“Summer vacation new students will come to report. Xiaowen, moved up to the floor to move on the chair.”

The female teacher Wang Fang is busy with sweating, pretty face is hot. She is planning to entertain new students, one side, while directing several students to arrange the reception site.

“Hey! Always call me, really unlucky!” Xiaowen muttered out.

Just ran out of the corridor, Xiaowen hit a full of people. She looked at the shoulders of the hit into the other side; it was a girl who was born.

The girl in front of the girl is about sixteen, seven years old, the clothes wearing clothes are very simple, and even can be said to be very rustic. But the size of the body is very long, very in line with the standard of dancers. A black long hair knocked a large scorpion, dragged behind him. Yingjie light-running melon face, red, slender willow, the bright big eyes, dreaming; the show is just right, and then with the cherry mouth, this girl is beautiful A dazzling light.

“Are you a new life? What is the name?” Xiaowen saw her pleasing eye, the tone was gentle.

“My name is Han Xiaoli, I just came to report.” She lowered his head, and his hands were uneasy caress.

“Ah! Hello, then we are classmates.” Xiaowen enthusiastically on the front to help Xiaoli baggage, and the right hand pulled her to the classroom.

“Bull …” The car’s horn sounded the deafening, the golden “BMW” sedan crowded the crowd and opened the campus. The parents around and the students are indignant, but they don’t look at it. The car opened to the school office building and stopped.

“Where, Abai, you have to obey! Mom can spend a lot of money and relationship, only to get this summer vacation to learn from this short dance college. You know how much children want, I can’t come! “

I am being angry with the mother’s unreasonable move. She actually insisted that I have to learn what dance, saying that I will help tune my stubborn personality. Hey, as a man, what is wrong? Moreover, I am only 14 years old. It is a naughty age. Now I am forced to come here. If you let friends know, it is not ashamed to die!

The sedan stopped, and the principal of Jia was personally delivered to us. After the mother and him have passed a few words, they hurriedly got bus.

“Teacher Wang is just right, he is the Aqing classmate I mentioned with you, that is, the only child of the chairman of XX Real Estate Company, it is divided into your dance department, you know.” Jia President At this time A female teacher who is all walking, her face is talking with a bidding of a laughter.

“Aqing, hello! I welcome you to join! Um … you seem to be the only male student of our summer vacation class!” Teacher Wang stretched out the little hand gently smiled.

I was originally an angry, I saw such a Peugeot Dance Female teacher, I also forgot to humiliate, greedily stared at the body of the teacher, the beautiful face, like she can’t see her. I puffed the gimmick, swallowed, and the soul suddenly took her little hand.

Teacher Wang let me see the face, add my hand to my hand, then I will follow her to go to the top right of the third floor to collect …

“Teacher is good …” She walked into the classroom, and the freshmen in the seat have greeted her.

“Um … students are good.” She nodded, indicating that everyone sat down.

“I will give you a brief introduction to the history of the XXX Dance Academy. Teachers and students, is friends … “

Everyone responded with warm applause.

“Oh, right! Also let me introduce you the only male student in this class, and it is the smallest age … Aqing classmate, this year’s 14 years old, you will grow three, four years old, you have to be good Guide him. “

Everyone responded with warm applause, and many muttered laughed, listened to a laughter of stinging in my ear.

“Aqing, the students here have learned dance, all have basic foundations, except for you, so, you should work more, usually ask them …”

I took my head again and didn’t say anything, my eyes only took care of the surrounding sisters.

“Hey! The little girl here is beautiful enough. Mom is to send me here.” My color is fascinated by the right, and I don’t pay attention to the teacher.

When I saw Han Xiaoli, my eyes were all rounded, and I looked at people. This girl is too beautiful, I have to do her once, then there is more cool … “Aqing classmate, please stand up, let’s repeat what I just said.” Wang Fang interrupts my cranky.

“Um … I …” I stood there, I didn’t know what the cloud.

“Hey! I hope everyone can learn, hard training, become an excellent dancer. Don’t be like some classmates, the brain is a mess, you have to remember the XXX Dance Academy is a place where you have learned, not a resort. Wang Fang swept me and said to other students.

“Mom, actually said me! Little scorpion, what are you gratifying? I will let you know the great man in the future …” I got the teeth of teeth.

“Jia President, what is going on? That Aqing did not participate in the courtroom enrollment interview, nor did it participate in the dance test, and did not have the qualifications of the dance college!” Wang Fang quality asked.

“This … this is … huh … Xiao Wang, you don’t worry, there is something to say slowly! Abai this child is very special, he … I am very hobbied to dance, I think of the dance hall to learn. We have a strong youth It should be taken care of! In addition, his mother also promised to fund our school’s construction plan! “

“How much is you talking about?” Wang Fang is not polite to break the principal.

“I have been working now. Now I have a week. According to I observe, this classmate didn’t put energy in learning. His whole day is idle, don’t concentrate on learning, old is a color fan staring at the female classmates. Especially In the practice of learning dance actions, his dance skills and performance are like a frog, but also is still rotten than ordinary people! He is old and not turned to the girl who is in dancing. What’s more, according to many girls, my underwear is stolen in the locker room, and more than once! Also … “

“Do you have evidence that people who steal underwear are him? Don’t see that he is a man, it is, it is what he takes! Hey … Well, wait for the evidence to find me again. OK … OK! You said I will record these things. “The principal of Jia, waved his hand, and broke the words of Wang Fang.

“Hey …” Wang Fang is angry, and it is going to turn his door.

There is no lesson in the afternoon on Wednesday, Han Xiaoli came to practice the dance. She replaced a tight dress in a dance room that was empty, and then practiced dance actions repeatedly. She practiced that she was so serious, put, did not find the dark place next to the large reserver, and I was staring at her with a obscene look. This person is me …

Since the first day of starting school, I have diverted Han Xiaoli. Although my girls in the class don’t have a good idea, but I want to get it most, it is Han Xiaoli. When I was in class every day, I always looked at this cute girl. The meat stick in the crotch was swollen, and the little brain was fantasy and her love scene.

When I was bored at home, I also looked at the porn movie, I was masturbating, my mind imagined myself is a male protagonist, and Han Xiaoli is the heroine, under the big hair, and will play this beauty. He has always been urgently hoping to change this fantasy as a reality.

At this moment, I greedily use the Han Xiaoli, who is watching in the practice dance, and I can’t wait to swallow her. Han Xiaoli’s body has long slender, the body is full, the tights have exposed her beautiful body; the towering chest, the beautiful face is sweat, the beautiful face is dragging behind.

“It’s a world of people!” I am calling in my heart.

I can’t control my own fire, and I put my hand into the crotch to start crazy masturbation.

Han Xiaoli is practicing, she seems to hear a wheezing after hearing the cabinet, busy stopping the exercise, sweeping with the doubtful gaze.

“Who is it?” Han Xiaoli’s voice is slight.

“Hey … don’t panic! It is me …” my country is obscene, and one hand is still staying in the crotch.

After seeing it is me, Han Xiaoli is angry and scared. She hate me in the class, usually the old like is that color is fascinated by female students. Whenever Hou class or dance practice, I was hungry wolf-like eyes, death is always staring at her, as if to pounce on her swallow. So she always try to avoid, and I actually did not expect to find come up.

“You … are you doing here?” Han Xiaoli bite the bullet and ask.

“Hey, I come from far and wide it. You can come, I can not come to you?” I say impertinent, or a hand up and down in the lower body with activities.

Looking at me, ugly, Han Xiaoli said the nausea. She won’t be able to go out. “Hey! Don’t go …” I thought about Han Xiaoli.

“Do you have any questions with you?” Han Xiaoli replied.

Xiao Li goes back to the door. How can I let this thousands of good opportunities, and quickly grab a step in front of Han Xiaoli.

“Hey, Xiaoli, I miss, let me touch …” I laughed with the paw to touch Han’s face.

“Don’t … don’t …” Han Xiaoli’s voice trembled, she was afraid to retreat from behind.

“Don’t be afraid! Come … I won’t eat you … I will be very gentle … very gentle …” My eyes were pulled out.

The committee reached out step by step. Han Xiaoli was forced to the corner of the wall, and the beautiful face was full of panichood, like a frightened little sheep. I slammed the Han Xiaoli, and put it on her face and kissed it. I took the left hand in the beautiful body of Han Xiaoli …

“No … don’t … … … please … let me …” Han Xiaoli cried and struggled.

Although I am still 14 years old, the one is not small, enough to cope with Xiaoli, this is more than two years old. Which of her enemy has been with this beautiful colorful wolf? Her struggle makes my desire, the more it is. I am closeting her body, enjoying the soft and warm young girl’s body.

He greedily breathed a fragrance of every inch of Han Xiaoli, and tasted Han Xiaoli’s cherry. My left hand couldn’t stand in her show, and reached out to pull down her tight dance clothes.

At this moment, Han Xiaoli, actually woven from the previous pain, change it to a half-closed eyes, and there is “hmmm in the lips” huh, “sighing. Just a trying, it seems that she has lost her courage to resist. I have a more ruthful to tear the close-up underwear, put her sheep fat white jade, exposed to my eyes.

“Hey! There is no woman I can’t play … Ha, it’s so beautiful!” I thought about it.

I am very excited to look at Han Xiaoli naked chest, the towering perfect breast is proud, and the crystal white skin exudes a faint fragrance, two red cherries are embedded on the peak, and people are mouth-watering.

I screamed, the wild beast rushed to Han Xiaoli, and pinched it again on her chest and licking again. Han Xiaoli hurts her face pale.

“Ah … good … good pain … don’t like this …” Crying, she struggles, struggles, but also the color wolf is heavy like a mountain, where to push!

I have been getting more and more happily, and the two hands grasp Han Xiaoli’s double peaks, and the lower head will contain a lotion in the mouth, and the tongue is on the pink cherry and sucks. Poor Xiaoli lying on the floor, splitting in vain, and even shouting the strength is almost.

“It’s time …” The baked woman who laughed and appreciated the pants.

“Hey, good sister, come … with your mouth, you can’t lick it, carefully …” I took out the body, and took the big black black meat stick to Xiaoli.

Han Xiaoli has seen this, ashamed, the ear is red, crying and pleading …

“The bell … ring … ring …” suddenly the bell sounded.

At this time, it was five o’clock, and the footsteps of the “Qianqi, and the answer” were in this college, and the last lesson was completed, and the students who were busy arrived home. In contrast, this is more quiet and quiet, and no one will find anything. In the entire dance room, in addition to the winds of windows, the only sound is the fine 呻 呻 小 小 小.

I blocked her jungly with my mouth, she had a further resistance, and crushed in her soft body. Xiaoli’s body keeps trembling, twisting, seems to find a way to escape. It’s a pity that because of the weakness of the body, her hopes to have disappeared in the struggle, until the last connection is not moving, it seems that she has given up the latest one silk resistance.

The topical tongue licks the body of Xiaoli shaking, and only the muscles are more tongue in my muscles. At this time, I strived all the clothes on her, and all of them were peeled off. I excitedly grabbed her small white panties, I baked my nose and smelted and smelted and visited Xiaoli’s own carefully designed art. She made me gave me a red ear, I was busy, I was busy, and I bite my tender lips.

I am squatting in front of her, my legs are separated from her, kissing her pink neck, Xiaoli keeps slightly shakes, and the mouth is slightly smashed, and it is good. Just then, I also removed my clothes, with my hot stick, stroked her carcass, and wiped her face. After the awareness of my metamorphosis, Xiaoli kept twisting the body, and I also sent a sadness in my mouth. But all this is a bit late, the outside students are going, I have already raped this code.

I kept smashing the body; the right hand stressed her left milk, and the left hand slammed her vagina, chrysanthemum, and her mouth kept lasing her nipple. Although there is no experience in Xiaoli, this is also secreted in the vagina, making my fingers more smooth.

I only heard the “Zi” water sprinkle, the middle finger filled with love liquid quickly entered her vagina, playing even Xiaoli, I felt that there was a burst of scuba in the secret, that is, pain, but also hot, and this time The protection effect, which makes her small secret, full of transparent sensual mucus.

With the changes in Xiaoli physiology, I immediately move the meat stick toward her mouth of the peach cave, the round-back painting circle, teasing, stimulating her. After a while, her will had completely collapsed, and I didn’t hesitate to put the swelling meat stick into her body. A sting of stinging, brought her god and brought back reality. She is not too mourning, and I have a strong twist.

However, the crazy bullfighter did not pull out the obsolete fork. I have twisted her, riding on her, and smoking more hard. And she is also because of this, and crazy struggle.

Xiaolina tight muscles make her vaginal contraction tighter. Ironically, she is shrinking, the more I get a bigger enjoyment! I grabbed her double milk, put it in the top of the stick, inserting her secrets, directly to the heart. Xiaoli also responded in a tremble and mourning of electric shock, and the two strains tried to cross my thick waist.

Suddenly, in this moment, the fierce bob fierce into and out, a large number of obscenes and silk blood clots have also slowed down, and they have a meat stick red stick, let me crazy. The stick is more exciting into her chrysanthemum, and struggling to stamp.

The pain in the chrysanthemum, let her feel almost fainted, and I have closed my eyes, keeping in the hole in the cavity, and I have finished falling in five miles. Until final, only the glans were born, hurriedly grabbed the small breasts, and the body came up, hard to get the hot and spicy sticks to her vagina, and burst out inside A hot quantifier …

Suddenly, only behind him, I was pushed back, and “Battan” was rolled down to Xiaoli. When I was just in Da Shusheng, Wang Fang teacher in the class happened to hear the training of the dance room, and then splitly peek, just hit my good things by her.

“Hey! You are a little insect, don’t think that no one will see the bad things you do! I have a clear and beautiful, and I will not check you the stupid principal. ! “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “

Teacher Wang is very chic, it is worthy of famous beauty. She is a hundred and seventy centuries, the body is bodybuilding, the double peak is especially high, the legs have long been talents, keeping the long hair of shawl, beautiful and charming, is a girl full of modern, and the gentleness Compared.

“Hey? Teacher, you have seen it early … that can’t come out to stop? How can I wait until I’m cool … I jumped out to talk about the wind? Hey … how do you have a peek, while you have to dig enough? Ha … see your fingers, stick, wet, quasi … 嘻嘻 … Come over … Let me smell, see … “

“You … Live your mouth!” I haven’t finished it. Mr. Wang can’t help but feel red, and even irritated.

“That … go! Let’s go to the principal of the school now, I will see how you want to check me …” I jumped, the burly body got up, and I was a handsome, unconstrained. Look loudly.

Wang Fang’s face has a strange look, kneading naked me, staying out of God. She is a conflict in mind, and her mind is contradictory. Her cheeks have a fever, the heart is jumping. This simple and self-righteous woman has been controlled by me.

“Come! Xiaoli … Come with the teacher, hey … don’t cry again. The teacher took you to clean, rinse this stinky boys.” Wang Fang said softly to Xiaoli.

Teacher Wang has been panicked at this moment, and I don’t know what to say, what to do, only turned to pull the little Li, go quickly to the bathroom! I am sitting on the stone ladder of the college gate, Wang Xiaofei I was coming over, I took a few mouthfuls in my hand, and then I tried to hit her two.

“Xiao Li, you will go back first, listen to the teacher just said, put all the nightmare, forget it! Don’t pay attention to this small slider …” Wang Fang lightly touched the small beauty, and said.

Han Xiaoli nodded slightly, aimed at me, and quickly rushed to the campus.

“You! With me to the classroom, I have something to say to you …” Wang Fang angry and said.

I stretched my tongue in naughty, followed by the baren butt of Wang Fang.

When I arrived in the classroom, Mr. Wang gave the door, and vigorously refers to my head.

“Little ghost, you will listen to it! I want you to automatically drop back tomorrow, I don’t want to see you in this school.” She said.

“But I am here to learn the mystery of life, cultivate physical strength, and hone self-cultivation and flesh!” I like a desire to be knowledgeable as youth.

“Don’t follow me” fake fairy “! Your mathor’s small lace, don’t force me to report your evils in the school, and you are a shot of two!” Wang Teacher angry and said.

“Okay, ok. But … I have a condition. I want teachers, you are now wearing underwear, if you give it to me, then … I will never step into this step! How? …”

Wang Fang furred down to me, did not send a word, the eyes were turned straight, and it was considering.

“Good! I promise you … But don’t let the next time you see you here later!” Teacher Wang said, while turning around, cautiously in addition to the underwear in the bottom of the skirt.

I took a white silk panty, who took Wang Fang, lost his pants, and immediately sent it to the nose and deeply smell the smell of the soul of the soul above. I saw the teacher’s tenderness and slippery face, the ear of cold and hot, and it was ashamed.

“Hey! Teacher … Sure enough, as I expected! You just hide our peeking us early, you see … This whole underwear is wet, but also stick to the ground, you have flowed out! I took a sly, and my eyes were looking at Wang Fang.

Teacher Wang has a big change, and everyone is stunned, and I don’t know how to make a question. I saw that she did not dare to see me in her eyes, and she passed her face.

I can’t see the machine, so I quickly rushed over, hugging Teacher Wang. For this shocked change, Wang Fang is more confused and completely panicked. I sticked his mouth and took out the teacher’s sweet tongue, including sucking in your mouth.

Unexpectedly, Mr. Wang was slightly shy, and the eyes closed, let us continue to be entangled together and communicate with each other.

Teacher Wang also even wrapped his hands on my waist, and I used the left hand to take her Fangfang’s hair, and the right hand placed on her round hips, which was light, and smoked in a moment. Although it is a thick denim skirt, Wang Fang seems to feel the enthusiasm in my hand, and I have been transferred to my heart, and I have a soft and soft, there is no strength.

“Um … um … Aqing … no … don’t … ah …” Wang teacher continues to be soft.

Wang Fang’s pet is more excited to have my lust. My hand is getting less and less upset, and I started to swim in the border of the teacher.

“Ah … don’t …” Wang Teacher seemed to wake up from the dream, standing straight, pushed me.

“Sorry, the teacher … I … I love you too much.” I am going to apologize for my own disappearance.

“I … I … is not a childish little sister, it is lie to you!” Wang Fanghong faced his face and said.

I hurriedly pulled the zipper of the trousers, gave it out of the hardcore, and took it into the small hand of Teacher Wang, and she immediately retracted immediately.

“Teacher, you … you have always been voyeur me Xiaoli … don’t you want to touch me, this big old?”

I don’t wait for her response, and I have to catch her hand, hard to rub myself, and rubbed his back.

“Oh! You … you … so disgusting! How can there be … What is the things?” Wang Mr. is full of red, widened his eyes.

Her towering chest is exhausted, and the labocription in my mouth is constantly being sent out, causing her spring heart, it is difficult to make homemade. It seems that this woman is not very experienced. She smashed the eyes, greedily stared at the big meat stick, and holding it back, I feel that the enthusiasm of the palm of the palm is. what! Teacher Wang’s defense seems to have collapsed, and the flame of desire completely covers reason. I suddenly put my hand on the teacher’s thigh. I used it. I put her all the people in the broad classroom table, gently unlocked her skirt buckle, slowly pulling it down. . Her double slender and round thighs were exposed to my eyes, clean and pink labipings were wrapped in the surrounding grass. Her round hips, twisted, it is charming.

I only feel that the blood is boiling, the mashed mask of the lower body is accommodating, busy to extend it into the jade leg of Wang Wang, gently rub.

“You … so bad!” Teacher Wang’s body, charming, looking at me.

I haven’t returned her, and my hand began to move. I will swim my hands to her clothes, and I am slow and powerful to pick her chest. This move sang Wang Fangjiao gasped, and it was soft. When my mobile game moved to her mysterious place, she was already soft.

I roughly opened the furry Black Forest with one hand, and took her slightly ladle and crazy on her face, kissed on her body. Wang Fang sent a happiness of happiness, this sudden tacit tact, it has completely turned her into a slut. She kissed me enthusiastically, and he grabbed his life with his life.

“Sweet … cool! To …

I stroked Mr. Wang’s tower and white pearmies, I touched her, I was astonishing, passionately twisted with soft waist, catering my hand. I am going to go, I grabbed her slender waist, and I love to kiss. Wang Fang’s little hand continued to hold my hianglo set, and the meat stick is almost open.

I can’t help but I can’t help it, and I quickly stopped all the clothes. Teacher Wang is full of swaying eyes, staring at my hi-tall mask, and put a sample with a sultry gesture, and urge I have a good point. I excitedly squatted on the teacher’s table, I didn’t expect that she actively took me back pressure, and kissed my strong chest muscles, and then moved down along the chest …

“I hate … Teacher, you are so sensual! 唔 … 唔 … good teacher … you get people itchy!” I screamed, and Wang Fang responded with Water’s eyes and aimed at me.

“Oh … 喔 … um … so comfortable …” I shine in the soft tongue of Mr. Wang, I feel floating in the cloud.

After her warm stalks took a while in my navel, she touched my huge meat stick with her tender hands, and made it screamed.

“Hey! This thing can swell such a big …” Wang Teacher is shocked, shame, and is happy, I don’t know what it is, only her powder face, slightly, my heart is a big heart. Glans.

I have gripped her head and guides her mouth to make my meat stick. Teacher Wang also gradually calm down, and the red face took the initiative to hold my mask, and let the cherry lips lick. Her movements are slow, getting more and more bold, passionate. I caress her hair, enjoy a strong pleasure of a wave, cool, my honey, soft, want to die.

Teacher Wang stretched his tongue on my glans, and went back and forth a few laps, and then gently contained in the import. At this time, she buried the whole head into my legs, like a beautiful kinky beast, deeply smoked my meat stick, tightly clamped with a charming lip. The flexible tongue is also playing on the glans from time to time.

My meat stick beats in the mouth of Wang, and the body is constantly shaking. Teacher Wang felt that he might be to vent, quickly spit it out, and gently slide on the top of the glans using the tip of the tongue. I looked down, a lot of white turbid semen spurted, splashing in Wang Fang’s pretty cheeks, cherry, and the towering peak.

“Well! I hate … I look at the people you get …” Teacher Wang said, then touch the semen on the red face.

She looked at the obscene mucus on her hand, and her desire is getting higher and higher, and she reached out of the tongue. Who knows this, I have tasted it, and I have been in the face, and the semen on the chest is sneaked in the mouth.

“Hey! No …” I spend myself and stare.

“What is it? Everything is you, just take care of yourself, people … people are now hot and itchy, really useless! Hey, the children will be indignantly complained. I have heard it in my heart, I have been standing, I have been going to the door to open the lock, and then I will return to the body to hug, I will hinder Wang, I will not take care of her resistance and exclaim.

I don’t care if there is anyone in this time, naked two meat insects, pass through the corridor, and go to the end of the dance room. I have been in the inside, and she smiled in the soft pad of her exercise.

“You … you … neuropathy! If you are hit by others, how can you be good!” Teacher Wang took a deep breath.

It is already nearly 7 o’clock? In the practice dance room, it was filled with golden faint, and the naked Wang Fang was more like a beautiful dream. The crystal sweater, splashing on her beautiful skin, and black hair is dressed behind.

Teacher Wang’s uniform shoulder, the white arms, and a pair of sheep fat white jade breasts, under the stunned light, as an old photo of the old photo. I gladly at her crispy chest, and the snowy buns of the two groups. With the heart, I don’t think too much, but after all, it is rare, I don’t want to be a dancer during the day, it is no wonder that I will look back.

“Teacher, now let you look at it … I have the ability of my child. Ha! The old man may be over, however, my big steel cannon … but I can send it again! You said … just now I am like a silkworm, now … 嘻嘻 … “I smiled and said.

I crouched and rely on the body of Wang. She also shoted over with white tender hands, holding my brickly, and finally showed satisfied smile.

My finger reached into the vagina’s vagina, violently entered and fell out to do ten, and the head was full of love. She screamed, and then closed his eyes and took a sigh of relief, and held my thick big mask.

“Aqing, good brother … good, don’t come to me, just use your big meat stick to give me cool!” Wang teacher lamented.

I sat down on the cushion, put the teacher, let her sit on the thigh. I put her hips, and the glans set into her vagina. She immediately eventually active, the upper body, the lower body, the lower body is a wave of arc, the difficulty is still quite high!

“Ah … ah … ah …” The wave of the waves from Wang Fang’s mouth, cool in my ear.

Teacher Wang continued to tenet with his hips in my arms, and her breasts also throws. This is probably the so-called milk hips! It’s a good idea, and it’s beautiful! I roughly reached out to catch the cold meat of the two groups in the chest, and then pinched the two cherry nipples and carefully appreciated, the tongue was lied, and the mouth was licking.

As Wang teacher’s meat hole grinds my thick meat stick, the glans gradually started. A burst of crisps all over the body, I panicked her tightly, let her double breasts are stuck in my chest. Finally, a strong semen was built by the glans, and the teacher spun the teacher deep in the meat hole.

For a long time, my old second slowly slipped from Wang Fang teacher to moist the wet meat hole, tired of lying down. Teacher Wang also squatted in my arms and smashed his breath.

I don’t know how long it took again. I suddenly thought that the penis shifted is like a pinch. I saw that Teacher Wang immediately returned. Where can I let go, a close her in his arms. Although she is physically strong, she can always earn my arms. At this time, my hand also went to her shame, I only felt a piece of Wu oil oil, the little labell is fat and fresh, and the vagina is still skewer …

“Come, give me a blow!” I told.

Teacher Wang smiled and looked at me. He immediately looked up and drilled to me. My glans were added and comfortable. I try to enjoy more than a while, try to calm down my thoughts, so that the big meatmes are more hard and embited.

Sure enough, my good old second did not disappoint me, so soon, in the oral cavity of Mr. Wang. However, she did not stop immediately, and only continued to take my meat stick sucking, so that I was more comfortable to flutter, this slowly spit out the glans.

“Okay! See you comfortable to reverse the eyes! Hey … I have already been hard! Aqing … Your meat stick is rough and long, the truly cute.” Wang Fang said with a smile.

I quickly put the thick penis, inserted into the teacher’s hot pussy. Only she closed my eyes back and forth in her delicate vagina. The whole person was trembled after ten minutes, and the climax was turned to. Teacher Wang is crazy, and the pussy is divided into a lot of prostitution, and the sound in the mouth is even more snorted. I reached out to squeeze and tween her breast. It’s really very sorry and elastic, holding in my hands, a comfortable feeling spread all over my body.

Although she was previously dried up, the vagina was still narrow, and did not relax. When the poke is inserted, it feels like a rape girl, the feeling of the shallowed wall is tightly oppressed my madam, and it contains it full.

As I frequently pumped, Wang Teacher’s expression became a helpless, and it was a good time to be enthusiastic, and enjoyed the fun of sexual intercourse.

I waved the mask, and I felt in the wet little meat, I was deeply pulled out, and I went deep out, and I rose right again for a while. Dry the teacher’s vagina, and I still have a golden gun.

In the end, Mr. Wang came over, kneeling in the ground, and the snow whitening big butt made me play “Ziyama fired”, only in her flesh, once again …

After that, I resolutely promised that Wang Fang teacher no longer went to the college to hinder her lessons. Of course, this is accompanied by the condition, that is, she has to promise to do love with me, and provide me with some female students in the dance college. In this way, I can plan my actions more carefully, so that I can wait for my prey outside of the school, kive them.

Then Han Xiaoli, who was branched, a delicate body and angelic cute face, naturally, I can’t forget. I will call her home from time to time, using her weak character, half-horizon, put her to my home, no concern in my room, comfortably stamp her incense Sliding cavity.

During the summer vacation, for a counted, even Wang Fang teacher, the girls in the dance college were also killed, really unable to do. what! I really have to thank the bored mother who insisted on sending me to learn the dance …

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