(On) “欸, rely on !! The Fon Society is shooting!” Just along the corridor, there is no social class today, I originally want to go to the court to watch people play basketball, I didn’t expect to go to half, suddenly heard meat In the sound of the meat, the probe saw that the Yin Society has two people who have two people in creeping, just that I just want to go back to the human body. ! “” The result “found only one person in the society. “Really fake? I haven’t seen live liveshow 欸.” Sitting in the social and snoring socks is a girl, is a pear called “underground members” in our community, although helping our association cadres have done a lot, but I don’t want to hang cadres, don’t say that he is a personality, in fact, a cute girl, is also very popular in other class bones. “欸 ….., wait, you really have passed, wait for me!” The pear hasn’t waited for me to respond to the direction of the shoes to the hotspike. The most inside of the second floor corridor, it originally seemingly the internship classroom of the refrigerator, I don’t know why, but now it becomes a group office of several communities. The thermal community is in the most inside of the big classroom, even if the door is not related to the door, I can’t see anything from the outside. If I have good listening, I will not find someone inside. “It’s really real guns. I still saw someone else to shoot again, and still in school!” I found a corner with my pears in the big classroom, and I saw the lingering men in the big gate. When they are positioned, they are changing their postures, and the girls sit on the table and open the thighs, and there is still a panties on the right foot. The boy took off his trousers to the side, and the underwear in the uniform was pushed up. When the tits were revealed, I immediately opened the boss immediately. “Wow, the tam should have twice. Big ……. “The pear is unbelievable. After the pears, I immediately stretched my neck and watched his pair of cute milk: “Dry! The sister said less and f, you don’t know if you have B, you can’t say that you only have two times. ! “I just hide behind the pear, and in front of us is the desk that is full of things, just revealing a small corner, let us peek the passion of the enthusiastic society, but this corner is too crowded, although I am not Survey-shaped boys, pears thin but also 165cm, two people hid into this body inevitably touch, but there is no more suitable to peep, so the two are only more comfortable, so the two have only stuffed here. In order not to be being erected from the pear, I was desperately squeezed with the butt, but even if I saw the hot voice sister’s milk, I rose, I went to the next, the glans were still top The cute little butt of the pear, I don’t want to be discovered by my meat. On the one hand, I secretly enjoy the pear. Really cool. “Hey, you see the boys’ egg hahaha, there is a long hair!” The pears witnessed the live live Live, the small body is excited to sway and always shout, or the opposite side is fighting, And the location of our hiding is very good, he jumps there again and not immediately discovered. As the male buttocks continue to swing, the girl is dried, oh, I have gradually increased with my pear body, the more close to the two people, the more it is, I take the opportunity to put the nose close to the hair of the pear, a mouthful Absorbing the fragrance of high school girls! It’s enough! Looking at the real Live side feeling the soft body of the jk in the arms, I am just hard to keep the meat stick in the pear’s ass, if I can perspective, I should see my meat stick put the pear of the pear. shape. “Lice after returning, you … you are going to me.” The pear is not as excited as the beginning, but with shy little channel: “You are too hard, the whole paste is In the ass, I can feel the shape of your meat stick ….. “The more the pears are, the smaller the sound. “You can’t blame me, we will be so close, and now this situation boys will be excited! You can clearly have a feeling, you see your current face, there is enough red.” More, I originally the school team, The physical strength is good to explode, and it is usually not interesting. The only thing is to make a pistol every day. If there is a pistol champion in the school, I am absolutely a continuous shooting champion. “Only! It’s so boring, I don’t look at it, I have to be eaten with tofu here,” said, the pear will go out.

“Wait! You will go out so that you will be seen!” In addition to moving the expression of the pear, I have moved my eyes. In addition, I have been staring at the no code, when I am ready to go out. Inside the couple seems to be back to the back, if you accidentally have been found, someone is hiding next to the film is still not charged, that is not being pressed on the ground to eat one or two stools can be solved, I quickly reached out of the pear Come back, “Do you look at the situation, you just have to go out to be seen …” The weight of the pear is more light than I expect, and I accidentally harden the power, the pear is the whole person. When I was pulled into my arms, the meat stick was such a good card on the two hip flasks of the pear. “Why do you really pull me! … A” The pear of the gods came out, and the butt was more than a hot meat stick. I didn’t know what to respond in an instant. I had to low. I didn’t dare to lift my face and looked at me. Dry! What is this situation now? Is there such a trick inside, is this a novel? “I don’t want to be deliberate, just they have to change the action, I am really afraid that you are discovered” said that this is said that my hands did not leave the small waist of the pear because of apologizing. “…… …” I see that the pear doesn’t seem too much dislike, and now every breath is the body of JK full of youthful, can’t burn the fire burning under the abdomen. There is a little losing control in the brain. My right hand tried slowly to explore, I want to find the fleshes that I accidentally ran out until the finger touches the edge of the pear, the pear suddenly reacted, the petite body twisted two times in my pregnancy. At this time, I suddenly had a waist, and the left hand was passed on the small belly of the pear. At the same time, the meat stick of the lower body was squeezed in the middle of the little butt of the q, the pear suddenly lost and lost the resistance of the resistance. I am thin. My hand continued to look for soft smear down, helpless pear chest is too small, and I have not found it around the slide, I have to open the lower edge of the bra and use this breakthrough. Send in the bra. “A …” pears, because the teats were touched and sent a lotus. This is the first time I first touched the girl’s tits, I accidentally swear too much, let the nipple of the pear slippery from my fingers, and I feel that my palm is covered by the bra. Go down, just cover the whole tits. “Good …. Soft, is the original girl’s milk is such a soft thing?” Don’t play me, pull … My chest is not big. “Although the pear is still shy, but when you talk, you are dead. I have a little resentment in my mouth. “I like to be poor! You don’t know if the otaku is a povertament? The poor is rare value! It is necessary to take a good pity!” Say, I feel that the nipple of the pear is slowly getting big in my palm, will The palm stall is open, and the lively teap is in my hand. “You are too excited, the nipple becomes large” “! Don’t say it while playing my tits!” When I enjoyed the milk of the pear, the men and women in the Yin Society have changed the body into the back, start slowly. Pump. “欸 … The boys have a lot of meat sticks … The woman is too colorful, and I first saw the back position, so it is like an animal, really use this posture to shoot. Ultra shameful “Although the pear said, I don’t know when he has started with his little butt. “Your current move is not like a small animal that is estrus, is it?” I put another hand into the pear skirt, and then enter the panties and touched the water. “Dry, you are too excited. Let’s go, you are full of wet, I didn’t expect you to be so color. ” Grasping my meat stick, finger in front of the meat stick in front of the meat stick: “You see! Your pants are also wet, I dare to say me!” “I don’t want to blame.” I don’t have it now. ” Touching a wet gap, pointing in the middle, fingering the abdomen, just pressing the bean beans on the pear. “Wait .. Wait a minute, too fierce …..” “What is too fierce? Is this?” I didn’t have a pear, and the finish began to wind a circle. “Don’t … don’t make trouble, I am very sensitive!” “Which is sensitive?” Continue to attack the peas, my butt also began to gently hit the pears.

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