“Ilin, your boyfriend seems to have a difference?” Meiling asked something while asked.

Yilin is also packed up on the table. She looked up at the clock, and she had more than five o’clock. She accelerated the action, then nodded.

“Do you want to find a place with us?”

Ilin seems to be a bit surprised to look at her, and then a little embarrassing smile, shake his head, “Can’t, I am going home.”

“No!” Meiling called, “So rare Christmas, you have to be alone in the house?”

“Not yet,” I will put his mouth, “I want to go to my dad.”


“Go eat a Christmas dinner, then look at the movie.” Ilin said, very happy smile.

“God, Ilin, I really think you have a problem,” Meiling Zhang Da, “Someone is still so sticky this age.”

“Well, that is, Xiao Ting, the little Ting,” I also think you are strange. “

“What,” Ilin is a little annoyed, “What is wrong with my family?”

“I have seen a book in my psychology,” Xiao Ting said, “” I will write the people very sticky in childhood, this is to seek protection, it is an energy that survive, then to After the growth period, you will start hate your parents, which is to be independent. “

Yilin looked at her with a surprised eyes.

“There is more important,” Xiao Ting continued, “Usually my son will especially hate my mother, my daughter will especially hate Dad, this is to prevent incest.”

“Where have you been going!”

“Really, have you never been rebellion?”

Yilin did not hesitate to swear, Mei Ling and Xiaotang Zhang Loud look at her.

“Ah ~ I know why I am not different from you.” Ilin suddenly said, with a provocative tone.

“What?” Two girls asked in parallel.

“Because you are not like me, there is the best father in the world.” Inene vomited his tongue to make a face and then turned around with the backpack.

Leave two colleagues face each other.

In fact, she is a bit more concerned.

In the backhand, she constantly thinks about Xiaoting, she feels to her father, in fact, she can’t think of how the words should be described, it is a kind of worship, trust and admire emotions, from She did not change the memory.

Especially after her mother leaves.

She really wants to see the mother’s new husband. She can’t figure it out, how is a man who can let her give up such a good father.

However, no matter what her attachment to her father, Xiao Ting said that incest is too exaggerated, she and her father can’t happen.

Although she once dreams …

Thinking of this, Ilind can’t help but take a breath.

As the distance from home is getting more and more, the expectation of Christmas night has grown out of the original uneasy emotions, she stepped around the footsteps, but found that the lights in the house were dark, This makes her feel very unexpected. At this time, Dad should be waiting for her at home.

She has helplessly took the key to open the door, stepping into the dark house, a deep loss hit the heart, she opened the light, the backpack is still too late to put down the call to dad. Dad.

“Your phone is temporarily unat listening …” After a dozen sounds, no one has received the phone, and it is an angry format.

She looked at the clock, I have been six o’clock, then she returned to the room to make up makeup, took out the white coat that was booked to wear, she thought that her father still immediately came back.

After ten minutes, Yilin’s mobile phone rang, she saw the call of Dad, and quickly took it.


“Well, Xiaolin, is you home?” It sounds a bit weak.

“It’s a good time, why have you been coming back?”

“Well … a little thing.”

“Hey, how can you let go of your pigeons!” “I am in the hospital …”

Ilin took a shock, “What happened to you?”

“Nothing, just a bit of stomach pain, but … today can’t stand out today.”

“what’s up?”

“You don’t have to worry, Xiaolin, movie tickets are there, you can go see it, or find a friend …”

“What is joke, Iynn interrupted his words,” What kind of movie I am in the mood, I am in a hospital, I will go. “

“Well … ok,” he seems to hesitate, “I remember myself to eat something before.”

Ilin noticed that if Dad reminded, she really forgot the dinner.

After hanging on the phone, the National Day lying on the bed, watching the ceiling, deeply sucking a sigh of relief, thinking about the scene of the doctor pronounced his condition.

It is very incredible, he is not particularly sad. In addition to a touch of sad sadness, he has a feeling of relief, it is a retribution, he said to himself, and the old man is beyond him.

But how can Xiaolin? What is the day of her future?

After dozens, Ilin is expected to appear in the door of the ward. Although she tried to hide, but she still saw that she was slightly angry, and she was also covered with sweat. Some haired scattered The forehead seems to be running, she is wearing a pink suit, catching a white coat, but wearing a little uncoordinated shoes.

She sat down next to the National Day, “Hey, what happens, how can it be like this?”

“Don’t worry so much, tell you that I am fine,” he reached out to Iynn the hair on the forehead, “Do you just have dinner?”

Looking at the daughter’s face, he often has a feeling of separating the reality. Is the beautiful girl really a child?

With her exterior, Iron will lead to male obscenity, so he must protect her, he wants to protect her with all the methods, the most beginning of the same mood is really like this, but his mentality, but from protection slow Slowly become a possession …

This is let go.

“Hey, have you heard it?”

“Ah?” Suddenly returned to God, he really didn’t know what Ire said.

“Forget it, there is nothing.” Ilin seems to be a bit called.

Silent, National Day mentioned another topic, “Zong Xuan is going back tomorrow, do you have a daily going?”

“Well, is there,?” Ilin hosted his face, “But see you, I have a mood, I want to call him with him.”

“Don’t do this, your rare dating.”

“I still take him to see you.”

The National Day laughed, “Xiao Lin, don’t do this kind of destruction, he is a good man, you have to cherish it.”

“I know, but …”

National Day reached out the arm, “the daughter, come over here, I have a whisper to tell you.”

When Yilin dials his hair, although I felt a bit strange, she still got the head, listening to what her father said …

Zong Xuan will cook the Kantong bought to Yilin. Inere seems to have suddenly returned to God, lifting his head, looking at him a bit.

“Why, what to stay.”

“Nothing.” Yilin took the Kantong, and he was holding warm with both hands.

“So, how did you spend your Christmas yesterday?”

“Well …” Ilin thought, “I went to the movie with my friends.”

“What movie to watch?”

Ilin looked at him, stayed for a half? Can’t say it.


Ire is nodded, I am sorry to laugh.

“This movie is so bored?” Zong Xuan said with a joke.

Ilin smiled again, “Probably it.”

Zong Xuan sat down at her side, “Sorry, you can’t always accompany you.”

Yilin shook his head, “Don’t say this, you are good enough to me.” Zong Xuan looked at her, and then put her lips tightly her lips.

This is their most in-depth progress.

For three years, friends will sometimes take a laughter, “You are still high school students, the interaction is only the mouth for so long.”

But he doesn’t care, because his friend does not understand her, he knows that Ilin is a woman who is worthy of him to cherish it. He will know her, it will be hurt by her innocence, Zong Xuan just occasionally Lin’s sexual fantasy, but looks at her, he will think that it is a sin, it is a violent 可.

Iynn told him that he is her first love. He felt a bit couldn’t believe it, such a beautiful girl, how can there be no object, but a little bit after the exchange, let him believe this is a fact, because of this, he is more Cherish Ilin.

He has already set up a determination in his heart, waiting until his career is stable, he will ask Yra to marry Ine, he wants to be the only man in Ire.

They went to the amusement park, used dinner together, just like a general couple, spent a happy day, and then they had a drink in the cafe near the home.

Sitting in the café for a while, Zong Xuan looked at the table, “Oh, 9:30, I should send you back.”

This is the tacit understanding of their contacts for several years. Ilin has never broken the access control. Zong Xuan has always respectful.

After walking out of the cafe, Zong Xuan is preparing to drive, Iynn pulled his clothes, Zong Xuan looked at her, Ilin lowered his head, some are not intended.

“I … don’t want to go back.”

Zong Xuan is a bit surprised to look at her, “What happened?”

Yilin took the lips and shook his head, “Can I go to your home?”

Zong Xuan got a hundred percent welcome, but because he was too surprised, he hesitated for a long time, and Iynn heard, still lowered his head, silently walked forward.

On the way, they are unusually silent. Zong Xuan does not understand what Ire is thinking, he feels that he is anxiously jumped, and various conjectures are constantly circulated in the mind.

In the home of Zong Xuan, I still speak in Yalin, “I want to take a bath first, borrow a T-shirt?”

Zong Xuan took her the whittle T-shirt to her. Despite this, it is still a large size for Ilin. Ilin took the clothes and went to the bathroom. He heard the bathroom. The sound sounded, Xuan couldn’t help but imagine the appearance of Yilin nude, he felt that the lower body was swollen.

In order to make yourself calm, he poured a little red wine, turned on TV, and turned unhappy. He constantly thought about what he did when Iynn came out. He thought that her attitude is like a bright night, but It is not necessarily, she may not fight with my father, so I want to hide here.

He is afraid that he is too impatient, it will be scared to scare Ilin, which will let him maintain the image of this day to be destroyed once, but he is also worried that if Yili really has this meaning, he is not I will not let Yilin turn back the drums, he never wants to let this thousands of chances.

He looked at Yilin’s mobile phone on the table. Herd it was more than half an hour. Her father did not call, what happened? Have she already reported beforehand?

When Yilin came out of the bathroom, Zong Xuan Zhang was looking at her, he found that he was hesitant to hesitation.

Ire is only wearing T-shirts borrowed with him, and the length of the clothes has almost touched the knee. Maybe only wear underwear, or nothing, at least he confirmed, she didn’t wear a bra, white t-shirt in a little water Under the etching of gas, Ire is two pink nipples.

“Ilin …” he stood up and held a red wine in his hand.

Yilin did not say, slowly Zhang Zong Xuan walked over, her face hanged a kind of expression that Zong Xuan has never seen, he never thought that Iynn is an angel’s face. If the charming smile, she took the red wine from the hands of Zong Xuan, and sent a bite to his mouth.

Then she put the cup on the table, then push Zong Xuan on the sofa, bent down, with his lips on his lips.

Zong Xuan felt that the fragrance of red wine came over from Yilin’s mouth, and then I felt that Ilin Temple and soft tongue also stretched in, and Ire’s show was on his face, and the fragrance Stroudly, Zong Xuan sinks in Yilin’s offensive, the lower body is almost erase from the crotch. Yilin kissed him while touched his penis with hands, then she unlocked his shirt’s button, let his chest show, then slowly down, with his tongue from his chin, neck Department, all the way to his navel eye.

Yilin’s teasing made Zong Xuan’s body felt, he looked at her down, from the excessive neckline, I could see the two of Ire, then Iynn is under his, slow down. Slowly loosen his belt, pull it out, let him feel hot and straightforward.

Yilin first used his hand to make his meat stick, and then extended his tongue. He took his glans. A incredible pleasure is like current through his lower body, so that his entire thigh root is numb, and then Yilin will His meat rods have entered their mouths, sucking, very intoxicating.

Yilin’s very skillful picked up the lust of Zong Xuan, when he almost contributed to the surrender, Inere stopped the action, looked up, looking at him with an innocent and confused eyes.

Zong Xuan sat up, rudely took off Yilin’s top, looked at the Inere, who only had a trousers in the whole body, Zong Xuan is completely lost in the wild, and he is ignorant. Breast, go forward, bite the tip of Irene with teeth.

“Ah …” Ilin whispered, his face mixed with happiness and painful expression.

Zong Xuan will brought her hand into her underwear and found that her lower body is quite wet, he does not leave the finger into Ilin’s pussy, quickly draw.

“Ah … um … it’s so comfortable …” Ilijiao gasped.

When Zong Xuan stretched out of his fingers, Inere held his hand, very intoxicated, licking his fingers with his own obscenity, then he pushed Zong Xuan on the chair, take off his underwear, then Sharise on him and let his penis into your own body.

Yilin twisted the waist, Zong Xuan felt that Iynn warm meat caves seem to be swallowed in, he grabbed Yili’s hip, and more hard to close her meat.

“Ah … no … I have to go!”

Yilin’s voice took a vivid magic, Zong Xuan more democked, then when his pleasure was about to rush to the vertices, Ilin stopped again, she slowly stood up, using finger Lightly crossed the meat sticks of Zong Xuan blood, Zong Xuan looked at her, and then hugged her and went into the bedroom to throw it on the bed.

Ilin lies in bed and looked at Zong Xuan, and then turned it, put the butt high, Zong Xuan as if I can see that Yali is a lotus image. I am convinced that he also climbed to bed, and he hopped with Irein’s hips and then went deep into the meat stick.

“Ah … so comfortable … I have to go!”

Zong Xuan’s movements became more and more fast, finally reached the vertices, sent the turbidity of the semen into Ilin, and Irene sharp and asthmattic, and it seems to have reached the climax, and then two flesh is deeply sleeping. go.

On the morning, Ilin first woke up, she walked to the living room and picked up the underwear, then rinsed it with the bathroom, put on the clothes in the inside last night, when she came out, I found that Zong Xuan also woke up Come over and wait for her at the door of the bathroom.

“Early.” Ilin smiled and said that she felt that her face was hot as fast.

But Zong Xuan did not have a smile, very serious and looked at her.

“What are you going?”

She was scared by Zongxuan so sudden attitude, “What is going on?”

“Last night … is not right, not yesterday,” Zong Xuan grabbed his head, spit a breath, continue to say, “I said, I won’t care about it, but I can’t stand it. I have been lying. “

“Lie?” Ilin didn’t understand what he said, “What lies I lie?”

“Do you deliberately?” Zong Xuan is almost yelling.

Yilin was shocked, and his eyes immediately showed tears. “What are you talking about?”

“You said that I am your first boyfriend.”

Ire Peng’s head.

“Have you had sex?”

Note it again. Zong Xuan satirized, “ghost.”

Yilin does not understand why Zong Xuan will have this kind of reaction, “Why should I lie to you?”

“This sentence should be that I asked you,” Zong Xuan shouted, “Why do you want to lie to me?”

“I am not!” Ilin said, tears did not live up.

Looking at Yilin’s appearance, Zong Xuan is a bit confused, is she not lie? impossible! Last night, she was in the style of War, although he had had a woman, but no one can determine that this woman can never be a virgin.

“Why do you think so?” Ilin asked.

“Do you think about what you did last night?”

Ilin recalls that she seems to remember what happened yesterday, but it seems that she didn’t remember, she knew that she would give him the first night, but how started? Who is active? The lingering happiness is really true in my mind, but the other details are inexplicab.

Seeing Yilin revealing a confused expression, Zong Xuan really didn’t know what to think, “You go back first, I think we take a little more calm.”

Yilin sat down a taxi, crying all the way home, although she stayed at the door, try to hide the traces of the cry, but how to cry the eyes can not hide.

She went to the house in her house, locked the door, she didn’t want my father to see my appearance, nor did you let my father know what happened just now, but my father is obviously noticed.

“叩, 叩. “National Day knocks the door,” Xiaolin, what happened? Can I go in? “

“Don’t.” She shouted, with a very heavy swallowing.

“What happened? Can you discuss it with you.”

“I think a person is quiet.” Ilin shouted in the room.

The National Day has no choice but to know that Ilin is overnight in Zong Xuan last night, but what happened, why will she cry back? Isn’t his decision wrong?

He knocked on the door again, “Xiaolin, are you okay?”

“Hey, don’t take me first!”

The National Day should know what happened, he took a breath, lowered the tone, “Xiaolin baby, come and help me open the door.”

After a few seconds, the door was open, Iynn the eyes of the eyes of the eyes.

The National Day holds her to sit on the chair of the living room, “The daughter, I told the place where I have just happened yesterday.”

“Yes …” Ilin used a monotonous voice, completely did not reply to the answer.

Zong Xuan was annoyed in the living room. He saw that Iluchu ran out. He was very suspected that his reaction was too much, but recalled that the scene of yesterday, the sexual love did let him feel the fairy I want to die, but Ilin’s performance is like a prostitute.

Even if her skills, her 肏 肏 is not like a virgin, Zong Xuan believes that she doesn’t have a woman’s complex, but how can she put her like angel, he can’t stand this contrast.

Suddenly the doorbell rang.

“Is Ilin come back again? Zong Xuan thought, his heart is sinking, I don’t know how it should be used to face her.

After the door opened, there was a face that made him unimacted.

“Unexpected!” He was shouted, and the father of Yilin was visited.

The National Day nodded. “Can I ask me to sit? I have something to talk to you.”

Zong Xuan asked him to come in, while busy preparing the refreshment, he constantly guess his purpose, is it to accuse him to let Yilin have lived here? But he actually knows the phone here, he can’t commit mobile phones last night, and today Irene will come to ask for guilty?

Is it because Ilin is crying back to him, he wants to help her to go back? No, this is too foreigner, Zong Xuan knows that Ilin and his father relationship is very good, but if you can talk, it feels too much.

After Zong Xuan gave him the tea, sitting opposite, respectfully looking at him.

“I am thinking about Xiaolin’s things.”

“Well.” Zong Xuan responded, this is a matter of course. “She didn’t lie.” The National Day is said.

Zong Xuan is big, then smirked, I didn’t expect him to come, “Unex, I know that you love your daughter, but this kind of thing, don’t necessarily know.”

“I know.”

Zong Xuan is still smiling, “Do your father will think that your daughter is still a woman.”

“Xiaolin is not a woman,” National Day did a deep breathing, and it seems that he still hesitate, “But she didn’t lie, because she didn’t know.”

Zong Xuan looked at him in a very weird eye, what is going on? What is he talking about? Why don’t you know how you do your father?

“I want to tell you a story,” National Day slowed down, “A secret is buryed in my heart for more than ten years, I will sit here, I will not run away, no matter what you want to do, I don’t care. But I hope you can let me finish it. “

“Ah?” Zong Xuan didn’t understand what he was saying.

“Do you promise me?”

“Well, I promise you.” Zong Xuan nodded.

National Day has drank the tea, spit a breath, slowly starting his story …

In 1981, the National Day was twenty-six years old, just got a degree of psychology from the abroad, after he learned to return to China, opened a psychological consultation clinic, married girls who met in Vancouver, life, beautiful, life Imagination.

Two years later, Xiaolin was born in this world and became the most loveless baby.

In 1990, Xiaolin was seven years old and received his father’s hypnosis.

National Day knows hypnosis, when he tried his psychology, he also accepted a quite time hypnosis, but as a psychologist, he did rarely recommended that the patient received hypnosis, because the hypnosis in the average person is too magical, and maybe it is Because his skill is not superb, hypnosis is often better than expected.

In the process of hypnosis, the primary is trust. When the subject is completely trustworthy, hypnosis can really play the effect, but in the increasingly busy urban, let the other party have this kind of trust in this trust. difficulty.

Because of this, he got an abnormal accomplishment in the process of hypnosis daughter.

At the beginning, it is not intentional, and he thinks that he is not sure to hypnosis. You don’t want to regard the daughter as an experimental object, but the heart is very powerful. When you know your own father, when you know how to hypnotize, it is quarrel and noisy. If you want to try it, the National Day is just that she has agreed to her request.

He let Xiaolin sit on the sofa, sitting next to himself.

“Are you ready?”

“Okay.” Xiao Lin is very exciting.

“Ok, close your eyes.”

Xiaolin Zhang Da looked at him, “Don’t you take a pocket watch?”

The National Day laughed, “Not in the cartoon, don’t have to have the thing, awkward, close your eyes.”

Xiaolu has made a mouth, and it is very disappointed, but it still closes his eyes.

“Very good, I want you to imagine a very comfortable environment, remember that we last to the seaside? After you play with water, lying on the beach, is it falling asleep?”

Xiaolin closed his eyes.

“Imagine, you are now there, the sea is gently blowing, the warm sun is on your skin, you feel so tired, so relax, I want to sleep deeply, I have a surrounding Noisy people, but you don’t have to pay attention to them, you only have to get my voice, let my voice take you, enter this comfortable, relaxed world. “

Xiaolin did not respond, the National Day is a little doubting that she is asleep.

“You feel very relaxed, it seems that the weight of the whole body disappears, starting from your hand, your hand is getting more and more light, getting more and more light, changing, began to float up … … “

The National Day is still talking, just seeing Xiaolin’s two little hands slowly raised, National Day is very surprised, he has never guided a person to a hypnosis, but this is actually very The truth, because there will be no portrait Xiaolin so trust him.

National Day looks at Xiaolin, who is going to enter, “Xiaolin, tell Dad, what is the thing you want to do now?” Xiaolin Xiaoxiao’s brow moved, “I want to go to Disneyland.”

Because of the relationship of the work, they never took Xiao Lin yen, the album was a bunch of photos played in foreign countries before marriage. Xiaolin will start complaining, but after explaining her, she is no longer It is mentioned. If you ask her in usually, she will say that they can easily help her achieve.

Thinking of her little age, I think so for my parents, the National Day moved quickly to tears.

Then he let Xiaolin have went to Disneyland in the hypnosis, and he does his best to depict the Disney in his memory, so that Xiaolin can feel the feeling of the real thing.

After Xiao Lin woke up, I called again and jumped, “Wow, I am so powerful!”

After this, hypnosis has become a kind of leisure activities in Xiaolin. In hypnosis, National Day can easily meet her various fantasies, and she will accept a hypnosis every week.

In 1995, Xiaolin litered the country. This situation has begun to change, a big reason, which turned out that there was a hypnotist Martin in Australia. He came to Taiwan’s performance to cause stage hypnosis. A unprecedented trend.

Once, one of them was looking at the hypnosis performance on the TV. Xiao Lin suddenly opened, “” Hello, hypnosis can make this instruction? “

I thought about the National Day, “Some people just played with him.”

Xiao Lin chased asked, “Some people are really 啰.”


Xiaolin immediately said, “That said, can you let me hear the music suddenly dance?”

National Day laughs out, “Silly daughter, what are you thinking, how can you do this?”

“I don’t ask you will do it,” Xiao Lin said, “I ask you to do not do?”

National Day is very serious about thinking, then answer, “Can you.”

Xiaolin listened, a little lonely, and he didn’t have to return to the room, then she didn’t want to have a National Day to hypnosis.

Xiaolin is a child who has begun to pay attention to his privacy. Although the National Day feels a bit lost, he has to accept the fact that Xiaolin slowly grows up. He originally believes that he will never hypnotize her, but in Xiaolin When I have two, one thing happened to let him change the idea.

The homework of the original Xiaolin has always been worried about his parents, but when you arrive in the second, her achievements continue to retreat, more seriously, Xiaolin’s mother discovered a pack of cigarettes in her school bag.

“What is this cigarette?” National Day called Xiaolin and asked.

Xiao Lin Zhang’s big eyes, a face panic, “That’s … that is my classmate, she accidentally lost my school bag.”

“Your classmates are smoking?”

“Yeah,” Xiaolin’s eyes turned to turn, a look, “advised her a few times, she didn’t listen.”

“Men’s classmates still women’s classmates?”

“It’s a girl.”

National Day stared at her, Xiao Lin’s heart avoided his eyes, he didn’t believe in her at all, but if Xiaolin did not admit it, he did not take her ………? The National Day has a thoughts, and he and the general parents are different. He has a way to know Xiaolin’s truth.

But I want to mind, use this method to explore my daughter’s privacy too much, he shakes his head, soon will drive this idea from the mind.

However, Xiaolin is more and more and more, often no reason, the results are also a thousand feet, parents and her communicate without any effect, although the doctor is a doctor, but the daughter is still helpless, and finally, he still chose. Her bottom line.

Although Xiaolin has not hypnotized more than a year, she has accepted her hundreds of hypnosis, and the National Day used a little skill. It is very easy to let her entered a hypnosis under unknowing conditions.

“Xiaolin, this is your feelings that you are familiar, you don’t feel so good, so comfortable.”

Xiao Lin nodded.

“You always like this feeling, is it?”

Xiaolin’s mouth raised a smile, “Yes.” “Great, you feel very relaxed, ask you questions, you will answer me honestly, can you?”


“Tell the land, are you smoking?”

Xiaolin seems to be a bit hesitant, but still nodded.

“Why? Do you like smoking?” National Day is still an accident on this expected answer.

“Don’t like it.” This time I reply very simply.

“Then you can tell you why do you want to smoke?”

Xiao Lin frowned, “I feel that the class is better, the pressure is big, I have no way to relax, I want to read the book, but I can’t sleep, I used to hypnotize me, I will feel God. Clear, do everything is very easy, but I feel that I feel good, my friend tells me that smoking can help me relieve stress. “

“is that useful?”

Xiaolin shakes his head.

“Xiao Lin, listen to me, use smoking to reduce the pressure is very ridiculous, smoking is not good for the body, and you don’t like smoke, you don’t have to force yourself to do this kind of thing, understand?”

Xiaolin nodded.

“If you want to reduce the pressure, you can help you with hypnotism.”

Xiaolin frowned.

“What’s wrong? Why don’t you want to have a hypnosis?”

“My classmates laugh at me, they say that I seem to be the 傀儡 in the TV.”

The National Day sighs a sigh of relief, “But if you really like being hypnotized?”


“Xiaolin, I tell you, you don’t have to pay attention to the words you said, you believe, I will not let you do what you hate.”

“I believe in the ground.”

“This is good, I have a two-whole beauty method, I can help you with hypnosis, but you don’t need to remember it, just like now, when I wake you, you will feel very happy, full of confidence You will listen to the suggestions I give you, but you don’t remember that I have a hypnotize you, you don’t have to do any decisions, but you can enjoy the happiness to give you a happiness, like this? “

“Like.” Xiaolin raised a smile.

“Hey, then Xiaolin, you listen, we do a contract, you will later call me” Xiaolin Baby “, that is, I want to hypnotize you, your subconscious will allow you to enter a hypnotic state like now. And you don’t know anything, do you know? “


This is his first post-hypnosis instruction to Xiaolin. After that, Xiaolin’s results will soon have a significant progress, and the National Day is slowly disappearing to control her daughter.

During this time, his own life also has a big change, which is also because of the effect of Martin to perform, the National Day of the drills of psychology, and has a hypnosis license, but there are some interview programs from time to time, broadcast To invite him to participate.

“I want to ask Dr. Dr.” What do you think about the true and false of datten hypnosis? “

“True fake, I don’t want to add in this regard, but I have opposed my hypnosis to perform this kind of behavior, hypnosis is actually just a conversation, a dialogue between the soul, so the trust of the subject’s hypnotist is very Important, using this trust to do performance, I think it is very unpropted. “

“Hey, so what you mean” … Just get this trust relationship, the hypnotist can order people to do anything? “The host got a very strange conclusion.

“Of course, I have said that my hypnosis is a dialogue. It is said that it is an order. It should be said to be convincing. If you say, even if you trust me, I can’t convince you to grab the bank.”

“So, is it impossible to hypnify a person?”

“It’s impossible to say that if you continue to accept the hypnotic hypnosis, you may be convinced.”

At the time of the show, the National Day has been using this argument. This is his own experience. When he is usually seen, he does not think that hypnosis has any magical power, and it is simple, and it is necessary to constantly rebound and strengthen Let the patient accept.

But now Xiaolin seems to have no objection to accept any suggestions.

I became a half a celebrity, and the National Day changed, I met a few television circles, three days and two days of night shop, this day, in the PUB he often, I met a changing life. Woman. “Hey, is it a very delicate female voice from the ear.

The National Day looks back, a girl wearing red dress is standing behind him, the girl is very young, probably only 20 years old, the small face is still young.

“Well.” National Day should be.

“Ah, so happy, I didn’t expect you to see you here, I have seen you on TV.”

“Oh, thank you.” Suddenly be such a young girl, the National Day is somewhat.

“Can you ask me to drink a glass of wine?”

“Well, of course.” National Day nodded.

The girl then sat in his side, starting the sky, the National Day occasionally inserted, but it was always guided by the girl, the girl seems to be more and more speculative, and finally invited him to her accounted for the hotel room, National Day At the beginning, some hesitated, but the girl’s spoiled statement made him faint.

“How can you live alone here?” I asked in the National Day in the room.

“I have been looking for a friend from the stage. Who knows that she suddenly said what a boyfriend is going, I will catch me out, so I will go to Pub to find a piece,” said the girl, then look at the National Day Laughing, “I didn’t expect you to come to you.”

“In fact, I didn’t have a few times, how can you remember me?”

“Because I am very interested in hypnosis, I tell you,” the girl is installed with a mysterious look, “I have a hypnotization of the stage of the Datin, I have a volunteer.”


The girl stared at him, “You don’t ask me, is it true?”

The National Day stayed, “” It’s really fake. “

The girl is a little, and I am a little frustted, I don’t tell you. “

The National Day stayed again, and it feels a bit embarrassed.

“Ha,” girl smiled, “tease you.”

National Day caught the neck and smiled a little.

“Right,” girl Zhang Da eyes, “I am a hypnotize me.”

The National Day is a bit surprised. “What do you want to be hypnotized?”

The girl narrowed his eyes, and he looked at him. “I heard that hypnotic love is very interesting.”

“I am afraid …” National Day feels swollen, but he has a small wife in his family, and the use of honesty is stopped.

“Come, I am not afraid, what are you still hesitating?” Ming Ming said that this kind of thing, the girl is really a look, it seems to be the same as candy, “Ah, you will not be afraid that I am not afraid? The girl took out the clip from the bag, showing her car driver’s license, “people are full of 20 years old.”

National Day loves his wife, wedding fifteen years, he has never been sorry for her something, but it is, this may just be because he has never been such a chance, how long does it have to hesitate, the National Day is the end of the upper body .

After the National Day agreed, the girl was sitting on the sofa in the room, waiting for his hypnosis.

“Oh, can I call you like this?”

The girl is big, and it is a bit surprised to look at him.

“I just saw it on the driver’s license.” National Day explained.

“Friends are called me.” The girl smiled very sweet.

“Well, 岚,” National Day considers how hypnosis should be used, then see the ring wearing the left little finger, “very beautiful ring, can you borrow me first?”

The girl gave him the ring, and then the National Day adjustd the angle of the light, put the ring in front of the girl, let the ring just reflected the light into the eyes of the girl.

“Hey, I want you to look at this ring, can you tell me about this ring?”


“How come this ring?”

“My previous boyfriend sent it.”


“My seventeen birthday.” “Well, I have been in a few years, you have always wear it, because you like this ring very much?”


“You just said the previous boyfriend? Break up?”

The girl nodded.


The girl turned to the eye, and it seems to have a little tear. “I don’t want to say.”

“Ok, 岚岚, there is no relationship, in hypnosis, you don’t need to do anything else, continue to watch this ring, forget this matter, we think about some happy things, can you?”

The girl’s mouth is slightly raised, and the National Day is very satisfied with her reaction. It seems that she has a very good imagination.

“You have hypnotized by Martine, what do you think of being hypnotized?”

“Very relaxation, very comfortable.”

“Very good,, go back to the feeling, concentrate on the ring, do you think that your eyes are getting tired?”

“Well.” The girl said, it seems to be closed on his eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes, I want you to look at the ring, try to keep awake, you must make your eyes, keep awake as much as possible, but you will find that you want to keep awake, you will feel more The more tired. “

The girl is constantly blinked, very hard to look.

“Very good, happiness, continue to watch the ring, concentrate on your ring, only this ring in your eyes, only my voice in your ear, don’t think about other things, what Don’t think, concentrate on the ring. “

National Day carefully observed the girl’s reaction, perhaps because of hypnotic experience, the girl has an income situation.

“Very good, you feel that the eyelids are great, very tired, when I dig up to three, you can let yourself sleep, enter the comfortable and warm hypnosis, understand?”

The girl nodded.

“First, you feel more and more sleepy, but you can’t sleep, you must look at the ring.”

“Second, every time you blink, you will feel that you don’t want to open your eyes, feel really sleepy, what you want to do most now is to close your eyes and sleep deeply.”

After the National Day is finished, it deliberately did not have the last digit, let the girl constantly fight against the demon, seeing her eyelids continue to shake, almost turned over white eyes, the National Day finally said the last digit, “three” … Deep sleep. “

The girl closed his eyes, and the head was turned down.

When I saw hypnosis, the National Day’s heart was rapidly jumped. After learning my hypnosis, he also read a lot of knowledge about hypnosis, but he had no chance to use. Although his wife knows foreign countries, it is an extreme. Conservative woman, their love is like a routine, let alone let her want to accept hypnotic love.

“Hey, you have done very well, deep, deep into the hypnosis, listen to my voice carefully, you will carefully condense my voice, you can only pay attention to me now Sound, know? “


“Listen to me, you are getting more hot, not outside the temperature, but your own body, you are a woman’s instinct, you feel that your most sensitive part begins to become empty, hungry, I want you Put the attention of the whole body in that part … “

The girl licks lick lips, and the body began to be anxious.

“If you want, I will allow you to meet yourself with your fingers, but before you don’t have my command, you can’t reach the climax, do you understand?”

The girl nodded, then set off a skirt, put the hand between the legs, rubbed his private parts across the underwear, and made a comfortable snorkeling.

“You think this is not enough, you want to put your hand into your underwear, more directly to yourself.”

The girl is obedient, the National Day goes forward, slowly pulls out her knees, girls obeying the big legs, intoxicated in their masturbation.

“I pull the undergarment to the side, let me see your cavity.”

She used his left hand to hook the lower edge of the underwear, and there was no need to be in front of the National Day, and the other hand striped in his own pussy, and the other should be satisfied. Own. “Very good, 岚岚, you feel more and more comfortable, almost just to reach the climax …”

“Um … ah …” The girl’s snoring is increasing.

“It’s getting closer to climax, but you don’t have my order, you can’t talk climax.”

“Ah …” The girl’s hand movement is getting faster, and the thigh can’t be trembled.

“Okay, 岚, I want you to stop now, put the hand down.”

The girl is reluctant to let go, and the body still burst.

“Hey, do you want a climax?”

“want to.”

“Very good, when you feel that I use my tongue to get your pussy, you can reach the climax, the strongest and climax in your life, know?”

The girl gasped and nodded.

The National Day squatted at her heel, close the girl’s charming labi, the girl’s honey hole is very tempting, the National Day touched the fingers, the girl pumped a breath, the whole body trembled, National Day Let the girl climax, slowly tease her, put your fingers.

After a period of teasing, the National Day finally sticked his mouth, tasted her labipings with the tongue, and the girl immediately screamed, reached the first climax, the vaginal contracted vagina like the National Day a kind of arrogant feel.

“Take your own taste.” The National Day stood up and put the fingers filled into the girl’s mouth, and the girl immediately intoxicated.

Then the National Day hugged the girl in bed. “When you feel that I entered your body, you will feel more pleasant than just now, and then when I want you to talk, you will get more stronger than just ten times more. climax.”

After the National Day is finished, pull down the girl’s underwear, then take off his pants, put the hot meat stick directly into the girl’s lower body, the girl immediately issued an extremely pleasant and asthma, the National Day has never been there. The sense of satisfaction, this reaction is never seen in his wife.

The National Day is more selling, and the girl has also returned to the more soul of the soul. When I feel that I am going to pay for the surrender, he is lightly shouting in the girl’s ear, “I will allow you to happen. “

The girl immediately tangted every inch of the muscles on his body, reaching a more drama than before, and then the National Day took the meat stick.

“Open your mouth, you think my semen is the most sweet food in the world.”

The girl opened his mouth, and then the National Day efforts shot his semen into her mouth, but there was still a large half of the girl’s face, and the girl continued to send the white turbid liquid on the face with his fingers. It is very intoxicated. Tasting.

The National Day is lying next to her, resting, he looked at the time, it is already near twelve, or you must go home.

“When I am, when I am three, you will be awake, I feel very happy, very enjoyable experience, one, two, three.”

The girl is slightly opened, smiling, still a look of faint sleep.

“, I should go back.”

“Well, worship.” The girl should have a sound, and closed his eyes and fell asleep.

National Day feels a bit lost. He thought she would retain him, or stay at least a connected way, but he didn’t have this expectation, and he opened a psychological clinic. If the girl wants him, it is absolutely no problem. He cleaned up, and quickly left the room.

After three days, the girl came to find him, not to the clinic, but directly found his home, and still followed by a man.

“Is this man is right?” The man pointed to the National Day and was very excited.

The girl lowered his head and nodded, and two people were judged.

National Day is still unclear what is going on, the man is rudely, “” fuck, you are chanting my wife! “

The National Day wife saw this situation, quickly called Xiaolin into the room, he stood around the National Day, “My husband will not do this, you must make a mistake.”

“Ha, mistake?” Man yelled, “wife, you said something happened again.” “I was just chatting with him, and later I said that I had a problem with insomnia, he said he is a hypnotist, you can use Hypnosis, I didn’t expect … “The girl is low, and I want to cry,” I didn’t expect him to hypnotize me, I raped me. “

“Things are not this!” National Day shouting, “I am not! And this matter is impossible to do!”

“Your fucking wants to turn his face does not recognize the account?” The man took out a piece of band from the pocket. “It is also a little bit of face. I have a few herbal friends like to shoot people in the hotel to shoot people. Go to you this scum. “

This is too much, the National Day suddenly understands that he does not need to argue, this is the trap of Ming, people dig a hole, he is stupid to jump.

“This sneak shot is not evidence.” The National Day wife said.

“Can I don’t know if I have evidence,” The man holds the belt and shakes, “But this strand is spread, I see your psychological clinic is still open.”

“What do you want?” National Day said.

“Take a 5 million to be a shame.”

National Day looked at your wife and I didn’t know what to answer.

“This volume is left to you,” the man said, handed the belt to the National Day, “I think five million you need time to prepare, we will go first, then contact.”

After they left, the National Day wife took a strap and went to the TV before preparing the show.

“Mei Qian, don’t look.” National Day said.

“All like this, you have anything to burn.” She ignored him at all.

The film is not clear, but the National Day’s face can indeed identifying. At the beginning, the girl is sitting in the chair, and the National Day is holding something to talk to her. The film does not have any sound, then see the girl seems to be asleep. Like, then start masturbation, the last two begins to make love.

“I am sorry for you, but things are not what they say,” the National Day remorseful, “is the girl you want me …”

“I can believe you,” National Day, his wife said, looked at the picture, and tears in his eyes, “But I can’t forgive you.”

Finally, this thing is to use two hundred and five hundred thousand yuan to compromise, and the wife’s support gives the National Day negotiations, so they have received this price, but after the end, she immediately put forward divorce.

Afterwards, the National Day is clear, she decided to see the image in the case of seeing the image, he still gave you very much after the difficulty passed, and he gave him the greatest help during this time.

Xiaolin’s custody is in the controversy of a period of time, and finally by National Day, but this home has changed completely, not just because his wife’s departure, the National Day is deep, Xiaolin looks different, although they It has not been very clear about Xiaolin’s explanation, but the other party finds the door several times, she probably understands what happened.

I don’t want to change my daughter’s freedom, but every time I see my daughter sees the eyes of the desirable look, he finally did a bad thing.

“Xiaolin Baby.” National Day shouted suggestion that Xiaolin quickly entered a hypnosis.

“Do you miss your mother?”


“Do you know why mother leaves?”

“Because I made a bad thing.”

“What bad things do you have done?”

“I don’t know, I betrayed my mother.”

“Do you think this kind of thing?”

“I have no idea.”

“You believe, you know, is it?”

Xiaolin frowned, hesitated, “Yes.”

“So all this is just your misunderstanding, this is a very unpleasant misunderstanding, do we forget it together?”


“Very good, Xiaolin, I want you to take a deep breath, then take the gas first, imagine these unpleasant misunderstandings like the air existence of your lungs, very uncomfortable, right?”

Xiaolin is a little bit of pain, “Yes.” Third, after you call this, you don’t remember anything, one, two, three. “

Xiaolin spit tone, express the whole relaxation.

“Xiaolin, why do you leave?”

A little confused expression, hesitating, “I don’t know.”

“Tell you, that is because my mother has a man outside, but we can’t blame your mother, because you have been too ignoring her, so my mother also wants to pursue my happiness, we bless our blessings Mom, ok? “

Xiaolin frowned, did not answer.

“What’s wrong?”

“Is my mother not love me?”

“Mother, of course, love you, but you will love you more, so your mother will decide, let Xiaolin stay around, know?”


The National Day is very easy to win the trust of Xiaolin. However, his life is getting more and more confused, as a psychologist, but he makes his interpersonal relationship, he feels that he is not qualified to face Customers who seek seek, although he tried his best to express it normally, the sin in the subconscious seems to have affected him, the clinic business is a day less than one day.

I came to the phone, saying that she was forced by her husband, she was divorced, regretted, I want to see him, the National Day is very directly refused, and the words are not true. He doesn’t want to think, he doesn’t want to I will involve this kind of thing, after the wife leaves, the National Day feels that he will never be a woman.

He started after get off work, habitually used alcoholic paralysis, four years later, the clinic finally closed because he was not good, he was looking for a job, while he was seriously alcohol.

That year Xiaolin seventeen, high school second grade, National Day with a drunken back home, put down the official package to the toilet, the door took the door, only found that the door of the bathroom was locked, he was angry Door.

“Hey?” Xiaolin shouted in it, “People are taking a shower, wait a moment.”

Under the driving of the National Day, there is no more to say, “Xiaolin baby opens the door.”

In the bathroom, the water stopped, after a few seconds, Xiaolin took the door, and the door did not stand at the door. At the beginning of the National Day, I went around Xiaolin’s self-movement to the toilet, will The pressure of the abdomen has taken a long time.

When he turned around, his eyes came into contact Xiaolin, he stayed in an instant.

The first time she noticed that the seventeen-year-old Xiaolin already had a woman’s appearance, the breasts that were not yet completed were small and round, two pink fresh milk tips in the decoration of the water beads were more coveted. If the sparse incomplete rock in the thigh is also exudes the smell of obscene.

He looked at Xiaolin carefully. She completely generated her mother’s beauty, wet hair scattered, sticking on her cheek, on the forehead, confused and empty eyes made the National Day full fan.

He has an illusion. He didn’t know that Xiaolin standing in front of him is Xiao Lin, or the wife who has left the wife twenty years ago. He thought that he would not be a woman, but at this moment, he felt his blood because he felt his blood The daughter boils, the meat sticks in the crotch are moving out.

He went forward, crazy kissed Xiaolin, kissed her neck, her cheeks, her tongue, bumble in Xiaolin did not respond, small minds only know, Dad will not make any injury Her things.

He is rudely smashed with Xiaolin’s breasts. The two white breasts suddenly swollen, he kissed her while he was asked in her ear, “Is it comfortable?”


“No, you don’t understand, this is not a feeling of pain, you don’t feel very comfortable, this is the feeling of every woman needs, good feelings, you will feel very comfortable.”

“Um …” Xiaolin sent a very attractive and asthma.

National Day let Xiaolin sit on the ground, open her legs, gently pinch her labians.

“Ah …” Xiaolin shouted.

“This feeling is more comfortable, do you understand?”


Not long, the National Day feels that Xiaolin’s lower body has been fully humid, then he reached the finger into the area that never touched. “Ah …” Xiaolin is locked with brows, mixing painful.

This kind of sound, in the National Day, there is an aphrodisical magic, Xiaolin once shouting, the National Day will be more fast, and with the actions of the National Day, Xiaolin’s embarrassment is also more short and sharp.

“Ah … ah!” With a sharp lace, Xiaolin’s body can’t tremble, reaching the first climax in his life.

The National Day did not let her rest for how long, holding her shoulders let her sit up, pull down the pants will put the straight meat stick in front of her, “I want you to put it in your mouth, gentle.”

Xiao Lin Zhang Da has a mouth, clumsy, put the National Day meat stick into his mouth.

“You like this taste, you think this is the most attractive smell of the sky, I want you to use your mouth, your tongue is careful, feel this taste, your body will have just now The same pleasure. “

Xiaolin licked with the National Day’s meat stick, and the sullen humming, very intoxicated, and the National Day is highly looked at Xiaolin, there is a sense of excitement, this is why his wife is not If you are willing to do, you don’t have to say that he has just returned to his family a day, and there is no shower, and the taste of sweating and urinary taste is not well.

When the National Day arrived in the limit, I took the meat stick from Xiaolin’s mouth, Xiao Lin’s breath, confused him.

“Do you want it?”


“Then I want you to taste it with the following, you will be more comfortably more comfortable, do you understand?”

Xiaolin looked at him, did not speak, the expression is more confused, the National Day let her lying on the ground, let her thighs are more open, grab her hands from the center of the thigh, then put her meat stick to her Honey, Xiaolin just may not understand, but the body is very correct, she trembles, like a radiant spinal cord.

The National Day is tatched. It has been until the daughter’s lower body flows out of the blouse, and the National Day suddenly woke up what he did. He pulled out the meat stick and shot the semen for a long time.

After a while, I spent a while, I was sitting on the ground. After calm down, he carefully cleared Xiaolin’s memory, let her have no doubts about his own belly, but this taste is like a drug addiction. His brain, in the next day, looked at Xiaolin’s increasingly mature pixin, he became more and more resistant to this temptation.

Once again, he made Xiaolin played the role of the mother, and he turned into the rain in bed. Of course, these things Xiaolin did not memorize.

He also arranged Xiaolin’s life more unscrupulous. He used hypnotic to keep her perfect body, and let her choose the most ideal university, filter her every male friend, when he finds which person is Don’t have a heart, you will let Xiaolin let him die, and his father has never intervened with any decisions in Xiaolin’s cognition.

In the year of Xiaolin, I met Zong Xuan at once in a business internship. Zong Xuan is an entrepreneur’s son, but does not rely on his own background, silently starting from a foreign company’s most primary staff. I have also been a team leader. After the National Day understands, I think this is a person who is worthy of his daughter relying on life, so he has promoted Xiaolin and him.

However, he has always let Xiaolin are like a jade, and he has been to him, and he has made Xiaolin and he has further developments …

“You said these, just tell me that you raped Ilin?” Zong Xuan stood up and went to the National Day.

“This sinfulness has been pressed, I can’t breathe, I also want people to know …”

Zong Xuan has a fist to wave, National Day is knocked down on the ground, “You this animal! Are you still a person! She is your daughter, how do you get a hand?”

“I am not a person, I understand what I have done, but I saw her so perfect body, so there is no preparation, and all the hearts are given to me,” National Day caressing the bag of cheeks, screaming “If it is you, is there such a temptation?”

Zong Xuan bite his teeth, clenched his fists, did not answer his question, “I want to kill you.”

The National Day is sitting again, “You don’t have to stain your own hand, the old man will punish me first, I am now the end of liver cancer, the doctor said that I lived for three months.” Zong Xuan listened to these words, slightly calm down, “So, you want to find someone to repent before you die?”

“Not just this.”

“Otherwise, what do you still want to do?”

“First answer me a question,” National Day said, very serious look at him, “After you know these things, will you accept Xiaolin?”

Zong Xuan crumped frowned, did not answer for a while.

“If you worry about yesterday, I can let Xiaolin forget …”

“I warned you not! You are not qualified!” Zong Xuan evil looks at him, “I won’t let you ruin her life, I will use my second half to protect her.”

“Thank you.”

Zong Xuan didn’t want to accept his gratitude, did not answer anything, National Day continued, “But these things must never let her know.”

“Do you want me to help you hide your crimes?”

“I don’t want you to help me, I don’t care, I want you to help Xiaolin,?” National Day is very heavy, “In Xiaolin’s memory, my last hypnotism, she is also the country, if Let her know the truth, not just that I infringe on her, and she always thought it was a life that I came, in fact, I was helping her decision, she would collapse … “

“Enough, I know, I will not tell her.”

“This is not enough.”

“Not enough?”

“Hymeth is not to let people really forget what, just hide the memory, maybe for a year, maybe for three years, it is possible for five years, ten years, but there will be one day, those memories will be turned out.”

“what do you mean?”

“I really can’t imagine Xiaolin who will think of these things will become a look after I die. I think it is a solution.”

“What solution?”

“I want you to help me continue to hypnotize her, let her not think of those things.”

“What did you say?”

The National Day took out a disc of a piece of disc to be handed over to Zong Xuan. “

“What are you talking nonsense, you are dead enough, but also let Xiaolin continue to be hypnotized?”

“I am also very struggling,?” National Day is excited, “You have to understand that Xiaolin is my favorite person in this world. It is the most people who have the most, the past mistakes have been caused, except that this, I don’t think there is any way to let her not suffer more harm. “

Zong Xuan did not reach out, the National Day sighed, put the disc on the table, “If you think about it, after I left, Xiaolin’s next half of life will be handed over.”

As a result, the National Day did not take it for three months. He did the last breath before the Lunar New Year. During this day, Zong Xuan watched the disc. He thought for a long time, and finally he also felt that he continued to conceal Xiao Lin is the most Good practice, this world is often like this, knowing the truth, no seeing a good thing.

Just let Xiaolin stayed with my father a beautiful memory, maybe she can happiness.

Zong Xuan wooked by work, did not participate in the National Day funeral, after two worship, he went to Xiaolin’s home.

When Xiao Lin came to open the door, the father’s pain was obviously written on her face. Zong Xuan saw her lips slightly panned, people also lost a large circle, she saw Zong Xuan’s brown The shallow smile, but it is still awkward. Zong Xuan handed down her cheek, and then they went to the living room to sit down.

Zong Xuan repeatedly recalled the content in the disc, and the National Day taught a lot of hints that he had to pay special when he had a hypnosis. He did a deep breath, shouting against Xiaolin, “Xiaolin Bao. “

Xiaolin has a little doubt, but in an instant eyes, Xiaoli lost the soul, the empty hole and confused, looked at Xiaolin’s appearance, Zong Xuan found that he had completely forgotted that it would have been said that the mind is constantly sounding. But Xiao Lin, her father, her father, I’m like a scream: “If it is you, is it such a temptation?”

“If it is you, is it such a temptation?”

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