In this way, the two came to KJB Island Vacation near Malasia, where the tropical beautiful island country, the local people are warm and good, and they are very kind and courtesy, and the couple walk every day, or The hotel’s pool swims, the days are really leisurely, just before the night is coming, the two will start to be nervous, I am worried that I can’t do it tonight. Oh ~~ The last result is always disappointed will be us. It’s too nervous, this is fine … I will find someone to help us massage the body, and the bones are not good. . This is the song next to the pool today. I saw some masseuses holding a lubricant. It looked very enjoyable in the pool. It looked very enjoyable, so I recommended it to Yin 玟 … Ok … Yin Wei also hopes husband Relaxing the body, only a happy mood can do things, after you have a meal, after you sleep, the hotel arranges two indigenous masters to enter the room how is a male masseur. Although I feel weird. But I saw her husband only put on the underwear to lying in bed, waiting for people to massage, they are not too much to say, only wearing the bikini in the bikini, let a skin dark, rough eye-catching earth When people come to her, I pinched a pair of small feet and start massage. The masseur’s hand is just right, and the curve of the thigh is kneading. The degree of comforting, she can’t help but come to the Yin玟, their hard work is not bad … very comfortable … The masseur is using his hands, touching her uterus, let her uterus urged, the whole body feels comfortable and pleasant, the native is then massaged to the back Shoulders, if the finger is like a sympathetic nerve, let her unknone unknone, massage the back, and the eyes are turned to the front, and the eyes just see the masseur one. Zhang ugly face, because the skin is dark, Yinzi can’t come out their age masseur and continue to use his hands in her body, and the nipple of Yin is hard because of excitement. The masseur does not know. The plate is facing, and when her breasts, she sometimes bounces a few down the nipple, and I will be ashamed, and my husband is in ethanically in etching, and I close my eyes. Dreams, my heart is really sweet and sweet. Suddenly, the masseur poured the fragrant oil in the chest of the Yin, and he smelled the fragrant smell of the coconut and the fruit. The masseur pushed the essential oil to the four surrounded by the body of the body. He saw his fingers suddenly passed through the swimsuit. I have a very tip of the hormon, and the finger is very tips, let Yin Yu comfortably rude … 喔 喔 … 玟 … I like it … I am relieved to let them go, this is, I especially for you. Arranged, I hope you can relax … Happy to enjoy. . I heard that Yin Yu sent a pleasant voice, Cheng Xi immediately sat up to explain that at this time, the teacher who was originally governed to massage, and was called the bedside of Yinxi, the masseur picked up the mouth of Yin, and put it in the import. Gently suck the toes of the Yinzi … 喔 … Yin 玟 到 全 孔 都 都 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 透 透 透 气 透 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气 气When was taken off, the masseur used the hands of the essential oil, and stroked on the double millet of Yinzi. The masseur of the body used his point, poked into the swim pants to find the glow place, finger touched the lips Around the four, rubbed it in her most sensitive part … Oh … ah …. . Yin 玟 twisted the body, under the teasing of the masseur, get a sweet climax, watching his wife, Xi Hui, the lower body begins to slowly bully, he takes off his pantry looks at your penis, glans Gradually raised the big, a red hot crude meat stick, showing the male bodies again … you are coming … people can’t stand … . It turned out that the two masseuses gave up the philosophy of the fingers, and they used their two mouths in the Yin Rong. One person was sucking the nipple in the body, and also played another breast, another massage in the thigh root of the thigh At the place, the whole face is pasted on the Yinfu, and the elongation of a tongue into the lips and drills. Glamorous is very rolling … Leave my wife … The penis can finally be able to come again, and the Cheng Xi is a mad, and the middle of the thighs of the Yinzi will raise her thighs, put the meat stick. Insert your wife’s meat hole, my husband … Hello … 喔 … 好 喔 … I am happy … Yin 喔 … my kind, I want to plug … I have to do it … I want to have been doing you Sad.

Cheng Xi’s swinging body, hate can not even rush into the vagina … I love you … two people have been able to make love, at the same time, enjoy the climax of sex … It dinner, two people Very tacit, I want to taste the happy husband who tastes sex again … Take a break … You are too tired today … Yin 玟 … Sorry … After returning to the room, the two will take the other side to take the other side, naked hug Turning together, but Yin 玟 玟 口 口 口 没有 没有 没有 像 天 天 大 天 大 头 头 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 大 而 终 天The consent of the passage, privately called Yesterday’s masseuse into the room, his husband … this is not very good … 玟 … Just when you are helping me … Please … this … Yusi thinks that yesterday in the masseur’s teasing Next, several times a few times want to die, the mouth is no longer resisting the husband’s arrangement, but there is a sweet joy, two masseuses have the experience of yesterday. , One after the first after the hand and foot started to mass, and Cheng Xi was sitting on the bed, looked at the reaction of the remedy … I was afraid … Cheng Xi Zi gave her a rest assured smile, but also commanded the massage to take off. Clothes, Yin Wei is under such a atmosphere, and only a small underwear masseur is removed in the skin of Yinzi, and the barters of his two people are deliberately teasing. Next, the body has a quick response, emits a snoring … Oh … ah … Under the emotions of the joy, the naked naked make the masseur explore the sexual tape, two people use them a flexible The long tongue, I suddenly slipped slowly in the Yin, and the tongue was not drilled into the Yinzhong point. I brought the wonderful realm of the climax to the climax … husband … so cool … I want to come Oh … ah … fly … 喔 … I am coming … ah … Cheng Xiyu saw his wife intoxicated appearance, only to help the penis to do anxious, he can’t stand the voice of his wife, Cheng Xiyu put his heart Throwing out two safety sleeves, it is necessary to tell them to take off his wife, and their dicks have a hard as iron rod, and they don’t think of the skinny natives. Cock, after they turn on the housing. Immediately insert into the vagina that is wet in the vaginal … ah … Yin 惊 二 声The technique of the masseur is very good. It is not anxious after inserting, but it is rubbed with the hard hair of the lower body. The other is to use the breast, and it is pinch around the thin nipple in Yin. In the clip, put the Yin Rong again, finally let Cheng Xi also open the eyes, only one will succeed, his cock has a chemical reaction, and the head is slowly raised. Cheng Xi is looking at his wife and is gang-raped. When you have quickly set your own body, finally put the soft rope into a hardwood stick. You left my wife … The masseur saw Cheng Xi’s chicken bar, took the initiative to let it come out. ~~~ The penis is happy to enter the warm and humid small hole, and the two will finally be combined …. Afterwards, the two masseuses received a $ 100 as a tip, let them go home to hit the pistol husband … We are not very good … After the incident, she said her worries, and the procedure is discussed with Yin, my husband doesn’t want to be like this. Ah … Waiting for my treatment of this problem, I will not play like this … But when will you be fine … Today, try it again … If not … I’m griever you … Ok … Already this, not too dare Let yourself show the soilly, keep self-comfort saying, this is for the husband’s happiness but very unfortunate, Cheng Xi’s penis is always lost, I have to ask for the masseur to help them two, two massage teachers first After the reunion of the incompetence, after the erection of Cheng Xi’s penis, it can be sex in KJB for half a month. Cheng Xi’s husband and wife repeatedly did the same thing, and he waited until Yinyi menstruation came to leave. However, the problem of Cheng Xi is getting more serious, because ordinary sexual intercourse has no way to arouse his desires, and Yin is also playing with sex, and will take the initiative to swing in the natives, and the natives use various postures. Sexual intercourse love, the mouth also issues a swing of the soul, in order to let Cheng Xiyu’s penis erection, the masseur is happy with glamorous young women every day, and the last two people get nearly 40,000 yuan, enough to buy the whole hill After sugar cane to raise a family Cheng Xi Roked back to NewYork, followed by the record propaganda, leaving the Yin Ren, Yin Yu’s frequent sexual baptism, gradually realizing the fun of love, just unable to be a husband, let her distressed If you can treat it, you will be very happy … we must be happy in the cotton, naked in the body masturbation, mind in the mind, thinking about the Hawaiian American soldier, if now is now inserted, there is no known How good … .

For a while, I recalled that the KJB of the native people now I really want someone to 舔 阴 喔 … Since Hawaii, he doesn’t love me. . Yin 玟 speeds up the speed of the finger, put pressure on the yuki, the finger is skilled in the flower, the flower is sliding in the four weeks … so cool … Yin 玟 玟, before going to bed every night, she must go to the climax to sleep. Deniang, during the day, there is nothing to do, and I can’t help but latte. I don’t want to do the exhaustion to stop lying. I don’t want to go into the house. He is the broker of Cheng Xi, specializes in the singer of Cheng Xi. People, the name is Chen Jianren, the people’s high-headed Malaysia speech flow, but because the mouth is good, it is possible to help Xi Hui to fight for many performances. Therefore, the couple respects him very respectful. For his arrangement, he has always hearing, and the two parties are very happy and this Chen Jianren is also a veteran. Since the first time I saw Yinyi (18 years old, it was surprised by people, at the time The generous of Yinshen has been out of shape. Although it is a short-shoulder student sister, but the fine-type facial face is equipped with a big eyes, and the 160 heights plus the growing body, enough to make any man fascinated by her. I still have a beautiful and beautiful girl who learns to learn, Chen Jianren seemed to face her. However, when Yin is completely can’t see this rough person, when the two people have been in the first two, Chen Jianren will always knock on the drum. He wants to say that there is always a day of Cheng Xi to play with her. You can take over, just think that Cheng Xi will really marry the thoughts, let him have a big mistake, Cheng Xi is coming back, there is no, he will go home. , Please take it … I will help you bubble coffee … you don’t want to be busy first … we talk … Jianren rudely caught the arm of the thoroughness, put the Yin Ren back to the sofa for Chen Jianren’s chapity, Yin 玟 reveals the evil The expression of the expression … You are really ruddy today, is it just in masturbation … Chen Jianren is a pair of color thieves, colorful looks at the white thighs of Yinzi, speaking on her … you give me out … Yin 玟 angry Pointing at his nose, big, … don’t “hurry” … but …. You are so angry that if your husband can’t stay with you, let me comfort you, see your skin and white and tender I really want to play with you. Chen Jianren deliberately pulled the long sound, there is no scruple to harass the wife. Put the body to the whole body, the face is red, the blush is very big, the blind eyes are very big, simply turning the head does not want him Chen Jianren There is no because of the anger of Yuxi, but the initiative moves to sit by the new, put her on the sofa on the sofa. A pig mouth is immediately blocked on the face of the Yin Ran … I want to be a help … Quiet Point … I know that Cheng Xi’s thoughts, knowing that you have happened to KJB in Hawaii, and know that you will go to KJB to find a man in our last month … 嘿嘿 … I … I … so shameful things, It was all known to him, and Yinfu was stunned, so that Chen Jianren took the opportunity to hug his head. It is welcome to get rid of her. It is Cheng Xi, let me come … He wants me to comfort your body, so beautiful beauty, No one came to comfort your body, really wasted, Chen Jianren smashed the breasts of the Yuxin, explained all this in her ear, seeing the heart of the Yin Ran, but also to explore the hand in the skirt, What should I do with underwear? ~~~ What should I do if I don’t let Yin? I have a chance to think about it, Chen Jianren immediately handed away the clothes of the hint. Don’t … don’t … ..

啪 ~~~ Chen Jianren gave the Yin Rong a slap in the ear, quickly took out the pre-hibiscus, the hands of the two hands, the collar brought the bundle of the bundles, the clothes on the body Just off, you can’t take it hard, just a few seconds, the essence of Yuxi will wait until all the layout is properly arranged. The prestition is beautiful … it’s a human life … … … Chen Jianren looked at the 玟 玟 曼 曼 体 体 体 体 体 体 体 起 起 起 起 仁 起 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 起 仁 起 仁 仁 起 仁 仁 仁,,,,,,,,,, 仁Masturbation, the bottom of the trousers has traces … really wet … bad ~~~~ This is a shameful thing, I was discovered that Chen Jianren smiled and smiled. He immediately opened her thigh, and the whole face was immediately posted. The nose smells, smelling the net, smelling, smelling … Zhexiang … Let me taste the taste how to … Finishing, the tip of the tongue into the yin lip, use his tongue to rub the entire small cloudy lips, The clitoris sucks in the mouth, so that the Yins of the limbs cannot be moved to the extreme, plus Chen Jianren’s hands clamps the nipple itching, immediately letting the Yin have a chill, and the head is sprayed in the vagina. Chen Jianren looked at the pretty model of her face, and the cock was so big, hurriedly adjusted his posture, raised his big meat stick to piercing her vagina, oh … really cool … 喔 … Chen Jianren’s meat stick In the small hole of the Yin, I immediately felt a very hot, and the wet heat and heat tightened, and the meat stick was scared, and his cock was very fast, plus the rich face The expression and snoring, bringing his desire to the highest point, I really want the chicken to stay in the forever, Cheng Xi is open, and the heart is tight, the vagina is more shrinking a tight cock to be hot. Inside, the two are more comfortable. At the same time, I will send a snoring … Cheng Xiyi entered the door, see Chen Jianren naked body riding on his wife, and there is no angry appearance, but calmly sitting, carefully watch the two melers玟 … you look … Really Cheng Xi, let me come … Now you can rest assured … Let’s enjoy it together … Chen Jianren comforted her, and the body is taking the excitement, the atrium is also captured. I can only shook my head and shook my head. I’m ashaiming, I saw Cheng Xiying. On the side, Chen Jianren came to realize the truth, a thick penis into and out of the nine-shacks in the body. When the appetite of the Yin Ran, when she worked with her legs, I still spur it in the end, with his shame to grind in the jealth, let Yin Ren are cool, and Chen Jianren will not let go of the thoracket. For the meat ball, the finger is scoop. From time to time, the nipple is in the mouth and suck it. When the fairy wants to die, Chen Jianren intends to firmly caught the heart of Yin, and given his eighteen martial arts … I want it to come out … Oh … Ah … Chen Jianren finally not support, semen facing the Yin The vaginal mad spray, and I don’t know when I’m also taken off. Chen Jianren shot in his wife’s vagina, and he also felt it to the body, a newly wakeful penis slammed in, a quick entry and exit vaginal is still enjoying the gap in the guanjun. It’s still in a sweet moisture, until the climax of the two is very satisfied with her husband … What is going on … After Chen Jianren left, Yin Yu is ashamed and suspected to ask her husband…………………………………………………………………………………….. say clearly. It turned out that Cheng Xi and Chen Jianren were in discussing the concert. He looked at Cheng Xi and his heart. Responsible for the treatment of good-time habits, half-letter suspected Cheng Xi, can only listen to Chen Jianren’s arrangement, so there is a wife in today … I really lost you … for my hairy … Hey … You are a lot of grievances … Don’t say this, I will try to let you restore the day of the sky … The couple have to communicate, after the feelings of the husband, after many three days, Chen Jianren came to find Yin 玟 … a few I haven’t seen you, I really miss you … When I meet, I am a lightweight, my hands are not ruled, and my face is so laughing. I … Yin 玟 doesn’t like his attitude, want to push him, but have been tight, but also drilled in the mouth by a sliding tongue, let her whole body chicken skin climb, I want to treat Cheng Xi The improvity is like a spell. When Yinyi heard it, he gave up against the resistance. He looked that he was brought to the big bed of the room. Chen Jianren immediately took off his belt, took out a thick penis. , The evil spirits are facing the thief, a man’s sex odor, she is somewhat dizzy. I will help me blow the horn … I look at the threshold, Chen Jianren immediately pressed the head pressure of the Yin.

She has helpless Zhangkou wow … So comfortable … Unfortunately, the technology is too bad … I will teach you … Chen Jianren guides the 玟 口 技 口 口 口 地 地 地 方 做 做 做 做 到 做 到 做 做 做 做 做 做 做 做 到 方 仁 仁 方 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 指 指 口 仁 仁 到 到 仁 到 到 到 到 到 口 到 到 指 到 指 技 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 口 到 口 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 到 做 到 到 到… re-use force … Eggs can’t be too hard, put it into your mouth to include it … Well … The ovary egg should be, you have to get it to the anus …喔 … Really cool … I now go to the front of the front … 舔 回 头 为 … um … now put the chicken, the chicken is full of … 对 … 嘴 嘴 套 … 对 … 对 点 … fast … …………………………………………………………………………. .. Jackshot, insert into the throat of Yuxi, spray a big mouthful of semen out! Blow the skills of the trumpet have progress … now change your anus … Take your clothes … Chen Jianren pick up the inspiration of the insults……………………………………………………………………………………………… The obscenity flows outside the trousers … is a woman who is soring, … Yin 玟 is a dog’s lying posture, but the butt is tall, and the shame is not hidden, and the big labia is slightly split. Open, revealing the pink tender meat, transparent obscene, all overflow, wet, ym … is a beautiful beauty … Smell odor is really good … 嘿嘿 … Chen Jianren takes out lubricating cream from the pocket to apply the anus What to do, isn’t it the place where you are so stool? I saw him with the oil, slipping the finger. In the anus of the yin, it was a monster. When there was a weird mesenchymi, the finger suddenly invaded the anal rectum Slide, scare the Yin Wei to endure … I will let you cool down … Although the anus is not the first time to be invaded, this time is the best, let her whole half of the whole body, there is Shu Chang Shu is now using two fingers … Chen Jianren puts the index finger with the neutrality, in order to reduce the pressure of Yuxi, and use the thumb to lightly rub it in the jet nucleus, let Yin 玟 feel good and tightened Before the prelude, she couldn’t help but stopped. Now I have my dick … under the masturbation of Chen Jianren, Yin, I have to continue to help him with the penis, until the rise is better. … you Intudible … I will have a little bit of pain … After you have tasted, you will fall in love with … Chen Jianren uses force to open the ass crack, Yin Wei has just been tossing, the anus is automatically revealed, the wrinkles of the rectum are obvious, He pilled some lubricants into it, and he also wiped excess oil on his own glans. Oh … pain … The pain of the anus is tearing the pain, and the body hurts the body. When you want to escape, Chen Jianren is completely ignorant of the struggle of Yin, and the glans intended to be drilled into the intestine, I am to treat Cheng Xi. The impotence … ass relax. . Just like the spell, Yin 玟 一 听 放 身, 乖 的 任 他 他 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 让 好 好 好 好 好 让 了 了 好 了 好The rear of the Yin Rong is more tight than the vagina, let him insert a happy, he put the happiness of the cock, the building in the pain of Yinzhan, poor in the mouth, the tears, the tears accept this Brutal devastation, about a long time after a century, he is willing to draw the penis, replace the inclusion of the insertion, this time, let the unconspic people who are embarrassed, Chen Jianren stay in the boudoir in Yin Just as the Cheng Xi is once again performing anal sex, Cheng Xiying saw that the two holes before and after the wife were inserted. Sure enough, the Cheng Xi was so hot, and I loved it twice with Yuxi. Three people crowded in a big bed. 3p game, the sky-shaking play to the end of the day, the colorful wolf ran to the Yinfang home to Yinxi, Cheng Xi 楷 楷 知道 行 … 玟 玟 头 叹 我 有 办 办 办 办 办 ……. just … you can cooperate with … listen It is possible to treat her husband’s hidden disease, and the eyes are bright. I nod to urinate with garlic. Tell me … How do you have a prostitute … Suddenly I have been asked, I’m asked to get a private problem, Yin Yu is really true. I don’t know how to be a good nephew, go to the room, I will tell you … In the boudoir, the two will not kiss my stick, Yin, from Chen Jianren, after being adjusted several times, the body gradually adapts to the fun. Especially habits under his guidance, the body is uncontrolled to reach the climax, although the heart loves her husband, but the body violates her mind, I want this person to hit her, now you are lying in bed masturbating … when there is this person ….

The naked naked 玟, is required to be masturbate in front of Chen Jianren, no matter what she is really can’t do, because even if it is intimate as husband, I am afraid I don’t want to tell him, I am to treat Cheng Xi’s impotence … Just like a magic spell, Yin 玟 玟 乖 床 玟 乖 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 你 你 你 你 玟 头 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 玟 对 玟 玟 玟 对 对 玟 玟 对 对 玟 玟 玟 玟 对 玟 玟The breast is also available … um … … small beauty … What is a hypnotized, under the eyes of the man, I only see a beautiful god like Venus. The naked body is so comfortable, she touched her hand and slid on the nipple, the right hand is covered in the shame of the hill, and the middle fingers will move back and forth along the central crack. After a while, the lips are sewing the water, and the big lab is automatically separated. Sew, revealing the thousand layers of meat, a layer of flourishing heart, wrinkle is very popular because of the water and gas, there is so wonderful scenery, seeing the dryness of the mouth Burned, I couldn’t help but follow the clothes, holding the cock with gloves, followed by picking up a hand … first use this try to see … Chen Jianren takes out a pink egg from the bag, hand it to Yin 玟Look, I am afraid that she will use it for a while, after the enthusiasm to open the switch, will vibrate the little thing, help stuff into the vagina … Oh … so stimulated … Eggs are gently touching the yuki, the lower body If the current is passing, it will trigger a buzzer, from the vagina, the water is coming, and the egg is not in the body, leaving only one lead to let Chen Jianren control, he let the eggs beat the eggs to beat the eggs, beat, 霎 霎玟 玟 身 身 身 成 怎么 怎么 怎么 用 用 好 用 好 用 喔 喔 喔 喔 用 喔 升 了 让 让 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 升 力 天 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力 力How can the excitement of the madness of the cloud prodigraphy how to hold back in front of this scene, Chen Jianren immediately supported the cock to ride in the body. After a passion of passion, the sexual full-scale pumping is in bed. Two people rest for half a day, Chen Jianren took a large pile of kneusiness. There are a variety of electric massage sticks and anal expansion rods. All are women’s masturbating products. Yincu light sees all kinds of light monsters, and there is red black blue. White thickness is different, let people look at the eyes of the lorra and Yin … I will give him a masturbation in front of Cheng Xi, guarantee his cock, it will be better … but … so many kinds … I will not use it. … rest assured … I will come over to find you every day. Let you learn a masturbation in a day, let you learn a masturbation. … Thank you for your couple’s couple, I assure the use of heart … The two traitorous women will agree to each other, in the big house of Cheng Xi, it is staged every day, but it is really unfaithful, Cheng Xiqing see each time The inxication of the unceloxacity, really will really call the cock, Cheng Xi is always in the mouth of Yuxi masturbation to stop, and the fake chicken bar is ignored, and the body of the body, the crude puncture In the body, the hug of sexual blessings, while enjoying the climax of the joy … Recently, your sexual life is … More than before … For Chen Jianren’s greetings, Yin Yu’s shy answer Every time, Chen Jianren When you bring new sex products to Yin 玟, you will always have a detail of our sexual intercourse last night, and you will feel a clear, and there is a posture and sexual fantasy content when you are masturbating. Chu, because if Yinyi uses the same move, he will be compliant with Chen Jianren. He is always talking to Yin. It is a constant syndrome. It is impossible to meet the husband’s demand. The penis can do so early … Tonight, you will wear this … guarantee that he will like … it is a completely transparent tulle, only slightly covering the nipple, the shame of the yin is completely exposed It’s really beautiful in you … Chen Jianren saw this dress of Yin Rong, the souvenir of the chicken is playing a double dragon today … I really want to get the secret of the 玟 … Chen Jianren took out half a male, the head The thick rubber fake mask, smiles in the hands … What do you hold in your hand? It’s a terrible thing … In the mouth, the eye is in the spring, smiles to welcome people Go, pull down the panties to the buttocks, and Yin 玟 tell yourself to learn well, maybe you can perform in front of your husband tonight, use this rubber fake mask to poke into the vagina and anus, you will be in the fake mask Under the rectification, the happiness of the happiness has been more than half a year. The evolution of the situation is surprising, Cheng Xi’s sexual life is exhibited by the efforts of Yin Yu, but the performance of the performance is not as good as the opportunity to show the opportunity of the performance. The less the husband stayed in the family, more and more time, Cheng Xi’s whole day, the old frowning face, Yin 玟 玟 有 心 仁 … … … … … … 楷 楷 心 仁 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 有 有 有 有 有 有 楷 楷 玟 有 有 楷 玟 楷 有 玟 仁 仁 仁 楷 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 楷 仁 仁 仁 仁 仁 楷 仁 仁 … 仁 楷 仁 … … 仁 仁Discuss, by the way, the two have no combination of body, and then renew the old. I have recently thinking about this problem, the method is found, I don’t know if your husband and wife can accept … oh … really it is difficult to teeth …

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