The first and crystalline sneak is not a matter in the second half of the semester. Jingjing is a good friend of a girlfriend, and is a classmate. Once I was drunk, I will send it with her. Since we are in the school, it is still far from the dormitory, so the Jingjing proposes to send her place to sleep at the school rental. The second half of the second half of the second half of the semester is too dormitory, leased the house outside. Sometimes live in the dormitory, sometimes staying outside. I thought about it, so I got the crystalist. On the road, vomiting, put the clothes, and the crystal and me have also gone. When I arrived at Jingjing, crystal took out her clothes and changed it. Opened the water heater, I helped the crystalline to take the sun into the bathroom. Crystal is then started to take a shower. Less than two minutes, Jingjing called my name inside: Feather, come in help, be too heavy, you helped me put her. I know that people are drunk, they don’t listen, it feels more important. In fact, there is only 97 eight pounds, and it is not heavy, but for the girl of Jingjing, it will be heavy. I went in and see, I couldn’t be stupid, and I was lying in the bath. And the thin shirt of Jingjing is basically wet, I can see her body clearly. It turned out that it was already finished, but I didn’t move, I didn’t come. I have been dirty because of my clothes, so I have already taken off the living room, leaving only underwear. At that time, I also drunk too much. I saw the body, I couldn’t stand it right. I helped the crystal to support it, squatting on the washbas, crystal thought I was going to dress clothes, but I But pulling out the penis, when the crystal surface, it will be inserted in the round hip, and the crystal mouth is great, I don’t know, how to do it. I don’t know if it is good, still stand here. After a minute, Jingjing reflected it, and took my hand: Yu, don’t, I can’t stand, let her go to sleep. You drink too much, go to rest. I found that the crystal station is on the side, so my face is also red. Two people lie down to the crystalline room. I came out again with the crystal, crystal himself rushed, put it on clothes. I also gave me a bathrobe, let me rush it. Then picked up the dirty clothes of our three people put it in the washing machine. Because I have to wait for the clothes, I and the two people I have watch TV in the living room, and I have been asleep inside. I just had a very lyric TV. The crystal looks very investment. It seems to be very moved. Under the driving of music, in the wine, I am bold, I am sitting on the side of the crystalline. The girl shakes, and didn’t say anything. I kissed her, the girl refused to pay me, I used the tongue to pick her lips. The girl is reluctant to open, I am anxious, a bathrobe kickdown. A breast of the crystalline is held, pinch it hard. The girl finally came, Zhang Xiaozi, extended his tongue, responded to me, I fly over the girl’s thigh, kick the girl’s underwear. Pull the narrow narrow bottom straps along the side, and the girl will have a piece of water. So, I took it on the sofa, I took it in inserted, the girl called, but I thought that I didn’t dare to be loud, and my snoring has not been big. This is the first time, because I usually see me very tight, so I have a little chance to make love with Jingjing. Usually I usually have to accompany you for self-study to ten o’clock, then send her back to the dormitory. One day to night, basically all time is full of time. So, sometimes, crystal will leave the self-learning room at eight o’clock, then give me an eye, I will understand. I will say that after two minutes, I said to the 妍 妍 透 气 气. Then ran downstairs, pulled the crystals waiting for me for a long time, ran to the wall of our school, pulled the crystalline skirt. Let the girl squat on the wall, I put her inserted her for a few minutes behind, and then shot in the vagina girl. Sometimes, I will say it after seven, I want to go online, I will go back to the classroom after ten o’clock. Under normal circumstances, play once a week, will not be opposed. In this case, crystal will come to me at 8 o’clock. So let’s go back to her place, do it once. In Jingjing, we can play more patterns. Sometimes, it will be shot in the crystalline. Sometimes, when I met at the school on the road at noon, I also pulled Jingjing to the woods on the school, let Jingjing give a few minutes more. I feel very comfortable when I feel like crystalline. And Jingjing also likes this feeling. One is not to invest too much feelings, two, this irritation is also special, may give girl special pleasure. So we have always maintained this relationship. But every time I have a short time, I haven’t had a chance to do it once. Every Saturday, I have to participate in the training of the table tennis team. At this time, he is generally going to the street to buy something.

So I sometimes let Jingjing and we train to the place came to me. Then he went to where she lives, and then a quick steal. Under normal circumstances, one week we can do together secretly four to five times. Plus two or three times and Yan Yan’s. I can basically meet the desire. Jingjing opportunity and good sex has finally come. After the summer, I go back to school two weeks in advance. And Yan Yan told me that in the old homework tutoring his cousin, to come to school. Jingjing home so he called to let her advance to the school. The next day, Jingjing to go. I let her rest day, the evening before going to her room. I propose we walk to the outskirts of Castle Park. Jingjing agreed. Put on clothes, come out with me. We taxi to the Castle Park. Here relatively far from the school because no school, no more students. So I think, I will not have a good understanding of people to see. To boldly put the girl to hug his arms. Today I have the time to carefully look at this partner. Yan Yan girls and nearly as high. There are also about 170, about ninety-eight pounds. In his arms, and soft and lightweight, of course, my body, girls are generally regarded as a lightweight. I have high 181, seventy kilograms. Very attractive girl measurements, according to the last information I had secretly amount is 85,54,86. That small round hips, tilted high, especially moving. Girl’s face is very strong and meticulous perfect, smooth and delicate skin. Towering nose, big eyes, small Yingtaoxiaokou, red lips as if to drop water would like to see here, but I would not hold. Took the girl to that side of the hillside facing the sunset, he got into the woods. To see no one around, looking for a piece of clean stone to sit down, take off his trousers. Jingjing obedient suddenly knelt before my legs. Hands on my thighs, bowed his head, what about oral sex for me up. Because of the holidays, I have not had sex more than a month, so this time very quickly shot out. When I was shot out, hold down the girl’s head to keep her escape. So a large share of large stocks of semen were directed into the depths of the girl’s throat. I watched her slowly to swallow, this picked up the girl sit on my lap, watching the sunset together. Less than ten minutes, because the girl was not wearing panties felt the thighs and buttocks rubbing on his thigh, and my lower body once again stand up, so I aligned position, pull up the girl’s dress, all of a sudden she sat go up, because of the location, only about half go in, that’s it. The girl has not hold. Groaned a whisper: My husband, my husband, you finally come, I miss you, ah, I want you more than a month. You push me ah. Hearing this, I can not insist, and a stand up, let the girl lying on the rocks, and I began to attack from behind. This is just great, put away after the location, I can deeply all the penis into the girl’s vagina. I look at what the offensive, while the girl’s skirt pulled up, the chest has been pulled, so the girl’s lower body all exposed to air. Girl tense up, afraid of being seen, I tried hard to plug the two or three, the girl went to the climax, ah cried, soft body down, I’m still no good, how could she let go. So the next shot is still inserted in the flower girl, the girl’s upper body propped in one hand, the other hand, held out to go, all of a sudden hold a girl’s soft breasts. Firmly pinch up less than two minutes, the girl returned to the body again desire. The impact forced me to hurry up, each and are playing in the girl’s buttocks, a lot of noise, and finally, we reached a climax two people together, hold together, paralysis together on the rocks. Packed, rest for a while, the two of us a taxi back to school, school outside the hotel in good taste for a while, back together Jingjing home. Together we wash a mandarin duck bath, help each other to suck pants, warm kiss. Tight hug. Finally, I have to hold down the soft Jingjing, she goes to the big bed, the bed is very good, very soft. That night, we tried all posture sex. Tried mammary intercourse, girls with thighs tucked do. The most exciting thing breasts, the girl wrap the lower end of my long penis with a pair of soft breasts, then down latch onto my penis. Himself with both hands kept squeezing their breasts to rub my lower body. I feel thrilled. In particular, he saw the girl emotional forget me, but for my little Tsui oral sex. That day, I shot a total of seven times. Finally, it is not something to shoot, is twitching. Jingjing and even worse, the climax of the twelve. The next day, they get out of bed. Lying two days to come down to earth. Shortly after school, when there is a betrayal in Jingjing, Yan Yan was accidentally hit, the cause is more than eight times Jingjing leave the classroom, the two books have forgotten, Yanyan then sent her past results , they saw the two of us together, then, we do not have sex, just hold together on the couch, but did not close, so Yanyan it comes into the room found us. Yan Yan and I broke up, I often take care of her.

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