Chapter I: First I am an ordinary college student. What is ordinary?

How do you say that a bright show, but a fat, the height of 173 is not too short. Life is like the lactation of most of the science and engineering boys, canteen, classroom, and dormitory.

In general, the days are like boiling water, I am also a relatively active part of the student, the class cadres, the students, but these will not have much interest, maybe just for graduation, the resume is not so pale. . I have already paid a girlfriend, but I will break up soon. It is worth mentioning that in this love, there is a certain understanding of men and women.

A stone is thrown into the quiet lake, I think it is probably to meet me Xiaoxia.

Meet she made my university from gray into colorful colors.

Xiaoxia is a dance teacher in our school art school, and she begins with a dance class that I am unhappy.

That day, I first arrived in the classroom. A girl, dressed in a long-sleeved T-shirt and tight dance pants, she is under the classroom. I asked: “Classmates, is this a modern dance basic class classroom?”

She turned her body and her head, I hosted her hook lottery, slender waist, the chest of the high tall tall, this girl is very good, I think so.

“What is your name, in addition, I am a teacher in this class.

It is actually the teacher of this class, I am somewhat awkward. I had to answer her soon: “The teacher is good, I am Wang Xi.”

“Wang Xi is. I am very glad to meet you. I hope you can study hard in this class.” Teacher Xiaoxia laughed with me, I dare to look up at this young teacher. Xiaoxia teacher is a standard no one, white skin, melon face, there are some mature and some playful, black microcontrolled long hair on the shoulder, I guess that she is not married.

After that, I was called over the legs in the past, which is this. Teacher Xiaoxia sat in my opposite side, with two feet to live with my two feet, and helped me tuly ligature. I looked at it, I almost lost my soul. Xiaoxia teacher full of breasts in front of my eyes, can all be observed from two Yu Feng, I have to hold breathing, I don’t dare to move. “To take the ligament, it will be very hard.” I smelled the aroma, I didn’t even speak, I had to promise. Soon, I found more stimulating places, in the middle of the legs of Xiaoxia Teacher, a gully, if it can imagine the temperature and softness there.

Teacher Xiaoxia is really special.

“You help me press the leg, I press it”, Xiao Xia teacher is bent over, the head arrived at my crotch. I am very embarrassing, because since I saw the traces of the teacher, my penis was erected, I was very obvious in the pants.

When I was thinking, I only listened to Xiao Xia teacher loudly.

“I know that these boys, so there is no self-made force, so that I can’t do it, I can’t do it.” Xiaoxia teacher looked up at me.

“Sorry, teacher, … you are very beautiful, I can’t help but say.

“It’s a lovely boys, where is the teacher beautiful?”

“Xiaoxia teacher’s figure is the best, still beautiful”

Suddenly, Xiao Xia teacher kissed me, the small fragrant tongue drilled into my mouth, and could not live, exchanged each other’s saliva. My hand didn’t consciously hug Xia Xia teacher, entangled with her tongue.

I kissed for a long time, I grew up and stopped. Teacher Xiaoxia raised his eyebrows, “Wang Xi students, this is a reward for you”

“Thank you teacher, but the teacher, what should I do below?” I finger my old two old.

“I have solved myself” I immediately made a face.

Xiaoxia teachers smiled, “But I can give you some items”

She slowly opened the jacket, it turned out to be a meat, and it was in the current, and the position of the two jade peaks were cut out, and the seductive grapes of the two jade peaks were cut out. It’s so naked in my eyes.

“I have to get it, I have to go to class.”

The teacher twisted his body. Sexy flying double millet was blooming, I hurriedly used the hand to make my penis in my hand, and I went to Xiaoxia Teacher.

Xiaoxia teacher seems to be dancing, roll, jump, breasts, friction, and swear my waist, rotate, twist, and dance in love. A pair of jade legs, wrapped in stockings and tight dance pants, elasticity, small partners can touch the teacher’s hidden place, which makes me more excited. “If you want the teacher, you have to help the teacher. At that time, everything of the teacher is your” teacher suddenly said in my ear, I can’t help but speed up the speed, I am very emotional, sprayed.

“Ah teacher, I shot” I shoot the semen to the teacher’s mouth, watching Xiao Xia eaten them all.

“Arrange, prepare for class” Xiaoxia teacher said that it is very calm, and it will get up and put it off. Her relaxed look and even let me think that there is no happening.

The students came, and most of them were a female classmate, plus me only 3 boys. The next course I became absent, her grass heard.

When I get to class, I will stay in the end, and I will take the courage to ask the teacher.

“Teacher, just now … I …”

The teacher smiled, “Don’t go up, I am just unhappy, see you so cute, tease you”

Therefore, it is a relaxed look that I don’t believe in her.

I screamed, my thoughts began to float, beautiful teachers, school dance room, fragrant flesh and obscenity in stockings, these I didn’t dare to think about it before, actually in this way happened. If the teacher is a beautiful young woman who wants to have a strong desire, seeing young students can’t help but find the fun outside the life, I am not willing to be convinced by this reason. Xiaoxia teacher is scattered, but it is still captured by me. She has a story, saying that I am really upset to find me such a person, and I am also able to make a happiness, I am the first to go to the dance room, it is not what special views on me itself.

“Wang Xi, can you help the teacher to change this dress, this dress is too tight?

Just as I thought about it, Xiaoxia teacher’s voice came over, using this scorpion to say sexy love language must be very people. She indicated that I came over to help her change. At this time, the dance room is already only two people, and the empty room is only my footsteps and the sound of the jade.

Teacher Xiaoxia looked at me and began to take off her trousers and jackets. It was the meat colored stockings you have just seen. Xiaoxia teacher is indeed the best in the beautiful people, if the skin is generous, the body is extremely well-known, has the feeling of existing young women’s breast hips, and feel that this is a very energetic body, and there is no crystal because there is lazy. Wrinkles.

“Come on, help me take off your clothes”, really, what is going to do something, Xiaoxia teacher’s clothes have neither it is difficult to take off, and it is not like it is too fatigue and does not want to move.

“Teacher, I don’t know … From Where start”

“Top, take off first, let’s take your hand on the shoulders of the teacher. I feel that the teacher will gently tremble, pick the shoulder straps, pull it on the arm, Xiaoxia teacher’s snow white breasts show a large half . Remove the other side of the shoulder strap, return the stockings to the waist, white and full of double peaks appear in front of me, I swallowed the sputum.

Teacher Xiaoxia looked at me and felt funny. I finished my head with my finger. “I haven’t seen enough, I’m taking away.”

“Sorry, teacher, if you don’t pay attention, you will be fascinated.”

I then took all the teacher’s stockings. Xiaoxia’s long legs did not have a uncomfortable fat on the long legs, and even a bodybuilder feeling, it is a dance profession. The most people who are most open is the tangle between the teachers’ legs, next to the thick black stuff, slightly felt, unlimited desire close to her.

I don’t know what to do, I’m telling, “Teacher, I will finish it.”

The teacher did not send out a set of flamdrops and knees, not in the lingerie, and stepped on a black high heel, then said with a very light tone, “Wang West, you later It is the teacher’s lover. “

I finally couldn’t help but hug Xia Xia teacher, kissed it, and the tongue was swaying on her sweet tongue. She didn’t seem to think that I suddenly rushed, but then I also started to catering my kiss and wrap each other with my tongue.

I can’t climb to Xiaoxia’s chest, first in the clothes, and the soft feeling makes my penis immediately. Later, I took her sling and took the two jade rabbits, and took the mouth from her sweet tongue, and took the Yinhong small grape. “Ah, my lover, how do you can’t help now? Want to love the teacher you just know, it’s really a good student. More want to stop.

“Then, are you a good teacher, wearing such a Sao’s stockings, but also let the students look at your body to play the plane, now come to seduce students.” I transferred to Xiaoxia teacher’s elasticity of flexible buttocks. I caress her through silky cloth.

“Ah … How do you suddenly sneak hide the ass, you can’t say this for your lover, otherwise the teacher doesn’t like you, I want to be a little bites with the teacher.”

“Then I have any rewards,”

“I want to reward.” Xiaoxia teacher took me to lay down, turned over to my face, my mouth hit the teacher, but also a little bit of a little bit of a faint, and there was a flavor.

“It’s a young man, just once, now it is so big.” Xiaoxia teacher faded my sweatpants, took out my meat stick, swallowed it, the fragrant tongue kept up and down, The sensitive glans keeps switch.

“Ah, the teacher is so comfortable.” I praised the teacher’s oral life, and she took out the tongue up and down to suck the teacher’s labie. At this time, the teacher’s labi has been filled with blood, it becomes very sensitive, honey points are not stopped. Flow out of love outwardly.

“The husband’s husband, the teacher, you can’t satisfy you? Hey,” I got my baby when I didn’t finish my words, I didn’t finish my baby when I didn’t finish my baby.

“Don’t don’t have a lot of mouth, come and do it, come and do it.” The teacher pulled the skirt to the waist, sitting in my waist, holding my old second, smashing my dream, I can’t think of Xiaoxia Teacher Small hole.

“Ah, the little guy looks small, actually quite quite big, you are qualified to be a teacher’s lover.”

I sat up from the underground and held my goddess with a teacher who sat up with a Guanyin, and put it on her round tits.

“Ah … ah … more quickly, then use your strength, very comfortable?” I quickly inserted into the teacher’s hole and quickly took out, the teacher’s small hole was not so tight, but very soft, warm, let me suppress can’t rest Wool.

Under my continuous flip, the teacher’s eyes are more fascinated, the voice has also become a gap, and some messy snoring, but the body is actively cooperating with my plug-in, the snow white butt and my The waist hits each other.

“Wang Xi, you are really awesome, the teacher likes you, you will fuck me every day in the future.”

I can only insert the teacher who murmured with more violently.

Suddenly, the teacher was shaking, from her honey pocket, a large shares of hot flow, hot my glans played a tremble, I sprint, shot my essence.

“Ah, ah, ah, I happen, my climax, ah …” Xiaoxia teacher called a lot, and I continued to plug in this climax longer after shooting. I have been together for a long time.

My teacher Xiaoxia was really a lover.

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