certainly reached out into her suit sleeve, stroking her to black silk, squinting, slipping.

When you stroking her black silk beauty legs, I have “milk”, she has a little light makeup, and the canal should be kept with tears. Don’t say it, don’t, ok, how can I stop? Ah!

At this time, I think I am going to start the wild, I pushed the girl on the ground, the whole person sat on the girl’s black silk beauty leg, first unlocking her white shirt, seeing her pink bust, I Shisering her “You are also a priestable baby! Haha!”

“Hey … 唔 系 … stopped …”

I carefully carefully into the white shirt to unlock her bust back buckle, because the girl’s bust should be my trophy.

, The girl’s chest is not bad, there are C-class, of course, I am a mess with her little nipple, in short, I have to get her pain.

“You … walk away … don’t like this …” She can’t stand the call: “Ah … you … don’t lick the side …”

When the girl took advantage of his body, he did not let himself be pressed down immediately, and the other hand pressed my head and wanted my head from his own chest to push away from his own chest, made weak resistance.

Since the shame is too strong, she is nice lips, enduring this evil violation, just increase my sexual desire.

I will continue my attack, I have finished, I’m going to come here, “Good sexy underwear, little sister!”

Since I think she is wearing a set of Suit and I have sex, I only take her to the black silk socks and pink underwear, which is convenient for me.

I turned her whole person, as if the dog climbed left, the hiped glans were looking for the entrance to the vagina in the neat clouds. She bitterly decained “Oh … Your meta-frame … 唔 …” Put it up, the giant intestine is aligned with her vagina, such as arrows.

The girl’s clothes are not brought into violations from behind, and the masculine is not into her small hole. She is getting bullish, so she can’t help but “Ye!” I called it out, “Ah … good pain … Don’t take your head.

The whole thick mask immediately wrapped in the soft and tender meat in her point, her vagina will creeze himself, don’t have to feel the delicious, the tenderness of the teenage, that kind of convulsions, really Aple product.

Since the flower diameter is too narrow, you can feel the friction of the meat stick in your vagina. The narrow meat hole is inserted by the huge meat stick. The body moves forward to escape, constantly, say “good pain … Yeah … Work hard … I have already put me … 呜 … “

I listened to Li, only more exciting, my hands are not idle, one left and right, the milk that is pulled out of the silk wear shirt.

“Ok, it is better to play with you, so this is called a lotus!”

I looked at her breast, on the other hand, my girl turned to my posture by the dog into the business.

“Yeah … Hao pain … ask you to stir my … Ye … Yeah … Oh … Help …”

I ignored her request and struggle, all the way to sit on the posture of the mad, because she had a few young, the black silk is long, I also embarrassing, the lace is dry, turning back, try Don’t pity, jade.

I stopped in inserting, I stopped, pumping out the mask back and returned, the girl thought that I found that it was put the whole body, and the whole person was on me.

How can I easily let her so easily, turn it down, separate her legs, put her two black silk beauty legs above my stove, it seems to be big, holding the penis in her The labie is rubbed, while stimulating her onset.

Said in her ear: “I like women who wear uniforms. The beauty of your OL dress up is simply fascinating.”

Insert the mask again into the narrow tight hole.

“Yeah … painful … Yeah …?”

She tried to struggle, but how would her succeed, her wailing and 呻吟, “呜 … … … good … good pain … 呜 … … …”

Looking at her brow, I caught very excited.

“It’s so cool … I want to shoot!” I will increase the intensity plug.

“Oh, ok … ask you not to shoot into the face …” At this time, I also felt rapid shrinkage of her uterine cavity.

“I like it to shoot in the face, you are positive, and you will take yourself to you!”

“Oh, good … ask you … Yeah … it’s good … Help …”

Rotating powder fist in my chest hammer, to show her unwilling, her uterine mouth also biting my glans tightly.

I whispered, the semen were completely incident in the uterus of the prostitute; and the woman in the suit has been died.

“Now help you with a few 靓 少!”

I took out the mobile phone, and this business science girl was raped. The half-naked body pulled out of the suit jacket white shirt, and of course, there are certainly close-up of the vaginal close-up of the semen in black silk.

“Don’t want these photo to put online, don’t answer the police! Otherwise, I will wait to do a star!”

After that, I took her a pink bust and underwear as my trophy leaving, leaving a small dress.

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