I originally engaged in the delivery driver of cleaning supplies, because the delivery location north to the Three Gorges, south to Tainan, plus items, price, etc. Just rest at home, open the computer starts on the 1111, 104 and other human bank websites inquiries the driver’s lading, and finally record the super-peak express company information, ride on the locomotive, the wind is coming to the super peak company on Lu Road, at the director of Wang Under the explanation, I have a preliminary understanding of the shipping model of the company’s driver, and I decided to see a while.

After getting up at 6:30 in the morning, riding a locomotive to the company, first setting the route according to the company cadres, holding the goods to be delivered to the goods, after the core is completed, pay the goods, start The first time delivery time, close at noon, finish the goods, return to the company with lunch, a little rest, wait a little more shuttle to arrive, start some goods, get on the bus, send goods until 6 o’clock in the afternoon After the shuttle bus, the driver who did not work overtime, the overtime driver continued to send the goods in the evening and the receipt back to the company, waiting for everything, time is nearly nine o’clock.

Because of the company’s new employees, there is no such thing as the colleagues between other companies, it will also be a little more chatting, and the time to rest will be a little more chatting; the company’s small accounting “Wang Huimei”, everyone is called “Amy”, old age When I am a few years old, I have a little voice when talking, and the long-distance belongs to the middle posture. It is a good thing. It is also exquisite, and the height is about one meter or five. There are current children to read the primary school, husband is the same The company’s warranty shares “A Yong”.

Originally, I was still harmonious to get along with Ammy, but in an unimpled, Amei gradually made me coldly, I couldn’t understand, but I didn’t make it a mid to Mr. Amy. I decided to practice the spirit of the trimeters. A soft persimmon appearance, cascading Amei, under private, start sneaking Zi Aomei related information.

Amei is currently the countryside in the village, covering up nearly two hundred square meters, and the three-family houses in the same house have lived with the parents of Ayong, so I want to start with Ammy, the difficulty is not small. It is more difficult to start on the road between Ammy’s round-trip companies and the home, as for someone in the company, but there is currently no suitable opportunity to move.

Today, I got home, I met a middle-aged man in the roadside. I didn’t want to pay attention to it, but I didn’t expect to be a heart, and I didn’t think of the middle-aged people. I didn’t expect the middle-aged people to be a little awake. I am Ready to call a nine, but it is blocked by the middle-aged person, asking me to take home to rest, I didn’t oppose it, and I went home with middle-aged people.

After a few months, Dada Masters finally hurt, in order to thank the salvation, Dada master gave me a wish, after I thought, I decided to learn to die, and said why I want to learn the why (I am talking about the Master Dada Master), and the Master Dada will teach me a prostitution.

I am working in the day. After get off work, I learned the basic skills of the head; practice is a very boring, monotonous, boring, hardship; during the way, I have wanted to quit multiple times, but I think about my own purpose, I can only bite Tight Tottomized root will continue to have a hard work, finally put the kinkage society, Dada master fulfill his vow, I quietly left, it seems that I have never appeared; after I go home after get off work, at the table The Dada Master was found to leave a worm egg and how to use; I began to cultivate the insect egg according to the Master Dada.

At this time, the company also happened, and another proficent “Xu Ling”, the qualifications are more old, people are still long, but the body is more bloated, but the salary is more than Amy, so Amei is always ready to squeeze down. Shu Ling occupies the position of the general meeting, and Xu Ling also prevents the relationship between Amland’s black hand, the relationship between the two people.

I started to show the sluts between Lao Ling and Amei, see the needle, fany, falling down the stone; caused Lao Ling to become a small accounting, and the salary is also instantly reduced by six thousand yuan, which makes the relationship between the two people. Form a water fire, only the difference is not torn, but the surface is maintained in a harmonious state on the surface, until a holiday, when I go to work, Xu Ling also came to work overtime due to the company’s account, I sent the goods today, in the company Take a break, start trying to chat with Xuling, chat content from a mixed part of Z7 mixed, I’m thinking that Lao Ling said when talking about Amy, a long-awaited, drinking his blood, which makes me start Show plan.

I vaguely said that I have to retaliate Ammy’s ideas, and ask Shu Ling to help one thing; Shu Ling listened to my request, there was no hesitation, and immediately promised to help. From then, as long as the Amei Moon came, Shu Ling immediately told me. As soon as I immediately discard the sanitary cotton inspections in the trash can, take out the blood soaked eggs, after nearly one year, the eggs have finally hatched, one centimeter, the whole body golden small insects egg. In addition to continuing to use Amei’s blood, add my semen, spermous and breeding insects, while slowly refining the insects, so after a few months, the worm finally was refined by me. Make a kinky, at this time, I can finally revenge. I will be revenue to Ammy. middle.

I can’t find a chance to get started, I finally have a day, Ami, I took a cup, put it black tea. When I was prepared to drink, I suddenly had a guest to send things, and Amei quickly entertaining guests and fills in the delivery. If Shu Ling, if he left the slutty in the cup, wait for the guests to leave, Amei pick up the cup, drink the black tea into the body. Contact with obscenes, carry out the next step.

I have a dark eye, pretend to rest, my mouth is meditation spell, a silk identity and obscenity, and the obscenity instantly wakes up and acts. I feel the breath of the blood, step by step, step by step. After dozens of minutes, obscenes were finally drilled into the uterus, slowly crawling towards a place, and finally stopped in front of an egg, and the obscenity began to eat the egg, and finally disconnected to the ovity to adsorb the uterus. On the wall, it is slowly letting the uterus misunderstand the fertilized egg; but this step takes some time to brew.

In order to plan, I specially found the “Agheng” of one of the members of the Warranty Stock, Agheng can be said to be a colleague who talks in the company, so it is nothing to do, it will find Azheng Hara two sentences, because Agheng There are many dissatisfied with Avenong, so I find Agang Tempiratic to deal with Agong; I said that I have a complete plan and Agheng just need to help, Azheng two words don’t say, no hesitation is willing to help; after a week, When I was working, Azheng sneaked to me.

In the same time, the obscenity in the uterus in Amei, successfully enabled the uterus to consider the fertilized egg, which in turn occupied the uterus, in addition to the raw source of nodules, and began to completely change the Amy’s body, make the skin become more bright and bright , Smooth and meticulous, the chest double peak direct big cup, more full, bulging, perfect bowl breast, the milk tip bud is getting tender and beautiful, a pretty face is also a delicate, this makes Amei happy No, I also made A Yong very happy, just think of Apiz is not willing to talk to Avenous couple, so that Ah is accumulating full of stomach and cannot vent.

I came to Ammy’s family. I climbed on the big tree, ready for all work, about eleven points, Amei’s room instantly dark, only weak and bright, I waited for half of the night, first A Yongshi Demoke, Agong is in the dream with a full body naked, fox moving woman, then starting to linger, the meat stick is standing in an instant A Yong, I am going to the Ami, Amei under obscene control I started to make obscenity, and the male protagonist in the dream is me. At the same time, Amei’s body is sitting like a dream tour. She takes off the panties of Agong, showing standing, jumping the mask, Amei directly cross directly In the thighs of Avenia, the flower muscle jade in the vagina tightly tight the Avo meat stick.

A Yong’s genitals only persisted in a few minutes, score the armor, a ventilation Squirting, because there are too many times, add abnormal sucking in Ammy vagina, creepy, Aconomic body is unable to locate, with the meat stick, leaking out, almost Amoy’s body.

Flying overnight, I will end the spell, Amei is lying back to bed, Agong is falling into a sleepy state, I packed up, quickly leave Ami home; I haven’t come to work in the company every other day, Knowing the sickness of Ai Yong can’t get up; and the real 肇 is me, I will go to Amei home for every three to five days, and A Yong will fall into the dream of beautiful women, Amei is in obscene Under the control, I wanted to seek desires in Ai Yong. Yuanyang, accumulated in Aconomic, was sucked by the incense in Ammy. After the time, I drove the obscenity, and Amei and Agong. Invaded in the Avenue genitals, marvia to destroy the nerves, vascular systems, and absorb the full number of Yuanyang in Aconomic body, only a silk, and live.

A Yong is so late for a long time, after many Chinese and Western medical treatment, it is unanimously believes that A-Yong’s virtual consumption is essential, it takes a long time to regulate, rest, this makes the parents of Ayong, I don’t understand Ammy. Make Amei to bear the inexplicable pressure, but also let Apathers taste the sadness of the ingredients, followed by the related things related to Amei; first is the company’s revolution, the shareholder is replaced by Azheng; Parental suddenly Inexplicable, Agong’s brothers and sisters instantly ancestated, only to leave the old home to stop the wind, but unfortunately, the medical care of Alheng Yong was unobstructed by Amei helplessly; finally Amei is frequent in work, Yumei Retreat the meeting again. ※ JKForum.net | JKF Czech Forum so-called people walking cold, put on Aprenia, is the best portrayal, because Aren is not in the company, Amei is not received by the company, many colleagues with Amei, from time to time揶揄 Aomei two sentences, or give each white eye, so that Amei is in the company, taste the people’s warmth.

At this moment, the retaliation plan for Amei is half a success, and then the next stage will continue to be in the next stage, I will stay near Amei home, wait for Ami to sleep, so that Amei is falling into the dream of the dream, but It is not necessarily satisfied, even if Amei is solved by my hands, it is just drinking thirst, but accumulates more want fire.

The company has recently been gradually lost in response to customers, plus steam, diesel, stopping the bus at noon, letting the staff can rest for two and a half hours, I got an affair, in the car, I found a damage Luminous containers, after a slightly arranged, at noon, just sleep in the container.

After taking a lunch at noon today, when Amu was resting on the desk, I screamed in the container, and the obscenity, the obscenity, and the gods, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the whole person, the goods □ □ Amei Nada’s figure finally appeared in the container, both hands to uniform, bra, narrow skirt, underwear, the whole body nakedly standing in front of me, only see Amei body, skin coagration, chest hills Church tower, milk rush, the flat belly is like a willow, the lower abdomen is a fragrant black grassland, and the long jade leg is suitable, and it is completely revealed in my eyes without reservation.

Amy went to me, a pair of jade hands unwaked the belt on my trousers, zipper, hands grabbed the trousers to go down to two knees, and the four-corner underwear also followed my armpits, was taken off to two At the knee, reveal half of the meat stick, slightly looked at the meat stick; Ami stretched out the jade hand, headband, start up and down; my lower body came to the lubrication touch of Amei Yu hand, made me very comfortable, meat stick gradually swollen After a few minutes, I no longer satisfy the stimulus of Amei jade handbar, and the hands directly grab the head of Amei, go to the body direction, so that Amei’s pretty face is close to my lower body, firm The meat stick directly contradicts the sexy red lips of Amy.

Amei’s little mouth is slightly tight, the thick meat stick, the moment is straight, and the red lips are swallowed, and it is lightly inclusive. It begins in accordance with the A piece, the woman is optimized to the male prostitute. Touch the swollen meat stick, up and down, the tongue clamped with the glans neck, issued “,” sound.

Swelling meat sticks with Amei small mouth, enjoying the warmth of the Apiz, moistening, sliding, tightening, etc. More swelling, strong and jump; hands full of A beautiful breasts, full of breasts, feel the soft, smooth, rich and elastic touch, let my heart excitement, hands catching A beautiful chest blowing breast knead Take it, the soft milk tip is grinded by the finger.

After a few minutes, the right hand was separated from the Ami soft breasts, and I took the Ami chin who worked hard in my mouth. I lifted the beautiful face of Ami, I took the beautiful red lips, and the tongue explored Amy’s mouth. Stir, from time to time with the soft and fragrant tongue tongue in Ammy, the left hand continued to pinch the breasts in the A beautiful breast.

Under the right hand to the Ammy, explore the mysterious Valley of the Fangmei Grassland, and the middle refers to the inquiry between the legs, instantly touching the Glen Flower petals, the palm is close to the shame, the middle finger is bent, and the strong squeezed closed the lips. The petals, the finger abdomen is coming back to the tender meat.

Amei’s body is stiff, and the pleasant snoring is deep from the Amei throat. The closed petal is gradually blooming in the finger mill. Celebrate the finger and one point, the pink lip tender meat slowly ooze the crystal Love liquid, makes the lips, slip, so that the finger is smoothing in the lip, the wet adulteration is constantly moving from the honeydown, gradually wet.

I will pass the idea to the obscenity, Apopaths are sitting on my thigh, and the thick mashed mask is slowly swallowed, the coarse glans squeezed into narrowly jade jade muscles, continuously exploring the vagina, When the body is sitting in my lower body, Amei’s body is very tight, and the cherry little mouth slowly spit out a snoring, and the coarse glans hit the soft cervix. The thick mask is stuffed into the entire vagina, and the long-lost swelling feels, it hits it from the lower body in an instant, so that Amei finally tastes the beauty of sex again; at this time, this scene makes Ammy feel the true life; Amei can’t help but light Get up, the beautiful carcass begins to go upstairs, the swelling meat stick into the honey hole in the honeydown, the coarse glans are in the cervix, and the dramatic sexual feelings make A Mei almost soon loudly.

I took the left hand to hold the Amei Round Hip Peak, helping Amei’s body in me, holding a beautiful breast in my body, squatting, I bowed, I was blushing, I was blushing, and I sucked it. I only had a while, warm, sleek, sweet and milk, instantly spray my mouth, I greedily swallow the milk into the body, after a while, change the other side to continue.

A beautiful breasts sprayed warm milk, and the moment triggered the in vivo climax, the body began to tremble, spasm, and directly squatted on me, I didn’t give A Mei rest time, the right hand moved to the Amei hip peak, hands with Amei The body continued to gallop in me, so that the thick glans continued to hit the petals, and the rigorous glans scraped the layer of jade tender muscles; strong pleasure was like a current, and the red lips did not send a delicate.

The fierce sexual love is continuous, and Amei has not known that I will send the first sexual love peak; I saw the body of Ammy’s body and leaning against me. Sexy red lips made a breathlessness, I immediately held the Aima, and transformed into a man The women’s position, the small abdomen makes force, the thick masks are poked in the wet hole; I have the energetic beasts, and I have a bia of Amidi, I have no pity, I just want to vent.

Wet honeydown, such as a never dry well, continuous secretion of sticky tide wet water love liquid, under me, Amei gradually can’t afford my mart, began to ask “A …, no, A … , You are bad, slow, slow, A … From the whole body, it is fainted to the peak of sex.

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