H, Municipal Public Security Bureau.

In the conference room, all the people wrinkled, tensions to handle the work of the hand, and the atmosphere is very dignified.

And I am the main person in charge of this case, Yang Wei.

“Yang team, the prisoner uploaded the video on the website, do you want to look at it?” The female colleague ran over to me.

I am busy: “I will show me.” And I called Liu Jie, a deputy captain who sat not far away.

I and Liu Jie is around Xiaying’s laptop.

Xiao Ying did not open the video for us in time.

我: “What’s wrong, open it soon.”

Xiao Ying has some hesitation: “Yang team, you still see it.”

I am anxious, there is no more thinking about why I want me to see it, and Xiao Ying said: “I will open the video quickly.”

Xiao Ying saw me insisted, so I didn’t say anything, and the electric shock mouse opened the video.

In the video, I saw a skin white, the body is a beautiful woman, and the naked tied to an old triangle wooden, the beautiful girl is full of fat, the hips are facing the lens, the hip, the meat is full of vaginal The love liquid exiting, the powder brown ass will shrink in the past, drop the drops down, and it seems to be injected into a needle liquid.

At this time, I saw a Meng face with a large needle tube from the bucket with a full tube liquid, and then put the thick needle to the woman’s ass, put all the liquid into a woman. body.

The woman is wearing a brown faded stockings, and the legs open, as the liquid is injected into the body, the deep meat socks are desperately bent in the heart with the toes that clamped with the toes clamped.

The lens turned and took the woman’s face.

The woman is shame, the expression on the face is like a refreshment and pain.

When I saw a woman’s face, I immediately took a breath, my body felt soft, because this woman is not someone else, is the same as the criminal police, my wife – Xu Shiyun.

Soon Liu Jie so embarrassed the screen, Xiaocheng, the small team hurriedly turned off the video that has been played to the end.

I am steady, said: “” Upload the IP address of the video tracks? “

Xiao Ying said: “The IP address is displayed abroad, it should be a wall server.”

I said: “Go check the agent company of this IP address, ask them to use their servers to overwhelmed users.”

Xiao Ying said: “I have arranged people in checking.”

I thought about it, said: “Open the video, I have to watch it again.”

Xiao Ying did not look at me, and looked at Liu Jie standing around me.

I am angry with: “Open.”

Xiao Yinghong face, and click on the video again.

I carefully stare at the video, I hope to find some spider silk horses that can be used from the video.

Suddenly, I seem to have discovered what, I quickly shouted “stop!”

Xiao Ying quickly used the mouse to press the suspension, Liu Jie followed the paused picture and carefully observed.

I pointed to the shacks of my wife, and I traversed the farting picture of this poem. “

Xiao Yingzhen “Oh” has a slow dragging the progress of the video, playing ahead of the wife anus and a picture of a scales in the screen.

On the side, I suddenly suddenly, I found it with me, I found it, excited open road: “Moss password!”

Xiaying’s heart seems to be shocked, and then she hit a picture of the wife in the screen like us, and then called: “It’s really Moss password! Shi Yujie is too powerful! “

The colleagues next to them came over, they were shocked by the screen of the computer screen, and some of them were shocked, some were staring at the wife in the video, I don’t know what I am thinking.

Liu Jie followed the wife’s rhythm in the screen, quickly translating his wife’s meaning, Liu Jie learned his wife’s mouth: “It seems to be a waste-free factory, looks like fire.”

I said: “Have you heard it?”

Everybody almost in unison said loudly, “hear!”, Then quickly split up together. At this point, the conference room door was pushed open, Chen Jian with his two men came from the outside.

I saw Chen goes on with a cynical expression of the face, I was hit up on the gas.

Chen Jian 2 Interpol team captain, I’m a level equivalent, the case was originally made his charge, but precisely because of mistakes in his deployment, his wife unfortunately fell into the hands of criminals.

I know that after this thing, so I did not react to him, I will take the initiative to find the one hand criticized Chen Jian, handed over the case to the side of my hand, let Chen Jian support in the next.

I think the Secretary to do so, no doubt to want to resolve internal contradictions, and I had to temporarily swallow their own to Chen’s mouth foul smells, it concentrated on being solve the case.

In recent years, his wife is part of the newly established police department out of the bait, the meaning of existence bait department name suggests, mainly to elicit criminals and arrest them by our investigators, of course, they can also perform tasks arrest criminals at a critical time, but more often than not, they will be in danger, to protect themselves and expose the criminals, he became their only task.

Bait department no male members, which all have policewoman composition, appearance and body and must be very outstanding policewoman.

On this point, however, it is just the bait when selecting members of the department, one of the most basic standards.

Bait department demanding real place, is that the assessment of two policewomen psychological and physical fitness.

Psychologically, bait department must meet the requirements policewoman in desperate they may not chaos level.

On the constitution, the department requires all policewomen have withstood the brutal torture methods used by criminals possible, and a series of criminal acts against sensitive parts of women brutalized.

Since the inception of his wife bait department, it will be the first to enroll in the department’s selection, and then through a series of training and testing, and finally successfully entered the bait department, qualified as bait.

Bait is no specific department leadership, they belong to our vice squad a public resource, each task is by our vice squad responsible for arrangements.

Since his wife into the bait department, has become a busy man, she sometimes, even one day take over the three cases, too busy to call me feel bad.

Not only that, because of the identity of the bait, the wife often intimate contact with criminals, criminals inevitably bullied, or even provoke other departments to understand her work colleagues talking about, how many ugly words may all hear.

For example, my wife is like to be tuned masochist, or a feed unsaturated Sao bitch, openly in front of my face, and some criminals intercourse.

I had to give up work Quanguo wife bait department, do some work like secretary, but his wife does not agree, she said: “The people love gossip, let them say Well, I think it makes sense bait the establishment of departments, you see this a few years, the police detection rate is not significantly improved? can you say that there is no credit for these baits we do? To tell the truth, then the vice squad you be able to leave us? “

Speaking of his wife, then indeed the point, if the prisoner likened to fish, how the fish will not bite the hook bait?

Policewoman who bait sector at the expense of their own flesh turned into bait, help us ferret out criminals of all kinds from the huge crowd of people, they are great and deserve the respect of others, but those who make irresponsible remarks behind only people who feel sick.

After Chen came in, the thief yo eyes glanced around the circle, along with meaty smell like a dog sniffed and said: “Is there any new discovery ah?”

Caregiver alert immediately closed the computer.

Chen Xiaoying saw action, grinning walked beside caregiver, for caregiver Maozhao Yao said: “turn on the computer, let me see.”

Xiaoying look like a nasty foul away from the face of Chen Jian, play the fool and said: “I do not have what you want to see what you’re looking for?.”

Chen Jian said: “how do you know what I’m looking for something?”

Caregiver seems to be temporarily blinded him right.

Chen Jian straight up, like a look of displeasure to me and said: “? Young team, the Secretary asked me to work with you, even the most basic information that you are not willing to share with me, you told me how fit you.”

我; “When you let you know, I will notify you how to do it.” Chen Jian snorted, said: “Don’t make a mistake, I am not your subordinate, you are not willing to cooperate, when you come Don’t blame me, you can’t help it. “

Liu Jie said in my ear: “Yang team,” there are several people who are helping our investigation. “

I think a moment, my teeth bite: “Xiao Ying, watch the video.”

Xiaoying opened the computer, Chen Jian and his two hands, immediately put his eyes up, Xiao Ying opened the video with the mouse, the video started to play, I saw Chen Jian’s eyes suddenly flashed the same gaze, Chen Jian’s Under the two hands, it is like appreciating the erotic video, revealing the sensuality look.

Chen Jian finished the video, it is still unfair to Xiaojing: “Copy this video to me.”

Xiaoying’s eyes look at me, like waiting for my opinion.

I said: “Since I have seen it, why bother to copy more?”

Chen Jianyi said the words: “I have to take back slowly research, this is a job.”

Chen Jian intends to say “work” two words are very heavy, so that I have not returned the reason, because according to the warning case, if the two team members should share everything about the case in time when handling the same case Data and information.

I am sour in my heart: “Xiao Ying, give him a video.”

Xiao Ying put the U disk into the computer and unwilling to save the records to Chen Jian.

Chen Jian is holding U disk, for two hands, said: “You stay here, see what you need help, if there is new information, you must inform me in time.”

In his two hands, I would like Chen Jian smiled, and then I didn’t wait for my consent, the self-respecting participation came in.

Liu Jie said: “Hey, you are two, don’t sit here, go out to take a trip, blow the blow.” When you are a key time, Liu Jie responds fast.

I immediately followed Liu Jie, said: “Since your captain lets you help, please listen to our arrangement.”

The two people saw Chen Jian, Chen Jian Road: “Go, what?”

Then the two followed Liu Jie went out, Chen Jian said, “You are busy.”, I also got out of the meeting room.

Time flies, I have arrived late at night.

Liu Jie and Xiao Ying put the information found in the afternoon, after concentration and deleting, handed over to my hand.

After a careful analysis, I pointed to the suburban location of the H city map. “” You come, this is where Huangyang cotton factory is located. Last year, a fire, burn the factory, then the factory is also Unmanned. Also, I contacted the data collected from the network, uploading the original IP of the video, is a net bar near the factory, so I conclude that the poetry is in Huatang Cotton Mao. “

Liu Jie said: “I have contacted the special police, they can act at any time.”

I said: “Depart!”

After an hour, we arrived at the factory.

However, there have been a shadow of criminals in the factory, and it is left to us is a video in the camera.

I can’t wait for it, and I have opened the video in one side.

When the camera, the camera hit the whip to the “” of the woman’s body, mixed with a woman in pain.

“I don’t like my whip?” A slightly hoarse male voice said.

“Like, like it.”

“You talk, I hope I will punish you with whip?”

“Please ···································································································. ·····················································································································. With pleasure.

The man is refreshing, and the camera sounds in the camera, the whip hit in the flesh, the woman’s snorkeling seems to be more exciting, suddenly, a transparent water column is sprinkled on the ground, splash countless water flowers .

My heart seems to have a rope, because I heard a woman’s voice is a wife, but even so, I still have a lucky hope, I hope that my ear is wrong, 10 million Don’t be poetry! At this time, the camera of the camera was moved.

The focus of the lens is transferred to the woman’s body.

“Ah!” My heart sent a sorrow, and suddenly the whole person seems to fall into the cliff, and the whole body feels a bloom.

It is poetry that is not wrong. The woman who is not crawing is not a woman who is my love wife.

Her hands are above the top of the head, and it is firmly bundled with a wristband from a height.

Her eyes seem to be blurred and empty, like the endless sensual swallowing, only the thrill of invasion.

The wife’s body is not hanging, but the dress is more likely to be more shameful and metamorphosis than naked.

I saw a wife’s upper body wearing a breast consisting of a detailed hemp rope, especially a hemp rope front of the front end of the bra, through the two loop of the breasts on the wife’s nipple, bypass the wife’s back neck, will The wife’s mother mentioned it, it seems that someone has always pulled his wife’s two teats.

Look at the wife’s lower body, wearing a panty similar to the cream, but different, the rope of the underwear is not like a hemp rope, the plastic rope passes through the clitoris of the wife, put his wife’s The clitoris is like a piece of hardcase.

What is even more surprising is that there are two ropes that have been straight into the wife’s meat, circle her cervix, almost pulled the cervix, and the pink and round cervical cervical crowded in two petals. Between the labia, a shrinking direction is touched, and an extroverted transparent love liquid is ejected from time to time.

The wife’s powder brown ass shivested, a plastic strip tied her powder, dragging her reality from the awkward asshole hole, drop sticking Intestinal fluid, drooping between the legs, looking away from the distance, like a tail of a bitch, as the wife is whipped with a stunned butt, while the coming back is awkward … ····

I feel that my heart seems to be blown out, I can’t get into the video, save my wife!

When the man took the whip to the wife’s, the wife actually took the initiatory butt, like an estrous bitch, with the naked cervix, the rough whip, the whip quickly covered with his wife’s prostitution .

The man seems to be stimulated by his wife, and the heavy slaughter is hitting the wife’s fat, the wife “ah” is called, the dark brown transparent stockings wrapped in the feet, force upward Together, the cervix contraction is contracted in the cervical, and then it is pulled outwards out of the two ropes, and it is like a man ejaculates a large contaminated love liquid.

The man poured a little oil in his hand, then holding his wife’s rectum, like a hut tube, vigorously smashed his wife’s rectum, his wife waved, like a man who was ejaculation, tightening the muscles of your ass Suddenly, the wife’s flesime was shocked, and then a large viscous intestinal fluid was ejected from the intestine.

The man did not give his wife a chance. He took a iron basin next to him, poured the hot wax oil into the iron basin, then grab a wife hanging in the rectum, poured the wax oil.

“Hey!” The wife’s expression is called, the body is like a branch that is going to be blown up by the hurricane, and the two hands are like grabbed the hi-rope, and the half-bending of the open. The legs, as if the electric motor is very strong, until it is incontinent from the sorrow, and the yellow urine is sprayed. ·····

The man’s mobile phone rang, he picked up the phone and walked away.

The wife is like a piece of melted cream, the whole body is soft, and the two thighs seem to support their body’s weight, bending down, letting their own pneumatic body tied hands Hang.

The wife, black hair with sweat, sticky sticks on her forehead with the cheeks, the eyes are changing up, and the gods are like awake and fascinating.

The wax oil sticking to the top of the rectum is slowly dry, like a red plastic, the wife’s rectum is sealed.

After the man took the call, the man walked back quickly.

He cut the rope that tied his wife wrist with a knife, and then took a handcuffs in his wife’s hand, he seems to have a wife to leave the factory.

I can’t help but doubt the phone that the man is turned on, is there anyone who is giving him a ventilation. But about this, I don’t think about it, because the most important task is currently, I still have to find my wife.

Men will leave all the clues that may leave us, all destroyed, then fell to the wife, pulled up from the ground, go to the camera, close the camera, the image is also over.

During the video, the man has experienced the face of the camera, so I didn’t see the people’s appearance.

“Yang team.” Xiao Ying ran over.

I said: “What is”

Xiao Ying said: “Liu Jie let me ask you.”


I follow Xiao Ying to the place where my wife is abused in the video, I’ve said to Liu Jie said: “What is found?”

Liu Jie pointed to the murderer, lapse, sausage mixed water stains that were not completely dried up during the martyr, and said, “Yang team, you will see it, like you. Like a bunch of Braille numbers? “

I followed Liu Jie’s meaning, carefully resolve the water stains on the ground, and I saw it seemingly irregular water stains. When I saw it, I really formed a string of Braille numbers.

In my heart, I thought about ejaculation in the video, urinary water, and intestinal discounted pictures. It turned out that she took the initiative to seduce men, in order to allow the body to be stimulated, so that there is enough water to write this string. number.

But what does this string mean?

My heart is pondered, suddenly, my mind flashes the same thing, out of mouth: “Is the license plate number!”

On the side of Liu Jie suddenly realized that I looked at me with a admirable eye.

I translated the Braille digital into arabic number, write it on the paper to Xiao Ying, said: “Go to contact the nearby traffic police department, turn all this nearby driving record, just see the card for this string The car, whether it is the city, or the field, I have gave me, I want to know where it is now. “

Xiao Ying said: “Yes!”

Public Security Bureau, the First Brigade Criminal Police Office.

I don’t have a look at me for a few days. I can’t help it. Xiao Ying fell to hot water, care about me: “Yang team taking a break.”

I said: “Is there a car found?”

Xiao Ying said: “I believe that there will be news soon.”

Liu Jie came in from the door to the door, excited to me: “Yang team, the car found, you see this, just passed back from the scene,” said, he handed the mobile phone In front of me, it is a black Audi card.

Liu Jie said: “I have sent people to see it. We are looking for people in the past, or wait for criminals to drive, self-investment network?”

We said: “In the past!” Said that we walked on the coat and walked to Liu Jie.

Liu Jie said: “Do you want to notify the special police?”

Liu Jie’s sentence, but let me think of the phone that the criminal picked up in the video, I stopped the footsteps, said, “How many people know about the car now?”

Liu Jie went to me, Xiao Ying and him herself, and reported some of the familiar old players. I nodded my heart.

The winter season, the north wind is in the dark night, and the pedestrians who have rushed to the road.

Liu Jie took me and Xiao Ying came to the scene.

Audi is parked in front door of an old office building.

I found that the office building behind Audi seems to be a good hide.

The floor of the office building is no more than 10 floors, and the lights between the floor are almost dark.

道 道: “Xiao Ying, you bring a few colleagues to hold the main entrance and back door, as long as someone comes out, I will give me a mobile phone to take their ID card, and the rest of the people are upstairs.”

Enter the building, I let a colleague guard the elevator, tell him that as long as someone goes down from the elevator, I will immediately notify Xiaying, they are responsible for intercepting, and then, with two colleagues walk the stairs from the top, Liu Jie takes two People sit on the elevator to the top floor and then ask from top to.

When I came to the fourth floor, I found some fine red dry wax on the ground of 407, and these dry waxes immediately let me think of dryness in the rendering of wax oil. I passed through the transparent glass gate of the 704 room, I saw a row of dusty tables and chairs, and I thought about the object left behind, and I went to see it. A silk light.

I called the door to open the door, and then let two people guard the front door and back door, and one person entered the room.

While walking in the room, I took out the pistol in the waist.

I carefully went to the door of the inner room in the light, I found out the door, if there is no such thing as there is a low voice of a woman.

I can’t think about it, I kicked the door, and the pistol was aligned in front. However, let me be unexpectedly, there is no one in the room, and my woman I heard outside the door. It is sent from a black recorder.

Just when I felt wrong, the head, all the lights around it suddenly looked up!

I hurried back to my body and put the muzzle behind, but I didn’t accidentally saw the Secretary, and there was a wife and a strange man.

At this moment, the wife wears a policewoman uniform, and the elegant appearance and the appearance of the insurgence of the chaos are simply two people, so I can’t help but feel that I have already seen the video.

I slowly put down the pistol, and the emotions were very excited.

The wife quickly walked to me, and I am very traveled with me: “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

I hardly hold my wife’s little hand, I’m afraid that she will be taken away again, and then doubtful to his wife: “What is going on?”

The wife turned his gaze to the Secretary, the director said: “Shi Yun, you will tell Yang Wei first.”

Shi Yun thought, then let me let the director, seemed to be in front of the man who has never met, give me a introduction: “This is the international criminal police, Tiancun police officer, and he will help us investigate. An important case that will face will be facing. “

Tian Village is polite to me: “” I first met, hello. “

Tiansun’s Mandarin seems to be very standard, but I noticed that his voice didn’t seem to have heard it, and his body seems to have seen it, and there is a few sides. The eyes are carefully losing over the village. The horror found that he didn’t have me. I have been looking for the case of the Shiyun in the video!

The wife seems to have seen the inconsistency of my expression, and explain to me: “Tian Village is an expert on various metamorphosis malignant crimes. He is here to come here, it is to do with you and you have your team. A test, and you came here, prove that our success has passed the test. “

I said: “So, this case is fake?”

Wife said: “It is a famous transformed kidnapping murderous incident in Tiancun in accordance with Japan.

I said: “Then you are in the video …” ····

The wife couldn’t help but shy, said: “I am also a director to come here, I was explained by Tiantun, I know that this case was originally a test, so I have experienced everything you have experienced. It’s true, ok, don’t say these. “

The wife said, turned his face to Tian Village, said: “Tian Village, I will introduce you, this is the captain of our public security bureau, the criminal police team, Yang Wei.”

Because I hit the at least the ceremony, I greeted Tian Village, but I didn’t have friendly feelings in my heart.

Tian Village is very different from my attitude. He said to me with an admired tone: “Xu police officials told me that she was taught in the video, giving you a clue, but I Confident that you have not given her a chance to contact you, so I am very curious, what kind of secrets do you have to exchange? “

I looked at my wife, my wife smiled.

Tian Village squatted at our mysterious look, laughing: “Maybe I only find the answer when I follow your cooperation.”

The Secretary for me and poetry: “Tonight will go back to the spirit, the specific thing will explain in detail tomorrow.”

Director’s voice, I saw Liu Jie with two colleagues. The wind rushed from the door, they saw us, they were all. I shouted to them: “Collections!”

(02) (2015/04/17 first meeting)

Night, home, bedroom.

I hold my wife tightly, like it is afraid that she will suddenly disappear.

The wife is lying in my arms, the head is on my arm, like only a warm cat.

At this moment, I only hope that I can stay forever.

The next day, my wife got up early in the morning, not only packed clean room, and also took the dirty clothes that accumulated for a long time, and all the drying machines dried them all.

After I got up, my wife pulled me into the bathroom. I personally took my husband to shave my beard, and used a scissors to help me carefully repair the mess.

Finally, he made me stripped into the bathroom and took a shower for me.

She poured the shower gel on her pair of bulldings, and then rubbed my body with a pair of tits.

I am somewhat surprised to know where she has learned these patterns.

The wife didn’t answer me.

After shake, I first took the bathroom, went to the bedroom to take a wife to wash the dry clothes, smelled the familiar fragrance from the clothes, rushing up a happy warmth.

I walked into the kitchen and saw a breakfast on the table. I wanted to ask her to eat together. I have never come out in the bathroom, so I went to the bathroom and ask her.

I pushed the bathroom wooden door, but I saw the wife to divide my legs, squatting on the ground, just shaving the lower body with some of the body.

The wife saw me, as I was shocked, she hurriedly stood up, as if I thought I explained what I explained.

The wife saw me, whispered her hand, sorry: I can’t find something used to shave, so I used this.

Then explain to me: “I shaved the shaving is preparing for the next task.”

In the face of his wife, I didn’t know how to answer, only awkward returned.

When I came to the police station, I was seeing to see me in Xiaoying. She looked at me with a strange look. I didn’t know my eyes. I had a long time, then I said: “Scorpio, our captain It’s too exaggerated like it’s 20 years old, it’s too exaggerated, let me guess, this is definitely the masterpiece of poetry, cough, it seems that our captain is really a day. Yunjie. “

Liu Jie said next to: “Xiao Ying, you just sigh, you should learn how to take care of the poetry cloud sister.”

Xiaoya rebuted: “Death Liu Jie wants you to have a lot of mouth, although you are talking about the poetry, Yunjie is not wrong, but even if I learn, I will not take care of you, what do you play? I think you? But with the Yang team, how to chase a girl, don’t go to the old, no one wants. “

The colleagues on the side look at them two fights, can’t help but laugh.

Shi Yun did not know when to stand at the door of our team office.

She is wearing a standard policewoman uniform, it looks beautiful and bright.

A pair of chests seem to have to come out from the neck of the police, some tight short skirts are tightly put on the two flats, showing the contour of the peach ass, the skirt is put, two The slender legs are covered with a transparent meat crystal stockings, so that the legs look more smooth and sexy, step on a pair of seven-scale high heels under the foot, so that the overall figure looks more tall.

The wife’s figure As long as one falls into the sight, it is not possible to see it.

Several male colleagues who have seen my wife kidnapped video, I stared at the poetry cloud. One side was like a picture in my mind, and I had a few mouthfuls of swallowing.

The wife’s face with a fascinating smile, like a small and Liu Jie’s fight.

Xiao Ying ran to his wife, passionately hosted his wife’s arm, a close look.

My wife said: “The Secretary let me call you to meet the meeting room.”

We came to the CCB, in a short while, Tianshan, Chen Jian and other police officers have also come to the meeting room.

Chen Jian saw a wife sitting next to me, and immediately showed a wretched expression. He glanced at his wife, one side with his partner, showing a laugh, like a topic discussed. . The Secretary finally came in, and he closed the door.

The Secretary walked to the chairman, and the expression was serious about us: “The content of the meeting is never allowed to pass. Then he asked us to put all the mobile phone in advance ready-to-keep bag.”

After all the preparations were completed, the Secretary continued to speak.

He told everyone a test of the poetry, and praised my brigade performance in the test, and the Secretary specially recognized the poetry cloud. I hope she will continue to work harder in the next task.

The brothers of the poems were filled with the heart of the heart, and it seems that it can be affirmed by the Secretary and let her feel very glorious.

The Secretary took the Tiansun to the side, then briefly introduced his background, Tiansun politely bowed to us, showing you a friendly.

The Secretary said: “Please ask the Village to explain this important task for us.”

Tian Village opened the computer and put the computer’s image on the background wall, and saw a photo of a man appeared on the wall background.

The man has a long gold necklace with a long gold necklace, and the appearance is like a vast dog.

Tian Village pointed to the photo: “This is the original famous ghost lang, and it is now escaping to China’s famous Zhang Fongpeng, nicknamed the firewood, this person is more embarrassing, suspected of kidnapped murder case … ···· Our mission is to grab him. “

Tian Village rushed to the second page, or a photo, the photo on the photo is shirtless, revealing the strong chest muscles, wearing a tight black leather pants, as if the movie will be handed.

His hand holds a black whip in one hand, and the other hand holds a rope with a collar, and the circle is set on a slender neck of a woman squatting on his feet.

The long hair of the woman has been combed into a practiced horse, and her face is wearing a black mask, but from the pointed chin that is exposed under her mask, it is not difficult to imagine that she must be a beautiful woman.

The woman in front of the woman is more attractive under the white skin. A pair of full-plentiful, two graphs, a black iron clip is sandwiched in the bruises, and the red and bright milk. There are two silver metal bells fall below the iron clip.

It seems to have a hobburdy, you can hear the pleasant ringtone.

The woman hands is in the chest, wearing the legs of the meat tube stockings, almost parallel to the two sides, there is no yin, the shame of the shame, there is no hair, and the clitoris of the foreskin is wearing a golden ring. The buckle, the lower side of the buckle, a small metal brand name, the famous brand is engraved with two big characters, the woman is two-peted, and the lips are swimmed out, and the middle moist honey holes are full. Love liquid.

Xiaoying saw the photo in the first row position, can not help but shy gently called.

Liu Jie next to him immediately made a gesture for her.

Xiao Ying vites tongue, and immediately put the head down.

Chen Jian and a group of police officers in one group of policemen were like an old interested look, and it seems that hate must not be replaced to the first row.

I looked at my wife, I want to see what she is reacting, but I see her lips, a worry expression, but also seems nervous.

I don’t know why my wife will have such a expression, but I haven’t imagined it for a time.

Tian Village said: “Zhang Chengpeng is hidden, but he hits the female dog. It has joined a SM club called black whip and has become a senior member inside. According to my understanding of Zhang Dupeng, I don’t think about it. Fees a lot of manpower, easily capture him only one way, that is, let us become a professional dog slave of the club, enlighten into the interior of the club, to close to Zhang Fongpeng through the club, let him avoid the heart, Then find a suitable opportunity to seize him. “

Tian Village said here and turned his gaze to poetry.

The poetry cloud is called by his eyes, and then in the invitation of Tian Village, standing up to Tian Village.

Tian Village will be operating the computer, moved to the front of the poem.

Shi Yun suddenly, like a little encouragement, then put the pretty face toward everyone: “For a few days, I was kidnapped by the police officer in Tiancun. I didn’t know that this is a test, so I am desperately resistant. Although the effect is not obvious. “The wife said that the expression of the face of the face of the chaimal.

Tian Village returned to a sure smile and showing his wife to continue.

Wife said: “In this day I was kidnapped by Tian Village Police Officer, Tian Village police officer brought me into the Blackstne Red Apricot Club, and then endlessly taught me until I volunteered to be a club for the club. Playful professional dog slaves. “

My wife said that I turned PPT to the next page.

I saw the female slave who had seen in Zhang Feipeng on the photo on the photo, took off the mask on his face, revealing her delicate and beautiful face.

However, when I saw this face, I almost stopped from the chair.

Because she is not someone else, it is my wife’s poem!

In the photo, Zhang Fudong’s hand took a burnt candle, he put the candle in the air, his eyes closed down the wax oil falling down, and it is like being interested in watching the wax oil. On the tongue of Shi Yun, the tongue of poetry clouds seems to be tongued up because she feels the temperature of the wax oil, and her expression is painful, it is obsessed, it seems that SM movie is immersed in abused love and cannot be self-extricted. son.

The body of poetry is working hard to keep the legs separated from the legs, and the hands are marked with an obedient, and the horizontal is held in their own chest. It is full of prostitution, but the farthed sphincter is more like a circle of dust, but also a circle of powder brown.

I looked at the photos of my wife, I can’t help but frowned, I seem to have a stone.

It’s really not to be confident, and the wife in the morning will become a public female slave in the club.

The eyes of my colleagues are like a sharp arrow, who can think about how they can think, I always feel that they are sympathy, or laugh at the green hat on the top of my head.

Subjective thoughts let me want to escape this meeting room, escape to a place where no one knows me.

My eyes don’t help but look to my wife, my wife’s eyes are just looking at me, and her eyes seem to look forward to my recognition and help.

My heart, I suddenly felt that my heart was too narrow.

Poetry is not only my wife, she is still my favorite loved ones.

Even if she has done more wrong, I also want to forgive her, let alone after being forced to teach, they voluntarily become a slave, from an objective perspective, she is still forced, and she at this moment Also carrying a mission of a layer of mission, so how can I want to be wrong? I should support her!

I thought here, I immediately gave my wife an encouraged look.

The wife received my eyes, it seems to feel warm and comfort, the restless image in my heart is to resolve most, follow her with a long finger to press the PPT to press the next page.

On the photo, the wife is like a honey-like shape of the round hip, exaggerated is facing our sight, the yellowish and dim light, the butt is full of shallowed shampoo, and is filled with a red whip Traces, it seems that I have just suffered an abuse of a leather whip.

The middle of the two petals, a black large anal plug, Hedd her ass, the anal plunger circle printed the words license of the dog slaves.

The wife said: “Through the introduction of the club, I have succeeded near Zhang Chengpeng, and became a bitch who was the most popular, and he was in the process of tutoring me. What ordinary he released, I will do one by one, don’t need a big brain. This weekend, he will take me to participate in the club’s female dog competition, I think we can find a chance to arrest him.

After the wife said, Tianshang and the Secretary were nodded in the poetry like a thumbs up.

Tian Village said: “I have already done it, and I hope that all police officers who wish to be able to cooperate with my work.”

The Secretary said: “This general command, I am responsible for the Tiantun, everyone must actively cooperate with Tian Village, guarantee the excellent completion task, have you heard?”

We are shouting!

Next, Tian Village began to assign. He let me lead to the scene to arrest, let Chen Jianbo as a candidate, while guarding the periphery, supervision may occur.

Chen Jian listened to the arrangement of Tiancun, and immediately showed a dissatisfaction on his face. He stood up and said: “Director, I have opinion.”

The director said: “What is wrong, say.

Chen Jian said: “Yang Wei is the husband of Shi Yun, I am worried that the husband and wife between them will affect our actions.”

I immediately stood up: “Director, I assure you that I will never affect my affected problem.”

The Secretary did not speak, and the expression was slightly thinking about me and Chen Jian.

Poetry: “Director, I believe that Yang Wei can bring his team to complete this mission, this is not because he is my husband, I am helping him talk, I just believe that Yang Wei has the ability to do this.”

Tian Village said: “I also believe that Yang Captain’s strength, after all, he is very good in the last test.”

Chen Jian snorted and said, “I don’t believe in this world, I have seen my wife is taught by people, and there is still a man who is not moving.”

I strongly hold angry, said to Chen Jian: “Please clear the responsibilities and private feelings of the police. Shi Yun is not to be tuned. She is not because she is dissatisfied with others, she It is a police officer, she is doing her own task! “

Chen Jian suddenly laughed and said, “Talk”, I see you is a king who likes to be walked in the green hat, and your wife who likes to be a bitch is really a born! “

Yang Wei’s words are a heavy boxing in my heart. I still can’t live anger. When I went on a punch, Chen Jian didn’t show weak, and I came back. Two will be played together.

The colleagues next to him rushed up to pull the rack, and the atmosphere in the conference room became a pot of porridge.

“It’s enough!” The director’s hard work and stood up, and the void: “Yang Wei, I will cancel your eligibility, and you Chen Jian! I will write to me back and write together! Tomorrow my office!”

After the director said, the heavy-to-heavy gates out of the meeting room.

I was sitting in the office in an afternoon, I didn’t say anything.

The players are all self-satisfied.

Shi Yun brought the ice bag to give me a face.

Shi Yun said: “Don’t be angry, the weekend task is very important, no youth, who will protect me? Hello to write to the Secretary, the old people have finished reading it. It is nothing. As for Chen Jian, you don’t want to blame. He, he loves the limelight, does not act as an important role, and it is uncomfortable. “

Cough, I am sighing, calm thinking, I am a little too impulsive, and I can’t help but say that my wife is saying, I will affect my weekend.

To know that the wife does not hesitate to make a dog slave for this task, she sacrifice so much, how can I drag her behind?

Thinking of this, I will have a wife to write a hand, let the director get angry.

The wife smiled and got on my face.

When I got off work in the evening, my wife came to the phone that she could not go home tonight. Tian Village should step up the dog training and deal with the dog slaves on the weekend.

I heard this news, I am sour in my heart, I urgently ask her that I will not go home tomorrow, my wife is sorry to tell me, maybe I can’t get back home, from the intensive training course, maybe wait for this task to end after the end of this task. go home.

I can’t help my heart, I can’t think of my wife just a day. I have to leave me for a while, but I think it is too long to think, this day is not too long, and I am in front of us, as long as we On the weekend, Zhang Chengpeng was arrested, and his wife came back to me.

the next day.

I took the initiative to the director of Chen Jian, I gave the review to the Secretary, and the Secretary opened our review, and then put it on the table, saying: “Two of you is a noisy. ? “

I looked at each other with Chen Jian, and then lowed a long-term training.

The Secretary strongly pressed the angry tone and said: “I really gave me a face, let people look at the joke, the police in our country are this quality!”

When I heard the Director, I and Chen Jian had lower my head. Director said: “Yang Wei, I warns you, don’t because you are a student with my hand, I feel that I will take care of you, if you dare to make your own comrades, I advise you to go home, never think When you have a policeman. There is you Chen Jian, is your eyes? Yang Wei and poetry have sacrificed so many you can’t see so much? Still satisfying the pain of others! You can’t lose money? Police, you are not a police, you have encountered on the road, you are like this, he kill you, I think you will live! “

Chen Jian said: “In fact, I am worried that Yang Wei can’t complete the task, so I am in a hurry.”

The director sighed and said: “You are all of my most optimistic police officers. I am bothering me to compete for it! Let me also don’t work less!”

I sincerely apologize: “I am wrong.”

The director nodded, as I accepted my apology.

Chen Jian said: “Director, anyway, we have written it, and the error also recognizes, how is the next task?”

The Secretary said: “I will make up the merits, I have a good capital in Tiantian Village, you are responsible for arresting, Yang Wei guarding periphery.”

I am in my heart, amazed at the Director’s decision, saying: “Why did the Director let me be responsible for external! I should not … ·····

The Secretary said: “The first, you have been revoked the eligibility of the captain, so I can’t send you a relatively important task, second, no matter how heavy, you should not lose reason, this is a test you are Not a premier premise of a qualified captain. Imagine if you are in the same day on the task, it is like yesterday, what is the result? “

Director’s words made me not say something, so I had to obey the arrangement.

On the weekend, all police officers associated with the case in the morning, all of the police officers were concentrated in the conference room.

Tian Village opened the map of the club, taught us to familiarize the topography, and arranged the positions of our two teams and the center of gravity, followed, I and Chen Jian also allocated every player’s work, everyone’s look is very Serious, seems to have a looseness.

A few crisp knocks, the poetry walked in from the door.

Since my wife called me, I have to accept female dog training, I have no good to see her, seeing her is now wearing a police uniform, and the elegant beauty looks, it is really difficult to imagine how she is a female dog, how will she be a pair? Surprisingly frightened.

I didn’t see my wife on a few days, I feel like three autumn, I really want to put her in your arms, but I have made so many colleagues, I have to restrain my mood.

Tian Village saw Shi Yun, said: “Xu police officials are ready, we will start now. Xu police officer, I want you to change it.”

The poetry clouds are headed down, and then she slowly took off the police uniforms on the body, revealing the immediate bloody dress hiding under the clothes.

I saw that the black belt was tightly pulled the root of her two groups of fat, put her a very big breast, lanted more villain, two red and bright tits were standing forward, like it is Provocation to people with a hard to pinch.

The black leather waist tightened her with a slender waist.

The two belts in the crotch are pulled in both sides of the pussy, and her shame is stretched. It seems that there is a hill, the hill is like a brightest oil, which is exiled from the poem. .

Two petals on the pink labip holds a black iron clip, the iron holder is connected with a garter, fixing the meat-colored long tube stockings in two legs.

When the wife walks, the front and fangs swing will drive the garter to pull the ladle, so that the wife’s labie is open, the stimulating 骚 水 不 不, still a filament fall.

Wife is still can’t get used to exposing their naked in front of them, especially in front of familiar colleagues in the next day, which makes her more shameless and unless.

Poetry clouds use both hands to cover their own important parts, but this kind of futile practice does not affect the colleagues to appreciate her prominent posture. Her naked seems to be deeply princely in the brain of colleagues. Especially the male colleagues, their burning gaze seems to be brought into the wife’s legs, just scratching her tickle.

Tianshan took out a black collar from the pocket, handed it to the poem, the necroping of Shiyun stared at the hand, and then she seems to be determined, her face with a tough expression, and wear the collar I got my own white neck, and she was skilled separate legs, pulling her hands in the chest, straight fifth waist, squatting the fleshock, turning into a trained bitch, squatting in Tian Village beside. The exposed crowd, the clitoris that protruded the foreskin flashed a silver ring, and the ring was hoisted with a delicate metal card, and the numbers were printed on it. I guess this is the number of her tour.

Tian Village has made a gesture around the circle, and Shi Yunhua makes the corresponding action in accordance with the gesture of Tian Village.

She talked to our body, then talled her butt, slowly wife’s ass hidden in the rectum, the larger, until the rounded meat hole of the sphincter flakes can be stuffed into A fist, a black thing squeezed out of his wife’s anus, and only the plastic mask of the dog tail.

As the wife’s buttocks swings, the plastic hood is like a dog tail in front of our eyes, as if to confirm the identity of his wife’s bitch.

I can’t know that at this moment, my wife’s mind, perhaps the excessive shame has already made her bottom line to crash, so that she has a sure to leave everything, put all the body and mind into the role of the bitch.

I saw a trace of prostitution flowing from the mouth of the wife, and it seems to have proved my guess. ·····

The Secretary stood up from the seat, and the expression was majestic: “I am here today, I will wait for the triumphant, I wish you a success, departure!”

A few black-modified vans whistling off the police station.

In the carriage, we put on the anti-bulletist vest and organize the gun.

The wife is quiet in the foot of Tian Village. After wearing a ring, the wife seems to be a bitch, and there is no posture that does not hold a bog.

Chen Jian’s eyes are aimed to the wife’s chest and her crowd. It seems that the expression on the face can not pick up a bite. If it is not I am present, he calls me that the expression is obvious.

Shi Yun didn’t know that Chen Jian is peeking with her, but she still keeps the legs separated from the legs. It seems that Chen Jian also wants to have the eyes of other colleagues, and even deliberately put the meat in their sight. Let their sight sweep over your own ladle, and the meat hole that is full of prostitutes, let me not help but like to expose, and enjoy the stimulus of exposure.

The car stops slowly in the back door of the club.

Tian Village took his wife’s dog rope, and Chen Jian Road: “See the club. Then he contained the dog rope, and the car took the car together.”

Shi Yun followed the footsteps of Tian Village, supported by the two-handed land, and the snow hip, crawling on Tiansun, and then went to the back door of the club with Tian Village.

A few hours later.

The people in the club are full, and the atmosphere is warm.

Chen Jian and his team members as a club, it is easy to mix into the club.

Tian Village will be given the wife of his special training in Japan’s SM, handed over Zhang Fongpeng, who has just arrived until the club.

Zhang Chengpeng looked at the expression of his wife, it seems to look at a beloved toy.

He made a few gestures in his wife, and his wife immediately made a few actions that only had a dog.

For example, the wife is supported by her hands, after a little side, like a male dog peeing, a meat stockings.

The labipings of her privately won the two iron clamps of the garters, so that the original slender seam turned into a round meat hole.

Zhang Chengpeng smiled and took the finger into the cave full of gentle water, looked at the wife because of exciting and slight shaking thighs, and she wanted to hear his expression, Zhang Chengpeng nodded.

I sat in front of the computer screen in the compartment, watching the image from the team’s pinhole camera, one side of his team members, paying attention to the situation of the wife and others in the club at any time.

A noisy music after a noise.

Wearing a pink suit, dressed in a strange host, walking on the cheers in all guests, and a exciting opening of the atmosphere is more enthusiastic.

Following a group of enchanting girls out of the background, the large-scale SM performance made the audience in the scene called. The atmosphere at the scene has risen to white heat.

The host picked up the microphone at a timely manner, announced the official start today!

The puces who participated in the competition were shouting with the guests in a fierce music, and their temporary owners got a stage.

The wife mixed in the middle of the team, she closed the waft, climbing the waft, climbed to the stage, and the fat buttocks were hit by the guests, and the snow white hips were shaking after a trembling, leaving a red The palm print, and some people even slap in her fat meat, bringing the prostitute four flying from the meat hole.

Several female dogs in the competition have become a row in order to come to the stage, and the wife on the stage seems to have a spirit of the spotlight. She has a moving action seems to be more tall than I am in the police station. With the standard, look at the jade foot attached by her flesh stockings, and the tip of the tips is almost vertical with the ground. If the wife does not practice ballet, I believe that she must have a damn, see two of her side. Women can’t find gaps.

The host took a feet of a few women, it appeared to measure whether their posture is standard.

When he quantified to his wife, the expression on his face couldn’t help but surprised. It seems that the wife’s kneel is too perfect.

The host turned around his wife, then bending down, put his fingers into his wife’s sorrow, and digging hard, it seems to see his wife’s flaw.

However, the wife is still very strong, and there is no half a pool.

The wife’s milk is bloating like two pink crystals, and the sorrow is full of wet fertility, and if it is not filled by the plastic mask, I believe it must also be excavated by people.

The poetry is tight, and the confirmed expression will mix her vagina with the endless use of the host, and it is not possible to suppress more and more painful, more and more hot, and finally sprinkled out from. A large shade of prostitute, even with incontinence, the urine is shocked by the rain!

The moderator thought that his rape thought was finally succinked. He proudly took the wet finger to the wife’s Sao, and then he looked at the wife who should go to the ground, but he was surprised to discover, although his wife’s thighs connected to the foot They are all shaking, and stockings are covered with traces of urine, but she is still perfect.

The audience under the stage can’t help but explode, thunderous is called! Make the audience like a boiling oil pan.

The host stood up and raised the branch of your hand, full of points! He gave his wife a fullness, and the guests once again broke out the sound of the earth.

The host took out the wife’s plastic mask in the asshole, and then re-filled his wife just lax the chrysanthemum.

The host took the wife’s hidden hip, and scattered his wife, climbed the audience in front of the stage, showing the results of her victory.

Of course, during this period, the wife still showed her priest, as if a parent of the victory.

When the wife took the host’s words, even took the initiative to bring his flesh hip to the audience, twisting, and put it back and forth in the farting. It seems to show off the score to the guest. .

Next is the second ratio.

The content of the competition is to see which bitch can respond to relative actions while the master makes gestures.

When the game was round to his wife, the wife’s expression was yoked to try, it seems to be a long time for this project.

It is not difficult to guess, she must pay great efforts to this project.

A few women in front have been very good, with the owner’s cooperation is almost ignorant, but the audience seems to be more expected to be a wife’s performance, as if they think that the wife will be more excellent than other women.

Zhang Fudong first made a gesture around the circle, almost an instant, his wife turned on the floor, and looked back to her asshole in the air.

Zhang Fudong then made a two gesture, his wife immediately squatted, behind his hands, his legs opened to the two sides, do everything effort, trouling the fleshock, two petlets were connected with a garter The iron clamp is driven, and the intermediate strip of the sludge suddenly turns a round meat.

The spectators seem to have a perfect posture that the wife is already perfect. When they are preparing to applaud, they see a dramatic peristal movement between the wife’s vagina, and then a pink round wet object from the wife vagina. The depths were squeezed out, and I looked carefully. Scorpio! This is simply impossible, and the audience is like seeing a miracle.

The host also curiously came to the wife’s side, I want to see what she is using the cervix from the vagina.

The wife’s hands hold the ground, from time to time, will have a very open legs, strive to be more open, tightening the butt, tightening the muscles, a few sweat is moving down her deep portions. .

Can you tell us, why can you squeeze the cervix? The host said that his microphone was handed over to his wife’s mouth, but his wife did not answer the host’s question, but he studied the voice of the dog, Wang Wang called two.

The host’s face flashed a sinister smile, and then seemed to be satisfied with his wife’s answer.

In fact, he does not need to ask his wife, because he has already seen a wife’s cervix on a transparent plastic rope, and the end of the rope is covered in a big toe that is covered by his wife, fleshy stockings, if the wife needs If you walk, you can also make your own cervix.

So, why did the host say that he has known the answer to the answer, in fact, this is a circle of his wife who deliberately give his wife. If the poetry is not reacted, the person’s language answers his question, the wife is Losing, because the poem at this moment is no longer a person, but a female dog, how can the mother say people’s language?

The next time, Zhang Chengpeng also used a gesture to make poetry a few actions.

Until the last action, poetry clouds open their legs into eight characters. Her cervix took the pain of the plastic rope that looked with the big toes, and the tail of the strip was pulled out from the vagina, wet Lying outside.

The host embedded forward, smirked with a foot on the poem, ah! The poetry clouds were screamed by a bitch who stepped on the tail, and the cervix was distorted by the horses. While spurting a large stock from the head! Following her thorns, it is like being swallowed like a thrill of swirls.

The performance of Shiyun once again received the full score given by the host, and at the same time, he also enjoys a shower of the audience’s warm applause.

Falcon payment, ready to arrest. Tian Village and other could not start with the third game, with the headset to capture Zhang Chengpeng’s order with headsets.

Tian Village’s judgment is undoubtedly correct. At this time, Zhang Chengpeng, which is eyebrow dance, is clearly forgotten, and he is in the dog slave play with the most high emotions.

I don’t know if I should praise my wife.

If it is not a well-old performance, I believe that the hairies like Zhang Feipeng will definitely not be so much.

But if you want to see your wife from the perspective of a husband, who will be so addicted to the process of being taught by other men?

I only hope that the wife’s performance is a false dress. If she goes back, she can change back to my pure and beautiful goddess.

Falcon! Falcon! Received, please return!

Tian Village urged a few times in the headset, heard Chen Jian reluctant to answer, say: “” Further, now, it is not an opportunity to arrest. “

Tian Village is in the earset: “Falcon! I ordered you to implement arrested action now.”

Operation, but fucking is really a boss, the Japanese dog holds the chicken feather as a arrow, Laozi has not seen enough. Chen Jian said in the ear of three.

asshole! I got a suddenly jumped from the chair and fell the headset to the instrument. The Bluetooth headset on one side was placed on the side of the team: “All vultures are concentrated in the back door.”

Tian Village listened to my order in the ear, I immediately guessed that I have to break into the club from the back door, hurriedly stop saying: “Vulture! Vulture! Please collect the command immediately! You do this, you will only let the favorite prey Multiply, wait, I think there is still a chance. “

Chen Jian said in the earset: “You are eager to have a journey, wait for the Laozi to read the next game, Laozi will naturally grasp the people, when you don’t forget to thank God, let the poetry to our team, give We have a few brothers, perform well performances. “

Chen Jian spoke, one side of the players around him emit light laughter. I am almost spit out of blood, and my heart is constantly cursing how the bastard is like a policeman.

The atmosphere in the club is still warm.

As a male man, the man is neatly standing, and takes off his pants, and enjoy the blowjob of the bitch who is squatting in their bodies.

After his wife’s hands behind him, his knees were kneeling in front of Zhang Fongpeng, with an elongated tongue licked over a bloating glans and penis, with a double lip to suck the egg suck, then swallow the whole root mask, until The red lips encounter the roots of the mask, let the huge glans go into their throat … ·····

Although I saw the wife who was taught by the wife, I still saw her take the initiative to suck the mask outside the man. This picture made me feel that the whole body is weak, and she has hugged her own. Brain.

The host said on the ground on the ground to say: “Remember the taste of your owner, don’t recognize the wrong.”

The host said, a wave of staff who made a few sitting on the stage wear a black eyed mask for poetry, and then holding the colony on their neck, with them to exchange the position, and let men The position is also exchanged.

After all arrangements, the host said to a female dog: “Okay, began to identify it.”

The wife didn’t hesitate, and the lips came to the man’s mouth, and then swallowed into the meat stick, and worked hard to feel the length and shape of the meat stick.

The man seems to feel that the wife’s tongue is great, I can’t help with my wife’s head, and slammed the mask, and the glans entered the throat of his wife.

Vomit! A series of hanging vomins came out from the wife’s throat, and the spilled saliva accumulated from her red lips, and the flesh of the flesh is turned, with a few transeys, the flush from open The intergress is excited.

The moderator took the microphone to his wife’s mouth, asked: “How is the bitch, this minced taste is like your owner.”

The wife spit out the man’s meat stick, and Wang Wang called two sounds.

The audience heard his wife’s answer, immediately called, many of whom seem to have become a fans of his wife, especially paying attention to his wife, and hoped that she would win.

The first game, eliminated nearly half of the woman, lost the owner of the competition, and the whip sent their bitch to their huge reprimands.

Next, the moderator let two men stand at the same time, the wife is obedient to open the mouth, and stick out the tongue, let the two meat sticks will increate her mouth.

One of the men pinch the wife’s nose. It has blocked his wife’s mouth. In less than a few seconds, his wife is like suffocating. Her face is buried in the man of men, Zhang Big The mouth is like a very fresh air, but the man is vicious to get the mask, the huge glans hit the top of the little tongue, so that the wife immediately wakes a hammer, a large stock from her mouth I sprayed out.

The wife can’t control the man’s thigh with both hands, like the man with the mask again hit his little tongue again.

The man took the wife’s hair and took her meat stick away from her little mouth, staring at the pretty face of his wife, and gave her a slap in her face.

what! Not a scream of his wife, but I am roaring, the man’s slash is like an intention of my heart, letting I want to rush into the club with a shot of him.

The wife took the face to the side, but then he saw that she suddenly understood the mistakes you made, and immediately back to his back to his body, and straight-up, a pair of big breasts.

The man first slap the wife’s tits, then slammed the wife’s erect’s milk, the wife couldn’t inhibit the trembling of the stimulus, and the crispy chest is tall, it seems intentional man. The finger pinchs her nipples and is willing to receive his abuse.

The second man hugged his wife’s head, and the brutal uses chicken into her mouth, and then like her mouth as a vagina, and finally men have a strong breath in their own. Intucked within the mouth of my wife.

The wife is desperately swallowed with throat, and it is strong to swallow the semen of the man, but still have a few silk semen from her mouth.

The man let go of his wife, and the look is satisfied from her mouth, and puts the slammed glans to shoot on his wife’s elongated tongue, and his wife is smart, and the semen remaining on the man’s meat stick. All of them, then it is still unfair to leave the sperm in the mouth. The modeler asked his wife: “Is the semen delicious?”

The wife Wang’s call is like it is delicious.

The host asked his wife two men who was her master?

At this time, two men also grabbed his wife’s follow-up, one person pinned her chin, put his fingers into her mouth, let her smother my fingers like sucking chicken. Another person grabs the wife’s millet, and squats her nip from time to time.

Two men seem to have proved that she is her master, but she saw the wife’s mouth, and suddenly looked up a beautiful leg, and the momentum spurted a clear urine and wets two. Men’s pants.

The man seems to be completely not expected to do this, and the face is back in the back.

Guests have laughed, and they brought to their wife.

The host also couldn’t help but laugh and stopped two men who want to revenge their wife.

The wife guess, these two men are not her master Zhang Chengpeng, and the real Zhang Fongpeng came to the wife’s follower, he took the mask’s glans to the pretty face of his wife, and then slammed the urine .

Hoot! The wife who was blouded by the urine was shocked, and then the place was aware of what was found. It took the blood of the urine to open his mouth, and heard the nausea, and the golden liquid was swallowed into his stomach.

I didn’t have to have a diaper who was drinking by my wife, and the wife’s squat was flowing down from the neck, and she wet her whole body instantly.

The wife, the arrogant, the farthed farthed flesh, and the fare of the fits were filled with the farther, and they were deeply buried in the rectum, and they were squeezed out from the anus, and then I saw Poetry Cloud’s Chrysanthemum is like a dramatic contraction and expansion of power generation. It is paid to our police officers with Moss password. “Action!”

Give me! Chen Jian was in his headset, and he immediately wore a team of casual clothes. I suddenly pulled out the pistol from a policeman’s waist, just when he wanted to shoot the police officer, he heard that he made a miserable call. It turned out to be a wife with a fat hip. I lived in his mask.

Go back to the police station, the Secretary is like color, especially praised the outstanding performance of poetry clouds in the mission, and the planning arrangement of Tiancun.

Although Chen Jian violated the order of Tiancun in the mission, Chen Jian violated the character of Tiancun, and the Tiansham poorly fell, but in fact, it was more than enough.

Director’s punishment made him apologize to Tian Village and asked him to start to pick up Tiaun Village today until Tamou left Z country.

I was restored by the Secretary to the captain’s position, and I got the normal for others. I have a little extravagant wife’s right to go home for the near future.

The police station interrogation room.

Zhang Chengpeng’s face is depressed and resentful in the seat.

Tian Village is a routine interview. In fact, Zhang Mupeng’s criminal evidence has already mastered it. Now, as long as he brought him back to Japan, he can let Zhang Chengpeng squatted on a lifetime.

The wife walked in with me to open the interrogation room, Zhang Fudong saw his wife wearing a police uniform’s appearance, and he immediately widened his eyes, like can’t believe it!

You, you are a police! Zhang Chengpeng is like a long-awaited fool, and his wife just gave him a lightning laugh.

Zhang Dongpeng is imagined. He has collapsed in an instant. He said that he is self-speaking: “My tune, how can my tuning failure! Why, why my bitch will not listen, clearly, even my urine is also drinking. ····· Where is it wrong? It is impossible, this must not be true … ·····

The wife looked like a poor insects that could not find the correct answer, shook his head and then walked out of the interrogation room.

I have some curious asked why my wife went to see Zhang Fongpeng. Because of the moment of catching Zhang Chengpeng, even the task was completed, and the first trial work, in addition to Tian Village, my country’s police did not need to participate.

Wife said: I don’t know, maybe my body wants to see him last side. I gentle my wife and said to her: Let’s go home.

The wife, but then somewhat embarrassed to me: “The club called came over and said that I had the first place in the female dog competition, let me have awarded the prize, I think the task will use the club, so······”

At night, the club is light in the club.

The host said with the microphone and said: Welcome our protagonist tonight, the champion of this contest, there is a bitch who is known as the police dog, …

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