buckle! buckle! Sound rang in the hallway.

A male student stood the most awesover between the students —- the door of the student counseling room.

“Enhance the sound from the room.

Male students open the door of the counseling room and immediately see the two women in the counseling room.

One of them sat deep in the room, and the other was sitting opposite the table – more close to the side of the door. Sitting in the woman – Xu Min Pei’s face is angry, and the female student close to the hand – Chen Yizhen looks innocently.

“excuse me”

Male students are nervous to send hard sounds and then enter into the counseling room. In addition to the exit outside the door, this room has a secret room.

The male student walked toward the next side and then sat down next to Yongyi. Silent silence. Then break the silence is Min Ping.

“Do you know why is it called here?”

“I don’t know. I would like to be here?” For male students. He did not think that it would be called to the counseling room.


Male students’ eyes are intentionally anticilling to the friendship next to it.

When the Yige did not say, it looks like a mistake, there is a mistake.

“Well, I am not called for something. I can’t think of the reason.”

“Oh. Maybe it. You did not make anything wrong. But -” said that Min Ping walked towards the friendship next to the male student.

Yongyi seems to feel the line of sight, or afraid of male students, the body suddenly shaking like being scared.

“Are you doing something for Chen Yizhen?” I heard this sentence, male student is like thinking about the friendship.

“Chen Yizhen is now I have been hypnotized. Except for me, she has also used the method of the foreman who does not understand. Even if it is now felt that the malicious. However, no matter how she can’t answer.”

“So say”, said that Min Ping once again looked forward to male students. “Do you really don’t know anything?”

“Why think it is me?” I heard the answer of the male student.

Min Ping sighed a breath: “That is because ….” said, his finger rang. The friendship sitting next to the male student suddenly trembled.

“I swear. I love it forever…………………………

The friendship is like a bad recorder that is broken. There is no expression, and it looks like it.

“Although I don’t want to do it. But Chen Yi’s look is too strange ..” Later, I am sighed, and I look at the male student.

“If it is a general love, I will not feel particularly, but now, what is this?” The enemy from the eyes talked toward the male student. However, for the eyes of Min Ping’s eyes, he looked back at Min Ping.

“It’s true. I will only give me trouble · ·” I heard the details in the male student port, the body of Yongzhen suddenly shocked. But only such a moment, very fast, there is no such thing as what is happening.

“So, how do you want me? Det careful?”

“Indeed, it should eventually be like this. But before this, you will first restore Chen Yizhen. I will not give you to the police.

“If you say this, it is still no alarm.” The eyes of the male students straight into Min Ping. Min Ping also fell back and went back.

“You also want me to fall into hypnotize? I also have studied psychology. If I have a hypnosis, it is not so simple.”

“Is it? But .. isn’t your eyes can’t be removed?”

“Want to use the induction, this is not ok. My eyes can still be simply removed.” Although this is said, Min Ping’s eyes are still there.

“Why don’t you look at other places? This is not that you can’t move?”

“Who knows what you will do when I move the sight?” Min Ping did not happen so much. That looks completely with a gap, it is confirmed the answer of Min Ping. “It’s amazing, it seems that they are completely different from the Yongyi. But do you not think it is very tired? I found that the teacher winks a lot. You look, come again,” male students don’t care about it. Min Ping said. In fact, the number of times if Min Ping is indeed a lot.

“Look, the number of blinks is getting more and more. It’s tired. Look, come again. At the same time, the male student said” see “when Min Ping once again blink.

“See” “Look” “Look” now, when the male student said “see”, Min Ping has blinked again. It seems that Min Ping has been captured by male hypnotism.

“The eyes have been very heavy? Is it very tiring about the words of Zhang open? It’s very tired to close your eyes.”

“You are .. Say. I am all .. Will n’t be tired!” The eyes have already closed it immediately. Her tone has not been the fierce, but Min Ping also does not seem to find this. Looking at such a sensitive, the male student has a smile.

“So, the teacher’s eyes can no longer open. Slowly slowly close. Look” The male student is so sure. With the guidance of words, Min Ping’s eyes gradually greeted.

“There is no way to resist the resistance. No matter what the teacher thinks, the teacher’s eyes have closed. View”

“To .. Why ..” Resecons against Min Ping’s will, under the urgency of the male student’s discourse, Min Ping’s eyes closed.

“Look, the teacher’s eyes have completely closed.” When he heard the male student, Min Ping’s eyes were completely closed under the eyelid.

Min Ping’s eyelids were twitching there. Male students are quickly close to Min Ping, then said in the ear. So, the teacher is still alert to me. “


“Well, because the teacher doesn’t know what will be done by me. So I am afraid to I am standing behind it. So the teacher stands up and stands up.” So, male student The hand knocked out the chair. At the same time, Min Ping is like a stood up.

Male students said quietly to the already standing, “Now the teacher has already stood up. But look at it carefully. There is no more than the place where the teacher stands. In addition to the place where the teacher is stationed, it is a cliff. In this The body of the local teacher is completely unbearable. Hey, the body is sloping to the left. “

As the male student said, the body of the podded body tilted on the left. Then, like a sensitive body to resist the right to the right.

“Now the body is tilted on the right.” It was originally tilted to the right. Now it is resistant to the left. Such repetitions, in the same way, I want to get a balanced, and the male student is still looking forward to the same words.

“Oath always love and obey .. I .. swear.. Always love and obey .. I .. swear ..”

“Shoot …” male students sigh, then take out the key of the bicycle from the pocket to the companion, then turn the key to the door, the friend suddenly stops making a sound.

“Keep the present before I am calling.” Then the male student went back to Min Ping immediately. Min Ping is going to the right, go to the left, forward, in the future, and all the squares are irregularly shaken.

“Teacher. As soon as it is swaying now, I don’t know when it will fall. It is terrible. But if you are caught, you will not feel so terrible.” The male student will be Parly, but Min Ping still trembled to refuse the touch of the male student. The body in this is still swaying.

“Is it. But Ah, for a human, like now, I don’t know when I will fall, I feel very afraid. But if I become a couple, I will not feel terrible. Because people are complete I didn’t feel it. So if I don’t want to be caught by me, I turned into a couple.

Look, the teacher is turning into a message. . Look, the teacher has become an ever, “said that the male student walked to Min Ping, and adjusted the chair just counted.

“Standing like a doll very strange right now teachers do not need to stand up. So it sat on the chair.” Male students had finished speaking, Min Ping homeopathic immediately sat up on the chair. Then, like a hand Genjiao unable to put down, like a line Marionette severed like. Between the half-open mouth with elegant charm monster breath. “Now the teacher has become dolls, you do not have anything to think about. Whether Yi Zhen, and I do, or your own thing. Do not have to think about. Dolls can be manipulated only. Watch What can not think. “then, the boys took out the key used previously to let Chen Yi Min Ping look.

“Oh, listen up. This is the key to the teacher. Although he’s the teacher’s door lock with the usual, but as long as this showed the teacher to see it, no matter where it will return to the present state, yes, back dolls to the state. so, first temporarily lock the hearts of the teachers get up, “said male student like you want to lock the door like turning the key. Then, Min Ping eyes reinvigorated.

“What did you do ..” although soon came to reflect, but Min Ping, there is no way immediately to understand the full situation. Male students from again turning the key, sensitive Ping’s body immediately lose strength leaned back.

“The teacher is a doll. Doll must have the owner’s yo. If not, then the owner of the dolls will be ending up as waste. The teacher did not want to become like it. So yeah, I’ll become a teacher master it” the first male students after leaving Ping Min from the side entrance to the classroom door locked and immediately walked back to Ping sensitive side.

Boys kiss slowly towards Min Ping mouth. Followed by playing with the tongue to tongue Ping-sensitive. While issuing tweeted voice, while the flow of saliva own Min Ping mouth. Then, male students leave from sensitive lips and Ping said.

“Well, will stay in the mouth of saliva and clean drinking it. In this case I am the master teacher” grunt, grunt Min Ping throat and moving. Min Ping, male students now have to determine their own saliva to drink it.

“So I have now is a master teacher of course, is already dolls teacher is unable to resist as the owner of the I Oh. Well teacher, Chen Yi and me about the things other people know?”

“I only know it today, after I let Chen Yi Chen immediately called into a hypnotic state you come.”

“Really. That was really good,” re-watching male student Min Ping. Usually allow students to tutor fear that sensitive Ping unsuspecting attitude, male students blankly swallowed a sigh of relief. Humph. Male students face floating smile.

“Teachers. Stand up,” Min Ping, male students with a sound out of the chair. Instead, a male student sitting on a chair.

“Teacher, you know oral sex thing?” Min Ping, then back to the boys nod.

“Then teacher helped me oral sex right now,” Min Ping and immediately turn around and kneel at the feet of male students. So what would not say directly to male students suit pants and underwear to take off, start sucking male student sex organs.

From top to bottom carefully licked. Keep the mouth saliva, tongue entwine the stick. Ping hand is sensitive to a stimulus to get the touch testicles.

Prior to the depths of mouth to mouth gently, then firmly suck like a vacuum cleaner-like breath.

“Woo ….!” Min Ping are not moving her a little respite, however, under the Min Ping quietly serve male students sexual organs immediately be hard up.

Issued while chirp, chirp ~ sound-sensitive side of the head before and after the Ping moving. That looks like a machine, like a little hesitation did not.

Firmly clenched teeth male students. His face revealed about to ejaculate expression. Stick-like shaking like a drunk, have each toes feel like acupuncture.

“Woo” boys will be sensitive Ping head away. Instant, male students semen splashed Min Ping’s face. Command has been completed so that the thought of male students ejaculation it, Min Ping stopped the action.

In a gesture full of semen, originally like a ghost general tutor look has completely disappeared. Male students leave from beside Ping Min, Chen Yi to tidy up after the pants went over there.

“Come, Yi Zhen Look at the teacher. You see, there have Yi Zhen semen yo favorite now can not stand it. Fast lick it clean,” After hearing these words slowly stood Chen Yi stand up. Rickety, then a firm footing to Min Ping walked.

Ping Chen Min Yi in front knee bent them so that their eyes reach the same height. Next, Chen Yi out his tongue began licking semen Min Ping face.

Looking at the chin, nose, hair, cheeks, then carefully licking the servant of semen on Min Ping’s face. There is also a smuggling of the entire face with the tongue of the whole face. The two people look like obscenity. After confirming that the Yongyi has completely handled the semen on the face, the male student uses the “key” for the friendship.

Then let the Yong wait next to it, look back to Min Ping.

“Teacher, from now on the door in the hearts of the teacher, but even if the teacher in the hearts of the teacher, I still remember that I am a master in the hearts of the teacher. So when I got it in the teacher’s heart, I can’t define me. It is also very can’t make things that want to hurt me. So, the door in the hearts of the teacher is related to the same year, and the key is turned in front of Min Ping. Just like this, the eyes replied again. Min Ping 叽 叽 眼 眼. Then recall the just thing. “You will make Chen Yizhen to restore the original situation”

“The teacher doesn’t have to care about this matter” male students stare at Min Ping with sharp eyes. The case just said that Min Ping said.

“Teacher please go to the investigation between other teachers about my evaluation. If there is anything bad thing, please help me solve it.” The male student finished, and she took out the counseling room.

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