In Hong Kong, in addition to the shopper’s paradise, it is also a good place for the sidapot.

This story is to describe the episode of a dancing girl in Hong Kong. She is not a special part, and the general dancer is mostly this.

Local dancers have almost rely on the support and support of the vast guest, but in Hong Kong, many dance women have a private car. If they truly count the clock, don’t say to buy a car, it is not enough to support a car, but Hong Kong is biased. Missing Missing Dance is a sedan class. They come out, which is more than the dancer. Why is this?

Let Qiu Hui tell us this reason!

This is a light gorgeous, the novel dance hall, the quality of the dancers, the sound is also going, the location is in the city center, the venue is wider, is the style of the big class, becoming a second-run place.

Autumn is the jade new star of this dance hall. When I entered the market, this business is prosperous, her is always there, one is the condition of itself, high education, talk about connotation, elegant temperament, such as the name .

Once again, the face is very beautiful, a pair of phoenix eyes, the eyesight horizon, the water’s eyes are as beads, and you can’t say a charming, and you can’t say it. Especially the bumps, there is a full-filled breast, the wonderful slim waist, and the jade hip is more tempting.

The temptation of the shares, no matter where the waist is swayed, the pink hips fluctuates the posture, or the wind like the autumn wave, it is very charming.

Therefore, there are a lot of dancers, and they are bold to chase, so that she can shoot.

Although she pursued her dance, she had a problem with “sister love”, and the dance has chosen.

The young dancer dance, three or five times, will be sweet, will be flattering her, she is happy, two late nights, to do with her, she is always halfway to be dragged into the hostess.

A burst of rain, is really a male, love, strong spring.

A little bit of guests, she can’t see the eye, there is no disgust.

Hands touched her body, she also played a big card, undergone, and left, anyway, she didn’t take her at the next time, less than one thing.

However, she only did three months, I met a beautiful little white face, the two played hot, and every day, I would not have a dance.

So I held her guests, mostly, in other dance girls, the dancers are reality, can touch, can kiss, and we can only seem to be comfortable.

The white face is not a flow of Affei. It is a master brother. In the father’s company, he is a manager. In order to love the autumn, the public fund is discovered by Laozi, under the father’s economic blockade, so that he moved, so the football hall , Don’t dare to meet with autumn.

The Economic Economic’s economy did not afford to support, so she had to reort the sea, but the previous familiarity, most of them have fallen into other dance women’s arms, plus social economy, and the field is also light than before, this is red The jade girl, sitting less than three or five hours a day, and the demolition is only seven or eight hundred yuan.

She can’t complain, a good business, they are all broken, only to pay attention to a young government brother, give up other guests, a lady comes out to do dance women, no matter how, can’t deal with a woman, special A guest, the rest offended.

Today, it is always a very light, there are only four or five guests in the field, and there are several dancers, and they are playing in music, and their fun dances, and the laundage of the drama is in the dance floor.

Autumn is alone, sitting on the seat near the corner, is boring to smoke the cigarette.

“Baby, what’s wrong? Why is a person sit here?”

Suddenly, I came to a man, autumn is busy looking up, it turned out to be a big class.

“Hey!” A sound, she came obliquely, tied his mouth, and he left him.

Xiaolin said from the task of the big class, he told the truth, he treated the autumn harmony.

Others look young and handsome, tall and aquiline Jun pull, plus a pretty little white face, in the powder leaves the ballroom, resourceful, articulate, not only dancers appreciate him.

Even the dancers are all sorting with him, to achieve his good feelings, as long as the Xiaolin is good, the dance girl can have a new guest to patronize, and the pocket will be filled with green banknotes.

Even some coquettish dancer, willing unconditional dedication Jiao good body, to draw him.

However, Qiu Hui did not, Kobayashi is not she hates, but the original holding her guests too much.

Qiu Hui is this ambiguous attitude, it is not clear how it was so Kobayashi.

So he sat down, took her hand and asked in Qiuhui side: “?! In the end how the baby”

Qiu Hui has always been a very good impression of him, to see him so concerned about, then open mouth and said: “The recent guest did not join in ……”

Words to half, Qiu Hui micro tilted her head, secretly watching his reaction.

These Kobayashi see in the eyes, in my heart to listen, they understand what she meant.

He put his hand around her waist, smiling, he said: “This can not blame my previous take a few lines to you, do not say I did not get the benefits, but you will never see in their eyes, only with that bitch manager! heats up, now wide customer are taken away by others. “

Qiu Hui heard the “benefits” he mentioned, thinking, I used to have a bad reason, but now I want to ask him to help, I must first give a big class first. What gift? Autumn is immediately arrived.

A simple and best gift, this gift autumn is often talked about colleagues.

It is not only generous, and the subject is affordable, it is sacrifice the body, let the big class soul.

Thinking of this, autumn Hui can’t help but flour, floating him, drifting his mouth and said: “But people now take the time to take a small time, and the expenses of life are big …”

“Good! There is a big boss, who is surnamed Zhu. He used you for two months, and you touched you. You will jealize his pig eight rings, and the skin is walking, and you are still a woman.”

In autumn, I remembered Zhu Lao, who had the fat brain, she laughed.

Xiaolin said with a smile: “Thanks to you, you are a woman, except for the ‘back door’, at least ‘front door’, I don’t know how many small faces have passed?”

As he said, he was stroked on her fat hip.

Autumn Hui feels that there is a hand in the buttons, and Xiaolin is interested in her.

The body will be shining in the boat, slipping into the arms of Xiaolin, saying.

“Well! Hello, hurry!”

The beauty is in the arms, it is really soft and jade, Xiaolin knows that there is a sweetness tonight.

Although he is very romant, it is not bad. It has never been in the convenience of the position, and the jade body of the dancers. It is, as long as there is a beautiful woman to send, he is not refused.

After the romance, for their request, it is also responsible, never, so very dancers and trust.

Xiaolin slammed her body, her head snuggled in his shoulder, showing a quiet fragrance, straight into his nose, so that Xiaolin is inach intoxicated, very romantic smile: “You If it is in front of Zhu Lao, no longer make a woman, willing to make your belt, then I will take it for you, as long as you open a price, I think I can’t make a problem nine to 20,000.

Nine yuan, autumn is thinking, this can be paid for two months, 20,000 yuan, can spend two months.

Qiu Hui thought about it, finally, he nodded and said in a quiet: “When is the time? I hope … Can you hurry!”

Xiaolin is very different and said: “What is it? Are you very lacking?”

Autumn Hui stood up and reached out and shakes the straw in the juice. The expenses are not enough, I don’t know how to save money before, so … “

She said that all unfortunate things in the world is coming on her body.

However, she didn’t lie, after all, she is a new entrance, still pure, just before, and actually.

Xiaolin took a bunch of crumpled banknotes from the pocket, and I didn’t know how much, she pulled the autumn shape and put the money into her hand.

“These money, you should use it first.”

In the autumn hand, he holds this money in his hand, and it is grateful in his heart.

Excited emotions, both eyes are popular, and the water of the water is like tears.

She quickly drilled into Xiaolin’s arms. Two powder arms held him tightly. He said straight to his mouth: “Thank you! Xiaolin, I don’t know how to repay you!”

Xiaolin smiled up her body, said: “Okay! Don’t be stupid, don’t think that I have an attempt to you, go, go to the rest, I will go to work, Zhu boss, I will replace you. After walking, after work, I will take you with you! “

“Well!” Autumn Hui was laughing, happy to answer Xiaolin.

Most time in the ballroom is every time the night is 12:30 midnight.

Today, because of the less dance, I will fight early at 12 o’clock.

Xiaolin is the last 咛 waiter and other dancing women tomorrow.

Autumn is already waiting for him at the stairway.

“Let’s go! Sorry, let you wait!”

I don’t know when Xiaolin has come to Qiuhui’s side, and I apologize: “I first cheer you to eat late night, is it good?”

Qiu Hui is on the eyebrows, nodded, Xiaolin loured her, and the two left the ballroom.

After eating late night, Xiaolin and Qiu Hui came to the park’s road.

At this time, there is a little more, the pedestrians who have been on the road are rare, the night is fascinating, and the moonlight of the moon will pull the figure of the two.

“Xiaolin, since the manager left me, I think a lot.”

The autumn hiped in the arms of Xiaolin, and he said on the side.

She felt that he was thinking about things, so I said: “Time is too late, it is not a way to walk on the street, to my residence, I thank you.”

Some, the autumn pink face is lower, like can’t look like.

“Thank I? … 喔 喔 …”

Xiaolin suddenly smiled and smiled very chic, very prodiguous.

“Al! The money will not have to be alone in the future.”

Autumn Hui listened, for his style, made her heart, her to men, I like little face, Xiaolin is a typical man.

When I arrived in the autumn resident, she lived in the Saturday of the Saturday. One house in the second room, just a person in autumn, that is, she and the young manager have to rent, European decoration, complete equipment, no wonder she is lacking, such a famous residence, not a general person affordable.

After entering the house, Xiaolin immediately pulled the autumn Hui to his arms, and the hot lips were posted on the lips, while using her hand up to her banner, let go to peel off her trip.

Qiu Hui is ashamed, hurriedly, it is shrinking, and the powder face is red, and what is your urgent? “

Xiaolin hanginger laughed and said: “Do you want to repay me? I like women’s full hips.”

Autumn shace teases him, but Xiaolin is still holding her.

Two hot lips tightly, the little pants that did not live in the abdomen of the abdomen, just pushed half of the autumn, and was pulled to the thigh.

The two hands of Xiaolin Ling live, each punched on a smooth white hip meat, slammed, and struggled.

At this time, the autumn sham, shy to twist the waist, and holding him tightly.

Suddenly, “shoot!” A sparks.

“Oh! Hello!”

Xiaolin’s hand slammed the autumn Hui Xue’s butt, hurting her crazy, broke away from the embrace of Xiaolin.

She drums the cheeks and drums up the cherry mouth, and he said: “What is you, playing everyone is hurt!”

Xiao Lin is happy to say: “Little baby! Quickly take off the clothes, go to bed.”

Said, Xiaolin opened the door, and she took the clothes, hang the clothes, and then took the light, first jumped to bed.

The speed of the moment, the autumn is not clear.

She turned to lock the door, extinguished the headlight, leaving only a red small light bulb.

After the autumn walked back to the bed, he gave the Xiaolin and automatically taking off the cheongsam, unlock the bra, stockings, trippers, and the whole body did not hang to the bedside.

Both hands on Xiaolin, pillow in the head, a pair of big eyes dead stare at the glamorous carcass, I can’t help but blow the whistle, the slim figure of the winter, autumn, is really natural.

A ripe gorgeous face, semi-descended half-shaped half-shaped half, charming.

White red skin, uniform flesh, two strong and quite meat peaks, drums, like two snow-white little hoes, although not too big, only a grab, but the top two bright red nipples, is Such attractive.

Smooth and delicate lower abdomen, uneven curve, rounded jade leg, delayed the root of the thigh.

A slightly convex, black black, thin hair, under bright light, bright and slightly luster, but unfortunately the thighs are tight, unable to see the charming Taoyuan hole.

Qiu Hui saw his favorite eyes, ashamed of powder, mood, delicate, delicate,!! Look at you, you can really like an emotional male dog. “

She was stared at him, and she immediately stretched down the triangle of the roots of the thigh.

A charming sexy girl shame, Xiaolin looks a big movement, Dantian has a hot air, DC small abdomen, the little two brothers are not stunned, slowly blood is hard.

He looked at the bed, with both hands with the head, bend the arm, and angry the arm muscles, smiled and said: “Little baby! I am so good, I am so good, I am like a standard male figure, you are very few See it. “

Xiaolin’s self-blown self-sufficiency, autumn gong listened, and looked at him.

He has a strong body, a strong muscle, tiger’s back, and is indeed a man’s charm.

When she bowed down, they couldn’t help but rise red face. The whole person was staring straight.

I saw the small belly of Xiaolin, from the upper part of the belly, extended to the roots of the thighs, all over the white hair, in the black jungle, there is a rooted meat stick, high-spirited, sorrowful Forced people, look at her heart deer, stunned.

He saw her look, couldn’t help but get big, and they bowed down, returning her to bed, turning over, pressing the white and tender jade.

With his fat lips, just put on her cheeks and cherry pans, straight to the autumn qi kiss.

A pair of big hands are not honest, and the breasts are pressed, and the two red grapes are smashed.

Autumn Hui was shocked by this wild, itchy.

The Taoyuan cave that has not been opened for a long time, has been uneasy, and the obscenity has been put out from the jade outlet.

When Xiaolin At this time, it is too busy to face glamorous carcass.

He lowered his head in her pink neck, crisp chest, every irregular place, born kissed, after the two hands were mad, the breasts were separated, and the right hand slipped down and separated her grunge.

The fingers extend into her leg root, and they are squatting on the hit yin.

One of the direct attack, getting the autumn Hui face is hot, the asthma is urgent, the positive body is soft, the two legs dance, and the water DC.

She is kissed by Xiaolin, teasing, caress, so that the desire is high, the blood is excited, the comfortable anti-hands holding his neck, indulging.

“Baby! Ready, the cock is to be caught.”

Xiaolin’s thing about love, it is really experienced, and he can’t see him with intoxication, obsessed with the look, but it is quite sensible, looking at the charm of her Spring

Autumn Hui “Well”, obliquely slanting him, two legs immediately opened. She was ready, Xiao Lin smiled and helped the big mask, and rishes the purple big talents.

“Baby, can I insert it?”

“Oh … what happened to you? Don’t ask me!”

Autumn is not afraid of the tiger. She did not have to pay for the Xiaolin, I didn’t know his energy, I only thought that his glans was gently stuffed into the pussy, and he felt that the slight hole has risen, but because of the “thank you”, you want to speed The battle speed is determined, and it is early to end early.

“Then I have to plug, no matter you?”

“Ok, hurry, don’t ask again.”

Xiaolin heard the urgency of the autumn, laughing and smiling, mind, “Miss, let you come to Ma Wei? When you have, you will know.”

After he made his mind, his hands were holding her, the waist was hard, but the butt, “Zi!” Plug.

At this time, the autumn will only know how good Xiaolin said.

The coarse cock is in Yuci, and the lips like two meat-like cracks. The pain is suffering. I have to push away Xiaolin, but I can’t breathe.

The lower body was hit by his continuous impact, and the yinhouette was blown spicy by the big cock. This rude action is that she has never tasted, and it is painful than her.

A burst of madness, caught the autumn Hui Zhang mouth, the mouth is straight: “唷 … 唷 …… 林 …. you …. 唔 …. you are good …. ah …. ah …. Tap …. 唔 …. Your capital …. too big …. 唔 … hurt … “

Xiaolin listened to her labeling, plugging more effort.

He seems to know how to deal with such a woman in autumn, but his butt is not only non-stop.

Autumn is called again, and the mouth called: “唷 …. you …. you tap …. …. Small hole will crack … Oops … Can’t insert it again …. good pain …. 唔 …. 死 … “

Xiaolin is really a dried hole, and it is calm enough.

He doesn’t care about her pity, fragrant and weak, in the top of the jade, and the flesh of the butt is quite the speed of the big cock.

Double tubes, align the same goals, and you can’t stand in the autumn.

“Oh ………… 林 …. I will be dead …. 唔 …. ah …. stop … stop … um …”

Such a move is over ten minutes.

Qiu Hui felt a small tender hole, gradually comforted.

Yuling is then teasing, her body is excited to twitch, the trembling taste is so stimulating, comfortable, and the big cock is pumped in the hole, especially delicious.

Since the holes were tightly tight by the big chickens, each time the cock was inserted, the meat groove of the tallhead head was scraped with the vaginal wall, bung, and the hearts of the points were also hitted.

Autumn Hui feels the rude action of Xiaolin, no longer painful torture.

On the contrary, it brings her a charming storm, and she is willing to fall into this storm.

I saw her eyes smashed into a line, and both hands were entangled in the waist of Xiaolin.

“Oh …. …………………

Xiaolin knows that she will not shout again, and she will not take care of all the buttocks.

Every time he picked up the mask, the whole root was not entered, the glans tied to the heart, and then smoke it again, and the autumn will not be able to live, you can’t do it.

“Oh …. ah …. Lin …. …. You will play …. …. I …. I am very comfortable …. Well .. .. ah …. I will die …. I …. ah …. “

The good voice of autumn Hui, even although the mouth is called to die, but both hands are tight, it seems to be afraid that he slipped.

Xiaolin saw her swaying cute, the cock was desperately puffed, such as the braveness of the tiger down the mountain, and suddenly, the frenzy, the bones of her, were surmised.

Autumn Hui was dried down to the point of the soul, and the two legs hook on his ass, the fat hip slammed into his way of caving the rhythm.

The mouth is screaming.

“Ah …. Brother … I want to die to you …. …… um …. Dry a little girl …. ………………………… Can’t stand it …. 唔 …. … “

Xiaolin feels that she has entered the situation, the following cocks are more violent inserted, top, grind.

“! 滋!!”

A bursting, the dried autumn, the jade body is burning, shaking, sweating, sweating, puffed, she clotted Xiao Lin twisted, wrapped …. Comfortable soul flying nine. “Good brother …. Brother … My big chicken husband …. ah …. 唔 …. Let you …. you …. play dead …. Oh …. Dry a little girl …. comfortable …. … “

Autumn Hui is so sensual, the pleasure wants to die, so that she is already like crazy, swinging her fat, white abdomen, and catering the mask.

A show is shed in a mess, and the eyes are half closed. Two powder arm is tightly wrapped in Xiaolin’s waist, and the silver teeth in his shoulders, and the stimuli and pleasure of her small yin.

“Hey …. Big chicken brother …. 唔 …. The pain is dead …. 哟 …. Heart kiss …. you …. 喔 … you .. .. I have a comfortable … Oh …. … “

Xiaolin smiled, the big cock did the autumn desire to floating on the sky, the water did not breathe, the heart is dramatic, and the fragrance calls: “Oh …. 唷 …. My big dick …. Heart …. 好 美 哟 …. 唔 …. 喔 …. 死 死 ………………………………… I want to take hard, I want to …. “

Xiaolin listened to her to lose, and she took her jade buttocks, and the biggest pulled up.

“Hey …. …… brother … I can’t …. ah …. ah …. Pops …. Big Cock …………. I am going to die …. 喔 …. I …. I …. 哟 …………………………………

This is a sharp pumping, straight to the autumn, the death is going to live, the whole body can not convulsion, the cherry is lightly gasping.

Never had the extremely sexual pleasure, so that she is full of flesh, just like floating in the cloud, to the realm of gotting me.

After this crazy lingering, autumn Yishan’s delicate jade, it is so destroyed, I saw her exhausted, and the limbs were weak.

Xiaolin looked at her looks, and the heart of the jade is invisible.

So he was busy with the hierarchy.

A charming cave has poured out the charming small hole.

Xiaolin bowed, after the milky, after the blells, they took the flow of the buttocks.

He is busy reaching out from the bed, grab a toilet paper.

After a long time, he turned over the body and lying next to the autumn, the high-spirited big mask was still hard.

After lingering last night, the two sleened from the next day.

This is a good weather with a bright sun, and the sun is penetrating from the window, and the room is bright.

When the autumn convo is tired, put on a silky nightgown, when entering the bathroom, the sound of “!”, It is passed to the bedroom.

I also woke up the ripe little forest, he turned, looking on the bed, rubbing the eyes of the eyes, smashed in the front of the bed, squatting in the soft bed, swallowing the cloud Fog.

Soon, the door of the bathroom was pushed away, and autumn will go out from inside.

A beautiful woman took a bath, I saw her body with a large bath towel in a jade body, her crisp. Half semi-dew, soft bathrobe more showed her uneven curve, two white-grade jade legs were exposed, on the thigh There are also a few drops of water droplets on the fine peel, which is so bright and slid.

Xiaolin said that he couldn’t help but laugh: “Wow! Baby, let your brother enjoy it.”

“Well! People don’t want, go to take a shower, I will prepare breakfast.”

Autumn will give him a charming eye, twist pink hips, and the waist is placed into the kitchen.

Looking at the beautiful tempting back, Xiaolin saw a meat, and the spirit was excited to jump out the bed. I wanted to hold her again, and I will give her a delicate, but I think that time is very sufficient. A time.

Xiaolin took a pleasant mood and entered the bathroom.

So fast shower, after taking a shower, it is really spiritual, and all the fatigue last night is completely recovered at this moment.

He put on a newest, full of men in the beautiful underwear, deliberately showing his healthy physique, and the truthful muscles, I can’t say the rough charm.

When I stepped into the restaurant, autumn is waiting for him on the seat, the table is filled with milk, omelet, ham, toast, and a glass of juice and a ginseng, which is really nutritious.

Xiaolin Station is in the door, puts a bodybuilding posture, calling autumn conviction: “Hey! Baby, you see! My physical fit?”

With the words, the autumn is smirked and smiled.

His mouthful face, the whole body is so strong, and she appreciates her, and then looks down, and there is a big bunch of drums that are touched by underwear, think of the taste of the kind of taste last night …. ..

Qiu Hui didn’t dare to continue thinking again, the powder face was red, drums the red cheeks, and said: “Dead ghosts! Milk is cold, but still eat.”

Xiaolin is like a cold water, and the self-discounted will go to the table, pull the chair next to her, and smash down. He looked at the breakfast on the table.

Autumn Hui thought he was not used to drinking milk, and asked: “I don’t know if you don’t like to drink milk, then what do you eat breakfast?”

“I have eaten in most breakfasts … eat milk!”

Xiaolin’s face is talking, and the right hand is holding her own breasts.

Autumn Hui is cold, not preventing Xiaolin, I am busy hiding the body, I am screaming: “Color ghost! You don’t have a breakfast, I will ignore you.”

“Good! Good! I am eating, never just.”

So Xiaolin was eating, not only quickly, but also more.

After a while, I was in the stomach by his wolf.

Seeing the way to pay the right to chew, the autumn of the sweet silk, there is difficult to describe pleasure.

There is: “Love is to eat the vegetables.”

Waiting to Xiaolin and hold your stomach, autumn is pleased to give the cup of hot ginseng tea.

Then flew into the bedroom, when she came out, the bath towel was replaced with a pink gawpaign, holding a lighter and cigarette in her hand.

Xiaolin saw her considerate, understanding people, can’t help but show off.

“Baby! You are awkward!”

The autumn leaves slammed him, hi, eyebrows, and smoke the cigarettes of fire, gentle to his mouth.

Heart is big, Xiaolin will take her to her arms, picked up soft jade, and the autumn beauty is sitting on his thigh.

Qiu Hui cited two powders wrapped his neck, a pair of water, and the beautiful face of Xiaolin.

The soft jade is full of stupid, the right hand of Xiaolin is not branched, searched on her carcass, and rely into her robe.

There is no cream in the autumn greement, two strong, smooth jade milk, is gripped by the Xiaolin, kneading, two hardcore, smashed nipples, more squeezed.

The girl’s hole is very sensitive to sex, very sensitive, so holding, kneading, straight to the autumn Hui Huanshui.

She is enjoyed by her spring, she will not have her head in Xiaolin’s shoulder, full of red, and frustrated into a line, and the little mouth is light, and the sound of estrus.

“Well …. …. 唔 …. ……”

“Baby! What happened? Is it emotion?”

“Hey …. Lin …. You are colorful …”

Autumn Hui’s laminated, charming, 小 小 眼 眼 满 满 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 手 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 手 力 力The full fleshock is twisted on his thigh, and the sound in the mouth is more awkward.

“Oh …….. 林………………………………………………………………………………… Hey …. Itch …. 唔 … um … “

There is no mouth in the autumn, but but I didn’t see her meaning, and the two feast breasts were still moving, close to Xiaolin’s chest.

Xiaolin saw that she had already wanted to fire, and quickly took the right hand from the nightgown, so that the impulse of the autumn is alive, but it is interested.

She put the jade in the Xiaolin, and the powder was red and charming, and the little mouth said: “Xiaolin! Do you don’t touch it? Touch! People want you to touch.”

“Ha! Baby! Don’t worry, let us go to bedroom.”

Just under the fall of autumn, Xiaolin helped her shoulders, enter the living room, and the two snuggled to sit on the edge of the bed.

He gently approached her beautiful body, low below, the thick lips kissed her little mouth, once again a long kiss, under the hot lust, both people have felt sexual needs.

In autumn, I have been intoxicated in this sweet hot kiss. Her lips are bullied into his mouth, and a volume is stretched, the intestines are hurt, and the nose is faint, and the nose is like the blue.

Slowly, Xiaolin puts the autumn collet line to unlock, the way, the robe of the wide hair is slippery, and the autumn will be present.

Xiaolin hugged the autumn Hui Xue white soft jade, put her in soft bed.

Flying off his underwear, the big mask has long been hard, stand out.

I saw that the autumn will take the head of the head on the pillow, squint, and look at the body of the Xiaolin, the woman died in the big cock, spoiled: “Xiaolin, you are evangered! That …. laugh!”

Xiaolin saw her pretty wave model, the enthusiasm of the distant fans.

Immediately, he lived in a soft and smooth body, a burst of stupid.

“Hey! How are you so happiness?

Autumn couldn’t live his robust body, suddenly slammed, hurting.

Xiaolin laughed, turned over and rolled down, and the side boiled next to the autumn. He asked: “Baby! You don’t want to release the belt? Let me teach you some beds, after you and guests When making love, as long as you make a bubble, I will guarantee that you can get a car, the ocean, you should have, as long as you open the time right, guests must give you. “When you are going to keep warm, he talks What can’t make money, it is undoubtedly to give autumn water.

But she is needed at this moment, talking about her heart, and she is inevitable.

She didn’t understand: “Well! I am a need for money, but you said that the time is going to be correct, what does this mean? When is it going to be just right?”

Xiao Lin laughed: “When opening, it is necessary to ask for a man who is fluttering, it is nervous, it is nervous, and the ecstasy will ask, when men have arrived, they can’t stop, no matter what the woman is present, men will I will not think about it. “

After listening, Qiuhui understood what he meant, said: “Hey! You refer to the moment before the man is going to ejaculate?”

Xiaolin is deeply satisfied, reached out and gently kneaded in her nose, and said: “Baby, you are so smart, come! Brother teaches you some kind of happiness.”

Said, his left hand stretched out of the autumn, let her head on his robust arm.

“First, you have to gradually teasing men!”

Autumn Hui shook his head and said: “How to tease? I don’t understand!”

“Baby! You can teach men’s things.”

“This is a place that makes men’s mood.”

Xiaolin began to teach autumn Hui, and the right hand moved to the chest. On her, on the breasts of her, they were rushing back and forth, but the fingers also pressed the tipped small nipple, softly The right to play with the right left and played very much.

The meat peak in the autumn, it is entered into the palm of the Xiaolin.

Her breathing gradually urgently, and her eyes were red, and they were crisp, and they would be burned immediately.

I only feel the pussy of the body, it is unfortunate, the two legs can’t stop the jitter, the prostitution in the hole can’t help but flow out.

“Well …. 唔 …. 唔 …… 林 …. You will kneel your flesh milk … …”

The delicate drum millet of autumn is unpacking. It is uncomfortable, and the noble waist is twisted. Two kinds of fauses are entangled in his lower body like a water snake. Friction.

Xiaolin knows that she has provoked her wanderery, holding the hand of the breast, move down to the hips, but the light is slippery, and the fat buttons are unique, and there is a very elasticity.

Stroke in the palm of your hand, such as the white and white, white, which is in love.

“Baby! This is a fascinating part of the man’s impulsive, more than the hips, men will be excited.”

The autumn shame was ashamed, and the head was buried in the arms of the Xiaolin. The waves deliberately twisted the snow whitening jade buttocks, let him arrogant.

“Oh …. Brother …. You are necrosis …. 喔 …. How do you deduct your fart? … um ….”

That smaller waist, uneasy twist.

A group of fat and beautiful flesime, the left and right sides.

However, it is always out of the palm of the small forest.

His hand strokes in the hips, but in the middle of the buttocks, in the two fertilized flesime, squatting in that as a powder as a peek, buckled.

Live the autumn beauty, there is a pleasant plenary, Taoyuan cave is like the spring, and it is difficult to ban, and the eyes are straight, and the little mouth is slight: “Brother …. people’s small hole …. 好 itchy …………………………………

Xiaolin’s eyes are similar to the peach, and the right hand moves to the upper body. Stroke on the autumn flying body, and it is lying on the bed.

“Baby! Try to see, I want to know if the technology you blow is home.

He said, the right hand is pinched two times on the autumn breast.

“I hate! Ah ….”

The autumn will be thrilling, and the body is sitting tall, suddenly it.

I saw the stomach of Xiaolin, from the navel to the roots of the navel, the furry pine-friendly is full of corners, such as a large blackson, showing her eyes.

The big hi is growing and thick, hard to be rooted, especially the big glans, red and freshly like a slippery peeling egg.

What is the such an eight-inch live baby, how can I not call autumn 惠 love?

She paved the bones, the water of the water, full of intention, looking at his extra large, not from the autonomous reach out, holding the live baby.

The autumn gains, the talents, the small hand, the small hand can’t hold it, and quickly use both hands, it is also a cock with the cock.

At this time, she looked at Xiaolin and said: “Um …. People have no mashed masks, the first time, it is cheaper.”

Xiaolin laughed and replied: “Baby! Everything is the first time, let alone my cock, the taste is different.” “You! The most colored.”

The autumn leaves slant him, leaned back, opened the cherry small mouth, reach out of the small incense tongue gently on the prosthesis of the glans, and a jade hand touched the two folk eggs.

After her tongue is lick, after a while, the Zhang has incorporated the talents into the mouth.

Xiaolin’s big chicken Baste her cheeks drumped, and the mouth was crackled quickly, and the autumn would not breathe.

Autumn Hui put it up and down on his head, so that her mouth is attached to the mask.

And constantly licking the tunnel with the tip of the tongue, sucking the eyes.

Autumn Hui’s small mouth contained the big cock, the little hand is still holding the jade stems.

Such a two-tube is neatly, he is sucking to high, and it is very happy.

The jade column rose more and longer and red, and the face of the soul is like a cow, and it is showing: “Hey …. Baby! Proud …. … tight …. 唔 … “

Directly lick the little forest, good.

Extending the huge palm, will be strong as a spring bamboo breast, caught in the hands and keep squatting, and touching the big butt, the stupid is constantly deducting the sensitive small yin core. I only feel that the jade house is wet, and the water is separated.

Get the autumn shake, “Hey! Oh!” The nose is spoiled.

The turbine bursts of twisted, and the kids are more selling.

It has been in this way for more than ten minutes, and the Xiaolin has sex with a lot of sex, and the impulsive can’t help.

“Take!” A huge palm, and slammed the autumn.

“唷! How do you feel comfortable?”

The plump butt was hit, and the direct pain in autumn Hui spit it out and screamed for him.

“Baby! You have a fire, come up with it!”

At this time, autumn has also been teased in spring, heard the urge of Xiaolin, can’t help but be happy.

After she became a blind man, she twisted the fascinating jade body and climbed to his body.

The little hand holds the mask, sets a few times, the red and tender small hole sinks to the big cock, the fat buttocks sink, so slowly, and it is a “swelling candle”.

Autumn is on his lower belly, and the pink hips will be attached.

“Oh! Dish …. is dead … … 喔 …. So comfortable …. So cool … um …. “

Xiaolin is comfortable to lie down and enjoy the autumn 惠.

The body is full of snow-white body, keeps swinging, two stretched breasts in front of the chest, as her set is smashing more meat, so that Xiaolin’s eyes are chaos.

The autumn is an active jacket, and it is a big waret.

Xiaolin also slammed her little tenderness.

This dryness is really springless, crazy exciting excipients.

“Oh …. Big chicken brother …. 唔 ………… 你 喔 喔 …………………………… Wave ……………………………… …. 唔 … “

The autumn is, the more you can’t get up, the butt is big, and the waist of the dead is twisted.

I saw her powder face red and hot, the eyes were tight, and the silver tooth was dark, and it seems that it has reached the fascinating situation.

As the pussy is in the pussy, the vaginal wall is strongly stimulated.

The prostitutes are flowing down, and the Yucai is wet, and the black forest in the black forest of Lian Xia is also wet.

“! 滋!” Sounds.

Qiuhui desperately set, shake, she is a breath, sweating.

“Brother … Oops …. Top dead waves …. Well …. My big chicken husband …. Little sister is so beautiful …. 唔 …. Top dead me …. Well …. …. I am dead …. 唔 …. 穴 心 好 麻 …………….. Um …. 喔 … “

Xiaolin’s mask is really long enough, and every slightly has a heart, and the waves are called.

The autumn is like crazy, followed by it, and the heart is frozed on the glans.

Straight-grinding autumn, the heart of the soul, the whole body is very cool, the little mouth is called spring: “Um …. Brother …. You Lei …. 唔 …. Sweeping is beautiful …. Well …. …… brother …. Top …. 唔 …. I can’t help …. …. …. “

The uterus has a strong contraction, the thrill of the soul is strong, and a thick feet is exhausted. The autumn will reach the climax of the fluttering, and the soft volts are on the body of Xiaolin.

“Oh …. 唔 …. brother … Hello strong …… 喔 … um …” “Baby! What do you satisfied?”

Autumn sham powder face is scallted: “Brother! I am so comfortable, so hurt …”

“Baby! I teach again, remember that the expression and movements should be more better, my brothers will be happy.”

“Well! Dear brother, as long as you like, your sister’s body will be enjoyed.”

So, Xiaolin took the autumn Hui, and she had to push.

Autumn is hung in bed, and the powder face is buried in a soft pillow, and the two slender jade legs are close.

Xiaolin looked at her white smooth back. The two hands tightly pressed her grand hip, touched in the palm of the hand, soft meat, soft and tender meat.

He is busy with his right hand, and the left hand dials the meat of the jade hip, and the big glans is sinking into the two fat hips, but the butt is sinking, “Bu Tour!” The root is incorporated.

“唷 … brother …. You plugged a deep …. 唔 …. Top to the heart …. 唔 …”

The autumn is like a small tender hole, just like inserting a thick and hot iron bar, rising very fulfilling, and the hearts of the small cavity are striking, such as drinking alcohol.

The two legs of the Xiaolin across the two sides of the autumn, the knee is on the bed, but the ass is very moving.

This posture is not only the cock can put a tender hole. Because the autumn leisses are close, the huge masks of Xiaolin have not been inserted into the pussy, and they can also rub with buttocks full of fat.

His belly stickers in the autumn savage, but also can’t say comfortable.

Autumn Hui was dried hands to hold a big pillow, and it seems to tear it.

A very comfortable taste, beautiful she whispered: “唷 …. Brother … Top Total ………………….. …. Plugging too deep …. ah …. Huanxin is crispy …. 唔 …… 大 巴 巴 干 干 …. 唔 …. Comfortable …. ………. 穴 爽 …………………….

Xiao Lin also couldn’t live in the heart of a long time.

He began a violent offensive, two hands tightly pressed the autumn gardin, two solid thighs clamped her down, and the body pressed on her back, a series of hard work.

The narrow pussy, the scorpion, the tender meat of the jade hip rubbed the lower abdomen of the small forest.

This feast posture, autumn benefits feel the soul fluttering.

The cave was inserted by the big chicken, and the waters of the water, flowed to the sheets, wet the autumn, the lower abdomen, so she was so comfortable.

“Oh …. Big cock …. I will do …. 唔 ………………….. Good people …. You can give me died …. I … is comfortable and dead …. wonderful …. 喔 ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. The heart and the heart of it, it is scream …. Well … “

Xiaolin listened to her sooty, and she wants to rise.

Holding the hard hip, the dead top of the butt, “shoot! Take!” The meat rang.

The big cock is inserted around, and smashed the hole, and the glans hit the heart.

In this way, more than 60 times, autumn Hui can be dried by small acupuncture, two petals are quickly crackled.

She has reached the point where I want to die.


Autumn Hui is shot and hurts by the hunter, emitting a scorpion wailing: “Oh …. Brother …. …. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. … Fast …. Um … beautiful …. 唔 ………………………………………………………………….. … beautiful …. …. I have to die …. Dinn … Oops …. Silver … cool …. 喔. “

A slutty is straight out.

Xiaolin dry points are inserted, and the ass hit the hit.

“Oh …. Baby …. ass fast …. Clemnly …. Brother is going to vent …”

I only heard the sound of autumn “um”.

That fat fleshock, suddenly the dead is twisted.

“Hey …. Brother …. Fast shot …. Small cavement …. Wave to you ….”

“Good …. Ok …. comfortable …. ah ……..”

Finally, in the autumn gardi, Xiaolin’s comfortable masculine, a hot rushing, rushing by the glans, direct sputum.

Autumn Hui took her pink hips to post behind Xiaolin’s lower abdomen, as odd.

Such a lingering one afternoon, Xiaolin and autumn shace two people want to have indulge, and then men, women love, the witch, the wind and rain drops, the autumn Hui is the spring tide, and the death of Xiaolin, from his body Get another climax again and learned the skills of the money and the money. And Xiaolin is teaching, while enjoying the charming flesh of autumn.

With the age and carcass of autumn, like a blooming flowers, so fresh, moving, hot action is so sensual, making men to educate bones.

He taught her how to express happiness and pain, and how to put it out of charming charm, autumn is a smart sexy, and I will reveal it to Xiaolin immediately, I will make him comfortable.


At the beginning of the Hua light, Xiaolin first returned the hall and started a busy day.

After the autumn leaves, I still lying on the bed and fell asleep.

When she was nearly 9 o’clock, she woke up, slightly shower, change the cheongsam, and the milky makeup, rushed to the ballroom.

When you get to the ballroom, other sisters are receiving guests.

There are five or six dancers in the dance pool to dance.

Qi Huai did not look familiar with her familiar, and the big class did not ask her to sit on the table. She couldn’t help but bow his mouth. I bored a space to sit down, point the root cigarette, and then took a breath.

I don’t know how long, she suddenly saw that Xiaolin came over.

Xiaolin walked to the autumn shape, reached out of the chair and sat opposite the autumn.

“Baby! How can someone sit here?”

Qiu Hui saw he liked him, So said: “People don’t have guests, if you don’t introduce, people have to drink northwest wind today.”

Xiao Lin said: “You can give you a guest right away, but your trousers can get a little bit.”

Autumn Hey he said, and said his little mouth: “Okay! In order to make money, I have …”

“However, people are so dead today, if he is ….”

Xiaolin junction said: “Don’t worry, tonight is Zhu boss, he grows with a wide body, as long as it is good to show you the skills, to ensure that he doesn’t have to support.”

Qiu Hui asked: “How do you know?”

“Why don’t I know? Today I can taste your hammeted appearance, your emblem is the sky, the monk will be floated.”

Said, Xiaolin uses the right hand under the table, reaching into her high-fork robe, and stroking the autumn suede’s suede thigh.

Autumn will know that he has to eat tofu, and Fang Xinxin is interested in her. I will give him sweets in the future. The guests will get more and more, she is screaming: “You are bad! I like it!” The hair feet. “

“Good! Baby! I am not chaotic, can you? You are here, I am going to explore the tone of Zhuku, see if he is interested tonight?”

After all, Xiaolin smiled to the autumn, and he got up and left.

After a while, Xiaolin came back again, but it can follow a fat man behind him.

The man is about 50 years old, with a fertile ear, only a few hair on the top, bald and body obesity, with a fat fat belly, a face is frustrated.

This person is Zhu Lao, who is a jewelry merchant, I hate it before, autumn, I hate it. At this time, he and Xiaolin’s handsome little face is giving her nausea.

After Xiaolin and Zhu boss came over, autumn Hui was laughed and got up and greeted.

“Autumn Hui! This is Zhu Dabang, before you have seen it, Zhu Boss intends to buy you sixty minutes, you have to accompany the family!”

After the face was finished with Face, he turned to Zhu Lao Bo said for a long time. “Zhu boss, I hope you have fun tonight, I still have to spend prior.”

Zhu boss saw she did not really refuse, and said quickly.


The autumn leaves are still suspended.

She is not to be able to have to violent himself, but think about how to speak on the price.

After all, autumn is very simple, the first time, the original trading behavior is carried out, she doesn’t know what to say.

However, Zhu boss is like understanding her heart.

He reached out in the suit in the suit, pulling out the wrap, counting a thousand dollars, stuffed into the autumn hand.

“This is given to you, you can go to buy something, if you don’t have enough money, you will bring you two Three Clard diamonds tomorrow, I will definitely make you in the ballroom, so that other dance women envy you, is this okay?”

When Zhu Lao said, the right hand stuffed money to the autumn, and his jade hand strokes.

The offensive of this silver bomb, let Qiu Hui are happy, she smiled and said: “Zhu boss! You are so good, go home, I invite you to drink.”

Such a deal of the ghosts.

Zhu Boss took an excitement to return to her residence with autumn.

In the living room, after the autumn will greeze, he greets Zhu boss to sit down on the sofa.

“Zhu Boss! You take a break, I will go out and come out.”

The autumn trend is more likely to say, turn it into the bedroom.

Soon, autumn hi is coming out of bedroom, both hands are still trays, with bottle wine and two wine glasses.

This is the boss, and he stared at the autumn Hui, and he did not move his eyes.

After the autumn, the whole body is only wearing a small silver silk shirt, and the two straps are hanging on the shoulder of the feathers. The snow white shoulder, naked sneakers, and the towering breasts Semi-shirts, showing a deep cleavage.

In a transparent shirt, there is no breast cover, the two bumble nipples on the milky milk, so obvious, the shirt is close to the exquisite carcass, with a wonderful curve.

The following is even more likely to see hot, and the heart is ambitious.

I saw that the roots of white tenderness, there is a dark triangle, in a soft shirt, if the hidden, full of mysterious tempting spring.

I saw Zhu Boss’s face and wanted to borene.

Knowing his rickets, autumn is deliberate to tease him.

When she walked to Zhu Lao Bo, the autumn bending down his body, deliberately let Zhu boss have seen the snow white pink jade milk from her chest.

Currently, Zhu boss urges sexual desire to be more excited, and for the autumn shavings, it is always worth a thousand dollars.

The autumn is a good wine, sitting near his side, two hands holding a glass of wine, charming: “Zhu Boss, this glass of wine is yours, I respect you, toast.”

She handed his left hand on him to him, and the glass of the right hand did her breath.

Zhu Bo saw her toast, and she drunk the wine in her hand.

After M, I can’t help the temptation of autumn sham, I am busy throwing the wine glass, and I am going to the autumn beauty.

Zhu boss is a famous old-colored wolf, and I have an oldest color of the autumn beauty, but I always be rejected by her.

Today, autumn Hui is warm, like a big fat sheep who is awkwed, this is a beautiful thing, how do you not make him lost?

He is like a long time, and his hand is holding the autumn embarrassing body, the palm is restless, and the soft nightgown is in the soft flesh, and it is stroking.

A big mouth like a pig, kissed in the autumn pink face.

The autumn is very disgusting, hate, but look at the charm of gold, she wants to refuse to welcome halfway, the charm of the slutty, very hob.

“…. Zhu boss …. Don’t this …. People are so itchy …. 唔 …”

The autumn Hui cumbersome sound, the kind of voices like Valley, making Zhu boss to hear intoxicated, and forget me.

Just in this ear, autumn Hui took the opportunity to slip out his arms and quickly stood up.

“Zhu boss! Go to bedroom, people waiting for you …..”

Autumn will give him a charming eye, then plenty of piety, like a colorful butterfly to the bedroom.

Looking at her exquisite curve, smooth pink and roundly rushed jade buttocks, if there is a volatility in the nightgown, Zhu Lao Bo is eye-catching.

“Zhu boss …. people are waiting for you! Why can’t you come in?”

Suddenly, the sound of autumn Huijiao drip from the bedroom made Zhu boss, like a dream awakened.

“Oh …. 唔 …. Ha! Ha! Baby, I am here.”

The boss of Zhu Bo shakes, and I laughed and said that the autumn will, holding the obese body, leaving the sofa, moves to her bedroom.

When I entered the bedroom, the spring in the room made him obscenity and impulsive.

乖 乖 地 地, only the pink lights in the bedroom, in the soft Sad Dream Singer, autumn has a whole body, the essence of the jade, volts, two white slender jade feet, to the bedroom The door, the snow whitening butt, the show is spread on the smooth back, such as silk.

The autumn side is on the face, looking at Zhu boss, a pair of water-headed eyes, half slut, red mouth, slightly trough, true shares, charming, and wind Sexy charm.

Zhu Boss looked in his eyes, sex has already been hot.

He also can’t stand it again, and both hands quickly took off his trousers. He muttered in his mouth: “Good baby, it is really a fascinating, tonight, it is not enough to do it.”

Reminding the Zhu Lao Bo after the clothes, I am ugly, the fat on the body is so much fat, and I have a drum-convex fat belly, but there is a slice of dicks in the lower body. There are only more than three inch, and the small sausages are rough.

The small mask has been hard, protruding in the roots of the two fat, and the model is really can’t say.

“Ah …. Pupire …. Come on …. People’s holes are itchy …”

Qiu Hui saw the neuroperous figure of Zhu Boss, really jumping in her heart, I thought I would like to sell the customs tonight. I believe you can solve the cleaning slip.

In order to speed up the speed of speed, autumn is busy to turn over the attractive body, standing up, two slender thighs are open, the flaming is hot, like a water snake, screaming: ” Dish brother …. Come! People’s small hole is good, itchy …. Sister wants you …. Come on …. Fast …. Brother! You are going to be sister .. .. Itch dead? …. 喔 … “A burst of loud voices, glamorous faces and fire spicy flesh.

Autumn deliberately sells the wind, and the first posture teasing Zhu boss’s desire and sternity.

Although Zhu Boss is often involved in the wind moon, it has never met the enthusiasm like autumn Hui, and the slutty wava can not help but make his animal sex.

“Wave baby! I am here, let my brother enjoy your body.”

As the beast is dead, Zhu boss is busy jumping with fat meat, putting to bed, such as Taishan collapsed stocks, and pressed against autumn.

“唷 …. Brother …. You have to kill your sister …. 唔 …. you are so embarrassing …”

“Ha! Ha! Good baby …. Don’t worry …. Brother wants to eat your tits.”

He is proud to comfort the autumn, and he kisses his mouth to her crisp.

The fat palms grabbed the autumn shape and strong and very snowy breasts, kneading hard.

More consumable, use his mouth that has flowing out of the mouth of the mouth, keeps in the two rounds of fits, and the turns is happily absorbed.

Just in him, a pinch, a sucking, a distraction.

Qiu Hui is so painful, but the heart is turned, and he has to perfunctory him, so she is crashing: “Oh … a good brother …. Sister .. .. tits are quickly scattered …. 唔 …. Tap …. 喔 …. Tap …. 喔 …… brother! It’s cool to die … “

He heard that the autumn is called, smiled, and the left hand is more powerful.

However, the right hand is from the fat breast, sliding into the furry, high-convergent pussy, gently grinds, and tend to tender.

Autumn Hui is touched by this experience, she can’t hold it again.

She breathe is rushing, the whole, delicate cheeks, flourish with a red cloud.

Zhu Laozhi has provoked her spring heart, so she sucked the breasts to be more exciting, and the pussy is more powerful.

“Ah …. Good brother …. You will be teasing …. I …. I am so itch … I want my brother …. 唔 … … Brother! Happy sister …. 唔 … “

The boss of Zhu boss sucks the nipple, the left hand on the autumn Huifeng is full of farther, but not stroking, but the sliding does not slip, and the soft is like a group flower.

The right hand rubbed the pussy, and the autumn enthusiasm automatically separated your legs, so that he touched more.

I only feel hot and humid little tender hole, the spring tide is flooding, and the lascivious DC, and a soft and meticulous hairy is soaked.

“Hey …. Brother … Don’t touch it …. Your hand …. Cute a small area to get water …. Fast …. Sister …. wants you Cock …. Plug … Plug …. “

The autumn 惠 淫 淫 直 他 他 他 他 他 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套 套, 套 套

This kind of storm, the direct set of Zhu boss has a larger gloss, which is more crazy.

“Good Baby …. It has a good …. 唔 …. Your small hand is soft and tender …. 唔 …. Brother’s dick …. 好. … Fast …. Fast dicks into …. Send your waves …. Fast …

The autumn horses flexibly on his dick, the hardships, the slim jade finger, and it is constantly wrapped around the glans.

The chicken is comfortable to enjoy her jade hand, Zhu boss has a happy Dan, there is a hot air.

He knew that he couldn’t stand it quickly, just held a cock in autumn, when he joked into a hole, he hurriedly sent a trip, “Zi!”, The cock is inserted into the pussy.

“Oh …. Pupire …. Your cock …. So thick … It’s great! Plug …. Small hole …. 喔. … The beautiful sister …. 唔 … “

In fact, Zhu boss’s dick, inserted in the autumn meat hole, just like the mouse tail falls in the water tank, although he sells the old life, it is like a heated in the autumn, neither Can not appear in pain.

However, in order to get the heart of Zhu boss, let him feel that the money is worth it.

Qiuhui used Xiaolin to teach her set of mmeir, and the anti-reversal.

She is half-eyed, the silver teeth lightly bites the lips, the powder face shows the comfort of the shake, her hands are holding him, there is a petty, keeping the soup against Zhu boss.

“Oh …. Big Chicken …. Hello will pocket 喔 …. Sister … I love you …. 唔 …. Brother …. You do well …. 好 …. …. Land … The beauty is dead … “In autumn Hui’s waves, Zhu boss got a high degree of satisfaction.

In the past, when he was playing a woman, there was no autumn embarrassment expression, and the song called the soul, which made Zhu Lao Bo feel that he is the king of Chu, so majestic and fighting.

His hands holding two fattened drums, butt straight, the cock is in the wet inbound, accelerated inserted.

“Baby …. Brother …. To die, you … call! You call your waves …”

“Ah …. Big cock …. 唔 …. 妹 妹 要 …. 要 美 死 …. 唔 …. 唔 …. Brother …. You are too strong …. Small hole …. good …. So comfortable … “

The autumn Hui yarn stimulated Zhu boss, making him more selling.

However, after all, he is old and powerful, and the old cow can’t eat the young grass. It has been more than forty years old, and it has gradually exhausted. Although it is still coming back, it is already dead.

Zhu boss has a big belly, can’t pick up the air: “Little baby, I can’t think of you, you will be so resistant, I can really serve you.”

Autumn Hui smiling: “This is not my battle, but I have a good job, or I don’t know if I am in hand, you have long been clean and slippery.”

Zhu Laoqi listened to it, it was a little uncomfortable: “Good and arrogant tone, okay! Then I will not pick it up now, you can’t help!”

The autumn is no accident, saying it is time to do, I only see her to put the feet into the inside of his thigh, then hook up, and the feet are stretched, this invisible seems to have someone behind him. Press a zone.

This, Zhu boss’s ass will not be protected from autonomy, and the chicken will enter and exit in the point, and its speed is no previous.

“Buib” meat, plus the sound of the acupuncture “Zi”, which can be said to rush through the clouds.

This can make Zhu Laojiao together, frequent nodding: “Little goblin, really have you.”

Autumn Hui can not be praised, but the foot is like a step, so that he is like.

I don’t know whether he is in his own husband, or is really old, just like the three monsses that autumn will say, Zhu Boss’s face has a young white, and the eyes are like copper bells, and the body can’t live in the cold. The chicken is shaking, and the mouth is straight to: “Oh … I … I can’t …. 唷 …. 死 …”

The words fell, he was embarrassed, and Yang Jing was shot with “吱”.

Although the meat stick of Zhu boss is not used, but the yang is very much, the hot-calling yang is straight, and she may be too light, maybe the autumn is too light, and under the impact of the water, her silver teeth The bite is awkward, the body is invasive, and the yin is like a flood.

The blending of two smooth water has produced incomparable thrust, because his cock is small, the cock and the shadow wall cannot be tight, so the chicken bar is rushing into the hole.

Zhu Bo has never got a climax for a long time, so it is still muttered in a coma: “Hey …. Heart …. Baby …. You can let me die, worth returning to the price.”

Qiu Hui looked on the money, two little hands were light in his chest, and the clants said: “Darling! You also make me cool, you can really.”

This is a violation of the heart, but let Zhu boss listened to the heart, but the double eyebrows became a group, not help: “Baby, you will not go to the sea, your life expense is all responsible, ok?”

This is true for autumn, you can’t ask for it, she nod, and send a sweet kiss.

So the autumn is dark in the dark, and she resumes the brilliance of the past, and she has a foreign jewelry. I also take the car to take the car. When I need it, I can also get it from Xiaolin.

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