Min Min is today’s music of Lady Master. Although we all know Minmin actually sing the song is not good, but she was eighteen years old, who was born really beautiful, tall and good. She is healthy youthful girl image famous. Lu Lu Xiangjian occasionally a Yubi, posters and album can be sold-out. Many songs child wants to pursue her son, but not always Minmin false speech. So her debut two years, they are insulated from the scandal.

Media believe that she is the image of care, there are even rumors that she is gay. But in any case, her single image, you can really grasp a lot FANS heart.

That day Minmin held an autograph session in a record shop in a large store. In the morning there were hundreds of people waiting in line.

One of the reasons FANS appeared early in the morning, because this time the record is Minmin summer beach theme. The album cover is Minmin swimsuits, hot pink bikini, Minmin bring out the exquisite embossed figure.

Although only back, but enough to set off a sensation. Moreover, this time signing, will distribute more positive life-sized swimsuit photos Minmin large poster, so the news spread, her FANS early in the morning they got wind of the region.

In signing the scene, he had hung a large poster swimsuits positive Minmin. But see her wearing a red bikini, slightly bent over, exposing deep cleavage. Long black hair scattered on the Xiang Jian, the body white skin, shining in the sun. Angelic face still hung innocent smiling back, just kill people.

FANS who are queuing up to see the whole body sweating, we’d immediately for themselves. It seems that the city will become the poster boys of the aircraft boon.

Time to Minmin arrive on time. Punctuality is her advantage. Although to make the fans disappointed, not in her swimsuit appearance today (or else may riot!). But today she was dressed, but still enough to make people excited ah!

Minmin wearing a vest pure white, tender sweet shoulder is exposed; lower body is wearing most stylish floral mini skirt and a pair of strap sandals white bars, two slender Fentui, have caused swaying stroll approach, as people see mouth water. Instant angered the audience whistles everywhere.

“Minmin, I love you!” The fans was very well received.

Autograph sessions went well, very orderly when the FANS early. But suddenly a sensation, and the crazy line up in front of the crowd were suddenly rushed forward, pushing down the long queues separated by iron railings. The original Minmin momentary carelessness, suspenders bust exposed in a small gap in the vest.

Wow! Lady emptied! Once chaos and rushed in the front part FANS also want to touch the idol. Which naturally meant it was against the law, I took the opportunity to smoke pumping. Security guards and bodyguards record companies are desperate to withstand the mall crowd. But in the back of people heard the news Happy Together Min Min, desperately want a glimpse of the beauty of the former squeeze.

Gradually security guards have been unable to stop large group of FANS, one of them has even been FANS dog eat dog rushed in to hit the ground, the defense finally broke!

FANS large number of signatures toward Taiwan. The record company staff and Minmin governess mother are terrified, I do not know how to react. Min Min is Huarong pale, almost cried out.

We have not been looking hard, and the crowd in front of immediate concern. Between chaos, it was single-handedly caught Minmin vest. She naturally shrink back a “crack” sound, Minmin small white vest was torn, pieces of cloth flying in the air. Minmin entire upper body exposed at once out, leaving only a lace bust of the young band, just to cover her plump firm breasts.

On thin lace bust, still vaguely see that Min Min fright raised nipple. Pink skin and deep cleavage was still quivering. This eclectic lens, so that the original has lost control of FANS is crazy big hair, like a flock of hungry wolf-like approach to Minmin.

Seeing record company staff and the governess mother have been forced out of the crowd, nowhere to turn for help, Minmin so scared. Hands tightly cover your chest, step by step to the back, non-stop trembling legs under the skirt. Ah! Back has hit the wall! No retreat back up. I thought: “desperate!”

Suddenly someone with one hand and her arm, her no time to look back, has been pulled into the corridor. A man wearing a security guard uniform pushed her aside, then a mop handle inserted into the hallway door to the hands, only to block rushed in to the crowd.

“! Hurry” The man’s arm with one hand and Minmin, side shouted:. “This is how long the doors fail to do so.”

They ran down the corridor, came back hallway door was broken open and loud. Minmin only hard walking, the shoes came off, I do not know how long to go, and finally went to the back alleys of the mall.

That will Minmin onto a car parked in there, start the engine to leave immediately.

Min Min looked back, just to see the large number of Fengliaoyiban FANS rushed out. They saw the jeep speeding away, has been chasing less, and only cursed loudly.

Minmin Cry little set, pretty surface Johnson panting in red. Systemic fragrant perspiration dripping. Suddenly felt, how cool chest? At this time, he remembered his own disheveled.

He looked down, just running between the original, lace bra drenched, transparent. And one side of the shoulder strap has been broken, her right breast has revealed a whole, crystal clear white skin, pink nipples, with the rapid breathing, hop hop, brake is attractive. She Jiaohu loudly, quickly hand to cover Yuru, can not help but noodles Fei Hong.

At the horizontal eye, the guards around him, I just wanted to open, and suddenly I found that the car was going to the suburbs. The heart is moving, the mouth has been shocked by a head, and the strong gorva is coming, and then the past. “Don’t do your own love ………”

what! It is my latest song.

Min Min yawned, stretching, Zhang Jiamei. Oops, the head is very painful! Sit up, what is this place?

The four walls, no, all rooms are white. But there is no furniture. There are only this bed. what! The ceiling is a big mirror. Minmin saw the uncomfortable reflection of his clothes. Although there is still a bit of diligence, it is finally what happens.

Minmin one jumped out of bed, hurting the bare breasts with hands. Under the surrounding perspective, there is no other person in the room. The house is pure white, and the walls and floors have a soft strip. There are about two hundred square meters, eleven, and two feet. No doors and windows. I don’t know the songs from my latest records from there.

Sensitive four times and finally found a dark door. Because the door is paved on the door, the same white cushion is the same, if not careful, it is difficult to detect. Minmin slowly opened the door, it turned out to be a wardrobe. There are two three clothes, sensitive to the eye, and recognize that all the favorite clothes, and underwear and nightgown. Min Min immediately put on new underwear and nightgown. Put on clothes, always feel safe.

Wear clothes and set a certain god. Min Min also explores, I hope to find the way. But this is disappointed, I can’t find it for a long time. Only sitting on the bed to take a break. In the case of it, I feel that I am not appropriate. where is this place? Who is that man? Why will he catch yourself here? And the clothes in the wardrobe are all their own, and even the size of underwear is completely correct.

really weird! Yes! Do you have been trained? Although Minmin is still a virgin, there has not been sexual experience, but the lower body is not painful, and there is no trace that is not being made. It should be fine! I can’t help but reach into the inner trousers, don’t touch it! Oh, okay! A picture suddenly appeared on the sky, the original ceiling is a big TV. The picture broadcast is your own MTV, and you! This MTV should still have not yet out of the street, is it still trapped for a long time?

This MTV is a record of the Lord to sing “Summer Lovers”, which is the first swimwear. At that time, the manager spent a few lips and told himself. Ugh! Now ……. The picture is a news report: “Today’s XX shopping mall’s fan signed event has evolved, the police arrested more than 30 people at the scene. The famous jade girl singer Zouminmin disappeared in chaos. Police now Pursuing a Chinese man assisted in the year of approximately 30 years old, height of five feet, and nine inch. “And the picture broadcasts the chaos of the mall, it seems to be a closed-circuit TV of the mall.

Minmin saw that he was surrounded by a big class, forced the corridor, the door flashed, and he was pulled in. Because it is too far, even your top is torn, you can’t see it. What is the look of that guard? The picture is turned again, this is …. This is your own home! Min Min almost dares to believe in his eyes.

Simminance in the picture is open, and you will take your top. Due to the work relationship, she lives alone. She lives in the top floor of the half-mountain building, the unit is to the sea. Because the terrain is high, it is not afraid of being homed to see, so the sensitivity is very small when they are at home. The sensitivity in the picture came out of the living room, left the picture, the lens turned, and even dried into the bedroom!

Sensitive backwards, in addition to the thirty buckle, then throw the shells on the bed. A pair of bodybuilding breasts are released and bounce out. She took a photo on the mirror and exposed a satisfactory smile. Look around, take off the skirt; then sit on the bed, take off the stockings, and finally remove the underwear. The whole body is naked to the mirror a circle, then carrying the mirror as a hip. Rendering the microcollant of the microcontrol, turn it out of the shaving machine in the bedside cabinet, repair the fine hair of the lower body.

Ah! Remember, this is the day before the MTV, the director specially commanded Minmin this evening to take off the clothes to sleep, so as not to swim in the next day, the traces of underwear. Because I want to wear than Jinni, I am afraid that I accidentally reveal the hair, so I bought an electric shaving machine to repair the hair. I was turning around that night, I turned to turn, smashed the first posture, put a lot of posture! Finally, I still have a mirror …

Thinking of this, Min Min did not help but fly red. On the picture, Minmin has been sitting in the bed, and the gods stretched into the mirror, then closed his eyes, and reached his own breasts; the other hand was not idle, have already touched their own Pussie. I saw a pure jade woman, such as an angel, and his face was in masturbation. The finger is constantly moving up and down on the labi, and finally stays in the jet core, pressing force.

Min Min knows that his “small peas” is very sensitive. There is a feeling of electric shock. I saw that Minmin in the picture had already slept in bed, and the right hand stopped with jade milk. Pat in the mouth, the star is half open, and the lips are tap, and the looks enjoyed. In the light, you can see the pussy has begun to wet, and the love fluid flowing out in the vagina is so fast that the whole pine is soaked. Also dripped on the bed along the roots.

As the finger moves accelerates, the sensitive face is somewhat distorted, but not only crepe, even the nose is crec, it is breathing in the big mouth, the whole body is shaking, the toe is also treated by the whole body NS. Suddenly, Min Min full of earthquake, climax!

Under a strong shock, sensitive powerful burst is soft in bed, and obscene is wet on the bed.

Seeing your masturbation and climax, sensitive to the red ear, and know that the pants are wet.

Suddenly, the sensitive sensitivity is lightly talking in the ear: “It is very exciting, is it?”

A sensitive instinct looks, I saw a pure white face, but only in front of him, almost attached to the nose. Min Ming shouted, and his body was immediately retired to the bed. The bed is grabbed in the bed is covered in the chest.

“Sorry, I am scared you.” The man gentle.

Minmin a certain god, found that the person turned into a mask. It is the one of the opera “Phantom of the Opera” main character, covering the face in the upper half, just revealing the lips.

Min Min was bold and asked: “You are entering? Do you catch me here?”

Under the mask, a gentle smile is revealed: “You shouldn’t thank you for saving you first? If you are not me, you may have given a few hundred people.”

I remembered the crisis, Min Min was still afraid. She swallowed the water: “But why do you catch me here? Where is this? You hurry me!”

“Since you catch you here, let you go. It is okay. As for who I am, I will not tell you when it is appropriate. But my question, I will give you the answer as much as possible.” The man said, At the same time, stand up and sit on the edge of the bed.

The thinness of Minileng handles is more tight and contacted in the corner. I thought: “It is also, more words, delays the time.” At the same time, you can’t help but lose this mask.

He is not old, probably only twenty years old. A short hair, the eyes are still very bright under the mask. The lips are also quite sexy! The body is not very high, quite thick. But it is not a muscle type. And the secret lovers Liao Zi Zi Zhen, then a little bit. I only wear ordinary T-shirt shorts, there is nothing special.

The person sees sensitive eye wave flow, and the upper and lower weights. Smile: “How? Not bad better than your Liao Zhen brother!”

I heard the name of Liao Zhen, Min Min was scared and jumped. No possibility! She and Liao Zhen’s love, even their managers and their mother don’t know. How can this person possible ……..

“Don’t panic.” The man has been a little, and the sensitivity is shrinking. I saw that the man raised his hands, the big TV on the ceiling was bright.

Among the pictures, Minmin is on the shoulders of a handsome youth, in a sideway. This lipid powder is very strong and a beautiful man is Liao Zhen. This is the situation of Christmas sensitivity to Christmas and his secret to Hawaii.

Liao Zhen is the excitement of the local grain and oil king. He has secretly and sensitivity date after two years ago and Minmin in a dance meeting.

Only the parents of both sides know that Liao Zhen’s parents like sensitivity, but for family reputation, they asked Minmin first to wash the lead, withdraw from the song, and publicly open this. And Min Min I want to taste the taste of the red, and I will retire in the peak. Therefore, it is also happy to conceal this ground. Instead, Liao Zhen himself is not a bit, but many times is sensitive to find him.

Liao Zhen has fly to the United States last year, and the two have rarely meet. But the marathon’s emblem on the long-distance call is less. The reason why Minmens can protect the body, not in the entertainment circulation, the biggest purpose, in fact, to keep the chastity for love.

“I am your super fans, from you, I will fall in love with you. Every record is my collection.”

The man is low, slowly saying: “Every magazine you have a cover, I will buy; you will have a TV show, I will definitely record it. Too dozens of times. But gradually ….. I don’t feel unsatisfied. I have to know more than others, I have to know more! “

He suddenly raised his head and flashed the light of the people. Minmin was shocked when it was.

“I started to track you, from you abandoned garbage every day, try to explore everything. I know your bank account number, credit card number, like to eat snacks, like to buy a shirt, what is the size of clothes shoes What brand of soap, washing the head, or even sanitary napkins. Even the days in which you are not convenient every month, I am also clear. “

“Finally, I know that Liao Zhen!” He seems very hated Liao Zhen, and said to his teeth.

Min Min Zhang Da, she doesn’t believe! This person actually knows so much.

On the picture, the sky has been black. Liao Zhen and Min Min have returned to the resort’s room, and kiss is kiss together. Liao Zhen’s hands touched up and down on Minmens, while kissed the nitty of the powder neck, kissed and relieved.

Liao Zhen suddenly stopped sitting on the bed. The sensitime mitigation face is suspicious. Just heard the Liao Zhen Road: “Let me take a look at it.” Attern instinctory is still in the end, finally, I saw her a bit biting his teeth, the smashing knife, and the eyes had taken the clothes on the body. Min Min, certainly remembers that she has actually planned to deviate a valuable virgin to Liao Zhen.

The sensitivity is closed on the picture, the face is red, the breathing is rushing, and one hand is horing on the chest, covering a crystal whiteline; the other hand, then cover the bunch of the girl. But a silky silk, but playful from the finger. Black relaxation, under the white skin, is extraordinary. Min Min full of naked stations in front of Liao Zhen, the fumed belt will not stop. “It’s really beautiful! It’s a masterpiece of God. What envy!” Liao Zhen was assassinated.

He stood up and kicked the sensitivity to cover your hands and pussy hands. It is a beautiful body that has never been seen by a man, like Venus, beautiful, and disappointment.

Min Min has always been confident on his body 33-22-32, and a plump double peak is towering, and it is full of flexibility. Light pink isola is not very big, and the fresh nipples are slightly upward, like a man. Minmin’s hairy is not concentrated, and sparsely born on the pussy of the micro-tape. When you faintly see two delicate labs, it is shaking. At the top of the two labia, you can see that the little peas has been desolates the oozing.

Liao Zharou honestly fell in bed, said in the mouth: “Good and skilled skin.”

The mouth has already acclaimed a sensitivity nipple. Unlicit excited and petty calls, both hands holding the back ridge of Liao Zhen, so hard.

Liao Zhen is very careful to appreciate the sensitivity of the body, and his tongue is moved down, and the sensitivity kisses it all the water. Because the girl’s horses, Min Min did not dare to scream, only whispered. It is sure to kill the forbidden land, and Liao Zhen suddenly stopped, and the sensitivity is pushed, so that the sensitivity is pulled down.

Sensitivity is close to the beautiful, appointed. I only glance with my hand. Like an antique businessman stroking a peerless purity, his gesture is very gentle, and everything is touched, and there is a sensitivity. Finally, Liao Zhen’s hand reached the sensitivity of jade buttocks.

He leaned over and kissed the sensitizable ass. The tongue is squatting along the portlet. From the strong stimulus from the body, sensitivity sensitivity is lost to control, and the head is constantly swaying, and the “Domain” in the mouth is gas. what! The lying tongue drilled into an anus.

“There ….. dirty …” The tongue is like a snake to rush to the left of the sensitivity. At the beginning, Min Min just felt a little uncomfortable, and then never let Liao Zhen continue, how is Zi Zhen suddenly insert the index finger into the hole.

“Pain, don’t.” Sensitive is very painful, so protests. But Liao Zhen is like heard, even the thumb and the middle finger are also strong.

“Oh!” Under the pain, Min Min was kicked and kicked by Liao Zhen.

The lower body is painful, Min Min quickly uses his hand to touch your ass, yeah! Blood, the anus was blocked. I can’t help but rushed, I bullied: “You are too rude.” Said, just stood up, put on clothes. And Liao Zhen is like staying, sitting on the ground, did not catch out.

Since then, Min Min did not see Liao Shi. She flew back to Hong Kong, and she raised her back to the United States to continue to study. Later, Liao Zhen didn’t know how many times in the phone, and they sent a month, and they were teased.

“He doesn’t have to own you! He does not match!” Mashed people saw Liao Shi in the picture, which is very excited. He pulled the thinness in his hand in one hand and rushed.

Minmin saw that the people flew over and went to the side. But it is still being grasped by him. The masked man dragged the sensitivity to the bed, and he took the sensitivity under the body, and the hands were pressed by the hands. The mouth kisses in the pretty and the pink neck.

Minimiti’s struggle, desperately twisted, tears, crying: “Don’t! Don’t!” The masked person tightly grabbed the sensitivity hands and tit for the neck of the right hand to the allergies. The last grab, one power, torn the silk gown into a fragment. Min Min is cold, can’t help but spend it, struggle is even more powerful.

In such a dramatic struggle, the masked people can no longer be further. He has sure to use Yiyi, just slowly use the right hand to swim around the sensitivity. Sure enough, I am alive, I have been strong, and struggle has also weakened, but I am unable to twist my body.

Sensitive to the mask’s hand is gentle, and she is unable to resist, only to hold her feelings. But the handsome hand is like playing ballet dance, picking up your own lust.

Gradually, she has forgotten that it is just a stranger, and only feeling a burst of pleasure in his mind, and the mouth unconsciously issued a sweet and sick. The body has also begun to meet the caress of the masked people.

The masked portrait feels the call of Minmens, and the left hand slowly releases the sensitivity wrist, and turn offensive jade milk while sucking sensitivity with lips. Minmin never knows that his ear is so sensitive, only felt that Venus is straight in front of him, and the thrill is straightforward. I can’t help but shout, and I want to avoid it.

The masked people are like a premature sensitivity, and they have already used their hands and do not let her avoid it. The right hand is more passed down from the mask to the hill, raging in the delicate breast. Minmens breasts are slippery, which makes him love, the masked human hand along the bottom of the breast, step by step and climbed the towering mountain peak. Minmin’s snoring is also like increasingly improving it. The finger finally arrived in the peak, but the fingertips were only gently rotated next to the shelters, and the pores of the fizzered holes were highly stimulated. Min Min only felt that the nipple was very empty, and the heart could not help over, looking forward to it. Finally, the index finger presses the nipple, just like a sensitivity, sensitivity collapses! I quickly lost the mountain, and the sky was swarmed. The climax was flooded, Min Min was a black, lost the perception.

For a while, Min Min replied from the loss. She opened his eyes. He saw that the masked person left his body, just sitting next to it, and looked at himself. He saw that Min Min was awake, whispered: “Sorry! I can’t control it. You are too beautiful, I love you too much.”

“No! Please let me let me! I can’t do it.”

Minmens grabbed the people of the masked people as soon as possible.

“Does he love him like this? How deep is your understanding?”

Min Minzheng is going to refute, but it is really not very much about Liao Shi. In addition to the love words, Liao Zhen rarely communicated with her. His interest, his preference, I don’t know myself. Minmens have been questioned in the heart, is it just attracted by Liao Zhen’s handsome appearance? Is this love?

“Let you see the true face of this bastard!” Mashe people raised their hands, the screen on the ceiling was bright.

Minmin saw a man and a woman appeared on the screen, male is a full body naked foreigner, mixed with furry like a gorilla. The woman is obviously the Oriental, the skin is very white, and it is looking forward to the lower body of the foreigner. The mouth contains a foreign cock in the foreigner, and it is not stopped. A bright long hair, almost can be better than yourself.

The foreigners pull the masher from the woman’s mouth, he! It is rough and long, as big as the baby arm. He reversed a woman, let her kneel on the bed, and the round butt is scratched. Foreigners have a good hip of women, and a red palm is presented on the white buttocks, which looks particularly eye-catching. The woman did not shout, but he greeted his ass. The foreigners use their fingers into the ass to dig a few times, spit a saliva, apply it around the asshole and the mask. Then the big mask full of saliva, inserted from the ass, one plugged in.

The woman sent a tang of the person, followed by the exults, very rhythmic catering. The thick mask is smoked in the asshole of the daisy flower. Minmin has never seen anal sex scene, only looked at it.

How can it be possible! The masher is so thick, the asshole is so small, the last time Liao Shi is only inserted into a few fingers, it has broken his anus. After more than ten days, I still feel stabbing in the toilet.

At this time, I saw that the foreigners slammed the woman in one hand and stroked her chest. Look at the sensitivity, the woman’s chest seems to be too flat. The woman’s voice, one looks up and returns to the foreigner. Minmin finally saw her face.

Ah! Min Min did not happen to cover his mouth with hand, stop yourself. This woman is not! Not a woman! “She” is Liao Zhen!

“He is a homosexual, and it is a female. And you! It’s just that he used to deceive his parents. His double pro, think that your beauty can change his own abnormal son, will let him go to study abroad, But they are wrong. “

“Not really! Not really!” Minmin’s tears won, she refused to believe, but she could not believe. The man who is wholeheartedly to love is actually a “base”! Minmin finally cried.

“Try to cry!” The masked person said softly.

Minmin looked up at this stranger and suddenly felt that he was very kind. Masked people gentle allergies. Min Min is in his shoulder, screaming.

She cried and cried, I didn’t know how long it took, tears were also dried. I only heard the masked people whisper: “His last week has officially made a transient surgery, and now there is a woman who is not buckled. I have the latest fragment, do you want to see?”

Min sensitizes the intimateness of the past and Liao Zhen, suddenly feels very disgusting. She shook his head and cried again.

Suddenly, everything doubts unlocked! Why is Liao Shemu always loves to listen to his husband’s feelings? Why is the Liao Shick when it is hot, why he will be surprisingly, nearly excessive Wen Wen is careful? Why will he be more embossed? Why is he interested in his ass? She is extremely arrogant, annoyed her ignorance ignorance. Tears is not controlled, such as spring.

Masked people can see sensitive crying pear flower with rain, I feel very sad. He gently held a sensitive chin, gentle kiss on her eyelid. He kissed the tears of sensitivity, and then slowly, kiss to the sensitivity lips.

Min Min met the lips, this time, she is willing.

Minmin and the masked people kissed. He smartly with the tongue to open the sensitivity of the cherry, invading her sandalwood. The two people’s tongue is intertwined, and the clocue is communicating with each other. Min Min actually feels a little happy feel. Masked people began to reach out to make sensitive hair, and go upstairs in her pink. Minmin is closed, enjoy it.

The left hand moves from behind to front, the finger never left the smooth skin, reaching the root of the breast. In the thin cream, sensitive, induction, with a heartbeat, a high-incidence breast. The micro-projected milk is swelling under the mask and calls. Finger strokes around the bottom of the jade milk. Then provoked the edge of the rubber cover, moved slightly, and feel the beautiful arc of the sensitive towering. At the same time, the sensitivity of the scent lips and kisses it on the powder neck. The lips are released, and the sensitivity is long and soothing, and begging a dream. Behind the right hand stretched behind the sensitime, wanted to solve the buckle of the bust. It turned out that the bust of the breasts covered with a pair of breasts, it was an extremely impossible thing. Especially when your own fingers are also fighting.

Of course, because in this, it is the mother of everything in humans. Finally finished! The buckle is loose, and the mask is then bounced, sensitive and towering. The left hand taking advantage of the brake of the cream, covering the entire breast, and pressing the palm of the palm to press the milk, and the sensitivity breathing is rushing.

The right hand of the masked person sweeps on the back of the sensitivity, feeling the silky skin. Go down, explore the underwear. Min Min’s abunderstood is full of elasticity, and people don’t forbead. The finger along the deep ditch, a turn around the small circle. The allergic abdomen is shock, and the whole body pores are all erected.

The hand did not stop, crossed the chrysanthemum bud, and the soft moon guarded against the arm. Minmin screamed, but there is no opposition. Masked people get a acquisition, and continue to advance. His thunder and sleeper, blowing a sensitivity, sensitively afraid itching, late side evading, unconsciously greeted the ear.

Masked people with an exotic with an exotic to suck it hard. A strong thrill is again attacked, and the sensitivity smashed the sound “oh”.

The mask’s hand fell into the middle of the two slices of the lips, and the brought of the stream was directly reached. Then there was already a flourishing liquid, and the underwear was so daffitarily outside.

Masked people will sleep sensitive and want to fade her underwear. Minmin but hold his hand and stop him from further.

“Are you not willing?” The voice is full of disappointment.

Min Min shakes his head, saying that only the sound that can only be heard: “No, I just don’t want to give the vast people without a face. You … can remove the mask?”

The masked person hesitated, and then reached out to remove the mask and exposed his face. He is not handsome, but there is a bright eye, straight nose, do not discuss. “My name is Zhang Chengwen.” He said.

Min Min’s eyes flashed a joy, it seems that I like this people who are about to be the first man in my life. She smiled and slowed down.

The text is busy to take a sensitive hang-in-breast breasts, low kiss to sensitivity. The tongue turns a small circle in the breast. Minmin is close to the eye, long eyelashes, with the eyelids hop on a jump. Hulogin is semi-closed, and the mouth of the ecstasy is in the mouth. Finally kissed on the nipple, also bite the nipple with the teeth, and the tongue is licking with the uli.

Very comfortable.

But in this way, the other side feels emptiness, sensitive slightly twisted small waist in protest. It is naturally contributing to the right, and the right hand is so comfortable that the other side is equally fascinating. The left hand is going downside the navel and flat belly, and I have been busy.

Hand crossed underwear that gave a moist in the loving liquid, in the inside of sensitivity. The skin is particularly young, slipping. Minmin is wafer, and it is urgent to force the waist. The hand of the hand is returned to the place, stopped on the wet underwear.

The wet underwear has lost its protection, and the fingers of the text can completely feel the shape of a sensitive purse. A valley is constantly moving out of a dense spring water. At the end of the small stream, it is a hub of sensitive sexy. Although it is accompanied by underwear, the caressment of the skills is still tearing to die. Hand put underwear and stroked the yuki. And use two fingers to pinch the beans,

The up and down left and right tilings. Direct stimulus is sensitive to unprecedented pleasure. The middle finger has been buried in the flesh, and slowly advances toward the hole. The first section of the point has been explored from the diameter from the ungelegal man, but it feels warm and moist, the vaginal four walls are slowly discussed. Min Min feels that there is a foreign body into the body, weird is very uncomfortable. But the sweetness of the whole body, but she is reluctant to avoid it. The finger is slowly advanced from the slow circulation, and the second section has entered it. Minmin feels that the lower body is becoming, and it is more uncomfortable.

Oops! “Pain!” Min sensitivity is very painful. I also feel that the fingertips have encountered an obstacle, and I don’t know what is soft. He tried softly again, “Hey!” Minmin once hurted.

It must be a female film.

Only stop advance, and the half-cut finger is accepted tightly, and it is warm and soft, very comfortable.

He tried to slow down his fingers and slowly slowly. But keep do not hurt sensitivity. Such a soft delivery, sensitivity can be accepted, but it is more comfortable. Plus the strong stimulation of two points in the jet core and the chest, Minmin again fell into a climax, I saw her full of flourishing, the waist was violent, the love liquid shouted, the body burst . It is still falling into the loss.

Continued from the clothes on his body, then replace the Minimin put the underwear. Minmin’s entire crystal jade body is presented before the eyes. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Tell the movement of the sensitivity, leaned over to put her. Then use the foot to open the sensitivity legs, and the hard masks slowly exposed to the sensitivity. Minmin in a confused, I feel that someone is pressed down, and the lower body feels a hot and hard thing, and the right rigor is left in the roots of the thigh. This time isn’t a finger!

Yes …. She understands, I can’t help but panic in my heart. The tip of the masher has left the vaginal opening, and it is ready to break. She is busy open his eyes, seeing the face of the text is being in front of it, full of sweating is very wolf. The storm is on: “Slowly, are you the first time?”

Due to not finish, it is shy to fly red. The tend to meet the sensitivity,

The heart is pity, soft: “I will be very gentle, you have to hold back. I am coming.”

Minimi nodded, closed his eyes, bite the silver tooth, ready to meet the pain of melon.

With one hand, the butt is sinking, the glans have been forced into the vaginal port. “Oh!” The shallow wall tightened and surrounded by the glans.

“Is it very painful?” The sensitivity shouted and immediately stopped.

“No …. Not very painful, but it is very bloating. You are slowly getting more, I will never hold back.”

The text will be slowly turned into the top, and one point is discharged. Because the sensitive vagina has long been a series of climax, there is sufficient love to secrete, so although it is only the beginning of Punta, it can still barely accommodate the mask, but it is very sensible.

“Oh!” The glans touched the hymen.

Min Min grabs the arms of the text tight, Jiao said: “It is very painful!” At the same time, the legs clamped, refused to let the contract forward. It is necessary to break through this film, which must be aware of the attention of the sensitivity. He first took the mouth to kiss the sensitive scent lips, and slowly pumped the mask in the vaginal mouth, so that Minmin relaxed. Suddenly, the glans easily broke through the hymen, inserted into half of the half.

Minmin, the first pumping, the shallow, shallow plug, is slowly habit, 料 This sudden one is a lot of rush, the lower body came to the pain of the melon, I wanted to call it, my mouth was sealed, and my tears did not feel the shot. I feel that the sensitivity body is shocked. The hand is trying to push itself, tears DC, know that she is really painful, will stop again, and the hands are gentle to touch sensitive jade milk, let her habit.

After a while, I will latency and let go of the mouth: “Sorry! I hurt you!”

“It’s like being dead, like it is the same, the people are asked.”

Said the chest of the small hand. I have seen the beautiful people to be angry. I naturally didn’t dare to move, and all activities were stopped, and I would hit it.

In fact, it is necessary to be taking the text, Min Min himself is not good. Because every time, it will be traged to the wound in the vagina, stabbing. So I just stopped and stopped.

Although the two have stopped, the sensitive sensitive is inserted in the half-shade of the vaginal, but it is unwilling to beat it. After a while, the feeling of pain is slowly retreat, and the tight vaginal muscles began to relax, and the secretion of obscene is also replied.

I have a deal of eyes to sensitivity, and I feel sensitive to see him for so long, and I also open the United States, see what he does. The two got a touch, Min Min was full of red traffic, he went behind. Contributing the sensitivity sensitive pain has passed, gently put the mask, and then go to the vagina.

Although every one of them is slim, it is allergic pain, but these just painful compared to the pain of just now. Min Min only wrinkled, and his breath and breathed. Moreover, it is also a special pleasure.

So slow, slowly retreat, finally sensitive to the text and his own incapacity, the entire vagina was filled with the mask, and it was very enormous feeling.

The mask of the text arrived at the end of the vagina. The younger brother’s entire vagina was wrapped in the vagina. The wonderful feeling is really difficult to speak, can’t stop, and taste it.

I don’t know who is impatient, and the two actually moved. To take the mask from the end, look down, see the blood silk, knowing that is sensitive virgin, the heart is grateful, but also pity. He put the mask straight to the vaginal mouth and slowly inserted.

Min Min feels that every smoke is like a struggle of his own heart, it feels very empty. It is naturally a small waist, and it is expected that the mask will bring a full feeling again.

Min Min’s virgin is very narrow, and each of the pumps are pumped, it has a lot of effort. The masher is exited, and the vaginal four walls are automatically filled, there is no gap at all. But because there is a moisture of love, it is slowly smooth.

Accelerate speed, and every effort is also strengthened. Every time I returned to the vaginal mouth, then turn the ass, one side is fully inserted. Every time you put it, you have touched a sensitivity. She is initially personally, I don’t know the courtesy, only loudly, and the pleasure is swearing.

Minmin Star Micro, the reflection on the ceiling mirror, clearly seeing the hendo to undulate in his own jade body. It’s a shame! The pumping of the contract is more and more faster, and the vagina has been constantly accumulating, and it will reach the edge of the outbreak.

At this time, I also felt a strong pleasure in the glans, straight to Dantian, I know that I have to launch. I quickly took a hard to hold the cervix of Minmin, no longer pulled it, only grinding around. A strong pleasure, the climax of the sensitivity accumulation is finally burst. She is speaking, the petitude is shocked, and the two hands have gripped the sheets, toes contraction, the waist is desperate, and the love is like collapsed the river embankment, such as the tide.

The paper feels that the glans is hot, and the fine off is a loose, and the semen is finally ejected. A large number of semen, filled with sensitive vagina, overflowing in the hole, flowing along the sensitizable thighs to the bed. The two are exhausted, and they fall asleep.

After a long time, sensitive wake up. I saw my whole body naked sleep in the beltry, the lower body is still hurt, but the oscillation brought by the climax has not been resolved; sweet feelings are still filled in the mind. The jade hand moves, and it is touched that the mask is narrowed. When you have red. I want to be tight, and the horizontal and vertical text has not woken up.

Minmin gently sat up, leaned over and observed this guy who called himself again and pain. How is soft? Isn’t it hard and hot?

She curiously touched her hand, sticking is full of love that just like sex time.

what! On the sheets, she knew that this is the most precious virgin blood. Reach your hand and touch your own pussy, oh! In touch, fire spicy pain, it seems to be swollen.

The little brother of the text is also waking up in the premises of Min Min. Sensitive to the mashed mask in the hands quickly bloated. The little hand can’t be grasped, and it is growing, at least five ink, and it is more hot, and the red glans swells. Min Min grabs the bloating penis and I don’t know what it is. Looking back, I saw he didn’t know when he woke up, and smiled at himself.

Min Min is shy, face red ear, hey: “necrosis, wake up, don’t tell people!”

I saw that she was still in the wicked person, she took a laugh: “I have already slept well, but some people are itchy, to wake up my little brother gets up to help it itch, how can I go to sleep?”

Min Meng knows that he smiled himself, a twisted body, Jiao said: “The gary, laughing people, don’t smash you.” The little hand still grasped the mask.

Contributing the demonstration is just hard, but I see her crystal jade, and I want to ignite again. He sits up and apologizes, one side, standing from the back of sensitive waist. The head of the cherry blossomed cherry, sensitivity, is pleased to meet deeply hot kiss.

The hand of the text is no longer ruined, and the unscrupulous mess is unscrupulous.

Only generititizens, the nose is out of drunk, and the obscenity is blocked from the legs. Received another visit to sensitivity, feeling hot and swollen, only extra gentle gently gently. Min Min is worried that he is too rude, but seeing his considerate action, it is relieved to be free to move.

After a while, Min Min feels the whole body, nowhere to vent, only have to hold the penis, naturally in the upper and lower sets. The mask of the text, and it is among sensitive jade hand. I can’t help it, I just want to put the sensitivity to the gun and fight again, but Min Min is refused to sleep, whispered: “I … I want to try it.”

It is of course not objected, and I am busy sleeping on the bed, and the masher is high. Min Min shameless face, cross your body. She slowly squatted, looking at the pussy and the mask slowly close, finally touched. The glans have been caught between the lips, the top of the vaginal, and it is slightly painful.

Min Min did not dare to squat down and stopped. The text is comfortable, and suddenly I am sensitive to stop, and I asked softly: “How?”

“People hurt!” Min Min Jiao. “Don’t be afraid, don’t hurt, come!”

But more people are urging, Minmin is still afraid to fall again.

I am in a hurry, say: “Let me help you!”

Min Min is just wanting to say not, feel that the penis under the body is straight up, the arm is caught by him, so wants to avoid. The glans suddenly entered the vagina, under a pain, his legs were weak, and the whole body was down. The full five-inch long mask, immediately inserted into the sensitivity vagina, which is completely inserted. Min Min felt that the lower body was inserted, it was very painful, and it was painful. Zhang Da opened his mouth, but he didn’t speak;

Never dare to act. In fact, the feeling of the mask is tightly surrounded by the meat, it is very comfortable. The slight vibration in Minmin vagina, like dozens of small hands together.

More than the feeling of playing a plane is much better. And the sensitivity of a pair of crystal jersey, hanging in front of the eyes, can not help but reach out, one hand, one hand.

After a while, Minmin is only exhausted. She got a look at it, and she said: “I killed people, who wants you to help!”

The masher has been inserted, then what should I do?

She is hard, slowly squatting, and the penis is extracted by a patch. It is a stinging.

Minmin is slowly sitting down, so that it has dropped down, Min Min gradually mastered the secret, and the upper and lower sets were more smooth. Do not work in bed, don’t know how comfortable. Evergreen premissions, keep the upper and lower flying, the moment is good.

Minmin, up and down, found that a few positions were particularly smooth, so the left and right right swayed, soon he was sweating. She stroked her own breasts, and she issued a “Dujo”. Suddenly, the whole body was shocked, and the head was back, the long hair was sent to the legs and taking a climax. For a long time, Min Min fell down on the chest and breathed. Zhi Demingeny has no longer forcefully, then turn it into the body, let Mini are on the bed, holding a sensitivity of the fine waist, and insert the mask into the sensitivity. Take a look down.

The rear feed ratio is deeper from the front. Aminmon originated before and after the first and forth, but her experience was shallow, she was soon can’t hold. From the back, it comes like a hm like to put the pile, bringing a wave of pleasure. Minmin was hit to close the face in bed, such as the hair of the cloud.

The text only felt the head hit the end of the vagina, and he moved his hands and put his hips on both sides and wanted to go deep into some. Minmin began to make a slap, and the dedication to know that her climax is coming again, so it is accelerated speed. I only felt sensitivity, the vaginal trembling, a large number of obscenes were discharged.

The words were screaming, the glans were like being sucked, and they couldn’t stand it, and the semen was sprayed out, and it had been sprayed more than ten seconds. Minmin gasped gasked, until the penis was stopped, spit out of the last drop, and the two will fall.

The two are intertwined, and they will be sensitive to one hand, say: “I love you. Let me take care of you this life this life, love you, is it good?”

Minmin gently stretched his tongue: “You don’t want to be responsible, you have the slave you have to do this, do my lover.”

She took the initiative to serve the lips and sent a job to a kiss.

Postscript: The singular case of jade or sensitive disappearance, after she personally went to the police station, it was completed. It is said that she was only in her homes at home. However, she is a sexy and bitter photo of the sneak shot in the signature meeting, but she is sensational. She also successfully covers all the record awards in the city and became the most popular female songs throughout the year. At the award ceremony, she publicly had their own relationship and announced an exit of the music scene, and his boyfriend Zhang Chengwen moved to the field. It is enough to only need a FANS in the future.

This story is only reflecting the personality of the author, the characters and names in the story are fictitious. If there is a similar, it is purely a coincidence.

After several holidays, the story of “Crazy Fans” was completed. Because of the first story of this type, there is inevitable a bit of sand. I hope that you will also criticize. The next story in the idea is to use the beautiful girl soldiers as the subject, what do you think?

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