I used the coarse sexual instrument inserted “Little Baby.” Chu Hao smiled and kissed her.

“Oh …” Chu Deliced ​​that the chest is cold, he actually reached into her clothes in her clothes, her chest, and hurting.

“Baby, I want you, give me a good?” Chu Haoyu let go of her lips, licking her ears under the skin, tempting the dull sound of dyeing lust.

Chu Deng cryed with tears, he didn’t have sexual desires, how can you see that she thinks is that kind of thing, and no matter where it is. Helpless hammered on his chest: “Go back home! Go back to the house again …”

“Don’t, I am here, I have thought about it all day.

Chu Hao’s kiss peeled Chu Ding’s clothes, and a handband and her waist allowed her to move, and she pulled her meal ball.

Although Chu Ding is unwilling, but the body has already been familiar with his touch. He was pulled a few times, and the flowers were spit out of the water, provoke Chu Haoyun, laughing at her: “Small things, so you are so wet. Are you very excited about here? “

Chu Ying is ashamed, but also arrived in his greatness. Seeing that he is a must not be here, and the sure is not struggling. Close his eyes as an ostrich, by him toss. She is really hate that this is more and more sensitive.

“Baby, open your eyes, if you don’t open, I have been doing you.” Chu Haoyu flipped her over, let her hands on the glass wall, open. He looted her behind him, woring around her chest, kneading her white abundance, pushing in her flower pocket.

“Well …” Chu Ding was soft by him, and he knew that he came to do it. He had to open his eyes.

Chu Haozhen took a finger in the moment when she opened her eyes, and said that she said: “Baby, look at me, how to insert you.” Then I slammed it in the back.

“Ah … it hurts …” Chu Haoyun came to do his best, Chu Ding was still not wet, he was eager to get into, Chu Ding was made by him.

“Hey, endure.” I heard that she shouted that Hao Hao was slow, and slowly slapted.

“Well … bad guys … you have to endure some … um … Why is yourself … no … don’t … um … I will bear it …” Chu Ding hurts whenever I complained one side.

“Baby, who told you so attractive, let me want to endure it. Hey, look at how I insert you.” Chu Haoyu smiled and slaughtered Chu Ding’s head, Forced her to see the blunted picture reflected in the glass wall.

The picture is blocked, and Chu Ding can clearly see that her flowers are slightly shaking and swallowing his huge one.

“Well …” Sensual picture stimulated Chu Cozy could not help but stunned, and the flowers were constantly out of water.

“Baby, look good? You look at your little hole and eat more.” Chu Haowei has brought her with words with words, while starting to vigorously pumping.

Chu Ding saw that every time he took out, it could be rolled out, as if countless small tentacles were trying to retain him, and they immediately retracted. This picture is really exciting. Chu Ding is not able to think about it. However, Chu Haoyu buckled her head and didn’t let her move. No way to look back and see him: “Don’t say Di … I don’t say it … “

“Okay, baby, I don’t say, then you look carefully, see how I insert you, how to fuck your, Win?” Chu Haowan said that it began to thrown.

“Ah …” Chu Ding felt that his flowers were fooled by his hot meat stick, it was uncomfortable, and the hands of the glass wall were not strong, and the whole portrait of the glass wall.

“Shu …” Chu Ding’s entire upper body is posted on the glass wall, and the cold touch makes her a spirit, and the flower cavity is not compressed by autonomy.

“It’s so comfortable, baby.” Chu Haozhen seems to have tasted the sweetness and pulled her from the glass wall, and then went to the top of the top, then pulled back, so repeated, let her chest The softness is constantly hit on the glass wall, then leaves, and hits it on the glass wall.

Chu Ding did not stop, the breast seems to have been frozen. The cold and hot fever at the end of the fever and tormed her, let her cry: “Ah … don’t … don’t …地 地 地 地 … … … 难 难 难 难 难 受 … … 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 难 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下 下Asked shallow plug.

“Hey … chest … so cold …” Chu Coesheng said with tears.

Chu Haojun reached out, it was really cool, some distressed, turned it out, turned it over, picked her on the ground, then put her thigh to the biggest, refurbished in slowly grinding. The whole person is pressed on her and helped her with the coldness of the chest.

“Good Heavy …” Chu Gong stagnated, so slow, itchy, so hot, you want to twist the waist, but he is seriously pressed to let her move, the air in the lungs seems to be I was squeezed by him.

“Small things, it’s not cold?” Chu Haojun asked some reluctant.

“Not cold … ah …” Chu Ding has not finished, and he was shocked by him.

“Then let’s change your posture.” Chu Haoyu sat up and put Chu Ding’s legs to his two shoulders, grabbing her slender rush.

“Ah, ah …” Chu Haoyun fiercely rooted, let Chu Ding feel hard to describe it from the depths of the flower, the body is not controlled, and the climax is rampant. The flower cavity was smashed, and the tremble was drained.

“Well … ah … ah … um …” Chu Ding was constantly buried in the climax in the climax, and the consciousness is screaming.

With the sake of the slap, the combination of the two, the continuous oozing of the unique odor, dripped to the ground with the dramatic shake of Chu Dingzi, and more and more, Curled Sound is more and more charming.

Chu Hao said not to add addiction, and put her legs down, and Chu Ding’s entire body was pressed into V-shaped.

“Ah …” Suddenly transformed the posture, let Chu Ding woke a little, the illusion of the waist is broken, let her yell: “Don’t … ah …”

Chu Haoyu has been red in this moment. It is ignored that she should not hit her in the glass wall. Chu Ding will be squeezed into a small group. But I can’t shake him half a minute. His tall body is like a wall, heavy, and stripped by the top-down pressure to her.

“Ah, ah … don’t … ah …” Chu Ding couldn’t shout, and the messy long dance also danced.

“I beg you … ah …”

“Hey … you are good … I am so brave … … 我 … … ah …”

“Good deep … ah … so much … don’t …”

“Hey … Tap … ah … slow … Ask you … 地 … ah …”

Chu Dai Yan’s crying, all shouted it all the way, but still, Chu Haoyu, can’t accept the force, and fierce and fierce her, and the juice is rumored.

In the end, Chu Ding didn’t matter, and reached it down and grabbed the one of Chu Hao, gently rubbed.

Chu Haojun did not have the resistance to her, and he spurted it.

Then, Chu Dago is flattened, and then pressed on her body. When I came to the breath, I bite a bite on Chu Dingshui, and I fierce her, and said to teeth: “Xiao Jing, you will hurt me so soon.”

In Chu Cozy, the tears were flashing and smashing his head and ignored him. He complained: This is called fast, if you slowly, I will kill you. Although there is no watch here, she doesn’t know how long it takes a specific time.

It can also be aware that it is not less than an hour, and he is very impatient to do the play, occasionally the bloody tide, will be teasing that she takes the initiative to ask him to enter, the rest of the time is not doing a few minutes, just mention guns Up.

Chu Ding felt that he was tossed by him every day, and it was a miracle that he was healthy and healthy.

Chu Haoyu took a while, and helped her to put her clothes and hugged her out. Although he still wants to come again, but it is really cold here. He is distressed, and she is afraid that she can’t stand, I have to make it.

Chu Dingshu comfortably let him go back to the house all the way in Chu Hao. It’s not that she is lazy, I don’t want to walk. It is really weak, and my legs can’t get soft. Going back to the room, Chu Haoyu is afraid that Chu Ding is cold, so that the water makes her a hot bath, and it is hot soup, and she has a big bowl.

Chu Coiced him, he didn’t care about her, and she was strong in the glass greenhouse. Although she also had cooperation, the top is more halfway, but she is uncomfortable, I want to make a feeling.

Chu Haozhen saw Chu Cozy face, knowing this is not twisted, but he still enjoyed her occasionally twirling. So accompanied his smile, in her body, this pinching, Chu Ding comfortably closed his eyes, not always breathing gradually, she fell asleep.

Chu Haoyu is a little dumbfounded, he pleases like her, I think that she doesn’t have to be twisted, then do her a few times, I didn’t expect that she fell asleep so soon, he was doing it tonight I thought, this would be woke up, and the small wild cat is separated.

Chu Haoyu himself is tired, and it is also holding her to sleep, no bad.

I don’t know how long it took, Chu Ding still slept, and I woke up by a burst of menstrual surgery.

Chu Ding is looking at the blurred eyes. When I look at it, I saw the thighs were opened. Chu Haoyu is looking down at the end of her legs.

“Well …” Chu Ding felt his tongue gently slipped the sensitive little meat ball, a bungling feeling spread throughout the body, she could not help but fill the waist, I don’t know if I want to avoid it, or caterure .

Chu Hao saw she woke up, so he strongly took a bite in her flower, and then stretched the tongue into the flower point, and did not let go of any one. The inner wall can be obtained.

“Don’t … 地 … itchy …” Chu Curiously screamed, the flower god was twitching, constantly overflowing the water.

Chu Haoyu took the greenery of the flowers in the mouth, and slapped, he heard that every pores were opened, and the sound called.

Chu Haoyu is more selling with her flower, and the big hands open her shake the lip, including the sucking of the little meat ball, and bitten.

“Ah, ah …” The extreme pleasure made Chu Ding more dramatically, and the flower hole began to twitch and looked at the climax. Chu Hala suddenly stopped, climbed from her two legs. At her top, watching her is hard to resist, a waist, run through her.

“Ah …” Chu Ding Long squatted, trembled with a climax, and after the climax, she was soft, and she became a water in his body, and the low and low returned, by him Tossing the pattern.

Chu Ding was panting, he pushed him a little, and the little hand painted in his chest, and the soft temptation said: “Hey, don’t go out tonight, don’t you go out? People let you Do it all night. “

Chu Haowen heard the words, and then watched, and some did not reply to ask: “Really?”

Chu Ding shyed in his arms and softly, Chu Hao saw her nodded, and they also pursued the reason why she was not angry. Everything first waited for him to say, anyway, the little thing is under him. I can’t run it.

Excited him hugged her to bed, peeling her clothes, I haven’t went to the bed, I am so angry, I have left some of the things that he first shot in, let him It is easy to enter.

I can’t wait to go back to bed, Chu Haofu took her directly on the ground and started.

“Ah … 地 … more focus … ah … tear me … … so deep … ah …” Chu Ding hooks Chu Haoyu’s neck, legs around his waist, He has to fight almost out, but it is still to dig.

Chu Haojun didn’t have a self-made force in her body. She was half-pushed halfway on weekdays. She wanted to stop. This will be more enthusiastic, let him get angry, more controlled, and the scarlet is dead and staring at her. I can’t hate her to swallow her.

Ferocious crazy hugged her, I didn’t feel happy, I pulled it out, put her in bed, turned over, then pulled a leg to the bed, big hand separated her two legs, Fixed on the waist side, then a fierce, and heavy top.

“Ah, ah …” Chu Dingruped a messy long hair, loudly, no longer dared to dig, and he afraid that she was really torn again.

“Baby, isn’t enough weight enough? Well? Or just a little more?” Chu Hao’s minced meat rod hit Chu Ding’s flower, but the tone is very gentle.

“Slow down … Slow … 地 … ah … we … have a night … Time … slow … Slow … ah …” Chu Daguang can’t stand it quickly and Deep The impact, the soft, the scorpion is intermittent, and begging for mercy.

“Well, I slow down, is we time is it?” Chu Haike remembered that she said that she would make him a whole night, her mood was slow, and the coarse meat stick slowly smoked from the flower pocket, slowly Slowly inserted, while squatting on her back, the big hand wrapped around her with the top of the bullet rod and was pressed on the top of the tap.

“Well … um …” Chu Denge went to a breath, squatting on the bed and smoothing. Although the speed of the impact in the flower governance is slow, it can not be very comfortable, and it is more obvious that the ultimate feeling is more obvious. Even the jump of green rods can clearly feel clearly, the huge glans is in the uterus. Slowly rotate, forced the delicate uterine mouth slowly open the mouth, a small mouth, a small mouth slowly sucking.

“Relax … Baby … You are so tight, I can’t come slowly.” Chu Haoyu smashed, while playing with Chu Ding’s flower, continuously Stimulating his movements are getting more and more wild, and the speed is gradually getting faster.

“Ah … ah … um … slow … Slow …” Chu Ding’s flower hole was smashed into the uterus, the meat rod is in the uterus, and the integration is constantly sounding “滋 滋”the sound of. His movements are getting faster and faster, and Chu Ding is uncomfortable by him.

“Can’t slow, baby … you are tight …” Chu Haoyu is shouting, his hands are dead, the lower body is dead, and the long and thick meat sticks are more crazy. Force hit, sprint, no skill, what is the first and deep, three shaders, at this moment, he is completely calm, all the ability to attack, once more wild, one more than one in-depth Gondrical flower.

“Ah … ah … ah, ah …” Chu Ding tightly grabbed the sheets under the body, the abdomen constant contraction The huge impact of the two people, friction, friction, the inner wall of congestion swelling flowers begins, and the meat rods are splashing each time.

Chu Ding’s thinking gradually became chaotic, but also remembered that his original intention was to give him the most extreme enjoyment, so the little hand was explored, and he was pressed down while being joined in the lower abdomen, and he added his pleasure.

“Well … so cool … Dry you …” Chu Haishu Rush, lifting the body and a crazy insertion, then in the scream of the Chu Ding climax, raise her double Legs, turn her, positive, then stand straight, grabbing her two feet, let her waist leave the wooden bed, the whole hanging, he is so rushing Insert her.

“Ah, ah … can’t be … so much … first … first go out … Ah …” Because of the climax, it is unable to withstand Chu Haoyu’s thick, and the grievous meat stick is rubbed. The inner wall of sensitive and unusual flowers, sorrowful and stabbing, let Chu Dai have severely twisted, want to take out the murder of the body.

Chu Haofu was a little pain, but more is unable to describe, where is it to go out, big hands make it strong with Chu Ding’s hip flap, the top of the force is not alleviated, but it is more rude, each I have been in the depths of the womous, forcing the hometown of the homes to accompany the homework: “Don’t go out, go in, go in, the mouth inside is big, the little things, the climax is 狠 操 的, Shu uncomfortable?”

“Shu … comfortable … ah … don’t … 呜 … ask you … 地 … ah …” Unmolved pasta and sorcelation simultaneously swept Chu Ding, let her make a painful and similar Soaks, instinctive twists the waist, one of the speeds of the pumding of Chu Haozhen.

Listening to her delicate and weak, I should pity, I can’t look at her naked, black hair is scattered on the snow white sheet, some sweatted wet stickers in the neck and The lips, the small mouth is slightly, um huh, the shame of the beautiful little face, is full of lustful red tides, the body is full of new and old kiss and bite, the lower body that cannot be collected is sliding out the inside of the thigh. The bristled white transparent liquid, was unconsciously trembled by the flowers of his flowers, and the gesture became more and more, looked at the pity that he was inserted by him, but it was extremely charming, let him beast blood, straight I want to force her to die.

“Ah, ah …” The long meat rod is sick, and the fierce crashed into the uterus of Chu Ding, the feeling of sorrow, and the stringed, the tightening of the Ceremony With the top of his tweet violent violence, the string was disconnected, and Chu Congji called the sheets under the body, tall and tall, and the whole body trembled. “It’s so tight … Relax … Baby … Do you want to hang out me? Well?” Chu Haoyu did not give Chu Ding wheezing time, and he worked hard to open her legs, and heavy barbarism in her climax. Rushing up. “Light … light … ah …” Chu Ding’s flower hole was packed by some of him, and the root of the leg was also greatly painful by him.

She now regrets, she should not dig him, he is already wild in this news in this news, and now she is tapping, it will become a wild beast, the speed and strength are not her ability. Moreover, she also promised to let him do one night, she is really looking for death.

“Baby, I love you … Love you … …” I don’t know how long it is, when Chu Ding is so funny, Chu Hao is screaming, struggling to move down, tight Tightening against Chu Ding’s hip flap, the whole body trembled, and then the hot semen were incident in the uterus of Chu Denge.

“Ah …” Chu Ding was fired by him, and screaming and following it.

After the climax, Chu Coescited it in the bed, and the tired movement can’t move.

However, Chu Haowang said in the climax, she did hear it really, Chu Haoyu never told her to love her.

Although it is said that men are not trustwalking on the bed, but at this moment, Chu Dai is willing to believe that Chu Hao is really love her, so her heart will be better.

“Baby, how do you cry? I am hurting you? Well?” Chu Haojun said on the side of Chu Ding, suddenly saw her tears. The stream. Although he was in bed, she cried very loud each time, and she cried, the more excited, but she immediately stopped tears every time. How did this end, she is crying more fierce. Chu Haoyun panicted his feet, and his hand helped her to wipe her tears.

Chu Ding was afraid that Chu Haoyu saw the clue, quickly hit tears, shook his head and smashed: “Hey, can you say it again?”

Chu Haoyu smiled slightly, and then hook his mouth and smiled.

Chu Haoyu said that he said with joy, let Chu Ding face a red, shy, don’t face, small channel: “No, the last sentence.”

“The last sentence?” Chu Haojun was carefully thought about it.

Chu Haoyu smashed the temper when he had a passion. Chu Daguo and irritated on his waist twisted, shouted: “When the climax, he said.”

“Small things, when the climax is being joined, comfortable?”

“You …” Chu Ding was teamed and annoyed and worried, and his eyes were red.

Chu Haojun found that he didn’t seem to be a little over, hurriedly said: “Baby, I love you, I love you. Don’t cry, I am wrong, don’t tease you, don’t cry.” Said that the tenderness is kissing her eyebrows.

“Well …” Chu Ding was kneaded by him again, and he became more sour, he was a cry, and said, “said another time.”

“Okay, let’s say it a few times, I love you, I love you, baby condole, wife.” Chu Haoyu did not dare to tease her, whispered in her ear.

“I also love you, my husband.” Chu Dingyan responded, tears were not controlled.

Chu Haoyu, then the low-headed head kissed, fiercely opened her tooth, stretched the tongue into her mouth, Chu Ding cooperated with his tongue, kissed. Chu Haoyu is not satisfied with her slowly swallowing the action, dragging out her soft and humid tongue, biting the tip of the tongue.

Chu Ding was soft, and the body was actively posted with him, catering him to knead on her body.

The meat stick under Chu Hao was hard, he released the Chu Ding, and pumped the wet meat stick from her flowers. By the way, the liquid inside is also guided. Then I hugged her into the bed, put it into a pose, and took a pillow under her belly, let her not feel high.

Chu Ding was put by him, but he drums in his heart. Some nervous licking lips, Zi Shuo said: “Hey, so tired, let people take a break.”

Chu Haoyu took it on her high-talled little butt, and the light ridicun: “How, small things, do you want to play?”


“Hey, this time it will make you sleep, hey …” Chu Haoyu smashed her. The big hand is going to have her flowers, and dig it.

Chu Haoyu kissed the pro-husband, soft and comfortable: “Okay, I will be told, don’t plus too deep, you relax, don’t be nervous, feel me, I love you.” Chu Hao Said to slip, squatting between her two legs.

Chu Haoyu is very patient with his predecessor, the lips finger’s turn, the stimulating Chu Dai is once again, and the eyes closed in the sheets, and the flowers have become muddy. .

Chu Hao said that it was time, the whole cover was in her, and it was more than the human shape, and a few laps had a big head squeezed into it.

“Ah … it hurts …” Chu Ding did not prepare, the flower hole was so hard, and the severe pain made her cry.

See Chu Ding crying, the beast-shaped Chu Haojun used only the desire to do with the idea, inserted in her body, waiting for her to adapt, while reaching out with a thin barb The long tongue, licking it on her snow neck, trying to let her relax.

Chu is crying, he has to escape the urge to escape, try to relax himself and adapt to the huge behind him. Sustained hypnotics is Chu Hao, it is not Chu Haoyu. It is Chu Haoyu to love her, to relax, let him come in, all come in, he will not hurt her.

Chu Dai has not completely relaxed. Chu Hala is a little can’t help but wheezing and mixing with hot air from his nose to the back neck of Chu Ding. Scholars a bit.

“…” Chu Haoyu couldn’t help but rushed in a lean.

“Ah, ah …” The whole ramp was opened by hard studies, and the painless painless pain made Chu Cozygous, almost fainted.

“Ah … light … don’t … don’t go in again … hurt … ah …” Chu’s slow tone, I feel that the weapon in the flower governor has arrived in the homework, but also tried to advance, scared Twisted the waist to avoid it.

“Hey …” Chu Haoyu did not completely topped the identifier several times, and some impatient and loud, leaning down, the whole crimped Chu Ding made her moved, and then slammed forward ……

“Ah …” Chu Ding was run through, and the uterus was also forced to open, trembled with his huge sex. “Ah … … ah … hurt … ah … 地 … I want … I am dead … 呜 … ah, ah …” Chu Ding’s flower hole and even delicate uterus were huge The sex is almost crackled, and it is unbeatable by each of the uterus inside the uterus that hits it. Chu Denge feels that the internal organs have to vomit from the mouth as his scales.

“Call, hamo, haunt …” The whole covered with Chu Hao, who is rough and breathed in Chu Ding’s flowers in Chu Ding, and lack in Chu Ding’s flowers. The small hole is really ecstasy, let him can’t stop, just want to have more.

“Ah, … ah … ah …” Chu Ding was shaking by huge impact behind him, with a lower body of the coarseness, as if burned a general, hot and spicy pain, she felt a burst of eyes Black, the big mouth is difficult to breathe, or make meaningless.

The gradually severe pain is replaced by numbness. Chu Ding’s gods also began to be fascinated. She was secretly finally fainted. Just when she was awake again, the ‘wolf tooth stick’ in the flower cavity continued to be abused, which made Chu Coes couldn’t help but doubt, she did not faint, just a little bit slightly.

“Ah … hurry out … I have to go out … I am dying … ah …” Chu Ding’s scorpion has been crying, Chu Haoyu is still rushing, Chu Ding doesn’t know that you can bear it. How long, the feeling of more and more dizzy makes her feel that they will die. The unscrupulous vented of the unscrupulous vented, it seems that the little people under the body are weak, and they quickly add to the top, and then take a little slightly to the uterine mouth, then Strong sprayed out.

“Ah …” Excessive burning semen inserted into the Chu Ding’s uterus, let her long, then soft, do not know.

After Chu Haishu, I found that the little people under the body didn’t seem to breathe. I couldn’t help but hop. I quickly took out myself. I turned it with her hand. I put the thick tits into her mouth, trying Give the air to her, the hand is also placed in the position of her chest, and how she still has a heartbeat.

It’s good to have a heartbeat, Chu Dai is just not mentioned by him, and it is awake it.

Chu Hao saw that she woke up, and put down her heart, her eyes smiled and smiled at her. The tits were constantly retrofitting in her mouth, and the hands were also gently pressed on her chest.

“Don’t …” Chu Ding took the head to one side, refused to let the tongue into her mouth, some disliked reached out to the chest, trying to push it from the body.

Chu Haoyu is a little more than a little sad, lifting her two hands, then reaching out the tongue on her tongue on her tongue on her tongue licking, and she will not give up the scene.

Chu Ding’s lips were painful by him, there is really no way, I have to open your tits, and then succumb.

Chu Haoyu was a comfortable straight spray of her, and finally saw Chu Ding’s eyes and red, this took the tongue and re-completed her, kissed her red little mouth, soft happiness: ” Baby, don’t cry, don’t cry, you look at you, I’m doing with water, you can’t cry, okay, don’t cry, don’t you hurt, I am helping you, then the medicine is good? “

Chu Ding also didn’t want to stay in the last night, and he left himself the impression of crying, so I took some noses and nodded.

Chu Hao saw she didn’t cry, this only looked at the hot water, helping her wipe her under the miserable lower body.

“Shu … it hurts … tight … 地 地 点 …” Chu Ding was biting his lower lips, tightly endured the flower, and it was unbearable.

“Well … I am tight, tap.” Chu Hao said softly, while the white turbid liquid mixed with the hole was gently wiped, carefully checked, and there was a few The small mouth is omentially infiltrated with blood, and Chu Haoyu is distressed and regretted. Hurrying the painful ointment to take a pain and swelling.

The slenderness of the sizzling is no longer so uncomfortable, and Chu Ding is gradually relaxing, and it is tired.

Waiting for Chu Haofu, Chu Ding has been asleep, and Chu Haofu is gently lie down on her side, and the pet to kiss her forehead, then collect her to the arms, hook Fall asleep with your mouth.

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