I work in a small bank, the department’s supervisor is a minimal middle-aged woman who is usually wearing a trusted middle-aged woman. Since our department is less, the workload is large, there are many time to work hard, and I am willing to be the most late. If you leave the bank, I have the opportunity to come into contact with her, the so-called for a long time, I found that when all my colleagues left only, her solemn face would become gentle and cute, I missed her real clothes. The inner bag is full of charming body, sometimes I visited her in her neckline when I transferred a document, a deep milk gullet made my mask to erect, if there is a closed-circuit TV, I may not hold to fire to her. Body, tear her clothes and see how much her isola is color. After overtime tonight, she drove me home as usual. I think she is particularly fascinating tonight, because she put on a skirt tonight, a flowering socks. I finally put a lot of time, I couldn’t put it on her thigh. She was surprised. She didn’t resist it at all, so I got the foot, and she didn’t resist her average skirt. She didn’t resist, but also collaborate Improve her body, let me fade her socks into my knees, it is easy for my fingers to touch her lower body, she opened the car, on the side, her greedily catering my fingers with my body, her The lower body is moist and warm. Although she wore a thick dress, because of her cooperation, I was easy to touch her chest from her lower body. I don’t know if I don’t know, the car stopped, I am looking for the window, the original car stops on the country park, where the light is dim, although there is a vehicle in the room, but she is sitting on the driver, I am from the driver I can’t see me from the outside of her thigh. I started searching for the left hand from her skirt, searching for a pair of breasts for a long time. Sure enough, this double breast is full, I put her clothes, it is very beautiful, her uli is better than I imagine. Big, I use my tongue to taste her a pair of breast milk, then kiss the navel from the cleavage, and then kiss the double milk from the navel. I understand that she is very eager to kiss from the navel and kisses her female organ that she has also hills the water. Because, whenever I kissed her navel, her waist and abdomen constantly swallowed, and his legs naturally opened. I used my tongue to kiss her whole body, then, I suddenly put her back, ordered her to open the thigh. At this time, she revealed that women’s natural defense instincts, but in turn tight this. Looking up, it seems that I am afraid it is raped. Her resistive action, simply made me cheering, my wants to fire, I will force her thigh with my hand, and when this pair is still in the future, my tongue has been first sticking to her lower body. A pair of women’s thighs lay down soft, no resistance, changed, the first is a crazy call. I know that every woman will enjoy the man’s tongue to serve them. At this time, I don’t have anyone else to see the car. I quickly explained the trousers. I pulled out the mask of the hair. I hit her lower body, I only springer because of the high pleasure. Enter the climax, just hold the mask, let the semen spray in your hand, she also reached out for my paper towel, and said “You are bold!”

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