2004/04/18 Published in: Erotic coastline Danny opened his eyes, because there were a few sunshine through the curtains that did not pull, and took his eyes.

Touching the body side mature flesh, Danny is unpleasantly disappearing with his eyes with his eyes.

I remembered everything that happened yesterday. Danny’s hand didn’t know that in the breast full of Liya, gently sliding his fingers, and felt the skin of the rhyme with the fingertips. The circle of the finger repeatedly repeated .

“Silk” When Danny’s fingers slide to the top of the snow white meatball, Danny has issued a satisfied voice when they stand the small red dot standing.

He slowly closed his eyes, a relaxed feeling was full of body, without a while, he opened his eyes, because it feels that the chest is about to be, it is a head of Lily.

Danny slowly dials Lily golden hair, fingers slipped over her bone’s shoulders, moving waist, towering hips, elastic thighs, stretching thighs? Yes! It is a stretch-filled thigh. Last night when Lily arrived at the excitement of the power of their waist …

The crazy scene last night occupied Danny’s brain, but the finger did not stop because the owner was in a recollection. It is now repeatedly rowed on the other same snow-white meat ball.

Lily shaped the body, it might be a feeling of Danny, and she slept again later.

Seeing the sweet sleeping position, Danny’s face revealed a smile, a man was experiencing the same war last night – a beautiful woman and she was still in her own female teacher When there is still a good mental state in the morning, he laughed must be like Danny.

Thinking that the peaceful Lily teacher is elegant at the podium, and then recalls the woman who has a good fortune last night. Danny’s meat stick is like a balloon that is charged.

Danny himself was very surprised to the reaction of his body. Last night, he is like this, repeated erection, ejaculation once again repeated … until Liao Yi …

Danny took the bed, first closed the sky blue gauze and opened the thick blue curtains. The house suddenly became clear as the Caribbean sea, at this time, the morning wind made the curtain gently sway because of the gauze The clever pattern makes the entire room illused.

This is one of Danny’s most proud things. At this time, he has already appreciated everything in front of an excellent angle, but it is different from his eyes more stayed in Lily.

Lily half is in bed, this is Danny’s last time in her sleep, and the blue gratin is in Lily white porcelain butt, which makes Danny’s gaze.

The round white hips look like the eggs that have just peeled the skin and elastic, which makes Danny start to nostalgic feelings with meat sticks.

Because the relationship between sleeping positions, the two fat hips are extremely beautiful, and the two laboraries are closely tightly held together. Both sides of the pussy is a sparse curled golden hairy, and the small anus is like a weak chrysanthemum in two hips.

At this time, Liao flooded the body to put a pillow and pressed into the body, and the head side of the beautiful back curve and the beautiful legs were completely present in front of Danny, and Danny’s breath was a bit heavy, because He was at the school to see this pair of legs and can’t afford his emotions.

For its Danny, only the desk lamp on the desk knows that Danny spends how much time to look at the dead geography books, those maps such as Europe, America, Asia, and the climate, vegetation, and even the vegetation. Even some local rice is a year of receiving, the fullness of particles …

As such questions, Danny can use a fun way, which is also Danny’s last likes to learn geographical reasons.

Danny has always believed that it is not easy to impulsive, the truth is true, but when you stare at this pair of legs, you are like a kind of emotional dog, you can’t inhibit this impulse.

Danny took the penis that he had come up and took into the body of this beautiful leg owner.

Lily was awakened by this sudden invasion, and the side face looked at Danny. At the same time, he realized the comfort of the lower body, and the fascinating snoring naturally came out from the same charming small mouth.

“Oh … … … baby … baby … good, good … day … Danny …

Danny … make it hard … hard … 喔 … you … you … small … bad guys … “Danny rapidly slammed the ass, the hand stretched into Lili’s legs. Between pinching.

Liya has already opened the pillow under the body, and his hands hold his elbow to hold the bed, and the body is high as the butt, catering Danny.

The young and hot meat sticks goes back and forth in their own vagina, and the long mask is constantly stimulating the sensitive place of their own vaginal, and the scrotum is hitting the full hips from time to time because of dramatically pumping.

Danny had a back of Lily, and his hand is squatted in Lily, pinching the snow white breast milk.

“Hey ……… I … small … small horses … hard …… force … I want … Come …

Whoa whoa……”

The breast was rudely played, the pain came from the tip and the hardships of the lower body, and the sorrow is brought into a messy lust. At this time, Danny’s voice passed her ears: “Hahaha … I beauty……

… Teacher … My little baby … my little mother … wow … Your genital … really ……


At this time, the pain came from the hips, and Danny was puffed, and the talented buttocks were taledened early.

“Oh … … clamping … 喔 ……”

Lily is tightly contracted his vagina under Danny, but Danny’s meat is too big.

The sixteenth year old teenager, his best student played his mature body, let him hit him in his genitals, and she still smohesly desperately clamped the vagina so that he is more comfortable, but Thinking Just only arrived here, it was quickly twisted by Danny’s abnormality.

The feeling of vaginal is too strong, and Lily feels that his uterus began to shake, and Lily will completely throw it completely after the brain, completely immerse in sensual stimulation.

“Oh … … Teacher …”

“Oh … oh … mine … seed horse … give me …”

The two are tightly hugged after a dramatic climax.

“Teacher … I want …”

“What do you want? My cute little horse!” Li Ya asked Danny.

“I love you! Lily! Lily! I love you!”

Lily has left Danny with his hand, “I love you, baby.”

“No! I want to marry you …! Have you heard it? Marry! Made? Married!” Danny’s eyes have few impulsive.

“Danny!” Lily sat up the body and facing Danny. The enthusiasm in his eyes is enough to melt the icebergs of Allays.

“Do you want to promise him? No! Lily! You have passed the age of love.” Lily continued to remind himself.

“No! My baby! You are still a child! I am leaving …” Lily said that the fastest speed is walking, the fastest speed, the fastest speed …

*********************************************************** ************************************************************************** Solid so long, I am so don’t really don’t live! Write a short section as a gift! I have to come to a finish for a long time.

*********************************************************** ****************** 3 years later Los Angeles, Danny, a dress, bridal set of arms in white carved dress elegant through Danny’s arm .

A kindly of priest is asking: “Lily Jackson, you are willing to give your own life to Danny.

Mr. Washington? The two sides are in common, they are forever … “

“I am willing!” The bride replied and firmly.

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